Pakistan has all it takes to be a great nation!

Published: November 16, 2012

Yes, I strongly believe that Pakistan has everything it takes to be strong, united and disciplined. PHOTO: AFP

It has been four years since I moved to Austria to pursue a PhD degree. At the time of leaving Pakistan, I was overjoyed, filled with excitement and enthusiasm. The picture of Europe, though largely exaggerated, depicted by my friends who were already studying there, was so appealing that I could hardly wait to get there.

The excitement was so overwhelming that I did not even bother to see the tears in my mother’s eyes when she came to see me off at Jinnah Airport. I rushed to the check-in counter, fearing that I may miss the flight and have to wait for another few days to fly to Austria.

There is no shame to confess that it was my first flight. I come from a poor family and even travelling in a lower-AC train compartment was an enormous luxury for me. The state of thrill and ecstasy persisted for a brief amount of time until the aeroplane took off and I found myself in the skies. I was, then, overwhelmed by some bizarre and unpleasant feelings that I can never adequately explain.

I felt as if I suddenly lost something and it was then that I realised that I would not be able to see my parents, family and friends for a long time to come. I was leaving my country, my people.

I never expected this to happen to me.

I do pride myself on being a strong man, but I just burst out crying, right there!

After a while, I was able to control my condition by reminding myself of the beautiful life I was going to live in Europe.

I was welcomed by a Pakistani in Austria who was already doing his PhD in the same university I was going to join. During the discussion with him on the first day, I was shocked to know that we are the only two Pakistanis in that city. This little revelation depressed me. Of an amicable nature, just like many other Pakistanis, I consoled myself with the hope that I had yet to be charmed by country and its people.

As it turned out, life in Austria is completely different from the one I was acquainted to in Pakistan, and I was thrown in the deep abyss of frustration. I missed my family, friends and culture terribly. The population was extremely low for the size of the city and you could hardly find anyone on the roads after seven in the evening. Unable to speak in German yet I was left out of many conversations and the barrier would not allow me to socialise as freely as I had thought.

Funnily enough, I expected the dorm life to be more upbeat and familiar, but was surprised to find out that even there I was the only person who stayed awake past 9:00 pm! Missing the late night culture back home, I pined for the company of friends. Soon enough, I was left with a feeling of imprisonment with feelings of loneliness, depression and a severe cultural shock.

It took me quite a while to adjust to the environment. The next thing on my mind was that fact that I had to pursue two degrees; a Masters and a PhD. I was so scared of unnecessarily prolonging my stay in Austria that I finished my Masters in less than a year and a half and immediately started my PhD.

During the cultural transition phase, I discovered many things about the Austrian and European cultures. I found that the life in Austria is highly disciplined, peaceful and comfortable. The crime rate is almost zero. The poverty and unemployment rates are at their minimum. A trait that I was inspired by was that the Austrians hate lying, corruption and bribery. No one is exempt from paying their taxes and the system of tax collection and spending on their own people is outstanding. Unlike our country, the difference between poor and rich is negligible. Everyone has equal opportunities and rights. Even a shopkeeper can drag the prime minister or president of the country to court for justice.

Without any exaggeration, all these things make this country a paradise on earth.

Nevertheless, there was still something that would nag at me, perturb me and leave me with an uneasy feeling; I still missed my country, despite its shortcomings.

There seems to be some sort of unexplainable gravity associated to the country I hail from. Despite all the crimes, corruption, electricity load-shedding, shortage of gas, unjustified favouritism, and religious extremism, I still want to go back Pakistan as soon as I finish my PhD.

The only thing, I reckon, that actually makes me want to go back home are the values and relationships that I feel a vacuum for here. The way people are strongly bonded to their loved ones in Pakistan is a trait we seem to take for granted and a quality the people living abroad would do well to adopt.

I wish our country could be more like Austria. I wish our people could be as sensible as to pick their own destinies. I pray that we are blessed with a good government system, prosperity, high quality education and a better quality of life, because we have everything it takes to be a great nation. All we have to do now is to try and be as sensible, responsible and disciplined as the common Austrian is.

Umair Khan

Umair Ali Khan

A researcher in Alpen-Adria University, Austria, Umair is currently pursuing his PhD degree from the same university. His interests include writing and behavioural analysis.

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  • gp65

    Your feelings are understandable. Kipling described it best when he said ” You can take a boy out of the jungle. You can’t take the jungle out of the boy”.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Well, just like one shouldn’t generalize all of Pakistan, one can’t generalize all student experiences by the one you have had in what seems like a tame and quaint little town. Plus, come on, the language barrier can’t help. To me German sounds like someone is having a linguistics wrestling match. Not as bad as Arabic though, which sounds like a spit fight.

    Also, since you are pursing a PHD, I can’t imagine you are a teenager. As a young person I loved leaving my roots, but I am sure that had I been more set in my ways, the experience would have been more trying. In fact, I remember a masters student from Pakistan, who was much older than me and HATED Canada. Horses for courses.

    Anyway, the real reason I am commenting on this blog is to say that this is one of the most well written blogs I’ve read on ET in a while. It has a real flow to it, and the paragraphs have a natural transition. (redundant sentence, sorry)

    Unlike other ET blogs, this one is free of tired terms like “moreover”, and “not only this”… which I am really quite guilty of using in lazy excess myself are. Such terms help editing a flow together when there isn’t one, but to someone who reads the ET blogs regularly, I find them to be like a splinter in my mind’s eye. :)

    Not sure if is a credit to the editing staff but all the best, and a fun piece. :) Recommend

  • I.

    Loved it..!
    I hope to see more blogs written by you soon :)Recommend

  • Parvez

    You have so nicely and simply described your feelings. If the world were not such a diverse place, it would be so boring, wouldn’t it ?Recommend

  • Mak Bulelzai

    The epic is the line “I just burst crying, ritgh there! ” . Good to read this article as a whole.Recommend

  • Shehrazade Shah

    A very candid and honest account from a man I would deem a true patriot. The love of his country does not blind him to its shortcomings, and it is people like you that can help change the mind-set of the people that hold progress back, in Pakistan.

    I wish you the best of luck with your Phd and a swift return to your beloved land –Recommend

  • BlackJack

    A very genuine piece – well-written, simple and honest. All the very best.Recommend

  • Umulbaneen

    Spot-on! Come Back soon! Pakistan needs people like you.Recommend

  • Muzzammil

    It is like a school going kid’s essay because of the simplicity. Candid and effective…Recommend

  • Asif Khan

    The author has explained the feelings of a group of intelligent students, moving abroad for higher studies, in a well defined manner. The article depicts his actual feelings and tough time he has gone through. I myself is passing through similar situation and can better understand his message. I salute to his patriotism and love for his people and relationships. I think, these kind of people are the actual investment of Pakistan. God bless him.Recommend

  • Typical Pakistani

    Narration of patriotic feelings for your country is superb! But I could not get, was blog about it ? !! Recommend

  • Nandita.

    This is one of the most honest pieces I have read on ET. It made me cry because i was pretty much in the same situation a couple of months back – I used to spend a lot of time pining for home and wallowing up in self pity and of course crying for no apparent reason.
    But things are good now ! My usual jolly self has, thankfully, taken over. Whenever I feel loneliness creeping in , I log onto youtube and have a dance party all by myself. It’s not as miserable as it sounds – I actually love it. Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Whenever I feel loneliness creeping in
    , I log onto youtube and have a dance
    party all by myself.

    That sounds like fun!

    takes a step back very slowlyRecommend

  • Nandita.

    @Noman Ansari:

    Hahaha … Your comment has me in splits.

    I know it sounds absolutely crazy but I love it ! Dancing is great fun, if there’s no one around to dance with, I dance alone. It’s better than sobbing into my pillow.
    Try it sometime Noman ! Put on some rocking Punjabi music and hit the dance floor and then come back and tell me how you felt. It’s fun reaaalllyyy ! Recommend

  • Aviator

    Well written! I think this is a common experience for any person who leaves their home to go to a different place.

    I agree, despite all the problems, Pakistan and Pakitanis have truely great qualities, if the country can overcome corruption, millitancy, honour crimes etc. , then it really can excel as a nation.Recommend

  • cynical

    @ Noman Ansari:
    noman bhai angreji k ustaad lagtay hein.. thori si angreji mujhay bhi sikha dien…:p
    @ writer:
    nobody gets all the good at one place. every thing has its strengths and weaknesses.
    btw in which subject are you pursuing your phd?Recommend

  • saad aziz

    the think i hate in paksitani people is that they take pride in everything,i am proud to be pakistani,proud to be a muslim,proud to be whatever,whatever,yes one should love his culture and country but taking pride in something is what i personally dislike,this is what life is,life is about exploring,travelling,meeting new people,seeing things that few people have,you should try to make friends there,socialize,love human beings and other culutres instead of sitting in a corner and being proud of it,the article is quite good,i hope you will enjoy your life as it comes to you,best of luckRecommend

  • umar

    If some one could please enumerate few good trait of our pakistani nation,i.e liars,lazy,self centered,lack of patriotism,ie rulers,illitrate,big populace all ingredient to destroy a nation,which is now evidentRecommend

  • truth before self

    A beautiful article articulated in a brilliant manner. I empathize with Umair because I travel a lot abroad on work for 2-3 weeks at a time and within a couple of days, I start counting the days when I will get back home. Life in western countries are extremely efficient, clean and organized, but the people there lack a soul – they live and behave amongst themselves like robots. The passion, emotion & fervor that people in India and Pakistan demonstrate amongst each other are completely lacking in those countries, which immediately starts making an impact on us. It’s hard to explain but I feel that as people, we here live life much more fully – despite the chaos, indiscipline & corruption.

    So brother Umair, hang on there and complete your assignment and when its over decide where you want to live – my guess is you’ll come back to Pakistan which is great-:)……Love from an Indian friend!!Recommend

  • G. Din

    Would like to compliment the author for his diction except for a minor glitch. One is acquainted with– not to– something. Please accept this suggestion in the spirit that it is being offered.
    There is a saying you might want to keep in your mind: “No one ever goes home!”
    By the time you think you would be ready to return, your country would have changed so much and the home you thought you were returning to is no longer the “home” you left long ago. There is the next bout of depression you might have to brave out. I have seen many who returned to their country but, within a short span of time, returned to the country they had returned from. That had become their new home.
    I do not know what discipline you have selected for your PhD. But, there is a high probability that your country (Pakistan) will not be able to use your services in that field after you are awarded one. Your profession is for the rest of your life. And having worked hard to receive that PhD, you would be loathe to pursue any other avenues. In all likelihood, that will pose an enormous challenge to your “patriotism” even if you can overcome the cultural chasm that would have appeared by that time.
    I hate to douse your sentiments but “No one ever really goes home!”Recommend

  • Outsider

    I think this was your first visit , that’s why you felt like this . However life is very efficient in western culture and you must have seen hourly pay there. However pak can’t be like Austria , because no islamic country can’t be like Austria .There is not a single Islamic country which is progressive (Don’t tell me about Turkey. You will find couple kissing on the streer corner. It’s society is european and people are not diven by religion there).If someday it happens , then name your dog after my name.I bet.Recommend

  • Eric Kumar

    Well written. My only questian is Pakistan has good Univeresities, why to go to Austeria to pursue further studies.but then the questian arises, one can not find the value of your motherland untill and unless one leaves its country. I wish you good luck work hard and comeback to your home soon.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari


    You have named yourself well! :)


    Alright, I will consider it. :)

    Though you should go out and make some friends! I know new places can be really daunting, but give it a chance. Trust me, I’ve been there. The initial phase is especially awkward and difficult to get out of. Recommend

  • bangash

    Stay in Austria.Recommend

  • Asif Khan

    Well a very honestly written article, I hope your return to Pakistan and also hope that you will teach the students of Pakistan with this enthusiasm and passion which you have shown to your people in this article. What I have seen 90% of the returned PhDs are on the same lazy and corrupt track, they are not returning to their country.Recommend

  • Raza Mujtaba

    Please change the title of your article.. this should read “Why I miss my Country”… waste of time and space….Recommend

  • from USA

    The emotions the author has described in the article is really amazing. Currently, I am in USA and studying in New York in one of the best universities of the world. while leaving Pakistan, I did the same pointed out by the author. Excited and eager to leave Pakistan, I even did not bother to celebrate eid with my family and left the country only one day before eid although it was not required by the University. But I have started to feel the grim reality of USA. The main problem is the culture. You cannot have a true sense of friendship after befriending with Americans. Only I find indians to be near to our culture and enjoy being with them. It is true that our nation tells lie, kill each other and do every wrong you might find on this earth. But then we are from the same nation, we feel like them we are used to lies, killing and to all of their faults. Recommend

  • ali sindhi

    i don’t know why but we just laugh till the core….and i wont share reality its painful Recommend

  • Raj

    @saad aziz: I think there is nothing wrong in having pride about one’s own culture and religion. The problem begins if you start thinking that you know all and you are always right and others are always wrong and inferior since they have a different opinion and then start degrading other faiths and cultures in order make yours look better. That is essentially the problem many Pakistanis are facing.Recommend

  • Nauman
  • EduGuides

    Very well-written indeed.Recommend

  • mahakaalchakra

    Blog does not justify what the title says. Title should have been:

    Pakistan HAD all it takes to be a great nation!

    The cream is going… going… and gone most of them for ever.

    Write in ET when you are back home. You will run back to the west.

    But excellent in expression and simplicityRecommend

  • Casiono3279

    The only way Pakistan can come up is by cleaning up the political and religious scum who parade as leaders. In short there is no alternative to good honest and clean government. But where will we get the people to take the country forward, i wonder. Change all the archaic bureaucratic laws, like the Police Act and Income Tax Act, etc. and let the police function without any kind of political constraints. Wishful thinking, but it can be done if the will and honesty of purpose is there.Recommend

  • Insaan

    Author: “The way people are strongly bonded to their loved ones in Pakistan is a trait we seem to take for granted and a quality the people living abroad would do well to adopt.

    People in third world countries tend to bond more strongly…I mean poor people tend to bond strongly. It is not just a Pakistani or Indian or Mexican trait Recommend

  • Dq

    @Outsider: pls tell ur name…just for future reference in case…Recommend

  • Pakistani Hindu

    Your blog title is one of the first things a reader sees when visiting your blog. Kindly choose a name that reflects the purpose of your blog.Recommend

  • Anoop

    I am sure even a Somalian will say his country and its people have the potential to achieve greatness and he would be right.

    Even an Afghan would want to think his nation has all it takes to be a great nation.

    Sober up and think about what really distinguishes Pakistan from the rest of the world, starting with History, which is where you will trip up.

    All Nations on Earth have potential. Even a desert nation can build mega cities like Dubai.Recommend

  • anwar

    Yes- Pak, is a great country. That’s why we are still doing Phd(s) in foreign countries. Recommend

  • Kashif Surhio

    Mr Umair Ali Khan, your story is truly great and this is what we all (your students) think. And these are my personal comments, without the thing that you are the one of the best instructor of my life.
    Stay blessed with your family :)Recommend

  • http://India Feroz

    You come from a very social background and your writing conveys you are home sick. What you must understand is that to get to the Austrian quality of life a society needs to have a similar kind of thinking. An Austrian is trained to stand on his feet by the time he is seventeen and his upbringing and education equips him for it. In our society which disallows many freedoms most kids that age when given the freedom may waste it.
    You must distinguish the difference between welfare States and theocratic States. One has welfare of the people enshrined in its Constitution, the other insists on the writings in a book governing all matters of a State. The outcome and progress made by these two choices are starkly different. Pakistan is taking ages to recognize the obvious — you cannot have your cake and eat it too.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Mr Khan,
    The impression one gets from your article is that you feel happy when you think of your coutry as a great Nation and definitely you miss it while not be able as a student to integrate into the local communty. Austria is a Mozart and strauss country, if you are interested in music. Wien the capital is a city of coffee houses, museums and palaces and has historic importance, which during the time of Habsburgers was the capital of Europe, came under siege by the Ottomans twice and only against the annual tributes to the Sultan, escaped becoming part of the Ottoman Empire.

    During a break, drive over to Budapest, which was under rule of the Ottomans for more than two centuries and enjoy a meal on the banks of the blue danube while listening to the music of Litz. You will recall your experience once you return to your great country.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Saeed swabi

    Your feelings are,though amicable,your write-up a bit cool.Recommend

  • Bharat


    Being on your own at a young age is one of the best things in the western societies.Recommend

  • Mak Bulelzai

    @Author: I think, you have this great sense of writing your true feelings. I will love to see another article from you. Keep it up please.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @Noman Ansari:

    :) I understand what you’re saying.

    I do have friends, we go out. I am a strong person as must be apparent,To be honest, I’ve resisted this move abroad mainly because my parents are back in India and I fear this will turn into a long stay which is not something I want.My father doesn’t keep too well,I want to be there for him. It’s all good now because I’ve decided to ensure that my stay here isn’t extended. So I’m at peace! Family comes first. :)Recommend

  • AD

    One of the most honest blog ever read in ET

    Hatts off to u sir come back to Pak ppl like u seriosuly need of this country Recommend

  • akt

    but a very poor quality of human resourceRecommend

  • Ayush


    hahaha, i do EXACTLY the same thing. Despite being an ethnic Punjabi, i am born and brought up in the South and my family has lived there for generations. But when i feel like i need “a bit of home” it is often that Punjabi music that gets me going again. Just something about it that just lifts spirits and truly makes you feel the “joi de vivre”.
    Dancing is the best way of getting your act together. No shame in admitting that i dance solo too :)Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui

    Well Written .

    As always Mr. Anoop always comes up with some Indian hatred towards Pakistan, people like you on both sides of border will never let South Asian region live in peace and harmony Recommend

  • Anoop

    @Saad Siddiqui:

    All I am saying is all nations have potential. Pakistan is no special. Its the ideology and the people who make a country different. Potential is with every single country, even the most despotic and poor.Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui


    Yes every country has potential, same is the case with Pakistan .Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui


    Ofcourse Pakistan is no special, but for every Country Loving person on this earth their country is special . Just like Your parents would be special for you but not for any other random person. Your religion might be special for you but not for other religions, your house might be special for you but not for everyone. Pakistan is special for the writer , for me and for many Pakistanis out there, not for you, same as India might be special for You and for so many Indians out there, but not for me . Whats the big deal Recommend

  • Anoop

    OK, then whats the problem, eh? Isn’t that exactly what I said..

    People don’t find faults with my comment, so start targeting me.. Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui


    Correct me if am wrong, what I got from your post , you were implying that considering history, Pakistan does not have potential.That is what I got from your post . If that’s not what you said then my bad, or you could have put your thoughts in a more explanatory manner, considering your previous hateful comments on various blogs any person who is a regular reader on ET will find this one to be a hateful too, and No you were not clearRecommend

  • Saad Siddiqui


    Besides that the writer no where said that other countries does not have potential, everyone likes to read and write good things about their country, there was no need to put his good wishes down, even if someone writes good about India, it feels good to be with a good neighbor. Because this region will only progress when the countries will start respecting each other !Recommend

  • Anoop

    @Saad Siddiqui:

    “Correct me if am wrong, what I got from your post , you were implying that considering history, Pakistan does not have potential.”

    I did not imply that but was instead implying that History and Ideology of a Nation-State has a lot to do with the loosely defined “potential”. Hope you don’t disagree with me.

    “considering your previous hateful comments on various blogs any person who is a regular reader on ET will find this one to be a hateful too, and No you were not clear”

    I speak the truth. i don’t garnish it, so sounds like hate. I would be much obliged if you point out if I have presented historical inaccuracies or irrational statements. I will either correct myself or explain my position.

    “Because this region will only progress when the countries will start respecting each other !”

    I respect ideologies of non-violence, unity and secularism. Pakistan is principally against all these. Forget me, how can you respect your own country!

    If I hated Pakistan, I would wish for it to collapse. I want a non-noisy neighbour, like say, Bhutan? Or, Nepal? Or, Bangladesh, even?

    Events like Mumbai attacks and Kargil attacks are happening from one side only.

    My country is progressing and standing firm on its stated principle laid out in the Constitution of India. Is yours? Don’t be a romantic and answer honestly.Recommend

  • Anoop

    “same as India might be special for You and for so many Indians out there, but not for me . Whats the big deal”

    I like my Parents because they gave me education and unlimited amount of Love; for being genuinely good parents and Human Beings. Its not blind.

    Same with Religion and Country.

    I love and respect India because it didn’t end up like a Hindu Pakistan. Its never blind. I see lot of problems with India and have never proclaimed it to be the greatest nation on Earth. It has its plusses and minuses.

    To present the reality is what defines me. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    I like your way of conversing because you have tried to reason. I have done the same. On this count me and you are not unlike each other.Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui


    1st of all speaking the truth and voicing you opinion are two different things. And you opinion might be disagreed upon. Just because you find it truth doesn’t make it one .
    Whatever our ideology is, don’t get me start on Hindu Extremism witnessed over the decades, dont get me start on 100’s of separatists movements and oppression of Kashmiri ppl
    Lets not get to uncommon terms, because if we start to argue over the past mistakes our elders have made, then our future generations will be facing the same issues between countries as we are facing, lets come on common grounds and help each other building strong relations, to make this regions safe, and others will not take advantage of it, trust me politicians wont do it . Only the ppl can make it possible

  • Anoop

    @Saad Siddiqui:

    “Hindu Extremism witnessed over the decades”

    Hindu Extremism was and is a reaction to the perceived victimisation of the Hindus over the centuries. That is why after 1947, it went away in big way.

    Lahore was a cultural hub, the Film capital of India. The Hindus leave and it turns into a Basant hating, rioting city devoid of its Hindu or Indianness. So devoid of Art it becomes that it has to import Movies for popular entertainment, which only decades ago produced movies for the rest of India.

    Hindu Extremism is not a natural phenomena and a reactionary one. You don’t hear many Hindu Terrorists addressing big crowds calling for hate against the infidel. You don’t hear videos of Hindu Terrorists being circulated which quotes directly from the Holy Text. That honour is only for one particular ideology, which seems is infinitely open to violent interpretation.

    “dont get me start on 100′s of separatists movements and oppression of Kashmiri ppl”

    I’ll challenge you to name 10 such insurgences. You said you have hundred of them right?

    Why has the Kashmir insurgency disappeared after Musharaf winded down Pakistan’s support to the Terrorists, like Hafiz Saeed?

    “lets come on common grounds and help each other building strong relations, to make this regions safe, and others will not take advantage of it, trust me politicians wont do it . “

    I never said there shouldn’t be peace. Nobody in India feels that way. That is why we extended MFN status in 1996. That is why our PM came down to Lahore, after which he was backstabbed in Kargil. That is why we have not behaved like Israel after the 2003 parliamentary attack and the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

    We have been very civil. We have never ever broken the IWT, which we could easily have and starved Pakistan to death.

    Unless you believe in the crazy conspiracy theories, India has been very benevolent to Pakistan. In spite of attacks on its physical and ideological sovereignty India has not lost patience.

    So, give that advice to your own people. I feel India has been too well behaved with Pakistan.

    I am not one of those doves of peace, who will appropriate blame upon themselves just to please the hosts or the debaters. We have done no wrong. We talk from a position of strength ideologically and politically. Recommend

  • Ali J

    It’s like you just read my mind. Recommend

  • Atif


    You like to speak truth. Fine, good. But remember there are two ways to speak the truth. First, “your all family member will die in front of you”. Second, “you will have longest life within your family”. Same thing but totally different effect. But it is a God gifted kind of thing and not everyone has it. Also telling the truth is very easy when it is against your enemy. I will count how much truth you speak when it comes to India.

    Second regarding IWT, Internationally things doesn’t work this way. First country can not possibly have the right to use all the resources at the mouth of the river. The country where it begins must also remember the needs of the country where the river ends, they still ‘own’ part of that river.Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui


    So as you have excuses to defend Hindu Extremism, you might have very well excuses to defend Shiv Sena and its child RSS, then you might have very well excuses to defend Gujrat and AHmedabad under BJP, you might have well excuses to defend Samjhota Express blast, the Mecca Masjid, Shiv Sena is still a large hindu extremist party and we saw that a woman and her friend were arrested just for posting against the city closure, after protestors vandalized the building belonging to her father. and You dont need a holy text to spread extremism , as you already have Hindutva .

    Separatists movements, Kashmir is the biggest example of separatist movement, Khalistan which you crushed by force, Assam is not new, Tripura dont want to be your part, besides that Indian interference in SriLanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan has been a part of Greater Indian Ideology .

    IWT , you have already broken by building dams infact you ppl have decided to build 7 dams, you never adopted UN Resolution on Kashmir . As you say you are civilized and have done “nothing” wrong. Well that is where the problem lies, you ppl are not ready to accept your mistakes, so not Pakistan. THen you call out that we have problems ? Act like a man and start accepting your mistakes. But since you insist that you are “perfect”, “civilized” , so I doubt this debate will ever end and the problems will ever be solved . Have you ever heard a phrase in Urdu ? “Taali dono haath se bajti hai” ! Recommend

  • Anoop

    @Saad Siddiqui:

    Nope, sorry they are not excuses. There is no political element in Hinduism, unlike in Islam or Christianity.

    Do you think Gandhi and Buddha are a flash in the pan? Do you think India having the highest number of vegetarians is a co-incidence?

    The Hindu ethos encourages non-violence, tolerance, plurality. This in turn has give rise to ideologies which preach non-violence above all else like Buddhism and Jainism.

    If the Hindu Religion was really intolerant, why would its followers pick a Sikh over a Hindu to be the PM of India? Not once but twice? Why would they allow a Catholic Italian origin woman to be the most powerful woman in India, even in Asia?

    You talk about RSS, BJP, who are recent additions into the 5000 year old Indian history. They were born in the 19th century, after perceived victimisation. They have not come to power more than once in its 65 year history because there is no political element in Hinduism which they seek to represent.

    And, no I do not support Gujrat riots, which again were an answer to the burning of 59 Hindus in a train. Do you think the riots would have happened if 59 Hindus weren’t burnt alive?

    After 1000 years of non-Hindu rule over a people predominantly Hindu, you expect such things to happen.

    You said named Khalistan when a Sikh is PM of India. Very smart move. You talked of 100s of movement but could name only, what, 4? For a Billion plus people, representing 1/6th of the humanity, these are very very minute numbers.

    If we interfered in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, why are they having such good relations with India?

    “IWT , you have already broken by building dams infact you ppl have decided to build 7 dams, you never adopted UN Resolution on Kashmir . “

    1) Pakistan has taken the issue to WB several times. India has never been asked to demolish a dam by the neutral experts. Its not our problem India has been efficient enough to build dams and quickly, which is part and parcel of the treaty.

    “The World Bank-appointed expert
    Raymond Lafitte, a Swiss engineer,
    ruled in favor of India on three of
    six objections.”

    Its not our fault if your people are incompetent. We have got money we build dams. According to the treaty, first come first serve.

    2) UN Resolutions state that Pakistan has to withdraw from Kashmir and hand over Territory to India, following which a plebiscite to be held. That will never happen, so none of which is our fault. It is YOU who is violating the UN resolutions, by not only not withdrawing from Kashmir but also gifting India’s rightful Territory, as per the accession agreement, to China.

    “But since you insist that you are “perfect”, “civilized” , so I doubt this debate will ever end and the problems will ever be solved . “

    There you go, I’ve answered your queries. Turns out we really have not done no wrong. IWT we have honoured. We tried to implement the UN Resolutions but you guys are not willing to withdraw from Kashmir and handed over Territory to China.

    You have truly run out of blames. We have been civil and perfect. If you still don’t feel so please tell us why..Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui

    You talked about Gujrat Riots blamed on , in response to train burning, but you forgot one point that Gujrat riots were done under the supervision of Gujrat Govt. Narendar Modi to be more specific,as we have video proves to your undercover journalists, the police were involved and so was the whole state. That is one good examples of Hindu Extremism, Mecca Mosque bombing and Samjhota Express was blamed directly on Muslims, which later turn out to be Hindu Extremists, Oh and BJP and RSS are not the product of victimization, Hindus have been dominating for years in SouthAsia , so there is no question of victimization , Sikhs were victimized, so were Christians and Muslims, just because a few members of minority raised to fame doesnt removes the fact of humanitarian crises in India.

    Please correct your facts regarding IWT, Raymond Lafitte thing was regarding Baglihar Dam, but India proceeded to build more dams without involving UN, it was just Pakistan’s weakness that it didn’t raise this issue in UN

    I can sit back and laugh when you says that Pakistan was to “withdraw” from Kashmir, please let me tell you, you are taking back to 1948 , after 1948 more than a dozen resolutions has been passed, and they talk about “reduction” of troops rather than “withdrawal” which was many many years ago, and it talks about choice of Kashmiri people, nothing talks about “WIthdrawal”, cut in the troops was ordered for both sides, which neither India did, nor Pakistan

    Lets not forget the history of your interference in Nepal, recently India have been violating border rules with Nepal, lets not forget LTTE’s history.

    I mentioned the 4 Big separatists just to give a hint . Rest remaining I have mentioned “Why” you are not “perfect” , just to add more to you extremist parties, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal (the youth wing), further factions of these, Abhinav Bharat, Hindu Dharam Sena, RJM (Rashtriya Jagram Manch), these are the factions and products of your extremist culture, these extremist organizations have been attacking Christians recently, plus the BJP Govt. at the time of Gujrat and Ahmedabad voilence , they the minister is still unpunished, so what kind of “civilized” and perfection this is ? Let me assure you that by distorting the facts, you can make someone fool, but cannot change what is “TRUTH” Recommend

  • Anoop

    Mods, I know its a big comment. Please publish this. You can split it up if you need. Request you to publish this.

    @Saad Siddiqui:

    “riots were done under the supervision of Gujrat Govt. Narendar Modi to be more specific,as we have video proves to your undercover journalists, the police were involved and so was the whole state. “

    If you have got such incriminating video why not submit it to the Supreme Court of India, which is supervising the investigation? By the way they have sent a few ministers to jail. A feat unimaginable in Pakistan, which killed 3 Million Bengalis in 1971. For 900 many Hindu leaders have gone to jail. How many have been charged, forget sent to jail for killing 3 Million? It pales in comparison to everything that has happened in India combined in the last 65 years.

    I am just saying what triggered the riots, the part 1 of the episode. I am also condemning the part 2. You want to concentrate on part 2 only.

    India’s population(1.3 Billion) is 7 times that of Pakistan(190 Million) and is almost equal to the number of Muslims in the entire world(1.4 Billion). How many Terrorist attacks have taken place in the last one year in the Muslim world by Muslims and compare it with India, with acts committed by Hindus? ZERO! You will get what I am talking about.

    The incidents you are talking about are a drop in an ocean, compared to the scale of violence in the Muslim world.

    ” Hindus have been dominating for years in SouthAsia , so there is no question of victimization”

    Haven’t you read your History books. Mughal Rule + British Rule is more than 1000 years. In those 1000 years Hindu Right has come into picture only in the last few decades. A flash in the pan.

    “Sikhs were victimized, so were Christians and Muslims”

    Tell me one such law or Constitutional paragraph which actually does discriminate. If you talk about individual incidences which happened years ago, of course. That is why they are called isolated incidences. At least I do not have to discriminate against an Ahmadi just to get my hands on a passport. I can honestly say I’ve not discriminated against anyone. Can you? Do you have a passport?

    “it was just Pakistan’s weakness that it didn’t raise this issue in UN”

    How is your incompetence our fault? Stop blaming us and talk to your people. If you do find violations take it to the WB. Jeees!

    “nothing talks about “WIthdrawal””

    So you are picking and choosing which resolution you want to implement based on your comfort. How convenient!

    I am picking this one based on my comfort and India’s. Whose to say you are wrong and I am right?

    Please stop imposing your problems on us. We have clearly not violated the initial resolution, which is the one which is quoted by Pakistan. Why don’t you tell us why it should not be the case?

    “interference in Nepal”

    I will not hide away from the wrongs of India’s past. But, Nepalese and Sri Lankans want friendly relations with us. What is your grouse? As a Big Power we did what we thought was right at that time(exactly like Pakistan interfered in Afghanistan and even India with Terror). Now all concerned countries are happy, except you. Its like a case where the Husband and Wife want to be together and forget the past and strangers want them apart.

    “I mentioned the 4 Big separatists just to give a hint .”

    Haha! You have such a big ego! You confidently said there are hundreds of separatist movements in India, when I asked you to name 10, you can’t even name half that amount. In stead of admitting that, you indulge in introducing Red Herrings and grand standing without basis!

    I am always consistent. Why aren’t you?

    “these are the factions and products of your extremist culture”

    OK. Name a few Terror attacks that have been perpetrated by Hindu extremists in 2012. Say 10? Ok, forget 10.. 5?

    I can name 20 such Terror attacks in Pakistan by Muslims killing Muslims.. Do you want to hear? :)

    India with 7 times the number of people than Pakistan hasn’t had even 1/7th of the number of Terrorist attacks than Pakistan. Goes to show who has an extremist culture and who doesn’t!!!! From the people who called for Direct Action against non-Muslims, you can’t expect better.Recommend

  • Atif

    Anoop and Saad.

    Sit back and relax now. Your arguments have taken too much time and becoming fruitless and becoming more personal. If you still want to continue it then take it off the blog.Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui

    LOL You took too much time to prove nothing, good effort though . 1st of all I didnt say that whether I want to take anyone to indian court for my justification, to not dray away from the point. You way well understood what I wanted to say. The maint point was what was done was under state’s supervision, simply a state terrorism, and yes Pakistan was wrong in 1971, and I have always defended Bengalis against my own Army, but so did Indian Army killed East and West Pakistanis both, now don’t say that Indian Army was innocent during 1971, because I dont want to go there where both our hands are dirty .

    Its not about if the attacks has been happened recently , last year, this year, that year, you started your argument on the basis of history, but ofcourse the near history.

    When I say Hindus dominate, that was ofcourse after mughal and during british rule.

    I nowhere mentioned that the “STATE LAWS” are victimizing Christians and Muslims, its your powerful Hindutva and Hindu Nationalists which are out of control, which are open to threaten, and no nowhere I am denying the fact that victimization of minorities is in Pakistan, I openly accept the fact, and am against these discriminatory laws in Pakistan, I am against the Muslim majorities targeting minorities in Pakistan, I know my flaws, but You just can’t agree to your’s.

    Am not picking my “choice” of resolution, its just these resoultions are decades old, and no country have adopted it ,as I mentioned before.

    Atleast You admit that India has interferring in other countries internal affairs for its own good.

    Talking of IWT , No, I didn’t say that its India’s fault that Pakistan didnt raise the issue, its ofcourse Pakistan;s fault, but blocking Pakistan’s water is the Indian fault .

    Rest , you are just dragging your points, with nothing to prove that you are a “PURE” “PERFECT” and “CIVILIZED” state, with all this history of mischief, crime in the region . Stop making fool of your ownselfRecommend

  • Anoop

    @Saad Siddiqui:

    “simply a state terrorism”

    1) Yes. Many people have gone to jail. Justice served. As in any riot before and after Partition wounds will heal in time.

    2) Compared to the stuff that has happened in Pakistan this was a picnic. You simply can’t compare 3 Million dead and raped with 900 dead in Gujrat. Pakistan still has the distinction of killing more Pakistanis, than Indians have killed Indians.

    “because I dont want to go there where both our hands are dirty “

    Nope. We were the good guys. We prevented a Genocide(Although 3 Million suffered. Were we not there more would have died). People cheered us on when Dhaka fell. Indra Gandhi was referred to as Maa Durga.

    I will not accept mistakes which are non-existent.

    If you want to read more about it read your own Govt’s report which was suppressed until it was leaked by the Indian media.

    “Its not about if the attacks has been happened recently”

    Of course it is about recent history!!!! You don’t use events of Partition to describe India that is today! If an event has occurred 10 years ago that is History!

    My simple query was can you list the number of Hindu Terrorist attacks in India in 2012. You failed. I can list plenty of Terrorist attacks in Pakistan in 2012. That makes Pakistan infinitely more dangerous than India.

    In fact if you take the Muslim world, then you will realise how violent, unstable, undemocratic the Muslim world is. Muslims form 1.4 Billion, Indians 1.3. How peaceful are we, huh?

    “that was ofcourse after mughal and during british rule.”

    Well, what can I say for that. You want foreign powers to rule over an indigenous people, do you? A Sikh is PM today, what more proof do you need of Indian tolerance?

    Can a Sikh ever aspire to become the PM or the President. You people cannot even name a street after a Sikh(Bhagat Singh)! Forget PM or President.

    “Hindutva and Hindu Nationalists which are out of control”

    Again and again you repeat ad nauseam stuff which you cannot simply prove. Tell me one Terrorist incident which has happened recently, I ask you for the umpteenth time!

    If they are so powerful why is a Sikh PM today, elected to power only 4 years ago? You do understand the basics of Democracy, don’t you?

    ‘You just can’t agree to your’s.”

    There are none! Be it IWT, Kashmir or whatever cause, India has been very honourable to Pakistan.

    You in your comment agree how incompetent Pakistani side is with respect to IWT. You also agree of the utter confusion with which resolutions have been issued. That only makes India’s case stronger, not weaker as you might imagine.

    “internal affairs for its own good”

    You see! I admit truth however indigestible it is. But, with respect to Pakistan you are utterly wrong. India has not interfered. All wars were imposed on India by Pakistan(Ask Air Cheif Marshal Asghar Khan). Pakistan even attempted a war when both sides had gone nuclear. A diamond in a Monkey’s hand, a saying goes in Kannada.

    “its ofcourse Pakistan;s fault, but blocking Pakistan’s water is the Indian fault .”

    You can’t have it both ways, dude. As I said before if India is at fault Pakistan can always go to the Neutral Arbiter nominated by the World Bank. Doodh ka doodh, pani ka pani ho jayega.

    You must sense in my confident tone how poor the Pakistani case is. Don’t you think your guys would have raised hell with the Arbiters if India had indeed been guilty?

    I implore you do not believe in propaganda.

    I said with respect to Pakistan we have been civil, generous even! We forgave the Kargil misadventure, 2003 and 2008 attacks on India. That is just in the last 2 decades!!! Recommend

  • Anoop

    Hoping my earlier reply gets published too, Mods.

    I want to add to my earlier reply..

    1) Also, I forgot to ask you. You said there are hundreds of separatist movements in India but couldn’t name even 5.

    I ask you again, could you please list at least 10 of them?

    2) Please please please, for God sakes, please list the many number of Terrorist attacks my radical Hindus in the past 1 year. OK, past 2 years. Alright, 3.. Surely you can come up with at least one Hindu Terror attack in more than 900 days, as you have so rightfully claimed we have a lot of extremists in our midst. I am ready with my list for the Muslim world, FYI.Recommend

  • Ayush

    @Saad Siddiqui:

    please tell me whether Dipu Moni is asking Pakistan for an apology or India?
    Also, as far as Hindutva and the right wing Hindu extremism you talk about, in a country the size of India, there is bound to be some friction because of the numbers we are talking about. No secularism is perfect because nothing is. But by and large there is peace and that is the crucial question.
    like any archetypal Pakistani, you go over and over the rote of Gujrat, Babri and Samjhota. These are three crimes( unpardonable, but three) in a country with an independent history of 65 years. Problem is with the media. Peace is boring and they report only the violence which is such an extreme rarity and affecting such an extremely small number, that evne Muslims turn out to be apathetic. A few thousand were killed in Godhra? Now tell me the number of Muslims in India. Above 150 million? What percentage is that?
    As such any crime committed even against a single individual in painful enough which is why the wheels of justice in India are turning and when they do, they might grind slowly, but they continue grinding until justice is done.
    You really do not have much to talk about as far as minorities are concerned. At the time of partition you had 10% hindus and now you have less than 1%!!
    WHat happened to all those Hindus and Sikhs? This cannot be explained without gory images of a genocide, victimization and forced conversions on a scale never witnessed before in history.
    In the meantime the population of Muslims in India moved from 7% to 13% today! Need any say anymore?! All our laws protect minorities and our constitution is a benchmark of jurisprudence the world over. Your laws? You have a blasphemy law that is routinely used to target minorities when you are bored and they are then sentenced to death. Even children are not spared. Rimsha Masih was saved by a mere technicality otherwise this child suffering from down syndrome would have been hind for blasphemy.
    The worst part is women are not spared either. You know about the Hudood Ordinance surely?! one of the most draconian laws the world has at present. If a woman gets raped it is her fault!! She enticed the man!! And she has to find four men of respectable nature( read pious, long beard, 5 times namaz etc) to prove here innocence.
    This off course NEVER happens.
    I just want to ask you a simple question to which i want a simple answer.
    If India’s Muslims were to be given the choice of leaving for Pakistan, do you think they would go or not?
    let me give you the straight answer-NO( emphatically). This after continuous reports of the remaining Hindus trying to cross over into India and start afresh.
    Also, since you are so convinced of the detrimental affects of the right wing over the Hindus, please tell me exactly what the right wing has done to stop Muslims from progressing. Again the straight answer is nothing. Apart from whipping up ridiculous rhetoric and 3 incidents of violence( which never do anything to hinder peace), they have done nothing. They are just a part of the wide spectrum of people.
    One last thing. it is no coincidence that the worlds largest religious minority lives in India(even percentagewise). Hinduism is one of the only religions in the world that is capable of being so tolerant. Recommend

  • Shahid Mehmood Khan

    Pakistan has all it takes to be a great nation!

    No doubts about it. Start from the people, so versatile; the soil so rich, the weather exceptional four seasons for great agriculture and above all the values, ethics already in place in the form of our elders. Blessed with riches under the ground…

    What needs to be done is to have sincere people “To Manage its affairs well” and we are good to go…Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui


    You are just dragging the same answers again and again, you have said nothing new, and pointed out no new things in your post .

    Compared to the stuff that has happened in Pakistan this was a picnic. You simply can’t compare 3 Million dead and raped with 900 dead in Gujrat. Pakistan still has the distinction of killing more Pakistanis, than Indians have killed Indians.

    LOL LOL LOL so its true when we say that one man’s death is a tragedy and thousands are just statistic , seems like you give no cr** about 900 which you are underestimating, just concerned more about Pakistan.

    Now stop giving me biased links regarding 1971, you are not accepting mistakes because you don’t have enough guts to do that, LOL preventing genocide by raping women, killing refugees,that is what US did , attack Hiroshima to stop the WAR , wow, I can still see west Pakistanis living in refugee camps in Bangladesh, as compared to Bengalis living peacefully in Pakistan, they are in business, they have jobs, they have homes

    Regarding Muslim world’s stability, I have already mentioned that,did I somewhere deny that ? NO , regarding naming the heroes, yes again that is our failure, I have been accepting our failures, and I have no issues in accepting our’s, the thing is you think you are too good to make any mistakes, you think you are perfect, that is the most stupid thing I have heard of a nation, no nation is perfect on this earth, you ppl say that Balochs are against Pakistan, (yes there are just few nationalists) but we have a Baloch Tribe President, we have Baloch representatives in our Parliament and Assemblies. Rest you are just bragging about, You arent even accepting any of your mistakes, you are getting more pointless with repeating your statements and arguments, Now I understand why Indians are so whiny sort of people, reason : They Dont Accept Mistakes .

    You forgave Kargil ? Now who said we asked for forgiveness ? You must be dreaming a lot, wakeup dude, You aren’t getting any close to prove yourself innocent, wise, civil, perfect, that is just BS, neither you are getting any close to your dream of Greater India. One should dream but dream what is just close to reality ,taking the ground realities in consideration, now I would not like to repeat those “realities” , so taking those in consideration, You might be good democratically, in educations, economically and multicultured, but you arent PERFECT, please reassess this word for yourself .

    P.S. I won’t be posting anymore, reason :

    You are getting pointless, and wasting my time.
    I am flying out for few weeks, will be having limited internet access, however will wait to what useless stuff you have to say again


    Refer to my previous posts, You will have your questions answered, I dont want to repeat my points or to start a fresh debate with you . Hope you understandRecommend

  • Malik Jaffar

    Umaire must point out what he seems special in Pakistani peoples and culture if disciplined like Austrians.Recommend

  • Anoop

    @Saad Siddiqui:

    ” seems like you give no cr** about 900 “

    Quote me exact words where I have said “I don’t care about those 900 dead”. I challenge you.

    I am merely saying while it is a tragedy, it is a picnic compared to the acts perpetrated by Pakistanis every day. How many people have died in Karachi just this year, for example?

    You want to win an argument so desperately that you are simply misquoting people.

    “Now stop giving me biased links regarding 1971”

    You do know that the report I talked about is from a Justice from Pakistan, right? Who was tasked with finding out what went wrong in East Pakistan by Bhutto – The Democrat – himself?

    Seems like I know more about Pakistan than you do.. So, in stead of reading the Hamoodar Rehman Commission report, why don’t you start with baby steps and read who is that guy and why his report is important?

    I’ll help you:

    As an aftermath of 1971 Indo-Pakistan
    Winter War, Chief Martial Law
    Administrator of Pakistan, Zulfiqar
    Ali Bhutto
    created the judicial
    commission after succeeding General
    Yahya Khan as the Chief Martial Law
    Administrator of the country. The
    commission was formed in December 1971
    with Chief Justice Hamoodur Rahman,
    the then Chief Justice of Supreme
    Court of Pakistan as its Chairman

    Let me add insult to injury by also pointing out that this report was hidden from public view for many years until an Indian media outlet published the report. This was then accepted by the Military Govt of Musharaff as the correct report. Parts of the report are yet to be released. Ask your Military WHY?

    The whole propaganda about 1971 war is coming crashing down, I imagine, assuming you are open to admitting when you were wrong(I am still waiting for the lists, by the way).

    As for your tirade against USA and Bangladesh, let me add, I don’t give a crap what they do or did. I am just here to burst your bubble and tell you that India is the most honourable country, relatively speaking, of course.

    “that is the most stupid thing I have heard of a nation, no nation is perfect on this earth”

    I am not saying India is perfect, just pointing out that compared to other nations, say Pakistan, India is very honourable indeed.

    Since, you have stopped talking about IWT and Kashmir resolutions I guess you accept my points. India has been very generous to Pakistan after all its war mongering and support to Terror.

    “we have Baloch representatives in our Parliament and Assemblies”

    Well, so do we!! Same principle. I only care about Balochis only till you care about Kashmiris.

    At least I can go to Kashmir for holidays, which I will be doing for the summer next year. Can you visit Balochistan with a tag of a Punjabi or a Sindhi?

    I hear Kashmir is beautiful from by cousin who went for his honeymoon there.. I am digressing.

    “Now who said we asked for forgiveness ?”

    Well, you did. Shariff blaming Musharaff said he is sorry for his country’s back stabbing to Vajpayee who had trusted him. Benazir Bhutto too agreed, according to Nawaz Shariff.

    (Oops, I forgot you guys don’t have access to Youtube. Maybe you can access it once you leave Pakistan)

    Whoa, you know less about your own country compared a foreigner!

    “dream of Greater India”

    I’ve written a whole blog post of how its good for India that Pakistan was created. Do have a look..

    Greater India is today’s India. Pakistan was an infected part of a healthy soul.

    “you arent PERFECT”

    I should have explained, my bad. Perfect with respect to Pakistan. In other things, relatively speaking, we are pretty much near to perfect, considering only South Asia.

    We talk from a position of strength when it comes to Pakistan. Neither I nor my Govt will ever let go of our right be it Water or Kashmir, just to please some failing power, who can’t even decide if it wants to be a Democracy even after 65 years.

    Good bye and have a nice flight.. Recommend

  • adnan

    the way you observe the system of australia is the friut of past 60 year hardworking by the well civilized people. But, in pakistan we must begin this journey by giving the most priority to education.Recommend

  • Bharat

    I do agree that Pakistan has got everything it takes to become successful.

    But the fact remains that people need to break the nexus of militants-politicians- goons
    .They have hijacked the religion of Islam for there own comfort

    How will Pakistanis break this unholy nexus ?

    I think it will be challening. For a start,elect Imran Recommend

  • http://- Abid P Khan

    “the way you observe the system of australia is the friut of past 60 year hardworking by the well civilized people. But, in pakistan we must begin this journey by giving the most priority to education.”
    In Austria one is struck by the beautiful nature. The mountains, the river. The whole countryside seems so manicured. Every mountain slope has streams of clear water, is lined with boulders. Higher up in the hills small patches of clearings have cows grazing.
    Not 60 but 600 years of hard toiling have they achieved that. Have a good stay in the country where you don’t see any deforested mountainsides, even in bigger cities you hardly ever see any garbage.
    Some of the greatest intellectuals of the world were produced in the academies of the country. It is not just education but the type of education being imparted. compared to back home, makes the difference. Recommend

  • Anoop

    @Saad Siddiqui:

    Hello! Greetings!

    DId you read the article about Indus Water Treaty in today’s ET?

    Let me help..

    If you are too busy to read the whole thing, I will help you with the important points..

    1) “He said less water in Pakistani rivers was because of lack of rain, not because India had stolen it. The statement was a shock to many who thought India was waging a water war against Pakistan.”

    2) “After six months, the Daily Times (July 18, 2012) reported that the federal government had decided not to file a lawsuit in the ICA, in The Hague, regarding the controversial 45-MW Nimoo-Bazgo hydroelectric power project. The fear was that Pakistan might lose again as it did over the Baglihar Dam.”

    3) “Annexure C of the Indus Waters Treaty allows India to take some water from the Western Rivers given to Pakistan. Annexure E says there is no bar on India building water storage dams for electricity generation on the Western Rivers.”

    You didn’t tell me the Terrorist incidents list by Hindus this year, I am still waiting. At least admit I was right and you were wrong with regard to IWT?Recommend

  • Sab33N

    Umm .. lack of rain?? really .. where have the floods been coming from then in the past couple of years .. coz we were told it was the rains??Recommend