Are Pakistani Ahmadis loyal to their homeland?

Published: August 22, 2012

Is AQ Khan alleging that he is a patriot while Ahmadis are not loyal to Pakistan? PHOTO: REUTERS

Consider this before buying your next Umra package: Jabbar sahib can grab your shoulder, beam you to the Kaaba from anywhere in the world, where you can offer prayers and return back home in no time.

The idea is laughable on many accounts. It rejects physical laws, discards scientific evidence, and makes a mockery of Islamic practices too. Add to the giggles that it was not an illiterate mullah, but Pakistan’s star scientist, AQ Khan, who made this assertion. Please watch the following video clip from 37:30 minute onwards.

That’s where the laughter ends. Because, as you may have noticed in the video, his claim was preceded by a brazen attack against Ahmadis in the following words:

Hum Bhopalion ko do cheezon per fakhr hai: aik tau ye ke humaray haan aaj tak koi ghaddaar peda nahin hua, aur humain iss per bhi fakhr hai ke humaray haan aaj tak koi Qadiani peda nahin hua.”

“We Bhopalis are proud of two things: First, that Bhopal has never produced a traitor. And then we are also proud of the fact that we have never produced a Qadiyani”

What? Is AQ Khan alleging that he is a patriot while Ahmadis are not loyal to Pakistan? Does he have data to support this absurd allegation or is he pulling just another ‘Jabbar sahib?’

Regardless, the crowd’s reaction to his hate mongering suggests that many have bought into this propaganda. Therefore it’s important to confront such vitriol against a beleaguered community.

That AQ Khan is an opportunistic businessman, not a diehard Pakistani fan, is the topic for a separate piece altogether. But first, consider the 80-year long record of the loyalty of Pakistani Ahmadis.

1930s: In 1932, when Mr Jinnah retreated to the UK in frustration over the second Round Table Conference, it was the Ahmadi Missionary in London, Abdur Raheem Dard, who persuaded him to return and fight for the Muslims of the subcontinent. The Sunday Times London (April 9, 1933) published a candid acknowledgment by Mr Jinnah:

“The eloquent persuasion of Imam left me no way of escape.”

Mr Khan, is this the disloyalty of which you accuse Ahmadis of?

1940s: Sardar Shaukat Hayat on page 147 of his book “The Nation That Lost Its Soul,” mentions an incidence where Quaid-e-Azam asked him to seek Ahmadis’ support for the Muslim League. The Ahmadiya khalifa, Mirza Bashirud-Din Mahmood, responded:

“Please convey to Quaid-e-Azam that we have been praying for his mission from the very beginning. Where the help of his followers is concerned, no Ahmadi will stand (in elections) against any Muslim Leaguer.”

Remember, Mr Khan, back then your beloved Mullahs – who pretend to be the poster children of Pakistan’s loyalty today– would call your country ‘Napakistan’.

1940s: At the request of the Pakistani government, Ahmadis formed a military unit called ‘Furqan Force‘ to support Pakistan in the First Kashmir War of 1948. Furthermore, this unit’s troops were drawn from the Ahmadiyya community – even its expenses were paid for by Ahmadis.

Mr Khan, please tell your audience that at that time, you and your family were loyal Indians, still living in Bhopal.

1950s: Even the critics of Islam considered Zafrullah Khan, an Ahmadi and Pakistan’s first foreign minister, ‘as important to Pakistan’s independence as Thomas Jefferson was to the emergence of the United States’. He not only represented Pakistan on the Kashmir dispute in the Security Council but also fought for the independence of other Muslim countries including Libya, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, Tunis, Morocco, Palestine and Indonesia during 1948-54.

Then why do the critics call you the Merchant of Menace, Mr Khan? )

1960s: Major General Iftikhar Janjua Shaheed (Hilal-e-Jurat), an Ahmadi, led the Pakistan Army at the Rann of Kutch sector during the 1965 War and became the only Pakistani general to give his life in combat at the Chamb sector in 1971. In the same war, two Ahmadi brothers, Lt General Akhtar Hussain Malik (Hilal-e-Jurat) and Lt General Abdul Ali Malik (Hilal-e-Jurat) valiantly led the Kashmir and Sialkot sectors.

Even the most talented Ahmadis are not promoted to higher ranks now. But they still serve in Pakistan’s army and they still give their lives in service.

 1960– 70s: Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad, the grandson of the founder of Ahmadiyya Community, oversaw the signing of the Indus Basin Treaty and the procurement of development assistance from multilateral donors for the construction of Mangla Dam and Tarbela Dams as the Federal Finance Secretary. Years later, as executive director of the World Bank, he helped in the servicing and rescheduling of these loans after the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971.

Okay. Making a dam is not as hot as making a bomb. You win on this one.

1970 – 80s: While Pakistan’s future leaders were dreaming of dual nationalities, Dr Abdus Salam,the first and only Pakistani Nobel Laureate, refused all offers to accept any foreign citizenship. He lived and died as a Pakistani, and was instrumental in helping 500 Pakistanis to study abroad.

Tell me, Mr Khan, weren’t you a naturalised citizen of Holland?

1990s: Despite persecution, millions of Ahmadis decided to keep their businesses in Pakistan. Their honest dealings were even inadvertently, acknowledged on the record.

You too, Mr Khan, operated your business of selling nuclear technology from Pakistan and your dishonest dealings are also on the record.

2000s: When was the last time an Ahmadi was responsible for Pakistan’s disgrace on a national or international level?

Really? Do you have any data to support your allegations of Ahmadiyya disloyalty? By the way, ‘Ahmadis are the agents of British or Jews’ is not factual data. It’s mudslinging.

2010s: The Ahmadiyya Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, urged his community to offer a voluntary fast every week and two voluntary prayers (nafal) every day for the safety of Pakistan and its Ahmadi community.

Pakistan’s demagogues have effectively barred Ahmadis – no matter how learned they may be – from holding executive positions. But how will they bar them from praying for the safety and security of the country?

Mr AQ Khan, I maintain: All distinguished Ahmadis have helped improve Pakistan’s image on the international stage. Refuting this fact in a scholarly fashion will be hard for you as you admire phony miracles over real evidence. You resort to hateful speech instead of intelligent conversation.

Thanks, in part, to your hate mongering, Pakistani Ahmadis are not allowed to visit Saudi Arabia. They could really use the services of your uncle Jabbar. Only if he doesn’t have a problem beaming Ahmadis for a quick prayer in the Kaaba.

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Faheem Younus

Faheem Younus

The writer is clinical associate professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA. The author can be followed @Faheem!/FaheemYounus

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  • Ali Ahsan

    If only such stuff can be written in the Urdu press.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    @Ali Ahsan: No thanku, and no need. Nobody cares about this stuff in the urdu reading readers. They’re more concerned about their bread and butter. These worries, come only for the ones who don’t need to worry about their livelihood.Recommend

  • Ali Ahsan

    You forget that those concerned about their bread and butter are the most easily exploited in the name of religion and politics.

    you forget that Urdu newspapers like Daily Ummat are popular among extreme right-wing views and mass dailies like Nawai Waqt have also been prominent in spreading misinformation, propaganda, and nonsense towards the “other”.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    @Ali Ahsan: Save the rhetoric. That is another debate, this one another issue. The issue is such topics being written in urdu papers, not the exploitation of the needy.Recommend

  • salman

    Brilliant piece. We need to remove the discriminatory laws existing in Pakistan and move into the 21st century!Recommend

  • Ali Ahsan

    more people in Pakistan read Urdu newspapers than English ones. They are more easily persuaded what they read in Daily Ummat, Nawai Waqt, Jang, Khabrain etc than they would reading The News, Dawn, ET, and Daily Times.

    Urdu press is more accessible to the middle classes and lower classes (the MAJORITY of Pakistan bear in mind!) than the English press. My point still stands. Such topics need to reach the Urdu press as well and they should grow a pair and shun the nonsensical bigotry and disinformation that has been labelled on them by progressive writers and critics throughout Pakistan’s history.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    @Ali Ahsan: You’re totally wasting your time trying to convince me about something which i already know and agree. My point is, when you leave home in the morning, with the hope and intention of bringing some bread and butter for the children and wife, who are waiting for you at home, such topics are of much less concern to them. Your facts: Majority class reads urdu, majority is middle class, all agreed and known, my point is the same. The same middle class urdue reading majority of ours, doesn’t bother about suicide blast threats when they don’t have bread at home. what to talk of “religious minorities.” They say your tummy is the strongest of force that drives you to do something. everything comes after.
    Hope you understand what i am trying to state.Recommend

  • Ali Ahsan

    my point was simply such topics should be given the necessary attention to help slowly overcome the biases and gross misconceptions found in our society. Yes the empty stomach is dangerous and I fully agree that they are more concerned about daily survival rather than anything else.

    but like I said, more people need to reach such topics because the average Pakistani tends to have some VERY bad words about “heretics” and “kafirs”Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK


    If Urdu newspaper readers have time to bicker about cricketers’ alleged scandals, they have time to read about AQ Khan’s antics.Recommend

  • Umair Jabbar

    I wish you could have found a better video to enlarge the gap between Pakistanis. I don’t find any connection between the two statements that Dr. Khan made, he said there hasn’t been any traitor from Bhopal and there hasn’t been any Qadiyani from Bhopal too. How do you connect both these statements my friend and conclude that Qadiyanis are traitors?

    If I tell someone that Pakistan grows world’s best rice, and Pakistan grows world’s best Mangoes, does that mean that rice and mangoes are same?Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    This guy is a phoney, I mean Dr A Q Khan. His support for the “water driven car” is enough to show his credentials. Recommend

  • Ahsan

    @Umair Jabbar:
    well here you tried to make a point but one can easily make out what AQ Khan was trying to imply ! and of course all the wah wah SubhanAllah that followed his comment !Recommend

  • Z.Khan

    Faheem Younus you did a superb job. Also credit to ET which dared to carry this master piece. After reading so many examples one dares not to doubt the loyalty of Pakistani Ahmadies.True the Pakistani political, military and judiciary elite has lost rationality sense and logic. But Mr AQ Khan will also land in same category was a surprise for me. Might be so called Dr Liaqat provoked him to fetch cheap popularity. But I am sure it is going to back fire sooner or later. Just to inform Dr AQ Khan Mr Obaidullah Aleem who was a devotee Ahamdi and very high stature poet belonged to Bhopal. Yes the same Bhopal about which Dr AQ boasted the pride for not producing any Qadiani. His son Umain Aleem also serves Ahmadiyya Community at a very position. I shall sincerely advise Dr AQ Khan to take care of his stature and personality as you are considered in a high esteem. Do not degrade yourself by participating in programs aimed to get cheap popularity and in TV commercials etc. God is very kind and has bestowed upon you an honour and respect. Please do not disgrace yourself by involving in dirty things and activities.Recommend

  • Umer


    No thanku, and no need. Nobody cares about this stuff in the urdu reading readers. They’re more concerned about their bread and butter.

    Really? Then what about the mobs attacking Christians, churches bibles etc from time to time? Aren’t these made up of Urdu/Punjabi medium people? Seems when it comes to evil Urdu/Punjabi medium people have plenty of time.Recommend

  • Turbo Lover

    Why should they be loyal to Pakistan? Have we been loyal to them?Recommend

  • rahul sinha

    ALTHOUGH I WILL HAVE TO DIGRESS from the main thrust of the article……but i am sorry in advance, and for a good reason:

    read this article:

    and, hindu readers of this article, please cross-check the rig-vedic verses which the writer selectevely quotes(with an agenda and changing the meaning) to prove his point.
    more interested readers might read the excellent discussion in comment section.

    So, Mr YOUNUS you tell me, when one of the followers of your faith, relegates my GOD to the status of prophet, on the basis of flimsy arguments, should i regard your faith as a genuine one.

    further, your faith want to bring a true islam, ie religion of peace, as you claim, so does it make it necessary that you do so by denigrating other religions?

    ahmadis lost a fan in me, when i last read this article on huffington post.
    i’m sorry to say, but the moment you would start behaving in same manner in my country, the right wing hindus in my country will not be much different.
    they will certainly not kill you, but would tell you unequivocally to stop preaching falsehood.

    Mr YUNOS, will you clarify your stand on this article?

    sorry for digressing, once again.Recommend

  • Sidewinder

    Bhaison ke aage been nahi vajaya karte mere bhai,there is no good in blowing your trumpet in front of such morons.was he targeting late Abdus salam btw?Recommend

  • Hannan Ahmad

    Yes, I belong to Ahmadiyya Jama’at. But the story of Uncle Jabbar told by a leading nuclear scientist has been even more shocking than his hate speech. I studied Physics up to the masters level still I can argue the Theory of Relativity in subject to his Uncle Jabbar story. In fact, this point is even more embarrassing to me that such an unrealistic event has been quoted by a person who understands the basic principles of the universe.
    The two claims made about Bhopal are both baseless still I will like to encourage him and his followers to continue their same passion as it makes clear that my land is passing from a period of the worst type of religious darkness.
    I am sure that within few weeks from now, there will be many Uncle Jabbar like personalities rising in Pakistan, the land of idiotic miracles, where two unbelievable cars, one that gets energy from hydrogen and one that gets energy from ‘Swab’ (Good Work done in beating non Muslims), have recently been developed.Recommend

  • |TopGun|

    Now AQ Khan’s statement was “We Bhopalis are proud of two things:” this means the “traitor” and “Qadiyani” are being mentioned separately and not implied to be the same. A Muslim being proud of not relating to a Qadiyani is not an implication of them being traitors esp when the statement exclusively mentions them as two different things. Ridiculous article as a reply to something elseRecommend

  • from India

    @ Rahul Sinha – the article is not accessible. Can you send any other link ?

    @ Blogger – excellent article, but with regard to Ahmedis supporting Muslim league came as a surprise to me and even disturbed me. Because, Muslim League was such a party which was more interested in a separate country rather than an independent India. Unfortunately, they did not get their due respect in spite of their loyalty to Pakistan. Recommend

  • |TopGun|

    First a half statement of AQ Khan about the water car where he said that we should check it and not that it works as claimed was changed to exclusive support by Pervez Hoodboy… and you went on to publish that… now this !Recommend

  • hani

    Great great greatRecommend

  • Another Engineer

    A.Q Khan has not made the bomb single handedly as he loves to claim, he was just the face of the program, its like DG ISPR claiming the credit of a successful operation by the army himself!
    I never thought he has an extra ordinary mind, and it bemuses me how he supported the paani wali gaari, i mean come the eff on!Recommend

  • Rambler

    @rahul sinha
    I think you missed the whole point of the article that you mentioned. If anything, the article meant to symbolize that Islam recognizes Krishna as someone who spread the right message. According to the Muslim faith, he was a prophet. According to Hinduism, he was a god. It doesn’t make anyone respect him any less.

  • Mohammed Abbasi

    Excellent article – if only it was in Urdu and in front of all Pakistanis faces!Recommend

  • JM

    Best comment which i read somewhere is “”@DrAQ_Khan sir aaj kal, atom bomb ka rate kya chal rahi? Koi idea?”Recommend

  • Qasim Rashid

    Outstanding piece and much gratitude to Tribune for publishing. We need more of this!Recommend

  • Ayaz

    This article was well-written. When will Pakistan learn that they need to focus on bigger problems and should look to incorporate the religious minority groups like the ahmadis rather than ostracize them. I learned a lot from this article and am happy that the Express Tribune published the counter view. Recommend

  • Adnan

    Its not Ahmadi’s loyalty that needs questioning but Pakistan’s loyalty to this community, out of which came this country’s only nobel laureate. Having heard this pathetic statement, I am no longer AQ Khan’s fan. Recommend

  • Ahmed Khan

    @ Umair Jabbar. I hope A.Q Khan was not talking about you when he was going all star trek on us. Anyways, yes it does not mean that mangoes and rice are the same but it does mean that Pakistan grows the best produce in the world. There is something called insinuating a thing but not actually saying it.

    I would like to thank the Express Tribune for publishing something as truthful as this. People of Pakistan should wake up to the bamboozling that is going on with them from the politicians and their so called religious leaders. Ahmadi track record on being loyal citizens of Pakistan is far better than any other politician, ulema, etc. with the exception of Qaid-e-Azam in Pakistan.

    Mullahism is the source of the current demise of all civil discussion in Pakistan and it is setting up it’s path for self-destruction. Hence, The Ahmadiyya Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) has asked each and every Ahmadi to pray fervently to God alone to protect it from that.Recommend

  • manish

    @from India:

    just go to huffington post site, type KRISHNA: PROPHET OF ALLAH, YOU WILL get an article by QASIM RASHID…..

    who you respect more: YOUR prophet who himself proclaims that he is slave to allah, or ALLAH himself…answer it, and you will understand what is my primary objection.
    also, a lot of question come up.

    like there are lot of prophet, but muslims rank MUHAMMAD(PBUH) as the greatest, christians rank JESUS, JEWS rank MOSES…..where will you place KRISHNA in this hierarchy…
    brother, you are not taking into account the entire implications of such an assumption…..Recommend

  • manish

    and yes, RAHUL was right…..AHMADIS should make their stand clear on this issue. Recommend

  • Dr Boodhun

    Not only is the remark of that Dutch-Pakistani mettalurgist DIVISIVE, but it is also a FALSE statement. Obeidullah Aleem is a famous Pakistani Ahmadi Muslim.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Ali Ahsan: “If only such stuff can be written in the Urdu press.”

    Author may not live very long if he writes in Urdu press. I don’t think anything is going to change for Ahmadi Muslims. If US / Nato troops leave, lot of talibans will be unemployed.Recommend

  • Kamal

    Ahmedis have been against the ideology of Pakistan since its birth. Such false columns are useless.Recommend

  • Shah

    Excellent article! At least Tribune has the courage to publish this!Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Dearest author of this article, kindly review the video. I don’t see how Dr. AQ Khan questioned Ahmadi Loyalty towards Pakistan on which you wrote this long an article.

    He shared two seperate points that bhopali’s never produced a traitor and never did they produce a Qadyani!

    Stop spreading hatred, think twice before you point fingers!Recommend

  • Arsalan

    It’s written more to bad mouth AQ Khan than to highlight the contributions of Ahmadis. Recommend

  • BlackJack

    In the Gita, Krishna says that he is the lord. This is blasephemy as per our muslim friends. Case closed.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    I think it’s most unfortunate for the bhopalis if they know

    Ahmadis don’t need loyalty certificate from anyone Recommend

  • Sajjad

    It seems you me that now time is exposing him more and more. As he is not the real hero but we have made him and now with some event he is exposing him self. The way he response to Agha Waqar water kit was also a big question mark and now this. Now nature is doing its thing. His heroism is about you fall apart.Recommend

  • Jari Khan

    Great article. AQ khan now is up for cheap publicity. I can’t imagine from an educated man to talk like this in front of TV to create division and hatred against a community which is already suffering at the hands of extremists. More ironic was stage set up and all the mullahs with unending beard. Hope.AQ khan has done several umras and performed several hajs through his uncle Jabbar. May be uncle jabbar was instrumental in his making of bomb. Liqat guy is phony. His degrees are all phony and so do all his speech. Recommend

  • Jabbar

    Please, try to understand first what he’s trying to say.

    He didn’t say that he himself travelled when that guy grabbed him form his shoulder, he’s talking about “Wali Ullahs” here. That’s more like spiritual than physical and of course, things like that do have a place in religion.

    If you have to argue this, then you can also raise a point on how it was possible on Shab-e-Mairaj for the Prophet P.B.U.H to travel faster than the speed of light, without converting into energy? Well, that happened. The same way, only a genuine Wali-Ullah is capable of doing so what he said over there, Mr. Author. Read it up.Recommend

  • Midhat

    @ Writer
    Regarding the physical laws, While we cant confirm the story, however there are various researches on metaphysics that narrate such experiences and out of body experiences are still udner reasearch. The dalailamma’s accounts are full of it! Also being a Muslim you would knwo but could have skipped your mind, the stories of Hazrat Jaffer Tayyar (R.A) and Hazrat Umar (R.A) in teh battle and above most The MIRAJ experience which all defied the physical Laws yet have roots under meta phsyics. Also there has been a lot of research in the west to weather the soul could be indentified as a being in itself.. You might remember in world best seller Lost symbol dan brown touched upon the subject. Although teh story is fiction however it does narrates that howe even scientist have been doing research regarding thsi matterRecommend

  • Rehman

    Excellent article which shows a lot of research was done to gather the material. Good job Mr. Younus.
    And all the credit goes to Tribune for publishing it.Recommend

  • Midhat

    While we may and maynot agree with his personal religiois views please do remember hsi contribution to Pakistan. Can we even imagine how unsafe and unstable our borders would have been with a neuclear neighbouring country thats always on the offensive. I still remember when Indian nuclear test took place, the agressive statements that were being issued, and then thier halt with the balanced being reached by the same tests conducted by the pakistani scientist..We owe our lives to these scientist by bring in the balance/ Recommend

  • http://twitter.comayshabkhan Aysha Khan

    I’m not surprised that a modern, English paper from Pakistan has agreed to publish such a controversial article with pro-Ahmadi arguments. (Thank you for that, though, Tribune. Alhumdulillah.) There is a huge liberal shift in Pakistani youth and Pakistan’s treatment of Ahmadis, Shias, Christians and athiests does not sit right with their moral compass. People like Mehreen Kasana are also drawing attention to the issue – she is constantly writing about human rights violations in Pakistan, but tells me she is specifically working on a piece regarding Ahmadis treatment currently. So there’s no lack of condemnation from the liberals, the educated and the young, especially where these three categories overlap.

    My concern is for those less educated people who make up Pakistan’s majority. They’re not reading newspapers like this. They’re not reading English papers, perhaps, or just not reading papers period. They’ve grown up treating Ahmadis and Shias deplorably and nobody with any authority is telling them it’s wrong. Why should they stop? Particularly when a few of the people they look up to – AQ Khan, etc – are promoting sectarian violence.

    The educated people who show such ignorance – well, as for them, Allahu A’lam.Recommend

  • Arif Humayun

    A. Q. Khan’s “Jabbar sahib Bhopali” certainly fits the description of Scotty (Star Trek fame) who could beam people around the universe when requested “Beam me up Scotty”! Actually, Scotty relied on a hi-tech contraption; Jabbar sahib Bhopali was himself that contraption to beam people to and from Mecca! Scientific Laws are totally irreverent to such fictional fantasies that the Dr. and his host seem to be living in!

    On a serious note, A. Q. Khan’s irresponsible comments – or dark humor – reflect the intellectual and spiritual disintegration of those Muslim who support his views. Just look around the country to understand the situation. The 11 year old, down-syndrome patient – a Christian – jailed for blasphemy, Hindus migrating to India, targeted killings of shias in Hazara, the daily targeted killings in Karachi, out-of-control crime and rampant corruption throughout the country, demonstrates this dismal state of affairs. The axiom that “people may consider you to be intelligent if you keep your mouth shut …” is very apt in this situation. Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Well obviously no person born in Bhopal is going to be a Qadiani – they’ll be Bhopalis. Recommend

  • biz400

    excellent article…Recommend

  • Haji Jalaluddin Latif

    Thank you Expess Tribune for printing this article by Faheem Younus. A great article and lets hope it stirs the conscience of those poor people who are influenced by hate mongers also known as mullahs of Pakistan. There is prophecy that these people would be the worst of the creation here in these latter days.Recommend

  • Pradeep Sharma

    @rahul sinha: Hi Rahul, I read the article about Lord Krishna and I don’t feel that it is insulting to any religion.
    For Argument sake let’s assume that Shree Krishna was a god. In the Mahabharata it is said that he was accidently shot and killed by a hunter. This signifies that the God of Hinduism died at the hands of a human. So, Hindus pray to a dead god. This may imply that the religion of Hinduism is also dead. Not many people will agree with me that the Religion of Hinduism is dead. This implies that either there are other Gods apart from Shree Krishna or he was a prophet. If we go by the theory that there are other Gods then it goes against the teachings of Vedas which preaches that there is only one God. This leaves us to the conclusion that Shree Krishna was a Prophet of God.
    Practically which one of these will be more helpful to Hinduism and the world in general regarding Shree Krishna – a dead God or a prophet of a living God.Recommend

  • Shahina Bashir

    Thank you Dr. Younus for your eloquent article and putting the facts straight and on the record. Thanks to Express Tribune for publishing this article. Recommend

  • Ovais

    CAn express tribune please stop personification of ahmadis …. for heavens sake .. .calling them non muslim is not a sin , yea torturing them may be a problem , but then dont pretend to be in the fold of islamRecommend

  • Zain al Abideen

    It is not necessary for AQ Khan’s two statements to be undeniably linked for this article to have significance. Article contains factual comparison between AQ Khan Bhopali’s “claim” of loyalty of Bhopalis to Pakistan and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s real track record made with sweat, blood and tears. The link of both statements is not the premise of the article. The purpose of the article is to show the shakiness of AQ Khan’s words — that earned “wah wah” from another fool — and compare it with reality.

    The fact that you consider this article ridiculous despite it containing a relevant comparison unfortunately exposes the same old, boring, prejudiced attitude all the brilliant Ahmadi personalities quoted in the article trumped underneath their resolve to bring safety, goodness and peace to Pakistan and to the world.

    @Ahmed Khan:
    I would like to be second in line to Ahmed Khan and again applaud the Express Tribune to have seen the significance of this article and to have published it.Recommend

  • Zain al Abideen

    What is this “Ideology of Pakistan” that Ahmadis have been against this whole time? Any facts and references you would like to present? Perhaps you like to post baseless one-liner opinions to stir hate.Recommend

  • sardar anees

    Thankyou tribune!!!!
    Great pieceRecommend

  • zohaibahmed

    There will be another Dr. Abdus Salam and Ch. Zafarullah Khan. Its the question of giving them a chance and they will prove it. Recommend

  • Salman

    A fake doctor interviewing a bigger fake character. Both call themselves Doctors. A person living in Qadian is called Qadiani and one living in Bhopal is called Bhopali. Ask this trader doctor to speak sensible please since Musharaff has exposed him he has lost his senses and his trade is down with his son in law Nomi. Recommend

  • Sunni Rashid

    “We owe our lives to these scientist by bring in the balance”

    Please talk about yourself. I won’t give this nutcase AQ Khan my old shirt. Yes, being a nuclear power has made Pakistan safer from invaders but please do some research into the topic. You will realize AQ Khan is not the hero that he claims to be.Recommend

  • Burhan

    Thanku least someone has got senseRecommend

  • Sunni Rashid


    I disagree. To me the article provides a contrast of the record of AQ Khan (the self proclaimed prototype of loyalty) with the record of Ahmadis (the widely accepted ‘traitors’ to Pakistan) – and guess what, Ahmadis are winning the loyalty test hands down.Recommend

  • Sunni Rashid

    I don’t know if you are ignorant or deceitful.

    You dont see how he equates himself with loyalty and just in the next sentence implies Ahamdis to be not loyal? What if a Sunni scholar made a statement that he is proud of the fact that no member of his family was ever a traitor and that no member of his family was a shia. What does that make shiah? If a=b and b=c, then a=c. Simple.Recommend

  • Sunni Rashid

    Please read my response to Pakistani.

    If a=b and b=c, then a=c.

    Thats the game this cunning man tried to play. I am glad the author called him out. Your time, Top Gun, is better spent trying to refute the claim the author makes. Can you name an influential Ahmadi who was a shame for the country?Recommend

  • Shararat Khan

    I guess AQ Khan isn’t a fan of Obdaidullah Aleem’s works.Recommend

  • Dr Shahid

    Being Qadiani and traitor are two seperate issues.

    Qadianis believe that revelation came to their leader after the Prophet (PBUH) and consider any one who denies their leader as out of Islam (i.e. Kafir) therefore,for this reason they were declared as to be out of Islam for keeping such a view …. when it comes to the scenario of being a ‘triator’ the only reason for which Qadianin’s (now a days) fall in this category that they are actively working to decieve many Muslims with basic knowldge of Islam by presented twisted meanings of Quran and Hadees to convert them to their ideology. If they do that then yes the terminology of being a triator can be associated with them.Recommend

  • Shararat Khan

    @Ovais: “Personification of Ahmadis”….Are you implying they’re not even human? Let heaven worry about it’s own sake. It’s not that torturing them “may be a problem,” it IS a problem. As for pretending to in the fold of Islam, you can only find out who’s pretending after you cut open their hearts to check. Again, let’s leave those matters to heaven and the hereafter.Recommend

  • Amrita

    Given the current situation I wonder should Pakistani Ahmedis be loyal to their homelandRecommend

  • Adil Yousuf

    I have always wondered what is the difference between the Ahmadiya community and the Muslims. Is it regarding the Holy Prophet(PBUH) being the last messenger? If this is correct, then I also wonder why don’t Muslims think about how the Holy Prophet (PBUH) treated people from other religions. I once read something like this in an O Level Islamiyat book by Farkhunda Noor:
    “In the Madina, Holy Prophet P.B.U.H lived with the people of different religions in perfect harmony, as mentioned earlier population of MADINA consists of JEWS, CHRISTIANS and BUDIONS, He preached Islam there, he never force any one to accept Islam or to adopt certain life style, in Madina followers of different believes lived peacefully with mutual respect for each other beliefs and religions and created a BROTHERHOOD.” SOURCE:
    So why not try to live peacefully instead of killing others?
    PS: I am a Muslim.Recommend

  • ibnarastoo

    This is interesting. In other words we have been persecuting the most zealous Muslims and Pakistanis (the Ahmedis). This is not surprising since we as Muslims tend to hurt each other more (we are hurtful towards others also but not as much as we are unkind to each other). One sees this everyday in our community. Parents hurting their children , brothers and sisters hurting each other, neighbors fighting, citizens of a city killing each other, people of different provinces hurting and assaulting one another. We hope we can start loving one another and but particularly the non Muslims also. This needs to be published in the Urdu press. someone translate it and send it to them. They are living in another world (but so are we)Recommend

  • Nandita.


    ” Please stop personification of ahmadis “

    Dude, are you saying ahmadis are lifeless objects ?

    Because the definition of personification is giving human traits (qualities, feelings, action, or characteristics) to non-living objects (things, colors, qualities, or ideas)

    Get help Ovais. You really really need it.Recommend

  • Khalid

    well said.Recommend

  • pakistani in middle kingdom

    Comments on this page aren’t as negative as on facebook.which shows the real situation of so called educated youth of our country.Recommend

  • Aamir Ahmad

    Great artlce. Hats of to Express Tribune again.Recommend

  • NoonJeem

    The naturalized citizen of Holland is now a neutralized citizen of Pakistn. What a shame!Recommend

  • M Khan

    Apparently A.Q. Khan does not know that famous poet Ubaid Ullah Aleem’s mother was from Bhopal, both of them devout Ahmadi Muslims.Recommend

  • Happiness

    HAHA! Not writing any such thing can make you patriot.

    I know, I can feel, It is something, yes it is something to be proud of when in your whole race, there’s no Qadiani ever born/converted. Truly there’s nothing else to be proud of.

    And I assure you one thing, there wouldn’t come a day when Ahmedi’s will again be regarded as majority in Pakistan or when there’ll be secular Pakistan.

    OVER MY DEAD BODY.Recommend

  • Atif Khan

    Mr.Younas , your article is something which i never expect from someone who carries an iota of rationality. You have mixed faith with the loyality. Try to analyze the statement of Dr.AQ Khan in two separate context,,,Ahamdi and Traitor,,,,,Ahmadis are declared non-muslims on the basis of their faith not on the basis of their loyality/traitor to Pakistan. If i take your argument as rationale one, then Christains can claim on the basis of Cecil Ch that he being the one of best air force pilot in Pakistan, Christains can become the PM or President in Pakistan because if a christan can fought in Pak Army then he don’t need any other credentials to prove his loyality to Pakistan. If i follow your intelligence and rationality,,can i say that since Islam do not allow any woman to head / rule the country / run the government just like in USA, woman can’t be a president, so the USA has taken this condition from Islam…

    I just wonder what kind of a research work u will be doing if u simply can’t see through the actual and factual .Recommend

  • Please Read!

    @Kamal: Didn’t you bother to read the article? An Ahmadi imam convinced Quaid-e-Azam to return to India and help to found Pakistan. He had left for London and resumed private practice! Whereas the mullas were against what they called “Napakistan.” You have been brainwashed, friend. Open your eyes to the truth. Do a little real research.Recommend

  • News reader

    Kudos to the Tribune for running a fair and balanced piece from a group without a voice. Tribe is legit.Recommend

  • Taliban-ul Qur’an

    @Jabbar: another fictional fantasy. Miraj was not physical, but a spiritual vision. Never will any authentic historical record corroborate the notion that the Holt Prophet (sa) “converted into energy.” Read up on it.Recommend

  • Raw is War

    ahmedis should convert to hinduism.Recommend

  • Raw is War

    AQ Khan? The water car supporter?Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Ayesha Khan

    The only real constituency ET has lies well outside of Pakistan. There is no liberal shift. All these people who write here and agree with them don’t add up to one half of a real mohalla. If they impress outsiders, good for them.Recommend

  • Tipukhan

    Its just hilarious to see you people insulting the person who safeguarded you from the large amount of enemies that you have.
    God help you.Recommend

  • Gratgy

    @Pradeep Sharma

    Do you understand the meaning of avataar?? If you were a Hindu you would understand the concept of the cycle of birth and death. But then since you are a Muslim masquerading as a hindu, your mind is sealed.

    As per Islam, Allah spoke to the Prophet, but now since the Prophet pbuh is dead, does that mean that Allah has lost the capacity to be heard? Does that mean that your God is now handicapped and that you are now praying to a handicapped God.

    GOD is above and beyond death or any disability. Your ignorance just makes you look foolishRecommend

  • Qamar Ahmad

    Very timely article exposing the bigotry and hate mongering of media.

    It is quite interesting that after an attempt to sling mud on Ahmadis, AQ Khan sahib himself ended up exposing his ignorance of Science. Can anyone in his right mind think that this is the same person who heralded nuclear technology?

    I would love to meet Mr. Jabbar. We can solve a lot of problems this way. World superpowers are struggling with supersonic flight technology in vain. Last week an attempt at the fastest flight failed. Little do Americans know that they only need to get on the good side of Uncle Jabbar.

    If Umra is this easy, would one get any reward for it? I mean on one side there are those who use their life savings on Hajj/Umra. Then there is the straight forward, pain free path to Umra.

    Does any one have Uncle Jabbar’s mobile no? How about his screen name…even an email would do…Recommend

  • Tahir Khan J Topi

    That is unfortunate that someone like Qadeer Khan is abusing the whole Nation while he was the first traitor from Bhopal who betrayed the country and sold its national secrets to other nations.Recommend

  • noorforum

    What PEMRA is doing when Aamir Liquat’s show was boosting hate speech?
    And is that the way Geo is promoting Geo Asool? Thumbs-down to that type of Asool.
    After reading this article, Ahmadis should also proud that they have never produced people like A.Q Khan and Aamir Liaquat.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    @Pradeep Sharma:
    Dude – Hinduism is not just what you read in Amar Chitra Katha; Anyway – quote from the Srimad Bhagavat Purana:
    SBP 11.31.11: My dear King, you should understand that the Supreme Lord’s appearance (janma) and disappearance, which resemble those of embodied conditioned souls, are actually a show enacted by His illusory energy, just like the performance of an actor. After creating this universe He enters into it, plays within it for some time, and at last winds it up. Then the Lord remains situated in His own transcendental glory, having ceased from the functions of cosmic manifestation.
    The concept of avatars seems to have escaped you, and you have been done in by such a simple concept such as death. Death is just a marker on the road, it is not the end of the road.
    @ET – this is a specific response to a question posed by another comment, pls allow.Recommend

  • observer


    Ahmedis have been against the ideology of Pakistan since its birth. Such false columns are useless.

    Pull your head out of the sand. Go ahead. Trust me it does not hurt. Wow! Now that your head is out of the sand read this

    *On that subject, on 12 March 1940, Viceroy Lord Linlithgow wrote to the Secretary of Stale for India:

    Upon my instruction Zafarullah wrote a memorandum on the subject. Two Dominion States. I have already sent it to your attention. I have also asked him for further clarification, which, he says, is forthcoming. He is anxious, however, that no one should find out that he has prepared this plan. He has, however, given me the right to do with it what I like, including sending a copy to you. Copies have been passed on to Jinnah, and, I think, to Sir Akbar Hydari. While he, Zafarullah, cannot admit its authorship, his document has been prepared for adoption by the Muslim League with a view to giving it the fullest publicity.

    The Viceroy explains this further. Since Zafarullah was a Qadiani he had to be cautious. The Muslims would become irritated if they found that this scheme was prepared by a Qadiani. The Viceroy said that Jinnah had been given a copy to make the Muslim League adopt it and publicise its contents. Sir Akbar was given a copy because he was responsible for fund raising. The dates take on a special significance. The Viceroy’ s letter to the Secretary of State was written on 12 April 1940.*

  • Ovais

    @Shararat Khan:
    kindly check out thet meaning of personification and then speakRecommend

  • Azeem Asim

    A.Q. Khan’s statement never implies that Qadiyanis are not loyal. He is being proud that Bhopal has never produced a qadiyani due to other religious reasons. Does the article writer doubt about the Ahmadiya leader Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani’s filthy writings about Islam and Muslims? I recommend him go and read their holy books written in golden words and then come back and announce that he still feels pride that Ahmadies are born in his neighborhood and even in his own home.Recommend

  • faizan abdul khaliq

    An eloquently written piece! nice effort although the mass media represent and majority of pakistanis still believe in rubbish propaganda of the urdu media and pro mullah channels and newspapers!Recommend

  • Obaid Ullah Khan

    @Turbo Lover: ؁ You think only YOU represent Pakistan? Who are you to think like that? Pakistan is the homeland of Pakistani Ahmadies as it is yours. Dont make such statements that show you are Pakistani and Ahmadies are not.Recommend

  • Hasan

    Pity the nation that mocks and maligns its true heros and benfactors, such as Professor Abdus-Salam and Zafarullah Khan. Such a country deserves the likes of AQ Khan and the misfortunes him and his kind bring with them. If a public figure had said something so offensive in a more civilized country, he would have been forced to apoloqise. AQ Khan’s remarks were greeted with wah, wahs from Aamir Liaquat and the crowd. Recommend

  • Javid

    Its completely wrong to say that AQ Khan is NOT implying or insinuating that Ahmedis are disloyal to the homeland. Because even though the two statements made by him are separate, he is insinuating exactly that, or worse. His statement is akin to the sign that was seen at Mississippi bars in the 1950’s “niggers and dogs not allowed”, the insinuation is obvious.Recommend

  • Khalid

    @Pakistani: Why at all did Mr AQ Khan have to bracket these two (according to you) apparently separate points in one statement which clearly create hatred against Ahmadis??.
    Please give the credit to the gentleman (The Author) who put the record straight to dispel all misleading notions created by Mr Khan. Did he go wrong anywhere?? is the real question.
    If yes, then please point out for the knowledge of others You may not see it like that but people with more sophisticated understanding do consider it a well thought over and a designed hate mongering statement by AQ Khan. Recommend

  • Sane

    Facts in this articles are either baseless or have meager value. By reading this post it looks that there were only Ahmedis who created Pakistan and did every bit of good things in this country alone.Recommend

  • Khalid

    @Dr Shahid: Please do not deviate from the issue by going left or right. Kindly specify if the author has gone wrong somewhere. You must appreciate he has supported his statements with credible historical evidence, which can hardly be challenged. If you think he is not right then you also need to negate his arguments with similar credible evidence. You’ll be shocked Dr. Shahid you won’t find anything against his arguments anywhere.
    Please do not rely on the third rate statements of people who are a threat to the integrity and solidarity of the country, who have already brought our economy on the verge of collapse who are now killing their own people and fighting with their own army. Recommend