iPod: The next generation

Published: September 7, 2010

The iPod Nano now features a touch screen

Apple CEO talks about the difference between the old device and the new one The new revamped gadgets are displayed at an event in San Francisco The new iPod Nano features a touch screen display The new device is small and sleek

Apple has upgraded its line of iPods as was widely anticipated in its September media event. So what are these products and what’s new in them? How different they are from their predecessors?

iPod Shuffle

In terms of design, not much has changed with this device. The major change is the wider dimensions and a new circular control pad. The older iPod shuffle had most of these control on its earphone cord, but Apple has finally realised the importance of having physical buttons on the device itself. The new design saves you plenty of time.

The device also features a new ‘voice-over button’, which when pressed, tells you the name of the song being played, artist of the song and playlist name in 25 different languages! Apple has also introduced its Genius playlist mixing feature to Shuffle this time around. At the moment, the new Shuffle is only available in a 2GB model, and is priced at $50.

iPod Nano

This is the device which has received a major makeover. The best feature this device now has is the famous multi-touch screen which had so far been unique to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The screen features a 2 x 2 icon display which looks pretty impressive for its space. It also features an FM radio with a Live/ Pause feature.

Besides this, designers have done away with the camera from the previous iPod Nano. The new Nano also has the Genius playlist mixing feature and gives non-stop music playback music for upto 24 hours. The shake to shuffle has been retained – merely ‘shake’ your device and your playlist will be shuffled. Apple has also added a built-in accessibility feature for the visually impaired. Starting at $149, this is certainly going to be one of the most sought-after Apple devices.
iPod Touch
Since this device already had plenty of features, let me tell you about the new ones. The major addition to the September 2010 iPod Touch is a dual-camera. It not only takes stunning pictures, it can record and edit videos in High Definition (HD). With the addition of the camera to this device, Apple has also enabled Face to Face video calling through its FaceTime application, which can be used over a Wi-Fi point.

Another feature which this iPod has imported from the new iPhone 4 is the improved display, also called as Retina display supported through LED backlighting. But perhaps the best addition for all those gaming lovers is the Game Center. It allows you to play multi-player games from all over the world. But if you want to own this device, you’ll have to pay at least $229!

That pretty much sums up the new iPods. With Apple perfectly timed launch, these new devices are certainly likely to create ripples in the tech world and help profits soar even further.


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