Keep the hope alive, dear Pakistanis

Published: August 24, 2012

We are no messiahs and we are certainly not asking you to turn a blind eye to all the problems that we face. It is always good to remain cognizant of the challenges that lie ahead of you ─ it can help you plan better. But there must never be any room for you to lose hope.

Hopelessness, we have been told, is faithlessness. And we have faith. We have faith in the people of this country. We have faith in our belief that the people of this country will complement each other.

‘The Pakistanis’ is a celebration of the little things that give us another reason to love Pakistan; jalebi, mangoes, our hospitality, and our beautiful landscapes and people. It is a tribute to a nation that needs a reminder, now more than ever, that there is still a lot to love and cherish. There are colours, accents, flavours and aromas in our people, languages, food and land, that have helped us create an unbreakable bond with our country.

We discovered many lovely Pakistanis while shooting this video and that gave us hope. There is a Pakistani in all of us who wants to be optimistic, happy, and believes in friendship and peace; a Pakistani who wants to smile and dream. We are hopeful people and we ask you to find hope!

Be positive. Be productive. Be passionate. Be Pakistani!

About the BePakistanii team:

Aan Asif Cheema is a senior at LUMS. She is a day-dreaming, romantic and almost foolishly optimistic girl who aims to revolutionise the small industry sector of Pakistan.

Saim Sadiq is a junior at LUMS, majoring in anthropology. He is a filmmaker by passion and the recent advent of independent filmmaking in the country has made him extremely hopeful about the future of cinema in Pakistan as a strong voice to reckon with.

Imran Ahmad Khan is a junior at LUMS, majoring in economics and politics. Cricket remains his first (and last) love, and he is a proud Pakistani cricket fanatic. Pakistan’s 2009 World T20 triumph and the 2011 World Cup campaign made him truly understand the unique strength of cricket as a binding force for Pakistanis.

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Imran Ahmad Khan

Imran Ahmad Khan

The author is a student of journalism at Columbia University. Before this, he worked for the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistan Super League. He tweets @imranahmadkh

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