The humble request of a loyal cricket fan

Published: September 4, 2010

Three Pakistani players have been charged by ICC under anti-corruption code in the wake of the match-fixing scandal that has stunned the cricketing world

Dear Pakistan cricket team,

I am not a big fan of cricket. I don’t religiously follow cricket matches and series, in fact, I rarely watch sports at all but I am a huge fan of the Pakistani cricket team. I watch cricket, only if one of the teams playing is Pakistan. My heart screams “howzat” when you bowl the opponent out. I jump as high as I can when the ball is hit outside the boundary. I feel I have won when our cricket team wins.

When we won the World Twenty20 in 2009, I was crazy proud because I knew no matter what anyone said we were the world champions. That is exactly the same feeling most Pakistanis shared; people were out dancing on the streets screaming with joy. The mall road Lahore, the Liberty round-about Lahore were blocked because everyone was out celebrating; sharing their joy with other Pakistanis- because “we” had won. Even displaced locals of the Swat operation were swinging with pride and joy. It was a moment of pure joy. It was moment for Pakistan.

You are the ones who can give Pakistan this kind of happiness. Yes, you! Cricket is so popular in Pakistan and everyone relates to it; so whatever you do, think about everyone who is going to be affected by your actions and decisions.

Part of the answer as to why we are all so angry right now is because we love you, the cricket team so much. Most critics consist of people like me who have high hopes and expectations from you – we don’t want to accept the accusations – and calling you bad names makes us feel a little better.

As a Pakistani, I forgive you. Even if it is all true. I still support you but please help protect this fervor.  Don’t give me a heart attack by letting me hear of another story like this. Too many of them will just kill my spirit and then I too will lose hope in you.

Sincerely and dearly,

A Pakistani fan


Miriam Mehdi

A business student and an instructor, who actively takes part in social activities. Her interests include debate, writing and teaching.

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