It’s Israel who is the real super power, not the US

Published: November 21, 2012

Hue and cry ensue where and when vested interests of western powers are threatened. PHOTO: REUTERS

Within a few days of Israeli air strikes, 130 Palestinians including at least 11 civilians, among them, six children and a pregnant woman were killed. An 11-month-old child, who was the son of a BBC Arabic correspondent, was killed too.

Five Israelis also have died since Israel killed Hamas’ military chief on Wednesday.
 Middle East peace envoy and former British prime minister Tony Blair, without wasting time, showed his allegiance to Israel and called on Hamas on Thursday to stop firing rockets from Gaza into Israel. He said that as long as it continued, the Jewish state would act to defend itself.

”If the rocket fire carries on out of Gaza, targeted at Israeli towns and villages, then the retaliation will increase,” Blair told a UK television news network.

Blair, who represents the diplomatic quartet comprising the United Nations, United States, European Union and Russia, said the immediate priority was to calm the situation to stop it from destabilising the region. It seems that the former British Prime Minister has his eyes set on the next Nobel Peace Prize which has in recent years been awarded to the US President Obama, the European Union, and the Burmese opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

The world is aware of Obama’s role in world peace and the efforts that the EU carried out to rescue Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Suu Kyi’s silence on ethnic cleansing in Burma also raised some eyebrows. Considering that pattern, it won’t come as a huge surprise if the nominees of the next Nobel Peace Prize are Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or Saudi King Abdulaziz, for their peace efforts in Palestine and Syria.

Palestinians retrieve belongings from a destroyed house after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City Sunday. PHOTO : REUTERS

(Palestinians retrieve belongings from a destroyed house after an Israeli air strike in Gaza city. PHOTO: REUTERS)

The United States (as it has done innumerable times in the past) also threw its weight behind Israel after the latter launched a barrage of air strikes on the Gaza strip, and condemned Palestinian militants’ rocket attacks on Southern Israel. The fact that the US has used its veto power 10 times since 2000, nine of which favoured Israel pertaining to their conflict with Palestine, goes a long way to explain why this latest episode of unabashed defence of Israel by the US is nothing unusual.

A Palestinian walks past a burning house after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City Sunday. PHOTO : REUTERS

(A Palestinian walks past a burning house after an Israeli air strike in Gaza city. PHOTO: REUTERS)

Who waged the war?

The answer to this seemingly complex question might actually be very simple and straightforward. Israel started the air strikes whereas leaders in the West are urging Palestinian militants to stop firing rockets on Israel. Where does Hamas stand? It’s a political party and is elected by Palestinians, yet still labelled as a militant group in Western media.

Can we, by that logic, assume that if someone’s mutilating Western interests they should be regarded as a freedom fighter and a political leader or their struggle be termed as the Arab Spring?

Killings are backed by global leaders in the name of democracy and human rights thus making the UN, Amnesty International and human rights organisations essentially irrelevant. Hue and cry ensue where and when vested interests of western powers are threatened.

A Palestinian carries his belongings from a destroyed house after an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip. PHOTO : REUTERS

(A Palestinian carries his belongings from a destroyed house after an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza strip. PHOTO: REUTERS)

Over decades, thousands of innocent people have been relentlessly killed in Palestine. This is not just the military chief of Hamas who has been recently killed but Israel has committed the following brutalities:

Jan 1996, Gaza: Hamas chief bomb maker was Yahya Ayyash killed by mobile phone packed with explosives.

July 2002, Gaza: Salah Shehada, leader of Hamas military wing, was killed by bomb dropped on his house.

March 2004, Gaza: Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder of Hamas, was killed by missile strike.

April 2004, Gaza Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, co-founder and leader of Hamas, was killed in missile strike.

Jan 2009, Gaza: Said Siyam, senior Hamas commander, was killed in an air strike.

January 2010, Dubai: Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, senior Hamas military commander, suffocated to death in a five star hotel in Dubai.

In an average classroom, a teacher quizzing the students about who the superpower of the world is, would usually get a unanimous response; the United States of America. I, however, object!

Israel, in my humble opinion, is the super power. The European Union and the US play in the hands of Israel.

United States grants $3.2 billion to Israel annually. The Guardian revealed that Britain had helped Israel obtain its nuclear bomb 40 years ago by selling it 20 tonnes of heavy water.

The West and Israel have an astounding formula that most of the Muslim world has so far been unable to do away with: divide and rule.

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Naveed Alam

Naveed Alam

A freelance journalist, Naveed is pursuing International Journalism at Brunel University. He has also worked with Express News and he tweets as @nido99

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Akshay, India

    Why Pakistani authors always talk about Muslim world? Israel has conflict with Arab states (some, not all). When Israel was created 7 Arab states waged war against it. Israel does not have conflict with Muslim world. Does Israel kill muslims in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Iraq,etc? The answer is a BIG NO. So instead of bringing religion, it would be wise to see it as a geo-political issue.Recommend

  • zaidu

    Most authentic and fascinating read in the recent times. Liked the ‘who waged the war’ and the list of innocents killed.
    Author should join Rupee News, Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz, Terminal X or Ahmed Quraishi.

    Zaid Hamid also welcomes this shaheen.Recommend

  • Hussain Ali

    An excellent article so for read on tribune blogs. Thanx for sharing your fervent views and apprehension about Palestine. Recommend

  • Jim

    Why did this writer not talk about the fact that Hamas and other terrorist groups like them do not recognize the right to exist by Israel? Maybe this so-called writer is as back-minded as Hamas and terrorists…Recommend

  • meymanat

    we condemn isreal attack , isreal is a dictator , why arab world sleep and dont doing any act aginst isreal , Recommend

  • Bee

    If this is a Pakistani owned page, “THEN THERE IS NOT STATE BY THE NAME OF ISRAEL”… It should be mentioned as occupied territory….Recommend

  • vivek

    An article full of bias and sheer hypocricy. As you write about HAMAS as a political outfit and non-militant, you sidelined war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the al-Qassam Brigades, most deadly suicide bombing on a Netanya hotel on March 27, 2002.Which “non-militant” and political party in the world share the same? Again you mentioned brutalities of Israel which it comitted by “killing bomb makers” and Commanders. Which non militant and political party of world has these type of levels?
    Since your glasses are completely green tinted by religion, You cannot see killings in Syria, Iraq, Taliban in Afganistan and Pakistan ,Shia killings, Ahmedi killings.These are thousands but done by muslims.
    Killing of innocents in Palestine is wrong and must be condemned but for God’s sake stop supporting Hamas and other militant organisations.Recommend

  • Nauman


    In reality it is a political issue, but Israel is the one that cites religious reasons to build settlements on Palestinian lands which has been declared illegal by UN.

    When Israel continues to use religious references to justify its capturing of land, it becomes a religious issue on the other side as well.

    This is wrong and in principle it should not become a religious issue. Recommend

  • Fed UP Indian

    The author should have read the Hamas Charter before writing this article. Or more specifically, read the various clauses in their Charter, like for instance:
    Article 11 Palestine is sacred(waqf) for all Muslims for all time, and it cannot be relinquished by anyone.
    Article 13 There is no negotiated settlement possible. Jihad is the only answer.

    In other words, Hamas is just another militant organization in a habit of killing civilians. If you really want to know what really separates the IDF and Hamas in the Gaza strip, it is the intent of both these parties.
    The long-term intent of Hamas is the complete removal of Jews, Christians and all other non-Muslims from the Levant, and to do this they intentionally fire missiles with the goal of killing civilians.
    As for the IDF, their intention is to protect their own civilians and to do this they specifically target Hamas’ military wing. All the 6 examples of victims you gave above, were directly involved with the militant wing of Hamas, i.e. they’re directly involved in the killing of Israeli civilians.
    Israel doesn’t attack the non-military wing of Hamas, and you won’t hear of them assassinating the Hamas Minister of Agriculture, or the Hamas Minister of Public Sanitation.
    A large part of the military budget of the US and Israel goes specifically for developing precision-guided weaponry for the main purpose of minimizing civilian casualties. The civilian deaths in Gaza would have been minimized had Hamas not used hospitals and schools as their hideouts using humans as shields.Recommend

  • Nishant

    Perhaps Israel is the world’s superpower
    some facts indeed
    Jews as a community produce the maximum number of post graduates
    almost all the multi national companies belong to jews, why …..not because of any conspiracy but because they choose to study in a university and get a good degree
    unlike most muslims in the world who go either are stuck in madarsas or if they happen to get into a foreign university either forget to serve their community or join some mullah society.Recommend

  • Nauman


    Hamas is a criminal organization.
    Now to the real part. The question can be put in reverse – Does Israel recognize the right of Palestinians to exist. If yes, why does it oppose a two state solution.

    When the UN clearly states that pre 1967 war positions is where Israel must go to, why does not Israel do that.

    On one hand Israel flounders the UN resolutions, but on the other it wants the UN to impose sanctions on Iran. Strange. Recommend

  • http://Dsa Aaa

    Why we all just can’t get alongRecommend

  • zeeshan

    Excellent piece, even one of the best I have read in Tribune Blogs. The palestine land is occupied by Israel. I think writer forget to mention this or Its tribune editorial policy. Tayyip Erdogan important statement also missing. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan described Israel on Monday as a “terrorist state” in carrying out its bombardment of Gaza. Professor Noam Chomsky tweet “You can’t defend yourself when you’re militarily occupying someone else’s land. That’s not defense. Call it what you like, it’s not defense. Recommend

  • global

    “Who waged the war?
    The answer to this seemingly complex question might actually be very simple and straightforward. Israel started the air strikes whereas leaders in the West are urging Palestinian militants to stop firing rockets on Israel. Where does Hamas stand? It’s a political party and is elected by Palestinians, yet still labelled as a militant group in Western media”

    What nonsense? Could the author tell us which leaders in the West recognizes Hamas as a political party? If Hamas is just a political party who is firing the rockets from Gaza? Have they ever condemned the the people firing the rockets? So it is Israel which has waged war? Why because they just chose to do so? Recommend

  • zeeshan

    @Akshay, India: Indian cant understand because they are also killing “Kashmiri” since 1947.Recommend

  • darwaish

    ‘In an average classroom, a teacher quizzing the students about who the superpower of the world is, would usually get a unanimous response; the United States of America. I, however, object!”….. and that should be the spirit…Recommend

  • Aftab

    @Akshay, India:
    You don’t understand the meaning of Islam.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Israel exists because America supports it and that makes America the super power. Why it supports Israel is another subject. This is better defined as ‘ the tail wagging the dog’Recommend

  • Arfa M Waqas

    It doesn’t matter either the US owns the world or the Jews… the point to ponder is that ‘we’ muslims have certainly lost that privilege, and too, a very long time ago. Gaining it back would be too impractical in today’s world, but we can work in our own capacities to make a difference.Recommend

  • Cautious

    Nice emotional rant with occasional selected facts interjected to paint a biased and inaccurate picture which has little resemblance to reality. Israel maybe no saint but it doesn’t fire rockets from Mosques, hide weapons under schools, put bombs on school buses, etc. Further – most Muslims don’t have a clue about Israel nor do they understand that Israels own population is at least 21% Muslim who have rights and a std of living far superior to their Arab brethren. There are no clean hands in this conflict.Recommend

  • akbar bajwa

    @Fed UP Indian: Nonetheless, its hard to explain to someone who lost their children and women or any dear ones -who were not culpable for any act in any way- innit?Recommend

  • Saeed swabian

    Indian’s comments fail to make any sense for they theirselves violate the UN charter by Occupying kashmir.
    And someone above said that Israel doesnt regard UN Resolutions,so apart think,if india can do so why Cant israel,she (or he) being the fed-up kid Of America.
    So is it UN is only a playboy of America and Rest whole the world is spectators of the game.Recommend

  • Something Clever

    Of all people Pakistanis should recognize Israel. They got that land after they were attacked and won. You got Pakistan through war, you want Kashmir through the same. You’re hardly different in your origins.Recommend

  • Logic

    @Akshay, India:

    Akshay, I wish what you said were all true. It is not just a geo-political issue. it does have religious dimensions making it very horrific and complex. In case you missed it, Israeli PM talked about “sword of David” in his recent press conference. King David (Prophet Dawood, from Quran) doesn’t sound a political figure to me. It is a religious figure for Muslims, Christians, Jews etc (may be not for Hindus).

    Also, if a child is born in Israel, he gets Israeli citizenship if he is a Jew. If he is a Muslims born to a Palestinian family residing in Israel, he doesn’t get the same rights, nor he is considered an Israeli Citizen. Doesn’t sound like a geo-political issue to me here. I can present numerous other examples to prove my point but I believe in your reasonable sense of understanding!

    We can use this media comment tool to guide or miss-guide people. Choice is yours!Recommend

  • ggh

    I think the religion is the root cause of all these especially islam and judaism.Recommend

  • Ram Lakhan

    @Akshay, India:
    Your English is quite “bad” for an Indian who likes to read Inernational Media ..Maybe you are a Pakistani in disguise …Recommend

  • Midhat

    Israel is an occupied Palestine land to begin with and forced the Palestinians out of their homes and conitinued illegal Jewsih settlements despite UN resolutions! If Hamas shows resistance against illegal occupation of their homeland, it gets labbelled as terrorist grp, When Israel Military commits genocide against Palestinies killing thousands of men, women and children over decades, bulldozes their homes and creates a blockade in Gaza, the world calls it self defence.. Hypocrisy at its finest!Recommend

  • Midhat

    @Something Clever:
    Your History is quite weak. US and UK settled jews in Palestine and then created a Jewish State on Palestinian Lands illegally! Their expansion of settlements continued despite UN resolutions, driving Palestinians out of their homes. It was then that a war happaned.

    As for Pakistan, we gained independence along with India on 14 Aug. when the Bristishers left. It was After the creation of Pakistan when India waged a war against an already created country.

    As for Kashmir, Nehru promised a referendum in Kashimir for their right to self determination. UN decleration also supports Kashimires right of self determination. India however denies it. Recommend

  • architect

    very well writtenRecommend

  • Nauman

    @ Cautious


    Facts are facts. I don’t believe in emotional bickering.

    Facts are that Israel refuses to abide by the UN resolutions that have asked it to give back the land occupied in 1967.

    Israel continues to build settlements in strict violation to the UN resolutions.

    Now the issue of Arabs in Israel. Muslims in Israel are at least 16% and not 21%.

    Secondly, a majority of Israelis do not approve of the Arab muslim population according to latest surveys and consider Arabs second class citizens.
    Special efforts are made to prevent Jewish women from mixing with Arabs muslims.

    Why does Israel oppose a two state solution?

    Israel has the sixth largest army which is heavily equipped. And its foes are people in Gaza who are living in an open air prison blocked from everywhere even from the skies.

    Violence against anyone is not justified. Be it Israel or Palestine.Recommend

  • g


  • AmenoWorld

    @Akshay, India:

    I’m from malaysia, and im agreed with this author. Im not here to condemn you as i respect your opinion though it’s not the right thing. The thing that i want to tell is malaysians are sickening of pakistani, hindu dan bangladeshi who were coming to malaysia, non stop. Ask your government to stop that because we are ready to send them to their own countries after we change our government. We don’t like your people and your country. Peace. From Malaysia. Recommend

  • Akshay, India

    @AmenoWorld: You should ask your govt to stop any unwanted foreigners coming to your country. Its not my job. If Malaysia is indeed a democracy it would listed to her own citizens. And my advice, although non-muslims make up 40% in Malaysia, they face lot of discrimination and laws that favour Muslims. For a modern country like Malaysia, it doesn’t really look good. Petronas towers alone cant make your nation look good!Recommend

  • Moz

    If Hamas is an elected body or government, then Israeli government is also elected and they are also doing what their people wants them to do.Recommend

  • Realistic

    @Akshay, India:
    You argument is not based upon reality. If something happens in Fiji with Hindu majority population, why all India is jolted, if something happens with any individual Christian in Pakistan why all Christian Nations are jolted, the answer is BUT ITS NATURAL. We Muslim are also humans, we have also same feeling like others, but the real difference is that we cry more than we really favour our brothers, whereas you people do more than you cry.Recommend

  • rama

    As long as the stupid terrorist muslim organization and individual are their , world will always biased against the Musilm, It does not matter whether is Palestian or Bosia, Myanmar … Recommend

  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    Israel – Palestine issue is a purely religious issue.

    Muslims say Jerusalem is home to Al-Aqsa mosque (built by Caliph Umar) on the ruins of Solomon’s Temple on Temple Mount – the first Qibla, site of Prophet Mohammad’s Miraaj and thus the third holiest site – so the land belongs to them. Today, the Al-Aqsa mosque represents the first Qibla (being built on its site), but it is NOT the first Qibla per se.

    Jews say that Al-Aqsa mosque actually sits on the ruins of Solomon’s Temple on Temple Mount, which marked God’s dwelling in the created world. The Solomon’s Temple has been destroyed twice before and the Jews are adamant on rebuilding it for the third time on the same site by destroying the Al-Aqsa mosque. The only remnant today of the Solomon’s Temple is the Wailing Wall, which has been a prayer and pilgrimage site for Jews since the second destruction.

    Experts believe there can be no sharing of Jerusalem, it is either a Muslim Jerusalem or a Jewish Jerusalem because of the holiness of the place for both faiths. Recommend

  • Anil

    Reply to Aftab: we dopnt want to understand meaning of Islam when your 150 Million bothers and sisters could not understand the ture meaning of Islam. Go and team them first :)Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Two little people are the looser of the last target killings of over fourty little angels in the holy land, namely Obama and Nathan. Both of them practice target killings against muslims who in their history are very familiar with ‘Resistance’ and the culture of Martyrdom.

    The spring revolution will from now on determine the future of the Region; the rest of the jargon is simply a distraction. Neither the Iron Dome nor the Dornes or the nuclear might will protect Israel.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Aamir Subzwari

    For Indians, please see the David Ben Gurion (First Israeli Prime Minister) speech in his parliament:

    “The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan. Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.” David Ben Gurion (First Israeli Prime Minister)

    any budy wana confirm that, just search the net!

    Well this is History! I mean this is their first prime minister comments back in 1948 against Pakistan!

    Everybudy here except muslims are just here to prove that Muslims are terrorist. Nobudy wana know y muslims don’t like Israel.

    Israel and Pakistan are the only two countries in the world, created on the basis of ideology.Recommend

  • massom

    a peace full of contradictions and without any cohesive thoughts in it and full of biased right from the beginning..what a stupid caption it has,merely shows the hatred of a particular community towards others.I wonder if this newspaper do have any policy to filter such kind of ignorance to be published…

    ”Israel, in my humble opinion, is the super power. The European Union and the US play in the hands of Israel.

    United States grants $3.2 billion to Israel annually.”

    Mr.alam,dont you find any crap here.?what is your definition of super power i wonder if you have any idea about political science.

    just dont let your emotions overcome your literary things please if you want to be a successful blogger..and look at those one is talking genuinely its has become a platform of possibly indians and pakis..

    god bless the ignorants Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    The Israelis jews at least have the wall left of their temple. And if they continue building separation walls, taking more and more lands with olive orchards from the palestinians, the next time there will be no more wall left for their payers.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Hyderabadi ( India )


    You fail to understand that Jews lived in middle east even before Islam was born. If I am not misktaken wasn’t it, when Islam was born, they were driven out of their home land. They every right over that land as much as Palistinians or Arabs.Recommend

  • Reeba

    Why is it that both Jews and Muslims pray to the same God (God of Abraham and as far as I know, he had only one God) and still fight each other in the name of God?Recommend

  • Ahmad

    @ Hyderabadi ( India )
    If one takes Palestine to be what you meant by homeland for the Jews, then you are mistaken. The Jews were exiled from Palestine/Judah by the Romans way before the advent of Islam. And Palestine ceased to be a homeland for them for close to 2000 years; hence even the very premise on which Israel was founded was shaky at best.Israel’s creation in itself was a bitter pill to swallow for the local Arabs, as they saw a group of immigrants take up land and establish their own state where the Arabs had lived for millenia. To add insult to injury, that state (Israel) is now denying them their own right to freedom.
    Surely, there’s a limit to a people’s endurance. You can’t just suppress a nation and then not expect them to retaliate by whatever means they find available, in this case, the Islamist Hamas. It was the Romans and Germans who made the Jews suffer, why make the Palestinians atone for their sins in their stead. Recommend

  • aam admi with clear heart

    isreal , america is reality as long they has power,weapon and money,majority of muslim cannot unite how how they can challenge isreal tiny,,becuase i seen jew intelligent,educated hardworking and degree holder ,,where as muslim are madarsa going talking jihad with knife,and self glorification,,pakistanis another state which is begger ,Recommend