Would Jinnah, a Shia, also have to leave the country he founded?

Published: September 3, 2012

I should point out that in Pakistan, not only non-Muslims, but also those Muslims who do not conform to the majority's interpretation of Islam are deemed as minorities. DESIGN: ERUM SHAIKH

August 15 marked the completion of 65 years since our country came into existence. Yes, it was August 15 and not August 14, however, we officially celebrate our independence day on the 14th.

The Pakistan we see today is not the Pakistan envisaged by the founders of this country. There were a lot of mishaps surrounding the birth of this country as it faced a pre-mature labour. Short-sightedness on the part of leaders of the Pakistan Movement coupled with the intrigue that arose by the parting Britishers resulted in a country that was in shambles as soon as it came into existence.

The very first grave challenge faced by Pakistan was the massive bloodshed that occurred on both sides of the border. Starting from the massacres of non-Muslims in Northern Punjab and Bengal in March 1947, till the brutal slaughter of Muslim refugees in the last months of 1947, sectarian violence affected the whole subcontinent.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz best summed up partition in the following words:

Ye daagh daagh ujaala,
Ye shab-gazeeda seher,
Wo intezar tha jis ka,
Ye wo seher to nahi.

(Such a tarnished beginning and shadow infested dusk; this is not what we were waiting for.)

Mr Jinnah, a twelver Shia himself, would be considered a minority today, in the state that he founded.

At the time of partition, 25% of the population was non-Muslim. This has reduced to a mere 2% since then. This relative decrease in number is chiefly due to the creation of Bangladesh but also due to mass exodus of non-Muslims who had to spend lives as second-rate citizens in their own country.

Arpit Parashar wrote in his article entitled ‘Half a country, half a life’ in Ink Magazine:

“Despite border tensions, migration, chiefly into India, has been a constant since partition. Hindus and Muslims from East Pakistan—then Bangladesh—fled to India to escape the atrocities at home. Rough government estimates suggest that 1o lakh Hindus came in after Partition, another 10 lakh in the 1950s, around 50 lakh in the 1960s. Around 15 lakh of the one crore who came to India in 1970-1971 stayed on. Since then, poverty and sectarian strife at home has led to the migration of about 50 lakh Bangladeshi Muslims to India since 1971.”

He also mentioned that,

“The Constitution of Pakistan upholds Islam as the state religion and allows other religions to co-exist but the ground realities are different. Hindus are termed kafir and their love for their home country is questioned at every level. The Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court Khwaja Muhammad Sharif is reported to have commented earlier this year that the Hindus were responsible for terrorism in Pakistan.”

I should point out that in Pakistan, not only non-Muslims, but also those Muslims who do not conform to the majority’s interpretation of Islam are deemed as minorities.

In the infamous Munir Report of 1954, Justice Munir noted that none of the learned Islamic scholars representing their respective sects came to agree upon a single, universal definition of who was a Muslim (and who was not). This results in a situation where if we are Muslim by the standard of one sect’s definition, we are considered kafir by the rest of the definitions.

The constant insecurity, disdain and persecution faced by our fellow non-Muslim Pakistanis for the last 65 years is contrary to the teachings of our religion and every ethical principle there is. Even Jogindar Nath Mandal, Pakistan’s first law minister chosen by Mr Jinnah himself, had to leave the country in 1950 as a protest against maltreatment of Hindus in East Pakistan.

At the heart of this hatred of others lies the sense of self-righteousness that we have been raised on, and a hefty mixture of cognitive dissonance (difference in what we are told/taught and what the reality is). There exists cultural narcissism; the idea that we are the best nation ever but we have been suppressed by mythical enemies.

The Islamic revivalists of today, while condemning non-Muslims for their exploits against Muslims, forget that non-Muslims enjoyed comfortable lives under Muslim rulers from the time of the reign of Righteous Caliphs till the fall of the Ottoman empire.

I agree in principle with my hyper-nationalist brothers when they denounce the atrocities being committed in Kashmir, Palestine and Burma. I just wish they would speak a single word against Shia genocide, Baloch missing persons, target killing of Hazaras or events like Gojra, which occur in their own backyard.

Raising a voice about minorities is considered a ‘liberal elite’ hobby but it’s not the liberal elite who lynch innocent Christians, abduct Hindu girls or accuse minors of committing blasphemy.

Detractors point out that highlighting minority rights downplays ‘real’ issues like the power crisis, unemployment, stagflation, education and health disasters. I partially agree with this criticism, but to quote Saroop Ijaz,

“No issue is more real than murder or witch-hunt. All loss of innocent life is to be condoled, yet not all funerals require the same mourning or outrage.”

It must be mentioned that the so-called ‘real issues’ have created a frustration that has frequently been outpoured at the cost of minorities.

Someone tweeted the other day:

When Mr Jinnah said, “You are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your churches”, he should’ve added, “at your own risk”.

The space for minorities, and people, who speak up about minority rights is closing down at an alarming pace. For the Christians and Hindus who couldn’t afford going to a new country in 1947, or the Shias and Ahmadis who immigrated to a new land, the road ahead is a bleak one. This is a dangerous situation because the thirst for blood of minorities will eventually lead to infighting and civil war.

Excommunicating sects one by one will end in disaster. Cyril Almeida writes:

“Pakistan’s dirty little secret isn’t its treatment of non-Muslims, Shias or other sundry groups who find themselves in the cross-hairs of the rabid and the religious. Pakistan’s dirty little secret is that everyone is a minority.”

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Abdul Majeed

A final year medical student with interests in history, political economy and literature. He blogs at abdulmajeedabid.blogspot.com/ and tweets as @abdulmajeedabid

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  • Tahir

    Sorry to say but people like you’re are responsible for creating differences between sect by provoking situation. i had noticed always their is a bad impact of Pak in Express blogs. hey man For God sake wake up there are uncountable positive things about pak. why don’t you guys bother to highlight it. open your eyes you belong to this country….. Recommend

  • Altaf khan

    Atheists,agnostics,hindus,christians,parsis all face horrific persecution in our society.Most non-muslims and ex-muslims have to live like second class citizens.Atheists are forced to live in the closet by the majority of muslims.Shias are now facing problems also in pakistani society.It’s time we made religion a private affair and not a matter of the state.Recommend

  • Danish Siddiqui

    The Chickens are coming home to roost.The shia community was complicit in getting the Ahmadis thrown out of the fold of islam in the 1970’s,now it’s the turn of the shias themselves.And this won’t end with the shias,more and more sects will be deemed to be not islamic enough and will face persecution.Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    It has become a fashion to quote Jinnah frequently trying to project Pakistan as a land where majority and minority can live together well. People forget that Pakistan was formed on the theory that muslims as a minority cannot live where Hindus are a majority, which itself proved to be wrong many times over. That automatically proves that muslims as a majority also cannot live with hindus/christians etc as a minority. If u cannot live among them how can you live with them. All said and done, Jinnah played politics and used religion as a trump card to become PM. He tried to do that in united INdia which he couldnt, So he tried and successfully split India. One thing he didnt realise is that he let the genie of religious bigotry out and is still to be bottled in. His death in an ambulance which broke down on the way to the hospital in a gully, his family refusing to go back to Pakistan are sufficient enough to say that Jinnah would have been driven out of Pakistan successfully. Tell me how many rulers of Pakistan, either PM or CEO or president lead or led a peaceful retired life in Pakistan and how many were hounded out/hanged/killed? That will answer what would have happened to Jinnah.Recommend

  • Zeeshan Rathore

    It’s not just shia people or ahmadi people who are facing discrimination in pakistan.Atheists face far greater persecution.Shias and ahmadis have their places of worship,have their religious organisations and groups,their media outlets and can live and work in pakistan while being openly shia.Atheists don’t have any of these luxuries,atheists’ existence isn’t tolerated if any atheist comes out openly as an atheist.They won’t get work,will most probably be killed.
    Atheists are being forced to live in hiding,to live a life of lies due to the intolerant mentality of the public in pakistan.It’s time the persecution of atheists in pakistan stopped.Recommend

  • A-Pakistani-Shia-Muslim

    Partition of India, A biggest Blunder of the century by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He divided Muslims [of India] into three pieces. Country become HELL for minorities. Recommend

  • Tariq Malik

    @Zeeshan Rathore:

    Please come out of the Utopia you dwell in.This is pakistan,here we beat up and then jail 11 year old girls with mental health disabilities,we kidnap and force Hindu girls to convert to Islam,we drag men accused of blasphemy out of police stations and then burn them alive at traffic signals while thousands of ppl cheer on the sadistic torture,ours is the society that throws rose petals on murderers,ours is the society that forces the judge to flee from pakistan who sentences killers.
    Do u really think that with such a violent,intolerant,bigoted,hate-filled people such as ours,Atheists have any chance of being given their right to exist ?Recommend

  • Imran Syed

    @Tahir: The problem is that we are awake and looking at our brothers & sisters dying everyday. I wish I could sleep and keep dreaming about the good things not only about Pakistan but the days of glory we used to have 1400 years back. When you are awake you have to face the reality and at least, if nothing else, keep the debate open for better future.Recommend

  • RationalPak

    @Zeeshan Rathore:
    Atheists represent the most intelligent and educated of Pakistanis. Despite all the massive propaganda we are able to think for ourselves free ourselves of Christian and “other” ideologies.Recommend

  • Saif Khan

    What is your education qualification? Recommend

  • Oscar

    No Tahir, it’s ignorant idiots like you who cant stand up of their nation and its people. read the news, and get a reality check.
    These issues need to be highlighted by us – our government wont ever do anything about it. we need to be there for our OWN people. if we arent who will?
    Pakistan needs to learn to be a united Nation. And you Tahir, are one of those thousands of people who dont allow this. Recommend

  • Alapan


    So u mean to say, that Express blogs should hide the negetives and publish only positives about Pakistan.. tell every one that Pakistan is utopia which it is not..Recommend

  • BlackJack

    I have said this before – stop trying to create a history and characters that do not and never existed – most of your problems are because you cannot be realistic about who you are. A couple of questions that I would like the answer to are:
    1. Who was Jinnah, what were his motives, and leaving aside this pointless 11-Aug speech that is displayed and re-played ad nauseum, is there any other indication that he wanted minorities to have equal rights in Pakistan. Pls use the other historical anecdote where he indicates that minorities on both sides can be hostages for either country and the call for Direct Action Day as reference to gain deeper insight.
    2. Did any of Jinnah’s followers in pre-Independence India understand the difference between homeland for muslims and Islamic state, and do they understand it today. Does anybody buy the theory that there is any difference – and then why are you splitting hairs?
    3. Why are muslims more prone to violence than adherents to other religions. I agree that there are crackpots in all denominations, but the majority of people who kill others in the name of religion are muslims, possibly because you fundamentally believe that a muslim and non-muslim are not equal.
    4. Do you know anything about these other religions that somehow still survive but (not for long) in Pakistan, and why they still don’t want to convert to Islam when it is rubbed in their face relentlessly. Do they desire endless torture in hell that fervently.

    Let’s see if any of these questions get honest answers. Pls note that I am not asking for a repetition of Nehru-Patel’s supposed shenanigans/ Islam is a religion of peace and we saved all the minorities when they were being persecuted in Europe/ If we wanted we could have converted all of India/ Killing one person is killing all of humanity – all of these killers are not muslims etc.Recommend

  • RK Singh

    He would.Recommend

  • got a point

    @Danish Siddiqui:
    Donn`t worry son next target of this wahabisim would be Beralvi sunnis .Watch outRecommend

  • malik

    What !!!!!!

    You’re writing on how deep rooted the sectarian hatred is in Pakistan and no mention of Zia ?Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    Simple answer to headline question is yes. Jinnah should have known better about what he was doing. He gave those people a country who did not deserve. If three Muslims in India had not born ( Quaid-e-Azam, Iqbal and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan), we would be living with happiness and peace (like Harijans.). Recommend

  • Sonia

    Pathetic try at a blog writing.

    Talat hussain said it best when he said ” Journalism without accountability and responsibility is mere blog writing.”

    You know very little about who wants to leave the country, more little about Jinnah – who made a country, and you dare ask a mor pathetic question just to get attention- you must be out of work!!!Recommend

  • Faaltu mein khwam kha

    He would definietely left the country ,had the nutjobs left him alive. Recommend

  • Aamir

    And how about those who condemn the killings of Shia at the same time stand by killers as well. When the name of Jinnah comes as Shia, actually these people loose all the words in their mouth and come out blaming instead. What wrong is written in this article. The writer seems like a sunni as well. Why can you not just condemn and stop supporting killers? Why it is so difficult for us Pakistanis to do the right thing?Recommend

  • Qasim

    Jinnah was born as an Isma’ili Shia Muslim but had become a Sunni Muslim before his death, just stating factsRecommend

  • syed Azeem

    Shias are not minority as per Pakistani Law and constitutionRecommend

  • Maryam Tahir

    @Ch. Allah Daad:
    Please,stop bashing the leaders. how-come you know that, you would be living happy in unified India?In India majority are Hindus, they cannot help to satisfy their own casts.How would they give justice to Muslims?
    The top leaders of this country give plentiful to their populace.if we’re with sleeping-minds ,whats their offence?Recommend

  • asad

    Shia are over 30 percent of Pakistan’s population.Recommend

  • jamal

    Qasim, Jinnah converted to Twelver Shia’ism before he died.Recommend

  • Friend from India


    Brother, please don’t take it wrong. Muslims always have problems living with non-mulsims. They have problems living with Hindus, they have problems living with Christians, they have problems living with Jews, and by seeing the present situation all over the Islamic nations, it seems they have problems living with themselves as well. Point is to note that Hindus of India never asked for a separate nation, it were the Muslims under the leadership of Jinnah wanted a state inside a state.Recommend

  • http://google Dr Priyanka

    @Saif Khan:
    When you ask someone about their level of education, you alienate them. This amounts to not respecting diversity. Hope you understand?Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK

    We’ve spent so much time arguing over historical accounts, religiously interpreting the quotes and actions of Jinnah. Trying to figure out what Jinnah would’ve done, what Iqbal would’ve said.


    Our forefathers did what they believed was best in their time, and we respect them for it. But this is a new era, and the rules have changed.

    Stop importing the mind of a man from the 1940’s, and use it to design laws for the year 2012. You, the inhabitant of the present, are better equipped at handling present situations than any ghost of the past.Recommend

  • Rajeev Nidumolu

    Nothing is impossible in life. Father of present Indian Prime Minister was Mr Gurumukh Singh who was a elected member of Pakistan Constituent Assembly and fled to India.
    Jinnah if he lived longer may have reconciled with his daughter and grandchildren and retired in Jinnah house Mumbai. Recommend

  • Azazel

    I’m appalled at the current state of Islam in Pakistan. Muslims are unaware of the very basic essence of their religion. They blindly follow whatever the Mullahs throw at them, not once do they conduct their own personal research regarding matters of religion. Some of the religious books give NO evidences from the Quran, Sunnah or the Sahih Hadith regarding the matter. Nobody questions this; WHY? It is not only their right but their DUTY to ensure what they follow IS in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. Rituals passed down from generations continue to be religiously performed even if the people performing them have no idea for what purpose they are. The Muslim community is at the height of its ignorance regarding matters of religion.
    On top of that, there are Muslims who are self-righteous, thinking that just because they were BORN into Islam automatically makes them better than everyone else; what an ignorant thinking! They oppress minorities and harass them; having no knowledge about the rights of minorities over Muslims in Islam.Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf

    Before partition some Shia Indian Muslim leaders questioned Jinnah’s rationale when he curried support from them. Knowing his own Khoja background they wondered whether he wasn’t simply being naive to the possibility that he may simply just land them from a supposed Hindu hegemony into a Sunni Islamist hegemony instead under the false guise of unity, which in itself is admirable but seemed divorced from reality of how things were. Recommend

  • Parvez

    Liked the write up. On the question of Jinnah being a Shia or Sunni, if asked I think he would have said he is neither, he is simply a Muslim.Recommend

  • Believe Me

    As a Pakistani I think we have completely ruined Jinnah’s ideology. If I was a part of partition and If Jinnah’s health was revealed I would never in my life leave India. Look at their growth, together we have had become a super power. We talk about Muslim discrimination in India, damn they double our numbers and would never want to be a part of Pakistan they are HAPPY ! and we? we created Pakistan to produce infinite Jehadis. Lets kill fellow Muslims in the name of Allah, Lets discriminate towards religious minorities in the of Islam, lets torture other minorities as a Conqueror OF ISLAM. This country has become HELL soon to become a FAIL STATE ! I know I will get remarks like why don’t you leave then, if I get a chance I would never look back to this side of the world. Recommend

  • Mujhe hay hukm e Azaan

    I hope you are aware that Mr. Zardari is also shia. Recommend

  • http://www.sknawaz.wordpress.com Syed Kashif Nawaz


    Sorry to say Brother, but this attitude, yes your attitude is the real problem. Our nation is like a pigeon, who keeps its eyes closed until hunted. Realization is the first step, until you don’t realize the mistakes how would you correct the same?

    Writer has correctly pointed out our blunders, we simply need to agree with. Correction is the second step. Recommend

  • http://www.sknawaz.wordpress.com Syed Kashif Nawaz


    Yes Brother, you are 100% right! We are not surrounded by the problems, we ourselves are the problems. Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/TheViewThroughJagansLookingGlasses?ref=hl Jag Nathan

    The partition of India was the best thing that could have happened. Imagine India with the current Pakistani population within our boundaries. It would be civil war. At the very least Jinnah’s act helped to contain the fanatics to the western wing of the sub-continent. Things are not exactly good in India and Bangladesh. However, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus in both these countries are by and large tolerant, respectful of each other and have learnt to live in peace. However, having the fanatics who live in today’s Pakistan in our midst would have been a disaster of a global scale. At best, today the problem for is contained to the western wing of the sub-continent. Every time I hear the word Akahand Bharat from our Hindu ideologues, I shudder at the thought of the consequences. Three cheers to Jinnah. May his soul rest in peace. Recommend

  • Aamir

    Well, he remained Shia, and you are wrong. I do not know where did you learn this from. Just stating facts. Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Tariq Malik

    Only a tiny small minority of Pakistanis engages in the behaviors you describe. How can you deride an entire nation based on the actions of a few extremists? Compare with India where RSS and BJP exist and you will feel lucky to be living in Pakistan.Recommend

  • gp65

    “Pakistan’s dirty little secret is that everyone is a minority.”
    Cyril Almeida is one of the finest thinkers of PAkistan and the statement above captures the essence of the problem faced by Pakistan today.Recommend

  • Gary

    “If a statement speaks about reality, it must be falsifiable; and in so far as it is not falsifiable, it does not speak about reality.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Zeeshan Rathore:
    “Atheists are being forced to live in hiding,to live a life of lies due to the intolerant mentality of the public in pakistan.It’s time the persecution of atheists in pakistan stopped.”
    fyi: In India our current finance minister who was formerly our home minister is an atheist born ina Hindu family. While most ministers take an oath on their respective holy books, Chidambaram takes his oath on the constitution. One of our leading poets Javed Akhtar is also an atheist.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    Did the author forget that the current ruling President of Pakistan is a Shia?Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    @Friend from India,
    “Point is to note that Hindus of India never asked for a separate nation, it were the Muslims under the leadership of Jinnah wanted a state inside a state.”

    Of course, you never asked for a “separate nation”, you simply call it Bharat and demand Muslims to hand over their homeland to you. This is happening as we speak in Kashmir where the Muslim population refusing to hand over their homeland to New Delhi.Recommend

  • iron****

    @Saif Khan:
    seems like much better than you and your entire familyRecommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Oh, I really pity you. Twisting facts- Jinnah was secular you say. What was Direct Action day?

    I too do believe he was Secular, but just not all the time. He was ambitious too. Direct Action day was the result of his ambition. When it came to getting his way, murder was acceptable, it so seems. Pakistan was created in such circumstances. What did you expect?

    But, Pakistan being created did make India a very nice place to live in.

    Jinnah was partially right about the Two Nation Theory though. Its not Muslims who cannot live with Hindus, but Hindus who cannot live with Islam.

    Don’t get me wrong, Islam, I’ve not qualms with. If you say Islam is a Religion of peace and a wonderful ideology I will not disagree with you. But, Islam was not for India. It doesn’t go with the culture and practices of India; with the colour and sound of Hindustan.

    If India were united, Muslims would have formed half of the population today. Islamist tendencies would have reigned supreme. It would have torn the nation apart, just like it is tearing Pakistan apart.

    Why is it tearing Pakistan apart? Because Pakistani Muslims imbibed many cultural traits from the Hindus. In many ways they were very different from the puritanical followers of Islam in the Arab states. As time went by the numbers of the latter increased. This has led to disaster.

    The fate of Pakistan is sealed. India had a narrow escape. And, many many thanks to Jinnah for not cowing down to Nehru and Gandhi. While I respect Nehru/Gandhi, on this account I agree with Jinnah. Pakistan was the best thing to have happened to India.


    Mods, please allow this comment. I am actually praising Islam and Jinnah here. Not sarcasm.Recommend

  • Saif Khan

    @Zeeshan Rathore:
    How many people in Pakistan are Atheist? and what are their major problems? If a person is atheist then he/she doesn’t need any worship place. why do you want to be publicly an atheist? if nobody bother for being an atheist when why do want yourself to be declared in these situation? Recommend

  • stating the obvious

    what would be Jinnahesque? asking for a separate dominion for Shias, carved out of Pakistan, based on the two sect theory. Recommend

  • Zeeshan


    “If India were united, Muslims would have formed half of the population today. Islamist tendencies would have reigned supreme. It would have torn the nation apart, just like it is tearing Pakistan apart.”

    The Hindus are united in India. Yet, you and most of the Indians here at Tribune are Hindutvadis. So, the hypothesis has no external validity; it evolves mostly from your ugly view about Muslims.Recommend

  • usman

    It’s not Shia-Sunni fight. If it so you cann’t find Shia and Sunni are living side by side,learning in same institutes,working as colleages in same offices and playing in same fields. Yes there are few hardliners on both sides and unfortunately as law and order is deteriorating and arms are freely available there is terrorism. Pakistani are by and large liberals than any other nation and prove that they select Jinnah and select PPP four times which is run by Shia-Bhutto or Zardari. Recommend

  • BlackJack

    @Believe Me:
    *If I was a part of partition and If Jinnah’s health was revealed I would never in my life leave India. Look at their growth, together we have had become a super power.
    FACT: 85% of India’s muslim population did not buy Jinnah’s spiel, at least enough to move to a separate homeland specially created in the name of Islam; the only success of the Pakistan movement was in forcing out 85% of the Hindus/ Sikhs from their homes in post-independence Pakistan, and then converting most of those who remained. How many within Pakistan bought the theory is also a big question mark; if tomorrow my country decides to become a Hindu theocracy and I do not have the means to migrate (or anywhere to go to), then I will become a subject of such a state, and my children may even be future ideologues/ demagogues who justify its divisive philosophy and shout it from the rooftops – such could very well be the case with many Pakistanis of that generation. It is easy to generate religious fervor for temporary electoral gains, which accrued to the Muslim league only in the 10 years prior to independence; those embers never died out and today Pakistan continues to burn.
    But to address the points in your well-meaning comment – no we would not have been a superpower; we would have been a even more desperately poor and hopelesly divided country constantly at war with itself, where the diversity that we pride to be our strength would be used against us to tear as asunder, limb by limb. Thank God for partition, and for keeping Jinnah alive long enough to complete this noble deed.Recommend

  • M Ali Khan

    People forget that SSP kingpin Azam Tariq got released in 2002 to contest the 2003 NA elections under the rule of our burger dictator Musharraf. Azam Tariq voted for making Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali as PM. What they also forget that as soon as Azam Tariq became MNA, he tried to petition a law among the NA members to make Shias as KAFIR by law. Just like the Ahmedis became in 1974.Recommend

  • salman

    Jinnah would not have had to move away (if only because powerful people in Pakistan are fairly safe). Zardari is a shia and our president. As far as Pakistan’s creation is concerned, my parents moved to Pakistan in the 70s – much later than during the partition. Why? Because things were so bad in India at that time for Muslims that my mom’s family left land and property and moved away. I don’t disagree things are bad in Pakistan at the moment but they will be rectified as long as our leaders and people take the path of moderation and education. I will always respect Jinnah because without him my parents would not have been safe. This is not hatred for India or Indians. Pakistan was a necessity at the time of it’s creation and just because things are good now in India for muslims doesn’t mean they always were. If anything, Pakistan’s creation gave Muslims in India a voice as well – something which might not have happened otherwise.Recommend


    @Danish Siddiqui:
    bang on. Mohajirs or muslims of erstwhile india subcontinent were the first power brokers in new state of muslims(pakistan).ahmedis were in forefront and supported pakistan movement although they were in small numbers.they tried to be power brokers and were the first to be targetted by newer power brokers like punjabis feudals. later came mullah,military aliance which shunted out the others. now is the turn of the Taliban. BECAUSE THE DNA OF PAKISTAN IS THE HATRED OF THE OTHER.THE OTHER KEEPS ON CHANGING APPEARANCES LIKE FIRST WAS THE HINDU,SIKH,CHRISTIAN.SECOND WAS AHMEDIS,THEN SHIA,THEN BARELVI THE GOD KNOWS WHAT.Recommend

  • yousaf

    @Tahir::Just,for example……………….??? Recommend

  • Ali Hasan

    I love how Pakistanis seem to think that by quoting negatives, positives are somehow diminished. Or that the positives reduce the impacts of the negatives. The general populace seems willing to believe anything, say anything, do anything to convince themselves that all is well and they’re not at fault for anything at all. USA, Israel, India, Russia, Afghanistan, Hindus, Jews, Shias, Ahmedis, Salafis, Nigerians, mosquitoes, Chechens ANYTHING but us is at fault. Recommend

  • Danish Ali

    This article/blog is an EPIC FAIL!

    Firstly, because Hon’ble Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Rahmatullah Allhai) never divided himself into any sect, and rejected any claims made any sectarian clergy and just called himself Muslim.

    Secondly, and most importantly, ALLAH (SWT) forbids Muslims to divide into sects in The Holy Qu’ran, refer to the verses: (6:159) and (30:31-32).

    Killing of people just because they are Shiites is wrong, but what is even more wrong than that is being or claiming to be Muslim and dividing into sects, as ALLAH (SWT) forbids it!Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop


    “So, the hypothesis has no external validity; it evolves mostly from your ugly view about Muslims.”

    Cannot make a coherent point, so why not slander, is your approach.

    Look at Pakistan, Muslims for 97% of the population. Yet, Islamist tendencies rein supreme.

    Are you saying islam is not a Politically active Religion? It directly interferes in the affairs of the state, be it in Pakistan or Saudia or Iran.. Too many countries to give example from.

    When Muslims formed 25% of the Indian population, there were largescale riots everywhere in India. To think that Muslims would form now 50% would be a recipe for disaster.

    All I am saying is its good Pakistan was born. The Islamist tendencies have been checked and concentrated in areas that now form Pakistan. The rot was arrested. I thought Pakistanis too were happy at the creation of Pakistan. What happened now?

    You are happy, we are happy that you are happy, everybody is happy!


    I am so happy that I’ve dedicated a whole post to the wonderful creation that is Pakistan.Recommend

  • Saif Khan

    @Dr Priyanka:
    I was waiting to know that to proceed with further comments. Today these new BBAs, MBAs and such like students thinks that the partition of India was a big flaw. Do they as much education as that of Mr. Jinnah, Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and many other workers who thrown out Britisher as rationally divided India. I have to remind them that Jinnah did bar-at-law from UK, Iqbal did Ph.D from Germany and all other were very well educated and seasoned politicians contrary to today’s hypocrites.
    Imagine if today this Pakistan and India would one country then what would be the scenario?
    The partition, I think was the very good decision of that time and I am not bothered by someone stupid comments who questions this decision. because this decision was taken by very well educated and and people from very reasonable background not like the thieves of today (Zardari, Nawaz, Molana, Altaf and many more).Recommend

  • Claude

    Surprise. Jinnah was a lawyer and was a firm believer of Two Nation Theory. He would have asked for division of Pakistan in 2 entities – Shia unit and Sunny unit. Population transfer would have been necessary but he accepted it the cost in 1047, he would have done now. Probably Most of sindh and Baluchistan would have been shia while rest sunni state.Recommend

  • http://[email protected] trollol

    :) author makes valid points..however, what we are missing out is a very essential point: the present can be attributed to the dangers that can result from when the elites (like Jinnah) start making decisions for masses with which they have alienated themselves…Jinnah was an oligarch of the highest order..he could not have perceived or imagined what bloodshed the partition would lead to..for him moving between bombay and karachi was a routine..for the millions of people he was representing it resulted in hell..sometimes when one cooks up or implements apparently utopic ideas or scenarios (for instance an ironic scenario like a thriving tolerant state for muslims in south asia) then one does not really have the foresight to know what sort of problems would arise when the dream comes true..if one sticks to false hope and ideologies then these problems will never be dealt with…violent intolerance will have to be dealt with one way or another..:)..perhaps it might be too late for a generation but I think we can start being more tolerant by start doubting our most fundamental beliefs (I think, though I really hope I am wrong..that it is not possible to be tolerant unless one doubts what they are taught to believe, it is about time that we teach our young to stop blindly following dogmas and words of lesser men who preach hatred for the sake of 2 paisas..it is most important for the working masses of this country to realize this) or else we will end up fighting useless civil wars like the balkan states of the former yugoslavia did..and then when genocides, massacres and all the bloodshed are finally over through the intervention of some foreign state..then we can look back and wonder what it was that we were fighting about (oh wait..didn’t something like that happen in 1971? what did we learn form it?: nothing :D)..oh I take back everything I just said..:D just shoot those that you hate :) that will solve everythingRecommend

  • speak_truth

    @A-Pakistani-Shia-Muslim: Very myopic view sweetheart! You clearly haven’t travelled to India with carrying a loud slogan of being a Muslim. Here, I’ll share a bit – personal experience – my dad in one of their bazars grabbed some snacks that were lying openly in a dish, the owner saw me and my mom in hijab standing besides my dad and then ordered his son to throw away the entire pack of snacks that my dad had touched. We weren’t strolling around in as elite bazar and this should give you a scale on what the lower class masses have set their minds up to. Now do the math and tell me where does the hatred really springs from here? Its the Hindu caste system thats the root of all evil here. Jinnah had a vision and he looked deeper down at issues unlike you and sure understood Islam better than the keepers of the country today. He stood up for a secular state… pin it down in your head for next time & get your facts right. Jinnah did a favour upon all humanity with his vision and only people of vision can see it.

    The fact that the Mullahs decided to travel along, who were initially of the view that they won’t even let the “P” of Pakistan come into being, is whats really eating Pakistan up. Its brimming with people who didn’t even want it in the first place and now are running the country… what more should you expect from a state that has been entrusted into wrong hands. The misinterpretation of islamic teachings and then on top of that the inclusion of that hogwash into country’s legislation is the problem. Education isn’t really education in PK. Change the Education system – bring democracy in it and see how the country flips over for better overnight. Poor insecure Mullahs! God get Pakistan rid of these douchebags who are nothing but a shame for Islam and Pakistan both. Recommend

  • Reality

    Just One Thing, West is working on the policy of Divided and Rule as the did in MiddleEast.
    MiddleEast is divided into Shia & Sunni block

    A British spy named Hempher worte in his Book Humphrey’s confessions!

    “when the unity of Muslims is broken and the common sympathy among them is impaired, their forces will be dissolved and thus we shall easily destroy them… We, the English people, have to make mischief and arouse schism in all our colonies in order that we may live in welfare and luxury”

    we shall have brought all Muslims under our sway” and Islam will be rendered “into a miserable state from which it will never recover again

    Now Pakistan…….. Recommend

  • MAK

    I have read and heard on many occasions that Mr. Zardari is a shia. If that’s true than how come he offered Eid-ul-Fitr namaz in a mosque with Governor of Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad? Or is the governor shia too?? By the way, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was not a shia, it was Nusrat Bhutto (Iranian) who was, and BB never claimed to be a Shia too.Recommend

  • Jaffar

    1) Religion related problems with Pakistan started on the day Pakistan was declared “islamic Republic of Pakistan” . On this day it was decided to do away with minorities.
    2) Zia Ul Haq had put icing on the cake by deciding to enforce Sharia.
    3) Shias are partly themselves to blame for their predicaments as they supported such moves. Like the move against Ahmadees.
    4) Anti minority feelings will continue and rather increase in Pakistan as long as it is adhering to one religion.
    5) Remember, in religion there is no compromise. Religious people never accept views of other religions. If they do they are heritics.
    6)Things may improve in about 50 years if today Pakistan is declared “secular”.

    Let us support and accept people for their achievements and mental capabilities and not for their religion. Recommend

  • Hamid

    Another move to keep Pakistanies busy as they love talking too much, like long and unproductive discussions. If need evidence for what I’m saying watch or listen every TV or radio channel. Every one seems professor of knowledge and mile stone on others (deceiving themselves and nation for every single minute on daily basis). Dear Pakistanies please get education & first educate yourself. Be practical rather then talkative. Good move by the conspiracy theorist.

    Lets see it from this side: “For present-day democratic theorists, democracy is largely a matter of deliberation. But the recent rise of deliberative democracy (in practice as well as theory) coincided with ever more prominent identity politics, sometimes in murderous form in deeply divided societies”.Recommend

  • curious

    Would Jinnah, a Shia, also have to leave the country he founded?


    Probably he would be pulled off the Bus, before he had a chance to leave.Recommend

  • 3rdRockFromTheSun

    Aren’t those to your east glad that Jinnah created Pakistan! It was like India getting the albatross off of its neck. Had the new nation(s) not been created, it would have been chaos – half the country wanting to progress and the other half rushing at equal speed back to the middle-ages!Recommend

  • yousaf

    If Jinnah ever happens to come to the country he caused to come into existence,his FIRST-QUESTION before he passes out will be WHERE IS THE OTHER HALF ?? Recommend

  • Owais

    @Mujhe hay hukm e Azaan
    Mr Zardari is shia but he’s NOT like that kind of shia who hates sunnisRecommend

  • Midhat

    My grandparents migrated from India, left their properties and still have emotional attachement to where the spent thier childhood and youth. They have visited India and thier relatives multiple times but keep on returning back and have never questioned thier decsion!
    My best friend is a Shia. Her aunt got married in India and she still loves it back in Pakistan!
    My Khala married her Indian cosin 17 years back. She still thinks Pakistan is a better place
    I personally know people who migrated in 70’s , 30 years after partition who had ample time to think what they wanted and not influnced by mere emotions.
    A shop keeper in my area who sells spices is a Shia, and he migrated in 90’s..And still thinks it was a better decision

  • Lone Star

    Only solution is “a secular Pakistan”.Recommend

  • kaalchakra


    It beats me how people don’t speak the truth alone as a good Muslim must. My friend’s khala in India was walking down a posh road in a burqa and some guy came running and dumped cow-dung on her head!! For no reason but to spoil her burqa. Another time an old chachu had just stepped out of his house when a neighbor released a bunch of just-fed pigeons so they can dot their deed on his head! It’s a daily nightmare. Recommend

  • A Khan

    In a 1970 legal challenge, Hussain Ali Ganji Walji claimed Jinnah had converted to Sunni Islam, but the High court rejected this claim in 1976, effectively accepting the Jinnah family as Shia.[176] Publicly, Jinnah had a non-sectarian stance and “was at pains to gather the Muslims of India under the banner of a general Muslim faith and not under a divisive sectarian identity.”[1


  • BlackJack

    Those who migrated clearly believed in Pakistan, so more power to them – I would prefer that they remain happy with their choice. To be a good Pakistani, you must respect the laws of the land and honor your nation to the exclusion of all others, which is simple to understand/ follow. However, (increasingly) many people in Pakistan confound Pakistan with Islam; in such a case, a good Pakistani is a good muslim, and that has any number of definitions – none of which have any space for minorities. Further, while the migration to Pakistan may have continued till the 70s (although a very small number as the percentage of muslims in India has only grown), the migration to India continues till today.Recommend

  • speak_truth

    @kaalchakra: I would leave it to God to decide whether I have spoken a lie or not. Also if incidents that you have mentioned have any truth to them then that just supports my previous comment otherwise I never asked for any made up supportive comments to back up my position. :) Recommend

  • Umair

    No Tahir, its people like you who want to escape the the inconvenient truth that are the problem in Pakistan. The truth being that minorities are being murdered mercilessly in Pakistan, you can recognize the problem and raise a voice against it. If you want to read articles that praise Pakistan, there are also many of those in the Express Tribune. The author is trying to make the situation better, not worse, i suggest you also try that since innocent people are being killed in Pakistan by illiterates who don’t understand the essence of Islam Recommend

  • Redah

    I personally thank god Muhammad Jinnah died a natural death, it would have been embarassing to be called names and kicked out of the country he helped exist…Recommend

  • Intelektual

    OMG I cant believe what you are seriously asking the writer to do ! Please do inform me where is the silver lining in all this ! where can you see the positive in hundreads of Pakistanis being murdered/Abducted/tortured how is turning a deaf ear to the cries of your fellow Pakistanis giving you a sense of National belonging !!
    Closing ur eyes and pretending all is well and chanting optimistic slogans only gives you a thick Hide or da sense of security an Ostrich has dunking its head under the ground !!Recommend

  • Intelektual

    A series of hand picked and misinformed observation does not make you an expert on Jinnah ! First off he never was influence/money or power hungry or else he would not have devoted his entire life and last few years of life threatening illness working to ensure His dream of Pakistan as a free secular Muslim State that to for a salary of 1 rupee. He did not leave acres of property and wealth in his name but a Nation that is still here despite watever. Jinnah relied on Islam’s true capacity to peacefully and Justly accomodate minorities but couldnt live long enough too embed this philosophy in the constitution and practice. His family leaving him was due to his complete devotion of his time to the cause of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Saqib

    for the first time i have read express tribune and its articles and blogs, my GOD, i am astonished to see that it is soooooooo much biased towards conficts and western thoughts.

    Reading the blogs looks like the country is soooooo saddened place to live in. infact it is not.
    The writer seems to have some kind of error in his mind which is reflected by this article.

    and mr sooo called writer, you defined all the sh** and did not defined that y we celebrate independence day on 14 August. Cx after the war of 1965 the country decided to celebrate indepndnce day on 14 August. There are far more good things to be mentioned in this country rather than your poor pathetic thoughts.

    People like u are creating differences among us. Y u dont look at ur self, rather than mocking at mullas…….

    OOOO GOD save this country from these so called liberal people.

    every country’s hero is a villan for the other country. first learn to embrace your heros Recommend

  • Saqib

    @Altaf khan:
    i thnk you dont know what happens to muslim minorites in the world. kindly research on that. then talk here. same things happens to muslims that happens to the minorities here in Pakistan

    the foremost example is of france. a girl cant wear hijab in their country. a muslim girl feels pride to wear hijab in our society. and there as a minority she cant wear….

    isnt that the horrific prosecution………….is that the third class approach towards muslims….o boy come on…..first research the whole world then come to Pakistan to speak for the minorities……

    yes there are faults. but faults are present in the so called well established socities of this WORLD….

  • Saqib

    fyk here in Pakistan the sikhs are in Pakistan army as captain okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk got ittttttttttt….first research then speak. there are alllot of people who are in minority but they worked hard and now they are sitting in high positions in PAKISTAN. Its all about hard work

    The christian missionaries have developed their churches all across the country. they have convents where their children get high quality of education. Now its upon them what they want to be, either do hard work to become a gentle man or end up with a khaakroob.

    Its all about hardwork man. Recommend

  • Saqib

    the type of articles posted here in express tribune are totally rubbish…..these people cant find a single goood thing in this 20 crore people…

    cx they jst wake up and write the dream they have seeen…..they are not even in their senses while writing…..


  • Asim

    Why do you highlight Shia word to create the disintegration among Muslims. Don’t you see the killing of hundreds and thousands of other Pakistani Muslims who belong from Sunni families, who are being shot dead in the day light with no traffic block. Please remove this blog. This is the conspiracy of Non-Muslims (zionist) to humiliate Pakistan and to disintegrate Pakistan further in to different races and religious sects. We all are Muslims and we all have to build this country. Certainly you are segregating the two sects by highlighting Shias as the oppressors of the country.Recommend

  • jaffar

    Yes, Qaid Azam wanted the country to be secular where all religions were equal. The most tragic thing that happened in the history of Pakistan was that the country was declared “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. Icing on the cake was put by Zia Ul Haq who enforced Sharia. This resulted in Sects fighting for the supermacy of their version of Sharia. Suni Muslims are in Majority and among them the Wahabis are in majority. This happens to be the Saudi Arabia Version of Islam.This version replaced the softer Sufi or Barelvi version that was videly practiced in pre partition India. In 1970 – 1980 things changed for the reason that Pakistanis were going to Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. They saw the opulence there and assumed that this was due to Gods acceptance of Saudi version of Islam. There is no denying the fact that all Talibans are Wahabi, all Al Qaida followers are Wahibis. Unfortunately the Wahabi version believes that all others are Kafirs and should be destroyed. Recommend

  • aamir nawaz

    People like you are the worst enemies of Pakistan, Pakistan exist for a reason and if we common people are unable to comply with the code of etheics then dont’ complain. You can only found what you dig for!! Pakistan is a lovely county and have so much potential. If you really care then upfront and do something productive as being a citizen of Pakistan. You can’t blame everyone else for your own failures. No nation have better living Codes than muslims, Its just a matter of education and identifying enemies in your own backyard.Recommend

  • http://Turkey Zalmai

    I traveled all over India and at times wore my Kandahari embroidered Afghan clothes and nobody threw cow dung on me or throw away an item I had touched at a shop. There is too much bias being expressed here.Recommend

  • dev

    We the human beings are in a state of evolution towards becoming better human beings. There are good people and bad people every where. This will continue to be so and no one will be able to change it ever be it a religious philosophy or a terror rule or conduct.There are good values in all religions and not so plesant and comfortable times within it.Conduct of people depends upon the guidance they get from thier parents, teachers, religious leaders,society they live in and also the influence of local geographical and nature guided modulation of experession of life. Basic purpose of any religion is to make a man or a woman as gentle and good as a flower or atleast as decent and good as a meek useful,innocent poor creature.If a religion fails a human being in becoming good then it is worth evaluating it. We are responsible to God and nature and also to all living beings and not to fanatic oriented and misguided leaders.Unfortunately people in subcontinent irrespective of their religious affiliations act almost in a similar manner and have common thought perceptions.Our social conduct is absolutely at variance with simple and straight forward behaviour of Arabians, cultured conduct of Persians and refined and acquired pleasing behaviour of European races.Indian subcontinent has aggressive and violent inclinations due to long suffering of its people at the hands of brutality inflicted by foreigners and our own exploiters, the political and economic blood suckers. Religious leaders of all hues were easily available and could be easily influenced for legitimising the powerful. The only way to create hatred among Indians and to divide them was through religion. Our home spun and foreign rulers till 1947 carefully divided Indians to keep the flag of communal politics alive till eternity. Those like communist, socialist or justice loving leaders like Subhash Bose or revolutionaries of early twenties were systematically killed quietly so that a Soviet style revolution doesnot take its root in India and this would have united hindus , muslims and others for ever and possibly would have resulted in united India becoming a major power in the world. Our foolish leaders were successfully acting as frontmen for the designs of our masters, fell for the bait ,changed their direction towards self destruction and mutual killing and for that all of us are paying by living in eternal hatred and intoxication of religious intolerance. To day entire Indian subcontinent is image of hell ,disease, povery ,ignorance,discrimination,brutish conduct and illeteracy. Had our leaders chosen the path of reconciliation and not the path and order of “Direct Action” to kill for ethnic cleansing of each other, united India would have certainly progressed as a fully literate nation probably a most prosperous nation of Asia.India as a fully literate nation and a economically rich nation would have certainly destroyed the sins of religious bigotry and class and caste differences. We have missed the boat at shore and valuable time because of ignorance and nonavailabilty of responsible leadership after the fall of our ancient emperors and pious rulers who died fighting for us and also forgetting the sacrifices of those freedom fighters who laid down their lives for us.We were mislead by comfort loving British trained leaders who stole the leadership from poor revolutionaries got them eclipsed and brought three nations to mutual blood path.The value of a tree is known by its fruits. Our leaders gave us poison to drink and they should be remembered as such till we get cured by healers. Our foolish leaders spoiled the face of our people and our nations. In India people of all religions lived with dignity and honour under Maharajs without fear and disgrace but evil politicans gave us death,inujry,mutual hatred.violence and free for all misrule,anarchy and above all mutual mistrust and fear. Recommend

  • dev

    Unfortunately our leaders were cheats and rabble rousers who thoroughly misguided people under the influence of British.I had seen a few rulers and Maharajas. India, a united India should have been ruled by consortium of these rulers.British should have handed over power to these rulers of India. There would have been no violence, no hatred,no discrimination, no loss of life.Maharajas stood by their people in hour of need. Remember Raja Jai pal and Anangpal of Lahore who laid down their lives along with their families for their people.These Maharajas were well trained in statecraft and administration. I had seen their rule which was million times peaceful and better ruled than today despite moedrnisation.First lesson gulped down their throat was that each subject is like their offspring and they never or rarely acted against their own people unless they were disobedient or at fault. Under their rule their was not a single case of rioting. In 1947 our Maharaja had ordered that in his state he will not accept any violence or a politician who only arouse unfounded fears,confusion disobedience ,hartals,misrule,bias, prejudice and above all the disgarce of all the mutual hatred.Now we have fake and fraudulant democratic and judicial system.Most of Maharajas were kind and it was very easy to have an audience with them.One had to only tell the guards on duty for a message to be conveyed and Maharaja would never disappoint.Once a poorest old woman was given an instant audience as she went crying at his palace. This was the summer palace of Maharaja and he was holidaying.Her life,s entire money was destroyed by rats. Witty Maharaja told her that he didnot own those rats and hence these were out of his control, however she received crisp brand new notes.I have strong conviction that despite all the mud thrown upon them by the politicans who brought death and destitution to millions, not millions of politicians can ever match the glory of a benevolent Maharaja. Recommend

  • dev

    There are spelling mistakes in what I wrote yesterday viz. modernisation.
    Any way, in all aspects of individual and social life truth ,goodness .virtue ,honest conduct,kindness,tolerance and mercy are the basis of true religious philosophy.
    3.The difference between good and evil is that goodness spreads love and mutual sympathy and evil brings anger,hate and violence.
    4.The true character of our leaders can be judged from what they gave us in 1947 and what they are delivering now.
    5 Nations require benevolent but stern leaders with honest and just attitude.We had none.
    Unfortunately very few people know that before 1947 our leaders were propped up and encouraged by two sets of India concerned foreigners,one group patronised Jinnah,Rehmat Ali and league leaders, the other group befriended congress leaders. In 1947, labour leaders came to power with tilt. Basically most of our leaders were proxy to British interests in subcontinent.
    7.During second world war even German backing to few groups influenced mindset of a few leaders.
    8.London based absentee leaders were churning out wild unrealistic write ups to detriment of Indian people.
    9 Our leaders never preached harmony and peace to our people. Rather it appears whole exercise was for the lust of power.
    In one of the blogs some body writes of discrimination during his visit to India.Truth is essence of human living. I believe it may not be true.It never happens.Muslims and Christians are freely permitted even in temples of Rishikesh and Hardwar. In India in many temple compounds,men and women spend their leisure without any body raising a finger.I am surprised
    that such a sad episode really happened.No hindu publically behaves like that unless it is a charged atmosphere.Rather believe me, it is other way round.
    In India by and large discrimination is result of certain inadequacies and misconduct by a few (with exceptions). Merit and quality is deciding factor for moving up in a social and economic order.Here no body is concerned about some one,s religious credentials.
    12 I think both Indians and Pakistanis must not hesitate in taking lessons from each other,they can make excellent team with mutual trust and understanding.There is nothing wrong in reading some thing about Budhist and Christian conduct and philosophy.After prolonged introspection I feel besides all relgions which are equally good in many aspects, I trust Christianity and Budhism happen to be very best religions in world along with other religions but with an edge if we exclude the misconduct of war makers. It is a fact which must be realised and analysed . It would only make us become better after prolonged sickness of body and mind.I have personally participated in all kinds of religious functions.One canot be diehard person to achieve peace.Modes of worship are ways for communicating with God whom we donot see that is why some of us use our own devices for connectivity with him, be it pious actions, love, songs ,good deeds or feeling the blessings of God or even through idols.God is too wise to be remembered by any way one prefers to realise him or feel him.Therefore one must agree that Indian subcontinent,s great ancient people were led or misled by very small diseased minds and the result was disasterous. God forbid it should never happen again. But we too must learn to become human beings first rather than becoming items and specimens of religious marks and identities.