My name is Khan, and I’m not a terrorist

Published: October 30, 2012

After all, something needs to come up on Google when in the possible near future the average American asks, who is the man that's shooting down our drones? PHOTO: REUTERS

Dr Shahid Masood, I read your tweet and I couldn’t resist, hence the title.

Right. Has anyone ever had the pleasure of being stared at in an airport by nervous bystanders after 9/11? Not a desirable experience by any measure. Ever had the privilege of being frisked at security check for twice as long as the person before you?


Anyone ever been the not so random one picked at random for a passport check?


Anyone been taken off a plane? No? You obviously don’t have enough opinions to qualify.

But guess who does?

The who, what, where, why and when’s will become more apparent in these few days, but a few days ago it was confirmed by the man himself, Imran Khan, that he was taken off a plane at Pearson Airport, Toronto, boarded for New York where he was due to attend a PTI fundraising dinner.

Khan was quick to tweet after rumours had started flying about, and alleged that he was interrogated about his view on drones. Khan added that his “stance is known. Drone attacks must stop”. It appears nothing became of the ‘interrogation’ and Imran Khan went to New York, having missed the PTI fundraising lunch planned there for him.

Many PTI supporters are demanding an apology from the US government.

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has not yet issued its official stance on this but it will be interesting to see whether or not they demand a formal apology from the US for this incident. It seems that more so than Imran Khan however, this incident has diverted attention towards the US Nusrat Javeed, usually an outspoken and often snide critic of Imran Khan first tweeted of the predictability of this incident saying;

‘People like me fully know the limits of freedom when it comes to THEIR SECURITY. Let’s get real, wake up and smell the coffee.’

Okay. Pretty bland for Nusrat Javeed but interesting point raised.

Let’s talk.

Fact; the US has no intentions of stopping drone attacks in Pakistan with both presidential candidates publicly in favour of drones. It seems that reports from Stanford and various credible institutions that highlight civilian deaths and inefficacy of drones don’t come into the equation.

Fact; Imran Khan is the biggest and most outspoken critic of drone attacks in Pakistan. More recently the chairman of PTI, whose plan for peace through dialogue and protest has been referred to by the critically acclaimed Pakistan journalist Syed Talat Hussain as a “green peace approach”, has more than alluded to shooting down the drones if the US and beyond were to respond in a rigidly unfavourable way to peace talks, if his party, PTI were in power.

PTI firmly stands by their stance that military action is a tried, tested and failed method of targeting militants and along with a breach of sovereignty in Pakistan is responsible for the increasing levels of polarisation and extremism in the country, hence fuelling a vicious circle. Their well-publicised peace march to Waziristan last month became the buzz topic in Pakistan, attracting much attention from around the world.

Loved it or hated it, it was pretty damn hard to miss.

So why after all this, and a day after Khan’s candid interview in Canada and after having boarded the plane, did the US immigration suddenly remember that they wanted to quiz him about drones?

The common American in general is perhaps not the most well informed about the happenings outside their own starred and striped world, but boarding the leader of a political party off a plane by nationals of a country that likes to consider itself as one of the ultimate pioneers of free speech, doesn’t quite make the cut.

Articles like the irresponsibly written ‘Will Hilary Clinton ban Imran Khan’ by Tarek Fatah first published in the Toronto Sun on October 16, definitely didn’t help, and either fuelled or were made to fuel this situation. Fatah concluded by asking, will Hilary Clinton do the honourable thing and bar Imran Khan from entering the US and sullying American soil?

One thing is for sure, the US immigration officials and/or government officials will always have enough buzz words to justify themselves to their own people. I doubt they will see the need to go to any extra effort to justify themselves to anyone else, especially PTI or Pakistan in general.

Taken off a plane, the day after he re-asserts that he will not be a stooge of the US, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess why things happened the way they did.

If anything, some may be grateful of Khan’s timely visit to the US, taking it as an opportunity and context for them to start introducing him to their nation. After all, something needs to come up on Google when in the possible near future the average American asks, who is the man that’s shooting down our drones?

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Sabreena Razaq Hussain

A doctor, political activist and aspiring writer based in the UK.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Noman Ansari

    I feel saddened how Imran Khan’s words have been twisted for people with their own motives into nicknaming him ‘Taliban’ Khan. If he is trying to give an inside look on how someone else is thinking, it doesn’t mean he agrees with them, or relates to them.

    For example, when a therapist talks about a patient, it doesn’t mean the therapist is sick. Imran is trying to explain the motivations behind the Taliban’s thinking. To them it is a jihad. It doesn’t mean Imran believes it is actually a Jihad. Recommend

  • Liberal Democrat

    our Liberals will criticise him no matter what .. even if he turn upside down .. the way they twisting facts and catching each and every word khan speaks is ridiculous… Recommend

  • farrukh malhi

    By holding Imran Khan at the airport for an hour or so clearly dtaepicts the mentality of the Americans who can not tolerate a person who speaks the heart n mind of his countrymen.we salute your courage.Recommend

  • khaliq

    MashAllah PTI zindabadRecommend

  • Mehr

    Another myth spawned by PTI and its supporters: “military action has never succeeded against rebellions”. What utter and complete cr**. Care to look at the experience Sri Lanka had with its LTTE (also a suicide bombing rebel lot that fought the nationally elected government): “After the breakdown of the peace process in 2006, the Sri Lankan military launched a major offensive against the Tigers, defeating the LTTE militarily and bringing the entire country under its control. Victory over the Tigers was declared by Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on 16 May 2009,[20] and the LTTE admitted defeat on 17 May 2009.[21] Prabhakaran was killed by government forces on 19 May 2009.” A major military offensive left them leaderless after which the rebels declared defeat. And who helped them defeat the LTTE? The Pakistan army at that. Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    Oh, such a martyr!

    “Sir, we need to ask you a few questions about the nasty things you’ve been saying about our counter-terrorism efforts while maintaining a suspicious silence regarding the terrorist organizations. As soon as we’re done, you’re free to proceed on our country to insult our government while raising $600,000 from our people.”

    Somebody should make a movie about this unspeakable tragedy.Recommend

  • Nitish

    No,actually you rRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    If somebody with a history of insulting my family comes over to my home, I’ll probably hold him at the door and question him on why he wants to come in. That too would be pretty diplomatic, otherwise I could simply refuse to host him and slam the door on his face.

    Visiting a foreign country is a privilege, not a right.

    Imran Khan has been vociferously condemning American policies, yet the Americans opened their doors to him and allowed him to hold fundraisers in their homeland (potentially to fund his anti-drone campaign). Does that count for anything?Recommend

  • Habib Ur Rehman

    Nicely written, shame on US authorities, thats the best they can doRecommend

  • Ali Salman

    American public has been kept in the dark deliberately since their Vietnams failed adventure. In 60s American public revolted against atrocities committed by US solders and demanded withdrawal much against the Administrations plans.This bitter lesson compelled them to blackout all news by preventing front line coverage by Media ever since.Now only official version is fed and public opinion manipulated to suit official stand on foreign misadventures.If only American public is made aware of half of the atrocities committed by their solders in Afghanistan and thousands of innocent men women and children killed in northern Pakistan by their latest favorite weapon of destruction drone, then American public would stand up in revolt. Imran Khan has taken up this task against all odds and hardships. Denied boarding was but a small hiccup in the process. Recommend

  • Awan

    Pti zindabadRecommend

  • Fatima Omar

    @Faraz Talat:
    Even the Americans such as Clinton criticize Pakistan’s policies regularly but are accorded a warm welcome here and are treated as royal guestsRecommend

  • curious

    Mr Imran Khan has more than alluded to shooting down the drones if the US and beyond were to respond in a rigidly unfavourable way to peace talks, if his party, PTI were in power.

    It is apparent that Mr Khan is not opposed to military solution to all problems, in fact he is jiyala enough to take on the US.

    That raises some interesting questions,

    A. Drones are reputed to have killed about 3000 people so far, the Taliban 40,000. So why attack the Drones and not the Taliban?

    B. If Taliban are not to be attacked for fear of retaliation, who has given the guarantee that the US would not retaliate?

    C. If not opposing Drone attacks makes one a US stooge, does a person not opposing the Taliban become a Taliban stooge?Recommend

  • israr

    @Mehr: If US could not defeat Taliban how can you expect Pak Army to do that, I have never seen any Tabliban surrendering to somebody but I know that 90,000 soldiers of Pakistan have surrendered to India, So the best option is to negotiate with them which will help to save our dirty faces at least… IK is actually trying to provide safe exit to all the players in this war.. Recommend

  • Sameer

    @Noman Ansari : Problem is that he never outright condemns the Taliban. He gives his full throttled speeches on his anti-USA views, but when it comes to the Taliban he is almost apologetic on their behalf.

    Bigger problem for the world is that a majority of Pakistanis think in the same way.

    People around the world know that war or other military action brings in civilian casualties. You go after the terrorists but then end up harming the civilians in the process. Then the civilians turn against you. The end state is that the ones you went to protect in the first place start hating you.

    That is where countries have to make a choice. USA thinks it and the other western countries will be safer with the Taliban gone. To them the collateral damage is worth the price.
    The Taliban knowingly hide amongst the innocent civilians and wage war, fully knowing that the civilian casualties will turn public opinion in their favor.

    And that is what has happened. You and IK are sympathetic to the Taliban … and have turned negative on the USA.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    Chase the Americans out of Afghanistan & there will be no drones, Terrorists activities in Pakistan will stop. They have Double Standards. Recommend

  • Faraz Talat


    Firstly, we’re not the ones to talk with a history of beating up foreign diplomats at the airport.

    And secondly, Clinton comes on official state business. She doesn’t come here for fundraisers, or to give long speeches on how awful Pakistan is (at least, not that I’m aware of). Recommend

  • Midhat

    @Faraz Talat:
    The question of illegality of drones is a big question here in US too. Many Liberals in US are strictly opposed to the use of predator drones on the basis of the innocent human casualties they cause. Please do hear he third party presidential debate where American Presidential candidates from Libertarian Party and others strictly oppose it on humanitarian grounds. Its a shame that our Pakistani Liberals( read, so called) cant see why Imran Khan and others oppose it. Recommend

  • M Omar

    That’s not the case. IK has condemned Taliban on more than one occasion. He has acknowldged them as a problem but thinks that there is a better solution to deal with this menace. It might be OK for the USA to treat our innocent countrymen as collateral damage but how can we as Pakistanis accept it? He condemns USA more than he condemns Taliban because Taliban are the obvious terrorists and everyone knows it. However, not everyone realizes that USA is a bigger terrorist and hence IK keeps reminding it. Recommend

  • bigsaf

    @Noman Ansari:
    Let’s not be disingenuous and use false analogies as denials. This is what the dude bluntly said, and it was no imaginary psychoanalysis.

    “What you said about in Afghanistan, look, Jihad is a very simple thing, when I fight for my freedom, that is Jihad. This is the Quran’s verses – instructions. Whoever is fighting for their freedom is Jihad. So those fighting in Afghanistan against foreign occupation, this is Jihad.”

    Can’t twist and spin this to make up your own apologist meaning and deny the implications. He gave an inside look of how HE saw it, and he actually does believe the Afghan insurgency is a Jihad as per the Quran. And this was recent. Patronizing Hamdi Gul or DPC long ago should have been enough to realize it.

    IK relates to the Taliban often to explain, humanize, romanticize to the point of downplaying attacks as done by a few criminals who are ‘mixed up’ with them or taken their ‘guise’, not the Taliban as a whole, or deflects with the ‘foreign root of all evil’ narrative. Yes, he condemns, but undermines himself often when he follows it by an unrelated qualifier. Like claiming militants ‘grievances’ are legitimate against the state, after condemning an unrelated mindless attack on minorities. He admits he doesn’t criticize the Taliban much claiming the safety of his flock as an excuse which points to an inherent hypocrisy. All these things leads to the Taliban Khan narrative. Recommend

  • Parvez

    Politics in Pakistan has a lot to do with slogans (e.g. Roti, kapra, makan – one of the best).
    The PTI’s ‘ Get rid of corruption and all else will fall into place – sounds good and all the people can relate to this ). PTI’s shifting to ‘ Stop the Drones and peace will follow ‘ has caused major confusion as it does not resonate with all the people, this is a type of slogan an NGO would spout, not a national political party. It can be a debate issue for the PTI but not a national slogan – in my view this was a mistake. Recommend

  • Irfan

    Good one, appricated. Imran Khan we all foreign Pakistani are with you.Recommend

  • Mehr

    @israr: what will help save our dirty face is to take some responsibility for the monsters we continue to support. Until the Pakistan state shows zero tolerance for the likes of the TTP, they will continue to challenge the state. IK’s analysis is simplistic and naive. it will serve us well to recognize that and take some responsibility for the mess that started with Zia’s regime and has continued through to this dayRecommend

  • Mehr

    And by the way, there is no safe exit from this war for Pakistan. The TTP has declared war on the Pakistan state. With the US gone, that fact will not change. Recommend

  • bigsaf

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):

    How do you plan to chase the Americans? By insanely supporting the Afghan Taliban…again? To the detriment of the Afghan people, who get killed with their IEDs, ball bearing bombings and other massacres like the Eid masjid massacre?

    But I guess that’s already happening considering the Pak army is accused of double games, stringing along a so called ally, while supporting and housing the Afghan Taliban like the Quetta Shura or the Haqqani network, to even the detriment of the local indigenous Pakistani Turi tribe or folks in Balochistan.

    There have been terrorist and militant activities within Pak and originating from it around the region and globe even before 2001. Recommend

  • p r sharma

    @Ali Salman:

    In the modern world where communication is fast and un interrupted you think that Americans can be kept in dark about the happenings in Afghanistan , Iran,Syria or any part of the world indicates lack of grey matter in the brain.Recommend

  • Elhaan Khan

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):Chase the Americans out of Afghanistan & there will be no drones, Terrorists activities in Pakistan will stop. They have Double Standards: Yes, so that GHQ installs their strategic assets on poor Afghans and Pakhtuns here. In Afghanistan, people consider NATO troops liberators who got them freed from stone-age butchers called Taliban. It’s Rawalpindi which is playing both sides in this war on terror not Washington and that’s why OBL was found so close to military installation … can’t just make people fool all the time.Recommend

  • Virkaul

    @farrukh malhi:
    I don’t understand the logic. You hate America and it’s policies yet go there for fund raising and then criticize them for questioning. Recommend

  • Anoop

    My stand is if the Afghan Taliban are good, then so are their Pakistani cousins.

    Imran Khan stands by this. There is uniformity, clarity of thought(Lets just forget clarity of thought doesn’t mean its the right thought).

    You have too zoom out to really understand whats happening in Pakistan. Islam is a very political ideology and there are many competing narratives claiming to be speaking on behalf of Islam. But, when this happens usually the most violent of them wins, the most literal interpretation of the said ideology gains control of the whole narrative.

    IK is dangerous to Pakistan, no doubt. But, it seems to be the case that, the disease can only be fought from the brink.

    Clarity of thought disappears in this case though: He is opposed to Drone strikes but refuses to acknowledge that it is the Pakistani Army which is allowing it to happen AND goes to the very country to collect funds, which is conducting them.Recommend

  • DD

    Since the Pakistanis and similar countries treat non muslims with disdain so also in return the whole world treats them with disdain eg. being searched, stripped, quizzed, given odd looks etc etc. Its only fair and will continue of course IMHORecommend

  • Ahmed

    Since we all love conspirace theories and believe all of them no matter how hare brained, here is the consipracy in this incident;

    Imran IS an American stooge however he is losing support and visibility in Pakistan as the other parties start ramping up their election plans hence this was done by America/Israel/India/RAW/Yahudi (take your pick) to increase the profile and sympathy for their favorite stooge/politician so that he wins in the next election and serves their agenda’

    How is that for a conspiracy theory? and it is a lot more coherent and logical than some of the theories bandied about in these comments sections and by some ‘reputed’ newspapers.Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    @israr: My dear friend the ground Rules are different now. Former E.Pak was 1000 miles away. To support any such Theatre of war it was a Logistic nightmare. Here the TTP are the mercenaries of US & its Allies. They operate from safe Havens provided by them. They carry out attacks and go over to Afghanistan. Once the ISAF is gone where will they hide. Mullah Umar’s Taliban has no soft corner for them.
    All the Tribes in FATA who are pro-Pakistan will also not allow them to operate. The TTP will have no protection from anywhere.They will be hounded till they meet their fate.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat


    Did I say anything about the acceptability of the drone program?

    I was just highlighting the fact that every country has a right to restrict or tightly regulate the entry of those actively campaigning against their national interest. Especially when Imran Khan was not there on an official visit to speak with the government, but to raise funds for his own organization(s).Recommend

  • Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd)

    @bigsaf: You have a soft corner for the US. Can’t blame you. US AID is very active in Pakistan. The Americans are confused, getting the battering of their lives. The people they trained are turning on them. The Allies of ISAF can’t be the friends of the Afghan people. The ISAF has rained bombs and destroyed their country. You need to analyze the whole thing without any prejudice.Recommend

  • abhi

    After Shahrukh now Imran is doing it just for publicity.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Why complicate the story which is very simple. The USA immigration has all the rights to check Imran Khan person and to ensure that he is not a security risk. the droe questions were just a ploy, he was put through the most secured xray scans which are not used for regular passengers. Imran Khan is a fool to travel to the enemy territory who are klling citizens of Pakistan willy nilly with with droes which were allowed by the Indian born former military president of Pakistan who caved into Bush straight out of fear.

    Pakistan military has turned into the expeditionary force ever since and is today no longer capable of defending the country. It must be nationalised with compulsary military service for all citizens for it own sake and for the sake of pakistan.

    The white Sherif followed by the black Sherif have set aside constitutional amenments and has turned the country into a lawless and dysfunctional state. The country now lives on the Chinese and the Saudis credit, have a broken infra structure and the manufacturing base is more or less dependent upon the supply of two third of lethal weaponry to the world, which by any intelligent calculatios encourages local and regional wars.

    The Lord of the Universe is listening loud and clear the cries of those innocents who are being subjected to extra judicial killings from the Pashtun land to the Yemenite Arabs, the holy lands of Islam. The response must come and will come in time when the pacific shall no longer remain pacific and will join the roaring and impatient Atlantic.

    The rest of rhetoric is a diversion, the talibans know how to defend their land.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Midhat

    @Faraz Talat:
    Then perhaps you might have missed the US infamous unpresented ” Freedom of Speech” law. According to thier own consititution freedom of speech is allowed and execrised to extents that are unimaginable in other countries. As long as a person doesnt openly “THREATEN” American security, any person be it American or not is allowed to critise policies accroding to US own law. Now it seems pretty ok to question an individual, but the point that author is trying to make is that his stance on drones was pretty known even before that particular travel, so to be taken out from a flight and questioned about the already known stance doesnt fit their own law.
    Now your point that is someone insults your family you wont host them, well neither would we.. but you see unlike homes, this is a country which has a written consitution and laws . you cant apply human behaviours to foreigh policies.
    Also, political figures from other countries openly hold seminars widely cristising US policies, These events are hosted by prestigious Universities here. its not something new..Recommend

  • Midhat

    @Faraz Talat:
    The talk about shutting down drones has not been yet classified as a
    a campaign against their national interest or atleast not anything unlawful thats being regulated. Drones are a big talk already here. US Libertarian Party on political platforms and many NON US political/ human right organizations are already actively campaigning against it within US. So profiling a single person who is already known about his stance on an airport doesnt fit the equation that is already set by US itself. Recommend

  • Midhat


  • bigsaf

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):

    I don’t live either in Pak or the US, so the ridiculous attack that there’s any US AID benefit to me fails. I’ve a tough corner for the Taliban terrorists, whom you seem to love, and I have a soft corner for Afghan citizens who are looking for stability and sick and tired of militant mischief, which you tacitly admit is being supported by Pak repeating the same aggressive insanity over and over.

    Who are you kidding about analysis without prejudice? You’re probably steeped in anti-US obsessed derangement in defeating a superpower, resenting their pro-longed invasion for Al Qaeda and other distorted views, such as not realizing that the Taliban have killed more civilians than Allies or ISAF could imagine, than any real concern about the Afghan people or even our own citizens like the Turi tribe or those in Balochistan, whom clearly you have no corner for.

    Not surprised you’re one of those delusional army uncles who believes that terrorism by TTP within Pak is backed by the US. Its time we halt the backward irrational twisted thinking, two-faced games, and support for militant terrorism for deranged goals based on faulty reasoning. Recommend

  • Cynical


    Was George Fernandes, your ex president Kalam and that Sikh diplomat (forgot the name) too did it for publicty?Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    My husband is crazy about Imran Khan… he wont sleep until he hears a speech of Imrans :D hehe I guess Imran Khan rocks, lemme show him this blog.Recommend

  • observingo

    would anyone be allowed to come to Pakistan and raise money from the people who are making money by living in pakistan if that person was calling pakistanis all sorts of names and telling people that who are murdering pakistanis are actually fighting a jihad, what do you think that person would have encountered at pakistani airport if his reality was discovered by the customs person. I think it would have been quite reasonable for the customs to hold him and verify that the consulate was not out of its mind to have issued the visa to him. Recommend

  • observer

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):

    Here the TTP are the mercenaries of US & its Allies

    Lt Col Sahib, Gen Hamid Gul disagrees with you. He feels TTP are true ‘mujahid’ of Pakistan.

  • Virkaul

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd):
    Each one of us a mindset. You being from the army thinks like a soldier. Dispute resolution is not the job of soldiers but that of politicians and statesmen. Unfortunately, this logic is not understood in Pakistan.
    When the US wanted to take on the Soviets in Afghanistan, it offered Pakistan dollars and with it trained mujahideen in Afghanistan. After retreat of Soviets, came the Taliban with the support of Pak establishment, who made it their colony by proxy and named it their strategic assets. The second of US in Afghanistan forced Pakistan to be an unwilling ally although the double game continued. They also coined the idea of good Taliban and bad Taliban based on their hostility to Pakistan. Once NATO became aware of Pak’s double game, they resorted to drones, which are quite accurate, minor collateral damage notwithstanding.
    Imran Khan stand that Taliban came into existence due to drone is incorrect. This will continue until Pak clears these terrorists from the area. If it doesnt for the fear of retaliation, it may face Balkanization. Commercial interests dictate this strategy.Recommend

  • alina
  • abhi

    The persons you have listed did not make hue and cry themselvs, infact George Fernandese revealed it much later that any such thing happened, Kalam also down played the incidence rather than playing to the gallery and showing off as if he is fighting american imperialism and thats why he is being harrased.Recommend

  • Mian Iftikhar

    Why this kind of behavior with the most clean politician of Pakistan? The world knows the past and present of PTI Chairman Imran khan. is it a sin to express thinking and idea about drone attacks and Taliban issue? Not at all. If you are a follower and preacher of democracy than why you have no tolerance? Will you take action against everyone who talk about drone attacks? What’s your commitment with Pakistani Government about drone attacks. People of Pakistan do not know but people of Pakistan now know about your double standards.You are yourself talking with Taliban leadership in Afghanistan but do not allow Pakistan to adopt this way. Pakistanis want to know the reasons of these double standards? In past US security officials have misbehaved with the delegation of Pakistan Army officials who went there for strategic dialogue being the strategic partners of US in war against terrorism. But the result was quite ironic. Now a clean Pakistani Politician has to face mistreatment just because of opposition of drones. it is ridicules. No Pakistani can bear such treatment by the hands of democracy lover country. They should apologize on this shameful act. Recommend

  • Faraz Talat


    They didn’t threaten him to stop his campaign or tell him to stop expressing himself freely. They didn’t deny him entry. They didn’t prevent him from hosting fundraisers on US soil. The US deputy ambassador says that this wasn’t even about the drones.

    All they did was question him before allowing him entry into their homeland. If a man who leads a campaign against US interests, and even calls for the drones to be shot down, decides to enter their country to collect funds, the least Americans can do is question him. As I said, entering a foreign country is a privilege, not a human right.

    If that’s too much suffering for St. Khan and his disciples to endure, then perhaps this campaign isn’t for them. Try something less controversial.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Noman Ansari: “To them it is a jihad. It doesn’t mean Imran believes it is actually a Jihad.”
    HEre is the video where Imran says Afghan war is a jihad NOT that they perceive it as jihad. SO no one is twisting his words.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Midhat: “Then perhaps you might have missed the US infamous unpresented ” Freedom of Speech” law.”

    The law applies to US citizens and US residents. Imran is neither.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Cynical: “@abhi
    Was George Fernandes, your ex president Kalam and that Sikh diplomat (forgot the name) too did it for publicty?”

    In case of Kalam and George Fernandes, they did not give major statements nor did their party make it an issue. MEdia picked it up and made it an issue. There IS a difference.Recommend

  • zubair mohmand

    This is simply fantastic article I wish we Pakistanis know our dignity let show these Americans that once imran khan becomes PM we will snatch your eyes PTI zindabad God bless you Sabrina Recommend

  • Irfan

    @Ayesha Pervez:

    Thanks Ayesha, thanks for your recommendation, I already read this article, Good one.

    Irfan Oct 31, 2012 – 12:55AM
    “Good one, appricated. Imran Khan we all foreign Pakistani are with you.”Recommend

  • Noman Ansari


    You and IK are sympathetic to the Taliban … and have turned negative on the USA.

    What? I am not sympathetic towards the Taliban, and I doubt Imran Khan is either. How do you make that leap in logic. This fear mongering is what is hurting Imran Khan, and it is entirely unwarranted. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari


    He is speaking of what allows Taliban to drawn on strength from around them. It doesn’t mean he sympathizes or agrees with them. If there is no foreign occupation in the USA, the Taliban have less power. How well have the other strategies against them worked so far?

    Are they scum? Yes. They are the scum of the earth. Cowards, extremists, and people who are using incorrect interpretations of Islam to their advantage. Recommend

  • Ubair khan

    US immigration officer shocked how IK raised fund on visit visa which is prohibited in US laws Recommend

  • Virkaul

    @Lt Col Imtiaz Alam(retd): Like always, waiting fir Allah to act.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Cynical: “Was George Fernandes, your ex president Kalam and that Sikh diplomat (forgot the name) too did it for publicity?”
    Imran Khan And Shah Rukh both are publicity seekers. Their case cannot be compared with either Kalam or George Fernandes.
    Kalam was asked to remove his footwear by an employee of American Airlines. The incident happened in Delhi – not US. Kalam made no fuss in complying with the security procedures since he was on a private visit.and it was the other passengers who shared the story with media. Fernandes was strip searched on Washington Dules airport when he was on an official visit as a Defense minister. He did not make any fuss at the time – simply determined not to visit US again. This information came to light much later when he narrated the episode o Strobe Talbot who wrote about it in a book. If he had made a fuss, he would still have ben within his rights since he was traveling on a diplomatic passport.

    Imran on the other hand is not even elected and makes statements like ‘Afghan Taliban are conducting jihad’. He should certainly not be surprised if he is questioned. Even with Shah Rukh some of the people that had sponsored his visit in the past were caught in an anti-money-laundering action – therefore his name ended up as a red flag.No comparison with the other 2 people who conducted themselves with far more grace and dignity.

    @Noman Ansari : “It doesn’t mean Imran believes it is actually a Jihad.”
    Sorry, this is a deliberate campaign by PTI supporters to say that Imran was simply articulating the tribal people’s perceiption that Afghan Taliban is fighting jihad but that this is not his own opinion. This associated video makes it very clear that Imran himself believes that what Afghan Taliban are doing is jihad.

    You may or may not agree with Imran in his support for Afghan Taliban but please do not distort the facts and mischaracterize his position.Recommend

  • aaaaa

    say what you will about the US, but if they had such a problem with IK they would simply have refused his visa. Lets remember that IK was barred from entering Karachi by a party whos head lives in london and is a british citizen, and yet he was allowed into the US. How about you write an article on that? About how IK couldn’t even enter a Pakistani city? His ‘interrogation’ is no big deal. I’ve gone through it myself countless times. A sign of the times we live in. Get over it already.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Fatima Omar: “Even the Americans such as Clinton criticize Pakistan’s policies regularly but are accorded a warm welcome here and are treated as royal guests”

    Clinton comes in official capacity. Imran has no official capacity. He is not even an MNA.Recommend

  • hammad

    app nawas group sa ho kya ?Recommend

  • bigsaf

    @Noman Ansari:

    He made no such nuances. Its simply untrue no matter how many times you repeat it. Putting in words and fantasizing meanings is falsely rationalizing and defending him.

    He bluntly justified them using the Quran himself, and offered no disagreement with it or claimed the interpretation was twisted as you just did. That is obvious empathizing, if not worse. There is really no salvaging this.

    Glad you think the Taliban are scum. Doesn’t hide the fact that IK has been conditional on his condemnations as mentioned earlier.

    Despite the stupidity of the US invasion, the Taliban will not have less power or less of an excuse with the US gone, just like the terrorists in Iraq. They had lots of power pre-invasion, and will try to get it back through punitive force, like they do now. Leaving abruptly is not a strategy. There are peace talks as IK recommends, as strategy. Sadly gets undermined by the criminal militants themselves, who fail to listen to reason, and the Pak authorities who seem to favour the Taliban, like Haqqani ‘Sahib’ or the Quetta Shura, a wee too much…though folks like Mullah Baradar do fall out of favour when they become too cozy with the Afghan govt. Recommend

  • abdul rashid behlim

    Another myth spawned by PTI and its supporters: “military action has never succeeded against rebellions”. What utter and complete cr**. Care to look at the experience Sri Lanka had with its LTTE (also a suicide bombing rebel lot that fought the nationally elected government): “After the breakdown of the peace process in 2006, the Sri Lankan military launched a major offensive against the Tigers, defeating the LTTE militarily and bringing the entire country under its control. Victory over the Tigers was declared by Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa on 16 May 2009,[20]……………. Well you are forgettingon thing that this is not Sri Lanka its Afghanistan and Pakistan if you read history the British Rule failed to gain their power in Afghanistan and like wise you have seen What Consequences Russia has faced??? so these drones are just getting drained for nothing USA has completely failed in Afghanistan another Vietnam story only thing out of this misery is our elite’s are encashing whatever they can before they meet their final destination and meet the supreme Recommend