Is Sur Kshetra in line with Aman Ki Asha or is it just Atif vs Asha?

Published: October 23, 2012

I do believe that if harmony between the two nations is what the show was going for, it is failing miserably! PHOTO: PUBLICITY

Lights, camera, action!

The music starts.

 “Fateh suron ki, jeet sangeet ki!”

(Triumph of melody, victory of music!)

Yes, you might have guessed that I’m talking about “Sur Kshetra“, a music reality TV show where participants from India and Pakistan contest against each other. Each team brings six contestants from their respective countries to fight against each other in a singing competition. Their mentors are the sensational Atif Aslam (for team Pakistan) and Himesh Reshammiya (for team India).

The jury members consists of Abida Parveen from Pakistan, Asha Bhosle from India and Runa Laila from Bangladesh. Their job is to mark the contestants either with a zero or a ten.

Sounds tough, doesn’t it?

The promotional campaign of the show was huge and auditions were held in big cities of both the countries ─ Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi in Pakistan, and Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore and Delhi in India. The shooting was held in Dubai and now the show airs on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) on Geo TV at 9pm and Colours and Sahara TV at 7:30pm.

The basic idea of “Sur Kshetra” was to unite both nations by bringing them together on the similar platform. Since India and Pakistan have had great triumph in the music industry it is definitely a great idea to unite them to produce polished future artists.

Pakistani music has travelled a long way in India, with top-notch artists like Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan often doing projects there, whilst India’s Bollywood playback singing is quite popular in Pakistan. With such accomplishments, one can expect a great show to be put up.

The design of the show appeared to be in line with “Aman ki Asha” which is a project started by two leading media houses; Jang group in Pakistan and Times of India in India. This venture aims to achieve peaceful and cordial relations between the two nations.

“Sur Kshetra” was supposedly supporting “Aman ki Asha”, but has it really been doing this?

This is the fifth week of the show and viewers have observed elevated clashes between the two teams. We’ve hardly seen Atif Aslam praising an Indian contestant or Himesh Reshammiya finding a flaw in his team’s performance.

Though it’s a show, and good and bad performances are inevitable, never has it happened that the two captains agreed on any decision. I believe that this disrupts the ambiance of the show.

Moreover, serious arguments are often witnessed between Atif Aslam and Himesh Reshammiya, and even Atif Aslam and Asha Bhosle. Not only this, but rumour has it that Asha Bhosle walked out and expressed the ‘do or die’ concern that either she or Atif will remain on the show.

I understand that much of the content is scripted on these reality shows so could it be that these conflicts and arguments are scripted, too?

The audience does need masala otherwise the show will be considered boring. “Sur Kshetra” is surely fulfilling that criterion, but it could adversely affect Atif Aslam’s popularity in India since his Indian fans might deem his attitude as biased towards Pakistan.

In addition to this, there is growing dislike for Asha Bhosle and Himesh Reshammiya in Pakistan now as our audience thinks that they are unfair toward Pakistani contestants.

Furthermore, on “Sur Kshetra’s” official Facebook page, Pakistanis and Indians are fighting over the show and abusing each other. One person said, and I quote,

“I watched this show for the first time this weekend. All I saw was hatred, taunts, and biased behaviour towards each other. I will not watch it again. This is a hate-preaching programme. I think it was disgusting. Even the most senior member of the jury, Asha Bhosle, was passing on indirect taunts at Atif Aslam and vice versa. No one was better than the other.”

I do believe that if harmony between the two nations is what the show was going for, it is failing miserably!

Atif Aslam, on his Jazba Generation tour press conference on September 28, 2012, was asked about his attitude on the show and the response he is getting regarding it. He replied saying that when he goes to India, he has to represent the whole country and thus, has to behave and judge with neutrality because at the end of the day, it’s all about Pakistan’s impression. Nonetheless, it is less likely that either of the captains will ever judge neutrally.

A contestant of Sur Kshetra said,

“Atif Aslam supported us in every way. He never let anyone say anything against Pakistan or us.”

Well, that makes him a great mentor, all right. But the question remains: Is “Sur Kshetra” supporting “Aman Ki Asha” or is it simply deepening an already profound divide between the two nations?

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Roshanay Asif Sheikh

Roshanay Asif Sheikh

A student, a social activist, a writer and a debater, Roshanay tweets as @RoshanaySheikh

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • simply me

    I agree wit the writer,although all the perticipant are really gud n i love to listen to thm but the way atif aslam and asha bhosle talk n taunt its get irritating, hope both singers change thier attitudeRecommend

  • Raj

    Yes, everything is scripted. All drama to attract cheap publicity. This is opposite to what is conducted in the NDTV show involving the chefs of the two countries. The choice is infront of the people, which one they want to encourage more. That in turn will define them and provide justifications to their current state of affairs. If they can’t change then don’t expect the media or system to change as these are reflection of the mass they represent. Recommend

  • nitish

    We dont want singers from pakistan .Atif is unnecessarily eating up our money.Recommend

  • Fire

    Well i really liked the title of this article and thats what made me go and read it.

    Mr.Roshanay. you have very good communication skills i can see that from the article. Also i can see how with the use of words you are trying to create a fight between ‘atif and asha’ even though there isn’t anything going on between them.

    This is a show my friend so take it easy. Stop this Jazbati kind of attitude and behave like professionals.

    Stop such crap articles and stop misleading people thats all i can say.

    thanks for sharing your view but you should always write in the end of your article that IT IS YOUR VIEW and you can’t implement it on whole nation of pak n india.

    so be +ve and take it as a show, it is not end of life.

    Peace! Recommend

  • SK

    I agree the exchanges among mentors and between mentors and jury are quite boring and disgusting with the mentors especially projecting it as WAR and not a music competition. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa seems far more cultured show and also has a large number of very talented singers. I wish Pakistani and Bangladeshi singers are also invited for the same.

  • Arjun Kumar Vij

    I really appreciate the idea of Director Gajender Singh, of Sur Kshetra that peace will prevail in both the countries by televising this reality singing show between India and Pakistan. But the very idea of peace and communal harmony have been defeated. This has become hate and hatred ground for both the countries. Actually from Pakistan Rahat Fateh Ali Khan should be made judge of the show. Mr.Atif is very immature and he even anyway cannot match the caliber of any judge/singers of both the country. He gives very nasty remarks to the singers of India. He never encouraged any singers of India. Many times he behaves with Ashaji. Both sisters Lataji and Ashaji are worshiped in India. No singers in India dare to argue before Ashaji on music. They are legendary artist. Mr.Atif should feel himself lucky that he is opening his mouth before Ashaji. In India we do not consider Mr.Atif a singer of some standing. He may be enjoying some reputation in Pakistan but he cannot hold any position in India. We keep Abidaji and Lunaji in very position. They are also queen of sur. We are watching these two legendary artists how humble they are and their behavior with the Indian singers. We give red carpet reception to these artists. This programme either should be stopped or the caption of Pakistan team Atif and anchor Aysha should be replaced with some artists of outstanding caliberRecommend

  • Gratgy

    I don’t think this show is very popular in India, it’s not even shown on prime timeRecommend

  • Hashmi

    India will continue killing our people, continue funding the terrorists in Pakistan, And some will keep dreaming of Aman ki AshaRecommend

  • BBSeen

    I suppose this is useless to talk about 2 countries… its a commercial show just to mek money and nothing else. Unfortunately ppl have not reponded well.Recommend

  • ethicalmane

    all these Pakistani artists are forced on to bollywood programmes because Dawood Abhrahm still lives in Karachi and Mumbai underworld still has his grasp over Bollywood..

    Atif Aslam is bad singer ..never learened ABC of music..same is true for Himesh Reshamiya..

    I have never watched this programme..because I don’t want to see seems i guessed all this the writer is saying..anyway Pakistan’s should not sing cause they are muslims and in Islam Music is ‘Haram’

    Dawood and Mahesh Bhatt have a dea with bollywood..where bollywood have to take pakistans artist cause Pakistan does’nt have or will ever have an entertainment industry..i won’t be surprised that even ISI is telling Dawood to do such things..

    All the film piracy happens from Karachi where Dawood lives under ISI protection..Recommend

  • islooite

    i so wished that someone talks about this topic . I totally agree with author . show is full of taunts and hatred , what is the point of show? It is leading to animosity . Look at Facebook page , it is just full of hate word and comments . Show has proven to be failed venture . Recommend

  • Gratgy

    To Atif Aslam, a word of advice, there is a saying in English which goes like this- Do not step on someones toes, they might be connected to the ass you might have to kiss tomorrow.Recommend

  • Mavric

    Ya, I totally agree with the writer. The show is boring bcoz of the biased approaches, Moreover there are 8 points between 0 and 10 don’t the producer know this. A disappointing formate indeed. Poor show.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Hamesh is the virus in indian musicRecommend

  • http://SURKSHETRA hira iqbal

    Atif is best like PakistanRecommend

  • Parvez

    This show is badly done and scripted even worse. Atif Aslam comes across as a ‘saroo’ (one who is sour and his attitude is just wrong) the great Asha Bhosle comes across as not so great (and that’s a shame on the producers of the show). The compare repeatedly using the term ‘respected jury’ comes across as just bad. The redeeming features are all the contestants and the fabulous Abida Parveen and Roona Laila.
    A show to have been emulated was ‘Chotae Ustad’ with Rahat Fateh Ali and Sonu Nogham.Recommend

  • Bilal

    Disgusting show !!Recommend

  • khan

    I have stopped watching the show because of so much taunting a hatred, its too stressful and distressing to watch, and no one smiles except ayshaRecommend

  • Deb;India


    You are so full of hatred.
    How do you sleep at night.Recommend

  • Cynical

    Relax guys. It is all scripted, to raise the TRP of the show. They all eat,drink together once the shoot is over.

    But will agree with someone who said Himesh is a virus in Indian music.Recommend

  • gp65

    Sara Raza Khan was good when she came in Saregamapa 4 years back. She is much better now. I feel she is the best on Pakistani side.
    On Indian side Budhaditya is very consistent and versatile.

    Let the best notes win.Recommend

  • Glenn Ryall

    According to me it’s all scripted, it feels like I am watching WWE :pRecommend

  • ahsan

    if u don’t want pakistani singer then why your composers and producers call them for singing…… and pakistani singers made some average indian movies super hit by their music music .we r really proud of our singers Recommend

  • ahsan

    @Arjun Kumar Vij:
    i think u should check atif aslam’s facebook page to know how much he i popular in india …these ayesha and lata are nothing infront of rahat fateh ali khan and many other pakistani singers .Recommend

  • Nice

    I think Atif & Asha make a very powerful on screen & off screen couple. They should start seeing each other. Maybe that would help increase harmony and love in the show and the countries.Recommend

  • MD

    I think that India deserves to win. I don’t know what others think and I really don’t want to know. I just know the fact and the fact is that Himesh Reshammiya will win the show. Recommend

  • islooite

    we have to accept that Pak singers lack the exposure, training as compared to indian singers . For Indians its is part of culture and religion so automatically they excel at it . Judges should judge based upon talent rather then biased opinions . In my opinion the leader of Pak team should have been an indian and vice versa or teams should be a mix of pak and indian singers . Then it would have promoted peace message . In present format it is just promoting animosity ! Recommend

  • Asma

    Shut Up, Atif is only mine!Recommend

  • Deb;India


    I agree with your suggestion. Hope the producers do likewise in future contests.Recommend

  • Silly Format

    It is a tamasha. Asha ji probably accepted it in the spirit of fun and friendship.Recommend

  • David

    @nitish Dont make it a big issue..poor guys they are…let them earn few bucks as well.
    @ahsan .. “pakistani singers made some average indian movies super hit” seems to have forgottten the funda of film making as Pakistan film industry is already doomed. Super hit !!! Are you OK !!! Indian film makers know how to do business..and they are just doing that.. And by the way nobody cares in India if a Pakistani singer did sing the song or not .. Its about good movie and bad movie.. and both from Indian film industry called bollywood and we are proud of it. We know how to give money to Atif Aslam and don’t mind in cutting them into shape just like Rahat F Ali Khan if needed. So don’t make a hue and cry like a baby out of nothing.Recommend

  • http://Islamabad Asad

    When you know that all this is just drama and scripted, then what is the point of arguing?
    Even the judges are paid to act!!Recommend

  • http://google rocky

    india andpakistan should have a peace preconfrence one day india and pakistan have no borders Recommend

  • http://google rocky

    bharat or pakistan co britishers na allag kyia haiRecommend

  • maheen

    u are crazy nasty person. this bul**** u,ve written about daud abraham and isi is mindless pakistani talent is appreciated in india so much because its a breat of fresh air from your stereotypical bollywood masala stuff , u like it cause its creative and new, stop making crazy conspiracy theories ……….Recommend

  • maheen

    the show is completely failing in bringing peace between the two countries, and except ayesha takia who is the only good thing in the show everyone elselooks so bored and lost as if they,ve been punished to be on the show. atif,s clash with asha ji happened only because abida ji has been completely neutral and unbiased which asha ji was not most of the timesRecommend

  • Girish

    The Show is too bad……… I won’t say it is scripted, but yes, indeed, it is edited in this manner to make hype… But in totality it is a bad show……… there are some good singers, but the orchestra is too bad……. Recently Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2012 has started, and it has really good and talented singers…… i strongly believe there is no other better singing reality show than Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.
    And Ayesha Takia……. she may be charming but a bad anchor……… i didn’t like this new AVATAR, as an anchor, of her…..Recommend

  • Maryam Dodhy

    The show is a completely failed attempt at trying to promote peace between India and Pakistan; if that was what the producers were thinking when they came up with the idea. The masala as the author says is not making the show any better or inducing interest in the people. On the contrary it is just firing up the hatred buried inside the Indians and Pakistanis for each other.
    It would be better if the all the judges on the show put aside their ego’s and try to promote a sense of love and extend a friendly hand towards each other. Otherwise the show is desperately failing in its attempt at promoting Aman Ki Asha.Recommend

  • Shahnawaz Zafar

    its not Aman ki aasha…its aman ka tamasha infact…

    if india is honest in the peace process….destroy the dams on our rivers…back-off from kashmir and hold a plebiscite as you promised in UN…then we can believe in the so-called ‘aman ki aasha’….airing music programs does not solve the problem by even 0.0001%.Recommend

  • dokhtare

    iam an afghan i want to win atif aslam and his team pakitan atif aslam and his team are very good and hard working and atif and his team have good

  • Cynical


    What has morality got to do with ‘musical talent’?
    If morality is so crucial in winning musical contest send your peers and maulanas.Recommend

  • Akhilesh

    Pakistanis are very good singers!!! singing is like worship of allah for them. however, it doesn’t apply to all cases. Atif is nothing more than a bathroom singer!!!! The verse singer I have ever seen. No formal training of music? and you are saying that sur se gaya hai? kuchh to sharam kar yar!!! Mr. Atif Please have shame on you!!!!
    See Avida ji. her attitude and the way she judges the singers!!! Amazing work! Hemesh may be the bad singer but wonderful music directer and composer. He knows where sur has gone, and he has right to pass such comments. attitude of his of course is not good!!!!
    In our India, there is one word in Hindi “Chhichhora” which is appropriate for Atif and a little bit for Hemesh as well!!!!
    No doubt, Sometimes asha ji looks partial towards Indians!!!!Recommend

  • Green Oval

    You are shooting from the rear end. But no worries, it’s treatable.Recommend

  • http://india ethicalman


    dude that’s the truth..i understand your aggrivation..but sorry that’s the truth…

    I know pakistan reaction to it…

    denial denail denial….

    denial denial denail…;

    denial denail denial….

    denial denial denail…;Recommend

  • maheen

    the truth is india,s crazy obssession with it,s Bollywoodsometimes it gets so much that you start choking in it,s air and you need something vitally fresh thAt,s when pakistani talent comes in TO S.A.V.E YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recommend

  • eddie

    Someone needs to tell Abida Parveen and rest of musicians. The Sufi music cannot be Soul music until your bible is Quran. All these proliferation religion have done such wrong to humanity in order to proliferate themselves and killed so many before and after partition. All this to dominate under various humane guise to proliferate religion and impose upon. Made our nation becomes target of exploitation by Foreign nations be it from middle-east or west or anywhere. And create divide among people who are converted and who are non-converts. They certainly cannot connect one to humanity, God and certainly not the soul. Howsoever loud they sing and call it Ruhani or Ali’s or Khudai or Allah’s. For that matter, there should be a way for converted to un-convert and see themselves as they were before conversion. Be what our ancestors were. And be what we were before conversion under various guise that was triggered by Shieks that swept turkey, egypt, azerbaijan, iran… afgans all the way to india and indonesia. Time to fix the wrong even if Arabs have lot of money to buy out more agents and first world wants to profit from religion divide. I am now an unconvert. Anand PremAnandaRecommend

  • http://india ethicalman

    Pakistan talent comes to save us…!!!

    haha u win the debate..

    I don’t know what talent you guys have…oh ya i remember shooting a 15 yr old girl from point blank ..and she still survives.. that’s a talent..

    Minting fake Indian currencies from Pakistan minting presses…that’s a talent..

    Exporting worthless religious extremism ..not just to India but the whole world…that’s a talent..

    Hiding India’s most wanted crimnal in your big city Karachi and yet denying it’s..that’s talent

    Hiding Osama bin laden from the amercians your so called ally…that’s a talent…

    Supplying nuclear tech. to Iran, North Korea etc. without anyone knowing it…that’s a talent..etc..

    Arts you guys don;t recongnise officially because in Islam Music, Joy, Expressions are whatever little singers or actors you have is a medley of cheap skil workers which is due to the last Hindu culture surviving in Pakistan…for how long ..only Pakistani’s can tell…

    untill then…

    denial, denial , denial, denial , denial, denial …… Recommend

  • http://india ethicalman

    one more thing ..Bollywood is 90% like it or not it has become a global phenomenon..which makes many like @maheen envy..

    ‘when one step becomes a norm the rest follow’.. that’s what bollywood is…our Tamil, telgu etc. films are better than bollywood films..Recommend

  • Aisha

    heyyy btw mister or miss hw do u knw Ibrahim lives in PAK! u guys r jus haterz nd hating on ISI loooooooooooooooooool! r u raw agent?? kitne paise diye raw ne tujhe yh sab likhne ke liye loooooolzzzzzz! SIMPLY GET A LIFE :) BTW IF U DUNO ibrahim dawood is frm india if duno den go on dis link

  • muhammad kashif

    sur kshetra is the completely wrong program,because the respected jury cant work properly.we wank changes in jury sonu nigam,rahat g and rona laila g.thats itRecommend

  • Arjun Kumar Vij

    If you have got such notion about Lataji and Ashaji and you are comparing them to Atif. God may save you from the sin you have committed. You will find singer of Atif caliber in every small street of India. India is a big country and there is no dearth of talented singers in India. Pakistan has also some very good singers like Rahat sahib, Abidaji. But your contention that why Indian composers are going after Pakistani singers. The reply is simple that they are asking for work from the Indian composers/Director as your singers have got no scope in Pakistan. We know the film industry of Pakistan. Please tell me how many reality show like Sur Kshetra and Sa Re Ga ma Pa are being televised in Pakistan. and how many Indian singers are participating in that programme. What is the scope of budding singers in Pakistan. Please tell me how many new singers have been introduced by Pakistani composers. See the Bollywood where daily one signer is being introduced but only very talented singers like Sonu Nigam, Siukhwinder singh, Shan, can survive in the market. We can provide livelihood to many singers from Pakistan also. We know what is the status of singers in Pakistan. There is lot of money and fame in Bollywood film industries and singers can earn lot of money even from reality shows also. As per Hindu mythology, we give our share even to guest and the same principle we are adhering to. Don’t you dare to compare Lataji with Atif. Recommend

  • Ada Ali

    Abida Parveen keep giving 10 to besure pakistanies singersRecommend

  • banti rani

    indian jury should be changed because it is doing honest judgement and compare should also be changed she is so vulgare and stupid attitude.Recommend

  • banti rani

    its just drama.Recommend

  • banti rani

    i agree with uRecommend

  • Princess

    Some questions for you, why do u hate Pakistan so much? Why are u and people like u from both sides are spreading this meaningless hatred? There is already so much darkness and problems in this world why are you just increasing it by spreading hatred? Have you actually been to Pakistan and seen Dawood walking the streets of Karachi? Have you actually tried to get to know a Pakistani before? A simple advice for you “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. Don’t just pretend to know Pakistan or a Pakistani and spread hatred against them. Media shows a lot of things and we all know most of that is just drama. Pakistanis have got a lot of talent but there is no need to tell those talents to hating people like you as you will never appreciate them. Try and visit Pakistan some time, you will be surprised by how people treat you.

    To the author, a very well written article. I personally believe its all just drama and nothing else. Sara Raza Khan from Pakistan and Diljan from India (although he is a bit arrogant) are great singers.Recommend

  • Deb;India


    You are really a princess. Agree with the spirit of you post.
    The best we can do is ‘ignoring’ people’ (from both sides) like @ethicalman.
    Keep the spirit high.Recommend

  • NK

    I think this program is unfair judgment with judges its all about favoritism, people are supporting their own country.Atif Aslam is fair but when he point mistake Indian judges gave 10 point also Runa Laila this show is bull shit, Pakistan culture dont teach us singing and our parents do not like that. In India it’s in there culture and religion to learn about these things this is what there GOD teach them…Recommend

  • Imran

    I mean seriously why are fingers being pointed at each other unnecessarily this inst required its just a stupid show that has been started so that the TV channels can make some money and as mentioned in the article even i believe that the Whole show is scripted, it dosen’t from any angle looks like a reality show and the producers of the show obviously they don’t care because they are getting rating and money. if the show was like Aman ki aahsa it would have been a block buster as the move would have been highly appreciated by both nations

    Nevertheless i am fearing about the winner because of the intense situation, if an Indian singer wins Pakistan may criticize as a Bias decision and vice versa

    lastly singers from both the sides are good and judges should screen the best ones instead of being biased about any one of them

    and ethicalman please no nasty remarks i respect the Indians as much as i respect my own country

    Moderators Kindly check the Comments before Accepting them Recommend

  • Lalasa Iqbal

    I believe Atif Aslam tries to show off too much and also damaging the credibility of the our nation as well as values . Atif has to understand where he has come from and how he has reached this position . Atif has to respect the jury and he is a great influencer and he is damaging credibility our Pakistan society. These kind of mentors not required for our nation. When jury awards marks to our singers he is very happy if not his face and attitude change and he misleading and ruining our country your singer life. Especially Abida ji credibility is ruined by atif.Recommend

  • Lalasa Iqbal

    Atif is ruining the showRecommend

  • http://Mobile Umme

    I think im the youngest to comment here,
    many of the people r saying that these people are here to make money on the show
    YES OFCOURSE THEY WIL DO IT . Cause its there career after all and we do need a job in future for ourselfs to survive . . In this world . . And when it comes to the show . . I cant believe that those people who have commented have some understanding or not cause . . Many r saying sir H.R And sir atif are besure dnt knw a b c of music we must agree that what ever they have done and r judging this show is just cause they have worked very hard and remember thier evergreen hits . . However dey r they are there just because of thier hard work
    and no one among us should critise them cause they are in that position that we can only dream about us in thier positions . . . We should respect every artist because they have earned thier fame through hard work

    hope so that i havn’t said any thing wrong and if i have done it then iam sry . . .
    Al i can say is
    east or west our ASIA is the best . . .
    Keep smiling every one Recommend

  • Deb;India


    You are young and sweet.
    It gives us hope and joy, when young people spread the message of love and understanding. Loved your spirit of love.
    Wish you all the best.

    from An old man.Recommend

  • yusuf khan

    singer with greatest fans on facebook from india and Pakistan is Atif aslam. in the show it has said that teri meri is mostly downloaded song which has been copied from eight year old singer. just type” teri meri copied from” and watch youtube then .you will see the reality… and himesh said this song was composed at sometime at night 2 o clock or so…. ask him by whome you or that cute eight old girl father or some one else….o man just accept u copied ….i appreciate ur effort in copying but if only it is accepted by u that it has been copied by u… one need acceptence after watching that eight year old girl song…..the show is realy promoting hatred….. nabeel shawkat ali is a perfect play back singer with the most beautiful singer with wonderful voice and yash raj is so from the from indian side.the judges should make decision what music the people like as bare ghulam ali prefered music must be modified according to peoples choice.asha may be agreat singer but not a great judge and so are the runa, abida ,and others judges which has come like ghulam ali , ismail darba only . suresh looks a like good judge.according to me nabeel is the most confident singer he is like hot cake of the show…. composers will run to him after show becauase of his melodious voice if u watch his performances …. all his performances has been better than the origional songs and in one or two programme same to the origional songs….Recommend

  • absy

    you didnt have to be that “cynical” in your response, but I guess your name says it allRecommend

  • nagavalli

    I love to watch this surkshetra.Recommend

  • Nouman Ahmed

    @nitish: Your money?Can you explain?Recommend

  • Nouman Ahmed

    @Gratgy: same is in PakistanRecommend

  • Nouman Ahmed

    @Gratgy: Same words from me to HimeshRecommend

  • Nouman Ahmed

    @Gratgy: Same words from me to Himesh ReshamiaRecommend

  • Mehenaz

    This is an useless show just to make money and it does Recommend

  • arzoo

    the great singer asha shouldn’t behave so biased and immature. When himesha and asha suport india team then what is wrong if atif do so. If indians think atif is not a great singer then why indian film maker and musician want him to sing in their film although himmesh is always available 4 them. Why u don’t accept the fact that pakistani r more talented than u. Nadim abbas sung so well in sukhwinder round and asha gave zero which shows her jealousy. Recommend

  • arzoo

    shame asha so being so partial. Ur proved that u indias are cheaters.Recommend

  • Nayyara

    i have already written on many places all this stuff…and now tired of writing it all over again and again….so i would simply say tht whatever Atif is doing..its great…hatts of to Atif!!the whole world love u sweetheart<3kepp the good work up…ppl criticize ur attitude…i know u wont lend and ear to all this baloney…still telling you…tht ur attitude and confidence are the things which i love the most in u…dont chnage em…love u…and asha ia a retarded bitch..whtever u say to her is compared to wht she deserves!!I hate her..well hate is a very small word for her
    and nothing more
    love u atif
    ur the best
    rest are just ewwww
    love u Atif Aslam! u rock
    pakistan is proud of you
    india needs you
    world enjoys you
    in all…..everyone love u
    u r our heartbeat!,<3Recommend


    @simply me:
    i dont think that india will win..if judges will not be biased join http://www.youfree.coRecommend


    @simply me:
    you guess who will winRecommend

  • sajjad

    I am pakistanit and I think Atif is childish but those who put him in that chair are even more immature, there are better and more mature singers in Pakistan. He must have come cheap and that shows. The programm dos not suit legends like Asha ji, I think she should only appear in programs that have people of her caliber like sonu nigam or shokat ali, etc Recommend

  • hussain syed

    @Arjun Kumar Vij:
    Hi hussain here.
    Iam agry for commemt on atif.he is inmature.he have no respect to jury.better we replaces him.otherwise more argument in future.he never appresite to any indian singers.i want to talk regading this issue.where should i get infomatiom.pls let me know.byeRecommend

  • Adnan

    @Raj: very good example Raj,

    The motive behind this show is to somehow get India Pakistan cricket match kind of publicity and not to bring the hearts together. Both the parties are ridiculous in favoring the candidates….only one who is winning is the producer or the channels airing the program…..Thanks / Adnan Recommend

  • http://google shahid latif

    the jury was not correct because ayesha spoted india totally.Recommend

  • Nayyara

    honestly speaking….the show has nothing gud but one thing..there is only one reason i watch surkshetra..well why pakistan watches surkshetra…and this only reason can also be the cause of man ppl worldwide wactching it and that reason in none other than the hot and and confident Atif Aslam!!!<3 if he wasn’t sitting on tht chair i would never watch tht show….he is so hot and handsome i can’t resist him..he has a charismatic personality and his smile is so cute…something to die-for!!!
    LOve You Atif Aslam
    <3 You Rock!!Recommend

  • lava kumar

    Music represents harmony and peace. The mikes on show carry flames which is against the theme and aim. Aim in word and spirit should be to promote harmony and peace and unite the nations. The organisers should remember and recollect how musical notation should take place in any musical festival.

    Wish that wisdom will dawn in the program and the vision for peace and affection is built and cherished.Recommend

  • king

    pehle ye sucho k India Pakistan Bangladesh Afghanistan .hum sab ghaaribi se marrahe hai .or dusre taraf hum log ek dusre se itna nfrt karte hai ..hume tu ye msg hai sub ko k pehle apna apna city clean kare jo dirty gandi naale hai har jaga . .phir appass main . jeet or haar ki baat kare .sorry mane islye aisa kaha k dil ko jaalan hura ha hai . app log samajty na hoo
    pakistan k liye best India . India k liye best pakistan . koi aisa mutt kaho k yeh aisa tha wo wisa tha . bus apna business kaare or ghareebi ko mittaow donu . or apna city clean karo jo gandi nale hai. agr Atif aslam pakistan ka hai tu india kyu gaya izaat k liye ya paisu k liye . ager koi ye bhole k india wala us ko bhola liya. tu ye bhi ghalat hai kyunke india app sab ko bholalega tu tum log sab jaowge .ager zara sa b sharam hai india pakistan afghanistan hum logu main tu yeh paaltu baate chordu appna ghareebe ko mittaow hum sab ek hai .

  • http://[email protected] king
  • http://[email protected] king

    hello guys what r u doing we r all same India Pakistan. i love India. i love Pakistan. Recommend

  • ayesha

    I think asha in respected jury is not fair because when an indian is performing she listens properly with headphones , however when a pakistani performs she never bothers. How rude ??? I think it was better when asha left and there was a fair jury left. Pakistan is going to win inshallah !!! God bless all pakistani and indns , if they be fair. I hate asha in respected jury. I love atif aslam… Recommend

  • sana

    atif aslam got a really bad attitude,himmesh plays it fair he always give good comment to pakistan,but atif always says negative,he shouldnt argue with asha shes the queen of song industry.atif is very small infront of her.Recommend

  • Ajay

    @ahsan: That’s because you only have Atif and no one else. So all pakistani who has nothing better to do keep on using Facebook all day. While India have 100s like Atif Aslam. And they have better jobs to use their time then all day on Facebook.Recommend

  • Surinder Pal Singh

    Dear Hashmi,
    World knows what’s going on in Pakistan. Who is creating terrorism? It’s Pakistan, your country. Don’t blame India as it is a peace loving country which has more Muslim population as compared to your country. Every one has good relations. If you are going to point out minor conflicts, these things happen in every normal family. So your blames are baseless. If India is your number 1 enemy then why Pakistan singers are coming to join Bollywood to sing and act. China is your close friend country, I think your artist should go there and perform there. I think that’s the best choice. You know you people are double face people, on one side your artists earning from that country and the other side you are abusing the country. Have you heard that phrase” jis thali me khao, wahan shek mat karo” so it’s better to stop this nonsense speech.Recommend

  • Edward Luke

    Good comments partner and I agree with you that participants from neighboring countries like Bangladesh ,Nepal, Pakistan would certainly boost it more, However today’s (25.11.2012)episode was disgusting as there were some harsh comments from Captain Atif Aslam,for Captain Himesh Reshamiya,on his music direction and directorial work.I think Atif Aslam should not have commented on his profession and the music directorial work .Each Captain is applauding it’s country’s participants in a best possible ways and it’s needed,if anywhere disagreement occurs then comments on inidividual work or profession is derogatory and should not be encouraged. instead of programme “Surkshetra” becoming Aman Ki Asha may not turn into “Aman Ki Nirasha”. Some biasness and rude attitude appears from Captain Atif Aslam while commenting on the performances of Indian participants. In all not going well and not good for viewers.Recommend

  • Mary

    You better stop talking nonsense. Your understanding of humanity is limited to the crap you are fed by Bollywood. That’s your beginning and probably the end. Please count the atrocities that are carried out in India…bias,predijice,malice,jealousy..your nation thrives on it. Muslims have strength,honour,respect and one ALLAH, we don’t go round worshipping everything and anything. People like you who have very little knowledge and loads of hatred are responsible for all the evil that’ has filled the world. Sur kshetra is only a musical programme so just enjoy the music and learn to appreciate good music that is provided by our talented singers. Calm yourself…’s time you recognized your failures and our strengths. Inshallah one day soon you will find peace and harmony. The hindus in Pakistan are fine,it’s the Muslims in india who are suffering. Finally,grow up and refrain from childish outbursts. Recommend

  • Mona

    Atif aslam is just great and the ones that bullshit about him can…(im not gna finish the sentence,PEACE!) LOOOOL Recommend

  • Girish

    “The hindus in Pakistan are fine,it’s the Muslims in india who are suffering.”

    Grow up kid. Whole world knows what is the condition of Hindus in Pakistan. They were nearly 10% at the time of partition and now I think not even 1%.
    And talking about Muslims in India, They are more than they were at the time of partition. And the situation in which they are is not the fault of Hindus, its because of illiteracy. And Politicians are responsible for that not Civilians. Those Muslims who understood the importance of Education are in a far better situation. But this is not the case with Pakistan.

    And talking about Atif Aslam in this creepy show, he is just 28/29 years old. And at this young age he has got this fame. So it is likely of a person to become rude. But after watching last episode, I really think he has to grow up. You can not comment on the work of any artist the way he did. Whatever the caliber Himesh Reshmiya has, no one can deny that whatever he has achieved is great.He is a Hit machine. So Atif commenting like that on his work was really pathetic…… I strongly feel Atif is still just a kid who does’t know how to behave Publicly.Recommend

  • arulkannan

    My entire family likes to watch this show. It is going very well and good music.
    Last Week, 25th Nov’12, the song sung by Pakistani contestant were very simple, both by Sara and Mulasim, on the other hand Diljhan and Aman sung very good songs are at the standards at this time of the show. the show has come to its peak time for the final and this time the song selection should be taken care of. Ms Asha told about this that the song is simple to Mr. Mulasim.
    It the standard of the song selection has been taken care, then it will be good for the us and the show and publicity.


  • Arif Ali Channa

    Atif bhai you doing great love you:)Recommend

  • mian shakoor

    inshaAllah pak win this match.we pray for u. GOOD LUCKRecommend

  • mian shakoor


  • Jags Alison

    Yes u are absolutely correct.. especially Atif Aslam should be banned in India.. look @ his attitude,he acts as if he is giving projects for all Indians.He plays around to make jury take decisions favorable to him. He as well commented on all the Music Directors of India who gives him job.Recommend

  • vidhya

    i was realy looking forward for this show as i love reality shows involving talent, but this show is actually KURUKSHETRA not sukshetra. i dont know whether its scripted or not but its really very irritating. i really enjoy atif aslam songs but they way he behaves really puts him down. “bahut ache lag rahe ho.. magar bahut hi ghatiya gayaa”” !!! is this how u critisize people. i dont he is tht spoil brat!! even asha jee is not behaving maturely. really feel srry for all the contestnat as they are being criticized just because of their nationality. Recommend

  • A UK viewer

    Come on, it’s so blatantly obvious that Asha B thinks she is some kind of ‘godess’ and wants everyone to kneel down. Furthermore, clearly is ‘patriotic’, consequently clearly biased in her case- It’s so so clear. Very sad. She really needs to be replaced, will really be good for the show…..
    I hope Pakistani team walk out, as there is no other choice otherwisie. Recommend