Pakistan is not ‘only for Muslims’

Published: September 3, 2012

There is a reason why minorities are being persecuted, why sectarian groups are operating and why people are killing in the name of religion. PHOTO: AFP

In my freshman year of college I wanted to set up a Pakistani students association to network and interact with other Pakistani students in the area and also to promote and share our rich culture with the diverse student body in the United States.

As I finished writing the constitution and prepared to launch the organisation, I was approached by another Pakistani student who was thinking of relaunching the Muslim Students Association. She met with me and suggested that we merge our organisations and simply call it the ‘Muslim Students Association’. I asked her why and how that made any sense. Very puzzled, she looked at me and said,

“What would be the difference between the name ‘Pakistani’ or ‘Muslim’?”

Three years ago, at that time, I flared up about this and argued for weeks over it. I eventually did start an independent Pakistani Students Association, but of late, her question has been haunting me.

If Pakistan was a ‘Pakistani Students Association’, then slowly it is turning into a ‘Muslim Students Association’. Our country is being separated from any ideology that is even remotely of minority, and is losing any philosophical or religious diversity that may still exist.

But why? Why is it happening?

I think there are two reasons for this.

The first is the student I met with.

In other words it is the utter inability of educated Pakistanis to distinguish between ‘Muslims’ and ‘Pakistanis’.

‘Your club is going to be about Muslims from one country only?’

‘Shouldn’t you combine all the Muslims from all over the world?’

Why should I? Pakistan is country with its own history and its own culture. We’re not Arabs, neither is our food, our attire, our music or our style of living. Pakistanis are people of the subcontinent; our culture is that of India which was one and the same as Pakistan 65 years ago.

Pakistanis and Indians are Muslims, Hindus, Parsis, Sikhs, Christians and more, with different majorities splitting differently. The subcontinent was a place of different religions with its own different cultures blending together. I recently visited the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore which was constructed in 1673 and learned in order to preserve religious harmony the mosque included elements of various faiths.

The domes of the mosque were made to resemble the domes of Sikh gurdwaras; the arches inside were inspired by Cathedrals; there are drawings of the lotus flower which represents Buddhism and there are Hinduism-related elements too all present in a mosque. There is not a single crescent on any of the minarets of the mosque as per usual for Muslim places of worship. My tour guide said that was also done intentionally to make the mosque seem like a landmark for people of all faiths.

The second reason is apathy.

For those of us blessed with a sound enough mind to tolerate different ideas, and desire a multicultural Pakistan with people of a variety of faiths, especially public office holders and political leaders, watching all this transpire is a crime. The problem is not a mystery. The mystery is our reluctance to do something about it. There can be no denying the polarisation of thought in Pakistan, nor can there be denying the tendency for extremist ideas in people.

Education standards are miserable, especially for the poor. The rise of sectarian groups has been documented and studied and the violent things taught in some religious madrassas have been well reported. Despite all this, no meaningful action seems to have been taken to tackle these issues by government officials, law enforcement, or civilians.

If we let things progress the way they are, then we should fear the worst. The portion of society affected most by lack of and substandard education, lawlessness and deprivation of justice is the lower class and those in poverty. Unfortunately this makes up the vast majority of Pakistan and these are the people we are poisoning. The bad thing about poison is that it spreads. If someone from this segment of society actually manages to afford solid quality education for their child, there is still a good chance that his or her parents have brought him up with an intolerant or narrow mindset. An example is the student I was referring to earlier who didn’t just think, but actually believed that all Pakistanis were Muslims.

This poison then goes into our media from where it spreads like wildfire, and then one fine day a governor is shot 22 times in broad daylight for protecting a Christian woman and his murderer becomes a national hero.

In this situation, the ideology prevalent in the majority will work to slowly wipe off all others. Our population is one that heavily dictates their life through religion, and religion thrown upon an ill-informed, substandard schooled mind can do things to it that begs the imagination to shut down. From a country for the minorities of India, Pakistan could slowly become a country strictly for Muslims, then strictly for Sunni Muslims and then strictly for Sunni Muslim men and who knows what else after.

One thing must be understood though, that it is not too late. The problems are clear, the solutions are not simple, but are still obtainable.

I do not want to live in a country that forces Hindu families to migrate away. I do not want to live in a country that has police raiding restaurants for serving lunch indoors in Ramazan. I do not want to live in a country that forces religious conversions and even televises them, and I do not want to live in a country that decides for itself who is, or isn’t a Muslim.

To fix Pakistan, we must fix the society. The mindset must be changed. We need to control our school syllabus, we need to eliminate sectarian groups, we need to monitor religious scholars and we need to monitor who is allowed to appear on the media.

There is a reason why people like Aamir Liaqat continue to appear on television and get great ratings. There is a reason why Zaid Hamid has a growing fan base. There is a reason why minorities are being prosecuted, why sectarian groups are operating and why people are killing in the name of religion.

It is because most people actually approve of the aforementioned things , and the rest of them, if put simply in three words, let it happen.

Do you think that Pakistanis have a tendency to believe that Pakistan is only for Muslims?

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Abu Bakr Agha

Abu Bakr Agha

A software engineer, musician, writer and activist from Islamabad, currently based in Chicago. He tweets @AB_Agha (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Sinclair


    “There is a reason why minorities are being prosecuted…”

    The word is persecuted. I can understand comment writers mixing these words up, although it happens far too often to ignore. Not in the main article though. Please correct it.Recommend

  • Mast Gulbadan

    Masha Allah fentestic articalRecommend

  • abhi


    Nice thoughts and nice blog! I have read some of your other blogs but this is different. I never thought that you would so much strongly advocate a plural society in Pakistan. Hope you have more likeminded people in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Anonymous

    I think Pakistan has crossed the point of no return.

    There’s no turning back now. Just slither into another Afghanistan and perhaps into another Sudan and then the inevitable break up of the country. Some parts will progress the rest will linger on.Recommend

  • A


    Stop correcting others, more-English-than-thou! If you think he’s made a mistake, tell him in private, not publicly put him down.

    One more thing messed-up with us Pakistani’s – we cannot bear to see any other Pakistani progress and we have to put him down, sitting in our homes wearing bangles!Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Good stuff! Strongly appreciate your sincerity and desire to see improvement in your country. Keep it up.Recommend

  • Vigilant

    Good Read…………Recommend

  • curious

    Pakistan is not ‘only for Muslims’

    You mean it is India by another name?Recommend

  • Anoop

    You really got to feel sorry for the liberals in Pakistan.

    What they want Pakistan to be is exactly like India, but often quote or refer Jinnah who didn’t want Muslims to be part of India.

    The issue of Muslim state or Islamic state often comes up. This debate is never ending. What Jinnah wanted no two people at the opposite end of the spectrum can ever agree to.

    I am more concerned with what state Jinnah ended up creating, rather than what he really wanted. He created what is today’s Pakistan, even if(or not) his intentions were different.

    To go off topic, I always am thankful of such huge number of Muslims going away from the Indian union. Two nation theory is right. Its not the Muslims who cannot live with Hindus, but its Islam which cannot be in peace with Hindus. Mind you, I said Islam, not Muslims. They are very different things, just like when you debate if Pakistan should be a Muslim state or an Islamic one.

    Islam is a very political ideology. Wonderful it may be, its just not compatible with the values and practices of India. I am sure the followers of Islam are great people, live wonderful lives and will get into Heaven when they die, but the ideology would have ruined India.

    Jinnah was right in a way. In many other ways, he wrote Pakistan’s fate.

  • shabbir

    @author: Very commendable article and views. If only more people in Pakistan subscribed to this outlook.

    “It is because most people actually
    approve of the aforementioned things ,
    and the rest of them, if put simply in
    three words, let it happen.”

    When most people want something, then how does one change the mainstream thought? In most societies around the world, it was only the strong and ruthless minority in power which promoted the negative feature. In Russia it was the party members in the communist party, in USA it was the rich southern plantation owners who wanted to perpetuate slavery, in Europe it was the rich royalty and industrialists who wanted to expand colonialism. All of them were in numbers ‘minority’. The silent majority given time came back to win.

    Other place where negative features in a society were mainstream, changed because the other external forces in that society were not severe. In Pakistan, due the presence of lashkars and suicide bombers and terrorists, the chance for a reformer to make a difference are slim. The religion structure (mullahs, clerics) back action against any body and everybody, so your pluralistic thought cannot standout for any significant time. The people who will take you out think they are doing it in God’s name and are incentivised to do so with promises of a better life in heaven.

    Only help you get is from external forces. Not the military kind, because you have the nuclear bomb; But the ones from external (western) media.
    ‘Freedom’ – be it in thought, be it in how to dress and what to eat and mingle with opposite sex, be it a will to travel and watch movies and TV – that will save you. ‘Western’ culture unfortunately is hard to resist. That will corrode and erode your hardliner defenses over time. There is no stopping it. And with the bad comes a lot of good too. That is the time you will become mainstream Islamic liberal society.Recommend

  • ovais khan

    Although i second your thought but one thing i need to clear murder of taseer hadi was because he made blasphamy comment regarding Quran (not to save christen specifically) Recommend

  • 123

    Useless worthless article….. the author has no sense about muslim unity and harmony. ET is now the best “peela haspataal” to carry out operation on Islam and disect the word Muslim by any street walking ignorant neem hakeem….Recommend

  • nitish

    What a delusion?No…pakistan was,is and always will be for the muslims.Why and for what you want minority population?For showing false prejudice and chauvinism of considering own religion(my religion is better than others) better than their.Let me see,after no minority will be there ,what you will do.No one in the world will listen to you.You r hurting hindus,chrisian,jews.What else you have left?Scenario in the world has changed.Every country became religious bias after 9/11.The relationship with a nation is totally based on nations majority population present in your country.If you dont have ,who cares. India has minority population.I dont want to say any thing about muslim.But christian,sikh,budhist,jain,parsis,jews ,if their tribe increases,that is applauded by us.We like them.Though they r less in number,but their contribution is immense in shaping our culture.A multicultural india we want.But looking at the scenario and increasing impact of islam ,we r afraid.Let us hope indian govt can put some policies to control their rising population.Otherwise along with majority ,they will destroy all.Recommend

  • Usman

    Quick question: Who is a Muslim out there in Pakistan anyway!? Recommend

  • http://abuja Whats in the name

    @Usman: Yes I agree. Most of them are Muslims just in names. And may be kneel and pray and also attend prayers. But that is it. The religion is as alien to Sub continent as Humans are to Mars. Actually the religion is alien to the 21st century ethos. You have every book and litrature being upgraded with time upon new findings and invetions. But here, it is just the same as in 7 th century when it was written. And what else can you expect from the followers.

  • http://India vasan

    The results of the vote confirms the author’s conclusion. Pakistanis feel that it is only for muslims. So others are driven out/killed/converted. But who is a muslim. That is another story .Recommend

  • Jiten Maurya


    Are all secular nations like USA, England, France, Singapore, … are India?

    Do not you want muslims in INDIA, USA, England, France, … to have equal rights to
    the others in those countries??

    Be an human being first and then a muslim or hindu or christian or …..Recommend

  • Anum Talat

    Really commedable piece of writing!!1
    And to all those above who think that supporting minority population in pakistan would fade our identity, then may i ask you people when on earth do we act as muslims? we are muslims by name only not by our heart. It is really sad to see such a mindset prevalent in our society..
    Though Pakistan was made in the name of Islam, but hardly anyone of us practices islam in our daily life. We are always busy in demonising others faiths but we should never forget that apart from being muslims, hindus, sikhs, parsis, christian or others, we are human beings.Recommend

  • muslim from india

    mr.abubakr agha you said, “I do not want to live in a country that forces Hindu families to migrate away.”

    i am willing to swap places with you. you can come to india and i will go to pakistan. its obvious from your words, that you have no love for islam or any allegiance to the muslims ummah, you are like those cancers that is eating away the muslim ummah from the inside. islam is the truth and salman taseer was killed becasue he was making blasphemous statements by calling the hudood of Allaah as black law. now by your support for him and your hate for muslims who love the prophet have preetymuch left the fold of islam. muslims need to weed out people like you from their societies in order to built the foundations of a strong islamic society. Recommend

  • nitish

    Above is the link which shows the plight of hindus in the pak.Recently in the indore(india)they were protesting against the resumption of indo-pak cricket series.They were saying that if india wins the match,they r assaulted and punished for that.They were demanding ,if india play the series, it should loose the matches for the sake of safety of their brother in pakistan.
    From this only we can understand how cruel is the common public of pakistan towards Hindus .Yeah,If india wins the match ,it is their fault.What a hypocrite nation it is? And someone here will come and say islam doesnot teach this ,that blah..blah..blahRecommend

  • T.S.Zahid

    @Whats in the name:
    Our book is incorruptable, and has withstood the test of time. Other religions manipulated their text to their liking. what is the point of following a faith if it gets changed by people continuously?Recommend

  • nitish

    @Jiten Maurya: But we give equal rights to christian,budh,jain,parsis and other sect of minorities.
    And in fact they r doing better than majority population.What is the problem with muslim?I will want answer from you.And pl dont give lecture about humanity.It was an old day something factual. Recommend

  • alicia

    I disagree with this article. Pakistan was made for muslims.We can never deny this fact.

    If we do we will be like those muslim apologists who claim that Islam does not allow men to hit their wife.

    If something is the truth then learn to accept it instead of becoming an apologist.

    Other than that I am extremely sad about this Rimsha case. But you cannot deny the fact that the day any government member tries to change this law someone from inside our own parliament will kill them before the angry mobs get to them.

    Our parliament does not even pass laws against domestic violence and a lot of awam is against it but you expect them to waive of blasphemy law and sing Pakistan- India Bhai Bhai?

    We should at least base our expectations on ground realities. Do you know how many people from Rimshah’s village support Imam Jadoon and are ready to burn the menatlly disabled child with gasoline. THE SILENT MAJORITY IS WAS AND WILL REMAIN A MYTH. ET readers don’t represent ordinary Pakistanis. Recommend

  • alicia

    Oh and I have seen some very intelligent and scholarly people do Malik Ishaq type Guftagoo so illiteracy is really not it. Not every single person is US goes to Harvard and most drop out after F.S.C but situation over there is not like Pakistan.

    We really have to ponder why?Recommend

  • sajid

    Some people don’t actually realize how strong the control of Mullah’s over our society actually is. I had an uncle who would not eat chicken because molvi sahab ne kaha tha kay America walay is mein haram janwar key hormones milatay hain.

    Another one of my neighbors did not even let his family name their new-born daughter and instead took the child to molvi sahab for naming.

    Its hard for us urban shehri babu’s to understand but Maulana’s play an important role in the society and are actually very important especially since people over here have the tendency to look at everything through religious prism.Recommend

  • varuag

    factually correct but already stated ad-nauseam. What is needed is your counter narrative that can sink in and provoke debate. It needs to be articulated in editorials rather than blogs :(Recommend

  • Yawer Amin

    **Allow me To say that If Pakistan is only for




    ** ! because it was meant for majority of THE Muslim Population at the time of indo pak separation (isn’t it clear yet ?) If we Allow some minorities to live here its a great act of humanity and kindness, But this does not mean Minorities are free to do any thing and we just sit and watch and do nothing ? I don’t mean to say that minorities are unacceptable or something offensive, but as the generalization majority rules happens every where around the globe.
    What we should do is to treat everybody with their justified rights, whether it is minority or majority the best way as Islam Tells Us ! and as far as ramsha Masih case is concerned, it is a hype being created for no issue. What is to debate ? the accused or the guilty should be penalized and its over! why so fuss about it ?Recommend

  • Mohammad Ali Gaad

    It doesn’t create any sense that we are saying its only for us. let me Furnish your Mind that we are not imposing them nor we are compelling them to leave Pakistan.Pakistan is Full of various peoples belonging to different castes,religions and traditions but we haven’t made them limited to act something or not.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @ovais khan: “Although i second your thought but one thing i need to clear murder of taseer hadi was because he made blasphamy comment regarding Quran (not to save christen specifically)”

    Mullahs are after Christians. In this latest newsabout Blasphemy a Mullah tore up quran and inserted torn up pages in the trash papers pile to trap a mentally retarded Christian girl and to terrorize Christian community.

    This Mullah should be showered with roses for doing a good deed for islam.Recommend

  • abhi

    the initial enthusiasm about the post died down after reading the comments!Recommend

  • Omair

    @ovais khan:

    Can you please quote Salmaan Taseer’s comments on the Quran which were blasphemous?

    His precise words were about the blasphemy law: It is a manmade law and a dark law because it is misused.

    Can you please point out the blasphemy in this?

    I am sorry he said nothing blasphemous. He did the greatest service to this country since Jinnah as far as I’m concerned. Recommend

  • Aaa

    Pakistan was not created for minorities of India. Almost 5 million minorities(including Muslims) came to India during partition while only 1 million Muslims from India crossed the border.
    Pakistan was created only for Muslims and that too only Sunnis with no rights for Ahmedais,Shias, mohajirs and Bengalis.Recommend

  • P Setra

    Pakistanis also suffer from tunnel vision. They seem to believe they are the only real Muslim state. Why can not Pakistan follow other thriving Muslim countries? Like Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey?Recommend

  • Parvez

    I feel that a lot of young people, especially from abroad, express their views and comment on ET but I have not as yet read any serious stuff where they have thought of asking their parents / grandparents (especially those in the armed forces and senior government positions) some difficult questions. Mild one for e.g ‘ Papa for a Grade 21 officer how do we have 6 cars in our driveway? ‘ and if you wish to be honest with yourself you could ask some really tough ones and possibly you may get some answers as to why we are the way we are.
    Mr.AbuBakar Aga please note that I am speaking in a general context, I like reading your stuff and I wish others were as level headed as you. The point I am trying to make is that we have to claim ownership of our own country, if we are to improve. Recommend

  • Rafique Salam

    Amazing article! This author is living in a time…way beyond his physical age. Man, either your picture was taken 20 years ago or you are able to see 20 years ahead. Bravo! Recommend

  • sid

    @muslim from india:
    Don’t lie………..u are not Indian…….have fear of your Allah before telling a lie…..Recommend

  • Michael Khan

    Pakistan is neither Arab nor Indian.

    Pakistan is Pakistan. Pakistan’s culture is Pakistani not “that of India”.

    Yes we share some cultural similarities with north western India (Punjabi,Urdu/hindi, Sindhi) but we also share similarities with Afghanistan (Pashto) and Iran (Baluchi).

    Perhaps if would be better if you said our culture is that of South Asia.

    India does not have monpoly over Punjabi/Hindi culture, Afghanistan does not have monpoly over Pashtun culture.

    Arab-wannabes and Indian wannabes are as bad as each other.

    Pakistan hasn’t always been one and the same with India. We have been ruled by the same empires yes but we have also been part of the same empires as Greece and Iran.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @muslim from india: muslims need to weed out people like you from their societies in order to built the foundations of a strong islamic society.

    You are not a Muslim from India. You are a Pakistani Jihadi waiting to get his belt. Recommend

  • Raj Kafir

    I often feet that Britons should have divided the sub continent ( of course Indian sun continent ) into three countries. 1) East India ( present day Bangladesh ), India ( present day Bharat ) and West India ( present day Pakistan ). There would not have been any cultural confusion by Bangladeshis, Bharaties and Pakistanis as we all have a common history and common culture. Recommend

  • Riaz Haq

    Here’s how I express my fears about the current crisis of intolerance in Pakistan by paraphrasing what German Pastor Martin Niemöller said in 1930s:

    First they came for Ahmedis, and I did not speak out
    — Because I was not an Ahmedi.

    Then they came for the Christians, and I did not speak out
    — Because I was not a Christian.

    Then they came for the Hindus, and I did not speak out
    — Because I was not a Hindu.

    Then they came for the Shias, and I did not speak out
    — Because I was not a Shia.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

    I urge all sane Pakistanis to speak out against all agents of intolerance and work diligently to defeat them before it’s too late.

  • Overseas Pakistani

    @ author…really?! If Pakistan is not only for Muslims, why even create the nation?Recommend

  • kaalchakra


    Please don’t make up this nonsense. Even the chairman of the Ulema Council Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi does not support any injustice to anyone. Ordinary Pakistani people have their lives to live. Do you think they care for these things?Recommend

  • Gary

    @muslim from india: Why should he relocate to India for you to move to Pakistan? Who/what’s stopping you from relocating? Life’s too short; pursue your dream to get to work ASAP. Strong islamic society is missing you! Recommend

  • John B

    Please read PAK constitution. PAK is an Islamic “republic” meaning it is a country of Muslims.

    If the author wishes all the things he has written here, then there is no PAK and PAK can become one of the states in Indian union. Recommend

  • bigsaf

    Folks who advocate for progressive changes and solutions are unfortunately a minority.

    The majority have such ideological mindsets which are difficult to reach or reason with. Even seemingly good people will have one twisted belief or another that contributes to the status quo and will surprise with their emotional backlash.

    It is difficult to implement. Recommend

  • bigsaf

    @muslim from india:

    It is actually the author’s love for Islam and humanity that makes him not be bigoted or prejudiced against Pakistani Hindus and wish they were protected, weren’t displaced and stayed in peace. Such toxic reaction is the irrational, bigoted, hypocritical and twisted Wahhabi/Salafi/Deoband/Sunni Islamist extremist ideological mindset that threatens intolerant violence that is not needed and is THE CANCER that is eating Pak from inside. See Omair’s point above on Taseer in regards to laws 295 A-C. Don’t need no ‘munafiqs’ (loud mouthed ultra-religious hypocrites) and kharijites (exited extremists), who are the shame of the Ummah, to twist and abuse Islam. Recommend

  • salman

    @muslim from india: Salman Taseer is a hero in Pakistan for standing up against the worst man made law ever written. It is not a Godly law and more and more Pakistanis are starting to understand that Mr. Taseer was right. The law will be removed God willing and soon!Recommend

  • Riaz Haq

    Here’s how I write about my fears about the current crisis of intolerance in Pakistan by paraphrasing what German Pastor Martin Niemöller said in 1930s:

    First they came for Ahmedis, and I did not speak out
    — Because I was not an Ahmedi.

    Then they came for the Christians, and I did not speak out
    — Because I was not a Christian.

    Then they came for the Hindus, and I did not speak out
    — Because I was not a Hindu.

    Then they came for the Shias, and I did not speak out
    — Because I was not a Shia.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

    I urge all sane Pakistanis to speak out against all agents of intolerance and work diligently to defeat them before it’s too late.

  • Abu Bakr

    Always look forward to reading a comment from you. I often see posts calling me an outsider who isn’t in touch with Pakistani reality. Just for your information, i have lived in Pakistan all my life until i was 19 and moved to the U.S for college. Since then I go back home every summer and winter break. My family is heavily involved in Pakistan’s economy and politics. My Grandfather was in a very senior position in Pakistan’s state bank before he retired and was also an adviser to the IMF. I have uncles in both the People’s Party and the PMLN (will not name them) but have been supporting the PTI for many years.

    So as you might assume now, i do have a lot of heated arguments with elder members of my family. And yes my parents and I do talk about secularism, religion and extremism in Pakistan and its not always the most comfortable conversation. I’ve thankfully been blessed with a very open-minded family that is open to new ideas and is willing to accept them.Recommend

  • Abu Bakr

    Also when i write about issues like the one in this post, the tone could project distance from patriotism, but it is never implied. Pieces like this come out when Im deeply saddened by what is happening to fellow Pakistanis. I am and will be Pakistani first, second and last and bringing matters to people’s attentions and expressing my views is important to me. A large part of this post was about apathy. I speak about this problem in any sort of gathering i get to go to, i reach out to political parties and also try to engage with elder fellow Pakistanis. Taking ownership of our problems is crucial and everyone needs to play some part. Recommend

  • chaussures air max 180

    Can one only point out what a relief to locate somebody that actually is aware just what they are really talking about on the internet. You need to understand how to provide a concern to be able to gentle and earn this essential. Lots more people should check this out along with understand this side with the account. We cannot feel you are not very popular as you absolutely contain the present.Recommend

  • James

    Its not a matter of English.The tenor of the article is changed.You are prosecuted in a Court of law.You are persecuted by a mob,jungle lawRecommend

  • James

    @muslim from india:
    Make tracks for Pakistan.People with your viewpoint are welcome thereRecommend

  • abhi

    clam down! you have done lot of verbal dieorreha about what did not happen and should have happened (mughals using sword little more). I think if the could have they would have.

    There are people here trying to make pakistan as part of greek or iranian empire! world is full of wonderful people fortunately or unfortunately many of them live in pakistan. Recommend

  • James

    @Yawer Amin:
    Are the minorities being treated the way Islam tells you,or the way the Mullahs tell you.The innocent girl would have been killed if the police had not arrested her.Now it turns out thet the Mullah added pages of the Koran to the ashes.I hope you will support the case for desecration of the Koran by the MullahRecommend

  • Kaleem Ahmad

    Pakistn is Islamic country and avery islamic country rights not only for Muslims but also for all the people live in it.Recommend

  • Parvez

    @Abu Bakr: I made it clear that my remark was of a general nature and not specific, so your clarification though appreciated was not necessary.
    The question I have raised and I realise you have understood its significance is a serious one, not so much as it touches on corruption but more so because of the hypocrisy involved.
    I thank you for your careful reply and I repeat I wish others were as level headed as you. Recommend

  • Anoop


    ” Oh such an obnoxious statement the Middle East countries are filled with Hindus and they have no problems with Islam. If Islam cannot be in peace with Hindus than they should immediately abandoned all these countries.”

    How many Hindus are permanent migrants to these Countries and not just Economic migrants? If Oil weren’t there in the middle east would any Indian go to the Middle East?

    So, clearly its not Islam which attracts but the dark liquid and the lure of making money.

    But, please do not misunderstand. I just called Islam a very politically oriented Religion. It is true, I hope you agree, and you see that in Pakistan, Saudia, Iran. Wherever Muslims are in majority the country more or less is destined to become an Islamic one(with notable exception of Turkey and Indonesia). This makes it incompatible with the Indian system.

    That is why when in 1940s political Islam raised its head under the banner of the Muslim League, it was deemed best to give it what it wanted, lest it drag the entire country into civil war.

    I am not attacking Islam, just stating facts how it is.

    “Well if compatibility did not existed how come large number of Hindus converted to Islam”

    India is the only country that Islam didn’t conquer. Instead it made the Muslims of India accept its customs. Henna, dancing at weddings, basant are all testaments of how Hindus influenced Islam than the other way around.

    I can point to the fact that it were YOUR leaders who said Muslims and Hindus cannot live together. Now, you turn around and say it is not true AFTER the event has occurred. How convenient! Recommend

  • Frobels O level Islamiyat class

    And in the end the Muslims were victorious :P!! Recommend

  • gp65

    Kudos and good luck.Recommend

  • gp65

    @ovais khan: “Although i second your thought but one thing i need to clear murder of taseer hadi was because he made blasphamy comment regarding Quran (not to save christen specifically)”

    Please provide reference for when Taseer committed blasphemy. SEcondly if he did, should he not have been tried in a court of law rather than murdered by his own guard? What does Islam say about namak halaali?Recommend

  • PostMan

    Pakistan could slowly become a country strictly for Muslims, then strictly for Sunni Muslims and then strictly for Sunni Muslim men and who knows what else after.

  • Hadi

    It makes me very happy that bright, intelligent open-minded people like yourself are part of the PTIRecommend

  • vijay dixit

    The people who think like the author can be counted on the fingures of one hand in Pakistan.It is a country beyond repair & the sooner it implodes the better for the common people.It is just a matter of time.Such fanatic people do not have any future.It is a failed country who is lumped with states like Sudan,Afghanistan,Somalia etc.Can any failed state raise itself up know from the hole it has dug for itself.You know the answer.Neither God nor your Allah will bail you out. Till then enjoy the daily dose of comedy.Recommend

  • malik

    No one in his right mind would even think of starting a ‘Pakistani Students Association’.

    The sensible approach would be to start ‘South Asian Students Association’.Recommend

  • Rameez

    Very well written Mr. Abu Bakr. I just realized from your profile that you and I go to the same school. LolRecommend

  • http://j asu

    to some extent, writer is right but he has written many vague arguments that make his article over all not that much effectiveRecommend

  • Mahi

    @vijay dixit:
    Seems like someone STILL didn’t get over 1947,eh;)
    The situation is not as bad as YOU made it sound,don’t worry,Pakistan is going through a bad phase,but this phase will not remain forever,so don’t worry about us,take care:)Recommend

  • p r sharma

    islam is a religion of warrior and it is natural that war / battle / fight/ intolerance occupies a place in the ideology..Recommend