My Principal Asim Farooqi is not a blasphemer

Published: November 6, 2012

How then could such a man even dream of degrading our beloved Prophet (pbuh)? He was definitely not a blasphemer. Not Sir Asim Farooqi. PHOTO: AFP

I still remember those early school days when our principal made an announcement; it was now a compulsion for us to maintain a Namaz Diary. Students were supposed to put a tick mark against those salah which they had offered; this was meant to be a part of our homework.

I also remember that for six years of my educational life, I was given only one topic to debate on and this was Serat-ul-Nabi (The life of the Holy Prophet (pbuh)). I haven’t forgotten that when we requested our principal for a change of topic, because there was nothing new to speak of, we got the following silencing reply:

“One who can write and speak praise the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) can write and speak of anything.”

I still remember that the only extended break that my teachers ever tolerated was for Namaz. I also remember that as a senior, we were made to recite Surah Yaseen – a compulsion – to beseech Allah’s (SWT) mercy for our final examination. We even had a Mehfil-e-Milaad right before the 10th grade final examination, with the concluding prayers for success of all the students.

This was my school – the alleged blasphemous school – Farooqi Girls High School.

Why were we so religiously inclined as a school?

Because my principal – the person alleged to be involved in blasphemy – believed that no matter how hard we work, as long as Allah (SWT) is not with us, we cannot get anywhere.

I spent 11 years in Farooqi Girls High School and I can safely say that I know what kind of person Asim Farooqi is. I know that he has a very deep attachment with Allah (SWT). In my 11 years at the school, I never once saw him degrade any teacher in front of students or parents. Through him, we learned to respect our teachers, parents and everyone else too. How then could such a man even dream of degrading our beloved Prophet (pbuh)?

He was definitely not a blasphemer; not Sir Asim Farooqi.

Asim Farooqi, owner and principal of Farooqi Girls High School, who is 77-year-old, devoted 35 years of his life to educate the children of this nation. He was a poor man. He started with a three-room school, but provided quality education with affordability which a common man can only dream for in this part of the world.

I had never known of any student being expelled from my school because of the non-payment of fees; it was so nominal, everyone could afford it. In this age, when quality education is worth thousands, Asim Farooqi used to charge Rs700. In today’s time, when money symbolises standards, no one could even imagine the standards he was providing. His students are doctors, teachers, engineers, lecturers, post–doctoral researchers, businessmen, and so on! In fact, I can’t remember a year in which Farooqi Girls High School didn’t secure positions in BISE, Lahore.

On October 31, 2012 his school, his life’s worth, was burnt to ashes. It was a shock for me when I came to know why this had been done. As I had been with those people for 11 years, my mind wasn’t ready to accept that Asim Farooqi could ever commit an act of blasphemy. I tried to contact his son – the vice principal of the school – but couldn’t get through to anyone. Luckily, after two days of undying effort, I was successful in talking to Umair Asim on the phone. He told me the whole story and I quote the same here:

“In an unfortunate happening, a day before Eid Holidays, a teacher, Arfa Iftikhar, wrote an essay for Grade 6 students. She used the book “Pak United Grammar”. Arfa was writing the essay on the blackboard from the book. School had ended and there were four holidays to come. It was important for Arfa to get the essay completed and in this haste, she, somehow, absent-mindedly skipped the page after page 360 in her book. Statements starting from the next page were the last lines of another essay, “The Beggars”. This mixture prepared an essay which took the form of some blasphemous text.

When it came to the notice of parents, the principal was approached. On October 30, however, the principal in writing, informed the local mosque Muftis about the facts and confirmed that he had dismissed the teacher even though she said she had made a mistake. It is quite surprising that still on October 31, a mob, alleged to be led by a religious group, attacked, burnt, and looted the school, thus depriving thousands of students from quality education at an affordable price. None of the parents of the students were involved in any of this violence. Local MNAs and influential people tried to explain things to the leader of that mob, however, they simply refused all explanations.”

To this account, I asked how Arfa could not see what she was writing, to which Umair responded:

“I understand this mistake is senseless, but as she is not here to explain, I can’t blame her. Maybe she was upset and actually could not see what she was writing.”

Umair Asim went on to explain that the offending paper wasn’t distributed by the school or the teacher; it was distributed by the protesters to gain ‘rewards’.

He told me that his father is in jail, and he along, with his mother, are in protective custody.

While I am not here to debate the contents of blasphemy law, I can say with certainty that the students, teachers and, most of all, the principal at Farooqi Girls High School know that blasphemy is a sin.

Asim Farooqi is an innocent man; I pledge the authorities to release him, for he is not only innocent, he is a good man with a kind heart who would never dream of insulting our beautiful religion or the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Maybe this case is not sensational enough for the media to pick up on because Asim Farooqi is a poor man, with very little power, but I beg our government to conduct a proper investigation and serve justice.


Sadia Saleem Butt

A former student at the Farooqi Girls School who works at Meezan Bank.

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  • Pir Bulleh Shah

    IF the teacher is not truly not guilty, he should find justice. But a great crime has been committed. and the guilty must receive a most exemplary punishment. Recommend

  • Human

    This has become a Norm here now if u have any hatred for someone bring him down by imposing this Stupid man made law on him & he will be killed or jailed for LIFE
    When are we going to WAKE up & take a Stand ?
    How many more INNOCENTS have to die with this blame ?Recommend

  • Aamir

    The story of the teacher missing a page and then writing on and on mindlessly doesn’t seem quite right. However, this doesn’t give ANYBODY any right to torch or destroy property. Where is the justice? Why do we have courts?

    If anybody thinks that it was blasphemous, please, take this to court. That is what happens in civilized societies but alas, we are not even a society anymore, let alone a civilized one…Recommend

  • Haseeb Talal Khan

    Agreed, it can happen sometimes, teacher can make a mistake, in a haste. Nobody has a right to accuse someone of blasphemer. The parliamentarians or Judges have to make changes in this blasphemous law, other wise this will go on and innocents will be accused and convicted..May Allah be with us, this country is going towards anarchy, and no one cares….we are still a bunch of people, not a society let alone the civilzed one….These so called Mullah’s are ruining the country in every form….Recommend

  • De

    Sometimes I can’t believe that such ‘protestors’ are even Muslims or just some gangsters who take money from TTP and speak of the religion in an extreme manner and cause chaos to spread fear in the country. I cant understand wth is wrong. A person accused of committing blasphemy should first be thoroughly investigated before takin any action. This is also the fault of this corrupt government who has a pathetic police who doesnt investigate properly. There is no justice ANYWHERE in this country no matter it’s blasphemy, robbery, fraud or murder. The innocent one gets into trouble while the big guys escapeRecommend

  • Abdullah Jawed

    A Man makes mistakes and it’s always un-intentional …I wonder that if anything happens , why our people goes very barbaric where Islam has no place for Barbarism acts . The Protestors have proved themselves that their act has defamed Islam more than so called Blasphemy. May Allah Guide our Pakistani Men before they forget they are Humans !!! Recommend

  • Ahmad

    The person(Principal) shall be released with honor immediately and the Mob should be urgently taken care of! or else we are going to be another Swat Valley!Recommend

  • Jordan


    No – Civilized societies don’t have ridiculous blasphemy laws in the first place. This story is straight out of the dark ages. Recommend

  • Rubab Husnain

    In any circumstances, sir Asim Farooqi can never commit such crime and he should not be punished for the mistake of ARFA.. we, the previous students of school, are witness that during our five years stay in school, we never heard anything said against our respected and great Holy Prophet (PBUH)…if he would have done such crime before, Allah would not have blessed him so much…. its our respect to the government, please release him….Recommend

  • Bakhtawer Bilal

    We have been so much intimidated by the Talibans and their cohorts in our society and among our politicians that all we do is try to put forward our innocence. Lets put the emphasis on the crowd. Who was the crowd. From where the crowd came. It was not parents. They came from some other place. They were brought in there. They were provided transportation. A plan was hatched. The job of the police and administration is to find it. But, alas, it is not going to happen. We are a barbaric society. Welcome to Afghanistan of 90s.Recommend

  • Abid

    This is another example of intolerance emerging across our country. I don’t know what name to call it with. Political tactic! Illiteracy! or something else. But if this guy is true in his word, justice must prevail. Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    This is truly heart shaking …and very strange… I saw the paragraphs by the teacher… it all boggles the mind really… :( Recommend

  • Nishant

    Destroying an institution of learning is the biggest blasphemy committed against any God.Recommend

  • ijaz

    Asim Farooqi, owner and principal of Farooqi Girls High School, who is 77-year-old, devoted 35 years of his life to educate the children of this nation. He was a poor man. He started with a three-room school, but provided quality education with affordability which a common man can only dream for in this part of the world.Recommend

  • Riz

    Its unfortunate in our country that we become so emotional when we deal with such situations. It was a blunder no doubt that attracted such an act of burning school building. Now this matter should be taken into lime light and justice must b done with principal and grieved family..
    SADI i must appreciate your efforts and i am with you in this protest.. I think we should write a letter to chief justice..Recommend

  • Jaahil

    Leave the innocent Principal alone, let me show you the real Blasphemers. Please check the
    following link to see it with your own eyes.

  • Khawaja Kashif Ali

    As Salam O Alaikum. I congratulate Sadia Baji on her effort. I have been studied in farooqi school. I know sir Asim Farooqi can’t do such act. But I strongly object on blasphemy. It’s a serious crime. Who did it. Till now it’s hard to tell. But at same time I strongly appeal our government to find those who set fire to his property and robbed his assets. May Allah bless us all. AaminRecommend

  • Mehreen

    Thank you Sadia for writing this, i hope those who have accused the man wrongly knows what “tohmat ” is and how much Allah dislike those who do it….Recommend

  • Sadia Saleem Butt

    I have done that even. I despatched it yesterday. For me its really a do or die situation.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Standing up for what you believe to be right is commendable.
    It is quite obvious that this has very little to do with religion but has a lot to do with politics and power. This only gives religion a bad name, something the perpetrators don’t seem very worried about. It is also a clear reflection of government apathy and failure.Recommend

  • http://gujrat Zalim singh

    Once accused, twice dead.Recommend

  • AA

    @Pir Bulleh Shah:

    After reading this blog, Can you tell me what great crime has been committed? The blasphemy or the looting and destruction of school that had been providing quality education for the poor of that area for the past three decades?

    Perhaps the greatest crime is the imprisonment of a teacher charged with innocence.Recommend

  • AA


    Don’t kill the messenger, dude.Recommend

  • AA


    It is not intolerance… it is lawlessness. People don’t fear the law hence all the looting and pillaging.Recommend

  • Azeem

    What I have learnt about this case is: the person who led the mob (the imam of the local mosque) first urged Sir Asim to kill the offending teacher. Upon his very understandable refusal, he whipped up a mob and created another example for us all to be ashamed of. He refused to listen to the local MNA or other dignitaries… now would Bilal Yasin take an issue with him and have his uncle dispense justice? Let’s wait and see.Recommend

  • Mano

    I think this madness has gone too long. Nobody has any right to torch and loot in the name of religion. Pakistanis need to open their eyes. We are making a mockery of ourselves. Recommend

  • Syed Muhammad Ali Naqvi

    I was only 4 Years old when I started studying in his school, He, personally was my teacher. Today I’m 32 years old and doing a very good job in a govt department. There is a great contribution of sir Asim Farooqi, All I have in my life today. 1 of my sister and 2 aunties have taught in his school. He is such a noble person. I never heard such a shit word from him. I, as a citizen and civilian of Pakistan salute to Sir Asim Farooqi and requests to Govt and Courts to release him.
    Ali Naqvi.Recommend

  • Shaheer

    It sometimes makes me wonder how can we encourage the evil act of the killer of Salman Taseer but put the person who has done a mistake unintentionally behind the bars.Recommend

  • Saadi

    @Jordan ! Who do u call a civilized society ,BTW ? If u meant the west, They don’t have respect towards their Prophets,made films on them and even sometimes they shout against the God,Therefore the atheism arised their . In Islam its the mandatory that no one can do any blasphamous act against The ALLAH or The Prophet .If u are a muslim , U have to follow this , Its Respect issue .Recommend

  • http://pune abhi

    “One who can write and speak praise the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) can write and speak of anything.”
    This is very amusing statement. I think may be due to translation it is sounding very funny.Recommend

  • Jordan


    Exactly! You said it yourself..

    ‘In Islam its the mandatory that no one can do any blasphamous act against The ALLAH or The Prophet .If u are a muslim , U have to follow this , Its Respect issue’

    We in ‘The West’ as you insist on calling it, do not have to respect the Prophet as ‘we’ are not Muslims. Muslims have to respect the Prophet, and they have no right to impose their beliefs on anyone else.

    This is a different matter however. The idea that a simple copying mistake could whip up a supposed religious leader into such a frenzy that they form a mob and burn down a place of learning is horrifying. Does not burning down a building that would have contained copies of the Quaran count as blasphomey? Recommend

  • Sadia Saleem Butt

    And Saadi, the topic is not what east and west believe or what muslims or other than muslims believe. We are Muslims. And for us Blasphemy is an issue a very serious one. But we can’t force others to believe what we believe. But in this specific case, the charge of blasphemy especially on part of specific person, Asim Farooqi, is not established. Our basic grievance is what they have done to a school, a place of learning. A place which was giving quality students. Recommend

  • Very Sad

    It is very sad to see this country being runned by retards, thanks to et policy my keyboards is not putting in the words that are in my mind for them. But we are also responsible, the govt is doing nothing to eliminate, but we are not doing anything either. When any such thing happens, we all gather their as spectators enjoying the scene, and in some cases making videos from our cell phones, just to return home and to condemn on facebook. Had the local people united against the mullahs (the one on wrong path, not every person with beard is bad), we would not be seeing this. But I think everyone of us is afraid of a false case of blasphemy being filed against us, fearing the same thing that happened to rimsha,

    What makes me even more sad is to see the fact that the social media, which is mostly accessed by literate people is also dominated by fanatics.Recommend

  • salmanzq

    I don’t care if he is a blasphemer or not, no one has any right to make his life hell. It’s time we did away with this black law.Recommend

  • Pir Bulleh Shah


    “what great crime has been committed?”

    Insulting our beloved Prophet (PBUH) is the greatest possible crime any human being can commit. There is a possibility that such a crime has been committed here. Everyone must wait until that possibility has been removed to the satisfaction of ordinary Muslims who love our Prophet.Recommend

  • Khawaja Kashif Ali

    As Salaam O Alaikum , Dear brothers and sisters , Issue is our respected teacher Asim Farooqi, I read in his school. He is a nice man. Even after school he was kind and humble with me. When ever i met him his character was the same as on first day. Yes i can say he is an awsome person and the best teacher i had. He could,nt do blasphemy. If any govt authority reads this comment I request them please reconsider abut him in this case as innocent man.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Please do mention that the guy was a steadfast Muslim as he ‘banned’ Ahmadis from being admitted into his school :), and he gave this statement to show how ‘deeply religious’ he was.

    Now he will understand how it feels to be convicted of the ‘crime’ he alleged others of doingRecommend

  • Sadia Saleem Butt

    isn’t it quite simple hassan? Say for example for any reason I personally don’t like some believers of some XYZ faith. One possibility is to be good at face, let them be under my jurisdiction and then do everything unfair with them. On the other hand I simply renounce and announce specifically to them that I don’t like them for any reason and I’m uncomfortable with them. So please lets stay at a stretch. I think not to favor the man under question, but in general its the behavior worth calling respect of religions, respect for humanity and respecting the differences. It doesn’t show solely that a person is Muslim. It tells that someone is still humane. Recommend

  • Sadaf

    How ridiculous! I’m extremely sorry for Mr. Asim Farooqi and pray he gets released soon, but the arguments used in his defence and the plea Sadia Butt is making to the govt. and public are beyond troubling! Some of the comments on her article even more so! Is no one seeing how illogical her arguments are! He recites Surah Yaseen and makes them write essays on the Prophet (P.B.U.H.), hence showing his connection to God. So if this person hadn’t been ‘publicly’ close to God, or if he had been a non-Muslim, it would have been alright to destroy his property? What kind of reasoning is that!

    The teacher was writing an essay on the blackboard and she messed up! So who went and told the mob? The students in the class I’m assuming. So this school wasn’t really inspiring students to tolerance, acceptance, humility, KINDNESS, FORGIVENESS, (all traits of Prophet Mohammad mind you) and we are surprised this happened! She got fired…over a mistake (I have no doubt it was a mistake because no one in their right mind would intentionally do this considering the present climate of this country!)

    It breaks my heart to see my religion maligned because of the actions of the stupid and the nitwits. Please read a book! and stop watching television to learn about your religion. “The punishment for blasphemy and even the definition for blasphemy is not in the Quran. There are some hadiths that address it, but it’s ambiguous. So it’s very vague and … it’s manipulated by those who want to raise a mob and wield power within a society.” Recommend

  • 2 cents

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    When they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    When they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    When they came for the Jews,
    I remained silent;
    I wasn’t a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out.Recommend

  • Pir Bulleh Shah

    You seem like a secularist. Still, you raised the most important point. People going on about how the man did this or that are not addressing the issue at all. Allah has clearly told us that worst kinds of Munafiqs come in all colors. So the man be guilty or not. Let procedures be followed to fully satisfy believers that blasphemy was not committed and that the Principal had no relationship to it.Recommend

  • Faiz

    Well, I am so sad to read it, and its really disgraceful way our Muftis and Mullah are handling things. Thanks to God they are not in power, else, we would be branded all non muslims and killed.

    All my sympathies to Farooqi saab.Recommend

  • Sadia Saleem Butt

    Please let me take the liberty to say that you have not taken my plea rightly. You may think I am giving illogical argument. I have no objection on that. But let me make one thing clear. Asim Farooqi wasn’t used to do this publicly. I mean, if he was used to teach us to recite Surahs from Quran or was in practice of giving us an essay in which we were supposed to praise Prophet, this was not something which was known to Public. Before this incident, did you know any Asim Farooqi? These are few things that only we know because we had been his students. If someone alleges some one, whom you know is good, won’t you give proof of his goodness by telling few of his traits which are hidden from others and known to you. Those who vandalized and looted school, believed that they are Guardian Angels. Actually they wanted to demonstrate in public that they are the actual Believers!

    Coming to the second point, in which you believed that any of the students told.. Don’t you think Sadaf its quite interesting to believe that a student of Grade Six called some Mulla or a Religious Group, told him about the story and asked him to vandalize and sabotage the school.

    How come you are not able to smell a rat in the story? Isn’t it quite obvious from all above that someone did it with some other motive? Now, the one who did it wasn’t a school student. So how are you so confident to say that, “So this school wasn’t really inspiring students to tolerance, acceptance, humility, KINDNESS, FORGIVENESS, (all traits of Prophet Mohammad mind you)!”

    Yes the teacher got fired. But it was a punishment for overseeing the blunder. And I think its quite justified. My opinion is based on the facts that no body knew her by face. No body knew her mistake. School didn’t issue any letter to that teacher telling that she is fired because of this mistake. It was not a big deal for her to get another job of same capacity. But for her mistake, it was important to learn the lesson that she is a teacher and she should be vigilant. Haven’t we had charged the principal for showing negligence if he would have not taken any action altogether?

    Don’t you see that Umair Asim, son of Asim Farooqi, didn’t blame the teacher at any point. He himself said that though it seems senseless but for us, it was a mistake.Recommend

  • Insaan

    @Pir Bulleh Shah: “Let procedures be followed to fully satisfy believers that blasphemy was not committed and that the Principal had no relationship to it.”

    Looking at past happenings in blasphemy cases, people accused of blasphemy in this case will most likely be killed or punished. In some earlier cases of blasphemy, people accused of blasphemy who were found not guilty by courts were murdered later by pure Muslims. Recommend

  • khalida

    this is so sad … we being muslims ourselves are making mockery of our religion .. what can we expect of others ?? dont we know the state of pakistani schools .. teachers there themselves dont know what they are teaching (dont mean all but it does happen) and that too in haste one can expect anything.. how can one be punished for some one else supposedly commited crime .. the mob that burnt the school should somehow be also arrested. at one end we are celebrating Malala day and at the other we are burning down school ourselves for what reasons?.. arnt we ourselves becoming Taliban ?Recommend

  • azhar hussain

    we strongly condemn the dual standards of the govt of the Pakistan being celebrating milala ‘s day and leaving thousands of students in the city of Lahore for waiting their school to reopen . and govt of the Punjab is most responsible for it . if people in Lahore don’t have their education institutions to be secured then what you expect for the rural areas Recommend

  • Katarina

    Is it so that islam is such a weak religion that it has to have these kind of stone age blasphemy laws to “protect” the religion? Now it was a student who apparently made a mistake so it is even more ridiculous to have a criminal case. Freedom of religion also means that you have the right to criticize a religion. It is not of course in good taste to bash a religion without proper arguments etc but religions are issues that should be talked about in same way as other issues. Christianity has been challenged in the west and it has been a good thing. A religion is not a static thing, it has to be renewed and debated. Recommend

  • Sadia Saleem Butt

    Dear, for us, Blasphemy is an issue. Like every religion have some do’s and some don’t’s. Blasphemy for us, is degrading or trying to degrade holy Prophets. We don’t degrade any prophet nor we mock Allah.

    However, being open to debate is another thing. Muslims are open to debate. But problem here is those who do such criminal acts are basically black sheep’s amongst us. And I guess, in every religion, every sect, every nation, black sheep’s are always there for whom their personal gain in more important than anything else.Recommend

  • Katarina

    @Sadia Saleem Butt:
    Why is it such an issue what other people do? Of course I understand that you do your best to honor your Prophets and other you keep as sacred. In this case (if I understood correctly) it was not actually about blasphemy, it was about a student who did some mistake and the teachers role. No-one did try to disgrace any holy Prophet. It should not be a criminal act because no-one is hurt about that kind of thing. And if some morons put up some imbecile video on youtube that is not criminal either, why even pay attention to silly things like that? Why not focus more on your own religious beliefs and how you follow them than all the time monitoring what other people are doing? Recommend

  • Asma

    @Pir Bulleh Shah:
    And you believe that a Personalty like our Holy Prophet (SW) can be insulted? Wow! This is your Iman?Recommend

  • Sadia Saleem Butt

    In almost every religion, every nation, even I guess, at family levels, there are people who are more concerned with what others are doing. If they are between us, what can we do? But again, in this specific case, blasphemy is not at all a case. This is the ignorance of masses personal gains of the black sheep’s are benefited. Recommend

  • Aasim Mukhtar

    This is exactly what happens when Justice is not done. Had “Qadri” received the due punishment, no one could have dared to do what happened to the school. We are shedding our Human values one by one and becoming Vicious animalisitic society with not even traces tolerance left in us. May God have mercy on us. Recommend

  • Hasham Khalid

    i don’t know anything about this school or alleged blasphemer Mr asim farooqi but after reading this article i think he was not involved in such act. obviously it looks like the real culprit is that teacher who wrote that essay and who was terminated by the principal of it ALLAH knows best but the main worry for me is an increase of polarization in pakistan. one kind of extremists are those people who don’t use their brains and end up setting places on fire for no reason but side by side another kind of extremists are those people who than take full use of the situation and start criticizing the law of blasphemy on the name of modernization. both kind of extremists need to be educated. law of blasphemy should exist. not only of for our beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) but for every PROPHET. no one has the right to insult a religious personality on whom millions of people believe but no one should use this law for his personal benefits. i hope right justice will be given soon to every one who is involved in this incidentRecommend

  • http://[email protected] Tehniat Shafqat

    Recently I’m a student of Farooqi Grammar School which has been badly damaged. My name’s Tehniat Shafqat. I’m a student in class Rainbow Seven and when we take a sight of my full school building, our hearts bawl, wail, cry and holler. When we look at our principle’s office our bodies start shivering. I’m a position holder and I can’t tell you that no one can know my school better than me. I’m in this school from nursery class and at that time my school was only 1 year old. I swear that my principal Sir Sameer, Sir Asim Farooqi are the true lovers of Almighty Allah and Holy Prophet (PBUH). I can die for my dearest school because my mother was teaching in Farooqi Girls High School before my birth. Infact, my mother says that ”A man like Asim Farooqi can never be in Pakistan again because he is the 1st person on earth who is like Quaid-e-Azam.” I’ve even sat on carpets which were spread on ground from 8o’clock to 11o’clock. Every morning a group of girls of Seven class goes for Assembly in the burnt office including me. We recite Surah- e-Fatihah, Durud-e-Ibraheemi, a proverb and read the National Anthem with music. Only 4 days are passed till our school is opened and due to the efforts of my talented teachers only 1 percent of our school is repaired. I can’t forget the countless efforts of my principal and teachers that they have done to lead us to brighter tomorrow. Our Sir Sameer Asim Farooqi teach us like our father. He is so kind to us and you cannot imagine how good my school is. Getting education in my school is like being in a happy family before this all tragedy happened! Getting education in my school is a dream come true! I pray to God for the soon repair and peace in these three branches.(Ameen).Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Tehniat Shafqat

    @Sadia Saleem Butt:
    You’re absolutely right! Thanks for your such good concern.Recommend