Jab Tak Hai Jaan took all the jaan in me to sit through

Published: November 17, 2012

I did not go to watch a south Indian remake or an Akshay Kumar/Salman Khan no brainer. I went to watch the last work of Yash Chopra. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

I miss Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) the actor’. ‘SRK the star’ has overshadowed SRK the actor for quite some time now.

Let me explain.

SRK the actor is the one we saw in Chak de India and Dil se. SRK the star is the one we saw in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and Om Shanti Om. I like the former but I have serious issues with the latter. I haven’t seen any SRK film since My Name Is Khan. I chose not to watch Ra One, Don 2, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi etcetera, as quite clearly they did not belong to SRK the actor.

The day I saw the first promo of Jab Tak Hai Jaan (JTHJ), I became excited on the prospect of seeing the actor again. Add to it the combination of AR Rehman and Gulzar saab in the music department and Yash Chopra at the helm of the affairs and rest assured something special should have been in the making.

Meanwhile, Yash Chopra passed away and it became impossible for me to not watch it.

Unfortunately, I regretted it.

If I takeout SRK’s acting during the second half and the dance off in the first half before the Ishq Shawa song, JTHJ turned out to be a colossal disappointment. Had it been some other team behind the creation of JTHJ, I would have walked out of the film at the half time.

In JTHJ, we have problems.

Problem #1:

The story or the lack of it, or too much of it. Be it the distant inspiration from the classic Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or almost all the love stories you would have seen in the past, there is no real story in JTHJ; instead there is a strange mix of too many stories here. At least two of them could make full movies on their own. Even if we ignore (which I could not) the fact that Anupam Kher is shown as a 50-year-old man in the film while SRK for a good 50% of the film is 25 and Katrina Kaif 21, there is a lot that went wrong with the script and extremely scattered screenplay did not help either.

Problem #2:

The lack of ingenuity and newness.

Katrina Kaif is a Non Resident Indian (NRI) with accented Hindi for umpteenth time: cue Namaste London, New York, Singh is King, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Anushka Sharma is a bubbly, read: annoying, Delhi girl yet again: cue Band Baaja Baraat, Badmaash Company, Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl.

SRK is singing on the streets like a carefree teenager or quivering his lips in emotional scenes which he did a decade back in almost all his early movies.

Then comes the done-and-dusted premise of rich girl falling in love with a poor boy because of his pure heart followed by the most ridiculous reason for a breakup.

Problem #3:

More than a hundred minutes of loopholes in the story and treatment. Going into the details of this problem will require three pages of hard to digest words.

Spoiler alert: giving the title of ‘the man who cannot die’ to a 38-year-old who is technically not of dying age yet, a soldier saving a drowning girl who later announces that she had been a swimming champion, an afro looking Lahori Pakistani guy who is later declared a Pathan and so on totally ruins all your concepts of ethnicity and geography.

A journalist wearing skimpy shorts and moving around freely with army officers in a war torn area where more than a hundred bombs have been found and diffused, a Punjabi Hindu girl going to church for praying every Sunday to ‘Sir Jesus’… yes Sir Jesus etcetera.

If you survived all this wait till you get to the London metro bomb disposal scene.

Enough said.

Problem #4:

Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. Just when you thought Kat had spent enough time in the industry to learn acting, she gives a performance that can make you forget her first few films. Here is Katrina Kaif for you, enjoying a success rate which even Madhuri and Kajol didn’t, delivering the most wooden performance you’d ever see.

On the other hand, there is Anushka Sharma who needs to realise that the Band Baaja Barat is over and the movies she is signing now are different and need versatility.

SRK has tried hard. It would be unfair to say that he has not. The first half where he has to play a 25-year-old Samar did not leave much for him in the acting department. Even if he does his best, he cannot look like a 25-year-old anymore and jumping on the bridge in excitement after falling in love does not suit him anymore.

His portrayal of the soldier Samar is much more graceful. He underplays his part, speaks less and speaks convincingly. His brief period where he is suffering from retrograde amnesia is the strongest point of the film, but brief periods do not save a 177 minute long film from being a disaster. If you are a die-hard SRK fan, which is a huge part of Indo-Pak population, you should look forward to these sequences.

Performances of other actors including Sarika, Anupam Kher, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh are not worth mentioning. The actors playing SRK’s army staff are better than the seniors.

Veteran Anil Mehta’s tried and tested cinematography is excellent and is one of the major reasons why I stayed till the end.

While the background music is good, the film’s soundtrack leaves a lot to be desired.

Some would still argue that it’s a romantic movie and that it was made for entertainment, and that one should give creative liberty to certain things. I have only one problem with that argument.

I did not go to watch a south Indian remake or an Akshay Kumar/Salman Khan no brainer.

I went to watch the last work of Yash Chopra; the man who created Deewar, Kabhi Kabhi, Silsila, Mashaal and my personal favourite Lamhe. He was a true genius and he most certainly did not deserve a farewell like this. Even though he did a fairly good job with the script, it was his son’s story that left him with almost nothing. Yash Chopra will be missed but on a personal front, I would prefer forgetting his last film.

Even if JTHJ was a montage of all of Yash Chopra’s previous films, it would still be a blockbuster so the result of the film was predicted anyways.

You may still watch it; if for nothing else then for the eye candy and the tribute montage for stalwart director at the end which was probably the best thing about the 180 minutes spent in the theatre.


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Sami Saayer

A Dubai based Pakistani looking for excuses to write.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://london,UK aisha azeem

    I simply loved this film……….That’s it..Recommend

  • gp65

    What I liked:
    – Some really thoughtful dialogs
    – Shah Rukh and Anushka’s characters
    – Lyrics of the songs

    What left me underwhelmed
    – Katrina’s character – really difficult to identify with
    – Halfbaked attempt to portray Katrina as a modern day Meera who loved God more than the human partner
    – AR Rehman’s music – very ordinary music except for Heer
    – Screenplay in first half drrrrrragged. I guess the doofy character of Katrina was partly to blame.

    Disagree with the author that there is nothing new in the story because while a love triangle is something you cnan expect in every YAsh Chopra film – there was definitely a clear story that was being told that hasn’t been told.Recommend

  • xyxz

    you better watch a no brainerRecommend

  • Rana

    Keeping in view the combination of AR Rehman and Gulzar, expectations are always high, but unfortunately there is not even a single song that can be categorized as memorable. Recommend

  • Kiran

    Agree 100% with the writer. It was a huge disappointment! Recommend

  • srk

    i agree with u…muahahahahahRecommend

  • SAB

    Correct SRK cant portray a 25 year old no matter what …. and movie was pathetic.. Recommend

  • http://Www.google.com Saeed swabi

    100% agree,its nothing more than SRK’s flop series.Recommend

  • tanzina khan

    totally crap article…watched twice…and its a new story..everyone is performed very well…Recommend

  • tanzina khan


    truly agree with u..Recommend

  • True Indian

    SRK has lost it….he seems to believe now that the public will like even if he shits but thats not true….if he continues this way then he will have to depend only upon DDLJ fame for people to still like him….On the other hand Aamir Khan, Irrfan Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Akshaye Kumar are working really well to forget SRK….SRK seems to be always on cloud 9 along with his feet…Recommend

  • Kamran

    Absolutely rubbish comments by writer… if salman & aamir can play younger boys roles then why shahrukh cant… common crtics be fair Recommend

  • alag

    @Saeed swabi: what flop series every film ra.one and don2 were HiTS and Jab tak hai jaan is going to be another blockbuster. i think this writer is jealous against SRK. no matter srk always rocks even hatered people not watch.Recommend

  • http://localhost:8080 Sir King Kong Bunty

    SRK should now take retirement from Bollywood and go back to study religion. May Allah guide him to right pathRecommend

  • Zeta

    Thanks. You saved me from watching the crap movie. Recommend

  • Asad

    This is totally wrong….SRK is the king of bollywood..itseasy to criticize..that why people do this…JTHJ rocked simply Recommend

  • jism

    cant believe that after having grown up so much, you all still waste time watching the movies.Recommend

  • abhi

    After watching a trailer where SRK waiving guitar and jumping on benches, I decided not to watch this movie.Recommend

  • usman

    great movie loved itRecommend

  • raisa

    with jthj the epic romance comes to close a full circle.. indeed the ultimate love story, and shahrukh once again proved that he is the ultimate romance icon on screen, any day… the quintessential lover boy can fall in love any day!! truely.. looked young and vibrant as lover, and the bearded look is just wow!!Recommend

  • rohin kottoor

    ..well said man..Evn i went wz d same xpectations n was totaly disappointed..
    The start, London dance,SRK’s performance as Army officer..done..
    Nvr felt like watchin a Yash Chopra direction..Recommend

  • karzma

    i really agree with writer. i have high expectations from shahrukh and yash chopra movie but all in vain. my heart is brokenRecommend

  • pb

    liked the blog.i was convinced with the reasons quoted for watching a movie……. i too hate no brainers Recommend

  • Zubair

    Shahrukh Shahrukh hai bossRecommend

  • Couldn’t agree more. A total disappointment. It’s time for Shahrukh to stop indulging in vainglory and show us some real acting.Recommend

  • SRK

    @tanzina khan:

    totally crap movie , you probably are a half baked SRK kiddie fans

    BTW why would someone name their kids after a third world african country.. what’s your brother name zanzibar hahaRecommend

  • moonstruck

    Finally an honest review!! Though I do disagree with a few things …as Ra One and rab ne bandi jodi were great films in which SRK the actor was awesome.

    Anyhow yes I am a huge SRK fan and a Yash chopra fan but this film was a big disappointment ! Shahrukh was brilliant as always however he can’t be expected to make up for the lack of decent story or the fact that Katrina is a botoxed wax dummy albeit a pretty one.

    A better actress opposite Srk helping him bring the flimsy story to life could have been digestible but Katrina is hopeless.

    Anushka who I normally like was annoying and disliked her so called modern character
    Lots of scenes made me go ‘what the f?’ yep especially that tube bomb scene!!!

    I think it’s best to forget this movie and think of Veer zaara as chopra’s last film!Recommend

  • sanjay kumar nahak

    jab tak hai jaan is a nice romantic movie .i liked it very much. iwish for its huge success and best film of 2012.Recommend

  • azeez

    I havn’t seen d movie yet cos i am frm nigeria, bt mr writer ur comment or review only reflect ur intentions for watchin d movie. For GOD sake what is srk d actor and srk d star. I think u guys nd to grow up and stop dis bad mouth of urs, bcos dis is d same movie LA time rated wit 4.5 star and IMDB wit 8.5 star ( d highest for any bollywood movie). Here we love srk and he always get sometin to offer Recommend

  • Sahana sekh

    The mv was totaly disgstng..bt i thnk srk did a grt job…the 1st hlf was so-so.katrina dacd well.lookng nice bt hr actng was vry avrg..on the othr hnd anshka rokd.she was the charm of the mv.if u take anshka away frm the mv.it will ae a big bore…so i do thnk we shld watch the mv jst only fr srk nd anushka..Recommend

  • Hafsa

    I completely agree, my expectations were set so high for this one, it was a real disappointment, and while i don’t usually go into Hindi movies expecting a logical story, atleast i expect somewhat of a realistic one, this one didnt just require the suspension of logic, it required no logic at all! Spoiler alert: The giving someone up for god bit? are you serious? Like actually, when that happened i was just gaping in awe at my sister sitting next to me. THAT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL WRITERS.

    The movie might have been okay if it didn’t pack every singly hindi movie cliche we have ever seen into the screenplay, Yash Chopra is a legend, and his movies inspire you, make you fall in love, but why do hindi directors feel the need to modernize these love stories (Delhi girl who believes in one night stands – newsflash: everyone in the “modern” generation aint like this) AND IT WAS 3 HOURS LONG, like i kept looking at my watch in disbelief, and it DID NOT END. IT WAS LITERALLY THE MOVIE THAT DID NOT END. I only watched it because i love shahrukh khan and yash chopra, and i agree Katrina Kaif was miscast in the role, she’s stunning and is good in certain roles, but the entire movie was premised on her, and she just didn’t make her character believable enough. okay now i’m done venting so i’m going to watch something sensible to drown this out. Recommend

  • Jatin

    Just watched Jab tak hai jaan…i am not an. SRK fan but I loved watching this movie.. ..SRK / Kat look excellent in ISHQ SHAVA song…nice movie…..something new in terms of story.
    The above article is complete bakwas..Recommend

  • anjaani

    the african country which you are probably referring to is tanzania, NOT tanzina. before you go poking fun at people, make sure YOU don’t end up looking like the fool. idiot. Recommend

  • Michelle

    Just saw the movie and I am very sad to say that it was not good :(

    On the plus side, the cinematography was gorgeous, Shahrukh looked very hot (but did show his age in some parts), and Katrina’s costumes were amazing (I seriously want to steal everything she wore).

    On the down-side, the plot was just ridiculous and, honestly, laughable at parts and not in a good way either. And Katrina cannot act, the poor girl, I think she really tries but it just doesn’t come across on screen. And I love SRK, but I didn’t fall in love with him in this movie- he looked hot, especially as the army major, but the character was just lacking, at least for me. And even Anushka, normally I love her but she was borderline annoying in this film (I think more to do with how her character was written and her lines though- she says some really stupid stuff). And the music, it’s not bad really but it’s not great either.

    It’s just so sad because I was so looking forward to this movie, and the trailer was awesome but the movie was just disappointing :(Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop

    Thank you so much for the heads up.Recommend

  • http://USA Rafi Ka Deewana

    It was a torture especially after SRK didn’t die in the 2nd car accident.
    In the beginning, when they celebrated 50th B’day party, I thought for minute it was SRK’s.
    Whatever the directors or producers think, using American swear words especially by an Indian lady are just very disappointing. What has happened to the class?
    Bad script, bad acting, and ordinary dialogues. A good plot, but very poorly executed. Needed a couple more characters, twists / turns and sub-plots. How can you watch SRK and Katrina for 1+ hour and that too with bad music!Recommend

  • http://expresstribune daniyal

    Awesome film I think the auther is a salman fan and he can only like the films like bodyguard and ek tha tiger..jab tak hy jaann is awesome and new york times has given 3.5 out of 5 to jthj and on imbd it has got 8.6 stars out of 10.. And srk looked awesome..and most of the autheintic critics has given positive reviews to jthj and people are also loving itRecommend

  • http://expresstribune daniyal

    Awesome filmRecommend

  • Amna Hasan


    So you’re saying that only young people can watch movies ? That when we are ‘grown up’ movies are a waste of time ?

    The only one who needs to grow up is you.Recommend

  • http://Gmail Amy

    Honest da movi did hv its flaws bt i loved it. . I agree katrina was a misfit. . Nd as 4 shahrukh being 25. . I agree totally wid da c0mment dat if salman and aamir cn as as young as 21. . Dn y cnt srk? . . And besydz acting is da job of an actor. . And nt how old he lukz. . Jzt thnk bwt hollywood moviez da guys there are pretty old. . Bt act much younger. . Nd we wud rather watch dat ryt. . . Da writer of thz reviews is being bias. . Nd lyk srk stated wn yash chopra called hm up 4 da m0vie . . He didnt ask wat ws da story. . He trusted yash chopra. . Nd did da m0vie out of luv nd respect 4 da late yash chopra!Recommend

  • Nitish

    Anurag kashyap rightly said about yash raj banner……..Every film has same DDLG funda with obviously SRK in lead role…..Oh boy stop watching movies produced under yash raj films…..we can use our time on some constructive work rather to watch some crapy trash piece….Recommend

  • ethicalman

    I did not read the article..I just wanted to give you peace of my mind by writing..

    SRK is mediocre, third rate actor..who just can’t act…and amazingly he get’s awards not just from the pvt. ltd filmfare awards but also from muslim countries..Dubai, Malaysia, Pakistan..for not acting but being SRK.

    It’s ok if you joke around in the film for a while not all the time and all the films since DDLJ and think you are acting..and he does that in his real life too..interviews, interactions, awards shows, you name it,..last film i could stand was ‘Kabhi haan kabhi na’..

    Don’t give me Dil Se, Chak De Swades etc movies..those movies would have been much much better if he was not in it..Chak De is a horrible film..apart from techinical aspects..

    and bollywood is a norm for films like these (I have not seen it and I will not waste my money on crap films) 98% films that churn out from bollywood are crap…

    I said it before Tamil, Telgu, Bengali, Kannad films are much much better than bollywood crap..only problwm with those films are they don’t have big market and hence smalled budgets than bollywoodRecommend

  • The Only Sane Person

    wherez the writer saying dat aamir &salman can do younger roles? i missed dat part. also, the writer calld salman’s filmz no brainy. how will he salman fan.Recommend

  • Super Star

    Dear Pakistani friends,

    Its embarrassing that some of My countrymen put you through this crap of a movie ! Believe me we Indians have also suffered a lot. I am still reeling from its impact.Please excuse SRK uncle. Age has taken a such a toll on him that he thinks he can still play a 25 yr old hero to girls fit enough to be his nieces. This disease has affected Saif uncle also ( Remember cocktail ???) . Apologies from us on that one too ! I hope some of you still have your marbles in place. An advice , don’t waste your money on our movies from these two at least until something from Ranbir comes along ! Recommend

  • Super Star

    Pssst… Sallu Bhai told SRK ” Aur Kab tak hai Jaan ??”Recommend

  • http://expresstribune sunny

    very good filmRecommend

  • fatima

    sharuk is rock movie kase be ho sharuk ha tu ache haRecommend

  • Raj Shekhar

    took all the jaan in me to read through your article. If you don’t appreciate the movies then don’t give ur comments. Go watch whatever intelligent cinema you think is great and mighty and don’t waste our time with these articles. Recommend

  • Ali

    I used to be a die hard fan of him, and now I just miss his realism in acting,actually he should resolve with his age dilemma and look now for some senior and robust roles, like Amitabh… .
    Jabtak hai jan, just s*ks till last quarter and feel sorry for kat..Recommend

  • Sadaf

    So my worst fears have been realised . But like the sentimental fool I am I will pull out my wallet, pay my money and take my punishment like a Woman. Thank you , thank you so I am not the only one who thinks the booty shorts were inappropriate in a War zone. Why does Bollywood continue to infantalise its audience? Because of people like me who will still go and watch just for the sake of the good old DDLJ (what a movie!) days.Recommend

  • Javeria Mahmood

    Extremely boring movie,,,,, it was hard to watch till end…. I would have left the Movie House if I wasn’t with my friends Recommend

  • shuja ul islam

    i can bet my house on the fact that AR Rahman composed the music of this movie in his sleep…and review suggest that this movie is insane..imma gonna watch it..!!:PRecommend

  • RM

    Don2 had SRK the actor and a very very good story line..when he does quality work he is not appreciated..i mean when he gives you the actor..people then want SRK the starRecommend

  • jism

    @Amna Hasan:
    “So you’re saying that only young people can watch movies ? That when we are ‘grown up’ movies are a waste of time ?
    The only one who needs to grow up is you.”

    future is built by the restless!
    just go through the comments here, there are some who claim that they have seen the movie twice.
    For grown ups, they don’t need movies, they always look for new challenges, these challenges will give them all the entertainment they need.
    if movies are not a waste of time for you, i don’t know what you consider as waste of time.
    if you can manage to save some time after wasting it on movies, spend that little amount of time to learn how the most successful people have utilized their time in shaping their life.Recommend

  • Atif


    You are right to great extent. But you must realized that world belongs to mediocres in every sense. Have you seen those people who spends all their time playing social games like ‘farmville’ or ‘fishville’ ? Recommend

  • Amna Hasan


    I would categorize replying to your post a waste of time.

    But i’ll still do it anyway because your rationale is so wrong. Everybody needs movies whether its grown ups or kids. The fact that so many people are commenting on this blog is testimony that movies do form and integral part of their life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Furthermore you are advising me to spend time to learn how successful people utilize their time, right ? So you’re saying all the thousands of movie directors,writers,actors, et cetera are all just wasting their time? Because as per your reasoning they have invested their life into something that is useless

    Also the fact that you came to this blog and commented means that movies do have a pull for you. Otherwise, being so successful, mature and grown up, you would not have ”wasted your time”Recommend

  • jism

    @Amna Hasan:

    some time back, i had a chance encounter with a top scientist from ISRO (Indian space research organization), and during my interaction with him, he told that scientists working there never leave the organization until 11 pm at night, and they start their work at around 8 am in the morning, some even work up until 1am in the morning ;calculate how much time they spend on utilizing their mind for something good and how much on rubbish.
    these are the scientists who have placed an Indian flag on the moon, not those who dance in front of the cameras, and these will the one’s who will take India to mars, just for information, Indian scientists are already working on a mars orbiter, which will be launched in 2013.

    These people are the real strength of India, these are the one’s who will develop India; they are the real heroes of the nation, i have made my choice, and i wont change it ; i have nothing to say on the caustic remarks you made to me.

    thousands of movie directors, actors, writers are already working on what they are good at, they are not wasting time as their work requires them to spend their time in writing, directing and acting.They are doing what they are good at, are we spending our time on what we are good at?…no,we are wasting our time on unnecessary things,while we should have been utilizing that time for something good.

    the fact that so many people waste their time on movies tells clearly as to why this world is being ruled by the handful, and not the ‘so many’ you speak of. this world will always be ruled by those who utilize their every single minute of their life in something good,and not by those who lavishly throw it away.

    There are other forms of entertainment; it’s been more than 7 years since i stopped watching movies, and I’m not an abnormal person,nor my life lacks any entertainment, on the contrary, my life has been more entertaining then most others here, i have the trekked the Himalayan mountains, done paragliding, been on night camps in high mountains for days etc….

    **"*A man who dares to waste one hour of his life has not discovered the value of life."***

    “Darwin, Charles R.

    if one spends 6 hours a day watching the same twice or thrice; i don’t know what you will call it , but, for me it is a waste of time.At the end of day, these directors, writers and actor’s get paid for what they do, and then go on to lead a life of luxury; do we get paid for spending our time in watching movies?
    any way, good luck.Recommend

  • LOL

    this is some gross generalization sir. also, there seems to be a totally different perspective of success. while you define success the way you have up there, it neither means you are right nor does it mean that’s the only definition of success. you are entitled to your opinion but others are entitled to disagree. and when you generalize with a myopic view, there will hardly be takers of your opinion.

    PS: i am expecting more generalizations in response of this reply.

    PPS: this post is about jab tak hai jaan.Recommend

  • deedee

    IT TOOK THE JAAAAAAAAANN OUT OF ME AS WELL!!! very disappointing!!!Recommend

  • Madhu

    Thank god for your review! I thought i was the only one thinking that after seeing the movie last night. I was looking at my watch about half way through, the film was so predictable.I did love the scenery of Kashmir & London, the direction was very clever
    I felt that the plot was going round in circles and not at any point did I feel that the characters connected to each other. The revelation of young Samar being in love with Meera wasn’t emotional at all, it felt more like infatuation, similar to Akira’s ‘love’ for Samar.
    It was all about SRK, you can almost see his input in the editing. I think he might want to try and do an Eddie Murphy and play all the characters in his next project, just to make sure he was included in all the scenes.
    If its about making money I think they’ve achieved that, but its no way about acting and versatility! Recommend

  • Fal

    I could sit through even Ra One but Could not handle JTHJ! Very dull, boring and lenghty. Even though I am big fan of SRK, his actin g, his looks, his dialolgue delliery, this movie made me toatlly disappointed. Fal Recommend

  • irfan

    200% agreed……… i went to see 1st show of this movie in cinema and i think it was waste of £7.00 and 3 hours …………………plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i don’t watch it ………….Recommend

  • flop star

    @Super Star:
    If Aamir khan can play a 16year old child in 3 IDIOT then why not SRK can play a 25 year old guy role…Recommend

  • Sal

    Just seen this film. Extremely disappointing!! SRK looks ok in some scenes but such a crap story that it makes you laugh. I do not know how much influence Yash Chopra actually had on this film but it is clear that this is not one of his greats.

    Kat is in need of some serious acting classes but her dance sequence in ishq shava is top draw. I do agree with many others Anushka is annoying. Recommend

  • Someone in the know

    Right up front: I hate Shah Rukh Khan. Oh yes, I do envy the “star” he is, but I cannot, for the life of me, understand how people could like him as an actor. Every film of his that I have watched, he has acted exactly the same. He remain SRK the STAR and never, ever takes on the persona of the character he is playing. I mean it is beyond ridiculous when films in which SRK worked are given awards when compared directly with “Taaray Zameen Par”. How is that even possible?

    All SRK lovers must grow up and watch the other sensible actors!Recommend

  • RD

    Agreed this film is poor, which is a shame for a last hurrah for a great director Recommend

  • Ather Khan

    This article is a total crap . The movie was awesome every thing was justRecommend

  • Arjun Kumar Vij

    The days of Sharukh Khan has gone. He is misfit for JTHJ. Now he should take retirement from lover boy image and instead opt for some matured role – like elder brother etc. with great potential in the role. Now, we have got very good actors like Imran Khan, Ranbir Kapoor etc. who can fit the bill for such roles. Although in financial terms this film might have brought some fortune to YRF, but public as a whole did not like this picture. This picture cannot create that much of sensation like DWDLJ.Recommend

  • http://kunalanand1989.blogspot.in/ kunal

    a great writeup. Mr. Sami has done a great job by not indulging in unnecessary brickbats and pointing out the serious flaws that make JTHJ unworthy of the director and actor it boasts of.Recommend

  • vinit

    when i saw the movie trailer i was excited. and when i go to saw the movie it was very romantic .i have dont like romantic movie. i am boar. overall the movie was good. in this movie no comedy touch. every time seriousnees.i hate this, this movie does not impreesed me. overall it is the lovers movie. il give u two and half star.Recommend