Shehr-e-Zaat and its misplaced knowledge of Islam

Published: November 7, 2012

Ever wondered what kind of a message we are conveying to our children by applauding Fifi's behaviour towards her mother? PHOTO: ONLINE

Is it just me or does anyone else find this drama seriously annoying? I sometimes do get the feeling that it’s just me. 

The comments I see online about Hum TV’s Shehr-e-Zaat, show that the viewers applaud the lead character in the drama, Falak, for her new-found piety and shunning of the material world and its pleasures, while always looking peaceful.

For those who have not been enlightened with the story of the drama (I myself have not yet watched the last episode), Shehr-e-Zaat is the story of beautiful, rich, young Falak, affectionately known as ‘Fifi’ and thus inferring the bourgeois lifestyle that goes along with such a nickname. She is an art student, and while leading on her best friend Hamza, who is madly in love with her, she makes a sculpture of her ideal man’s face, and lo and behold, he appears into her life.

This sculpting exercise is causing constant friction between Fifi and her know-it-all Naani who hates all this kufar nonsense about making ‘idols’. So Fifi and Salman (the sculpture-face guy), also from a rich family, get married to each other and have the wedding of the century. Salman never claims to love Fifi and tells her straight out that he is not the affectionate kind.

Salman eventually has an affair with an unattractive, illiterate woman, crushing Fifi. He is so in love with her that he marries her, leaving everyone shocked. Fifi goes back to her parents’ home, and under the influence of Naani dearest, proceeds to blame all her problems on the fact that she ‘forgot about Allah (SWT)’.

Where do I begin? Firstly I am, to no end, appalled by Fifi’s terrible behaviour towards her mother, who is by far the only sensible person in this entire drama. The mother is a socialite and therein lies her cardinal sin. Throughout the drama, we only see her vie for the best for her child. However, because she is a socialite, of course she is evil. Fifi throws many a fit directed at her mother and blames her for not ‘teaching her how to worship/love Allah (SWT)‘.

Our dear viewers just lapped this up and supported Fifi for finally ‘seeing the light’. Firstly, Fifi blames her problems on her mother, arguably the only person who loves her, and secondly, ignores the misery her mother is going through on her behalf, making her feel guiltier every day about what has come to pass.

What a terrible idea to promote! Did the producers of this show forget the teachings of Islam and our beloved Holy Prophet (pbuh) here? A mother, as our religion teaches, deserves the utmost respect; she should be treated as though heaven lies beneath her feet.

Yet, the idea promoted here is that if your mother isn’t a religious person and likes her friends, it is perfectly commendable to treat her like dirt.

I am sorry to burst your bubble all those who worship this show, but it is insulting to the beautiful image of Islam to show that it is okay for a daughter to treat her mother as so. Ever wondered what kind of a message we are conveying to our children by applauding Fifi’s behaviour towards her mother?

Let’s not forget Naani dearest, the worst of the lot, with her patronising voice, expressions and medieval ideas. She is against divorce, and encourages Fifi to be as fervently religious as possible, claiming that in this alone will she find the answers to everything that is wrong with her. She is a great favourite of the viewers ─ someone that makes my skin crawl.

Whether or not Fifi had been a panj-waqta namazi (a person who prays five times a day), would have had no bearings whatsoever on Salman and his passion for his new girlfriend. Preaching to the viewer that praying will avoid all the heartache in life is not only wrong, but misleading. Yes, prayer is important, but to say that by doing so, life will be all peaches, is wrong to say in the least. Hurdles in life are a test by Allah (SWT) and this is the idea that should be promoted. Prayer is a way to calm the effect of these the troubles life throws at you. It gives you the patience to overcome hurdles.

Viewers may get the wrong idea here and be very antagonistic if the expectation is drilled in their heads that if you pray day and night, life will not deal you a bad hand. Let me remind the readers that there was none so pious as our Holy Prophet (pbuh) and he faced his fair share of grief during his life. It is not that he didn’t pray, it’s just that this is how God tests us. It is called aazmaaish, and it shouldn’t be treated like the wrath of God.

Propagating this false idea is highly immature and unprofessional.

While I believe that the drama is executed well and the depth of the characters is commendable, I feel as though the themes picked up by this story (especially religion)  have been played upon in the most distasteful ways possible.

Leading such a impressionable population to believe in a slanted version of Islam is unethical and the producers should have known better.

Moreover, as far as saying ‘Allah behtar jaanta hai’ (God knows best) to every problem faced, of course He will help you, but then again, He only helps those who help themselves.

Does Shehr-e-Zaat depict the correct version of Islam?

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Anam Zeb

Anam Zeb

Holding a Master's degree in Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, Anam works in the development sector. She is interested in reading, writing, animals and martial arts.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • rubab fatima

    Media is supposed to educate people, i am very disappointed with HUM channel, the director and the writer. hopelessness is a sin but i am sorry to say that i am hopeless with the situation.Recommend

  • sofi

    This blog is so rhetorical,Shehre zaat isnt so much about Islam as mysticism and agaisnt the consumerism in society….lead character’s mother embodies materialism and that is why she is being disregarded by her daughter.Its not ok to take the knives out at every drama or literary piece just cause you are allergic to religious overtones.Recommend

  • Haseeb Talal Khan

    Dear Anam,

    I am not the one who follow’s Islam a lot, but if you have seen the drama at full length in detail, you would have come to know that each dialogue is written in a true spirit. Allah kee muhabbat say barh kar har cheez fana hai, is a true version of Islam. Neither the Producer, nor the protagonist is preaching any thing wrong about the love of mother. However, she was the one who always tried to negate her mother too, that old lady performed by Sameena Peerzada, whenever she tried to say anything, she got the negative reply…I know there are some over exaggerated scenes and dialogues, and after watching the last episode, that left me disappointed that fifi should not have gone back towards her husband….that was not the finale, meant to be, in spiritual based story….

    The mother of the protagonist always showed her negative attitude towards Islam too, never treated her servants properly, never entertained her poor relatives, let alone her own mother, by showing the same negative atttitude which in return she received from her own daughter at the end….. I am not trying to convey that if you love praying, your problems will be solved, but when you go towards praying, you will feel eternal sooth and peace which has been conveyed here too. She finally reached a decision, whether or not her husband come back to me, it doesn’t matter any more…Like MARD AIK DARWAZAY KEE TARAH HAI, AUR DARWAZAY KAA KAAM HAI, KAY WOH RASTA DAY YA ROUK LAY….so let it be…..

    Hope it doesn’t hurt your sentiments, you are also entitled to have your own opinion, and a right to speak them your heart out, and so as mine….keep it up….Recommend

  • Imran Ahmed Odhano

    First of all, What I felt reading your article that you have a grudge over producer that he portrayed mother like the way u explained. Secondly you said that preaching does not avoid all heartaches. Whatever happens to us, is an Azamaish..

    I disagree with second point and also you are confusing the readers….As you are talking in favour of Namaz and also wanted readers not to rely on Namaz wholly solely….

    Also how do we differentiate btw the GoD’s wrath and Aazamish…..If Namaz is not the way to pass through that Aazamish then how do we do it….Do you suggest any better way to do it…..

    I think that you should re-write this article…..only pointing your grudges over the characters (like nani and FIFI) & producers (for portraying the mothers the way you explained)….CheersRecommend

  • Nouman Ahmed

    @author: Do you think that its ok if a mother is very social but she has not taught Islam to her children? Secondly, Falak has misbehaved with her mother in such a condition when she was totally shocked. In such a situation anyone could speak harshly to someone whom he loves. The message of the play is crystal clear that one should not beg to a human, man should only beg from Allah who is the superpower and if one follows Allah’s commands, Allah will definitely help him in troubles. Hope you will respect my opinion as I’m doing yours. Thanks!Recommend

  • Farwa

    Falak was going through a transitional stage and her behaviour was irrational towards everything and everyone; her friends, family even herself. I’m not the biggest fan of the drama but your point is somewhat exaggerated.Recommend

  • maira saleem

    Ok da article iz well writen nd alott true but the author itself is sumwhr wrong bcuz tz nt awl abt da socialite mum tz an ovr awl preview secndly yes this drama is bad,.da gal 24/7 cryn nd v were awl sick ov it thn her return to be a muslim …it was awl pathetc…she was a grown up she had sucha gud grand mum nd still she was unaware ov even the kalma .
    Thn outa no where she strtd to blame her mum ok fyn but she was a mature gal nd her way ov betrayn nd shoutn on her mum so unethical nd nt so cald Islamic nd she was so gud nd perfect 2odaz excpt her mum…dz iz so disheartnin
    It was nt a perfect piece to watch nd sumwhr da authr is wrong too but more ovr right Recommend

  • Faisal Arshad


    Now what Islam has to do with Shehr-e-Zaat?

    Its not surprising to see that you don’t understand Islam; most liberals find panchwaqta namazi as absurd creatures, and most would find idol making (or worshipping) as norms.

    Its even more surprising to see you don’t understood Shehre-Zaat. The drama builds on a theme in which a girl overcomes the many conflicts such as love, infatuation and self-obsession but finds ultimate peace in being humane.

    Please don’t blame ANY version of Islam if you don’t like a drama, a person, a place etc. Recommend

  • http://StudentatLUMS Ramsha

    She misbehaved because she wasn’t a practicing muslim. She wasn’t aware of the love of Allah that’s why she didn’t behave appropriately to her mother. Recommend

  • Jack

    While writing this review, you should have kept in mind that the drama is based upon a book, by Humarea Arshid, whose all books are almost with the same end. Mere zaat zara be nissan, pire kamil, etc.
    Still I do agree with you article, but i feel sometime showing a open character we fall into stereotypes, what happened to a guy who paints as well is a 5-times “Namazi”, that is depth. not just a character walking in a single arrow, with just one direction.Recommend

  • Haroon Riaz

    A story is a story. Please take it as a story. Not as some crazy moral lesson. Anything can happen in a story as per the discretion of the storyteller. I can say that even without watching the play because art does not have to have an explicitly moral meaning to it. Also, how can the depiction of a character in a story can represent the “beautiful image of Islam” or distort it? Recommend

  • Atif

    Anam Zeb you need to correct this article. Iffi treated her mother like dirt because she has no humanity. She hates her mother for that and nothing else. And you seems to be a hypocrite;
    According to you: “Preaching to the viewer that praying will avoid all the heartache in life is not only wrong, but misleading.”
    How can you say that ?? How do you know that it’s not correct. Did any angel come to you and said that it’s a lie?? Maybe it dont implies on you but for someone this statement can be correct.
    This article is clearly just your personal point of view and nothing else . But the fact is that majority(including logical and sensible people) agrees with the story writers point of view.Recommend

  • I.

    @ author
    “The mother is a socialite and therein lies her cardinal sin. Throughout the drama, we only see her vie for the best for her child. However, because she is a socialite, of course she is evil. ”

    NOOO.falak blames her mother not because shez a socilaite or something but because of her OVERALL wrong approach towards life which includes:
    -not playing any imperative role in her kid’s religious/moral upbringing
    -her non humble attitude towards her servants
    -feelinglessness towards the poor class
    -exceedingly extravagant lifestyle etc
    this is more like pin-pointing and letting other person know stuff which he/she is oblivious to rather than blaming.

    “ignores the misery her mother is going through on her behalf”
    shez olredy in a mess,not out of the shock of how everything in her life has gone topsy-turvy.In this state,how can she pay heed to anyone else?Recommend

  • Rehman

    The message there is much bigger then just propagation of 5 prayers a day.
    I do agree on the blaming the mother bit, but otherwise you didn’t get the drama…

  • Amina faruki

    So Miss Anam!
    while reading your article, I first thought of replying to the first point and the second then the third…oh oh wait you need to educate yourself get out of your shell, open your heart, your mind become less judgmental. neither are you a film critic nor is this criticizing a play its simply throwing your ‘fundamentalist’ closed minded regimented thoughts on the paper! its because of muslims like you and sadly so called educated ones that ‘Islam’ has been showed to the world as intolerant, cold and judgmental ‘holier than thou’ religion to those who know nothing! to me after reading this i felt like you have studied in one of those schools where everything is memorized and repeated not understood.

    Yes I am so glad someone had the courage to make such a play to show the world that Allah loves his creation and accepts and forgives them whenever they truly turn to him and he tests you by taking and giving both. Islam is all about empathy and compassion. Yes namaz is the discipline that teaches you to leave all the rest behind and go to seek Allah. The next step is spirituality where you feel Allah in everything and you see nothing exists without the Divine. To reach that level you need to clean the mirror of your own heart and shed the self. yes she did blame the mother but that was just to point out how important a mother’s role in inculcating the idea of searching Allah’s presence in the smallest to the most important things is IT WAS NOT ABOUT JUST PRAYING AND NOT CHANGING YOUR ATTITUDE! and if you truly find that Allah is all that really is the greatest Namaz does give one that peace.

    I pray that Allah may enlighten your heart too till then do not try writing about this subject atleast.


    If we all watched and understood this Drama, and have some light of the real essence of the religion we would have gained a lot! Recommend

  • Sahar Iftikhar

    I think you have just exagerated the whole thing. It was a drama to bring people close to Islam. Just one point that I really want to point out is that you criticized the nani for telling the grand daughter that divorce is not acceptable. Please note that divorce is not acceptable socially and religiously until and unless it becomes unbearable to live with the man. In today’s world, divorce has become an option that anyone and everyone is willing to exercise. Islam teaches us patience and tolerance and if we exercise both in a marriage that shall help the relationship flourish.Recommend

  • I.

    and if ure calling naani’s ideas ‘medievel’ cos sh is not suporting divorce,then ure mistaken.Islam ofcourse allows divorce but it is discouraged .it is considered ” na-pasandeeda”( which makes perfect sense)

    im NOT advocating that it was a flawless drama widout any loopholes.all i mean to say is thati dun agree wid any of the abv points u mentioned.
    ps. do watch last epi,it was awesome :)Recommend

  • As if Ure ryt!

    NONE of th pts u made above made sense.Recommend

  • Turbo Lover

    Maybe prayers are not the issue, it is the problem of the people.Recommend

  • Abid

    I feel that fifi’s horrible life experience can guide many distracted people. And may be this was the idea. Recommend

  • CB Guy

    goodness me, my head was about to explode two third of thew way. lady, you love materialism, we get it, please leave our poor souls alone. You do not want to offer prayers, your headache, you think socialites are fine, we agree. Stop lecturing us like we are two years old.

    As for the drama, she doesn’t disrespect the mother the way you put it “treat her like dirt.” She simply is shocked at her own arrogance and ignorance, a part of which is certainly inherited. And lastly, see the last episode, though i doubt you’ll agree top it, it does show a good path. Recommend

  • Amina faruki

    Sadly they say you get what YOU are looking for from everything! so if you are looking for ugliness you will just get/see that and throw the same negativity around! no place for negative journalists in Pakistan!Recommend

  • onsia

    The story emphasizes our relation with God, why do we have to measure everything in terms of what goes right and wrong in our lives. The girl’s behaviour is not towards her mother but her mother’s approach towards the whole thing. I think that drama has done a great job in terms of highlighting the most important aspect of the religion which is our relation to God. As far as the mother is concerned it’s her responsibility to help her children understand religion and the nature of relation with God. The kufur nonsense as the author put it is not only about the idols…but the way many women limit their lives by worshiping the intellectual idol of man or husband in their lives, showing it in form of a idol was maybe a simpler way to understand. The divorce story well…we all saw that that nani discouraged divorce but didn’t PROHIBIT it,( she did sign the papers for khula no??) and divorce is one of the provisions of Islam which is allowed (it may be the only way out in some cases) but disliked by Allah and it is suggested to find alternative ways to resolve it. The drama doesn’t say it’s wrong to socialize but to socialize with the rich people only and ignore the rest, you can also socialize with the less fortunate people…no? it’s not against socialization but the way its limited to a specific circle, and where in story does it promotes that praying 5 times a day will solve your problems FiFi was living a perfect life or so she thought to her until she knew better. Her relationship with God and prayers only gave her more courage to deal with the situation and even the anger towards the other woman. In the end it’s up to us how we interpret the story and some I am sorry have a very cynical and narrow understanding when it comes to religion. Recommend

  • Samay_Yz

    This is off-topic, but the writer is SOOOO pretty! Recommend

  • rafazliban

    It’s very unfortunate that tastes of the play did not appeal to you. I am so lucky I thoroughly got to enjoy this drama in all it’s spiritual glory. I feel sad for people who just could not get pass their negative perceptions and really got to know the play better. Perhaps you should view it again without any biases and most importantly, make no judgements. It’s the most beautiful play I have seen and is very close to my heart. Your non-constructive criticism was appalling to read. This is just merely your opinion in a lesser sense and please restrain from writing blogs about just everything that YOU dont like, because there are many out there to whom this play really reached their hearts and hence people, like me, may get offended from reading biased and judgemental opinions of such an emotional drama. Perhaps you need to be more involved in Islam rather just putting it off as ‘oh dont bring religion oh dont bring religion in everything for the devils inside me are going to crack open as soon as you mention Islam/religion’ and sooner or later the drama will start to make more sense to you.

    Btw anyone knows where I can get the background themes of this drama? I just loved the instrumental version of ‘Wohi Khuda Hai’.Recommend

  • Asma

    From ur article, it seems as though it is perfectly alrite to live a life like Fifi (pre-islamization) where women believe that there lies nothing in life other than clothes and bags and parties..! There really is more to life than that…Recommend

  • M.M

    I think your article should be deleted from internetRecommend

  • Monet

    With all due respect, I feel that you have looked at the drama in a very superficial way. You have just brushed its surface when in actuality it is a drama of profound depth. There is a Falak inside so many of us and the battles she wages with herself are battles that so many of us are fighting ourselves. It is about her quest for peace, for sakoon,for contentment and by no means is this ever going to an easy journey. Her problems with her mother which are never really portrayed in any sort of extremity nor are they the central focus of the drama, only make her story more real and more relateable. They humanize her and present her as a human being who like any of us is far from perfect and in doing so make her quest so much more believable.Recommend

  • Yusra

    You know aaj logo ki problem kya hai? Log tab criticize Nahi kartay jab Geo or ARY par talaq k dramo ki bharmar horai hoti hai or society Mai talaq ka ratio bar raha hota hai. But the take their knives out if someone talks for betterment ! No1 is perfect. Sab mistakes bhi kartay hain or sab k apnay point of views bhi hotay hain but Sheh re Zaat is one show which is very much near the true reality of society and conveys perfect teachings..Recommend

  • Afia Qazi

    After reading your article I didn’t know whether to feel sorry for you or frustrated because it seems you totally missed the point of the show.
    First of all Mehrunnisa has not been blamed for being a ‘socialite’ only. If you watch all the episodes you will notice a hundred other little things which showed her detailed characterization.
    Nani might be conservative, traditional minded but at no, she wasn’t patronizing or medieval. All she wanted to do was to acquaint her grand daughter with God- surely you couldn’t have anything against that- considering your shock at the wrong portrayal of Islam?
    Falak is very respectful of her Mom and Nani throughout contrary to your understanding. There are only a couple of scenes where she is shown to realize how empty her life’s been and (as many kids do) she blames her mother for not teaching her about God. I am sure a lot of us have had similar conversations with our elders, if not about Islam, then about some other issue. That doesn’t mean we are not respectful of them otherwise or we don’t love them.
    The show is not trying to say that all people who don’t pray will face the wrath of God. It highlights the fact that if we are chosen for an azmaish, we are on a much stronger wicket if we believe faithfully in God. This belief will help us through many a trial and tribulations. Recommend

  • Dramapakistani

    Dramapakistani had a detailed disccusion on shehr e zaat each episode, you guys can check our blog and share your thoughts as well :) Recommend

  • Zaki

    This is the only drama, first in its type, that has passed the message in black and white that worshiping humans is not what the Creator created man for. The message was so clear that many liberals had the feeling that the fundos are creeping into the mainline media as well. Please take it in a light spirit. I hope to see more such serials in the future where there is an underlying message, rather than he loves her but she marries him and so it goes…Recommend

  • Fatma

    Anam I read it and you have an interesting take:P and i saw the last and second last episodes only. what i took away from those two was simply that if you love Allah Talah and not the world, you find a strange kind of peace and that can do wonders for you in the world :P and no i dont think people can really do that but the idea is nice. Its all perspective anyway. you’re probably just a bit annoyed with the holier than thou but look past that … i suppose the general public wouldnt do that either Recommend

  • Manny

    I believe the author has definitely twisted the entire story around. In no way is the drama protraying Islam to be the magical cure to everything, instead it portrayed everything she said that it doesn’t. It shows how namaz and Allah give us the patience to endure hardships, it shows how as she became closer to God her emotional attactchment to her husband and the tradegy that came upon her became less significant and hence more bearable. As for the mother, it shows her mother and everything she does to be for their worldly benefit…and how materialism puts one in a race for the best in this world. Her nano however portrays an Islamic viewpoint, yes sculptures are haram and yes shirk is haram…and that us what she thought. Throughout the drama they show her providing guidance to her child and grandchild…not even enforcing…and when falak goes through the tradegy does she realize her nani was right all along. Recommend

  • billy bee

    it was drama basically how you can recognize Allah.before the break up she was in only involved in his mian who always hurts her slf respect mostly and still she wanted to stick like a gum. after the break up she realized the man is not the only human being in this world you have to look other things as well. you have to balance life. she was shown duppatta on her head while nimaz she was not wearing it after wards just like the normal 95% of our ladies.then it was really cruel of her mom to leave a dying child …it showed that to protect your own self it doesnt matter to you who so ever dies..i hope you get the point..the writer didnt impose her thought but she has lead us to talk and think once on our own life style.Recommend

  • Sadaf Haider

    Hi Anum, I read your post,it is very well written and I think you have made some valid points. Nanni and her sledge hammer approach to giudence were a thorn in my side too. However after a while I realised this is how a lot of older people are and we will probably be too. They are constantly repeating things that sometimes the message is lost. I have to agree with you that a lot of blame was placed unfairly on Mehrunissa, and there seems to be very little compassion for her through out the story. The last episode in particular struck me as sad. Mehrunissa only found out her daughter Falak was going back to Salman when she saw him come to pick Falak up. I cannot presume to understand the writer’s vision but after watching the entire serial I think what attracted me and many others was its message of anti materialism. Todays society has become a rat race of designer clothes and shoes with little compassion for the poor. From the earlier episodes we can see Falak has been very well educated in every way but not in the way of compassion and consideration of others. She plays with her friend Hamzas feelings ,ignores beggars and is rude to poor relatives.Her wealth, status and education make her feel superior and proud.When all her self assurance is stripped away from her by her husband;s infidieity she learns she is no better than any other beggar. Sadly human nature is such that only when we are broken do we learn to heal. When she understands her own spiritual nature and makes that vital connection to Allah we see her heart soften. Sheher E Zaat is a story ,a drama not a religious manual. It is good that we can learn from stories but they are so open to interpretation that it is best to see them only as starting points for our own self analysis. If this serial has gotten people thinking and analyzing their behaviours and attitudes then it is more than a success.It really is not necessary to entirely agree with something or someone to be inspired . I agree there are things I did not like in this drama such as Falak returning to Salman without any growth or change in him ,but still The overall message was moving and spiritually beautiful.Recommend

  • khalida

    It’s absolutely news to me that shehr-e-zaat was a religious darma …How can we expect a drama to portray Islam? Though I have not religiously followed that drama but have caught occasional glimpses of it which were more than enough to relay what the story is all about… Ma’am we all know that world is not umera ahemd ‘s novel … the drama is a source of entertainment treat it like that … and believe me none is going to be manipulated by it’s so called teachings no matter how much it is appreciated.. Are we so naïve that our practices will get influenced by the doings of some fictional characters…? Recommend

  • Human

    Very true & very well written , If a man loves another woman & breaks off his marriage why on earth is the woman destroying her self & blaming God for it , your educated , you have good parents specially a supporting Mother , move on woman
    Why show the public that your daughter’s marriage is a failure just because she dint pray 5 times a Please show how to fight back & cope with it .
    If your husbands are having an affair get a divorce as soon as you can . Don’t blame God & don’t blame yourself . Same foes for a Man who’s wife is having an affair Recommend

  • NNS

    Dear Anam, before the execution of this novel the director said that i hope people understand the message, sorry to say you didn’t understand that msg… actually he wanted to show that only find ALLAH and follow good deeds rather than just HUMAN, infact i like the way she realized her mistakes and started following right path..Recommend

  • ali

    Lame Blog! The writer has a new version of Islam. Everybody comes up with very own idea of Religion. I dont like the drama either, but since the writer of this blog doesnt know what point she wants to make. So lets ignore the writer of this blog as well as writer of the drama.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Well, the consensus seems to be vote for Naani, so clearly the writer has got it wrong. But I am interested in another aspect – which is that God puts hurdles in your path to test you. Why? And when you fail/ fall, does he stop putting any more hurdles, or is it just this whole line of them that are in place? Which parent would leave their toddler (I assume that the strength and intellectual difference can only be greater between Creator and creation) at the top of the stairs, saying, hmm, let’s see what happens – and once the inevitable happens, take the kid back to the top of the stairs. Scary concept.Recommend

  • Ali

    applauds for the writer for showing mirror to the society.
    i watched a couple of beginning episodes, but i just found the whole idea very funny and ridiculous. it is so stupid to base a whole drama on this impossible coincidence of finding a guy looking exactly like a sculpture…. and then “worshipping” the “idol” religiously, with no self respect and dignityRecommend

  • sarwarn

    Well exaggerated article.

    Drama is about ‘zaat ‘. Falak is depicted as a lady so absorbed in loving a person, making him universe. That’s what Pakistani women do as well. Their life is about making God out of their Hubbies and just not more.
    It’s a beautiful story to look what life is for. Recommend

  • Azhar Malik

    Dear Anum

    I suggest u read about sufi-ism
    After a long time, I have seen a serious and very good drama on TV, infact it attracted me to watch it otherwise now a days other then glamor one can hardly find a good topic on TV playsRecommend

  • Asif

    Shehr e zaat although has not more about Islam but it creates a perception all about Islam, i think drama has been produced according to our societal evils, not purpose to promote a religion.

    So, the producers and directors who have lesser knowledge of Islam should take a advice on such kind of dramas which involve more religion to avoid any misconception about Islam, and to not misguide and no secularism concepts in peoples mind.Recommend

  • anwar suhail

    Rest assured, you are not alone in feeling annoyed with the hype. I found the theme extremely annoying and misleading. I’m dismayed at how seemingly educated people are raving and ranting about it. God help us.Recommend

  • Baji Please

    Whoah… why so much drama about a drama?Recommend

  • Irum

    The comments are way well written then the article itself. Thankyou :pRecommend

  • Why?

    Disappointing and extremely exagerated blog…seems like the writer just saw the drama to pick the negative points( which sh thinks are negative) with the eyes of a critic..while doing that you missed the point of the entire drama!!! LITERALY!
    I wonder what issue you guys have with dramas based on self-reforming?
    Why not to write against typical n pointless saas-Bahu-shohar-Nand dramas?
    – a disappointed reader.Recommend

  • sarwarn

    @Sadaf Haider:
    sledge hammer approach ???? really?Recommend

  • anwar suhail

    @Sadaf Haider:
    It wasn’t just Daadi, Falak’s character and monologs were equally annoying. People feel strongly about this serial. They like or intensely dislike it. But theme isn’t new and acting was just average. In few weeks we’ll forget all about it …..just like a bad dream.Recommend

  • Laila

    is it just me or does anyone else find the drama seriously annoying?i sometimes do get the feeling that its just me
    Right.its just you!
    Ps. This article is more annoying than the drama itself!Recommend

  • random1

    you didnt get the message , did you? :p . uf it saddens me when people live through life so superficialy. the message that drama gave was more than just offering 5 times prayers. And ‘nani dearest’ didnt propagate that life will be all problem-free after you pray 5 times, instead she of the same view as you said later in your article “Prayer is a way to calm the effect of these the troubles life throws at you. It gives you the patience to overcome hurdles.” — That life will be bearable and peaceful once you seek refuge in Allah, that this world with all its temptations and miseries wouldnt matter much when you are in love with the Divine.

    p.s: read sufi-ism a little.Recommend

  • Human

    Well said Laila , this Drama just does not make any sense .
    I rather watch TV series like Fringe , NCIS etc
    No Dramas Recommend

  • Laila

    Read my comment again.i quoted the first two lines from the article.
    You got me wrong :)Recommend

  • ayesha

    bad article. Recommend

  • ayesha

    firstly its not a show for children, if you want to teach them how to behave do at home not through TV. they’ll watch all sorts of things. secondly this is an undue scrutiny. look at the overall message, its beautiful. Recommend

  • Amina faruki

    @ Black Jack

    Allah never puts more burden on you more than you can take.. so when we are training for a marathon or a game physical or mental do we not train for it, by putting up the hurdles or tasks to become better and better? so how do we believe we dont need to polish ourselves and train to get better and better. so we dont put a baby at the top of the stairs and neither does Allah! we always have the will power to get up and start again and each time we come out stronger or that is the purpose also do we remember Allah through the struggle? do we thank HIM in bad times as we do in good or even forget HIM in good times? these are such basic and beautiful.

    in sufism they say’ Hosh dur dum nazar bur qadam’ to be conscious of each breath and to be conscious of each step. Recommend

  • Dur e Sabeeh

    Ummm insecure much? Shehr e Zaat was the perfect embodiment of how Islam teaches us to live in society and everyone I’ve talked to so far ( that is, who have a teeny weeny sense of right and wrong) adores that drama BECAUSE it is so original.
    I’m sorry but i guess you are an insecure peep, feeding on the society’s so called morals and values, and forgetting the true essence of Islam yourself. Recommend

  • anwar suhail

    We got the message, YES we did. Just that we didn’t like the way it was communicated.
    Reading about Mysticism will make the serial more pathetic. Now grow up. Recommend

  • What?

    Wait. SO not only are we reading this, but we’re also discussing it? Misappropriation of religion and spirituality in Pakistani soap operas because they are just so scrupulously true to real life? Recommend

  • BlackJack

    @Amina faruki:
    Your examples are in no way connected with my comment. First, he never gives you more burden than you can take – how do you know? I assume you would apply the same healthy attitude to the drone strikes – after all, they are also signs of this mysterious endurance building program, are they not? Why blame America – they are only fulfilling His will, after all. Of course, if you count these actions as against the will of God, then apparently there are some burdens that don’t come from Him after all. Second, the analogy itself is faulty – you prepare yourself for a marathon, you don’t make random people who didn’t sign up for a marathon run till they drop with exhaustion, and say that the training program is not more than they can take. Recommend

  • neha

    Miss author !
    You should watch the serial again.Its about a girl who is so involved in her life that she has never pondered on true realities.She developed this attitude from her mom.God , may be has not punished her but wanted her to be on the right path.Her hardships are the driving force for her to see realities of life.She at times, has spoken harshly to her mom because she knew that what life have i adopted was immitated from you.In the end , her mom was at her disposal and admits her short-comings.This drama is not about religion , its about believing in God. Recommend

  • Sadaf Haider

    @Sarwarn I hesitate to answer on someone else’s blog ,so I apologise to Anam Zeb in advance. Yes Sledgehammer, Like a lot of senior citizens she kept saying the same thing over and over again and yet it seemed to not get through to either her daughter or grand daughter till Allah changed their hearts .Nanni was brilliantly by Samina Peerzada and yes I think she was meant to be that nagging voice of conscience that we humans hear but ignore.
    @ Anwer Suhail we shall agree to disagree,I found Falak’s monologues appropriate and enlightening.
    Some of these comments are very angry sounding and are taking a more than personal edge.
    @Anam Zeb I am so glad you wrote this piece, I may not agree with everything you say but you have a perfect right to say it and your opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s. I think we all need to remember that Islam has rules for civil discourse.Ridiculing another’s point of view does not make yours better. Recommend

  • zee

    Totally lame and senseless blog. Shows how materialistic you are! People like you will never be able to understand the true message behind this drama. Either you havn’t watched the entire drama and your blog is based on a couple of episodes or either you are too shallow to understand the main concept!Recommend

  • HKS

    “Preaching to the viewer that praying will avoid all the heartache in life is not only wrong, but misleading. Yes, prayer is important, but to say that by doing so, life will be all peaches, is wrong to say in the least. Hurdles in life are a test by Allah (SWT) and this is the idea that should be promoted. Prayer is a way to calm the effect of these the troubles life throws at you. It gives you the patience to overcome hurdles.”
    You just contradicted yourself with this passage. The message was not that life will be easier if you start praying or become more “religious” but that if you truly and sincerely find God, that you will achieve a sense of contentment. If you saw the last scene of the last episode, you’d understand that even though she goes back to Salman, she had reached an elevated state. A state where she was beyond her own feelings and sentiments and decided to live life in the way it made the most sense. Recommend

  • http://- Abid P Khan

    What’s in a name? You can name anyone by anything. Yet names do conjure up images you can not avoid. Specially in the prevalent globalised(?) culture some times you have to think it over before Christening someone, even a fictitious character.
    Some countries have rules governing even what names are acceptable. You simply can’t name your sweet child as 13X – CY,
    of whichever gender. Will you get arrested for that I do not know? I imagine Fifi being a white poodle with a pink ribbon around the neck. With her owner too having a matching ribbon around her neck and walks on golden stilettos so high that she could easily get a job in the town’s circus.
    Sorry honey, Falak, that is just a role. You are supposed to look not only like a heart-throb but may benefit from registering in a drama school for a few years. Recommend

  • Pannun.

    I completely disagree with the writer. One of Nani’s dialogues from the 2nd episode (Esa nai hai k Muhabbat buri cheez hai, muhabbat nai karni chahiyay. Haan magarr Allah say barrh k mohabbat kisi say nai ki jani chahiyay), explains the whole concept of this drama. Need to get the drama’s right essence!Recommend

  • Z

    Well I do not agree with you on how drama has portrayed that praying five times a day will eradicate all your problems. The way you take it may vary from person to person, but what I inferred through the story is that, yes Allah test you through hard times and that is the test of your true faith. When you are going through a tough time, you do analyze/ think that why things are happening this way. Sometimes you do blame your actions/ decisions for a certain outcome or situation or at times you say its just my fate.

    If i talk about myself, then I would say if I am going through a tough time, I do seek Allah’ s blessing and consider it as my Azmaish and I do get regular in my prayers too. I believe, offering my prayers with not eliminate my problems but it will give me peace in hard times and thus my duas from Allah for help will make my sufferings less/ finish. It’s all about BELIEF, i would say.

    Falak in her role showed the same, that it’s her Azmaish from Allah and her suffering did make her close to Allah and thus helped her in finding utmost peace. She did analyze her past and blamed herself for making such decision and also how Allah does not like arrogance. And to talk about divorce, I would quote as narrated by Muharib: The Prophet (peacebeuponhim) said: Allah did not make anything lawful more abominable to Him than divorce.
    Narrated AbuHurayrah: The Prophet (peace
    beuponhim) said: Anyone who incites a woman against her husband or a slave against his master is not one of us.

    So if her nani advised her on going back to him and giving him a chance does not sound unreasonable to me.Recommend

  • http://gujrat Zalim singh


  • K

    hahaha… @author: You’re probably just another insecure mother (I’m sorry, but there just seems to be too many of those in our society nowadays), you’re probably raising a daughter pretty much the same way Mehrunnia raised Fifi, and you’re put off by the possibility of your daughter throwing a similar reaction your way one day : p Don’t worry, you’re not alone in it… All moms have fears, esp given the openness of our nascent media.
    As for the drama, I agree completely that the naani was by far the most annoying character therein..not so much because of her religiousness, but more so because of her ‘idealism’…her ‘sit and wait for life to take its own course’ type attitude. She made it seem as though no amount of effort on man’s part can help him achieve anything unless God has ordained it. Yes, God’s will is necessary, but to re-quote the tradition mentioned by the author, “Allah helps those who help themselves”, so if you really want something, whether it be in this world or the hereafter, life’s a constant struggle…and that struggle is not just limited to praying and fasting…it involves certain worldly efforts too. Falak was not exactly very ‘Islamic’, but then again, she wasn’t exactly a sinner either…really not evil enough to deserve to see her own life crumbling at such a young age.
    Secondly, @naani: Was Islam revealed for women alone? Has Allah and The Holy Prophet (SAW) said nothing regarding men who cheat on their wives? What about a man who literally ‘kicks’ his wife out of his house and his life for no fault of her own…simply because he has found another woman??? Yes, Islam gives man the right to re-marry (upto fours times), but to the best of my knowledge, this right is conditional to whether he can do justice to all…if not, then he is advised to stick to one woman…please correct me if I’m wrong in any of the above.
    I would also like to request the author to write a sequel to this article after viewing the last episode of the drama… In my opinion, the ending was the most disappointing and rather disturbing…the kind that makes you lose faith in your position as an empowered woman in the society, more so as an empowered woman in Islam.Recommend

  • http://gujrat Zalim singh

    who has the correct knowledge?Recommend

  • Hasan Umar

    It is Umera Ahmed…Duhhh!!!

    Won’t comment on this blog as we do get across many trash pieces like these in our lives and it is not necessary to debate with each and every one..Recommend

  • Abeer Khan

    I don’t think you really watched the drama properly. You seem to have focused on one aspect and lost sight of the woods (aka the big picture). The real message the drama stands clear in the last few dialogues of the drama. Yes, sometimes things don’t make sense, but placing one’s complete faith in Allah and expecting reward and punishment only from Him helps one become truly content in life. There were a lot of other lessons to learn from it, if one has a ‘look beyond what you see’ outlook rather than a narrow-minded approach. Recommend

  • howdoyouknow

    @Amina faruki: “Allah never puts more burden on you more than you can take”

    Why then do some people become lacoholics or drug addicts becuase they cannot deal with what they have been dealt? Why do some people commit suicide? How come Allah gave them more burden to bear than they could endure?Recommend

  • http://India Feroz

    Without bringing Allah into the picture, whether in Politics, Business, Drama, Arts, Ideology or Terrorism, imagination of people cannot be captured. This is essential for monetizing of any opportunity that presents itself. Is it so hard for people to accept this fact ? Recommend

  • Kamran

    Stupid article!
    Well if she blames her mom fr tht it is not wrong! Not wrong at all it is our parents duty to set us right from start! Evn they are said to beat us if we sont pray! So if they havnt done their part they should know!

    Thts hiw my parents brought me up and am Alhamdulilah proud of them! N thnks them fr helping me get religious knowledge!

    Such a waste of time writing such a hypocratic article! This article is misleading ppl not the drama!Recommend

  • Tabinda

    the author first needs to read about and understand Islam before criticizing something. She is depicting only that representation of Islam which our modern day so-called enlightened generation knows. It has nothing to do with real Islam. Namaz dilon ko sukoon deti hai, aur buraiyon se duur rakhti hai, its a fact, dats why Namaz has been given so much importance in our religion that after death the first question to be asked would be about namaz. Plz stop becoming an alambardar of preaching Islam.Recommend

  • Ozymandias

    What language are you using here?Recommend

  • faiqua

    Dear writer, in this Drama fifi’s mother was not on the right path, fifi realized her that she was going on a wrong path. moreover this Drama gives a lesson to parents that they should give Islamic education to their children.Recommend

  • Javeria

    It seems like author tried hard to prove her point but unfortunately she couldn’t. Shehr e Zaat isn’t about Islam, it’s about spirtuality. Falak didn’t hate her mom but her approach. That’s why she wasn’t being much respectful about her attitude as she treated her servants and poor relatives unkindly. Sorry but it’s a very negative approach.Recommend

  • :o

    @ writer
    Go and watch the drama are mistaken!Recommend

  • abc

    Come on ppl …it was all about the journey of an elite class girl who moved from ishq e mijazi to ishq e haqiqi ..wats wrong in this drama i don’t get it ….We all are like falak a bit we can relate to her .The rudeness she showed towards her mom …Don’t we do it sometimes with our parents sab apnay girebaan may jhanako sab hi disobedience krtay hien ,In drama where falak was shown bit rude to her mother she was in phase of confusion .so don’t create a fuss. it was good drama in my opinion .Recommend

  • abc

    well said @Haseeb Talal Khan: Recommend

  • Quadsia Niaz

    Im sorry Anam but your wrong. I think that this drama was awesome and gave a great message. Clearly the message here was that we are nothing without Allah (SWT). Also, yes the Quran does say that you should respect them the most,and heaven lies underneath your mother’s feet. The Quran says that you should not even say no to a mother EXCEPT when they do something against islam. Clearly this is all the mother’s fault. It is a mother’s job to give a child the right knowledge of islam so ,therefore Falak has every right to blame her mother.I mean did u see the clothes that the mother wore seriously the Saris that that woman wore so inapropriate!!. As far as the Nani is concerned, she was right when she said that divorce is the most dicouraged thing by Allah (SWT). Yes! I do agree that Allah (SWT) only gives us aazmish,but if you remember that Falak’s aazmish only went away after she started to pray. Falak use to say that she did not need anyone else’s but salman’s by putting her through this aazmish that she went through made her realize how much she needed him. The bottom line is that we need Allah (SWT) He does not need us!!!Recommend

  • Cidra Afxl

    Dear writer of this blog,

    Although you intended to make a point, but in reality your point has no weight. (keeping you limited focus let me talk coming to your intellectual level) you only saw the behavior of falak as misleading and you didn’t even notice her mothers behavior with Nani, was that recommended by Islam? she was making fun of all Nani’s suggestions, and for your kind information Falak “misbehaved’ (as you tried to portray) ONCE to make her mother realize that she missed very important portion of life in her up bringing. And as you said, AZMAISH, remeber ALLAH MALL OR AULAD SE INSAN KO AZMATA HAI.. and the drama showed AZMAISH for the parents as well.. Other than that it is also recommended by Islam, that no one can be Momin unless Allah and his Prophet are not dearer to him than any other thing in the world.

    this drama is not about Islam exclusively, Umera Ahmed tried to narrate a story of self awareness. Its about the identification and realization of man’s relation with Almighty. Doesn’t matter he belongs to which religion. very few people understand the true spirit of this relationship and not everyone is able to develop this relationship. i would suggest you to think before you start writing criticism “TANQEED BARAI TANQEED”, keeping you narrow focus to the surface level of something. when you don’t even KNOW what the writer tried to say you don’t have any right to talk about it.

    there are so many valid criticisms on this foolish Blog, but i guess this blog is written for the purpose of attention seeking. So team SHEHR-E-ZAAT, IGNORE this, and celebrate the success of this drama. Hats off.. :)Recommend

  • sdf

    ops,,,,,,,,,again a wrong approach ,,,,,,,,d lesson n moral of this great drama was dt we ppl start praising the thngs made by us and unconsciously whether we want it or not ,,admit or not we worship those things and dt is kufr also ,,,,,,,,,bt in reality when we lost those dearest thing in life then we came to know that there is one place where we get shelter then Allah’s shelter n that is the most strong n the best out of the best place that never get u disappoint,never ever reject u . the real spirit behiund this drama is that we should not give importance to the things or ppl in such an extent that we consider them as God ,,,,,though we dont admit this bt we do all things that make them happy instead of making Allah happy.AT last when we realize then there is no importance for the wordly things though they themselves come to u like its not matter of mother or any person its abt Allah ,,,,,no one shld come b4 HIM not even our my sis watch it again n feel the real msg n think positively as it is nt abt mother or nani its jus abt Allah’s love when u strive for that all the wordly things come to u automatically though u dnt need them. Recommend

  • Noor

    I cant understand why every 1 is following this drama madly , and the cast of this darma” who people thinks are great human beings” are still the same .
    My Neibour told me ”I followed the drama q k mery dil me khouf paida ho gaya k agar me namza nahi parhoun gi tu mery bachy ko kaisy pata chaly ga k hum muslman hain , or meri ammi ki nasal ki aurtein bari be parwa thein….”’
    Oh poor soul i cant undersatnd her , why you follow Islam for some1 why not for your own self , I asked her did you started reading and knowing about islam after this drama ? she was speechless, and started another story of her cousin and her mother who never told her to say namaz and other things.
    I said my mother always told us even got angry on not praying or fasting and all other good things.
    I will never blame mothers, but as adults when Girls and boys choose the life style what they like to eat, what they want to wear they can choose a better life style according to Islamic thoughts. Namaz , roza and all other obligations are between ALLAH and that person, no 1 can forcily teach other or tell other to do it , when we muslims are not obeying our Allmighty ALLAH’s orders.
    But there are so many other things which we just ignore and didn’t try to become good humnas first then good muslims. Namaz is farz I cann’t deny it and I will never ever do so , but the thing is gheebat, chughli, jhoot, munafiqat , and cheating all these things are part of life and we still says namaz and say our selves good muslims.Recommend

  • A

    I for one, actually liked this drama more than many others including “Humsafar” in terms of its story line and the context it was based on. You are right, the way she talked to her mother is not at all justified, but I think you have taken the story in an entirely different perspective, one that was not intended. Try sitting with someone who understood the drama in its true essence and listen to them so that you have both the sides of the argument in your mind and then make a decision.Recommend

  • Hanna Anwer

    I was wondering, if the drama seemed so annoying to you how come you watched all the episodes? I don’t think you have watched all the episodes of the drama but have heard the story from from someone. I would recommend you to watch ALL the episodes of “shehr-e-zaat” WITHOUT being biased or thinking its “annoying” I’m sure you will like it :)


  • Sehrish

    just one line—> ur post is highly immature n insensible….Recommend

  • Humair

    Sorry Buddy but i dont agree u, If u r talking about mother than yes if u know better than ur mother u have rite to tell her what is wrong and rite and yeah if u start praying five times a day ur problems start getting solved which u r facing at that time without praying and than if u continue ur prayers than whatever problem u will face will be exam from Allah. Islam is not the religion of SCIENCE infact its the religion of SIGNS please never argue such things if you dont have enough knowledge and always concerned with some Ulma before posting such things .Recommend

  • Patientgal

    I don’t know why Anam is shocked by Sheher e Zaat displaying a skewed version of Islam, doesn’t most media coverage propagate shirk, look at how much coverage is given to the Urs celebrations, also a lot of dramas implying how prayers are answered, if one goes to a particular babas mazar or goes to some Fakir, etc.
    Further the whole of Pakistan just hypes on Panj wakta namazi, how come there is no emphasis placed on all the other values that are important in Islam, like not lying, not cheating not taking or giving bribe and not hurting others, let alone your parents, etc.
    Worst are our Mullas who are just after creating a “derh inch ki masjid” for themselves.Recommend

  • Afsheen

    @ Anam Zeb; I couldn’t agree with you more sister. This was a totally stupid play. The writer & Director were both confused as to what message they wanted to convey. I don’t understand whether the heroine is becoming religious or spiritual……total cofusion.

    I think it was liked by the people only because there was no other play worth watching last season. This season is a tough competition, with so many good plays airing that it’ll be hard to choose.

    Anyways there is trouble in paradise…..the Director Sarmad Khoosat has officially announced that he is disowning SEZ. Whether he is unhappy with the Producers MD production or the writer Umeera Ahmed remains to be seen.Recommend

  • Ash

    And i just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading this stupid article! Being a socialite is not a gunah? Wakeup girl! Getting all dressed up in expensive designer clothes and then tempting all the men is not a gunnah! What are u talking about? And yes talaq ia napasandeeda! Plz open the quran ppl! Pleaseeee! Wasted another 5 minutes trying to convince ppl who can never be convinced! Recommend

  • Hina

    First off people this just an irrelevant blog by an irritated viewer who does not get spirituality and the concept of self growth and inner contentment that one gets from it. It’s a personal opinion and should be stated as such, not a verdict on a drama that was loved by the majority. The way I saw it, it was less about religious preaching and rituals and more about a personal journey of self discovery where religion plays an integral role in her understanding about life and its meaning. It helps her get over her personal crisis and helps her heal, materialism and self obsession made her miserable and when she rejects them and embraces humanity, she finds peace. That’s the crux, not to reject the world around u and live in self obsessed materialism and neither live like a fundo hermit but embrace humanity and live in this world at peace with yourself and others. That’s what our religion is all about too, a way of life not just rituals to follow.Recommend

  • Yasra

    Okay so this is a very immature take on the whole idea behind the making of this serial. The point is not that prayer will avoid the heartache, rather, the heartache would be bearable when you realize that it’s not the world you need to run after but an absolute creation who will take care of you in the end and also that this world is not an end in itself. The whole point was that there’s more to world than running after materialistic things and just praying isn’t gonna solve. You need to have complete faith in God and all of us should strive for it. Also, in islam parents are supposed to preach their kids till they reach adulthood and se had every right to complain to her but she wasnt treating her like dirt, mind you. And I personally feel that you blew the whole mother thing out of propotion just so you could lash out against the serial.Recommend

  • crazy martian

    Here is my issue with the whole show. It sucks. Plain and simple. The article above highlights the issue even I saw as well.

    The thing with the whole show was how she lost in a world of her own. Granted yes she was but to say it was all her MOM’s fault is just hopeless. Where was the father in all of this? Wasn’t he around as well? Why not blame the father as well? Nopes, none what so ever. Blame the mom for ALL the ill’s the world had affected her which in some parts was her own decision, not her mom’s or nani’s. Now the nani jee raised a very bad daughter herself. How on earth was she the pious one when her own daughter raised a bad daugther. This is baffling. It doesn’t make sense. She is willing to blame her own daughter whom she couldn’t control herself? All the mystic stuff preached in the show had nothing to do what happened to her in her marriage. The dude was totally straight forward with her on all aspects. Never even bothered to hid the affair. I laugh at how stupid this nation is to find this drama something to rave about. I mean it is one of the worst pieces of crap I’ve seen in a while. Mahira khan is a raving mad dog in it acting like she knows how to act. She doesn’t. The only saving grace were the male leads who did their part well. The rest was run of the mill. 4 out of 10 is my rating of this show. The article itself highlights the issues but it is a STUPID issue. Recommend

  • Ms. Ras

    So much has been said on this blog. I really dont need to wite about the drama itself.

    I just want to tell that I found this drama superbly affectionate. I found it too good to the extent that I could put my own life in perspecive in terms of the things that had gone wrong in the past. I think this drama had the power to change people`s ideologies and thinking on a positve note. Recommend

  • Human


    Opzzz ok.

    Its still a waste of time Recommend