Celebrating Shahrukh Khan’s birthday in Pakistan

Published: November 13, 2012

A girl I know was busy doing something even more special and psychedelic. She was baking a cake for her 46-year-old yet timeless prince charming, Shahrukh Khan. PHOTO: REUTERS

On November 2, 2012, 18 people were burnt alive as a result of a gun attack in Khuzdar, the government was questioning the legitimacy of the Supreme Court’s Balochistan ruling and discussion over Romney and Obama’s possible future was on the rise.

A girl I know was busy doing something even more special and psychedelic. She was baking a cake. No it wasn’t her birthday or any other ceremonial occasion in her family but it was the birthday of her 46-year-old yet timeless prince charming, Shahrukh Khan. She has been doing that since the time she knew Shahrukh Khan – she likes him so much.

This reminds me of Nasir Sultan, a 15-year-old Pakistani kid, who had allegedly crossed the border to meet his all-time favorite Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan. He could never make it to King Khan and was arrested by Border Security Force (BSF) instead but his passion was undeniable.

Similarly a Pakistani Tele film by the name of “Shahrukh Khan Ki Maut” talks about a young boy called Murad, who aspires to become like Shahrukh Khan and when he is accused of stealing money from his boss to have a similar haircut, the boss orders the barber to shave off his head and that is how his fascination turns into hatred.

This signifies the power of the silver screen and the effectiveness of cinema, good or bad. No matter how many Ashers or Khirads you create on television, nothing surpasses the big screen. That is probably why the generation in its 20s today never experienced the charisma of a true Pakistani megastar.

My elders recall the heyday of Waheed Murad; days when his bell bottoms were replicated in classrooms and his puffed hair posters were plastered all around the barbershops. It was an honour to own a China/Sohrab cycle like the ones he rode in films and college girls had his picture under their pillows.

Sadly, that was the last generation to witness a true icon and the last group of people with such precious and original experiences.

Here is wishing a belated Happy Birthday to Shahrukh Khan and yet another death anniversary to Pakistani cinema.

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Rafay Mahmood

Rafay Mahmood

The author is the Life & Style Editor of The Express Tribune. He tweets as @Rafay_Mahmood

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  • http://salmanzq.blogspot.com/ salmanzq

    Pakistanis have shut the door themselvesRecommend

  • usman

    shahrukh khan is the king of cinemaRecommend

  • aanisa

    Shahrukh does have a massive fan following in Pakistan. I remember the loudest cheer heard in one of the prize distribution ceremonies in my school for a young kid named Shahrukh Khan. One of my colleagues had to deliver an extempore speech and she used his name at least three times leading to highest votes by the audience. Tell any youngster, especially girls to sing a song of their choice, it would most likely be one of the songs of his movies. SRK trended on twitter in Pakistan on his birthday. And then numerous people like Nasir Sultan whose dream is to get a glimpse of their favourite star. No other Bollywood star has such crazy fan base here. Aamir and Salman are also famous but SRK is miles ahead without any doubt.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    He could never make it to King Khan and was arrested by Border Security Force (BSF) instead but his passion was undeniable.
    And then you wonder why we say that infiltration happens all the time. Apparently even kids can make it across your border and need to be arrested at our end. Just joking – a bit off topic but couldn’t resist :).Recommend

  • http://muhammadfaheem123@yahoo.com faheem

    shahrukh khan the greatest living legend& the real and only superstar of indian cinemaRecommend

  • http://www.kabacreations.com Vishnu Dutta


    They thought the kid was some suicide bomber so they let him passRecommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop

    I wonder how many people would like Shahrukh if he was a Hindu, not a Muslim.

    I always hear how the 3 khans are popular in Pakistan and get to see news of Naseerudding Shah. What about others? Does a Bollywood figure, especially male, have to be a Muslim to qualify for stardom in Pakistan.

    Isn’t this bigotry dressed up in another form? Recommend

  • Nandita.


    Happy Happy Haapy Diwali !! Have fun guys !! :)) Let the good times roll !Recommend

  • sarwarn

    No offence.I don’t like SRK’s performance. And not because he lives in India or he is a muslim doing prohibited stuff etc. Recommend

  • pedopopatt

    His nick name is “Bakadi” me meeeeeeee……Recommend

  • Sab33N


    Can both of you keep your comments to yourselves for a change or go somewhere on Indian Media and spread your venom?

    It seems you have all the bloody time in the world to come and comment on our websites and find a reason to start Pakistan bashing even on simplist of topics. Does the Indian governement pay you to spread the hate or is it genetic?

    And kindly dont bring Hindu Muslim in this topic. We do have Hritik and Amitabh fans in Pakistan as well. Recommend

  • aanisa

    Among the younger ones Imran Khan is a muslim but Ranbir is better known of course due to his talent. Religion is not that important. SRK has been the face of Indian cinema for years. It is natural for all to admire him more than the others. He is a megastar with huge fan following. Wish Pakistan could also have someone to represent their country in such a positive way.Recommend

  • Nitish

    @aanisa:get your fact immaculate,imran khan is a HIndu.His real name is Imran paul,father anil paul who married a muslim(sis of amir khan).Recommend

  • Nitish

    aanisa:But i m happy that atleast his anonymous name drew fans from other side of the Border.By the way his wife Avantika is also a Hindu.Stange na….Recommend

  • Azhar

    @Anoop, In childhood Ajey Devgan used to be my favourite and now in these days my favourite is Akshay Kumar. He knows how to entertain, does not just gives looks.Recommend

  • ss

    @ author
    I too feel the same way when my father tells us about the craze of Waheed Murad, when he went to watch his movie in sixth class. God, i miss the Pakistan that i haven’t seen :-(Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Thank you :) – wish you and others the same.Recommend

  • Anil

    @Blackjack and @Anoop …. at least give up your negativity and constant bashing of all things Pakistan on Divali!Recommend

  • Pessimist

    To Anoop:

    Stop making this a religious thing. A small minority of Shahrukh Khan’s fans in Pakistan like him for being a muslim, and they probably do it as some sort of defence mechanism while they watch anti-Pakistan, RAW sponsored Bollywood movies and convince themselves it’s ok because the hero is muslim :)

    As another poster mentioned, Hindu actors have large fan bases here. My mother liked Raj Kummar and Big B has loads of fans here. Religion has nothing to do with it. I would say more but today is Diwali so I’m being respectful to you ;)

    To the Author:

    Stop making everything about India vs Pakistan, and let’s join together to celebrate an actor who has entertained both countries over the past two decades. India invests loads into the entertainment industry, that’s why they’re better. Bollywood is a source of pride for them. Lots of westners know about Bollywood but no one knows about Lollywood. Grow up!Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    Shahrukh Khan has a charisma and talent which only God can give :) Hes AWesome.. my mom loves him like crazy :D nice blog.Recommend

  • David

    @faheem..neither living legend nor super star. That is already given to Amitabh Bachhan. Saharukh is second best. BDW i am a big fan of Saharukh but Amitabh is amitabh always.Recommend

  • David

    BDW … WIsh u all pakistanis and Indians happy Deepavali. Recommend

  • Cynical


    As you and I know Sharukh has a massive following in India too. I can bet majority of them are hindus. Does Amitabh owes his popularity in India to his religious identity? I have seen his posters in shops, restaurants, eateries and what not owned by and frequented by mostly Muslims.
    We have so many things to quibble about, let’s keep performing art out of it, at least.
    By the way, I am no fan of either Amitabh or Sharukh; but of the coolest khan of all, Amir Khan.Recommend

  • http://yahoomail jamshed

    hai shahrokh khan I like your moves lovely dude. Recommend

  • Historian 1

    Shah Rukh khan and the likes should leave cinema now..they are overdoing romantic roles in this age. We need fresh faces and talent like the ones in student of the year movie.Recommend

  • :)

    We watch something because we’re entertained by it. We love something because it amuses us. Pakistani cinema is down the drain and there is nothing to like about it. We don’t have to like Pakistani cinema just because it’s Pakistani. We can’t stop loving Shahrukh just because he’s from India.

    Please, grow up.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Anoop: “Isn’t this bigotry dressed up in another form?”

    I agree with you on many things but not this one. Do you know the kind of extensive coverage that Rajesh Khanna’s death got in Pakistan?

    On a separate but related note : One of the best things about performing arts in India is that no-one sees these things with a religious prism. We love Aamir and we love Hrithik. We like Lakshmi Shankar and Begam Akhtr. We like Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh, We appreciate Pandit Bhimsen and Pandit Jasraj but also Ustad Zakir Hussain and Ustad Bismilla Khan. Let’s not start looking at these performers from a religious filter. You may say you were referring to Pakistan not India but unless you saw Shah Rukh as a Muslim in the first place you could not have come up with the statement you did.

    A belated happy Diwali to you by the way.Recommend

  • Virkaul

    Bollywood industry is very secular in nature, which is demonstrated by the fact that many of it’s heroes are from Muslim community. Even Indian cricket team possesses the same character. Let it be that way.
    You should understand that in India army does not play any role in politics. So RAW does not sponsor any anti-Pakistan films. It’s role is very different.Recommend

  • http://medialinepakistan.com/49991.html Saad Anwar

    How people have a such craze for their fans even they know that their fans have no time for them.Recommend

  • Muhammard Rizwan Ali

    no sense
    to comment or not to commentRecommend

  • Mohammed Imran

    Shahrukh is the best and very dear to Pakistani fans! Recommend

  • Umair

    I don’t care about Sharukh err whatever, he actually iinsultedd our players in the IPL… There is only one king khan, Imran KhanRecommend

  • vivek

    bollywood seculiarism is limited to Punjabis.
    Ever heard any subjugated catse people there. Recommend

  • Cynical


    “bollywood seculiarism is limited to Punjabis.
    Ever heard any subjugated catse people there.”

    You may be right. It’s because there is not yet a reservation system in matters of performing arts.Recommend

  • http://www.globaltopinfo.com m.sohail

    Shah Rukh is a master actor. He is living legend. There is no other like SRK in Bollywood or Lollywood. He is loved everywhere where showbiz lovers exist in the World.Recommend

  • http://www.globaltopinfo.com m.sohail

    Shah Rukh has a lot of fans here in Pakistan and desire to see him here in Pakistan. He lives in the hearts of Pakistanis fans. His specific style of smiling fascinates every body.Recommend