A soldier’s Eid: Away from family and in the face of death

Published: October 27, 2012

It was then that I felt a sudden impulse to call my family; I wanted to listen to my little angle’s voice once before I left her. PHOTO: REUTERS

I am Gunner Fazal Mehmood, currently serving in a medium regiment artillery located at a peaceful location. It is 0400 hours, the first day of Eidul Azha and while lying on my charpoy I am thinking about the last night – it is the third consecutive Eid that I will be spending away from my family.

I don’t know why, but I am constantly reminded of a similar chaand raat which I had spent along with my family back in Bahawalpur a few years ago. All the luminosity, crowd and chanting at the Meena bazaar near our house constantly reminded me of my baby girl‘s face which was so cheerful because she was to wear her new cloths on Eid which I had bought her. I also remember going to the bazaar with my family to get my wife’s palms henna-stained and fetch the last minute make-up items.

I have always been annoyed by these last minute touch ups our ladies have gotten so used to. Apparently when they have already bought everything they are to adorn on Eid, I fail to understand why there still is a persistent moaning. They say things like:

“Hey, I forgot to get a new hairband for Aisha.”

“Oho, mujhy tu abhi yaad aya hai, dupatay ki peeko tu karwaye he nahi.”

(Oh, I just recalled, I had to get my dupatta stitched.)

“Sirf 10 minute lagay gain, bus matching chooriyan laini hain.”

(Just ten more minutes, I need to get matching bangles.)

All I end up saying is:

“Okay, I’ll take you, but what exactly were you doing for last seven days when I have been taking you out on my motorcycle?”

Now I guess it probably had to something with the sheer joy of spending time together, rather than actually purchasing the items.

I think it is this feeling that haunts me right now.

The army has done a good job at letting our families feel the same way by arranging Meena bazaars and chand raat shows inside the cantonments. I believe fauji chand raats are better than the others.

You get most of the edibles for free (though officers have to pay for them). Bangles, henna, and other related stuff is cheaper – thanks to the General Officer Commanding (GOC) and the Commanding Officer (CO) sahib for subsidising them. Just yesterday a retired colonel of my unit donated Rs50,000 as eidi to my unit.

Most important of all, there are no oglers at loose.

I didn’t get to enjoy chaand raat this time, since I was busy guarding the venue and other military installations (only family members are normally allowed). Anyways, as I yet have to shave, change, and reach the regiment fall-in due at 0500 hours, I must hurry.


At the fall-in, those ─ including myself ─ who were relieved from duty at 0200 hours the previous night, and thus according to Army’s calculations had received their night’s rest, replaced those who were on duty since 0400 hours (these guys might just be able to join Eid prayers). I was ordered to the guard the mosque when Eid prayers were  to be held. After a quick breakfast, I reached my new place of duty, the outer cordon, and I found myself with this police chap whom, I know, also has a similar story to tell.

After we had discussed our area of responsibility and took our posts, we were left with a gap of approximately 10 metres between us, which, of course didn’t deter us from developing a conversation. He told me how he was patrolling along with his DSP till four in the morning, and yet he is here guarding the mosque. Upon this I had nothing to say but praise the military’s system of man-management.

Anyway, Eid was up and running when after the prayers everybody greeted each other. I did the same to the policeman with those 10 meters still between us, and then I was ordered straight to the ammunition bunkers. At the ammunition storage, I was scanning the horizon with my binoculars when I saw a military vehicle speeding towards me.

“Aye tey CO saab da tota lagda aye!”, the other sentry announced.

(It looks like CO’s Toyota RMR)

“Look sharp, look sharp!” roared the NCO, as he sprung off his camp stool.

Before I could settle my beret, the Jeep was on me.

Out came my CO, carrying a colourful packet in his hands. Handing over the packet to the Non-commissioned Officer (NCO), he greeted Eid to all, gave us a small motivational lecture and passed some instructions to the NCO. While he was leaving for the next post, I was thinking about the sweets in the packet and feeling alive from the hug that I had just received from my commander – though for a short while, I was no more bothered by the thoughts of my family.


It was 1200 hours and I was finally back in my barrack preparing to attend the bara khaana (special lunch for occasions like Eid). This time I was off-duty and those who attended the Eid prayers stood sentry. I had adorned the white shalwar kameez my wife had sent me.

These days you don’t get to watch TV that often since the army’s employment has increased manifold. Consequentially, while sitting inside the ante-room we were arguing over the channel to be viewed when someone announced that the Brigade Commander would be joining us at lunch – our unit was the farthest from his command and thus he had decided to spend his Eid with us.

Man, this was my lucky day!

Back at home we were in conflict with this guy and his sons over a small piece of land that belonged to us. When his threats failed to have the desired effects, he did what Pakistani villagers do ─ indicted my brother in a false FIR. The police had been bothering us since then.

I had already posted my application to the Brigade Commander, but now I would be able to explain my case and hand him over the application in person. Rehearsing what I would be telling the commander, I was forced to think how many other institutions allow such easy access to senior when it comes to welfare.

At the bara khaana most of the unit, including the officers, was present. The food was good and the casual chit chat with the officers reminded me once again that it was Eid. The Commander also gave eidi to the youngest soldier, which didn’t amuse me as I was still thinking about my family.

After the lunch, I was back in uniform and ready to move out for firing practice, when we were told that it has been cancelled – after all it was Eid day! So I sank into my charpoy with my boots still on and drifted into thoughts.

Staring at the wooden ceiling, I was arguing with myself about this Eid being better than the one when I was deployed at the border. There, things were not different than what I had done today, except that right after the morning fall-in, the observer reported about tank movement in our sector and I had to spend the rest of the Eid day manning my gun and preparing ammunition.

It was not until the next morning that I was reminded that the day I had spent relaying my gun and cleaning grease over the rounds was Eid. Better still, at least this time around I was inside a cantonment where I saw real people enjoying the colours of Eid. Right about then I was reminded of my days in Special Services Group (SSG). Life was tougher and more unpredictable back then. I remembered the day General Headquarters (GHQ) was attacked.

We were having tea break in the soldiers’ mess made, feasting on pakoras and namak paras when we were told of the attack.

“You’ve got five minutes to get your gear and find me at the em-busing (the point were you get on the bus) point. Operation type will be room clearance (hostage rescue). Detailed orders en route!” announced our squad leader, as he sputtered out the piece of pakora that was bothering him during the phone call which informed him of the attack.

Soon I was sitting behind that five-tonne Hino truck adjusting the sites of my modified SMG Chinese. I was aware that by the time this operation ends, some of us may not live to see the next day. Cognizant of the fact that the moment you kick that door and enter the terrorist stronghold, you will draw enemy fire in a fight that will only last for a split second, the enemy will have a room to displace itself, I on the other hand will be standing inside a 3-feet-wide door frame.

It was then that I felt a sudden impulse to call my family; I wanted to listen to my little angel’s voice once before I left her.


You know you can’t do that.

Instead, you think of your family and try to gather courage from the thought that you are doing it for them and many others like them.

Next, you totally forget them and simply reject every other thought expect those involving your entry into the stronghold and the uncertainty and fog that shall follow it.

That day, when the operation ended, two of my friends who were having pakoras with me a few hours ago, were resting in body bags; a few others were clinging to their lives at CMH Rawalpindi.

But hey, we did rescue the hostages!

Just about then came the rude awakening; I was to stand guard once this short lull is over and with this I snapped out of my reverie, my jaws clenched and fists tightened. We succeeded on October 10, 2009, but will I prevail again if I stand guard engrossed in my thoughts feeling dejected because my family is away on this Eid?

What if I am yet again in a situation where I might not survive to see tomorrow?

What if these thoughts instead of giving me strength became my weakness?

Would I be able to play my part effectively before I breathe my last?

What if I couldn’t do what I was trained for; am I burdening this nation so that I can whine over an Eid day?

These questions gave me shivers.

“No!” screamed my brain as I stood up with a pounding heart.

This will never happen on my watch! I shall stand sentry with all the vigil I can gather with a unified aim in my mind that no chump can get past me without Gunner Fazal seriously interfering with his designs!

For every possibility and any contingency that the enemy may throw at me, I must remain steadfast and should give my undivided attention to the task at hand.

The thought that my family and yours enjoyed their Eid, is an Eid in itself for soldiers like me. This Eid and the others that soldiers like myself had spent away from their families is very small a price that we pay in return of the love and respect that we receive from you people, and the comfort we get in the thought that as we stand guard, other Pakistanis can treasure moments with their families.

With this, I picked up my G-3 as the dusk marked the end of 1432nd Eidul Azha.

While I checked my magazine for bullets I hear someone asking “Who are you?”

As I walk towards my post, I murmured:

“I am a proud son of the soil; I am a proud soldier of Pakistan Army!”

Read more by Asad here.

Asad K

Asad K

A federal government employee who blogs at xerics.blogspot.com/ and is part of the think-tank force at defence.pk

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • kanwal

    Our soldiers we love. The armed forces elite are the problem, otherwise whatever is good in the army, is mostly because of selflessness of men on the front line. Recommend

  • Azmat

    Well you lot are paid to do your job, you are not doing it voluntarily or are you? Be a professional and stop shunning about it,but if you want to do think about the atrocities done byour beloved dictators.Recommend

  • Mascot

    Leave your old parents,wife and your little angels at home. Be a Man to have a bullet in your chest!! and yes don’t worry I’ll pay your wife 10000 USD … deal, OK!
    Can you do that ???
    Once a hater always a hater…you MORON

  • Zakuta

    Well written my Friend, its all true!
    And don’t worry we as a Pakistanis always with you.
    You are the real heroes of the Soil and bro don’t worry about these Moron’s! who are sitting behind their keyboard with a cup of coffee, nothing to do! and abusing Pak Army.
    You know what you can’t change an idiot into a Man!

    Pakistan Paindabad!
    Pakistan Army Zindabad!Recommend

  • Nabil Khan

    we r proud of u ppl…long live the armed forces of Pakistan !!!Recommend

  • Dogar

    Would you do it? Even if you get paid?

    Would you sit on a post that is 18000 feet ASL, where you are confined inside an igloo that measures 5 x 5 x 7 feet? Where you smell kerosene and breathe its smoke for the next 3 months?

    Where you wont bathe for the entire 3 months, eat boiled Dhall, even uncooked food when supplies get choked during winter?

    Do you even know who does it feels to drink this kind of water: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-xRv8YyYijjw/UErAcRiReSI/AAAAAAAAGzU/FyAkjcfLJ7s/s640/Pakistan%2Barmy%2Bsoldier%2Band%2Bofficer%2Bfood.jpg

    So, why dont you tell me, how many Eids have you spent away from your home for Rs 10000/- per month?Recommend

  • IchDien

    Every one is paid to do their job. No amount is enough to compensate for being away from families for long duration of time.Recommend

  • Parvez

    The story of a foot soldier in the army nicely portrayed. The average Pakistani has given much in the way of adulation, respect, a hefty chunk of the budget to our armed forces and done so willingly. If today, when he looks around and wonders what has he got in return, please is he at fault.Recommend

  • Dogar

    A soldier never looks back, even though he is always hungry of moral support, still it doesnt necessarily mean that he is totally dependent on it. As evident from the blog, this soldier vowed to perform his duty properly despite of the shortcomings he face.Recommend

  • §@im

    true picture !
    long live pakistan…long live pak army.Recommend

  • Zakuta

    If today he looks around he found Morons like you!Recommend

  • Engineer

    O bhai, stop whining! Half my family is in army, and i’ve interacted with more jawans that a lieutenant, which probably the writer is, has ever interacted.

    They have a life, better than the 9 to 9 grind the corporate world endures everyday. Ask an engineer at Schlumberger, i can also start whining about staying at an oil rig at 50plus degrees, wearing overalls and having 4 hours sleep (intermittent!).

    You do it for less, I’m perhaps more qualified and earn more!But we do it for MONEY at the end!Recommend

  • Baber

    Perhaps one of the most beautiful articles I have ever read…. Life is not so easy people , there is a big price that these Soldiers are paying… A price that cannot be calculated in Dollars or Rupees…!!!! Recommend

  • Zakuta

    I must say you are *hole.
    lol…what you said, more qualified and what a idiocy thinking you got!
    You are comparing Schlumberger engineer with a Fauji Jawan.
    Engineer at Schlumberger earns AVG 7000 USD in hot temperature with a luxury food to eat on rigs! And plus Engineer at SLB got rotation means if they work in Hot temperature for 30 days so in the end of the day they also get 30 days OFF after every hitch!
    But Fauji did’nt get that!

    And a Jawan earns AVG 15000 RS in hot temperature with an ordinary food!

    As far you concerned about your so-called qualification, I must tell you an idiot can earn Engineering degree with his father money.
    But as a Commissioned Army Officer you worth your position!Recommend

  • Zakuta

    hahaha.. I think it will be much better if you tell that you are working WAPDA not Schlumberger.

    Its sound like that you are working with WAPDA not SLB. lol
    so stop crying!Recommend

  • http://xerics.blogspot.com/ Xeric

    Hey, why dont you stop whining and start paying attention instead? Looks like as if you have missed certain essentials mentioned in my piece. My Soldier isn’t complaining but having a little self-talk where he tries to tell you how he had felt on this Eid. i think you also forgot that it was his THIRD Eid away from his home.

    You probably work at Schlumberger, but guess what, i also have a relative who works at Schlumberger SA. He is less educated than me – he’s not even an engineer, just DAE (12 years of education) and he earns atleast 4 x time what i earn as a soldier!! And than he is back at home after every 45 days and stays 30 days at home. Yes, fumes, toxic gases and stuff, granted, but he is here on Eid and so was he on the last one.

    You also claimed that you are ‘perhaps’ more qualified than me, but allow me to enlighten you that while serving in the military i already have completed 17 and half years of education. You are an engineer, good for you, but don’t try to look down at others (and we thought military-men suffered from “God Complex’). Many a military-men are better qualified than their civilian counterparts.

    You might be a phannay khan in your field, i too am the same in my field!

    Lastly, why dont you quit the guess work already? i am not a lieutenant or may be if i am, you are no one to draw conclusions from it.

    What muses me is the fact that you claim to have more interaction with regards to men in the military than a serving individual. Just because you might have a military background wouldn’t automatically mean that you have more experience in terms of interaction with troops. This was the most absurd claim i have ever heard in my life!

    Even some lieutenant, who has just served in the military for somewhere around 2-3 years will be much wiser than any civilian when it comes to military man-management and ‘interaction with troops’. It’s just like me saying that i might have interacted with more Schlumbergerians just because i have a relative who works there, as compared to a guy who actually works there.Recommend

  • Dogar

    You nailed it brrahh..!!Recommend

  • Pengie

    Perhaps people would support Army more if it didn’t poke it’s nose where it doesn’t belong. I have nothing against a common Army soldier. It’s what Army as an institution does to the country irks me. Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    @Azmat and @Engineer

    I am an Army Officer’s wife. My husband currently posted at Waziristan. He hasn’t spent ANY of the two Eids with us. How I manage without him, even though I have a full support of my family and in-laws, only I know.
    Yes, armed forces personnel, whther soldiers or officers, are PAID for their jobs, and so is everyone else, but the people like “you” tow don’t have to carry their lives on their hands wondering if they’ll be able to see their families again.
    It is people like you who are an insult for this country. You don’t know how we families manage without our husbands/fathers/sons. I know how I have to act like both a mother and a father for my 3 kids. How much emotionally turmoiled my 3,5 and 7 years olds were whne they had to let their father go and protect people, some of those like you who even not even a little bit thankful!
    How my kids ask their father everyday that when he is going to come back, how I pray all the time for my husband’s safety!
    Oh yes….just to add a little bit knowledge to your “scanty” info. We live a better life only (as Engineer has put it) only cuz we are contended with what we have. You might be enjoying your Eid with your families, whereas my husband is sitting in a barack out there missing his!!!

    So, if you can’t appreciate the armed forces people, don;t criticize them either.
    Only we know how we llive when our dear ones are there in the line of fire!!! Shame on you two!Recommend

  • Lams

    Loved the article! Made me so proud of our Army. Shocked at the negativity & hatred of some here! Recommend

  • Xain

    Requires Courage,.Recommend

  • Xain

    Requires Courage.Recommend

  • Elhaan Khan

    Dear Soldiers,

    I admire your services that you have redenring for your country but if your generals had not created this monster called Taliban, today you would have been home celebrating eid with your kids but unfortuntely these generals are not ready get straight and still trying to prolong youyr and my pain by keep trying to tell you that save so-called good “Taliban”. If this policy continues, brave soildiers like you would spend many more Eid away from their families . Recommend

  • Parvez

    @Zakuta: But Sir, when I look around what I see makes me weep and if that makes me a moron, then I would happily stay one because I certainly would not like to be where you are.Recommend

  • A man in uniform

    Absolutely beautiful article, I must say!!! No matter what a few narrow minded people think & say about men in uniform, thousands like myself will continue to selflessly defend our dearest motherland. I feel happy that somebody took the time to write for my Jawans who are the real strength of our armed forces, be it Army, PAF or Navy. This article also gives a brief glimpse our officers’ leadership based on a humane approach, which eventually ensures a highly motivated team of men who are willing to make every sacrifice for our Pakistan.

    I happen to be a totally committed family man, whose life revolves round his two lovely kids; yet I know that every time I close up on my routine security duty I remain fully prepared to face any eventuality like a real man – without any fear of death!

    It may sound absurd to some, but PAKISTAN is what we live for, and PAKISTAN is what we are willing to die for! :)Recommend

  • Pakistani Student in Canada

    if it makes you feel better, i am a student in Canada and this is my fourth eid without relatives and immediate family.Recommend

  • Whats your point

    @Pakistani Student in Canada:

  • Tehniat Ahsan


    Okay just to let you know. We Army walas, officers and families, not only interact with the troops on a professional level but on an individual level as well. We officers’ wives personally visit the places of these troops too see how they are living, what kind of problems they may have, even if they have personal problems, they come and tell us so that we can help them in any way possible. And this is a policy!!!
    Whereas officers have to pay even for a single onion being used in making their food while they are having their lunches and dinners in their units/messes, the langar, Bara khanas, tea, snack, fruits and whatever other eatables there may be present….a jawan is not charged even a single penny for that!
    I winder how you have interacted with more jawans than a lieutenant cuz initially every lieutenant has to work with jawans!!! I think it is better if you, for once, stop exaggeration!

    @Pakistani student in Canada….sorry to know that you havent celebrated any Eid with your family for 4 year. But dear you can’t compare yourself to a soldier cuz they do so to protect people, whereas for you it is more of a personal gain. I hope that after acquiring your education, you will come back to Pakistan and render your services for your homeland! Only youth, having a positive approach, can better the situation of this country!Recommend

  • Executioner

    @Tehniat Ahsan:
    exactly as narrated by sis … :) Recommend

  • http://xerics.blogspot.com/ Xeric

    i think you have missed my other piece. Here: http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/13770/pakistan-army-can%E2%80%99t-live-with-them-can%E2%80%99t-live-without-them/ may be it can push some sense into you.Recommend

  • PakArmyLover

    @Elhaan Khan
    Dear Sir
    I admire your comment but if your fellow Pakistanis had not voted for their leaders, they had not created this monster called corrupt/religion extremist Pakiland, today you would have been celebrating every day as Eid but unfortuntely these leaders are not ready get straight and still trying to prolong your and my pain by keep trying to tell you that save so-called good ‘’politician and mullah’. If this policy continues, brave sirs like you would spend many more time at express tribune commenting away.Recommend

  • Sanaa

    Been there, done that! I’m an army daughter, sister and wife.. I know how it feels when your father,brother and husband all three are not there to spend the only time of the year when most people get to meet their relatives after a long time. Only a person who has gone through all this can feel the pain. I’m proud to be part of Pakistan Army. Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan Army Paindabad. Long live Pakistan Army. Ameen Recommend

  • Mogambo


    I don’t understand whats the problem with these people, its just a article telling a true story of Jawan that how he feels!
    Why are these people bull*hitting over this topic, we need to appreciate them instead of showing hated hearts.
    Yea I know there should be positive Criticism but it doesn’t mean hated.

    Some guy said that he is studying in Canada and didn’t celebrate 3 Eids with his family, come on dude! The article has been written in different sense and people started over here with their own issues!

    Pakistan Army Zindabad!
    MOGAMBO KHUSH HUA to all Idiots!Recommend

  • Maria

    @Azmat: You are clearly one disturbed person who has no appreciation for those who ensure your safety! Let’s face it, the army works hard to prevent anti state criminals and foreign paid agents from harming you and your family bit all you can say is that they are doing their job? Tell me if everyone did their job like these sepoys. Pakistan would be at the top of the world in every endeavor. Maybe you need to your job and civic duty first instead of criticising others. By the way, O have nothing to do with the army.Recommend

  • Usman

    @Azmat:..if I get 20000 rupees for spending eid and other occasions away from my family…..i’d settle for 10000 rupees for spending the days with them

    this is our passion and our service to the nation and its people……stop commenting on shit you dont know about……….

    we protect you lot and u disgrace and shame us with comments like your’s..!?…shame on you…..!!!Recommend

  • Tch tch

    Puff piece from ISPR…Spare us the vacuous sentimentality….
    You and your higher ups are being paid handsomely for your services from CSF
    in this meaningless war cooked up in the GHQ..
    Maybe we should spare a tear for the victims the shells of this “noble” Artillery gunner.
    30,000 and counting..mostly civilians..Recommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    Dear Army Officer wife,

    With all due respect, I haven’t joined my family for eid for 6 consecutive eids!!!! I work for the government. I don’t work in the army or security apparatus. I have never complained, and never have written articles verging on “emotional blackmail”. I have 3 kids. I am coping. They are coping. In the end, everybody does their job with honesty and that’s about it. Just because your husband is smelling kerosene at high altitudes doesn’t mean that you should taunt the rest of your country men. Your husband is doing his job, just like I am doing. Doctors, Police, Nurses, Engineers, heck even truck drivers spend time away from their family (at months on end). Recommend

  • Ahmed Raza

    Sorry to See that Some Sick People in Pakistan wud Love a Cricketer More than an Army Man Despite the fact that they Disappointed us more than Any one Else& they are Paid Millions. No one and I repeat No One in the World can put his life on the Line Unless he is genuinely Motivated and Loves his Country. So the Notion that You are Paid to Do all that is condemnable. Just to add here that A Soldiers in Afghanistan Army is Wearing Life saving Equipment Worth 5000$ where as a Pakistani soldier is Just wearing 500$ Equipment But he Never complains because He Knows that He is the soldier of a Poor Nation. Is my soldier’s Life Worth less than the One standing on the other side of Afghan’s Border?? Recommend

  • Pakistani Student in Canada

    Apologies to people who got offended by my comment. Did not at all meant it in that wayRecommend

  • Zakuta

    @Khan Gul:
    With due respect! yea every one is doing his job for himself and for his family even though after 6 years you are sure that you will live and will celebrate Eid one day with your family!

    But Fauji never knows that he will able to see his family again? And he is doing his job for his family and FOR US!!!
    From which angle this article describing that its a crying of a Soldier! Its just a true story of a ordinary Fauji, he was not demanding anything! but yes he need our appreciation so can know that we do care about him and we are with him. So he should know that he will give his life one day for their ones not for YOU!Recommend

  • PaKhtoon

    Love you Pak Army………. Recommend

  • Zakuta

    Pakhtoon Zindabad!
    Pakistan Army Zindabad!Recommend

  • Pakistani

    @Khan Gul:

    Yea yea every one is doing his Job honestly..huh.. OK let see!

    1-You didn’t celebrate 6 Eids with your family but you will live and one day celebrate Eid with your family!!!!

    2-Doctors doing great Job but If they can’t make it for a Eid but one day they will celebrate Eid with their families!!!!

    3-What I can say about Police – they are Superb!!!! :P

    4-Engineers doing well for their Country and sending huge amount from abroad which is good for Country’s economy, If they didn’t Celebrate Eid this year but they are sure next year they will be with their families!!!!

    5-In the last Mr.Truck Driver will meet their family at the end of Month!!!!

    But ever you think! that do Fauji knows that he will Celebrate next Eid with his family????Recommend

  • Asghar Ramzan

    dear Asad,

    what about the perks and privileges he is getting(rather snatching from public kitty, you are even not allowed to know). So much for jingoism, lets grow up.it is already too late.Recommend

  • Pakistani Bacha

    @Asghar Ramzan:
    Mr.Ramzan every one is enjoying perks & privileges respect to their part!
    but why people do start loose Motions over this Article!
    Its a true story of Jawan telling how he feels! that’s it.
    So please put your loose Motions aside and lets grow up, yea it is already tooo late!Recommend

  • A man in uniform

    @Khan Gul:

    The Army officers are ACTUALLY putting themselves ‘in the line of fire’; getting paid for putting their lives at risk. And believe me, our pay or so called ‘perks & privileges’ are not what drives us; It’s the honour, dignity and pride. Let me quote a few lines from a Hollywood movie ‘Men of Honour’ which is based on a true story:

    Carl Brashear: “Forgive me Sir, but to me, the Navy isn’t a business. It’s an organization of people who represent the finest aspects of our nation. We have many traditions. In my career, I have encountered most of them. Some are good, some not so good. I would, however not be here today were it not for our greatest tradition of all.”

    Captain Hanks: “And what would that be, Chief Brashear?”

    Carl Brashear: “HONOR, Sir!”

    This is how life in uniform is. You may laugh at me that I am relating a movie to ur argument, that too a Hollywood movie. But trust me, our own stories are far more inspiring – inspiring enough for people to assume that we must be crazy! Our Jawans are not dependant on Life Saving Equipment; they depend on a motivation that comes from within! The leaders are always willing to make sacrifices themselves, and that’s what gives a Jawan the belief that he shouldn’t stay behind. I know about situations where it became difficult to pick amongst volunteers to go for a risky deployment. No matter what so called pseudo-intellectuals say about us; we make ourselves available whenever duty calls. And it’s not us who ever say a bad word about our civilian brothers; it’s others who ‘accuse’us of being ego-centred. We aren’t ego-centred; we are just proud of who we are and what we do!Recommend

  • A man in uniform

    @Asghar Ramzan

    Seriously, I wish you could see my bank balance! Like all other uniformed officers, every month my account approaches zero in the last week. The car I drive is a 1998 model vintage vehicle. I don’t have any other investment or property cos I just can’t afford. Same is the state with people around me. We are willing to sacrifice our everything for the protection of our dear ‘motherland’ not because we are paid for it, but because that’s what we live for!

    Yes, I am able to send my kids to a school which is among the top schools of the city, but that’s because my wife is a working lady. Please, wake up to reality; we aren’t snatching anybody’s rights!Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    @Khan Gul

    So are you living in a barrack or a tent exchanging fire with the militants? You just whined, by the way!Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    @Asghar Rehman

    Oh kindly “HIGHLIGHT” those perks and privileges!Recommend

  • http://xerics.blogspot.com/ Xeric

    @Tch tch:

    Somethings to clear up your confusion about the CSF:

    The US and GoP agrees that a total of 13.5 Billion USD have been paid to Pakistan (for the tri services NOT the Army ALONE) under CSF. Out of which $10.8 B was earmarked for the Army alone. It is generally known $6.98 B has been paid to the Army out of this $6.98 B, but infact only $1.8 B has been received by the Army in TOTAL(despite the fact that the military expenditures have gone up manifold since we went into this WoT). Now where are the remaining $ 5.18 B? The answer may not sound very pleasing to many here. The remaining $ 5.18 B has gone to support the National Budget. Yes, it is you guys who have eaten it. Yes, these $ 5.18 B (which the Army has spent from its pocket in addition to its sacrifices and disrespect) was gobbled up by civilians and bureaucrats like yourself but then you still has the cheeks to show your true worth by posting a negative comments. i know that you and your likes would feel uneasy with this by then that’s the fact. You wont find these figures in the media, why? Well dont we know the media sells news full with Mirch Masala?

    The military aid or for that matter what all of it the military has received so far is not a blessing for the military, but infact it is something that the military spends (during the war that it fights against the terrorists) and the same is supposed to be reimbursed back to Pakistan (i omitted military because it’s infact Pakistan’s money that the military spends on ground) which, in the first place, was not reimbursed in totality, and moreover the military didnt receive it’s due share out of what all that was reimbursed so that e-warriors like yourself can come up to post poor comments.

    Also, back in 2005 when the earthquake unleashed its misery and pain in our North, it was the Army that donated an handsome amount out of its Budget that went on to support the effectees. You wont also find this news in the media, why because when the funds were donated there weren’t any left for the military to conduct their Collective Training and we never wanted to send a signal to our enemies (neighbors) that the almost all of the Two New entries (PMA/Officer and Soldier) of the military have to suffer because they are untrained due to lack of funds.

    Also, when the COAS announces that Army had constructed so and so numbers of schools, or delivered free books, or installed free water points in the remote areas of Balochistan, or established a free medical camp for flood effectees or donated X amount to them or the schools, my it comes from a sizable portion of the defence budget i.e. the Army itself has to suffer so that we can filled in the void created by the civilian leaders.

    So, if i remember correctly, last time i checked, military of any country is a non-profit organization!

    To conclude, i shall bust the following myths:

    Army has received more than US $ 10 Bn from USA.

    Ans- So far Army has received only US $1.6 Bn out of claimed US $ 10 Bn from CSF.

    CSF reinforce the Normal Budget.

    Ans- CSF does not reinforce Normal Budget as it only partially recoups expenditures incurred on War on Terror.

    Sources: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=20082\12\story12-2-2008pg5_2Recommend

  • http://xerics.blogspot.com/ Xeric

    @Khan Gul: and others who have pointed out the missing role of other uniforms in this blog, i as the author of the article have this to say:

    i apologize from my readers as even though i wanted to honor every men and women who adorns a uniform (Police, FC, Rangers etc) in my article, i just couldnt do it because of the limitation of space and the bounds of the topic.

    Why do you think i added about this Police chap who was patrolling till 4 in the morning alongwith his DSP and was still made to guard the mosque, even though Mr Fazal Mehmood had been spared at 0200 hours?

    Who do you think was at loss here, the Police chap who was up all night or the Army soldier who atleast was able to sleep for 2 hours?

    The aim was to remember these unsung heroes that include but are not limited to our Police Force, Doctors/NGOs who work inside hostile territory, those public transport guards who stand in Daewoo buses in an ever worsening law and order situation, those traffic Police walas who stand wearing a stupid mask and still smokes all that shytty exhaust coming from the vehicles, those bus drivers who safely transport people through KKH and those bank guards who gets robbed every day.

    But as i mentioned that it was not possible for me to includes all of their stories in my piece, i sincerely hope you guys will forgive me for this.

    In short, i have utmost respect for all the professions especially which “sacrifice” their ease so that others can live in peace!

    Eid Mubarik!Recommend

  • Hammad Tippu

    I simply loved the article. Made me so proud as i am part of this Army.
    True picture as I am also spending my eid with my troops even my elder brother too.
    I feel sorry for those who doesn’t know what we are doing for them.
    Anyways too good article.
    Keep on writing.
    God Bless You.Recommend

  • http://xerics.blogspot.com/ Xeric

    i never wanted to go there but some comments have forced me to jump in.

    Those who want to compare other professions with that of the military, i simply feel sorry for them. Though no profession/person is superior than any other but i think those who sacrifice things they loved voluntarily deserves a little more respect. Everyone has its own job to dwell upon. Some have it by choice, others have them enforced upon them because of circumstances. A guy cleaning windows over a sky scrapper is also at risk, and so is the one who changes your light bulbs when they blow up, but for someone who despite of having a choice to join a profession that was more stable, predictable and easy, decides to wear a uniform knowing fully well that just after 2 years (of training), he will be landing in a war zone (FATAville) and might get killed, i think he deserves a little respect, no?

    Readers have been comparing a Soldier’s job with that of Doctors and Nurses and also Engineers, though there lies no comparison here, but let’s take the example of a Doctor. People said that a doctors are also vulnerable to things like HIV, hepatitis etc, yes they are but tell me, on an average, how many doctors/nurses die or get paralyzed from dealing with such diseases? As compared to a uniformed personnel (including those standing as gatekeepers and chowkidars) who are at risk even when they are sleeping, eating, traveling even when they are on leave.

    How can their risk be greater when one is supposed to use protective gear as part of his profession/duty (masks, gloves, controlled environment etc) ofcourse if one fails to take necessary protective measures, it is the individual or at the max the organization he works for that can be blamed for either being negligent if it’s an individual or in case of the organization, failure to enforce stricter rules due to shortage of funds or whatever.

    Whereas, you want to compare them to those for whom things such as Protective gear, Prevention or even Strict SOPs have no meaning and thus cannot guarantee their safety.

    Though i agree that an epidemic might be more lethal than war, but hey, are we going to compare viruses that can affect an handful men/women (what would be the max number of people who are actually involved in dealing with such dangerous things at any point of time the world over?) with millions who stand in the line of fire 24/7 every time they move from point A to B to fetch a bucket of water (mines/IED threat), move in a convoy, stand guard at a post, sleep in their tents, and now a days even at their homes, or form a gathering even though it was for a casual talk?

    Here, let me give you an example, when i was at Siachen, the second post i got sent to lay on a very sharp gradient of the mountain. Every time one of us had to use the so called bathroom, we had to repel a rope (if you know what i mean, with the D-rings/Carabiners tied to you and stuff) and then make a sprint just before entering the Jerry-Can walled bathroom because the Indian sniper effectively covered a 6-feet-wide gap (as viewed from the enemy’s side) which existed between the gully and the bathroom because of the configuration of the ground and finally, if you were successful in crossing the Pul-e-Siraat and dodging a sniper’s bullet, you had to empty your balder while standing on slippery as hell ice (not snow) floor while you held/tied a rope on one of your arms, because there was no commode but a hole dug in the ice through which your crown jewels either from your balder or bowels dropped down in the abyss that ended at the foothills of the mountain you were occupying – a little slip and the next thing you would see after a fall of approx 400 feet was your head drowning inside your own excretions laying at the base of the mountain – that is, ofcourse if you are still alive after a fall from 400 feet!

    Seriously, you guys want to compare these condition with a guy clad in a lab court, wearing a gas mask and hand covered in gloves which are working behind a barrier of glass?

    No sir, i dont think so.Recommend

  • Dogar

    @Tch tch:
    30,000 and counting..mostly civilians

    10,000 soldier’s dead, and counting.

    And if you have missed it, the protection of our brethren who died as innocent civilians was the responsibility of the govt and the Police, not that of the Army – not until called ‘In Aid of Civil Power’.

    Those are being butchered in Karachi on daily basis, what’s your say on that? Let me give you a hint: blame it too on the Army, easy na?Recommend

  • Asghar Ramzan

    it is interesting rather disgusting to read the derogatory replies from people” defending” Army. so much for logic……………Recommend

  • Sajida Baloch

    @Tehniat Ahsan:
    I understand your agony but my heart also goes for those people who are protesting even on Eid day in Quetta for thier loved one who are missing(needless to say who did this dastard act) .
    my heart also goes for the 34000 civilian who are killed in a war initially created by this CIA proxy militia called Pakistan Army to create strategic depth.
    My heart also goes for the country which are being run like a corporate by Army.
    my heart also goes for the railway system which is brought to the edge of collapse so that NLC could be run more profitably.Recommend

  • Tch tch

    Why not? The Army had no qualms when it set up the MQM to counter the PPP in the late eighties.Ruing an operation against Sindhi nationalist that soured inter community relations. And then bungled one operation after the other since, when its pets got out of control and then giving MQM carte Blanche in the Mush regime, when they were mostly marginalised. Why not blame the Army for Karachi?

    And 10,000 what a joke the highest number given is 4695 per SATP.

    And what exactly is this useless Army for. Losing Wars to India?Making Golf resorts and grabbing land?Recommend

  • http://xerics.blogspot.com/ Xeric

    Allow me to clarify your pseudo doubts regarding the ‘Perks & Privileges’ for once and all. Though i know certain readers are deliberately trying to troll and flame here, but for the consumption of other readers i’ll like to talk about the Askari Housing Scheme (AHS)/Plots, as tha seems to be the main bone of contention here:

    AHS is a process which aims at providing a residential place for the Officers and Soldiers (initiated by Gen Kiyani) once they finally retire, as most of their life these men have been living in hired/rented/govt provided residences. So by providing houses ON PAYMENT to these guys when they retire is atleast one thing that the military can do for then by the end of the day. The MOST important thing to understand here is that this facility is NOT free of cost nor does it is cheap.

    First it is a volunteer service, that means it is your choice if you want to avail this facility or not – so not everyone receives/purchases a plot.

    Second, the Officer/Soldier has to pay every penny to the cost of the house, not a single Rupee is paid from the defence budget or the Army.

    Now a few words about how this AHS it works:

    If one decides to become a member of AHS from a 2/Lt, then he has to start by paying a down payment amounting to Rs 70000/- to 90000/-, only God knows how Officers have to take loans or get help from their parents to get this amount as in ones pay one cannot think to sparing this amount.

    There on, the Officer would pay the installments in the follow manner, installment is paid (as per the rank) every MONTH since the day you become a member till the day you either die or retire (installment rates/figures and years of service have deliberately been altered for the obvious reasons):

    1- 2/Lt to Lt (let’s say he remains a 2/Lt for 3 years and that the rate of monthly installment in this rank is approx Rs 5000 per month – these figures are deliberately altered for the obvious reasons). So, by the time an Officer becomes a (full) Lieutenant, he would already have paid the following amount:
    Rs 5000 x 12 x 3= So at 3 years in his service the Officer had paid Rs 1, 80, 000/- PLUS the Rs 70000/– in down payment.

    2-Lt to Captain, (from now on i’ll not specify the installment rate, nor would i mention the service years between these two ranks), i’ll just write down the payment that the Officer would have made by the time he would be becoming a Major and the amount is approx Rs 4, 50, 000/- IN ADDITION TO THE PREVIOUS 1 Lac 80 Thousand.

    3- Captain to Major, the same procedure, the rate of installment goes up and the net amount deposited to the Govt is approx Rs 5, 20, 000/- IN ADDITION THE PREVIOUS 1 lac 80 thousand and 4 lac 50 thousand.

    Now, let’s say the Officer is to retire as a Major. So he would pay the installment for another 123 number of years till he finally retires at the rank of the Major. So the amount he would pay now is approx Rs 8, 60, 000/-

    Now let’s total up the amount: 70000+180000+450000+860000= Rs 15, 60, 000/- So by the the time and Officer retires at the rank of Major he would already had deposited Rs 15 lac 60 thousand to the AHS.

    However, as the cost of plot has yet not been paid in full (you dont get a plot for 1.5 million these days) *, the Officer is STILL supposed to deposit the remaining *15-25 lac in lump sum from his Pension benefit and his Provident Fund to finally get the plot in his name or else he cannot own the plot.

    So normally Officer refrain from opting for this scheme as this burden their already meager salaries. Imagine Rs 7000 being paid by you on monthly basis for your entire duration of service, this is one. Two, every ranks has it’s own size of plot, i mean a Maj would get X canal plot but a Lt Col would get Y canal (which is larger), so in the end the over all cost is much higher for every upper/next rank.

    So in short, the Officer pays every penny for the plot that he gets in the end, it’s just a way of making it easier for the Officers to get their own residence, nothing else, therefore only anti-army pseudo liberals are going use this as an excuse against the Army to malign it on every chance they get, others who still possess some sanity would easily understand that AHS/Plots are not Perks, nor a Privileged, but something PURCHASED from our hard earned money!Recommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    Xeric hats off to you for your clarification. I want to make a clarification as well. I salute all professionals who work hard for the sake of the country, army included!!! Everybody deserves appreciation. We all are working under great risks, some costing us our lives, some costing us financially, and some costing us our reputation. If you look at all these 3 risks, they are the “same”.Recommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    Dear Author, I spoke too soon and I take my words back. No hats off to you. For as a long as the army “step-brothers” continue to look at the rest of the country’s professions and citizens as low-lifes, we will not give you the appreciation. No respectable army in the world demands appreciation, nor begs for it. Pakistani army tries both. If there is something to appreciate, we will. But I don’t want to dissapoint a “commited” soldier like you. You may be a brave soldier and I have nothing against that … I admire your courage and bravery. But the institution you represent has some serious “behavioural” problems which have never been rectified even after passage of 40 years. And no matter how many mountains you climb, or how many bullets you dodge, or how many risks you take, or how much s**t you do standing (sorry), you have to understand that there is something else beyond your “air”. What you are calling Fata Ville, well this Ville is my home, I serve here (even though I am away for a little time), so is my family. You are fighting it, we are living it. You have helicopters and guns, we only have hopes. Whose hell is stronger? Who deserves MORE respect? I am still adamant on my first post, respect begets respect. Don’t ask for charity. It doesn’t suit you my soldier friend. Adios !!!!Recommend

  • Ich Dien

    An engineer with Schlum thats nice, what is the Rota? 28/28? 28/14? whats the days rate? BTW no where in your qualification or your job contract is a clause which states you are to obey your senior’s orders even to the risk to your life, similarly when was the last time you were asked to go into an area which was closed by you HSE ppl due to high percentage of hazardous gases? You do it for money where in the corporate world you have the option to move to a better position in another company say from Schlum you move to Halliburton or Aramco, name one Army which gives you such option?
    If its about money how much money would you consider enough to put yourself in harms way? stop being an idiot and measuring everything in $$.Half your family is in army only for the money?? So give them enough money and they will be happy to shift their loyalties?? I hope that is not the case.Recommend

  • Lams

    Our country is in the mess it is because we can’t bare to support anyone, don’t want to see anyone happy or anyone trying to get some empathy. I can’t believe how some people are painting the whole army wit the same brush!! When the ceo of a company commits fraud, should even the security guard of that company be jailed? If our Government is looting it’s own people, does that make each and every Pakistani bad? Very fed up with the garbage people are willing to sprout in a split second. We are a weak nation because we are not united over anything. We are so busy killing and fighting with eachother that outsiders only need to add a little fuel to the fire. We are very happy to do the rest. Shame on you haters!!Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    I am actually so sick of people writing all this rubbish about the Army, and how they have started comparing their own professions with that of the armed forces or any other security providing institute in Pakistan!

    But it is Mr. Khan Gul which has made me come back and comment again. Khan Saab, with due respect, you should not be criticizing those people who don’t belong to FATA but still are there for protecting the many residents of FATA like you.

    FYI, my husband’s unit has got officers from Darra Adam Khel and from the remote areas of Balochistan, who have joined Army for making sure that their homeland is protected. They are fulfilling their duties, officers and jawans alike, for protecting their homeland and the people in it. But haters will always be haters, just as you are!

    Have a blessed life!Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    Just to add one incidence over here regarding an officer’s wife who was serving in Bannu while his wife and 2 kids were in a remote cantonment living alone.

    The wife was 6 months pregnant and she miscarried. Her parents dead, and her husband’s living in a city far away from her unable to visit her. That poor lady miscarried, and there was no kith or kin near her to take her to the hospital! The husband traveled 14 hours distance by road all worried and scared regarding what is going to happen to his wife. Thank God, we Amry walas are a close knitted community so the neighbors were looking after the lady!

    While some of you might be abroad or in another city living alone without your wives and kid, but you guys do have family looking after them even if they are not living in the same homes as your parents. Not every army officer has got parents living in the same city as their family’s and sometimes the parents are already living with another son so they have to leave their families in the cantonments.

    Khan Saab, you might have spent 6 Eids away from your family, but you have the basic amenities available to you whereas many faujis are living without electricity and something as basic as an internet!!

    So kindly people grow up and waste all your negative energies productively!Recommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    Dear Madam,

    We all should grow up right? We should stop our hate. Only army men can be productive and the others have just negative energies. The typical and outright “stupid” fauji mentality. Do you think I am paid to come here and bash the army? Do you ever think that perhaps I could also be driven to write about my experiences? Or only army people have the right to talk about their experiences, of how good they are, and how thankless the public are? Please, you should grow up !!!

    The author, you and a few others have immediately started bashing me because Naozobillah I compared doctors to army. Why tell me? Doesn’t the army have doctors? Did they all die or vanish into thin air? Doesn’t the army have engineers? Heck the army even has jamadaars !!!

    The story you told me, I would not like to dismiss outright at face value. I have sympathy for the family. But the ordeal the family went through has nothing to do with the husband being a soldier. Right now, 20% of the youth on jobs have to dislocate to other regions for jobs. By 2030, this percentage will jump to 80% (Read any study on population dynamics in Pakistan and they will give you roughly the same figures). You readily dismiss us men-folk that even if we work in remote areas, our families are looked after. I would give a big haha to do that as you don’t even know what you are talking about. Still, I won’t go into my personal details but give you a hint … Doctors have to serve in remote areas. Imagine a female doctor from Lahore being assigned to serve 3 years in Dera Ghazi Khan !!! Will she be able to do it? If you come out of your army bubble and look around, you will see that she can, and they usually do!!!! And that’s what makes her brave!!! Nobody sings songs about her or writes eulogizing articles for her.

    Lastly about your claim that I should be thankful to the army for giving me security in FATA. I don’t know what I should do, whether to cry or laugh at this. I would thank and respect the army if I stop receiving threatening phone calls from terrorists, whom on more than one occasion I have found to be following me !! But since the army has gone into fighting mode for “other” reasons not including “public welfare” or “public security”, this is not likely to happen. I rest my case and will not prolong this any further. From my personal experience it is NOT WISE to talk to a FAUJEE. It creates unnecessary problems. Either he is too strict, or more likely, too dumb to listen. Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    You should re read your previous comments once again before bashing out on me Khan Gul!

    Why don’t you write on something which you would like to read? For example, a lady doctor serving in Dera Ghazi Khan or Dera Ismail Khan or even places like Chor or Burmund!

    Or even how your family is suffering or you are suffering while working in some remote area or how terrorists call you and threaten you! Atleast, you have my word that I won’t come bashing and start comparing your life with mine or other people like me!Recommend

  • Dogar

    @Khan Gul:

    You Just Got Pwned by Tehniat Ahsan….. :DRecommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    When I have to, I will. I won’t at least taunt the public with words like “indifference, apathy, thankless, etc. etc.” as this is the typical theme found in all army articles.Recommend

  • http://xerics.blogspot.com/ Xeric

    @Khan Gul:
    My my….Gul Khan ji, now lets now put words in others mouth.

    From which sentence exactly did you get the idea of those flowery words that you have use in your last comment?

    Realistically speaking, “indifference, apathy, thankless, etc. etc.” is what i am getting from Khans Guls of Peshawar these days.Recommend

  • A

    an idiot can earn Engineering degree with his father money — I loved it :)Recommend

  • http://Peshawar Khan Gul

    Dear A, who gets into the army after failing the entry test 3 times?

    Dear Xeric, I would suggest let’s call it a day. You have already labelled me as a troll and a flamer. Anybody who sings praises for you would obviously not be any of these two. There is a big reason behind why you reacted so much when I compared other professions with the army. Let me just say that you can re-read my comments as army doctors, army engineers, army truck drivers, army janitors, army khansama’s … They also spend Eid away from home … Everyone of them is doing their duty dilligently and honestly, while the non-army doctors engineers etc bunk haaziri, don’t show up for Eid, and eat haram tankhwa. We all should be thankful to the Army. Hopefully this rephrasing will fit well with the arrogant mindset of certain of my step-brothes and step-sisters.

    Tehnat .. I am sick and tired …… how they have started comparing their own professions with that of the armed forces
    You … Those who want to compare other professions with that of the military, i simply feel sorry for them


  • http://xerics.blogspot.com/ Xeric

    @Khan Gul:
    i didnt fail any entry tests, rather i forewent institutions like FAST, GIK etc after i PASSED their entry tests and still joined the Army. Indeed i was already at Tabani’s doing my Chartered Accountancy when i left it for Army. i have numerous colleagues who are position holders but still had opted for the military.

    So much for your ‘entry tests’.

    For your remainder of the comment:-

    1- i didnt react, was just fighting against something i didnt talk about either in my article or my comments – allowing accusations to take roots is always criminal.

    2- In my blog when i talk about a Soldier, it invariably includes the ‘lower ranks’ like the mess waiters, sweepers, NCBs etc. This was evident! i dont know from did you get this wrong notion? When i talk about the Army or its soldier, i represent the ENTIRE Armed Forces, starting from the Services Chiefs to the Civilians paid out of defence estimates – a simple thing which you failed to comprehend, or should i say, deliberately omitted?

    3- You cant quote a SINGLE word from my blog which says that i or the Army dont care for ‘others’ who sacrifice almost on the similar lines as the latter do, then why do you keep on harping the same tune, that non-army doctors engineers etc bunk haaziri, don’t show up for Eid, eat haram tankhwa

    Like i said, please dont try to put your words in my mouth, it’s immoral to say the least!Recommend

  • Haven’t lost my sanity

    The article itself was good, but the thread of comments leaves me baffled! Come on guys, here we have a number of seriously intelligent people (Army & civilians, both), and they are at loggerheads with each other fighting like real enemies! Only if we could get united and use our brains, time and energy in a more constructive, positive and intelligent manner!

    Do think about it, guys! :)Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    “I am actually so sick of people writing all this rubbish about the Army, and how they have started comparing their own professions with that of the armed forces or any other security providing institute in Pakistan!”

    Khan Gul….You need not edit my comments. This is what I actually wrote.

    And below is the very first comment by you, in which you actually started comparing the other professions with that of the armed forces.

    “Dear Army Officer wife,
    With all due respect, I haven’t joined my family for eid for 6 consecutive eids!!!! I work for the government. I don’t work in the army or security apparatus. I have never complained, and never have written articles verging on “emotional blackmail”. I have 3 kids. I am coping. They are coping. In the end, everybody does their job with honesty and that’s about it. Just because your husband is smelling kerosene at high altitudes doesn’t mean that you should taunt the rest of your country men. Your husband is doing his job, just like I am doing. Doctors, Police, Nurses, Engineers, heck even truck drivers spend time away from their family (at months on end).”Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    @Haven’t lost my sanity

    I totally agree with you. But sadly we are a nation which doesnot agree even to the sighting of the Eid moon. Being united truly is a nation, at least for now, seems out of question.Recommend

  • Tehniat Ahsan

    And this is going to be my last poist, hopefully. Just a message to all those who are degarding the army and saying that the other professionals work among risks as well. You guys are hundred percent right.

    Just something I don’t know why those who are especially sympathizing with the doctors have missed. A young doctor, Sana Usman, lost her life last month not in FATA or some other war effected area, but in Jinnah medical hospital, Karachi while she got strangled when her dupatta got caught in the elevator. If all of you would kindly mover over to that blog and just show your “concerns” regarding the plight the doctors are facing these days, maybe the government will punish the authority for the murdering of a young 24 years old!

    I am leaving in peace hoping that someday our nation will get truly united!Recommend

  • Hafiz Mohammad Bilal

    I have no words to admire Pak Armed Forces. How they spend their time leaving their homes, live without seeing the face of thier familes and little angels, only they knows, only their families know that pain …… Salute to all Pak Arm Forces. I lived my uncle who just retired this year … Masha’Allah he was on the great post … Infact they have their family with him there … And what I observed in 2 days and 1 night is, he always stay alert. Even when he sleeps …. And sometime they didnt sleep for 3 days or more … Why ??? Just for the protection of their motherland … Even I met Cheif of Army staff Gen. Ashfaq Qayani sb ….. It’s just not a life of an officer, it represents whole life of an Fouji Jawan … The pain of losing his young son in accident … Only he knows … Miss my cousin even today .. May his and the souls of all martyres R.I.P. Ameen … I dont know what I am writing … But I give respect to Army … While they passing us on the roads in hino … Or trucks .. I just stop on stop and salute them .. It feels so good … Giving them respect. … I dont know why do people criticize such great men …. And the media too … Salute and a lot of love for all lovers of Pak army, PYF and Navy … And thier families… And to the aunti (mother) @Tahniat Ahsan and sister Sana … Nothing else to say … Just a request to the people criticizing our love ones (Army) plzzz dont do this. .. Dont believe any rumours against our Arm forces… Our enemy afraid of our Army… Dont forget that when India attacked us these Jawans raised a slogan and gave their lives wearing jackets full of ammo .. Blasting the tanks … The place you’re living in, we have just because of these men. … Plzzz stop criticizing and support them … And if u cant plzzzzzz just stop criticizing. … If any of my words hurt any one I am sorry….

    Pakistan Zindabad … Pakistan Arm Forces Paindabad ….
    Jeway Pakistan <3 Recommend

  • Paki

    Pakistan Paindabad
    Pakistan Army ZindabadRecommend

  • Zakuta

    @Khan Gul:

    “We all are working under great risks, some costing us our lives, some costing us financially, and some costing us our reputation. If you look at all these 3 risks, they are the “same”.

    Yea I agreed that every profession is respectful but its not necessary they are all at same risk!
    You are comparing LIFE with financially crisis, come on Man!
    You meant to say if one’s Mother Son lost his LIFE and on other hand one’s Mother Son lost his JOB! so they are same!!!! Khan Sb he will get new JOB but can you give that Mother his SON back who lost his life!Recommend

  • Zakuta

    @Sajida Baloch:
    Sajida baji what you think about BLA! Recommend

  • Mascot

    @Sajida Baloch:
    My heart also goes for the railway system which is brought to the edge of collapse so that NLC could be run more profitably.

    Sajida for your kind information during Musharaf stay under the Shaikh Rasheed, Railways doing much better that time!
    …now Mr.Belour screwed the Railways!!
    And now you are sparking on NLC so I think its much easier in Musharaf’s time to screw Railway so NLC can do good business but dear Its never happened! so please…..Recommend

  • http://flickr.com/azmimalik Azmat

    WOW, everyone writes about a soldier’s Eid or how he has left his parents and family to live in a 5*7 igloo or whatever. Come on, its your job(AGAIN) you are paid over 25000 extra to serve there. Recommend

  • bangash

    I doubt these jawans can write English as good as this. Is this ISPR propaganda ?Recommend

  • http://xerics.blogspot.com/ Xeric

    And you actually thought that this piece was written by Gunner Fazal himself? http://cl.jroo.me/z3/O/d/w/d/a.aaa-Banana-suicide.jpg

    And people say we South Asians have an higher intelligence quotient!!

    Dude, it is a story of a soldier, narrated by him, but penned by another individual with his on input added to the piece.Recommend

  • Akhter

    Shame on you for belittling the sacrifices soldiers like Fazal Mehmood make day in day out, No salary can give back a life be it with loved ones or dying will fighting to protect your homeland, i guess people like you would never understand the guts it takes to put your self in harms way for people who are ungrateful and remorseless. Furthermore the salary is insignificant compared to the sacrifice in the line of duty be it as a Police force or Army. And NO the writer is not moaning or whinging at his duty he has just shown me the life of a soldier through his eyes and for this i will be indebted to him for ever. Thank You Fazal Mahmood for ensuring the safety of my nation.Recommend

  • Akhter

    @Engineer: I tell you what i will pay you 4x what you are earning put YOU on the Border and see you get shot/beheaded by the taliban and then when i bury you i will put 4x your current salary into your coffin!.
    How about that!
    also don’t make up scenarios to suit your negativity to the army, because no Commercial venture in the world has the same working conditions as the army. Recommend

  • Akhter

    @Elhaan Khan:
    Very Misguided and simplistic comment to make, Sitting in our individual silo’s we are unaware of the situation created by Russian invasion of Afghanistan or the subsequent sacrifices we made ( Rightly or Wrongly ) Those were decisions the people in Command had to make (Hindsight is a wonderful thing especially for laptop pundits and warriors) However if you look at the statistics of Abortions and single mothers in Afghanistan during the Russian occupation perhaps the alternative to supporting the mujaheddin is not so attractive. With regards to Taliban this is a failure of the Americans who dropped the Mujaheddin like a hot potato after Russia left, Hence you had battle hardened fundamentalist warriors with no battle to wage the resultant Taliban is no mystery.
    Zia Should have handled the Afghan fallout but he was otherwise occupied ( in 50000 pieces scattered over vast area) The resultant PPP Government did not have the will/know how to deal with international politics and Governance ( A trait they carry to this day).
    Please don’t let your personal indifference detract from the real Sacrifices our armed forces make day in day out.Recommend

  • Akhter

    @Tch tch: I was about to comment and realized that a person with a warped mind like yours would never understand! Recommend

  • Akhter

    @Khan Gul:
    You obviously have no idea what your talking about! How does being a truck driver equate to the danger a soldier puts his life in to protect our borders? Or for that matter how many times does a Dr or Nurse put there lives at risk to protect you? They at least have afford the luxury of not having a bulls eye painted on them, which is exactly what happens to Jawan standing on duty. So Please see things as they truly are and thank the Army jawan’s that you and i stll have the luxury of a homeland.Recommend

  • http://xerics.blogspot.com/ Xeric

    First, no one gets Rs 25000 ‘extra’ to serve at Siachen or anywhere else. The max increase when gets by putting his life on line at an area like Siachen where he would probably be killed by the cold, medical complexities like HAPE and HACE then an enemies bullet is 50% of the basic pay i.e. if a soldier is getting Rs 10000/- as his basic, now he might get Rs 15000/-.

    Second, i bet, a guy like you dont even have the guts to visit that place even for a million, what to talk about serving there!Recommend