Pak sar zameen: A promise

Published: August 14, 2012

My simple commitment to you my dear Pakistan is this – I will try and love you the way you love me.

If one were to imagine our dear state as a living being, how battered, bruised, over worked, and tired it must be. Yet, it continues to bear us with patience, solemnity, generosity and extreme compassion. If my dear state were to sing in such circumstances, it would be a mix of pathos and love and sadness, hopefully embalmed with hope.

I was surprised when all these feelings above were beautifully captured, arranged and played by one Asif Sinan in his interpretation of Pakistan’s National Anthem. Used to the usual marching band formats of the anthem on TV, cinemas or public places, I never thought that ‘real’ emotions also lay embedded in our national anthem.

My national anthem always revved me up, made me stand up in deference and goaded me to strike down my enemies. However, as I heard Asif Sinan’s version, I heard my country weep a little, sing a little and assure me it will always be steadfast.

I played Asif Sinan’s version again and thought to myself of God’s grace on us and how this land was created with the unwavering passion and commitment of so many.

I thought of how the impossible was made possible, and it was only fitting that such a tender national anthem, played by such a young artist who has apparently devoted his entire life to music, should make me fall in love with my country all over again.

My simple commitment to you my dear Pakistan is this – I will try and love you the way you love me.

Thank you Mr Sinan for making me renew my vows and sharing the good news with the world!

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Nadia Samrah

Nadia Samrah

Manages sales and graphic designs at a graphic design house.

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  • Hina Suleman Shah

    Bless you for sharing this… can’t decide which is better… the national anthem or the blog…. so moved by both… this blog just made my day!Recommend

  • Ahmer

    He is the best .. He gave magic to the national Anthem :) Pakistan zindabad Recommend

  • Asim

    This is so cool, simply the best tribute to the Independence Day and the bestest thing I have heard in the year 2012 so far !!Recommend

  • Faraz

    Hi….. I can’t describe how I feel.. for the first time in life, I have “listened” to Pakistan National Anthem… thanks a lot Asif Sinan and the team of Tribune for sharing such a great piece with me! Recommend

  • Ali Ahmed

    Happy independence day indeed! Well written nadia, n you are right this is something different. Love this! Good job mr. Sinan! You rock!Recommend

  • Hamza Ahmed Khan

    I do not agree with your statement of the marching anthem format not containing real emotions. I think the marching anthem has its own individual emotions, which always casts a profound effect on us when listen to it.

    However, I second your opinion on Asif Sinan’s version of the anthem. It is wonderfully created, and beautifully captured :) Well done Asif ! Recommend

  • Khurram

    brilliant stuff! I really enjoyed how Asif sinan expressed the anthem in a different way. this is very unique and different! enjoyed it thoroughly! bravo!Recommend

  • Proud Pakistani

    Once you step out of school, the role of the Anthem diminishes and somehow all anthems start sounding the same and I agree its so good to hear something so refreshing. No doubt this land is doubly blessed having being created on such a holy night and on its soil are so many saints. I love my Pakistan!Recommend

  • Nadir Bhatti

    We hear ya and feel good sharing the news with ya! :)Recommend

  • Sana

    SIMPLY WOW !!Recommend

  • Yasir

    Can’t find a better tribute to Pakistan on youtube so far the best thing to come up this independence dayRecommend

  • Qaisar

    I like it……..good feel…………keep it up PakistanRecommend

  • Zarmeena Ansari

    I am from India and I wish you could do my national anthem too in such a beautiful style too! good luck sir!Recommend

  • sobia aziz

    very well said Nadiya…what a fuzon he done…Recommend

  • Sidra Samad Nadeem

    Well done Asif Sinan..You rockRecommend