Men versus women: Who knows what looks best?

Published: November 24, 2012

How does the verdict of fashion experts tally up against the opinion of regular guys?

It’s a common myth that men generally don’t agree with women’s fashion choices. We wanted to put the myth to test and see how the verdict of a female fashion expert tallies up against the opinion of regular guys.

So, meet the boys;

Essa Malik

28, is a graphic designer and photographer who likes all things beautiful. He is currently single

Shaheryar Popalzai

28, is a journalist by day and pseudo-punk by night. He is engaged.

Jahanzaib Haque

30, is a news-obsessed social media junkie who has spent an inordinate amount of his life checking out women, mostly on Facebook. He is currently married.

The Guru, Amna Iqbal

Amna Iqbal – has been in and out of fashion therapy. A recent near death overdose of Louboutins combined with Sunday market chic, she was sent to ‘FCFMPD’ (Fashion Correctional Facility for the Mentally ill and Potentially Dangerous patients). She, however, escaped and is currently a fashion fugitive. If you find her, please don’t write to us, just save yourself.

About Alizeh Waqar:

Essa: I really like the coat like feel of the dress. The combination of the clean cut and the modern aesthetic make it very easy on the eyes. The colour of the shoes blend in with the stockings/tights, a different choice of colour would have added some contrast.

Shaheryar: This looks like a soldier’s uniform. Well, okay not a soldier but definitely a marching band uniform.

Jahanzaib: Dig the hair, love the makeup, am a fan of those large hoop earrings and quite like the shoes. I even like the shiny gold fabric, but unfortunately, something is not working here when it comes to the kameez (or is it a dress, or a sherwani?). Due to the kaam or the fall of the cloth in the front, it looks like Alizeh has on a bullet-proof vest under that admittedly rich suit of armour. It doesn’t sit well on her slender figure in my opinion and the collar is just odd. Verdict: with a tinge of regret, pass.

The Guru: Alizeh gives my nerves some peace. Black and gold is infallible and she adds just the right amount of red to pull the looks together. If only the tailor hadn’t bailed on her at the last minute, the jacket would have been cropped and fitted as it is meant to be and would not have looked like her brother’s sherwani.

About Maheen Kardar:

Essa: I like this look. It strikes the perfect balance between simple shirt and  heavy embroidery. The hair and makeup also compliment the look.

Shaheryar: That looks like a dude’s kameez. The bottoms are just okay. And those accessories… why?

Jahanzaib: Ouch. So much time wasted on such awful pants! They look like a classic case of ‘not sure where I’m going with this so I’ll keep adding stuff till it makes sense’. I’m going to plead the fifth on the rest of this outfit. Verdict: definite pass.

The Guru: Now I get it! Maheen is probably the yin yang of the fashion universe. The balance is restored, literally with Ms. Kardar wearing ethnic chic exactly the way it’s meant to be worn – the perfect blend of heavy and light. The basic purple of her kameez balances everything else. The hair and makeup is casual enough to put the chic in ethnic, which is not easy since most people trying ethnic chic end up looking like they just milked a cow. This one doesn’t. In fact, the pants are so gorgeous, I would sell my cattle fleet if I had one for them.

About Faryal Aftab:

Essa: If the muse for your look is a child’s toy then you are bound to look like one. Raggedy Ann doll anyone? Polka dot overdose is all I can say. A bigger plain belt might have saved the look but right now it’s a complete fashion faux pas.

Shaheryar: No. Just, no. Who said this looked good? That jumpsuit looks like it was picked up from the local circus clown’s rack. Horrible.

Jahanzaib: Jumpsuits. No man worth his salt will ever like a woman in a jumpsuit. Please don’t make this the trend of the season! Please!!! I love the curly hair though. Verdict: pass.

The Guru: Ok kids don’t look. Yes I know she’s scary. There must’ve been a mix up on the organisers part. I’m calling them. It’s not Halloween. Wait. Maybe she stole Bobo the happy clown’s clothes! That would explain the shape of her ..umm.. sack? Gift wrapper? Jumpsuit? Ah. Jumpsuit.

Well I hate to admit it, Ms. Faryal-bobo-the-scary-clown-Aftab, but the belt clinching at your waist does not absolve you of scaring the kids. And we know that the polka dots combined with your hair colour, is a deliberate attempt at causing migraines.

Amna Iqbal

Amna Iqbal

Publications designer at The Express Tribune, she tweets @amna_iqb (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Nandita.

    Come on! you need to showcase atleast one woman who is not hideously dressed.

    The first outfit is a cross between a sherwani and a soldier’s uniform ( without the pants.pajamas )

    The second one – WTF is up with those pants? My night suits look better than this.

    The last one – Just burn the damn thing. (The dress, let the woman go for now.)

    Jahanzaib haque – You can’t B** about the outfits endlessly and then give it a pass verdict okay. I’m assuming none of these women is your wife. So what are you scared of man ?

    It’s 5.51 am here. Wanted to go back to sleep but those images are going to haunt me. :P :P Recommend

  • zahra.mohammed

    @Nandita I was confused by the “pass” bit too. Apparently it’s some game that the cool kids play I forget the name now. He means “I”LL PASS ON HER, NO THANK YOU” though


  • iLiberal

    I did not even bother to read it. Recommend

  • Nandita.


    Oh! Now, I get it. Thanks !Recommend

  • Awesome Guy

    the champ among all, jahanzaib haque all the way :PRecommend

  • Noman Ansari

    How are you two confused by “I’ll pass”. It has nothing to do with cool kids. :D Recommend

  • zahra.mohammed

    maybe because it says ‘pass’ Noman, and we thought it was pass/fail


  • http://Karachi Mohammad Ali Siddiqui

    Men and Women both are equally interested to go after the change in the fashion world.

    It seems that they are in competition with each other.

    But I don’t like such men who despite being men wants to become women.Recommend

  • Khan Sahab

    who reads these kind of blogs?Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @Khan Sahab:

    I love these kind of blogs. And I loved this one.

    It’s for people like me who love a little bit of Fun and Masti. Hope you know what these two words mean.Recommend

  • Khan Sahab

    dear child Im a senior residing in the west with little interest in fashion. Pardon me. but in my younger days I surely knew what fun and masti meant.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @Khan Sahab:

    I am sorry. Did not mean to offend/hurt some one who is probably many decades older than me.
    ET is a great platform which caters to interests of people who fall in different age brackets and who come from varied backgrounds. We can chose to read the blogs we like and ignore the rest.
    There is something here for everyone. Have a good day and I apologize once again.Recommend

  • IceSoul

    @Khan Sahab: People like youRecommend

  • Nandita.


  • Women know what looks best. Of guys, only the gay ones have opinions worth listening to on what to wear. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    @Khan Sahab:

    Someone surely is. I am not interested, but really, there are five subsections on the blogs page. Why go to “The Good Life” and waste energy telling us how useless it is. Surely that is more useless? Recommend

  • Falcon

    It took me some time to figure out ‘The Guru’ (Amna Iqbal) is herself the author of this blog :)…being a man I can hardly make head or tail out of women’s fashion, but it was certainly a fun read.Recommend

  • Khan Sahab

    Nandita its alright I was not offended by your comment. I did not mean to offend anyone. I guess my question was wrong. I apologize.Recommend

  • Huma

    What was the purpose of this write up – even if it was trying to be funny – is lost on me! Recommend

  • Usama

    Blog Title should be “Men Vs Wild”Recommend

  • m ramzan ahmad

    *very good reply
    @Nandita.: Recommend

  • Parvez

    I thought all three of them looked awful – the Guru on the other hand, what little one could gather from the picture, seemed to have a certain sense of style.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @[email protected]:

    Women know what looks best. Of guys, only the gay ones have opinions worth listening to on what to wear.

    An absolutely cheap comment.
    There are loads of secure men out there who don’t feel the need to abide by shallow,rigid, absolutely illogical and antiquated social norms of what constitutes masculinity.
    A simple google search will reveal that some of the top designers in the world are straight men. Catch up with the rest of us. It’s 2012. Recommend

  • shuja ul islam

    this blog got the approval again…a big face to wall..!!Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    @Nandita your comment was funny it made me LOL, but I think Jehanzeb is a bit kind hearted thats why he passed all the dresses. :) Im like that too, kindhearted I meant :PRecommend

  • Nandita.

    @Ayesha Pervez:

    All of you are kind hearted, sensible people Ayesha. You, Jahanzaib haque, noman ansari, parvez, Zahra and some other pakistanis I’ve come across here on ET. I’ll always remember all of you as the good souls from across the border.Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    Yes Ive noticed a couple of nice “comment-ators” such as yourself Nandita., Parvez & Gp65 :)Recommend

  • islooboy

    fashion is so much a wastage of time i buy whats my size full stop an ordinary blue or black jeans and an ordinaty black or white shirt(90% of my almirah with small variations)Recommend

  • Mariam Khan

    sorry to say but both are horrible men n women….Recommend

  • http://none Ahmar Qureshi

    Men are Men & Women are Women, both are well equipped with divine sense, creativity, artistic skills. In waves of vogue; we all are a bit of “Sinner & Saints” Thank You! :-)Recommend

  • Sadaf

    Another Sexist column. Yes let us just pick a random bunch of women and subject them to ridicule for their dress sense…You guys are very creative. Oh and look it is the same Bunch of loser Man Boys in the judjing panel. Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    The Ladies have indeed won. Look good. Average.Recommend