Musharraf has my vote!

Published: September 5, 2010

The former president of Pakistan wonders if Pakistanis knows whats good for them

In case you guys missed it, ex-dictator (now plain-suited) Pervez Musharraf put up a video on his Facebook page last night with a rather abstract question for his horde of loving fans.

The question was:

Are Pakistani people capable of differentiating good from bad?

It is perhaps the first time this self serving, love-fest of a page has actually caught my attention – perhaps because this is also the first time I have seen Musharraf actually pose a question which had the potential to alienate and confuse his doting minions, and I just LOVE to see a hero shoot himself in the foot.

Fully expecting a George Fulton/Fasi Zaka style rant about what slime we Pakistanis are, I turned on the video with a wide grin on my face, excited to see Mush lay into the Pakistan psyche and then anticipating a fun read through the (expected) 1,000 comments on how General sahib had ‘betrayed’ his flock by calling them all cockroaches.

The video opens with some cheesy piano theme from a mild-mannered horror movie. Okay, I can live with that.

Mushie is seated on a fairly impressive (but not too impressive because he’s all ‘civvie’ now) desk. Lame, but bearable, now lay it on me!

Opening sentence (I kid you not):

I think in the rural areas, really they are… not so much in the knowledge of uhh, things that are happening around…

*really awkward and obvious cut*

…therefore they may not be able to discern between people.

Oh damn! Did Musharraf just insinuate that 80 per cent of our population cannot differentiate good from bad?

Sentence two:

In the urban areas indeed I think there is a sense of right and wrong.

He did! He so totally did insinuate that our jaahil qaum has no moral compass and that we the urban overlords with our fancy mobiles and Gucci bags know where it’s at. I mean, I love my Gucci bag to death and do think that I know best, but even I wouldn’t have admitted that to 200,000 desperately patriotic Pakistanis.

Sentence three:

But again because of the overall environment, if you see in certain areas there is a tribal environment; there is a feudal environment in certain areas; in other areas there are clans and zaats and zaat bradaris, because of which the sense of right and wrong gets distorted.

Okay, I see where this is going. I’ve heard enough MQM chit chat to see an agenda creeping in here. But somehow it just rings so hollow to blame feudalism for a lack of morality among people no? That’s a big leap of logic (and issues) isn’t it? I know you have to cover up for the fact that in the previous sentence you just said a majority of the population is comprised of a rabid horde, but really? Feudalism? This is such a simplistic statement to make its just plain farce and not worth delving into. I’ll leave that to the ultra-liberal military-bashing types to rant about in detail.

Last sentence (translated):

The nation should realize what is good for the country and who is good for the country.

Hey, you’ve got my vote. Not only did you just bash most of Pakistan and declare that the urban, morally upstanding supremos should continue to rule (because they have been doing so well in their urban fantasy lands), you also managed to slip in a ‘vote for me’ while doing it. If I wasn’t about to puke from the sheer gushing love your commenting fans have left for you on that video post, I would say congratulations: you have won Nadya’s prize for most-out-of-touch-dictator-video-blog 2010.

The blogger wishes to inform her audience that this is a sarcastic critique and would appreciate if commenters keep that in mind.


Nadya V

Social critic and part-time gossip monger

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.


    “It is perhaps the first time this self serving, love-fest of a page has actually caught my attention”

    Not bought!Recommend

  • Ehsan

    Most pathetic article i have seen till now against Musharraf ! as i can see from your other blogs you are like a media lovebunny oh i love this new thing soooo much as my Gucci + D&G bags for you all this is an american sitcom not real life and reacting to everyone else like George who has got it better than you with an “im above it attitude” Recommend

  • Shahid Shah

    This is a useless post…your sarcastic style isn’t really doing it for the reader….yawn!Recommend

  • Usama Zafar

    Well he’s kinda right isn’t he??Recommend

  • mario

    You should start writing for children section as you simply have no clue about politics and you obviously don’t understand how to analyze what others have said or written……

    I have just clicked on your name and checked some of the other articles you have written which in my opinion were no concern for the nation or the readers. For example, “Sara Taseer vs Fatima Bhutto”….come on why don’t you leave tribune and only stick to facebook.

    Your another article on Indian Flood Relief Support. Well 95% of Pakistanis have no problems accepting any financial support from India…..I don’t know why you had to pinpoint that non-issue…

    And this article……..a simple non-issue….its not even a gossip or any form of discussion….you may think its sarcastic criticism, and probably you close friends would probably tell you that you are great at writing the crap like this one…..but its not…its simply rubbish.Recommend

  • zeeshan

    nadya v…..are u PRACTICING to write articles or what….i dont get you at all with what you mean or whatever…whats the motive behind this article…..well, why dont you reply his questions or clear his confusions instead of making it sarcastic…. whatever he was, he understood state affairs more than many and he was handling things better than many untill he fell victim to the usa and arabs just like all paki leaders do.. he wasnt any angel who was sent from sky for some huge transformaions… come on……quit this paki style of useless crtical writing and write something useful…Recommend

  • naeem

    I love my Gucci bag to death and do think that I know best” talk about out of touch,that makes u OUT-OF-TOUCH from 95% of the ppl of country and i bet u are not buying ur Gucci bag by writing blog, .if u look at the leadership landscape of the country u will not find (unforchunately )
    anyone even close to his leadership qualities.i agree with take is lack of education and poverty does play a role and some ppl r
    blinded buy GUCCI BAGS.i hope he goes to the ppl this time and ask for a vote,its not going to b e z but if any one can do it he can, the country needs a leader and our political parties are not going to produce one any time soon they r not build to produce leaders period,
    thats the only way they can buy there GUCCI BAGS.( just a sarcastic critique) :)Recommend

  • naeem

    I love my Gucci bag to death and do think that I know best” talk about out of touch,that makes u OUT-OF-TOUCH from 95% of the ppl of country.if u look at the leadership landscape of the country u will not find (unforchunately )
    anyone even close to his leadership qualities.i agree with take is lack of education and poverty does play a role and some ppl r
    blinded buy GUCCI BAGS.i hope he goes to the ppl this time and ask for a vote,its not going to b e z but if any one can do it he can, the country needs a leader and our political parties are not going to produce one any time soon they r not build to produce leaders period,
    thats the only way they can buy there GUCCI BAGS.( just a sarcastic critique) :)Recommend

  • naeem

    that is the best i can do if u do not want to post my comments thats fine. so much for free speech. Recommend

  • Sultan

    Musharraf has my vote too.Recommend

  • Hamza Baloch

    “Retire generals chily howy kartoots hia… Musheraf”.Recommend

  • Realist

    So, in effect does the author disagree with the statement that “Feudalism is one of the major hurdles facing true democracy and development?” I am no fan of MQM but they have the right idea there. Don’t ridicule the idea just because a political party that you don’t like is voicing it.

    Feudalism is the plague clinging on to this country ever since its creation and that is a fact. No amount of denial is going to change that fact. Democracy in this country is a sham and that too is a fact. A country where 80% of the people give their votes to whom so ever they are “ordered” to vote cannot be called democratic. This is a fiefdom of Feudals and Tribal Sardars where people again and again elect their overlords for the Parliament seats. Recommend

  • Saadi

    Well u have to admit that mostly musharaf followers are from Urban areas and why do u think he’ll not declare his followers as sensible. This is another political statement which will psychologically effect his followers. Recommend

  • SS

    ‘self-serving’…..trying hard to be sarcastic…or u have completely forgotten what does a “fan page” serves for? just following the trend of getting ur post max. publicity….yeah in the name of “Musharraf” …..Recommend

  • Yasser

    i am sure it was Nadya first fast this Ramadan when she wrote this post, i am kidding(NOT), keep that in mind too ;-)Recommend

  • Zafar

    Only good thing about this post is the title, worst read on tribune. Waste of space.Recommend

  • Riz1

    The article was more of an incoherent rant… sort of like Dr. Cox on the sitcom Scrubs Unfortunately, what Mush was saying was mostly true, but I guess it is very difficult to have a neutral view about a dictator and then ACTUALLY listen to what he is saying! The point is that education is a very important factor in allowing human beings to discern between right and wrong. We have to accept that illiteracy is a major problem for us and is more visible in the rural areas.Recommend

  • Imran Jattala

    I am glad Nadiya did not bother to list her last name. She limited it to ‘V’. In my view ‘V’ stand for ‘Weird’. well.. I know what you all are thinking. But if the shoe fits, Nadiya should wear it. ‘V’s or ‘W’s don’t matter here all that much.

    What a peice of pathetic !!!! she put together and The Expree Tribue allowed it to get through. She need to complete high school before coming on here with such childish scribbles. I am shocked…..Recommend

  • Mango Juice

    I don’t agree with you at all. I kinda agree with Mushie on this one even though I’m no fan of him or MQM.

    But irrespective of your beliefs and opinions/criticism, which off course you have every right to have and express, this was VERY badly and poorly written. This piece shouldn’t have seen the light of day.Recommend

  • Ghausia

    Come on guys cut her some slack, you know she has to have a new article out every week, she was just hard pressed for new material! I mean, its not like she could write an intelligent, coherent post about feudalism and democracy, how do you expect a gossip-monger to understand such things? Recommend

  • Shumaila

    *sigh * another nadya v post.Recommend

  • Patriot

    Ufff…waste of Kilobytes on Express Tribune server. A pathetic article with an excellent title. The lady totally missed the point what Musharraf was trying to say. Recommend

  • Asad Ghumman

    Tribune, You can have better posts….dont ruin your standradsRecommend

  • B

    If you have to explain to your readers that this is a sarcastic critique, that goes on to show how lame an attempt at sarcasm that was.
    It’s certainly a blog; hard and fast “Journalism rules” might not apply to it but you don’t have to slaughter the language and grammar to merely make it sound sensational.
    Please take some criticism from your readers and improve the quality of your write-ups. That might actually help.

  • Ali Khan

    Musharaff is right about the perceptions people in Pakistan have about right and wrong.
    Most of the rural people live under extreme conditions brought by feudel and tribal lords(which by the way are themseleves dictator….jahil dictators). The people from rural communities intentionaly from the very begining, are deprived to judge the sense of right and wrong. If these people had the sense of write or wrong, in my opinion, traditions like karo-kari wouldnt exist in rural areas.Recommend

  • Ifra

    Whats with the standard of Tribune? This seems like a high school student writing a summary on “Musharaf’s blog on facebook”. This lady needs to grow up. In every sense. Recommend

  • Cheema

    Long live Musharraf. We miss you.Recommend

  • Danish

    What a nonsense writer is she, i don’t know is she making humor out of it or what. She is living in heaven of fools. Please tribune stop giving space to such nonsense writer. Recommend

  • Ahad A. Jangda

    I think Nadya V. is herself a daughter of a feudal. Musharraf hurt her sentiments.Recommend

  • Salman

    You should be writing in the kids section. Politics is clearly not your thing, as you have demonstrated again and again. And unfortunately, he may have a point here. 80% of the masses could sometimes be wrong, they were in Germany, they were in the US when going to war, they have been many times in the past. These people are not educated, and education, more than anything else, gives you the objectivity and the power to analyze and differentiate between right and wrong. Do we need to educate you on the benefits of a society that is largely educated? Do some research. Just a hint, it is statistically almost ALWAYS linked with lower poverty levels, lower crime levels, higher standards of living, amongst many other positive things. Next time, write about about celebrity gossip or something. Recommend

  • parvez

    You have 25 comments within 15 hours of your article, you’re obviously doing something right.
    I think you should have chosen a more apt title. I liked your simple style and the unvarnished sarcasm.Recommend

  • ahmed

    Nadya has a point. mush himself served the corrupt feudals first by joining them in PML-q through NAB and then NRO. I dont think he has a right to talk like that. he had to run away but the man didnt have nuts to run away without NRO for the fear of i dont know whatRecommend

  • Rizwan

    Ok, so this is how it works on the expeas tribune!

    More comments means good business!

    There are two ways of getting business- either you write something too good or something totally absurd. Since it is easier to write something absurd so it seems to have become the policy!Recommend

  • Rizwan

    Sorry for typos, commenting from my mobile!Recommend

  • Ahsan Malik

    What a substandard article. An absolute waste of time!Recommend

  • Umar

    Forget what they say. I think it was funny. And it was supposed to be that way. Much funnier than the lame stuff Sami Shah churns out.

    Down with Musharraf AND the MQM. And Mush’s words in the video were downright offensive and politically incorrect.Recommend

  • Syed

    ET is behaving like a typical trader/exporter … produced initial samples better but supplying inferior later ;)Recommend

  • Shumail

    @umar YES! Does no one get what Nadya is trying to say? And her english is not bad so I do not know what ppl are saying about this being poorly written? Blogs are NOT a thesis yaar she does not have to play to your commenter whims! Nadya ko Jeenay do!

    On topic, I think it is very sad Musharraf has said this and it is like what NFP says about rich elite upper-middle class people we are all very delusional about ourselvs.Recommend

  • Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

    Piece of …. I officially dislike post :( unfortunatelyRecommend

  • Pakistani

    The title was attractive – and that’s all folks!.

    and btw, You love your Gucci bags, you fancy your smart phone, but believe me a fair urban population cannot afford that, so don’t put that as a criteria.. they are the offsprings of rural lords.. ‘usually’..

    and declare that the urban, morally upstanding supremos should continue to rule well.. even sarcasm should not distort the facts.. its the rural fedual lords again who end up in the parliament.. that reminds of this sweet old lady in some village in Thar.. when asked.. who is the President of Pakistan, she named her local MNA .. :) Recommend

  • sami

    what was that article about???????? jokes, reality, semi jokes, semi-reality, wastage or completely wastage……So called ET’s writer transforming and trying themself into political bandwagons..


  • Dr Kamran Khan

    Hey folks, let this lady alone for a while ok??? dont you bother her any more. Cant you see, her criticism is, like… bringing in, more support for Mush the great…Keep it up lady!!! (if anyone made any promise…the money aint coming dear) , ha ha ;-) Recommend

  • Faraz Khanani

    I am positive that this particular writer has some ‘pawwa’ in ET.Recommend

  • Maha Khan Tiwana

    I think it’s time to SHUT UP and listen to people for a while.Recommend

  • Umair Kazi

    You know you’ve written a good one when you get so much hate mail!
    Okay, my two cents:
    1. This is the BLOGS section. There’s a difference between a blog and an article. This is supposed to be an informal, opinionated piece of work. It works on that level! I like the sharp, non-winded sarcasm.
    2. The vlog in question is trademark Mush. He’s been working this benevolent dictator angle for ages! Personally, I find it rather insulting. Freedom to make our decisions is important. Don’t tell us Pakistanis that we’re stupid and that we’re too dumb to realize whats good for us. Just because someone isn’t literate doesn’t mean he’s stupid.

    That 80% of Pakistan, dear Mush lovers, manages to get up everyday and survive this big bad world, without having to resort to abusing one’s position of authority or cowering away overseas when that option is no longer available.
    Here’s an analogy that aids in recognizing this problem
    ( )Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    I am speechless. What the hell Is that thing?Recommend

  • Ghausia

    @Faraz Khanani YES! Finally! I thought I was the only one who held that belief! Every week another blog post filled with inane rambling that make little sense, even to a mentally challenged person, I know children that speak with more intelligence than this writer!Recommend

  • Faraz Khanani

    @ Ghausia, it’s not only with this particular writer, but you get to see that every Tom, Dick and Harry who hails from the West is given space here, no matter how shallow and senseless the content is, whereas if some substance is coming from home, it is always kept at the bottom of priority list. Same goes for the recruitments. That’s the policy at ET.Recommend

  • Aslam Panday

    Long Live Guru MusharraffRecommend

  • Ghausia

    I have noticed that a lot of foreign-based writers are frequent bloggers, but a lot of local people write here as well. Even if they’re really shallow, at least they’re well-written. One particular writer is a student at an American university, and she often lets her personal biases interfere with writing, such as complaining about how her school-friends didn’t help her in flood relief efforts BUT she’s still a good writer. Sadaf Fayyaz is totally Pakistan based as far as I know and she writes well. But this writer, every week, the same old mindless drivel, I spend an hour banging my head on the wall trying to get her senseless ranting out of my head.Recommend

  • Umair Hassan

    What is wrong with Express Tribune. I’ve been reading some really crappy stuff on this blog lately.Recommend

  • Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

    @Ghosia n Khanani: couldn’t agree with you guys more. You are hitting the nail on the head.Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Out of 50 comments, 2 or 3 are positive, rest negative.
    56 likes on FB, and hardly any positive comments here by those who have liked this stuff? Come on supporters where are you all?

    P.S: My own comments are reserved for today, because to be honest,kuch samajh hi nahi aaya :S Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Some bloggers are hell bent on converting ET as Express Tabloid.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    We are all too scared of Ghausia to comment in favor of Ms Nadya! @Sarah B

    (Comment mafia dons will kill me 4 this)Recommend

  • Danish

    @Sarah B. Haider; Those 56 likes on facebook are probably due to the caption of the article i guess; facebook users don’t read the article often.Recommend

  • Madeha Farooq

    What a dumb writer you are!!!! Believe me i could never expect such an article on ET. You are criticizing for the sake of criticism, just waste my time. To hell with your Gucci bags madam, this is about my country, our country. You may love your Gucci bags my love is my country. Musharraf has my vote!Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    @ Anonymous, It’s not only Ghausia, but every other reader has left negative comments here, plus Ghausia’s critique always come with some rationale. Why are you scared of her? If you have any reason (tell me one, at least) to like this particular post, then come up with your argument! I don’t think so that anyone has a personal grudge with the author owing to which she gets negative comments on every single post of hers. It is solely because most readers cannot find any substance in the write-up produced by Ms.V.
    We should be grateful to technology that we can get instant feedbacks on our posts, because that helps us refine the quality of our writings. And the best thing about ET is that, the gatekeepers on the comment section are flexible, that really helps the writers to ‘see’ what the masses want.Recommend

  • Ghausia

    @Anonymous, Don’t be silly, unless someone addresses me, I don’t start attacking them, unless of course they saw something I disagree/agree with lol. Your comment mafia remark made me remember Sadaf Fayyaz’s keyboard mafia article. :D Besides, no one with half a mind could have anything good to say about this waste of space article, unless its the writer’s friends and family.Recommend

  • Shumaila

    hear, hear.Recommend

  • Volkswagen

    Is it that difficult for Tribune to sell its paper or are you trying to get the few readers to go back to there old new paper. I agree with Pakistani’s post.
    Her 80 % are talking about how Saks 5th avenue has some new stuff that “we really need to go check out”

    most of the urban population is middle class that cannot afford the Gucci’s unless its a knockoff that you carryRecommend

  • Mussarat Hussain

    Musharraf would definitely had my vote if he were a sincere statesman like Sir Winston Churchill, but he didn’t miss any opportunity to miss the opportunity only under the influence of “intoxication” of Chivas Regal
    or Blue Label (Johny Walker). Unfortunately, the former dictator had no match even to Lalu Parsad Yadev, the former Indian Railways Minister.

    He befouled world media and civilised nations that Kashmir’s fate would be decided very soon but surprisingly in his meeting with the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Musharraf rather urged him to resolve Palestinian issue.
    On the other hand India much often trumpeted Kashmir issue would have been resolved by now, if Musharraf were in power. I KNOW WHAT DEAL HE WAS ABOUT TO SIGN WITH INDIA. “INDIAN KASHMIR BELONGS TO INDIA AND ONLY PAKISTAN KASHMIR BELONGS TO PAKISTAN WHILE SOME NORTHERN AREAS BORDERING
    CHINA WOULD ALSO GO TO INDIA. THANK GOD, he didn’t get chance to seal deal with the fate of Kashmiri people.

    Secondly, he failed to contain terrorism in the country and instead concentrated on his personal security and accumulating wealth and property both in London and Florida (USA).

    He ran with the hares and hunted with the houds. He not only made fool Pakistani nation but also his trusted friends, Americans.

    Musharraf and “Altaf Bhai” will definitely have my votes if they reach Pakistan to lead “Revolution” like Shaheed Benazir Bhutto did or they should stop making insensible statements while being abroad and put bangles on their wrist.

    Every one wants “Heaven” but none want to die. God can’t be fooled.

    Mussarat Hussain,
    former chief reporter APP
    &Executive Director,
    Global Peace Network,
    Washington DC.Recommend

  • Shibli

    Wow, that’s quite a lot of haters.
    1. Feudalism != people having no moral compass. Simple. Where’s the logic in that?
    2. HUGE Generalization on the esteemed General’s part
    3. No stateman should EVER assume his people lack the power to differentiate right from wrong. That’s basically saying that 80% of our population are animals.
    4. If you believe Musharraf’s ‘analysis’ then you’re douchebag. And it’s because of retards like you that we got stuck with the mighty general in the first place.

    Musharraf doesn’t have my vote.Recommend

  • Rahat

    sarcastic political commentary by amateur blogger-cum-social critic-cum-gossip mongers should be avoided when the nation is in a state of crisis. It is difficult to digest, but it is a hard fact. The rural majority doesn’t reason whom to vote. That has always been a trend.
    Ranting out on blogs are what urban elitists are good at. Sad indeed.Recommend

  • naeem

    @Mussarat Hussain
    Palestinian issue has been a breeding ground for these religious nuts for decades these nuts have been using Kashmir issue to recruit.big powers have failed to solve these issues.Pakistan has no influence on solving Palestinian issue where U K has some,thats what he was talking about when he said help solve the Palestinian issue.the Blair quote is from 2001 mush was in power and new Kashmir can b solve even his critics agree he came closer then anyone to solve Kashmir issue.
    he was the army chief and the president, if u know anything about Pakistan and Kashmir issue then u should know it can not b solved without armed forces support,time has proven and even India is regretting not solving the Kashmir issue when Mush was in power. Recommend

  • Shahzad, Toronto Canada

    I disagree with Mr. Mussarat Hussain’s comments regarding Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf. First of all he is the only leader who came close to solving the Kashmir issue. People living in Kashmir just want peace. Enough blood has been shed over this for decades. Ask those who have lost loved ones and they will tell you how much they appreciated the stand Mr. Musharraf took on Kashmir. An ordinary average Kashmiri just wants peace.

    Secondly, the man earns $100,000 per lecture ($1-2 Million/Year) and if he buys few properties with his money why are there issues with that. Unlike the PPP and PML-N which has bought castles overseas with loot monies from Pakistan treasury. I am a fan of Benazir Bhutto but I really question the party she was leading. What happened to the slogan “Roti, Kapra aur Makan???” Look at how much terrorism PPP and PML-N has been able to contain. One is busy traveling the world and the other is in bed with the Talibans.

    Pakistan First – Long Live Perviaz MusharrafRecommend

  • naeem

    @Mussarat Hussain Palestinian issue has been a breeding ground for these religious nuts for decades these nuts have been using Kashmir issue to recruit.big powers have failed to solve these issues.Pakistan has no influence on solving Palestinian issue where U K has some,thats what he was talking about when he said help solve the Palestinian issue.the Blair quote is from 2001 mush was in power and new Kashmir can b solve even his critics agree he came closer then anyone to solve Kashmir issue.
    he was the army chief and the president, if u know anything about Pakistan and Kashmir issue then u should know it can not b solved without armed forces support,time has proven and even India is regretting not solving the Kashmir issue when Mush was in power.Recommend

  • Sharmeen Mahmood

    Wow! is there anything left to say? Oh yeah, Nadia if u r happy that sooooooooooooooooooo many people read your piece, it was just the title of it. I kept waiting that you might just get realistic at the end but … puke!!Recommend

  • sadaffayyaz

    I simply dont agree that ET hires tom, dick and harrys foreign returns as bloggers…They are a few only……Most of the bloggers are local,,,,,Recommend

  • rabbia

    It is true that the rural majority doesnt know who to vote for. The reason we have such pathetic ledership.
    such blogs are a waste of time.Recommend

  • Alee

    I opened the article, thinking for once someone with sense had the guts to publish a Pro-Mush article. Disappointing article, you also failed at sarcasm, pointless stuff.. Recommend

  • shahid

    Does ET have any standards, quality control for publishing blogs? Recommend

  • Ghausia

    @Shahid yes they do, but they can’t do anything for people that have some kind of ‘pawwa’ and want to be the pathetic center of attention once a week on a blog, of all things.Recommend

  • Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

    @Ghausia: I like the term “Pawa” must include it now coz its becoming kinda part and parcel of our society. I cent % agree with you. Thumbs-upRecommend

  • Mussarat Hussain

    @ Mr. Zhahzad Ahmed:

    Many thanks for responding to my piece of writing and defending former Dictator General Musharraf.

    Sir, I am amazed to learn that Musharraf had been recieving 100,000 dollars for each lecture. It is surprising to me because “disclosure” about the money that Musharraf recieves for each
    lecture in the United States. Honorable Sir, I have some humble questions which are as follows:

    1- If musharraf was such a literary and competent person to
    deliver “explosive”
    lectures that could help him earn $100,000 (each lecture),
    what prompted him to rule simpleton, novice and innocent Pakistani nation for eleven years, sometime as Chief Executive, sometime as “self-proclaimed” President. If he was really a “Bida Sagar” (Ocean of learning in bengali language) what led him to exit in such an ignomous way.
    Either Pakistani nation was fool which failed to judge hidden qualities of former dictator (infamous owner of a beauty parlor of Lahore must be knowning”hidden” qualities of dictator) or the upper chamber of the former dictator is empty.

    I fail to understand if Musharraf could earn 100,000 dollars for each lecture in the United States each month, why did he waste his precious eleven years (about 132 months) and sustained loss of about 132,00,000 dollars during that period apart from being defamed for playing “double-game” with the United States.

    I would like to submit in the honor of Mr. Shahzad that
    Professors and literary figures from prestigious universities like Yale, Harvard, Georgetown in the United States and Oxford in England hardly earn a little bit more than one hundred thousand dollars every “YEAR”, while majority of them almost remain hand to mouth either “overdraft” from banks or always find themselves in the constant danger of “Breaking mortgage”.

    Please reduce his lecture fee by substracting two “zero”as “safe-margin”, the amount you mentioned might be his fee for whole package of one year lectures across the United States.
    The former dictator has no courage to face open media even in the united states.

    Mussarat Hussain
    Washington DCRecommend

  • Mussarat Hussain

    @Mr. Naeem.

    I am not concerend with Palestinian issue. Mr. Naeem will recall that Arab world has never suported Pakistan at any critical point except some natural disaster. Let me allow to say majority of the Terrorists belong to Arab world and Pakistan is being dragged unnecessarily in the whole dirty game.

    Pakistan is nowadays fighting proxy war for Afghanistan and the Arab world. None of the 9/11 terrorists attackers belonged to Pakistan.
    I do agree that land of Pakistan is being used by the terrorists but at the same time Pakistani army is playing commendable role in eliminating terrorists who have taken refuge in Pakistan from the neighboring central Asian states or the grown up offsprings of Arab militants who were engaged in Afghan resistance against Russian invasion.

    Russian exit from Afghanistan prompted Arab terrorists, mostly funded by the Oil-rich states, to jump in the ongoing terroism and maligned Pakistani status to brand it as a terorist state.

    I support liberation struggles but not at the cost of my country Pakistan. Pakistan has nothing to do with the liberation of Palestine because its own leader Yaseer Arafat did not miss any opportunity to miss the opportunity to resolve Palestinian issue and
    Camp David meetings during the tenure of Bill Clinton when he (clinton) said today I have re-united Isaac and Ibraham generation.

    Honestly speaking, as a Pakistani, I would like advise my country now not to poke its nose even in the Kashmir issue because Kashmiris never side with Pakistan. I still remember that being a journalist I covered Press conference of Abdul ghani Lone, a Kashmiri Leader.

    Lone parried question when asked whether Kashmiris fighting for separate homeland or for the annexation with Pakistan. He had no answer. We have fought four wars for Kashmir in past but failed even we lost one of our biggest province, the East Pakistan, where I was raised and educated which later turned into Bangladesh unfortunately.

    Try to face reality, India will never free or present Kashmir to Pakistan in a dish. Musharraf was a stupid administrator who was only happy to visit his ancestoral house in Darya Ganj, New Delhi.

    Musharraf resembled Roman ruler who was playing flute when Rome was burning or a Muhammad Shah Rangelay who could only past his time in notorious and nocturnal “Business”, as far as I know him being very close to him for ten years as “Journalist”.

    Thank God I don’t own any plot in Islamabad. Same can be verified from the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad. I have only plot in Lahore Journalists Colony that is D-4, Harbanspura, Lahore.

    Long Live Pakistan.

    Mussarat Hussain,
    Global Peace Network,
    Washington DC Recommend

  • Ghausia

    @Musarrat Hussain oh for the love of God, we lost East Pakistan because of Kashmir? Seriously? Like West Pakistan was innocent little lambs that were ever so kind to their lesser half? I don’t mean to personally attack you, but seriously, what kind of a journalist are you? And it wasn’t a flute that Nero played, common rumours claimed it to be a fiddle, which is inconsistent as the fiddle hadn’t been invented at the time, while Tacitus claimed that Nero playing his lyre and singing as Rome burned was only a rumour. Again, general knowledge is part and parcel of being a journalist so I repeat, with no offense meant, what kind of journalist are you? And I find it hard to swallow that a separatist like Lone would refuse to answer whether Kashmir wants to be independent or not. What pray tell, would be the point of being a separatist if he wants to hide his views?

    And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous “Arab militants” comment. Geez. I bet them Arabs are mixed in with RAW and Mossad as well.Recommend

  • mario

    @ Mussarat Hussain – This is the response to your two ridiculous comments previously.
    – Firstly, you don’t have to put your signature at the end of your comments, it doesn’t really impress anyone.
    – Secondly, the biggest flaw in our society is that when we cannot find anything sensible to complain, we simply start criticising on personal stuff like drinking for one. I don’t see why Musharraf’s drinking wine is nation’s concern. Mr. Jinnah and Sir. Muhammad Iqbal used to drink and if for any insane reason you are a supporter of PML-N and PPP, then their current and former leadership are huge consumer of alcohol as well.
    – Musharraf continuously requested West to resolve the Palestine Conflict as most of the ignorant Islamic nations, like Pakistan are producing more mullahs and extremist mentality in religious schools and the easy way to solve this problem is to resolve the issue on which these religious institutions are banking on. I personally don’t care about Palestine. I am more interested in discussing the national issues in Pakistan but apparently not everyone feels the same way. Haven’t you seen how many strikes per year and how many Rallies and protests and useless killings are done in Pakistan in the name of Islam? There is no way any government can tackle this overnight as the generations are born with hatred for Israel and West and grew up in the shadow of religious clans. I know they are not the majority in Pakistan but they are still in big number.
    – Regarding Kashmir: Musharraf’s policy was outstanding and simply courageous on the issue. Kashmir dispute is not about controlling greenery and scenic valleys. It’s all about controlling waters. Both India and Pakistan are not going to back out from Kashmir so there will be give and take. Musharraf put several options on table so we can start debating as why do we need Kashmir? Does it belong to us? Should be an independent state? Do we have the right to claim this territory or we should simply sing along “Kashmir banega Pakistan” for another 60 years?
    – Regarding Musharraf property in UK/US: where did you get your facts? He is the only leader in Pakistan with full transparency of his property and financial details. He got a huge farm-house in Pakistan, which is his family property. He got a house in US which belongs to his son. A small flat in UK which he bought from his own money and took loan from his friends. I challenge the government and Supreme Court to find one dollar spend on his property was stolen from the Pak. treasure or corruption. Don’t even compare what he has with PPP and PML-N
    – Musharraf and MQM: The last thing we can do is to associate him with MQM if the drinking card doesn’t work. So pathetic.
    – Musharraf income/Lectures: You make me laugh. You actually think 100,000 dollars is a huge income for a public figure to be a guest lecture at top institutions. A leader who simply paying his bills and property mortgage by giving lectures. How many Pakistani leaders have you seen do this? Don’t compare his salary details with other lecturers in universities as they are on regular jobs and payroll.
    – Why Musharraf left? Simply because of me and because of you. I did not have the courage to tell him that this county needs you and don’t list to Mussarat Hussain. On the other and hand you wanted great of leaders of PPP and PML-N to come in power. You won this time and I am sure you must be proud of what is going on now. Please feel free to blame Musharraf and make him responsible for all the killings and corruption of the current government.
    – Musharraf doesn’t have courage to face media. He is the very reason you and I are having this discussion on a public forum.  Go back 15 years ago in PPP and PML-N government when countries like India, UK, Australia US have more than 50 channels and Pakistan had PTV1, PTV2 and STN. We had only 10 newspaper and they were only allowed to write in pleasing the government.Recommend

  • Syed Yousaf

    Musharraf drenched this country in pools of BLOOD splashed every day on its street beside gifting one of the most CORRUPT government to this unfortunate nation.
    What Mussharaf now wants from the poors of this country.Let me remind the readers of his 7 point plan
    1.Rebuild national confidence and morale.( Left the Country for Zardari)
    2.Strengthen the federation, remove inter provincial disharmony and restore national cohesion.( Killed Akbar Bugti & now Pakistani flag is being burnt and settlers are targeted and killed every day)
    3.Revive the economy and restore investor confidence.( Revided and doomed)
    4.Ensure law and order and dispense speedy justice.( Total Farse. Kicked out the Chief Justice primarily to Rig his election as President)
    5.Depoliticise state institutions.(Politicised the ARMY for personal gains)
    6.Devolution of power to the grass roots level.(Used local governments for personal gains)
    7.Ensure swift and across the board accountability ( No corrupt punished rather used as tool for coersion)
    What Musharraf has done to this nation should never be forgiven especially the Gift of Terrorism. Recommend

  • BT

    I guess people are using the comment section for their own debates. However, I must say that by voicing your dislike at this article, and continuing debates, you’ve actually made Nadya’s blog the most popular with almost 80 comments! Give the rest of the better bloggers that kind of popularity, there is no way the editor is going to take her off the blogosphere now!

    I’ve been ignoring to comment, but now one more comment after 4 days of being the most popular, and the most commented blog, one more blog is going to make little difference. Recommend

  • anis kazi

    isnt there any quality control on this site?Recommend

  • Patriot

    @ Syed Yousuf….Qurbaan jaaon tere masoomiat par… kuch toa khuda ka khauf karo!Recommend

  • Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

    @Syed Yousaf:
    “Umeed e Hoor nay sab kuch sikha rakha hai wai’z ko,
    keh hazrat daikhanay mein seedhay sadhay bholay bhalay hain”

    2nd line of the verse is esp. 4 u.
    @Mario: I do not disagree with you a single bit. I would like to add few more things you missed probably due to the lack of time.
    -People like Mussarat Hussein only oppose Mush coz he was a dictator; it feels good to be a pro-democratic immaterial of the fact did good or bad.
    -I you can recall 1st presidential speech of Zardari. “Ap Kashmir pay Jald Khushkhabri sunain gay” I would ask Mussarat Hussein, Is he a magician or what?? Everyone was aware of the fact Mush of the Mush’s services regarding Kashmir Issue.
    -Critics also blame the economy’s downfall to Mush. Perhaps they have forgotten their Fav “Ishaaq Dar’s” 1st speech as a finance minister, when he scared every possible foreign investor to run away and save his investments.
    -another BS is about energy crisis. Probably they forgot the Ghazi Brotha. Don’t blame Mush but the Intellectual Bankruptcy of else leadership.
    -I challenge any other political party except APML and PML Q, who have a proper plan on anything, I repeat anything except getting their share in Govt. They talk about crap more than issues and solutions.Recommend

  • Mubeen

    Yawn yawn yawn !!!! simply put … people like you create a hype, media frenzy out of nothing. Your article was not worth my or anyone elses time … ! please dont put rubbish on the web against people like mush who have contributed to the nations well being !Recommend

  • Zaid Kaleem

    The most pathetic article ive ever read in my life and please cut the sarcasm.Recommend

  • Tee

    I enjoyed the sarcasm. There’s a difference between a blog and an article. Every time people complain about the quality of a blog (by calling it an article) I cringe. Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui

    3 words for the article

    substandard,crappy, ‘fuzool’ ka sarcasm Recommend

  • jazitum

    There is no need of Musharaf AB or koi LAl masjid Shaheed nai karwani, ab mazeed America kay agay nh jhukna, ab mazeed Musharaf ki Corruption kay liye Imran khan jaisa Refredum supervisor nh banana. we want clean pakistan. no Musharaf , no zardari , no Altaf.Recommend

  • Dr Kamran Khan

    the writer just tried to get cheap fame by using “Musharraf” in the title. As its one of the most googled word on the net. Anti-mush sentiments are soooo 2008ish now…even hamid mir has started saying good words about him…like they say, the principle of mass communication is, give the audience what they want…anti-mush sentiment is largely over now! thanks to the nill perfomance of courts and government. People are asking lawyers…okay… Mush gone, CJ back…then what??Recommend

  • ahmad raza

    mushraf ke 8 sal very very good
    i am satisfi
    ALLAH HAFIZRecommend

  • mussarat

    God forbid, if mush comes into power, he will address nation once in a blue moon either from London or Florida either with Altaf Bhai or Dr. Nasim Ashraf beside him. (Ashraf was given prized posting as chairman PCCB who new nothing about cricket. I wonder whether he was a good doctor).

    He will construct his “Shaddat’s Jannat”, whose curator will be Dr. Sher Afghan Niazi. He will visit army-run camp in a office in helicopter which will be hardly two furlong away from his official residence while an official “air-hospital” will also follow him.

    No media men, even no representatives from PID, only “Handouts” will be issued by the ISPR, after thorough “decasting” and “slashing” of story. Managing Directors of official medias like PTV and APP will be
    stationed about one-miles away from the site where President will reportedly and allegedly holding meetings with Dr. Sher AFghan Niazi.

    It will be mandatory for the heads of the official media team to
    bring their birth certificates, “Blank-death certificates” while causes of death will be determined after burial.

    In view of Security concern, Mush will visit foreign countries once a week to receive credentials from ambassadors posted in Pakistan. All ambassadors will be duly insured while mush would be co-sponsoror who would get the insured money after any mishap with the envoy.

    Mush will however visit India (Darya Ganj, New Delhi) frequently to offer fateha at the graves of his “unknown” ancestors and will later
    attend a brief ceremony to earmark his grave with tanks and missles fitted at the top of the grave to prevent “angels” from entering grave.

    A competent audit expoert, preferably former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz would be posted outside the grave to give audit to “angels” of the wealth plundered by the freshly deceased two-time self-proclaimed president of pakistan.

    Tomb-stone will bear mark “Pakistan First”.

    God bless Pakistan, amen.

    Washington DCRecommend

  • http://WashingtonDC,USA. mussarat

    @ Maulana Wahab Gilani Sahib the following verse is being submitted for your taste accordigly, hopefully you will enjoy it:

    Dhap Dhap Sun Kar Main Khaney Ka Pichla Dar
    Khola, Dekha Aur Pehchana Tauba Tauba Maulana.

    Mussarat Hussain
    Washington DCRecommend

  • Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

    @Musrrat: i can remember your previous signatures, so o I can doubt your position APP &Executive Director,Global Peace Network
    coz you didn’t researched well about Nasim Ashraf. He knew cricket more coz he had played cricket at first class level so it is always better to keep the record straight. I’m not a journalist like you but I know as novice blogger how no to be on the wrong side of “FACTS”. By the way you can recall cricketing diplomatic ties during his charge with any board ranging from India to Australia. I can’t give you an advice to consult a sports journalist as you are elder than me. Just wondering in USA who can give you better advice on Cricket’s recent diplomatic history.

    Nobody was named as “Buffoon” bby Cricket australia during his time, disagree?? plz quote one! Yep he was a good Doc and I doubt (really not sure, but his diplomacy and administration showed)he was Ph D in management sci :)

    You seem to be assuming a lot?? ain’t you?? try googling the key following keyword including quotes

    “Assumption is the mother of *”

    in search results you will find the rest of proverb.

    Thanx for the verse :) and I’ll take “maulana” as a compliment coz Maulana meand hamaray/meray maula and Maula=Masters=.

    Nothing Personal
    Forgive for my signatures below. I just wanna feel what it feels like.

    Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani
    Author is an MS scholar of Management Science.
    Member Youth Parliament Pakistan (Sargodha Youth Assembly)
    Member Future Leaders Pakistan (Islamabad Chapter)
    Blogs @
    Write for “”

    P.S dont forget googling (“Assumption is the mother of *”) without parenthesisRecommend

  • Ghausia

    @Musarrat and I suppose you endorse the present government? Well, that explains a lot.

    Ghausia Rashid Salam.
    BSS journalism student.
    One time participant in Dawn Spelling Bee.
    Winner of elocution contests at school.
    Blogger at ET.Recommend

  • Dr Kamran Khan

    Feel sorry for Musharraf’s haters…
    Last night’s telethon proved, he is still the trusted and popular leader of Pakistan. Anti mush writers and anchors would have spent the night on flames in their bed .. ha ha :-) Recommend

  • mussarat

    If eighty percent of Pakistani and majority of Indian people and its government love General (RETIRED) Musharr “rough” why he is returning pakistan with firt available flight so that he get heroic welcome like “Ayatullah Khomenei”.

    Only sixty percent of Bengalis and some members of Indian government supported Sheikh Mujibur Rehman that constraained the then Pakistani government to release Mujib who eventually led revolution in Bengal.

    Dear brothers there is “No oil in these seeds”. Just lust of power, money, 21-gun salure, Guard of honors, foreign tours, Broadway of London, Manhattan of New York and Italian foods have spoiled their nights and lying on flames and dreaming to grab power once again. Where were they when whole nation was drowning ?
    Now they have soft corner for this nation.

    Pakistani people are no more foolish and stupid of haste order to embrace fugitive politicians after nation coffer is filled with foreign aid. NO NO and Never, I know those people very well, none other than me know their nature and psyche.

    Mussarat Hussain
    Washington DCRecommend

  • Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

    @Mussarat: :DRecommend

  • Ghausia

    @SAWG I doubt this person is a real journalist. Or at least a good one. If you can’t even follow basic journalism ethics of not letting personal biases cloud your opinion, then you’re a disgrace to the profession.Recommend

  • Syed Abdul Wahab Gilani

    @Ghausia: I have no reason to disagree with you on this.
    Neither am I a journalist by profession nor I want to be a citizen journalist.
    What i know as layman to this field about communication via media is to present the facts as it is, not ones personal opinion esp. not to talk prolifically on assumptions. Reader should make its own opinion based on the facts presented.
    Twisting the facts with an “opinionated” attitude is really worst thing for any journalistRecommend

  • Malik Tabeer

    He is one of the most trustworthy person in Pakistan.He is very well educated person from a very good-mannered background.He is not corrupt at all….Pakistan needs Pervez Saheb as a leader..He can only lead Pakistan from destruction to development….Let him come back and tell the world that Pakistan can survive and develop much faster….Let him come….Let him come back…Support him like iron wall..Recommend