Is the iPhone 5 after Jobs doomed to failure?

Published: September 13, 2012

Don't forget that with each new model of the iPhone, Apple has introduced a feature that hasn't been in the market before. DESIGN: ERUM SHAIKH

With the ever increasing trend of smart-phones, Apple’s iPhone has definitely bagged the top position in the list of favourites – and why shouldn’t it?

With an amazing set of features coupled with a slim and sleek design, excellent touch system and thousands of apps which you can download from the Apple Apps Store, the iPhone has everything desired to gain mass appeal.

Apple was formerly recognised for its computers and MacBooks, until 2007 when our very dear Steve Jobs introduced the exquisite iPhone, which was a combination of the iPod and the internet-enabled smart-phone. It took around a $150million to develop the original iPhone and as soon as it was launched, it was a huge success!

Big enough to be dubbed the ‘Jesus Phone’. The phone was powered with iOS containing preinstalled applications and multimedia.

The iPhone generations were no doubt considered as one of those that catered to the fast growing consumer demand- using a product oriented marketing approach.

However, when the much awaited iPhone 4S came out, the public was stunned. They were astonished not with the design and the features but with the fact that it was ‘exactly’ the same as its predecessor; the iPhone 4! Except for a few changes like the 8 MP camera, slightly greater weight and not to forget Siri, the iPhone 4S is identical to its predecessor!

Let’s not digress though; we are here to discuss launch of the much awaited iPhone 5, and not how badly Apple disappointed its customers with the 4S generation. Now that the creative genius behind the iPhone generation is no more, the launch and design of the iPhone 5 peaked to an even higher level of interest.

Can the Apple team continue to provide its customers with the superior quality, exquisite design and improved technology that was supplied under their guru? Or will Jobs’ death prove to the downturn in business for Apple?

These questions will only be answered well after the launch of the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 has not been given an official name, but this generation may be an important milestone for the company because this will be the first product introduced by the Apple team after the death of their first CEO. It is, however, said that the design of the phone has been approved by Jobs himself, who started working on the model even before the launch of the 4S. Hence, the world is most likely to witness the final masterpiece by Steve Jobs.

I understand that the new iPhone sports a bigger screen. Now this is a plus point!

However, it is only bigger in length and not in width. There’s no doubt that our Steve Jobs believed that 3.5 inches in length is the optimum size for touch screen phones, but to keep up with the larger Android phones in the market, the iPhone 5 supports a 4 inch screen. (Yes, it’s still not big enough). The screen also has a retina display resolution, like those present in the MacBook Pro.

Unlike the 4/4S generation, the new iPhone is also reported to have a liquid metal chassis. This alloy of titanium, nickel, copper and zirconium will provide greater strength and flexibility. Not only that, but the iPhone 5 has a greater storage memory using the Anobit’s technology of flash memory. The camera is of 12 MP strength, with facial recognitions in the captured photos and a front camera too.

Not to forget the ‘Siri’ improvement. The ‘Siri’ was first introduced in beta format in the iPhone 4S and it is said that the new generation is going to experience improvements in this technology. It has also been reported that Apple recruited several engineers to improve the Siri technology which suggests a major overhaul.

Now that Steve Jobs is resting in his grave, may God bless him, the Apple team has more space to experiment with several features and technology that previously Steve refused in his iPhone designs. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is one example which allows wireless data communication at high speeds. Adding to this, this phone boats the iOS 6. technology which is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.

According to sources, Apple owns a patent for this technology and hence is likely to introduce it in its new generation. Don’t forget that with each new model of the iPhone, Apple has introduced a feature that hasn’t been in the market before.

When they say Apple is going to beat Samsung with its new iPhone, I think they will be right! And ‘if’ it really does that, Apple will be riding a new wave of success, especially after Steve Jobs.

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Muhammad Umair Maqsood

Muhammad Umair Maqsood

An internet marketing consultant with his expertise in SEM, SMO, SEO, SMM and Content Marketing. Technology inspires him, internet marketing is his passion and writing is what he envies the most. He runs a blog Techknowlogists, which is a blend of technology and internet marketing. He tweets as @UmairMaqsood (

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  • Umair

    ipone 5 looks good. LTE is the only additional feature & iphone 5 is the 1st one to introduce this feature.Recommend

  • Simba

    well written and informative. No doubt Steve was a genius. Let’s see what Apple comes up with by not having insanely great ideas of Steve Jobs :)Recommend

  • M.Aswad Mehatb

    Actually iphone is the last one in the list to have LTE now …All other major phones have all the features of iphone5 from years now …
    GS3 , Motorola , NOkia lumia every one got that …
    this iphone is 1 year late .. it should be out last year now it do not stand out from the competition …Recommend

  • Daggardalla

    Apple iphone 5 impressed me, though it design haven’t changed, but its size is perfect, not to big like samsung s3. impressive hardware inside the small chassis, really an engineering marvel, which only companies like Apple,Motorola & Nokia can achieve, not cheap company like samsung. Built quality great like always. i am sure iphone 5 will beat samsung galaxy s3 in most of the bench marks.
    However Apple should improve its software, though quality of apps are excellent & no one can beat the quality of apps of apple store, but IOS 6 needs some more interesting stuff, some more customization, so that it can compete with Android. they should change their conservative strategy of steve jobs when it comes to software designing.
    However iphone best like always.Recommend

  • Samraan

    Steve Jobs started this before 4S, and I can bet if he was alive while manufacturing the new iPhone he will improve its feature according to the competition..
    Tim cock ruined it I must say!Recommend

  • SS


    Some Android have had LTE in the phones for the past 2 years now. Apple is 2 years late in introducing it. Recommend

  • Samm

    Iphone 5 is the bestest phone i have ever seen in my life. As compare with Samsung Galaxy S3, it is much better phone. Design and Looks are fascinating.Recommend

  • Qasim

    Funny how people can comment on something they havent even used yet. Even funnier, those people who never possessed iphone4/4s.

    Its Apple youre talking about, not something sold at the hawkers…Recommend

  • Eienstien

    I-phone is nothing more than a status symbol now, its just to show that you can afford it.
    features wise, its way behind from other competitors. they could not even improve the desingn to change the sim easily, you need to keep a pin with you all the time.basic features of everyday use are not available and they are striving for higher, makes me laugh.
    I-phone 5 is just same as 4 except bigger screen with different charger. Good luck with buying iphone 5.Recommend

  • Sohail

    It has 8-megapixel iSight camera, not ‘a camera of 12 MP strength’!Recommend

  • SAJ!

    Samsung Galaxy SIII is way way better experience compared to this boring peice of gudget. Every year same technology, no excitement. Go on and check the SIII and you will feel the difference, there are thousand things exciting about android phone. for me It’s a BIG FLOP!Recommend

  • Shakee

    @Hammad: just to correct you..the iPhone 5 does packs an 8MP camera.Recommend

  • Shakee

    Just want to say and Im not favoring iPhone on any grounds by saying it that, Most of you sound like you haven’t read/saw the entire event like i did, which is why there are comments like “who told you iPhone 5 packs an 8MP camera” or its the same as iphone 4S and iPhone is nothing more than a status symbol.

    well..iphone is a status symbol mostly in Pakistan. The real market that its designed for, actually prefers it because of its features and hundreds and thousands of apps.

    design wise, yes its pretty much the same as 4S and it doesn’t even have wireless charging feature (i bet most of you don’t know what that is). But there are improvements in the design and performance of this smartphone.

    Bottom Line: No one is forcing you to buy it! Nor Steve jobs or Tim Cook, but most of you will buy it.

    on a personal note…HTC makes my favorite phones.Recommend

  • Muhammad Umair Maqsood

    The article was written before the launch of iPhone 5 so it was based on speculations and rumors that I heard. Moreover, for all those are talking against or in favor of iPhone. There’s always a motivation or feature behind your buying behavior. For me, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) holds the value and if you compare the interface of iPhone with ANY and by that I mean ANY Smartphone you’ll end up agreeing that iPhone is the real deal.

    By no means I mean to bash Samsung, HTC etc because these companies are also producing some quality mobiles, but lets compare them through statistics. It’s basically the Android v Apple, all of these companies are just supporting Android with its machines. Whereas Apple is competing everyone in the market on its own with a SINGLE product iPhone(all versions).

    Lets see how what happens in the future, keep your fingers crossed and Stay tuned! Thanks! Recommend

  • Muskan Khalid

    Just wondering is this the best we can expect from Apple that claims to be most innovative in the world? After all the bluster about innovation the user interface is almost exactly the same like the first 2007 version and cant compete with Galaxy S3. Apple has become a copycat, just making bigger phones to compete with Android’s. The difference is that Apple adds new feature in new model and its rivals give us a brand new design and model.Recommend

  • GrimmJow

    Samsung Galaxy S3 – the best iphone ever made!Recommend

  • Ammar

    Can the iFan of an author please tell me a single new feature Apple has brought with this model that has never before been seen on the market?Recommend

  • MoneyMakers

    Still nothing in the barrel of Apples out yet to beat the S3. Iphone 5 is just the same old same old . S3 is still steps ahead. Better tighten up Apple fans…..your just holding on to the name and not the product with this Iphone 5. Android is beating the #$^$% out Apple..Recommend

  • aligaad

    I don’ think so Apple will be able to refute their new product after Mr.Steve Jobs,He was only behind success of this.Samsung can get high by leaving Apple behind.As Samsung Galaxy SIII is worlds fastest and advanced android phone ever came. Recommend

  • Hasan

    This article is troll bait.Recommend

  • Raw is War

    it is.Recommend

  • Farrukh Hanif Awan

    Here are my 2 cents for this piece. First of all lets get this clear, i Own three andriod devices along with an Ipad. When it comes to IOS and all, apple has the lead in it because all the apps are custom designed to fulfill apples requirements. This is only possible because of the locked software present on your device which you can’t alter. Once you jailbreak an IOS run device you invalid your warranty. Once invalided you can not upgrade it to the next version or upgrade.
    Apple are a genius when it comes to marketing their products. People rave over them like they own a part of history. Sadly it ain’t the truth. When it comes down to innovation sadly apple lost that part a bit around last year when samsung S2 totally blew everyone away. People complain about the cheapness of the plastics used on the S series but when you are using a cover on your Iphone then what is the point of what you are holding as long as it is covered.
    For those who care this is important as Iphone is still raving about its retina display but you have to put it into a microscope to see the effects of it. The colors and ppi are almost equal except S3 takes the edge by providing a screen which is not LCD but LED. Yes Ladies and gentleman Super Amoled is that good. Now for the softwares. Android is sort of like a community development project. Every person has assess to it. Unlike Apple’s strict regime you will not find apps like “Torrent downloaders” which are quite famous among the youth. So it gives you a better experience of choosing between various apps.
    Now the new iphone has a 4″ screen. That is roughly still less then a Samsung S2. No Micro SD slot (which i have found to be extremely useful in transferring files). No NFC. No removable Battery.Smart stay which follows your eyes (works seventy percent of the time). Extend battery life. What people in Pakistan don’t get it is that they are not running it on a 3g network so any phone will give you huge battery life but here, where i use 3g constantly 24/7 i have to charge my phone only once a day with the new S3. Cameras are roughly equivalent. Though with the new jellybean update available it will further enhances the features of the S3.
    When i use my ipad 2 (I found ipad 3 with higher graphics just a gimmick) i use it for simple stuff. It is beautifully made and runs like a thunderbolt still even though my son loves to sit on top of it but it is still fully functional. The negative points are that I can’t view any flash content on it and i have to make due with only Apple Itunes for all my needs. Be it transferring files or simply copying a file I have to use that software which is less flexible then my pinky finger. Wireless speeds are raving stupid as it will only stream video’s on HD. So in case you are sharing bandwidth with 8 devices at home you won’t be getting a whole lot of youtubing done it. Gmail app is missing. You have to configure it on their own provided app. Hell even Gtalk is missing. I wonder why apple does that? Anything with a Word Google is shunned in the world of Apple. You pay big bucks only to be told what you can do with it and you have to believe it is amazing. Awesome!
    I agree with the comments of it being a status symbol. it is a status symbol for the simple minded. I prefer my freedom over all other things. Andriod with S3, HTC one X, LG optimus, Motorola razr do that for me. Recommend

  • paul

    Thats funny status symbol and to show that you can afford an iphone. I own a galaxy note, if someone gave me an iphone 5 it would be on ebay the next day! so status symbols mean different things to people, i couldnt do the same things on the iphone that i can do on the galaxy. Its a mini pc the iphone is a phone. But thats my staus not a fad or fashion slave here!Recommend

  • pradeep

    Samsung s3 and HTC one x are better than iphone Recommend