Hafeez for the World T20: The signs don’t look so good

Published: September 13, 2012

The so-called ‘professor’ needs to understand that this is the game of cricket, where the leader has to possibly fight on all fronts to keep the morale of his charges up. PHOTO: REUTERS

Pakistan may have won the T20 series against Australia but there are serious concerns about whether or not skipper Mohammad Hafeez can lead from the front in the upcoming World T20 in Sri Lanka.

Brave is the one who puts his hand up when the situation demands, however, that certainly was not the case with the Pakistani skipper as he thrice saved himself from the pressure-cooker situation in the series.

In the second match of three T20 series, the kangaroos needed 10 runs of the final over with Hafeez having an over left of his quota. Instead of becoming the man of the hour, the all-rounder played it safe and selfish by keeping himself out of the limelight.

He was so puzzled under pressure that he first threw the ball in Shoaib Malik’s court – who had not bowled a single over in the innings – but later changed his decision and turned to Abdul Razzaq, who was not asked to bowl in the first match as it was all too easy for Pakistan in that game.

Razzaq did what he does best, using his experience to somehow give Pakistan a chance to win the series by helping them to level the match. Thanks to Pat Cummins, who launched a massive six on the second last ball when seven runs were required and then scooped a lollypop fulltoss to get out in sheer despair.

As the match went in SuperOver eliminator mode, Hafeez held himself back from batting out in the middle and instead gave the names of Umar Akmal, Razzaq and Kamran Akmal.

Though Pakistan won, people should not forget that their side was too lucky on occassion to save themselves from playing in the final. The way Hafeez acted, it showed that he may crumble under pressure and could leave his team exposed in a difficult situation.

It was the same case in the third T20 as well with Pakistan being torn apart by Shane Watson and David Warner in the first ten overs; Hafeez, who often bowls with the new ball or introduces himself before Saeed Ajmal, chose not to imply himself.

What was even more surprising was the fact that he left youngster Raza Hasan at the mercy of the two openers and they pounced onto him. In addition, even Shoaib Malik was asked to bowl and went for plenty.

The so called ‘professor’ needs to understand that this is the game of cricket, where the leader has to possibly fight on all fronts to keep the morale of his charges up. It is not a game of chess where one can sacrifice knights, pawns, bishops, queen to keep the king’s crown intact.

As soon as the brutal 111-run stand was broken by Yasir Arafat, Hafeez came to bowl the next over and ended up with decent figures of conceding 17 runs in three overs which would have not been the case had he come to bowl earlier.

This is something to be worried about and one just cannot neglect such blatant acts of being selfish. These sorts of antics send out a negative signal in the camp; it implies that the leader is a coward and prefers to sacrifice others in difficult situations.

This has left me wondering whether or not Hafeez was the right choice, or for that matter, is the right choice to lead Pakistan in the World T20?

Since childhood, we have been hearing about the heroics of majestic Imran Khan, who used to lead from the front and take responsibility whenever his team was in dire straits. Even the likes of Wasim Akram, Inzamamul Haq and Shahid Afridi were all courageous leaders, but now we have Hafeez.

He has played eight years of international cricket without any decent performances, and is being imposed on Pakistan.

The signs do not look so good, I’m afraid. One cannot expect Hafeez to lead Pakistan to glory unless some outstanding personal performances from the likes of Shahid Afridi, Saeed Ajmal Umar Akmal or Imran Nazir turn the odds.

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Nabeel Hashmi

Nabeel Hashmi

A sports journalist who believes that being a sports journalist is the next best thing besides being a sportsman, Nabeel tweets as @NabeelHashmi88 twitter.com/NabeelHashmi88

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  • Adeel

    Good food for thought by the writer!!!!! I must say an excellent piece and thankfully there is someone who has finally written a sports blog that gives readers something to debate productivelyRecommend

  • Dagga

    Rightly pointed out Hafeez should be the one coming in difficult situations…. He almost played with the future of Raza Hasan by asking him to bowl infront of well settled Warner and Watson to save his own blushes

    C’mon skipper shows some guts betaa:):)Recommend

  • Amin Ahmed

    strongly agreed with your observations. but the people would still consider Hafeez a heroic captain because they can’t analyse these things without good sense of cricket and as usual the one who do politics in the team,afterwards they too become victim of it like other some past captains of the team.Recommend

  • Hassan

    (He has played eight years of international cricket without any decent performances, and is being imposed on Pakistan)

    He is lucky 2 hv played so much 4 Pak cuz has he been in 1990s he would not even have came close to national setup

    He is just that mediocre who has learned a bit after failing for eternity that is da realityRecommend

  • Concerned Pathan

    1.Hafeez is really silly and oversmart:@ Why did he left Junaid Khan out of the T20 Wc squad despite outstanding against SL.
    2. It was he who asked for Mohammad Sami and Umar gul despite selectors asking to take Junaid with the team to SL.Shahid Afridi should have been the skipper in 1st place.Recommend

  • Final Say

    Both Hafeez and Misbah r of same category SELFISH PLAYERS.
    I don’t understand why Rameez Raja is so curious to beat the drum about an overrated player someone should read this line before Hafeez because its majestic


  • fahd

    I dont agree with you on hafeez not bowling the last over in the second t20. As a spinner there was always a chance he was going to get hit. Remember ajmal against the aussies in the world cup semifinal?? He did the right decision to give it to razzaq. As for the last t20 he got good figgures because he bowled well, unlike the others.Recommend

  • JB

    How can you perceive what he did in the second T20 as ‘selfish’? Hafeez knows his limitations. And don’t you think it worked better to give someone with experience (Razzaq) instead of coming himself and not only hogging the spotlight (which I am sure would have been your arguement had he bowled the last over and had Pakistan lost) and I think Umar Akmal and Razzaq were better options for the super over than himself. As far as the third match was concerned, I think Pakistan were complacent as a team who has won the series. Hafeez was clearly experimenting.
    I think Pakistan has a very bright chance in this year’s World T20. We have an enviable line up where almost everyone can bowl and bat. Hafeez is a thinking captain and I think he would prove a lot of people wrong in this tournament.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/frqanees Farooq Anees

    Dear Nabeel,

    One bad performance does not make a player bad, this is the problem one negative deed and the player is deemed un-fit for the role in the team. Hafeez has been a constant performer since his 2nd comeback in the international arena, and he deserves to lead the side for T20. The decision to bowl Razzaq was based on the bad experience that we had in the 2009 T20WC when Ajmal was hammered and it was a collective decision by him and the senior players and it paid-off otherwise you guys would have started blaming Hafeez again if he bowled himself or Malik and the Aussies would have won. Kamran Akmal batted superbly in that much thus his name was given and Razzaq we all know is the best in business and Pakistan needs all guns firing if they have to win this T20 WC.

    The attitude of the whole team in the 3rd one was not positive since they already had the series in bag, they tend to play relax. And Hafeez was experimenting with the options that he has so it was not a bad idea. Instead of criticizing the players or management lets all get behind them with our support and prayers. Be it Misbah, Afridi or any other player lets be positive towards them. Everyone has a different tactic and approach to the game and are champions in their own way.

    And please do check Hafeez’s record after his 2nd comeback, if you want i can get the details for you via cricinfo.. :-)Recommend

  • Corrupt

    All these blogs end-up with the likes of Misbah, Hafeez and Afridi….
    anyone on Hashim Amla please?Recommend

  • AD


    Wowwww what a experiment yaar seriously Sami & Asad shafiq are sitting on the becnh & he is experimenting i mean seriously give me a break secondly no one denied the fact that Razzq is the best option in the circumtances & i would definetly back him on this ecision but what resopect Razzaq got till that last over guy was pushed aside to the wall in tw0 T20 until in final over Hafeez just remebered that he is the guy with most experience its more like a ” Qurbani ka Bakra” what Misbah done it in 3rd ODI by givng bowling to afridi despite of his injury & 4 left overs in the end by Junaid Secondly in 3rd T20 Shoaib Malik & raza hassan for the last 2 yrs now Hafeez usually bowls inside 10 overs but when WARNER & wATSON are in groove he backed himself ohhh yaar comee on

    I would love to see Hafeez winning the T20 WC for us & i liked him since his 2003 debut but shudnt close our eyes in the selfish decision he made till now by leading from the back too much Professor giri not paid off just keep the thing simple he shud quickly learn from his mistakes otherwise there is not much time left in T20 WC Recommend

  • Umair Naseer

    I totally disagree with your comments !!!!! He really acted like a professor and played smartly. If a team gets into the super power the best bowler and the batsman (hitter) must play. Hafeez being an off spinner could not have stopped 10 runs in last over. Plus with the absence of Saeed Ajmal in super over, Umar Gul was the best option available and it yielded results. It is important for Captain to perform and he has been doing with bat and ball, but he may not necessarily be the best player on field, he must have good leading abilities. In my regard, he opted for the right option by going for Razzaq and Umar Gul and not playing super over himself. There would be instances where he would lead from the front. Recommend

  • Future_of_Pak

    Give Hafeez a chance. I think the author is being too narrow-minded. Hafeez has performed well for Pakistan over the past couple of years and has been an instrumental part of the core unit that rose under Misbah’s recovery program. I fully support the idea of developing separate test, ODI and T20 units, and only a very small, select group of highly valued and high performing individuals make it to all units. Lets face it, the good sides around the world are using T20 squads, games, tours and tournaments as testing grounds for combinations that may succeed in ODI’s and consequently in the world cup. And, as has been the case since the 80s, ODI’s are still a glorified testing ground for guys that can hack it to test level. Regardless of who likes to watch what, and what type of cricket draws sponsorship, when it comes to rating a player, it still comes down to how well he does at the test level. So, lets not get carried away and go around calling Hafeez a coward due to potentially tactical decisions in the second T20. It is the one format Pakistan has actually performed well in consistently, and that isn’t really all that big a fact to be proud of. But still, Hafeez the player is an important player for Pakistan cricket overall. Recommend

  • Zuhair

    @author: You can also argue that it was a very brave decision on Hafeez’s part that he asked Abdul Razzaq to bowl the last over because he had not bowled at all. Apart from Ajmal, i dont think any spinner could’ve stopped Australia from getting 10 runs in the final over. As someone here already said, Hafeez is not afraid to admit his limitations that he would not have been able to contain the Aussies in the last over.

    Also, a very stupid thing to say that he gave the ball to Shoaib Malik in the final match because he was being selfish. What better way to give match time to someone (especially in an unimportant match) who is in your squad for the T20 World Cup and may have to bowl in pressure situations, if needed.

    Please try to take positives from things for a change. Can’t you see how commanding he looks in the field? His field settings were excellent in the first match which is why we beat them so convincingly.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    While I agree with the writer and many of those commenting that Hafeez is not as good a player as many others, and rarely has he had a match winning contribution, I disagree that he is selfish.

    In the 2nd T20, the fact that he didnt take the last over, shows sense rather than selfishness. Had he taken the last over or for that matter come out and batted in the super over, when better hitters were present, he would be severerly criticized for a)bowling himself (a spinner) in the final over and b)coming out to bat, when you need someone who can wield the long handle and “smash” rather than carress, that too when he is in such poor form with the bat.

    Everything is a lot easier in hindsight. Having to take tough decisions on the spot, in a pressure situation requires someone with calm, which is one thing that Hafeez possesses, for sure. In the third T20, perhaps he could have bowled but again, he has been hit for a few sixes in the previous matches as well, and was giving Raza a chance to perhaps outsmart the Aussie batsmen, like he regularly does in domestic T20s.

    Here’s to hoping and praying that he leads us well and Pakistan does well as a team, irrespective of who performs!Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/SamiSaayer Sami Saayer

    you really call yourself a sports journalist by writing this? kudos for the courage.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/frqanees Farooq Anees

    @ AD

    Experiments do fail and succeed, while crying over them is not the solution. Sami is fail cricketer and has been given too many chances. I can’t simple understand the logic of him being in the squad, he is the player who has given most runs in 4-over of a quota of a T20 match without any wickets. There is no such thing a “Qurbani ka bakra”, you need to take risks in order to be successful and Razzaq acted as a trump card. Secondly Afridi himself volunteered to ball in the 3rd ODI as the team needed him, Misbah should not be blamed alone for that.

    Give him sometime it was just his first series, i hope he will learn and Whatmore will guide him as well. We just need to get the right combination of bowling as it will again be our trump card for T20 World Cup.Recommend

  • http://isharearena.com M.Aswad Mehatb

    I must say that the writer has no clue how the tactics are played in modern game…
    Hafeez did a great job , Cricket no a days played with mind not with emotions … if hafeez tried to be heroic and bold that eliminator and the last over , this article would be about how stupid his decision was ..
    a spiner named ajmal can bowl the eliminator as he is top of his game , any other sppineer would have been thrashed ..he made right choices and he baffled Aus.

    That’s what you need to do ! Recommend

  • Ashfaq Shah

    Thank you for making my day. This is funniest piece I have read today. Also, I hope sports journalism is not your day job.Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/No.Cruncher.1?ref=tn_tnmn Haris Javed

    hafeez should have applied himself when warner and watson were bashing malik and that new kid raza.. .Recommend

  • Z.Riaz

    @Ashfaq Shah:
    HAHAHAHAHAA your comment made my day!

    This article deserves to be categorized in the “junk” section.Recommend

  • Umair

    Another non-sense article from express tribune. Kudos for the publisher.Recommend

  • Aaqib

    Don’t agree, he did all this as per the performance of the particular team member in that match, his bowling wasn’t working that’s y he didn’t bowled the last over and the super over. Giving Razzaq the super over was a brilliant move as Aussies hadn’t played him since long. And Umar akmal, kamran, and Razzaq are better hitters than him which was the requirement of the super over.Recommend

  • Umair Naseer

    the author has made our media like criticism making no sense :pRecommend

  • Siraj

    Agreed with the writer..
    I hate hafeez and Misbah….Recommend

  • Omair

    I think you have raised some valid points with credible evidence, people who are taking cheap shots at you would be better off if they could provide examples the same way as you.
    Having said that I think we are a selfish nation and this happens everywhere government, politics, corporates, army etc. Also we do not have any other choice than Hafeez right now so I think the coach and the board should talk to him about this and other senior players should also have a word with him.Recommend

  • AD


    First of all Hafeez is our T20 WC captain so i fully support him my point is that sometime his over professor giri wont work keeping the thing simple is far more better, SAMi & Asad shud b given chance in my point of view which can b wrong coz u lost it that badly in Third T20 & in mood of experimenting so y dont give them a chance yaar & Sami is in the squad coz of Hafeez will yaar he is dominating captain so he need him then y not give a chance b4 WC

    Afridi volunteerly bowled OMG seriously he couldnt hold his hand bowling with one hand through out the inning, Y a captain would choose a bowler who is badly injured & also out of form over lonely fast bowler played in the line up & still got over left y Junaid khan played if Misbah dont have any confidence to bowled 10 quota of his over i mean come on its always the captain decision to bowl even if afrdii volunteerly want to bowled then Misbah shudnt let him do considering the circumstances its always captain call Anyway its a long debate & argument

    Lets hope & back Hafeez that his professor giri will work for Pakistan IA Recommend

  • haris

    give hafeez a chance….he made a good decision giving razzaq the last over in the 2nd t20 as razzaq looked confident.and the players he named for the super over were good hitters and K. akmal had also played a good innings. hafeez didn’t take the risk of naming imran nazir. and he himself was also not in good touch. hafeez is certainly a much more aggressive captain then misbah which is good for the team. he should work on his batting and make sure that he doesn’t experiment much with his bowling options. INSHALLAH the team will perform well in the t20 world cup.Recommend

  • Cric Lover

    Hafeez is a selfish as far as I have seen him remember him bowling full quota of 4 overs and giving Afridi just two overs in his first match that was the sign of things to come. For me this is a good piece unlike others who disagree with the writer who has certainly given something to think.

    However, 90% of people don’t have any opinions which is why we are suffering today as a nation and people are not understanding what is being said may Allah give us all the wisdom to understand things instead of just passing comments for the sake of comments that really don’t matter. From my side a big thumbs up to u Mr.Nabeel hope to read your well constructed article in future as well.Recommend

  • Nusrat Chaudry

    Dear you all readers I think ET has the most vibrant staff who try to come up with courageous pieces and news stories which our traditional people can’t digest. Its a big shame for those people and for those who are dumb and like to follow the band wagon. I would suggest you all to appreciate the efforts made by ET in the world of journalism because they have certainly made the difference and have caught the eye. KEEP IT UP ET!Recommend

  • Concerned Pathan

    Hafeez please learn from your mistakes quickly so that you can lead us to glory because these mistakes won’t work out in a mega event like T20 World Cup because there will be no 2nd chance else “Pakistan will R.I.P”Recommend

  • Hassaan

    More than 50 likes says it all and I would encourage the writer to not to get discourage by few negative comments against him because we need people like him who can speak up truth. There are ample of journalists who are BIKAAOO and only speak in favour of superstars which you can easily see on TVRecommend

  • Hassaan

    Hafeez is an ordinary player even Imran Farhat is better than him. Has Imran NAzir or Yasir Hameed had got such a long run in the side for eight years they would have scored double amount of runs than HafeezRecommend

  • Umair Naseer

    @cric lover he did not give over to Afridi because he did not need to Australia was bowled out for less than 100. When you are playing for Pakistan, you do not act like school boys in which every one plays equally. You have to adopt the best tactics which Hafeez opted for and I am pretty sure if he bowled himself out you have criticized him for that. Please tell me where it is written to give your second or third best player (Hafeez) a chance in the most crucial super over even if he is the captain of the team. Plus, had he not been performing in the last two years, he would not have been in the team anymore.Recommend

  • Pak Cricket

    I only read the first few lines and thought i’d tell you , when you’re defending 10 runs from the last over with a set batsmen on strike you’re supposed to give preference to pace over spin. Recommend

  • A.Ahmed

    i totally agree with the writer bcz he raised some valid point abt the captancy of hafeez indeed he is not brave enough to lead the team from the front…. the people who understand cricket they must have a better feeling of this somehow i have seen many journalist and former cricketer who are pointing out the hafeez captaincy in the well known tv programs he must have courage to lead the team from the front.. however this is my team and i have to support them so Pakistan think tank must give them a serious advice as we know that the legendary javed miandad is going there to give them a advice by seeing the current circumstances of Pakistan team and i am pretty sure that all things goes good for the Pakistan team
    thumbs up to writer for leading the ET from the front…..Recommend

  • Raw is War

    we will whip you.Recommend

  • Green Oval

    Hafeez doesn’t deserve to be in the team at first place let alone the captaincy, he should thank his stars and the people he knows. Hafeez made his debut in 2003 and he is primarily in the team as an opening batsman but historically he is more often a miss than a hit. He would have been long forgotten had this been any other international team.Recommend

  • Ashar Niaz

    ..Rightly said..BUT here we need to give a thought….If Hafiz shouldn’t be given the captaincy then who was the right man for the job?
    Afridis very own performance is below par for quitre some time and there are also some grouping issues in the team when he was appointed..
    Kamran has a huge question mark after the spot fixing saga…
    Razzaq hasn’t got the permanent spot in the team….so there is none at this time who could replace him..
    Pakistan has got a history of producing some magical performances when all odds are against it and when it is least expected so ~fingers crossed~ for this t20wc..!! Recommend

  • Green Oval

    Hafeez’s last 10 T20 innings as an opening batsman read, 9, 45, 17, 24, 0, 0, 0, 23 and 25. It’s not much different in the ODI and test matches. Does he even deserve to be in the team? Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Hogwash utter nonsense. Hafeez or any other captains job is no different then a chess player. They have to pick right combination against the opposition presented.Australians excelled at analyzing each player and bowling them accordingly to get them out.
    Captain ‘s job to assemble the best combination to win the game and it has nothing to do with being a hero. He was absolute genius to pick the right players to bowl and bat.
    He should be congratulated for his innovative thinking. He knew he was a spinner and Australians were comfortable playing the spinners.
    I only fault him for poor show in the third match where they didn’t bat well.He should have been more resolute as a captain.Recommend

  • Raazi

    Soo true. thumbs up nabeel for such realistic analysis.Recommend

  • Muskan Khalid

    @ Author… Is this a good time to write such an article? I mean come on we should encourage and support our players not bash them with illogical arguments. Recommend

  • aligaad

    One thing I am spying that Hafeez is going to be proud of him by saying that Pakistan don’t need Ajmal or Afridi. Don’t forget that team can’t win by ones efforts but by all and can lose scarcely by only one`s mistake. Recommend

  • Tk

    Im sorry but you clearly have no idea about cricket. Please do not forget Hafeez is a batting allrounder! not a bowling one. Anyone with cricket knowledge would have advised hafeez not to bowl the last over since all he could have tried to do would be bowling faster yorkers to avoid being hit in that circumstance. He does not have the variety like ajmal does. Why would Hafeez have gone out to bat in the super over????? so what if he is captain. He knows his hitting ability is nowhere close to that of Razzaq or Umar Akmal. Super over is not a situation for a batsman of Hafeez’ calibre. It was good captaincy that he realized who is best players were in that situation and thats what led us to win. Recommend

  • Muhammad Ahsan Javed

    Why you keep on criticising !! i just cant understand .. he is new to the seat , he will take time to adjust .. and please dont say without any decent performances . .. for God sake , he is best bowler in ODIs and best all rounder among tops ..
    keep your food of thought to your self !! @:Recommend

  • Sohaib

    In my point of view, playing XI should be:

    Imran Nazir
    Mohammad Hafeez (C)
    Nazir Jamsheed
    Kamran Akmal (wk)
    Asad Shafiq
    Hammad Azam
    Shahid Afridi
    Abdul Razzaq
    Sohail tanvir
    Umar gul
    Saeed AjmalRecommend

  • Zuhair

    i totally agree with you. Moreover, it would’ve been selfish of him to bowl the last over or come out to bat in the Super Over when there are better bowlers or better hitters in the team. The captain doesn’t necessarily have to be the best player in the team. If that were the case, Tendulkar or Brian Lara would’ve always been their respective teams’ captains.Recommend

  • Aasim Mukhtar

    I see these things – Specially the 2nd match – from a very different angle. For me the skipper was wise and self-less enough to read the situation well (as even saeed ajmal the best off-spinner in the world could be slogged in the closing over of the match) and gave the ball to the very best in such situations. I still remember matches when even Wasim Akram being, skipper, used to hand the ball to Abdul Razzak in such situations. Then again batting in the super over, hafeez acted selfless and lined up the best 3 batsmen of the team. By all standards, Umar Akmal is the only complete batsmen in the side with all the shots in the bag and who could not just hit but could play conventional shots and could improvise as well (though he acts stupid at times). Kamran and Abdul Razzaq do not need any words, what they have done for the team in the past speaks for them. So, instead of criticizing the skipper, we should be praising him for his ability to analyze the situation and coming up with right kind of a decision. Just a few days ago we have seen nightmare of captaincy from Misbah in the last ODI where by sending Afridi at # 3 in place of Azhar Ali (or if he had to change the batting order, then Umar should have been the choice) Misbah threw away the commanding position. Comparing the two, Hafeez stands high on logic, selflessness and ability of reading the situation correctly and reacting to it appropriately.Recommend

  • Waqas

    I agree with the super over game but not of the 3rd match. Keep in mind that Pakistan had already won the series. T20 was coming up and Pakistan needed to test many bowlers and their form. The fact that 6 bowlers bowled in the first 7 overs alone shows this.
    Please tribune don’t allow publishing of immature people who don’t know a thing about cricket and sports. Recommend

  • http://orangeberrydesign.co.uk Zain

    It doesn’t matter what happened, how happened. One thing we all know is that Pakistan team needs to play really hard to win it. Other teams are putting their efforts towards the quality of play, we can’t sit back and comment on this and that.
    I believe that rather going with big names, Pakistan management needs to select team according to ground and pitch situation. Why don’t we make use of technology to analyze which is going to be winning XI.Recommend

  • Hassaan

    I still Doubt that Hafeez is the right leader. He is at the helm because Pakistan have no other option his professorgiri will cost us dearly in the world cup and Pakistani will liekly before semifinal stage if Ajmal is taken for runs in the event.
    I think we people do nt have knowledge about what is happening behind the scene and these reporters do have that may be the just may be the author is highlighting the right things.
    One thing is for sure Pakistan cricket has been of finding scapegoats. There are certainly many players who have become stars because several other careers were sacrificed to keep them in limelight Recommend

  • Nahida

    Whatever has been written is true according to my perspective but the timing of it is wrong because WC is on our head and we need to support are men in green :)Recommend

  • Let the cricket blossom

    Mr.Hafeez plzzz be sincere to Pakistan cricket plzzz we cant afford any selfishness that is apparent with ur captaincy as rightly highlighted in dis blogRecommend

  • Let the cricket blossom

    Don’t forget Hafeez that you have been an underachiever for 8 years and now since u r the skipper u shud help others as well Recommend

  • Haseeb

    Totally disagree with the writer. Has no knowledge of cricket ! Hafeez is a mature player and his excellent on the spot decisions won us the 2nd t20 and the series. I would love to see th look on your face when we win the world cup Inshallah ! Pray for the team
    rather than giving your view based on a single match. Recommend

  • Siraj

    i am telling you this guy Hafeez is the next Imran Khan.

    He and Misbah are the keys to our sides performance in T20 Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/SamiSaayer Sami Saayer

    hey sports journalist, how’s the world cup coming along? signs still not looking good?Recommend

  • http://www.beyluxe.com somiya

    hey..hafeez imur big big big fan….u r my lucky charamRecommend