Forgotten hope

Published: September 7, 2012

While I do not deny that things in Pakistan really don't look that good but such pessimism is not going to make things better, neither for our people nor for the country as a whole. DESIGN: ERUM SHAIKH

They say that hope is what keeps us alive, what gets us out of bed every morning and what in fact makes the world go round!

On my recent trip to Karachi I met a lot of my old friends, colleagues and class-mates. The thing that struck and disappointed me the most was the dearth of hope that some of them are beleaguered with. Not a day went by when someone did not ask me if I could find them a job in the UK or Ireland and for someone like me, who holds his roots in great esteem, this was a really sad sight.

While I do not deny that things in Pakistan really don’t look that good, such pessimism is not going to make things bette – it won’t help our country nor the country as a whole.

So why not look on the bright side of things and appreciate the good things we have to offer the world.

I wrote the following piece a few years ago and it talks about hope when all hope seems lost. I believe it holds fast for the current state of Pakistan and Pakistanis. I believe that now is not the time to lose hope; we need to stand together and have our opinion counted heard. We need to move upwards.

The night fell,
And darkness followed,
The time passed,
But day never came.

Yet, walked the earth,
A lonely soul,
Searching for light,
Hoping for miracles.

Was there no hope?
A glimmer perhaps,
Was this betrayal?
Or deception maybe.

Had the light forsaken,
Its longstanding oath,
Or forgotten maybe,
Its obligation to shine.

Was the soul in breach,
Or unwillingly at fault?
Misguided perhaps,
To the brink of violation.

Staring aimlessly,
At the great void above,
But still unaware,
Of the reality befallen.

He turned his back,
With a sigh of despair,
Without a clue in his mind,
And no grudge in his heart.

As he began to fade away,
A speck still remained,
That the light would return,
And banish all seclusions

So will the clouds ever shed,
And let light make its way,
Down a path of enchantment,
Only time shall reveal.

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Faraz Hasan

Faraz Hasan

A Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and is currently working in the UK & Ireland division of one of the big 4 audit firms. His interests include travelling, cricket and photography. He tweets @eff_eche ( and blogs at

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  • kaalchakra

    Beautiful poem. People are forgetting that hopelessness does not become a momim.

    The Great Poet of Islam roared loud and cear even in the darkest hour of subcontinental Muslims’ history, when British and the Congress were conspiring to deprive Muslims of their basic rights:

    “Koi andaza ker sakta hai iss kay zor-e-bazu ka?
    Nigha-e-mard-e-momin say badal jati hain taqdeerain!”

    Let’s recall that zor-e-bazu, and change the taqdeer imposed by the enemies of Pakistan. Recommend

  • Anonymous


    It’s not the enemies of Pakistan which have brought Pakistan to it’s current state. It’s the powers and the people within the state which have brought Pakistan such humiliation and shame due to their illetrate and conservative minds.


    You should move to Pakistan if you want to help Pakistan. Sitting in the UK won’t help much!Recommend

  • omair shahid

    i agree with Anonymous u should move to pakistan if you want to help pakistanRecommend

  • Faraz Hasan

    @Anonymous and Omair : Thank you for the comments! I try to do my bit from here and in the long run will move back to Pakistan after achieving certain short-term targets. Please see my comment on my earlier post here :

  • preach-less

    its perfectly hunky dory to preach from the safe and cushy environs of a western country.its a common phenomenon that when you are eating cake you expect all others to stay calm and praise the lord,no matter how many of them are starving.and btw among these fancy words which you claim to be poetry,where is the reason to hope?Recommend

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    Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.Recommend

  • Mohammad Usama

    thats a very good poem!! indeed we’re in an extremely volatile and precarious state of affairs in Pakistan….yet our Hopes shouldnt be attached with the government or status quo, our hopes should be from the people around and from ourselves and from the AlMighty Allah!Recommend