Thank you for letting me travel to India!

Published: September 11, 2012

"Too much emphasis is laid sometimes on one’s age to determine their experience and too less on their experience to determine their ability." said Khar. PHOTO: AFP

I am a Pakistani. My best friend is an Indian. We have spent many nights last year during our time at college in New York making reunion plans.

However, every time the conversation would come to an uncomfortable halt when it boiled down to the issue of obtaining visa entry to each other’s homeland.

Each time, the conversation ended the same way. We would conclude with promises of meeting on neutral territory such as Dubai or Sri Lanka. On particularly dark days, when the media stirred up a fresh concoction of past tensions, we would make peace with sustaining the friendship over Skype, as no end appeared in sight to these hostile relations.

Therefore, no one could have been happier than we were at the ease of visa restrictions that were agreed to in a meeting between the foreign secretaries of both countries on Saturday in Islamabad. The maturity shown by both countries to move towards a relationship of understanding, if not trust or love yet, is commendable. In my opinion, a huge part of the credit for this positive development should be attributed to our Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar.

Let’s face it; being the foreign minister for a country like Pakistan, a country at the center of global policy, is no easy task. Being the youngest and the first female foreign minister of the country does not make things any easier either. It is no secret that the past year for Pakistan has been particularly rocky in terms of foreign relations. From drone attacks to oil pipeline agreements to the Salala issue, we have seen it all. Our foreign minister has been at the forefront for all of it; defending, explaining, rationalising, criticising and initiating some of the toughest decisions in the world, often involving some of the most powerful and most volatile global players.

Al Jazeera aired an exclusive interview with Khar a few months ago, where she handled some really gruelling questions with admirable maturity and grace.

She strongly emphasised upon Pakistan’s need to improve relationships with all its neighbours, from China to Afghanistan to India. Her mantra of regional stability as the basis for peace, trade and development was a refreshing change in a discourse that is primarily dominated by Islamabad’s relationship with Washington. I still remember the interview, not only because of Ms Khar’s diplomatic efficacy, but also because of the soundness of her political statements.

Predictably, the interviewer asked her about the doubts many had when such an important office was handed to someone of her age and limited experience. Ms Khar confidently replied;

Too much emphasis is laid sometimes on one’s age to determine their experience and too less on their experience to determine their ability. I will let history be the judge of what I have achieved in my term.

I may not have been completely convinced then. I am still far from convinced that every decision coming out of Pakistan’s foreign office is the right one. However, I do realise the immense challenges of the office Ms Khar holds and admire the direction in which she is trying to steer things.

So today, as I share the news with my Indian best friend, we will not only be celebrating my planned visit to Mumbai later in the year, but we will also be celebrating the triumph of a generation.

This generation includes people like Ms Khar and myself ─ a generation that believes in the power of moving forward rather than being held hostage by history.

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Sarah Munir

A graduate from the Columbia Journalism School and is currently heading the Magazine Desk at The Express Tribune. She tweets @SarahMunir1 (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • A Pakistani Boy

    Too much emphasis is placed on the wrong than right. And I hope this right decision will lead to future peace and an even better relationship with India.

    I am sure you are happy to hear about it, and I feel glad that now, hopefully, there would be no barriers between you guys’ friendship.


  • shashi

    plz dont come to india. we hate you.You not only kill hindus but also ur fellow muslims.

    I fear for my safety in my country which has been attacked more than 100 times by muslims.
    In pakistan hindu are leaving and coming to india. In india muslim population are breeding like anything.

    As an indian atheist i dont want any religion do drag down the economic growth in my country but the muslims are taking us back to stone age.Recommend

  • shashi

    as an indian atheist i request all pakistanis to not visit india for the love of allah.
    No love no hate.
    be neutral.
    We dont care about pakisan and its internal matters unless it affects india.Recommend

  • captain

    I guess about whom th author has written is a male friend in India. I hav seen this thing, about th attraction between men and women among two countries.Recommend

  • Vikas

    Please don’t come to India. We guys don’t like you. When we don’t want to come to Pakistan, why do you guys want to come to India? Don’t you guys feel any shame?Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    The world is full of so many beautiful places where good people live. You could have picked any one of them.

    Tomorrow when you are in Mumbai and some oppressed Indian, driven to desperation, in extreme, lashes out against other Indians, they are going to blame you. Hope you think it all through before you put Pakistan’s reputation at risk again.Recommend

  • India

    Dear to be frank with you ..Indians feels that it is a bad move by Our foriegn Seceratory.India being a Target of Terror sanctories of pakistan and Inability of Indian authorities to deal with menace called as Pakistan has bring Great disappointment within Indian citizen they don’t want to have any relation with Pakistan….Those ppl of Mumbai Attack planner first came via tourist Visa for Cricket Match.& I know this bring great dissappointment to peaceful people..but dear this is only one thing India should do keep themselves away from pakistan as much as possible…because it is matter of lives inside India..Recommend

  • Zeta

    Yawn. another boring piece of blogRecommend

  • salman

    Right on! Khar has made us proud. Recommend

  • Zaid Hamid

    Forget about everything… first tell us this: Your Indian friend is male or female?Recommend

  • Prathamesh

    Who are these hate mongering Indians posting? I can assure all our pakistani friends that , despite their pretences they don’t speak for Indians. Recommend

  • Sab33N

    Dear Author,

    I think replies from quite a few Indians are enough to make you understand how they generally feel about Pakistan and Pakistanis. You should stick to skpe to communicate with your best friend .. If going on vacations is important then why not pick some other country? Why on earth would you want to travel to India? Go to Northern areas in Pakistan .. far more beautiful and welcoming ..

    Also next time around do not waste your time writing about this so called friendship / relationship development between India and Pakistan. Indians hate us .. they make it obvious on every blog being posted on ET, Dawn etc. We as a nation should just stop being so open hearted and accepting ourselves and call a spade a spade .. focus your energies on something else next time while you are writing a blog which has nothing to do with India .. None of us Pakistani’s are dying to make friends with Indians, neither do we care about India in general. Pakistan is enough for us all. Thank You.

    And Oh, Indians, Please can you go spread hate via your own media blogs /websites .. or do you not have any decent space or independence to express your hate via your own media channels? Oh I get it .. you think Pakistani media is more supreme then your own .. chalo .. then its ok :)Recommend

  • RK Singh

    @Zaid Hamid

    my point too.Recommend

  • gp65

    Welcome. I hope you have a great time in India.Recommend

  • gp65

    @shashi: Stop your hateful tirade.Recommend

  • anil

    To author, please don’t come to india. We simply dislike you guys. Pakistanis should not be allowed to enter india. This Visa accord signed by S M Krishna will make his political career hell. It would be tough for him to show his face in Bangluru next time he comes to get votes. He has put our country in grave danger by allowing pakistanis easy entry. Again please don’t come here. You are not welcome. No pakistani is welcome in india.Recommend

  • Qasim

    @shashi..hmmm, bad experience? Why did he leave you? Not that I dont know after reading your comment :) but was he from khi, lhr or isl?Recommend

  • Anonymous Indian


    What Mr. Shashi has said is absolutely right. There is no need for Indians or Pakistanis to mix with each other in each other’s country. As long as we stay an arm’s length from each other, there should not be a problem. It would be better, as one of the Pakistani poster posted above, if they don’t care about India. As long as they don’t care about India, we should be safe and India can continue to progress as it has done in the last several years. Mind you by relaxing the visa regime, the growth prospects of India can be hindered by the scrupulous agents pouring in from the other side of the border, and mind you, they are very good at doing this. I hope Pakistanis will not visit India for the love of their nation and their religion as visiting a kafir country is like committing shirk.Recommend

  • nitish

    @shashi: Shashi,we need to calm down buddy.This forum is not appropriate for sharing our hostile views towards our neighbor.Given the opportunity ,let us see how the relation with our neighbour progresses.Yes it is true that we need to teach them a lesson .But being enemy,we will have very less impact on their policy making .Alienating them is not a very good option. If we go on hating them like this,amid no hope to recover economically already existing bigots will soon have control over pak and they will declare jihad against our country.That will prove more disastrous for us.We need to give moral support to liberal and secular living out there to counter terrorism and fanaticism .Atleast for girls ,we should have no problem at all.Recommend

  • Rahim ALi


    get a life bro and go aborad where only paki will help you !!!!

    otherwise stay in ur shell … pak is nuclear country and we got not more nuclear than india … so its better to be frnds and help each other !!!Recommend

  • Alim

    Just come without malice and you’re welcome.Recommend

  • Harinath

    Pakistanis should face it that your GIrls fall for Indian Men as they have money and looks and they are more Respectable than Pakistani men . The Author is falling for another Indian guy and she is dying to meet her even on the neutral venue but we Indians give a damn and we dont care for Sorry Pakistanis desperately trying to Imitate the Indians and Pakistanis are nothing compared to India. Indian Government should not give a single visa to these Muslims., Also Sarah Munir should be more thankful that we Indians still are letting Pakistanis live on our Borrowed land and do write another thankful note about it as well. Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @Author –

    Welcome to India! Hope you have a great time! Recommend

  • FU

    @Shashi You hit the nail on the head. I hope people develop some brain and vote for BJP at the center in 2014.Recommend

  • ethicalman

    it’s like a girl’s diary pages..not knowing anything..Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    Hey Shahshi and Vikas,

    Can you guys walk the talk by not visiting a “pakistani” newspaper?Recommend

  • Alim

    That was unnecessary.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Nicely written.Recommend

  • Nandita.


    Stop spewing your venom.
    My God ! These comments here are atrocious.

    The Author is welcome to visit her friends in India. The subcontinent needs more people who think like Sarah Munir.Recommend

  • ziryab

    @Harinath thats y Sania Mirza married a Pakistani, right??!!
    One word for Indian men: yyuukkhhh!!!! Recommend

  • nitish

    @Harinath:Hahaha!! Yes ,you r right dude.Its economy which speaks……….Recommend

  • nitish

    @ziryab: But I thought puppies in pak r much cheaper…..Recommend

  • MAK

    @gp65 : kafir country??!! Wasn’t india a secular country?

    @All indian venomous hate-mongers above: Pakistanis will not visit India if Indians stop visiting and commenting on Pakistani newspaper websites. As aptly said above, “walk the talk”Recommend

  • amit

    @ziryab: nd
    and pak historian aysha jalal married bengali and your actress anita ayub ….by the way i don’t like muslims.they are backward .Recommend

  • Indi-Pop

    @author: Ignore the hateful trolls, like we do. You are welcome to my country. Hope you have a great trip !Recommend

  • Fizza

    Poor Indians, your government doesn’t listen to you. Copy paste these hate comments on a page and send it to your foreign minister. He might respond back.Recommend

  • Ahsan Ikhlas

    india and pakistan is one land and one people. 65 years of seperation cannot undo thousands of years of shared history/culture/respect/union. it is through interaction that the people of the two great nations would be able to understand and respect each other. there is much to be gained through harmony and peace. long live the humanRecommend

  • G. Din

    ” I can assure all our pakistani friends that , despite their pretences they don’t speak for Indians.”
    How can you be sure of that? If Pakistanis had been a friendly people, why are they alone and lonesome in the whole world today? Today’s reports indicate less than one-third of Indians have a favourable opinion of Pakistanis. Recommend

  • Fizza

    Read the last sentence of Nitish’s comment. Recommend

  • ali

    Well, Pakistan should talk to India about Kashmir issue first then all this needs to be discussedRecommend

  • joy

    for all Pakistanis wanting to visit India

    please include some south Indian cities in your itinerary..

    @ all those spewing venom here……………..please go home and take a chill pill..Recommend

  • ashok sai

    @ Author,

    Appreciate your efforts to visit India, but our concern is that your policy makers still believing in harboring ‘non state actors’ and let them create havoc in India, unless your state sort that out all Indians will have a suspicious look on all the Pakistanis visiting here. Visa decision might be a political one but it won’t change the mindset created after 26/11, pray for your policy maker’s change of heart. Until then wish you stay there in your country, good luck.Recommend

  • CommonSense

    Why on earth would you want to visit a country like India? This is a place where 41.6 percent people (in a population of 1.1 billion) earn less than 78 pence per day. In comparison, in Pakistan about 22.6 percent people earn less than 78 pence per day. Also, India is ranked below Pakistan and even Bangladesh in terms of gender equality. You should go someplace better than Pakistan, not worse.

    And FYI, the figures I have quoted are from a UN global poverty report.Recommend

  • bharat

    If some one wants to visit India, he or she is welcome.

    So what if he or she is a Pakistani ?

    Indians also need to realise that Pakistan is a huge country, which has majority of peace loving people

    Only a few thousand mujahideen and gangsters cant spoil the name of a country.

    Besides, we in India have many criminals of our own, yes they can be Hindus, Muslims ,Christians and Sikhs.

    So, people should stop spewing there venom on some one who wishes to come to my country for a genuine reason..

    Sarah, i would personally invite you stay with my family.Recommend

  • amit

    i agree with u pakistani should visit muslim countries not secular or kaafir countriesRecommend

  • nitish

    @nitish: Typo–puppyRecommend

  • dude108

    All Pakistanis are welcome to India(just for short visit or business), please don’t go missing here guyz. India already have huge population and further addition is not welcome. And dear friends filter out the terrorists and extremist at your end. And don’t forget that another attack originated from Pakistan would rollback all the good work done by two countries.Recommend

  • nitish

    @Fizza:Madam/sir FYI ,People from north have same comlexion and lifestyle as you have.May i say better coz of economic Boom..Population of UP and Bihar is 31 crore (states from north india) .Apart from this 4% brahmins all over india have fare complexion and they all r good looking.Now you need not to worry to search for fair and good looking guy.Moreover we in india always put emphasis on education and intelligence.Looks and complexion is secondary and does not matter much.Its your brain which will take you to a long run in the life..that is how the perception is in india.Recommend

  • Vikas, Mumbai

    Welcome to India !
    You will go back with lots of love and respect !Recommend

  • Truth Bites

    after looking at all these comments from Indian trolls, Shahid Afridi wasnt wrong about Indian hospitality then!

    Indians dont like Pakistan or Pakistanis! Its same for many Paksitanis as well, but Pakistanis will still welcome you with open hearts because thats our tradition and culture!

    Indians only realise when they interact with Pakistanis, mostly in other countries, then the hate vanish. The whole hate taught and fed to Indian minds are much more than we have in Pakistan.

    While they blame for each single terror attack in India on Pakistan with ease, they never think or told, most of terror attacks in Pakistan are also supported and planned by Indian RAW! ISI and RAW are always at war and do carry out tit for tat act of sabotage! neither of them are innocent! accept that!Recommend

  • AK Murthy

    Guys – Please do not get so hyped and excited about this visa crap. We all know that the present govt in India headed by Manmohan Singh is so desperate to visit Pakistan that he will do anything to keep the relations moving despite Pakistan not doing anything about the Mumbai attacks.

    So Ms Sarah Muni, I have a piece of advise for you. Get the visa quick and visit India since when the next Mumbai attacks happens then everything will be back to square one. This time the present government of will be out of options.Recommend

  • Rajesh

    @Author – Please ignore the hateful comments of some of the Indians. I can assure you that this is not the voice of the majority. The fact is that most of the Indians or Pakistanis in the subcontinent have never met anyone from the other side of the border and look at each other with suspicion. While living abroad, I’ve met quite a few Pakistanis and they are very nice people. You are welcome to India. You will have completely different experience in cosmopolitan cities in India in contrast with some hateful comments here. Please don’t let these comments discourage you from visiting India.Recommend

  • raza

    Hundred & ten percent agreed with the writer; obviously Ms.khar doing a fabulous job,the job which was impossible for ex-ministers. Not only with India she try to formulate good relations with all countries.Recommend

  • Roy

    I am all for Western educated & economically well off Pakistanis like the author wanting to visit India for business or tourism. But I am completely against allowing illiterate or madarasaa educated and economically deprived Pakistanis wanting to visit India, as it is seen that this lot of people just want a one way ticket into India and don’t want to return back to Pakistan. And I am referring to all such Pakistani’s, whether they be Muslims, Hindus or Christians. We have enough poor people in India we need to look after, and we don’t need to import them from Pakistan or Bangladesh.Recommend

  • hassan

    Thank you for letting me travel to India !

    signed Ajmal Kasab, 26th Nov 2008

    PS: I had to travel by boat, and I hope it is easier now for my friends to cross the border !! I will keep you posted about my friends..or…well, you’ll come to know !!Recommend

  • Anonymous Indian


    First of all, we Indians are not visiting your country to access this website. Most of us are accessing this website through the comfort of our homes and not causing a headache to your beloved ISI, and this being the Internet, anybody can access websites from all over the world (not only Pakistani ones) in the globalized world, which is what we are doing. Having said this, this website among others are the only places where we Indians can vent our frustration and hammer down reality/truth into the minds of the propaganda-driven Pakistanis. So, whether you like it or not, we Indians will be visiting Pakistani websites, and you can do zilch about it. If you want us to change our venomous attitude towards your country, then the change should be forthcoming from your side, which include the things well known to you and the people that matter. Hope you get my point. Adios.Recommend

  • Asim Pakhton

    Look at the mess created by dirty indians ,.,.,for this reason we do not give such freedom to woman because she would let us down in this way.. i hope the writer understands this and would be ashamed of her act!Recommend

  • res

    Why does ET accomodate for all the hateful comments from Indians on this forum??? It just baffles me!!

    @Author: With all due respect to your friendship across the border, do you really want to visit a land of such self-righteous holier than thou venomous people? Recommend

  • Anonymous Indian

    @To those Indians who are supporting the visa regime:

    You are entitled to your own views and opinions, and I do respect that, but do remember the havoc caused by them during the 26/11 incident and the way in which the Pakistanis are trying to wash off their hands by linking this incident to CIA/RAW/Mossad conspiracy and their official position on this issue. It would be foolish of us to trust Pakistanis, who are hell bent on causing trouble to India. You people must remember we are just one attack away from a possible MAD (mutually assured destruction) scenario, and the chances of such attacks occurring increases with this visa regime. At least, we have a future to look forward to, and for them, the future is as good as dead as indicated by the events occurring in that country. So, it would be prudent for us Indians if we stay out of harm’s way by keeping minimal contact with the Pakistanis. Hope you all get my point. Recommend

  • Pavan

    Sadly they form the majority of India. The Hate is mutual though But I see Pakistanis being less hateful these days. Maybe they’re on the back foot coz of 26/11 or something. But otherwise as well they don’t particularly hate IndiaRecommend

  • Fizza

    Keeping all insanity going on in here aside, let us learn some facts. No country make policies against their own benefits. Countries are not like humans, don’t expect them to be a friend or enemy. If Indian and Pakistani policy makers have taken some decisions both must have something in their mind. Pakistan and India, both, will benefit from having good relationship and our policy makers know it well.
    Maturity is needed in the thoughts of both Indian and Pakistanis. If we have extremists in our side, there are established extremists groups in your side as well and so do in every country of the world. But no country can afford to live alone on the basis of this lame excuse that the other countries have extremist elements. You can’t lock yourself in your house because there are dangerous people outside in the world. Recommend

  • nitish

    @Pavan: @nitish:
    **”Hence Proved Stupidity has nothing to do with nation, caste and religion. Congratulations”**
    Pavan you have posted this comment on somewhere else.But i m bound to put my reply here as i lost my access to post my comment over that very blog .Being from northern area staying in Bangalore, my IP is continuously under scrutiny from telecom dept citing assam crisis.
    Now read Nandita’s comment
    **@Author – I like , I like, I like this blog ! I like it a lot.
    You spoke my mind ! I have some super cool Pakistani friends, they’re nice and decent people who I have come to trust. We have never discussed politics and we never will. When we interact we’re just normal girls sharing our lives.
    Beware of the trolls ! And gear up to read 100 odd comments, most of which will be filled with hatred.**
    I have no problem with some 3 to 4 line of her comment.You can love anything,anything you want.Who m i to suggest anyone what to love .But read her last two lines where she went on bashing Indians indirectly as we r responsible for hostile and hateful situation with our neighbour country.No we r not .she just entitled to talk on her own behalf.From her comment ,it seems that she is dictating something to us indian who r continuously posting comment over this forum.As soon as i read her comment,my anger could not stop me to put such an outrageous comment though it was not warranted ,i agree.Later to prove her point ,the lame excuse of indian army was hilarious.Indian army is not so weak as she portrayed.My own brother is commander.My bhabi went through her comment and she couldnt stop laughing.In one of her comment she wrote “you will understand the feeling when you r fiance/wife/mother/father of army personnel”.
    Dude,It really needs guts and caliber to be a wife of indian army.One should feel prould to be wife/mother/father of an army.I can tell you in my own home village ,i have seen five bodies of army personnel martyred during Kargil war.But that couldnot stop me to apply for NDA.Getting In MNC was never a big deal for me.But I feel sad coz i coulnt join indian army.
    Coming to your point ,yes stupidity has nothing to do with nation,caste,religion .But I believe definition of stupidity may cahnge over nations priority.Country like india where nation comes first then anything else, definition of stupidity may be best applied to people like arundhati rai,nandita,pavan,indi-pop etc……list is sooooooooo long.
    @moderator pl approve this.Though comment is not relevant to the current blog but it is ok and simple reply.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    If i had a psychotic rabid beggar as a neighbour, I wouldn’t invite him into my house for dinnerRecommend

  • Kongo Civil

    Don’t blame your hatred and bigotry on others.It’s plain and clear to see what you think and feel about Pakistanis. The hate mongering you indulge in is clear for all to see.nandita said the hatred should stop because innocents are losing their lives every day. There are people dying every day.An army man is also a human, understand that.His life has value as well.There’s no harm in working towards a peaceful environment to prevent deaths.That is what she said.I believe she also said that protecting India’s borders is the duty of the Indians, she also said that the army men would gladly die for India.She doesn’t seem to be fond of the Pakistan Govt’s anti India policies either which she mentioned in her comments.she spoke against attacks on India by pakistan.She voiced her displeasure about attacks clearly.But like many others in the subcontinent she wants to move ahead towards a better future. And she’s right. Animosity will lead to more wars and that will destroy the subcontinent.So peace is our only solution. therefore nandita makes perfect sense.And so do pavan,prathamesh and indi pop.
    Learn to own upto your own faults and prejudices.Don’t blame others.Recommend

  • TheDoc

    It is a well written article. Indians and Pakistanis get along perfectly well everywhere else in the world, the neutral areas so to speak. But there are still millions and millions of us that spew hatred towards one another. I feel that a change will only come about when people start looking at it from individualistic point of view rather than condemning entire communities or countries, labeling them hostile or as or enemies. Recommend

  • TheDoc

    Even though this blog has so many hateful, simply idiotic comments yours was probably the most redundant and ludicrous of them all. “as an indian atheist i request all pakistanis to not visit india for the love of allah ” Ahahaha.. wow u are really reaching the masses now !!
    “No love no hate,be neutral ” …but don’t come here because we hate you. Grow up.. Comments like this doesn’t make you a proud Indian it just makes you look petty and disgruntled with life @shashi: Recommend

  • Garam Samosa


    Dude,It really needs guts and caliber to be a wife of indian army
    And It takes SENSE AND A HEART to understand that deaths of armymen and the aam aadmi can be prevented.It takes sense to know that cordial relations are not only an option but the ONLY WAY FORWARD. Another war and not one person will remain alive in the subcontinent. You do know that both countries have nuclear weapons right ?
    You seem to have latched on to certain lines and misunderstood them. She was not bashing Indians at all. It seems to me she was referring to both Indians and Pakistanis who she believed would post hate filled comments. ( Which you did, didn’t you ? )
    She has clearly said she supports the Indian army and she even said India should go to war if they have to incase their borders are in danger. She has clearly said those army men she spoke about and their families will gladly participate in any more wars.Nitish, Selective reading will do you no good Mr. can’t believe she is being beaten black and blue for suggesting peaceful relations.Recommend

  • Garam Samosa

    @Garam Samosa:

    The “she” in my comments refers to nanditaRecommend

  • Muhammad Ahsan Javed

    Aman ki Asha Sucks Big time !! Trust me ..Recommend

  • Gratgy

    @Muhammad Ahsan Javed

    Aman ki Asha Sucks Big time !! Trust me ..

    Your non-state actors sent by your charity organisation, funded by the public of Pakistan and ISI killed both Aman and Asha on 26/11Recommend

  • Girly

    why do i have a feeling the haters is the same ‘Indian’ using diff names?Recommend

  • Arijit Sharma

    Visitors such as the author are welcome to visit and go back. We are simply against those who consider Islam as the best thing to come along since the invention of the wheel.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ahsan Javed

    @Gratgy :
    Ok if accepted then your so called RAW is doing the same in baluchistan !! and please dont deny everyone knows it .. Israel is at back door supporting the cause but you won’t be successful .. we all know that there are as many as 70 plus india divide movements in india .. so what else to say !! Poor you !!
    Die in bollywood , where india is screened as modest and no poverty -LoL !!

  • abhi

    @Truth Bites
    writing hate comments on website is still better than writing goody comment and donating money to terrorist organizations.Recommend

  • Vikram

    Your Maulvi brother failed to kill that 11 yr old Christian girl and her mother to force Christians to run so that Muslims could build a madrassah there.
    Where ever Muslims go they take their Islamic Jihad with them. Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Nandita.: “The Author is welcome to visit her friends in India. The subcontinent needs more people who think like Sarah Munir.”

    Pakistan needs to stop training and sending terrorists to attack people in India. More people who think like Sarah Munir are not going to make any difference unless ISI stops using terrorism as a tool of its foreign policy.

    Nothing has changed, terrorists are still planning to attack India. Abu Jundal who was caught a few months back in Saudi Arabia was recruting people on behalf of ISI and LeT in Saudi arabia for more attacks against India.Recommend

  • stenson

    @Ahsan Ikhlas: Speak for yourself; India and Pakistan are different nations with different histories – yes peace is good but don’t confuse things. I have no intention of visiting IndiaRecommend

  • rohit

    @Anonymous Indian, @gratgy, Well said.

    My fellow countrymen who want to go and have puppy, jhappi with Pakistanis are the exact reason we are called soft country.
    Heck even if Pakistan go ahead and have a proper war with Indian then also these guys will talk about moving ahead.
    Moving ahead from what, from mumbai, from parliament attack, Number of bomb blasts. Some of these sweet comments of welcome from India are a shame. I am not saying we start abusing or anything but can we just away from them. Lets see what these guys say when there is another attack!Recommend

  • rohit

    Al Jazeera aired an exclusive interview with Khar a few months ago, where she handled some really gruelling questions with admirable maturity and grace.

    On a different note I actually find her very rude and haughty at times and not at all graceful. Yea she is a beautiful, no doubt.Recommend

  • Of lillies and daffodils

    Rohit/Vikram: People to people exchanges are needed and just might help in preventing some youngsters turn away from the legacy of hostility and hatred.Recommend

  • Of lillies and daffodils

    Vikram: People to people exchanges might prevent some youngsters from taking up arms and weapons. Dont under estimate the power of such interactions.Recommend

  • Of lillies and daffodils

    oops. Error! It should read :
    People to people exchanges might help people turn away from the legacy of hatred and hostility.Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    Best of luck to the author. Have a pleasant stay in India. Everyone is entitled to their views but decency is a corner astone in all approach. Please be polite to the lady.and if she wants to visit India it is her right to apply anf foreign office to decide. Thank youRecommend

  • Vikram

    @CommonSense: Why on earth would you want to visit a country like India? This is a place where 41.6 percent people (in a population of 1.1 billion) earn less than 78 pence per day. In comparison, in Pakistan about 22.6 percent people earn less than 78 pence per day.

    You should use your common sense some times. Why on earth one would visit a country like Pakistan which is number one in terrorist attacks, suicide attacks, Shia killings by sunnis, most corrupt country. Muslims kill each other in mosques, funerals and markets. Pakistanis have killed millions of people in Bangladesh and Afghanistan? Pakistan is a country where Hindu girls are converted by force to islam. Christian kids are accused of Blasphemy by your religious teachers.Recommend

  • Manoj Joshi India

    Indo-Pak relations have a new horizon to look forward to the credit of which does go to Governments of India and Pakistan and their sincere efforts in this regard. Sarah Munir has indeed in her article expressed the gratitude which should be shared and reciprocated from both sides. No doubt a new trust and amity is now visible that will replace in totality the dark clouds of antipathy and distrust between the two neighbours. The message is very clear as has been rightly stated by the Foreign Minister of Pakistan and the response of the External Affairs Minister of India that the two nations must move forward rather than stay hostage of history for which a step by step approach should be adopted.Recommend

  • Rishi


    Because you’re a paranoid idiotRecommend

  • vijay dixit

    Despite the relaxation of the visa rules the Indian security services need to be vigilant & keep a discreet eye on fresh visitors to this country,for the simple reason that the school & college students are taught a bogus kind of history & geography in Pakistan.They are taught to hate the Hindus & treat them like dirt.Even after 65 years of independence from the British the Hindus from Pakistan are still fleeing for their lives to India till date.The Christians are also similarly harassed & made a target.Not to mention the treatment meted out to Muslims of other sects. Recommend

  • MZT

    I am amazed at some of the replies of the Indians. Just love how they are suffering from constant insecurities and complexes , which have no roots at all. My dear, ignorant Indians before you choose a public forum ( that too a Pakistani one!) go and get yourself enrolled in some school and get your history and current affairs updated in a neutral manner. And yup, if you do have the brains to look beyond te scenes then assess all the bombings in your country in the light of terrorist activities that you are happily conducting in my land!Recommend

  • Rajendra

    @shashi: Don’t use the word “WE”. Don’t misrepresent Hindu Community. All have not same thinking. I am also a Indian but I love Pakistan and Pakistanis and I really want to see them coming to India.Recommend