The veil as an accentuation of beauty

Published: August 25, 2012

The photo is entitled 'An Emerging Mystery' and I feel as though it is symbolic of Muslim women's increasing prominence in the world, despite a continued mystery that surrounds their veil. PHOTO: SEBASTIAN FARMBOROUGH

The image you see above is based on one of my very first experiences in Saudi Arabia. With the naked beaches of Barcelona a not too distant memory, I headed down to the Arabian Gulf for a dip. There, I became mystified by something black and obscure out at sea. It looked like a huge jellyfish. Then, as it approached closer, I realised that it was in fact a woman.

It was such an intense experience that I just had to capture it for myself. However, it was not until a few years later in Dubai, when I had acquired the equipment and expertise necessary, that I was able to execute it properly. Anyone trying to take a picture like this in Saudi Arabia, would run the risk of ending up in prison, so in a more liberal city of the UAE, I was able to realise my vision and fulfill it.

It actually took me a year to find the right lady for this task I had embarked on completing. Yes, there are lots of women with beautiful eyes in the Emirates, but finding one who was open-minded enough to actually be a part of this photograph, now that was a challenge! The picture itself was taken at the break of dawn at the Burj Al Arab beach. The timing was perfect as it did exactly what I wanted in the photograph; iridescent soft light falling on her and the sun reflecting in her eyes.

It was winter as well, so the sea was freezing and we were both submerged in the cold water. The model and I had only met a couple of times and so we got to know each other as the shoot progressed. It was an incredible experience altogether. Finishing the line of hours of hard work with a nice mug of hot chocolate on the beach was a treat that gave warmth to my success of producing a photo that I have been willing to for a long time .

The photo is entitled ‘An Emerging Mystery’ and I feel as though it is extremely symbolic of Muslim women’s increasing prominence in the world, despite a continued mystery that surrounds their veil. The Saudi veil is so often portrayed negatively in the West that I hope to counteract that to some extent and prevent the Western public from being misled as to the image that is drawn of the Saudi society. Many Muslim women actually choose to wear the veil and I am more than happy to respect their decision; it is their conscious decision not an imposed one. The veil in no way hinders their progression or their amazing personalities.

The image marks the beginning of a project that I have been wanting to carry out for some time. All we ever hear about Saudi Arabia seems to be negative, where as having lived there for three years, I can assure you that the reality is quite different.

In fact, there are many things that we westerners could learn from them. I really admired and enjoyed the strength of their friendships, the closeness of their families, their sense of humour and how friendly and generous they are. With this and other images I would like to try and redress the balance a bit and produce a book reflecting the more magical and beautiful aspects of the kingdom.


Sebastian Farmborough

An English photographer with a passion for travel and cross-cultural communication. He uses pictures to express what words cannot.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Misha

    BS. The women who “choose” to wear the veil are brainwashed and emotionally blackmailed into doing so.Recommend

  • From Russia With Love


  • Sohail

    Moronity at its peakRecommend

  • webi

    totally useless piece or writing, and a waste of time reading this. what’s even the point here if any? ET needs to gather better materials if they are going to post something for the masses and not waste their time with useless stuff.Recommend

  • Captain Obvious

    And you are a psychological expert are you? How very condescending of you.Recommend

  • Dana

    I, on the contrary, chose my face to be seen when angry,sad, happy, satisfied,…and when old. Yes women can get old as well. And I want to show my life through my lines and pores. I am an individual. And God created my face to be recognizable!Recommend

  • Blah


    Compared to the ongoing debate whether ‘underground’ parties are shady or not? Recommend

  • Awans

    If the above article would be written by a woman then i could view it as any different.Mr Sebastian you are a white guy and Arabians treat you like a King because they worship White skin like no other and obviously with this protocol and with your new identity like i can see in the picture your views should obviously change. Even I have seen Arabian rich guys now a days used to marry with East European for less than a year in a marriage contract to have a white child and then East European women go back to Europe after taking the money and giving that child to an Arab. Kindly Mr Sebastian someday do talk about how people of Different Nationalities from Brown and Dark Brown nations who are treated like animals there and it is an Adage in Arabia that an Arab’s Horse worth more than Many Ajmis ( Slave Class particularly from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and Srilanka). Lastly Burqa and Veil is a part of Arab culture but not a Part of Islam. Nowhere in Islam the word Burqa is ever used and Muslims should differentiate in them.Recommend

  • Not a veil wearing woman

    I am sick and tired of people thinking women are brainwashed into wearing veils. I mean for gods sake! Yes, there may be women in this world that are forced to wear it and probably wouldn’t have if they weren’t, but at the same time there are millions of women who wear the veil because they WANT to wear it. you think you’re not brainwashed into thinking you look hot in ‘jeans’ or western dresses that reveal practically everything? Then you’re sadly mistaken sister. The nangi patangis are the ones that are brainwashed into thinking that this show of skin is what makes them attractive..Pft your ignorance makes me sick. Recommend

  • BlackJack

    It looked like a huge jellyfish.Best ode to beauty ever! I am just glad you got a model to do it for you or you may have become old waiting for another woman in a burqa to emerge from the sea! It is also clear from the picture that the model was never fully submerged, she went in and stood still while the picture was taken – instead of emerging mystery, the pic could be titled ‘what the hell was her problem’? :)Recommend

  • Scr

    @Not a veil wearing woman:
    Nice generalizations sister. Someone speaks for womens liberty is always a nangi right?Recommend

  • ThisMeansWar

    @author: I respect your views about the veils, and your opinion is what I consider as “purely liberal”. Whereas these days anything “against Islamic” is regarded as liberal/free thinker. religions do NOT put a sock on your brains that stops you from thinking. Its a way of life which in NO WAY hinders progress. i really hope that someday people will get to accept the people the way they are and not be Psychotic like the comments above!Recommend

  • Those who think that the veil is anything less than a product of brainwashing are sadly mistaken…Recommend

  • Ch. Allah Daad

    Those men who brain wash their women and force them to wear veil alongwith those women who wear veil with their own free consider all men less than garbage. In their mind, men are animals, who would rape them with first opportunity. Recommend

  • Utkarsh

    @Captain Obvious:
    If a woman chooses to spend all her public life hiding her face, it does present serious concerns.Recommend

  • Sidewinder

    only the wearer knows where the shoe is biting?Recommend

  • alicia

    There are heaps of pictures like these on google images. You should have just googled one why wait so long to take one yourself??Recommend

  • Bushra

    I love the picture! Her eyes are full of self-confidence, maybe that’s why her veil depicts the accentuation of her beauty ..Recommend

  • Vikram

    Author “The veil as an accentuation of beauty”

    Veil is supposed to make women less attractive so that Muslim men around her don’t get excited by looking at her. By reading blogs and newspapers, I have come to the conclusion that not even burqa or veil can save Muslim women from sexual abuse/harassment from sexual women in Muslim countries.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    Then, as it approached closer, I
    realised that it was in fact a woman.

    We have similar experiences here in Pakistan. Only when they come closer, they start clapping their hands wildly, call you ‘shezada’, and ask for money. Recommend

  • Never mind

    Oh dear. Poor Sebastian. You wrote this article and posted it on a medium that is run by and frequented by people who are about as open minded and accepting of difference as a Nazi. Don’t expect people here to praise your efforts, more likely they’ll shoot you down with hate and pseudo-intellectual crap. You just openly allowed these buggers to rubbish any ideology that sides on the way of eastern concepts. I don’t know whether these people do it on purpose…..probably. As if they’re ready in waiting. Unless you’re a pawn of this very same game?…..whatever. Fact of the matter is people in functional real life don’t give a flying duck about who wears a veil and who doesn’t. And guess what mofos, both sides get on like a house on fire, without being judgemental about the other. It’s just the express tribune that seems to be creating a “us and them” situation. sigh What do you expect from a paper that’s partnered with the most hated nation in the world…’s a shame really.Recommend

  • Turbo Lover

    Wha! The pinnacle of idiocy and sympathy for such a devilish mindset.Recommend

  • Parvez

    This is like something out of a Woody Allen movie.Recommend

  • Sebastian Farmborough

    Many of you miss the point.

    I know Saudi Arabia is incredibly racist, I know terrible things happen there, as they do in many countries.

    However, there are also some wonderful things that the West never gets to hear about. I choose to focus on that and on portraying their women in a dignified way. Recommend

  • Zenobia


    Please, do me and the world a favor and stop speaking on other peoples behalfs!!! I can assure you that I was not brainwashed! It was a decision I made years ago and I don’t regret any minute for doing that since then! Actually it seems like you are the one being brainwashed by the media for believing that. I feel sorry for you.Recommend

  • Ammar

    @Vikram: Ah my lovely, xenophobic, islamophobic friend from across the border. You really need to get your own house in order before you can talk about sexual mistreatment of women in ‘Muslim countries’.

    I’m sure you know what I’m talking about but maybe this article can be a starting point:

  • Antigone

    @Misha: It may be true that SOME Muslim women would rather not wear a veil, hijab, etc..but there are plenty of intelligent Muslim women–some of whom identify as feminists–who DO choose to wear it. (Hell, I got treated at a hospital just the other day by a young female doctor wearing a hijab–here in the United States.) Please stop with the condescending white-man’s-burden attitude of unneeded and sanctimonious pity for the “brainwashed” women of another culture just because you don’t like or understand their cultural practices.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Not a veil wearing woman: Why do you think women wear veil or burqa?

    In some countries like holy Saudi arabia women can be punished (by religious police) for not wearing a burqa. So it is not a choice for many Muslim women.

    Veil is considered islamic and a requirement for Muslim women. Most newly converted middle aged White women wear a burqa. Why do you think they do it?

    Why you don’t wear a veil?Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Utkarsh: “If a woman chooses to spend all her public life hiding her face, it does present serious concerns.”

    Some women have no choice. Showing face may mean loose character in their culture or upsetting Allah for not following his command on Hijab.

    I don’t think Allah said, you may or may not do Hijab.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    @Noman Ansari:
    Lol xDRecommend

  • Mastishhk

    @ Noman Ansari….The author does get full marks for innovation…..”I became mystified by something black and obscure out at sea. It looked like a huge jellyfish. Then, as it approached closer, I realised that it was in fact a woman” ..Ive never come across such ridiculous description of beauty !Recommend

  • a

    i wear a veil, with only my hands/face exposed, and i decided to wear it two years ago. it took me a yaer to come to my decision and in no way was i coerced. yes there are women who are forced to wear it or ’emotionally blackmailed’ into doing so, but that does not mean that you have to stereotyped all women who wear a veil as blackmailed into doing it… there are women such as myself who wear it willingly. this kind of ignorance and generalisations = what can eventually lead people to dehumanize, mistreat and stereotype certain groups.Recommend

  • right4difference

    Nice article, looking 4ward to see ur work collectionRecommend

  • Anwar

    I was saw an Iranian woman in a burka and she had such a voluptuous body. Even even all the covering I could she was a quite a beauty. I tried to imagines what she could like with everything off. A very sexy women and I never forgot her.Recommend

  • sana

    let me just make one thing clear, Muslim women who chose to cover do it just because it is what Allah has said is best. no questions asked. this should be the intention.

    as for everyone, you are all free to put your opinions out there but try to not drag each and every thing that a Muslim would do with a good intention into such a crazy debate… either one believe in Allah and is trying to better his or her own religion or one is not… a personal choice.Recommend

  • Toba Alu

    @Not a veil wearing woman:

    Every present is wrapped. Why not wrap it completely? No walking and no talking either. :-)

    Btw partly unwrapped will help fighting obesity, diabetes, and some other health problems.Recommend

  • Ayesha

    The author should be forced to spend a day wearing black burkha and roam in the market place of Karachi on a hot May afternoon….

    He would then get a better perspective of the beauty of the veil…..

    P.S. Dont judge me by not accepting to wear veil.Burkha and purdah are concepts predated from advent of Islam…Islam never forced us to wear veils….Recommend

  • salman

    Saudi Arabia doesn’t let women drive. Enough said?Recommend

  • ann

    interesting to see a westerner trying to understand burqa clad women while so called desi liberals disrespecting a person’s choice of living and dressing…
    our ‘liberals’ need to understand that being liberal means accepting different ideas and opinions otherwise they’ll be as conservative as a bearded mullah who cant stand opinions different to his…Recommend

  • Anoop

    Since birth if you convince a guy A is B, even though it is obvious it is not, you get what you teach. No matter how much you tell them B is B, no matter how much you try to convince them, they will stick to their stands.

    Same with the pro-Burqa force.

    They have told this lie that somehow Burqa accentuates a woman’s beauty and protects her, you are never going to believe otherwise.

    If it really was the case then Pakistan would not be rated 3rd worst place for women in the World.

    Burqa is part of a complex, unconscious way of subjugating the woman in the name of Religion.

    If Woman’s modesty should be protected then why not teach your males to look down whenever they see a woman? Why should women bear this burden?Recommend

  • A M Khan

    I appreciate the efforts and courage for taking such a thorny subject. The picture is no doubt one which pulls one’s heart out on the first glance but this is not in case of common veil of a Muslim female. The eyes slots are too open obviousely to make her more attractive, but in case of common viel it is only to give minimum view. One should appreciate the bold effort instead of criticizing. Recommend

  • Kabir

    The Koran does not specify the style and make of women’s wear (Allah was not out to give fashion advice). What it does say is that women (and men) should dress modestly. Modesty does not necessarily require that a woman wear a full burqa (burqa is an Arab rather than “Islamic” thing). In our South Asian culture, many women (whether Muslim or Hindu) cover their heads with their dupattas or with the pallu of their sari. In this culture, that is enough to be considered modest.

    That said, I think every woman should have the right to choose how to dress, whether or not to veil herself. But one must also be cognizant of the context. I would not advise my sister to walk around Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore with her head uncovered, while is she is going to an elite party somewhere in Defence than wearing a sari or western dress might be perfectly fine.
    It’s all about ensuring one’s safety and security. Recommend

  • adnan maqsood

    I doubt in Saudi Barbia women can actually ‘choose’ anything.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @a: Why Muslim women wear veil? Do you think veil is for fashion or to please God or to keep Muslim men away? Why it takes people months and years to decide if they should veil or not?Recommend

  • Vikram

    Veil can be good for some women who are insecure about their looks / bodies. It can help them hide most of the body. Humans use eyes to communicate, so as long as eyes and face are not covered veil or no veil makes little difference as far as ability to interact with opposite sex.Recommend

  • Mona


    Really? So i suppose every priest and nun who wear a religious habit is ‘brainwashed’ and ’emotionally blackmailed’ into doing it. In this day an age there is no excuse for such blatant ignorance, clearly you lacked a few braincells in your academic career.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    We have to accept that this is just their culture and what Muslim women want. Just like female genital mutilation, we must accept it as a part of their culture.Recommend

  • GOST

    What a bigotry you suffer of. It causes bad pain for you, and leads you to see the world dark, ugly, evil, and distorted. The Arabs are the closest to the Europeans; they were part of all the European empires: Hellenistic, Greek, and Roman. Geographically and ethnically Europe and the Arab World are complementary one region strategically.
    Responding to your prejudice expressed in your judgment of the treatment of Pakistanis, Afghanis and other nations mentioned in your comment is totally in correct (I’d say so in polite language not more).Recommend

  • Icognito

    If God had created woman to wear a burqa/niqab he would have created her without a face.

    There is nothing ‘beautiful’ about a woman wearing a burqa or niqab. Recommend

  • adeel

    But she is in full fashionRecommend

  • Anne Reigstad

    This story, and the beautiful picture, is an insult to the informed mind.”The veil in no way hinders their progression or their amazing personalities”, says Mr. Farmborough.
    He is talking about a society where women suffer systematic discrimination – where women can not vote, are not allowed to drive and can not make any decision important to their lives. Saudi women live in a system of “guardianship,” where men make all decisions on their behalf. They can not do anything without the approval of their fathers, husbands, brothers or even sons.
    And to bring us the picture of a beautiful Saudi women, happy with her veil, Mr. Farmborough had to hire a model.Recommend

  • GhostRider

    hey are you expert on religions??? go take care of satti and forced marriages first…. Recommend

  • Sohaib Khan

    Just like those who do not choose, are also brainwashed ? Recommend

  • Khawaja

    Well, I would never allow my daughter to enter a swimming pool without proper swimming attire, let the perverts scan her from top to toe.Recommend

  • hassan

    I thought that was Darth Vader emerging after a dunk….Recommend

  • F.

    Oooh, veiled Arabian women, how exotic and beautiful and exotic.

    Anyway–the point of the veil is to cover up one’s feminine beauty. Any veil-wearing woman will tell you that. And flattery aside, if you genuinely respect women’s right to choose, then you respect that idea too–the shocking idea that not everything women do must necessarily appeal (aesthetically or sexually) to the men who behold them, that not every choice (of outfit or outlook) requires validation from men, and that praise of those aspects is always welcome, called for, or ‘only polite’. A lot of veiled women tell me one reason why they veil is they wish to be taken seriously, instead of being noticed for their physical appearance. With a title like ‘The veil as an accentuation of beauty’, I think you may have offended nobody more than the very women you write of.Recommend

  • Bhatti

    What if i say that you are brainwashed into considering veil as taboo :/Recommend

  • Nobody

    Hmm, there seem to be a lot of strong opinions under this blog. Well, I could jump into a veil vs. no veil debate but that could could go on forever. I will say this, a lot of people may not quite understand the point, but I (think) I (sort of) have. Either way, I liked reading the piece, without ripping it to shreds or over analyzing it. It’s always nice to hear someone else’s point of view. Don’t be bothered by the haters, they’re everywhere. Cheers! Recommend

  • ABU

    God has created many things which you cannot eat. Why he has created these? can you explain please?Recommend

  • Waiting

    Of course. If someone decides to pursue a path you disagree with, they are brainwashed.Recommend

  • ovais khan

    u mean to say then in west women who “choose” to reveal are brainwashed and emotionally blackmailed into doing so too???Recommend

  • Vigilant

    Look like to me a middle eastern version of mermaid :) Recommend

  • Zas

    My religion doesn’t allow me to agree with your point of view but still I loved reading the peace and I actually like the way you are seeing and portraying Muslim women.
    PS. really looking forward to your book. :)Recommend

  • Tilopa

    Let me remind something to this writer that the people who blow themselves up between peoples whom we call suicide bombers are also ‘choose’ to do that.
    Infact the terrorist organizations are very democratic in the sense that they have an single window clearance for anyone who want to become a jihadi or a suicide bombers.Thousands of fundamentalists flock to do that ‘democratically’.
    So i assume there is no problem just because it is democratic?

    Many Muslim women actually choose to wear the veil and I am more than happy to respect their decision; it is their conscious decision not an imposed one.

    This is moral relativism at it’s worst! Just hypothetically imagine that,that woman would have been born in the west then would she have chosen to wear the veil?
    These people live in a society where there are conditioned from the beginning that women are subordinate and the women are the gateway to hell so if they want to save themselves from burning in the hell then they should wear the veil.Ofcourse there are some women who consciously wear burkha but they are similar to a dog who has been let free but he again and again returns to his master.

    The veil in no way hinders their progression or their amazing personalities.
    You should pack your bags and go to Saudi Arabia and live there for some time and you will know.Recommend

  • northern lights

    I have a practical question for the author of this piece: how did this lady breathe through a wet piece of cloth when she removed her head from the water? Try holding a soaked face cloth over your nose and mouth if you are not sure what I mean. Recommend

  • And Justice For All

    @Incognito, so by that logic if God has given a woman breasts, then He doesn’t want a woman to wear a shirt or a kameez?

    I propose that ignorant and stupid comments like the one by Incognito’s should also be banned. I t makes everyone’s IQ drop by at least 20 points.Recommend

  • random1

    your article is actually really nice, despite what others might have to say about it. The idea behind your article, your photo project is a positive one. The positivity in your portrayal of veiled muslim women, coming from a westerner, is great to read. keep it up :)Recommend

  • Haji Rafiq A. Tschannen

    Many of the comments are terribly misguided. Yes, most ladies who wear the veil do so of their own choosing. My wife would not have married me, if I would have said that I would not permit her to continue wearing it. Even now she would most likely rather divorce me than taking off her veil. – And yes, I do appreciate the picture. Wearing the veil and being proud of it. That is the right way.Recommend

  • Danish Shah

    Dear Author,
    I see a slight contradiction in your article. At first you say this

    Anyone trying to take a picture like this in Saudi Arabia, would run the risk of ending up in prison, so in a more liberal city of the UAE, I was able to realise my vision and fulfill it.

    and then at the very end you say this
    With this and other images I would like to try and redress the balance a bit and produce a book reflecting the more magical and beautiful aspects of the kingdom.

    To portray the ‘beauty’ you had to take the photo in UAE, so how exactly do you plan on portraying Saudia in a positive light? Recommend

  • Gullible Nomore

    @Haji Rafiq A. Tschannen:

    Haji saab! indoctrination starts at a very young age and doesn’t start after getting married, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to bring to the argument with your statement.Recommend

  • Sebastian Farmborough

    @Danish Shah:

    Danish, there’s a lot more to Saudi Arabia than just their women. Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Haji Rafiq A. Tschannen: Even now she would most likely rather divorce me than taking off her veil. – And yes, I do appreciate the picture. Wearing the veil and being proud of it. That is the right way.

    Are you saying veil and no veil does not make a difference to you? It is a shame your wife will leave you for a piece of cloth. It is important what is in one’s heart. If veil is Islamic thing what percentage of women in the land of pure use a veil.Recommend

  • Faaltu mein khwam kha

    i developed an aversion for veil,the moment my little one started crying by looking at a veiled lady. Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Kabir: I would not advise my sister to walk around Anarkali Bazaar in Lahore with her head uncovered, while is she is going to an elite party somewhere in Defence than wearing a sari or western dress might be perfectly fine.
    It’s all about ensuring one’s safety and security.

    You mean your sister will not be safe without covering her head among her Muslim brothers in Anarkali Bazar. What does Islam say to Muslim men about how to treat Muslim women in a market or in a bus?Recommend

  • Sikandar Ali

    We Muslims are strangulating ourselves by wrting n posting against our own belongings n religio-cultures… Most non-sense nation we have grown to be in the World…quite pittyfully..Recommend

  • Wolfie loves kulfie

    it that a penguin or ninja in the pic :D?Recommend

  • Counter

    @ Icognito…. If God created man to hide his body he would’ve created man without a body. There is nothing beautiful about a man wearing anything… How do you make this feel.Recommend

  • M

    @Misha: and who brain washed you into saying so??Recommend

  • Ashlis

    @Misha: What rubbish! I cover myself and I am certainly not brainwashed! Its ludicrous to generalise in such a way! What if I were to claim that all women who wore western clothes lacked morals and values???!!! Give people some credit for independant, intelligent, rational, decisions.Recommend

  • Ashlis

    @Vikram: What the hell does that even mean??Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Ashlis: What the hell does that even mean??

    I don’t understand your question? Why do you cover??Recommend

  • Abreez

    Around 600 A.D. in Arabia four types of marriages existed. One that exist today a man asked a women for marriage and if she or her father or brother or son accepts, a marriage ceremony held and they start to live like husband and wife. Second if a man sees another beautiful man he asked his wife to live with him until she pregnant, the purpose of this marriage was to have beautiful children. In third type a women chose ten or less than ten men and have sexual relations with all those men, if a child borne an expert determine the father of that child. In fourth type a women erected a flag outside her tent which mean that she welcomed everybody for sex. When Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him established a state in Medina he permitted the first type of marriage and forbade the rest. At that time among Arab women a debate was at its peak, how to attract a man. In every society a man want a woman and he uses all possible means to have at least one, at the same time a woman wants a man and she uses all possible means to have one. The purpose of any marriage is peace of mind (Orgasm) and children. When Qur’an asked women to cover their chests it doesn’t mean that Allah want a women to shut herself in a cage, Qur’an concluded that debate by telling Muslim women that these are your weapon of mass attraction, use them to have your peace of mind (Orgasm), and only he (husband) who help you to have your peace of mind let the pleasure of your beauty. Recommend

  • isloo boy

    why are indians here who have a very high rape rate where 12000 women are burned in dowry deaths and 4000 die from hunger DAILY where 500 million dont have acces to electricity and 80 percent live on less than 2 dollars a dayRecommend

  • isloo boy

    not many women wear the burqa in pakistan most wear shalwar kamiz with chadar only urban women and tribal women wear burqa i have yet to see any women wear burqa in rural punjab and sindhRecommend

  • Abreez

    Once upon a time a blind man wedded. His wife said to him, alas! If you have eyes you see how beautiful I am. The blind man replied if you were a beauty, my dear then you must have an admirer among normal men.
    That great blind man taught us that see the world as it is and not as people explain it to you. Today China is the biggest exporter of sex toys and Europe and America are the biggest importers of these stuffs why, because in Asian methods of sex education women are taught not to initiate the sexual process, but in West women are asked to initiate by sucking. By doing so women lost all their dignity, beauty and above all value, and their thirst for a lasting relationship increased. In East a prudent woman erected the big walls around her (father, brothers, husband and sons) and then enjoys rest of her life. In Asian methods of sex education women are taught not to discuss sex with their husband because men prefer inexperienced women and they enjoy a married life as long as they know that their wife is not experienced in sex. In West women are asked to share everything, when a man discover his wife’s experience he started anal sex and the woman come to know that she is merely a sex toy and a relationship breaks. Every woman loves her son but can a woman discuss her sexual problems with her son? In any marriage man’s participation is his experience because he is the driving force and the woman’s participation is her beauty, beauty of her face, beauty of her mind and above all beauty of her tongue. Men waste hundred and thousand of hour to discover how much his partner know about sex not because they are open minded but because they want an excuse to break the relationship.Recommend

  • Halima

    @Misha: Really, now? I am an American Muslimah. And I am most certainly not brainwashed. This is a choice, a right, a liberty. That’s what America stands for, right? Respecting differences. I don’t ask that you wear the veil yourself or even agree with it. But god, you have to respect it. You cannot throw out biased, prejudiced comments and think that’s okay. And with whatever Western mentality or background you think you have, whatever right you think you have, stop. You can not agree with me or my people, but you have absolutely no right to tell us we are oppressed when you cannot even accept our mentality. This is a garment for modesty. Because women are not objects, we believe that. The Western mentality has birthed illegitimate marriage, pregnant teenagers and a divorce rate that is unbelievable. And why? because men think about sex rather than intelligence. Eliminate the superficial and you have real human interaction. Recommend

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