Yogen Fruz: Hands down the best frozen yoghurt in Pakistan!

Published: November 26, 2012

To start with, Yogen Fruz’s froyo has much better taste and texture wise as compared to the other three chains I had been to. PHOTO: yogenfruz.com

In the last 12 months or so, frozen yoghurt has become wildly popular in Pakistan. While ice-cream is still the most popular frozen dessert in the country, frozen yoghurt or ‘froyo’, as it’s commonly referred to, has been able to carve out a niche market for itself. 

Even though their market is niche, the demand for froyo has been rapidly growing and to cater to this demand, a number of international chains have opened up local franchises in the last few months.

Being a foodie, I obviously have tried out every single one of them.

So when ‘Yogen Fruz’, the internationally acclaimed Canadian frozen yoghurt chain, opened up its first store in Lahore, that too next to my house, I headed there to try out what they had to offer. Given that Lahore already has three froyo joints (Yoghurt Berry, Tutti Frutti and TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt)), I had a pretty good idea of what to expect quality wise.

So when I walked in, I was expecting a run of the mill frozen yoghurt in four or five flavours and a decent but same old range of toppings in a brightly decorated outlet.

Yogen Fruz was nothing like that.

To start with, Yogen Fruz’s froyo has much better taste and texture wise as compared to the other three chains I had been to. Yogen Fruz has over ten flavours to choose from, in addition to a very expansive range of toppings.

In simple terms, think of the toppings you can get at Tutti Frutti or Yogurberry – Yogen Fruz has twice as many.

Unlike Tutti Frutti, that changes flavours often and at times ends up having really boring flavours, Yogen Fruz has certain standard flavours that are always there like chocolate, coffee, strawberry and pomegranate, which is great for people who like consistency with regards to the flavours they enjoy.

While Tutti Frutti and to a certain extent TCBY, have a chunky texture, Yogen Fruz’s froyo is more like super smooth soft serve ice cream.

In simple terms, Yogen Fruz just tastes so much better than anything else I have had tried so far in Pakistan. Although price wise it is slightly more expensive than the rest, but the quality more than makes up for this.

But wait! That is not all, the environment and atmosphere beckons a great hangout spot. Part of this broils down to the fact that as opposed to Yoghurt Berry or Tutti Frutti, Yogen Fruz shares the premises with Cheeky Joe’s, an international coffee chain owned by the same parent company that has brought Yogen Fruz to Pakistan. Because of this, the premises is divided into two types of seating areas, each spanning a whole floor; one being a classic coffee shop environment, with couches and soft music, while the other is a classic ice cream parlour ambience with bright colours and louder music.

So as a customer you get to choose what sort of environment you would enjoy your Froyo in most and where you would you be comfortable being seated.

Currently, Yogen Fruz is focusing on expansion within Punjab.

According to the owners, they will be launching 20 new locations within the next few months across Punjab, with four new ones in Lahore alone. Multan, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi will see multiple new Yogen Fruz branches open up soon at different locations.  Each outlet will also be accompanied by Cheeky Joe’s coffee shop, giving people the option of both froyo and coffee under the same roof.

Unfortunately, Yogen Fruz does not plan to launch in Karachi any time soon. When it does, though, I assure you, your taste buds will go on craving for more and more of the tantalising flavours Yogen Fruz has to offer.

PHOTOS: yogenfruz.com

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Adnan Khalid Rasool

Currently the Deputy Executive Director Center for Enterprise, Trade and Development, Adnan is also a political analyst working mainly on electoral politics and political campaign management. He tweets at @adnanrasool

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  • Mustafa

    Blogetisement ! Recommend

  • MK

    ET, how low have your standards gone? Its one thing to praise a brand (Yogen Fruz), but completely wrong to directly name 2 otehr leading brands and do a direct comparison – not the kind of thing I’d expect to read in ET.Recommend

  • Yasir

    Thats what they all say about any new franchise that opens “its the best iv ever had in Pakistan” pls talk to the handRecommend

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    I’m opening a Bun Kabab and Nihari shack in Defence. Can you pls pls endorse me.
    I am planning to call it Ghousia Snecks. Recommend

  • laughing stock

    I boycott on principle any product that dares not to launch in Karachi first. So thoa yogen fuz thingy is a dud for me. Recommend

  • Majid

    @Laughing Stock, so you will never eat Hardees since they opened first in Lahore?Recommend

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    ET, what kind of objectivity do you show when you censor my comment of yesterday and refuse to print it? All I did was criticise the article objectively. Recommend

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    @ author

    I agree with the endorsement. Finally, you can have great caramel latte in Lahore. forget other cafes!Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/202/adnan-rasool/ Adnan Rasool

    Ok firstly.. I wish I had gotten to taste all of that for free.. but unfortunately I didnt.. secondly guys cheer up.. its a FRO YO.. you got a different opinion.. write a counter one.. You want top support Ice Cream do that.. We have so so many super serious things going on a daily basis.. that it does not hurt to take stuff lightly every now and then…

    ALso here are a couple of ideas for people who did not like this..

    How about you write whats better.. Ice Cream or Fro Yo..
    Also how about something on the whole Fro Yo/ Coffee Culture that is seeing phenomenal growth
    Lastly why not have a whole discussion on what is the absolute best dessert… and where can we find it..

  • Clarus

    man write about PESHAWARI ICECREAM Recommend

  • Observer

    A simple google search will show that Cheeky Joe’s is not an international coffee franchise. It’s been made by the Yogen Fruz master franchiser but is being marketed as an off-shore franchise, most probably to capitalize on the Pakistani mind-set that anything from abroad is inherently better.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/Pugnate Noman Ansari

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    So you boycott Pizza Hutt, KFC, McDonalds etc. because they opened in thousands of cities worldwide before Karachi?

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  • Sheheryar Khan

    Impressed by your article, I went to their Defence branch yesterday. And I’m sorry to say I wasted 200 Rs there. Their dessert is more of a rich creamy icecream than something that can be called a ‘yoghurt’ in the first place. I would suggest you to try frozen yoghurt at Hot and Spicy near Lalik Chowk to get an idea of how a frozen yoghurt should taste.Recommend

  • arslan

    what has happened to blogs, now they would be used for promotion also!!!..???Recommend

  • Hira

    it’s just that yogen fruz has some good marketing strategies otherwise taste wise its the worst froyo i’ve ever had. Unbalanced flavours, you are talking about variety of toppings most of them are not even worth eating , who would top up yogurt with 50 different cereals. Instead they should focus on quality rather than quantity. Yogurberry and Tutti Fruitti taste much better no doubt ,don’t waste your money friends. Warning. Recommend