All you ever need is you

Published: October 3, 2012

The moment you recognise that you will always stand alone in a battlefield is the most terrifying moment of your life.

For it is the death of all human expectations.

That is the moment you stop looking behind your shoulder, with that glimmer of hope that someone will be there to fight beside you. Or rescue you.

So fear not.

Allow it, instead, to be the most exalting moment of your life; because that is the moment, you recognise finally and irrevocably, your own strength.

And then when you look back again, you understand.

You stood alone, always.

With only Him watching over you.

‘You’ fought all your battles. And you survived.

You may have lost a limb or two.

You may have been trampled on.

You may even have been defeated.

But in the end, you survived; because you did not lose your will and you knew in that moment of faith that He was there.

So next time you find yourself standing in the middle of this battlefield called life, do not look behind you.

For remember,

There is no one there but God.

Stand tall.

Hold your head high.

Raise your weapon.

And fight.

For ‘you’ are all you ever needed.

You and your God.

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T Hassan

T Hassan

The author is a writer, dreamer, social activist and a Communications Major at California State University. She does Social Media and Marketing for various non-profit organizations and blogs at

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