I was there to witness the miracle of August 14, 1947

Published: August 14, 2012

Naido argued with a colonel, saying that there will ‘never be a Pakistan’. He replied saying Pakistani will 'definitely' be. PHOTO: FILE

It is August 14 – a day that revives the memory of an extraordinary experience of a young girl, Zee Niazi, on the day of the inception of this beautiful country. The way that events moved at that time instills the belief that miracles do, in fact, happen.

Zee got married to an officer in the then British Army, just before partition took place. Not being acquainted with an army lifestyle, her husband’s first posting came to her as a surprise.

They went to Harbanspura by train. The future had already begun to look bleak for the newly married couple. They was no accomodation available and they stayed at Mount Hotel for some time. They were having trouble making plans because everything seemed uncertain. Financial worries were not the only dilemma; the couple had to put up with harsh, discouraging words from people, too.

Zee recalls a social gathering at Nagpur, where an Indian lady named Naido, argued with a colonel and his wife, saying that there will ‘never be a Pakistan’. To this the colonel replied that there would ‘definitely’ be Pakistan. The lady impolitely continued her rant;

“You are Pak people,” she said indignantly.

This was only a few days before Pakistan became a reality.

It was a time when most people could not decide what to do. They were torn between deciding whether to stay or muster the courage to leave. Additionally, transport for a safe journey was not available to everyone. Many Muslims were opting for taking refuge with people they knew.

Zee’s husband was to report for duty at Rawalpindi on the fateful day of August 14. Hearing about Muslim travellers getting massacred, raped and kidnapped, Zee and her husband found themselves between a rock and a hard place.

Luckily, Zee’s husband was blessed with a sincere Sikh friend, who advised them not to travel that day.

“You can stay at my house. Or at least let me accompany you to the border. It’s a battlefield out there,” he offered.

However, this would have only put three lives at risk. Their friend escorting them could have gotten him killed, too, had there been another outbreak of brutal killing in the region.

The couple humbly declined his offer, upon which he uttered words which they would never forget:

It does not matter if one gives his life to save a friend.

Walls of faith differences crumbled with his sentence and a strong bridge of humanity led the couple to embark on their journey from New Delhi on a train.

The general feel in the train was uneasy and you could smell the fear in the air. The first thing the couple noticed was that there were only about ten passengers on the entire train. Their fear deepened as they went over their decision. They had already heard about the bitter fate of trains that had gone to Pakistan. They found themselves on tenterhooks, holding on to their decision and praying they had made the right choice.

As the train was nearing the border at Kasur, something happened that shook the earth under everyone’s feet.

The train stopped suddenly. Someone had climbed onto the train and pulled the chain to make it stop with wicked intentions, so it should never reach Pakistan. What appeared next turned Zee’s world upside down. When she looked out of the window of the train, she saw a mob of vicious killers, knives in hands, approaching the train. Zee’s husband was the only one on the train carrying ammunition; a mere army revolver. Everyone else sat helplessly, certain that their lives were going to end any minute now.

This was the moment when the most unexpected of miracles happened. An abrupt jerk made all the passengers lose balance as the train restarted. The driver of the train had somehow gotten the train running again!

Within minutes, the sound they could have given anything to hear, was finally heard;

Pakistan zindabad!, people outside were chanting.

They had now crossed the border at Kasur and entered what thousands had deemed impossible; Pakistan.

As Muslims we know that no one can die if Allah wants them to live. Zee knew that God was on their side when he rescued them from the thorny, dark mouth of death. She realised the worth of Pakistan, a land which had cost many lives and unending effort.

Here we are in 2012, living in that Pakistan, a country that must be cherished and loved. It wasn’t discovered one lucky day; it was fought for.

Of course, a great land had come at a great cost. Zee’s husband’s uncle recalls that as a train inspector, he could not eat his meals after duty because many had been massacred in front of his very eyes; there was much blood, gore and horror.

People were going through mixed feelings; the happiness of having a country to call their own and the sorrow of losing their brothers and home. But one thing is certain ─ no other generation can feel the happiness that this ‘eye witness generation’ experienced.


Zee Niazi

She is the wife of an army officer and an educationist.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://razashahzad.blogspot.com Raza Shahzad

    I could feel the gush of emotions as the narrative unfolded from scratch till the end. Pakistan have been the fruit of sheer struggle and drudgery and I sincerely believe that if we play our part with due honesty, we as a nation have the potential to ameliorate the current scenario of our beloved country. May God bless Pakistan! Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/pugnate Noman Ansari

    It gives me great pleasure to read this. The Pakistan my grandparents, my uncle, my aunts describe to me seems so different from the one I am living in now. There was hope, tolerance, a strong economy, religious freedom etc.

    It is easy for us to forget the sacrifices our ancestors made. Let’s take back our country. Recommend

  • nikita

    I first of all wonder, y did the two countries separate? Hd we been one nation, the world wud hv been a different place to live in, there wud hv been peace nd prosperity in the entire region, with no threat to life nd property nd pakistan, which ws once part of India, wud hv been its important part, nd together the two nations wud hv conquered the world, bt unfortunately the turn of events ws such that they r nw the worst f enemies (nt the people of the 2 countries bt the so called governance nd rulers) people of the two nations still are as innocent nd sufferers as they were wen the two brothers parted!Recommend

  • Super Star

    Nikita! I as an Indian am grateful for partition. A united India was never a possibility and is and always was just a wild pipe dream. A united India would always have been on the brink of destruction with constant riots between Hindus and muslims. The ever growing united Muslim population would have held not only Hindus but the Christians, tribals , North east hostage with constant threats and backward and regressive laws and thinking. Whatever progress and stability that the current land of India has achieved today is to a great extent because of the painful seperation that had happened and of course with secularism and not religion as the state focus. We can all see what state the other land mass of British India “Pakistan” is in. Please slap yourself , come out of the wild trance and accept this. Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    A miraculous story. I could feel the hate in the voice of the woman called Naidu and in saying ‘You are Pak people!”. How could Hindus have disrespected Muslims so?! I am so glad the miracle of Pakistan took place. Recommend

  • Shehryar

    Beautiful piece. ”Super Star” is representative of that segment of the Indian populace, as are many commentors on this site from across the border, who try to mentally justify partition to themselves by claiming that a United India with triple the Muslim population would have halted progress. In reality the fact that he chooses to say this and that too on a Pakistani forum proves that they have not truly come to terms with the separation, and somewhere in the back of their mind, the dream of Akhand Bharat lingers on – albeit they realise its impossibility and therefore resort to such hypocrisy. Let’s not forget that Pakistan was higher up on the Human Development Index than India for decades. I’ve travelled to India and found it to be totally overpopulated, and far more so than Lahore/Karachi, a good job of advertising ”Shining India” doesn’t change that and for me never will.

    Nevertheless this was a truly beautiful post. My own grandmother left Uttar Pradesh and came to Pakistan by train – carrying a dagger to kill herself lest the train be boarded by potential rapists and killers. Pakistan Zindabad!Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Well said, Shehryar! UP Hindus seem to have been the worst of the lot, who troubled UP Muslims the most. So you and your grandmother are lucky indeed to be safely in Pakistan.Recommend

  • alicia

    And now those same people who gave up so much for this country are taunted by so- called sons of soil. Considering how people supported the drunk Zulfikar mirza and his racist rants really saddened me.

    But Still I love Pakistan. Recommend

  • Imad Uddin

    our grandparents lost alot…lives and wealth…so much of it….all just for their vision. Great piece. Today we need that vision back and reasons to get our motivations and pride back. Gloom is not a cure to any disease.Recommend

  • Lams

    My favourite line in this: “It wasn’t discovered one lucky day; it was fought for.” Wow!Recommend

  • Soldier Bazari

    Fantastic article! Thanks for writing this. Yours is the last great generation of Pakistanis. Unfortunately, your sacrifices have not been upheld and honoured by the following generations and we have seen the degeneration of Pakistan into a feudal, corrupt country.Recommend

  • G. Din

    ” Let’s not forget that Pakistan was higher up on the Human Development Index than India for decades. “
    If that was so – and I do believe you – the question is whatever happened to Pakistan? With time and a monolithic, homogeneous population, Pakistan should have been a star of South Asia today!
    “I’ve travelled to India and found it to be totally overpopulated, and far more so than Lahore/Karachi, a good job of advertising ”Shining India” doesn’t change that and for me never will.”
    Overpopulated, indeed we are. Far more so than Lahore/Karachi, indeed true. In such an overpopulated country, one would have expected that there would be highly irritated people ready to take a bite of the next human being they brushed against. It is not so. Why not? On the other hand, we are being told that we are a budding Great Power. We are being celebrated as a beacon of tolerance to the world.
    Answer to this conundrum is that we and the rest of the world knew then -and it has come out to be true now – that the “monolithicity” and the “homogeneity” of Pakistan that was on display then was a sham. Muslims are essentially pugnacious. They display this characteristic – not being able to get along with others and even between themselves -, not only in India but in every corner of the world. Today, in your Pakistan, Sunnis are at the throats of fellow Muslims like Shias, Ahmadis, Qadhianis etc. If Pakistan had not been agreed to, all of them, in the name of Islam, would have made a mess of India. Look at the mayhem they caused in Mumbai a few days back. Non-Muslims in Pakistan are anxiously waiting to save their lives by escaping from their homeland, leaving behind all they worked for all their lives. It is only hell people want to run away from. Praise be to Lord that He/She separated us (although it was very painful then) and spared India of this calamity. Trust me this is not hypocrisy! We truly and sincerely believe that!
    No amount of vociferous Zindabads and Payindabads on this sacred day of yours should obscure the fact that Muslims are – and have always been- ungovernable. Recent examples -Libya, Tunisia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and now a bloodbath in Syria. Islam , being locked in Time to 7th century AD -just is not in tune with the times and shall remain increasingly so in future. I wish I didn’t need to say this but Islam has no future. It is progressively going to go downhill!Recommend

  • AQ

    Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall into place. Recommend

  • midhat

    Reminds me so much of the stories my Grandmother used to narrate. The zeal, the passion, the spirit and the Unity that made immpossible possible! Though the horrors of migration where tons were brutally massacred speaks how much love people had for the then unknown land, that they risked their lives for it! God bless Pakistan for the scarifises our ancesstors made. May we value our land the way it should be!Recommend

  • midhat

    Our grandparents who witnessed partition and left everything in India did that for a reason. They tell us that Two Nation theory was becoming more and more evident to them with the struggle for independent India. Read account of Mughat emperor zafar Ali shah, how he was betrayed by local Alliances. The notion to who will govern independent India post bristish made it very clear that Hindu and Muslim rulers were on totally different grounds. As for people my grandmom tells us that people were looted by killed by thier own neighbours..their wasnt much unity.. And honestly the riots that we witness in Pakistan and India both even today tell us that religious harmony still doesnt exist. Just a very small example..While Muslim want to consume beef, Cow is considered holy for Hindus. I am sure if I killed a Holy God animal to eat, that wouldnt go to well with the other communiy. Lets say we are happy otherwise:)Recommend

  • Shafaq

    The text has an amazing power to capture a person’s imagination. With every sentence you can feel the pain, that our forefathers must have gone through. My grandfather used to tell me about the presecution that immigrants tolerated. Its more heart throbbing and real when someone personally tells you these great stories of independence. You can see the sad smile, tearful eyes and yet a strong determined voice…
    Surely. Pakistan-“it wasn’t discovered one lucky day, it was fought for.”
    stay blessed Pakistan c=Recommend

  • bangash

    I am glad Pakistan exists. I wish it becomes a better place to live.Recommend

  • sherry

    how kiddish n extremely stupid
    its gud that you got the reply you deserved, from other side of the borderRecommend

  • VivaLaRevolution

    Millions of lives were lost on both sides for this? for Pakistan?
    Seems kind of pointless now.Recommend

  • Rabia

    Also highlights the sacrifices the Urdu speaking community made for this nation. Which are now forgottenRecommend

  • GhostRider

    We are a nation born out of danger, adversity and struggle. Whatever problems we have are temporary which will fade away in a decade, but I am thankful to God and Quaid e Azam that he gave us a country of our own rather than the overpopulated neighbor. I will not extoll Pakistan or defame India but i would like to say We are much better hereRecommend

  • Aasim Mukhtar

    A remarkable piece of writing, reminding on how was this country (that we dare to harm day and night) was created. I always wonder why is it that despite millions of enemies (From Corrupt politicians to Taliban to some hardliner states – who think of themselves to be secular but at the inside cannot swallow the truth that a Pakistan for Muslims exists) how is it that its still surviving. Got the answer from the blong, indeed its the blood in the foundations – blood shed by our forefathers that keeps it going. May Allah bless us with peace and honest leaders and hopefully we’ll be back on track.Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    sherry, nikita seems to be just a good naive person. Good people do like to imagine that everyone is a brother/sister to everyone else and together they would have been great! :)

    For me the most remarkable aspect of such stories is how radically different the experiences were of people escaping from India to Pakistan from those who chose to migrate from Pakistan to India.

    Brave men and women who were forced to abandon everything in India almost unanimously tell us of the horror of living in unsafe conditions, of arson, bloodletting rape by their Hindu neighbors. People who doubt Pakistan should listen to these stories!

    On the other hand, people who made the decision to leave Pakistan for India unfailingly miss their friendly old homes and neighborhoods, almost never seem to have much to say about any violence or hatred. When their children visit Pakistan, they are full of warmth and love for Pakistanis, always acknowledging the many helpful and friendly Muslims who saw them off to the border safely.

    This history makes me very proud.Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    Thank God we are two nations otherwise we would have to face the likes of “Kalchakra” within our midst everyday.Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    The truth is and will be that you were not and never will be what India is. Your rant against India is not going to change the fact that your country aspires to be what India is but cannot be. Examples? You want same Nuclear deal that India has. You want same standing in community of nations that India has. Heck expatriates from your country want themselves to be known as “from India” rather than “from Pakistan”
    As for as the author’s nerrative is concerned, it holds equally true for Hindus and Sikhs who migrated from now what is Pakistan to India (My Parents being one of them)Recommend

  • abhi

    it is surprising that even after so much time passed, madam author is not able to understand that all the hatred started only because of Pakistan, looks like stockholme syndrom.Recommend

  • manish

    @ author:
    mam, the NAIDO you mentioned is perhaps, NAIDU, a telugu brahmin sirname, and she told you so, because hindus, even to the last days, believed that their should not be any partition, not because they despiced muslims, but because they themselves were not sure of what it would mean, and why was it so important for muslims to seperate themselves.Recommend

  • Shehryar

    Look G Din. I’ve been noticing your obsession with this Pakistani website, and the obvious irony that someone who wants me to believe that Pakistan is inherently 2nd to India and that Partition was great for India comments without a break on every post by the newspaper of a country he doesn’t live in.

    Let’s forget that for a second. I don’t know if you’re trying to demoralise us or preach, but regardless I find you and your tirades amusing and wouldn’t engage you, but here’s my opinion.

    I don’t care what happens in India. I would never care enough to stalk the Hindustan Times or anything else – why? Because that’s another country that has nothing to do with my own. Even if Muslims are so troublesome and backward, what are you trying to achieve by informing us of this fact? Do you think it dents us? No.

    India a tolerant beacon? Oh God, the irony. My friend, an uncle of mine lived in India for around 5 years. Every servant he hired was a Christian convert from Islam, who had done so since Muslims weren’t given jobs as readily. I realise we treat our minorities appallingly – I’m just happy to live in a country where I belong to the majority community and don’t have to suffer discrimination. You people sitting in India tell us about infighting amongst Sunnis, Shias, Ahmedis. Sigh. Who are you to tell me? I live here. I have countless Shia friends and my family background is Ahmadi. Let me say this. I would gladly live here than in India.

    Despite what you may believe, and believing what you do (since you seem to do so with such a narrow minded, bigoted conviction) is your prerogative, Shias and Sunnis get along better in Pakistan than in most Muslim countries. Quaid-e-Azam was a Shia, Zardari is a Shia…please. Ahmedis face near daily persecution. But again, that’s my battle to fight. I don’t need your help or your commentary. I hope you realise the irony in your posts and the fact that you even make them. I’ll say it again. Pakistan Zindabad!

    P.S Tony, I don’t want my country to be ”like India”, I don’t think about that comparison. Perhaps you shouldn’t either. Believe me, most of us Pakistanis don’t. The obsession is one-sided. Like an ex husband who can’t stand to see his wife spiting him by moving on. But do so! It will benefit all of us.Recommend

  • Reddy

    Pakistanis and freedom don’t go hand in hand,jinnah and his so called Muslim league were staunch supporters of British raj during their heydays in India ,never in their life they had seen jail for more than 5 hrs, was just a small example to show how loyal they were to their masters and the great jinnah opposed the land mark event like quit India,left India when nothing was going on for him and came back with strong Islamic flavor,all in all good riddance for India. Recommend

  • Palwasha Khan

    @Reddy.Kindly dont attack our great leader.Stick to topic.Islam is the religion of thousands and thousands of Muslims the world over.God helped Jinnah and gave him a miracle.Live and let live.Recommend

  • Amer

    Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan is Allah’s gift and miracle for it’s residents.
    No matter what the haters tell you always remmember the sacrifices your grandparents, parents and elders gave for getting Pakistan.

  • THE

    @Shehryar: Thank you for your comment and I really salute the way you have responded to bigoted haters who have nothing better to do then to bash Pakistan and Islam on this website everyday. I agree with you 100%.
    @ Every Pakistan : Say Pakistan Zindabad as loud as you can, that’s what the haters don’t want to hear :) :) Recommend

  • Reddy

    @Palwasha Khan:they aren’t attacks,but hardcore facts..anyways …had it not for pakistan ,india wouldn’t have been what it is today,we should be eternally thankful to jinaah for subtracting shoe shiners of British raj from India.Recommend

  • THE

    It’s really funny how you have been fed with distorted facts and then come here to bash Jinnah. Pakistanis don’t get fooled by your deep rooted bigotry and frankly we could not care less about your baseless allegations.

  • palwasha khan

    @Reddy.Who were shoe shiners of Mountbatten?They belonged to India.Ha ha ha.Recommend

  • Reddy

    @palwasha khan:ask Mountbatten,you will get the much better answer. there is a series made on him for British TV

    @the:”distorted facts” ha ha ha…that’s a synonym of pakistanRecommend


    @Tony Singh.India wants hegemony in the region and that effects peace.They started an arms race.Remeber smiling Budha in the seveties,it was Pakistan specific Z A Bhutto saw through it and we are a nuclear state,so now you speak of aman ki asha(its good).I am glad you like the two nation theory. Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    I think you missed the article on ET on Pakistan’s independence day.


    Pakistan is a miracle? How? Coming from a Pakistani’s mouth might sound better so I will quote from the above article.

    “Let us not forget that it was not the constitutional brilliance of Mohammad Ali Jinnah which finally convinced the Congress, especially Nehru and Patel, and Mountbatten to agree to a partition, but the deteriorating law and order situation in the Muslim majority provinces, which was directly related to the ‘Direct Action’, called by Jinnah in late 1946. Hence, Pakistan was literally fought for on the streets of Calcutta, Lahore, Rawalpindi, etc. This ‘violence’, which was largely planned, then became so integral to the imagination of the country that since then, both the state and the people have utilised it repeatedly. ”

    So, it was not a miracle but a capitulation to the blackmailers.

    Here, is why I think Pakistan was the best thing to happened to India.


    I am truly glad Pakistan happened. Imagine a 50% Muslim population in India. Riots every other day and both sides would have never agreed to anything on governance. Pakistan is the proverbial gangrenous leg that had to be cut off to save the soul- India.

    It was not a Partition of India, but a Partition of Muslims of India. Hindus, in effect India, were the eventual gainers.

    A true blessing in disguise, a miracle if you will?Recommend

  • palwasha khan

    @reddy.We know the true facts and dont care or suck up to British TV.Those are slavish leanings.Its too funny.Good day.Recommend

  • G. Din

    @midhat: to nikita
    “.While Muslim want to consume beef, Cow is considered holy for Hindus. I am sure if I killed a Holy God animal to eat, that wouldnt go to well with the other communiy. “
    If the Christians consume pork, it shouldn’t go too well with Muslims. Both are Abrahamic faiths. I don’t think the partiality for and aversion to pork figures too saliently in their mutual relations. Staple meat for Chinese is pork and for America it is beef. How come China is the “deeper-higher” friend of Pakistan and America is considered as a bosom friend of India? These are shallow considerations.
    For your information, India is a major producer and exporter of beef in the world!

    @SHAZIA KHAN: to Tony Singh
    Proper place to treat deep paranoia and misplaced self-importance is a psychiatrist’s office.Recommend

  • G. Din


    I responded to your earlier post. I posed some questions in my response to which apparently you have no answers but broad generalizations. It is not too hard to reduce your rejoinder to shreds, point by point, but I neither have the time for it nor, from previous experience, would the moderators let it through. So, let us let it rest. Suffice it for me to say that questions I have posed will trouble you for a long time, if you are a decent person (I am sure you are!).Recommend

  • Ali

    We all agree that Pakistan was a great miracle for different reason.
    The Indians/Hindus say it was great because it got shot of all the Muslims and we claim it was great because we got away from India.

    So why all the fighting?Recommend

  • Reddy

    @palwasha khan:ya, i can see that,your facts are so strong that you advanced your independence by a day since 1949,and celebrating the defense day on the day your politicians were begging in Russia and USA to stop india from thrashing pakistan..and ate the gross for 12 yrs to create a dud at the end impetuously ordered some chinese fried rice(uranium) instead of noodles(plutonium) to keep the nationality integrity, honor intact only to get humiliated at the international fora for selling trifling excretion to north Korea, Libya,iran…let me know if you want more antics from land of the pureRecommend

  • kaalchakra

    Midhat Khan raised an important issue which made it very difficult for Muslims to live in India. Islam is the world’s simplest religion since Allah loves simplicity and sincerity. So without offending Hindoos, we are curious – you say you produce beef. How can you Indians kill your God? Besides, with so many cows around, how can you be sure which one of them is your God? Does each cow get some days becoming God of an area? What kind of miraculous signs do you look for? Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    Read your history. Pakistan started 1965 (OP Gibralter) because it thought it could sever “weak” India recouping from 1962 Indo – China conflict. At that time Indian establishment made up its mind that given a chance, they would teach Pakistan a lesson they will not forget in a hurry. Among many major reasons of 1971 war (Cyclone – Bhola and West Pakistan’s pathetic response to it) 1965 aggression by Pakistan was one. Smiling Buddha was to warn China and it has worked.
    Its not India, but Pakistan that has hegemonic designs. Its Pakistan with its mistaken notion of “superior” race (warrior race) that has come up with weird concepts of “strategic depth” and asymmetric warfare. And you have audacity to call India a hegemonic state! How pathetic!! Recommend

  • http://hotbusinessdeal.com/ buy facebook likes

    I don?t even know how I stopped up here, but I thought this put up was once good. I do not know who you might be but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger in case you aren’t already ;) Cheers!Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    1. The fact that you have to shout from roof top to announce that you are an Ahmedi and happy to live in Pakistan speaks volumes of how the other sects treat you. I do not announce from roof top my religion here in India because its taken as a personal matter here.
    2. Your leaders have been crying hoarse in world capitals for not treating Pakistan “Equal to India” in their dealings and you say your establishment is not obsessed? Then what is called being obsessed?Recommend

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1bMlkxywNo cesian

    You have given sweet post related to how you update websitesRecommend

  • Reddy

    @palwasha khan:ya,i can see that,your facts are so strong that you advanced your independence by a day since 1949,and celebrating the defense day on the day your politicians were begging in Russia and USA to stop india from thrashing pakistan..and ate the gross for 12 yrs to create a dud at the end impetuously ordered some chinese fried rice(uranium) instead of noodles(plutonium) to keep the nationality integrity, honor intact only to get humiliated at the international fora for selling trifling excretion to north Korea, Libya,iran…let me know if you want more antics from land of the pure.Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com h.mani

    @sherry: Some Indians are worse stupid,fools and could not happened to better fool.Thanks guys,we deserve this and much more.Good luck to Pakistan,do well,happy birth day.Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com h.mani

    @Shehryar: Very classy reply,to the point,where toughness was needed and no name calling,this what I urge every one to immulate,is this difficult?,I had for while stopped writing and reading this tired,tirade against each others,it wears you out and is annoying,we all know our warts and short coming,it only people with class and good breeding who can resist it.Good luck,have nice birth day Pakistan.!Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com h.mani

    @Reddy: Why do you rile them like that?It is totally un called for.You see our TOI is full of this non sense,Tribune Tries hard to be fair to all,we got show more class.Please,will you?Recommend

  • Raw is War

    @ Zee. You are from the partition era. You should know that all the violence and killing started from the Muslim side. This was done mainly to rob the rich Hindus from Lahore and other Punjab cities of their wealth- after chasing them away. This has been documented by even Pakistani historians. The retaliation from Hindus and Sikhs was also brutal. But without retaliation, there would have been genocide- which Muslims seem to be so good at. I am sure you are aware, Hindus are pacifists. They do not believe in violence.

    glad you are happy now.Recommend

  • GhostRider

    @Tony Singh: See my friend this is what happen when you as a nation has a tendency to look behind not ahead. If Pakistan is that behind India why dont you move, why so much interest in our issue. Go shine in India. Moreover, Ahmedi issue is a complicated one, the human rights record for scheduled castes and muslims dont paint a cozy picture so before you go down that road think a million times. As for Pakistan not getting attention in world affairs…well this is one thing we get for free. Dont get to agitated over the fact that you have no say in Afghanistan issue and Pakistan has all the say.

    @Reddy: Oh wow looks like you read RSS propaganda and nothing else in school. Before you bash our leaders take a look in the life of nehru and gandhi (I hope you knw what I mean). Jinnah was a man of high morals who taught us to respect individuals, so honoring the teachings of my Quaid I will not say anything bad, books and private accounts are filled with the stories of “experiments” of Gandhi, Nehru and others.Recommend

  • GhostRider

    @Raw is War:
    Dont whine ur Indian textbooks mantra here. Talk about facts and the fact is more muslims died on the their way to Pakistan than hindus and sikhs. Heck i dont need to explain think watwever you want but as for us PAKISTAN ZINDABADDDDDDDDD!!!! and Hindustan ‘We dont care about”Recommend

  • siddra

    Truely heart touching, we got Pakistan after so long, after sacrificing thousands of lives. we should take care of Pakistan and try to promote it, instead of creating negativity about it. we are the ones who will lead our country towards the peaks of success.Recommend

  • G. Din

    “…we got show more class.Please,will you?”
    Greetings, Classier-than-thou Guy!Recommend

  • blue

    @G. Din:

    Ignore him,these are the attention seeking habits of a lonely old manRecommend

  • blue

    @G. Din:

    he attacks different people on different blogs. its an old habit of his.just ignore it as the ” ramblings of a decadent mind”Recommend

  • blue

    @G din –
    theres a pattern – he writes crap,gets insulted by others and out of shame he goes into hiding and re surfaces a few days later and the cycle continuesRecommend

  • palwasha khan

    @reddy.Didn’t want to continue the debate because you appeared to be the near-to-abusive-sort and an extreme hater.All Indians are not like you.You cowards dont talk about thrashings,as you know we are a nuclear stong nation.I think Indian Independence day is celebrated as black day in I.H.K.What about antics in Gujat with innocent civilian Muslims?—-the land of haters.No more mail please. Recommend

  • midhat

    @Raw is War: You can still find old newspapers clipping where trains carrying Muslims reached Pakistan wih hundreds and hundreds of dead bodies! How can you determine if mascare started from Muslim side? o thats in your text books. Like Zee we still have our grandparents living who tell us true accounts and nothing from text books. They were looted and killed and raped. and if you still have doubts do some research from neutral sources and compare the numbers.. that wasnt retaliation brother..Human blood though Hindu or Muslim is sacred but for you to suggest thousands of muslim were killed in retaliation is like you justifying that since some hindu got killed ill masacre the whole train with women men and children. Recommend

  • farhan yusafzai

    @raw is war.Ghost Rider says it all.Well done Ghost Rider.The killing of any helpless people is not right.Too many were killed for merely making their choice to live in their new home land Pakistan safely.Allah bless and protect Pakistan Insha Allah. Recommend

  • hohohaha

    My only question: what are you Indians doing here? Like seriously.:/ is that some kinda obsession with pakistan?lol..proves that Pakistan zindabad :) peace!Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    You do not have to take my word on how far we have moved. Check us up on any Index.Recommend

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    it is surely well worth your time to discover,That’s a good post.Recommend

  • S Ansari

    @superstar.You speak negatively about Muslims and then talk about so clled secular ideas.This is exactly why they wanted to separate.They had the right to make a choice.Recommend

  • A KHAN

    Love this piece..What is fantastic is that how passionate,aware,patriotic and inteiiligent is this younger Pakistani generation.Allah bless all.PAKISTAN ZINDAABAD,AMEEN. Recommend

  • Cynical

    @Zee Niazi

    ‘As Muslims we know that no one can die if Allah wants them to live.

    At last. Now that I know why millions died during partition, I will sleep better tonight.Recommend

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    The drowning tesla strength lights will clutch at a strawRecommend

  • Deb


    Superb. I think I understand what you mean.Recommend

  • Farhan

    @A khan.You are quite right its a really wonderful piece telling us the truth of what happened.We have very intelligent and promising youth.Allah bless them.Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    I wonder, why are my Indian brothers pondering on naidu and my Pakistani brothers are not commenting on the good deeds of the Sikh friend who they had and cared for them. Look at the positives in the article too. Naidu was one case and the Indian Sikh was another. Make peace not war. A patriotic Indian has to have clear mind to analysis this article. No war mongling please. Gandhiji taught us this only. Sat Sri akal , rab rakha, Jai hind etc etc to appease all tnet warriors here. Take careRecommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    I agree with your views about what your grandparents told you. But the trains used to travel both sides. They did not stop to collect statistics. A train from pindi or Lahore or sialkot etc had their story just like a train from Delhi, jullundur, or amritsar. A person killed is a blood kill. The population transfer was from both sides. Please don’t trivialize it just your grandparents journey. Rab rakhaRecommend

  • Farhan

    @Prabhjyot Singh Madan.I respect your views.People with good will and who are humane and logical on both sides should be proactive and “make peace not war” is the required agenda.Quite some time gone by.When do we seriously start? Live and let live and treat humans like humans. Recommend

  • ThankGod


    Thank God that they separated. India otherwise would have been consumed in much greater degrees of hate , intolerance and violence with whole country running amok with rabid mullas. Can you not see that this abode of Islam is imploding?Recommend

  • sehrish

    @nikita. Mullas are much better than you nikitia.Remember the quite recent eposide of Indian Muslims in Gujrat. Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    The world is laughing at us as we are fighting like children over a chocolate like Kashmir. Punjab and Bengal got divided so it is also a fate of the kashmiris. We should make the province autonomous and let people travel and meet their kith and kins. It should be mandatory for all northern provinces bordering Pakistan and Bangladesh. CheerioRecommend

  • John B

    Nice and romantic, surely will be a hit with PAK people and not so with Indians. However, the truth is this:

    None of the tragedy of partition could have happened had the “founders” of Pakistan were not selfish.

    PAK people should equally remember that bulk of the subcontinent Muslims stayed in present day India and only a fraction of the people emigrated to PAK, and if I say so, the emigrants were not welcomed by the people who stayed put in PAK region.

    As much as this story is pleasing to PAK ears, I can also read similar stories in Bangladesh press. What say you?

    History cannot be rewritten by romanticism. The responsibility of PAK citizens is what are they doing with PAK they claim to have gotten by “tyranny and oppression” ?Recommend

  • pakistan

    @ toni singh who told you we are inspired from india,you believe or not there is only one thing in india we like to talk about or like to watch is movies and actors and actresses.we have our own identity world Pakistan which even sounds much bettet than india,i live in britian and pakistanis are well spoken,presented and accepted compate to indians,pakistans inpiration is pakistan itself and if we have ti look upto some1 if u know anything ur economy is nowhere near china pakistans friend,we are glad to be not as poor as most of the indians,world talks about pakistan without any association with india,we are a better society than india,its a big country so we have issues like any other nation,you guys have so many sects like barhamans,shooder etc some you dnt like to even touch others and u talk about personal mattets,indians always say if india and pakisan were untied could rule the world,why you need pakistan as pakistanis never asked u for anything,grow up kid and stop talking rubbish ,u cannot afford a war so live in peace..we are proud of our culture and a very proud nation,india is long gone history for us..
    we love pakistan a country which is known as the country of brave men and world dreams of its land.Long live pakistan.
    by the way u sound funny.Recommend

  • S Ansari

    @Pakistan.Good reply.You should have replied Jhon b also.Indians cant get off this platform,Thank ALLAH for giving us Pakistan.These guys cant accept us and realities,and they wanted us to stay with them?They are trying to squeeze history to replace it with their own desire.PAKISTAN ZINDA ABAD.Recommend

  • Jauhar Munir Shaikh

    @G.Din @ Tony Singh
    What Sheryar has emphasized is so true, isnt it? What are you Indian folks doing on a Pakistani website all of the time? Most Indians I meet here in Malaysia watch Pakistan news channels to boot as well! Some even Google the names & places of streets in Pakistan of their ancestors. I’ve heard of peeping toms, but you folks take it to new levels of obssesions. Learn to move on. If you guys are such shining folks as you claim, then how come you are not at peace with a single nation in your own backyard? And yet you aspire to be on the UN Securtity Council ? What a joke. Living like neighbors does not mean barging into their homes & telling them how to run their lives. When Vajpayee sahib visited Pakistan in the late 90’s, he mentioned in a speech made at the Minar-i-Pakistan, Lahore ( where the Pakistan Resolution was passed in 1940) that Pakistan is now a reality & India must accept it. He was criticized & ostracized for saying this. And yes, you Bhartis didnt exactly garland Jaswant Singh with flowers when he wrote in praise of Jinnah & on what really caused the partition. Recommend

  • Syed Farhat Ali

    I agree. This is true. I born in Pakistan, but my father was from Sonipat and mother from Panipat ( now Heryana). I heard these stories from my late father and grand father.
    Syed Farhat Ali

  • dazzle

    You mean Godhra where they burnt more than 60 (official figure) little Hindu children and women and men alive cause they weren’t happy that Hindus were asking for justice for their holiest temple hundreds of kilometres away in Ayodhya……yes, we remember that very well and serves as yet another glaring reminder that there has been no Partition for us Indians with more than 200 million cruel and bloodthirsty, anti-national Muslims still living and multiplying by the second in India….my family lost many members in the mad slaughter than Muslims inflicted on them in Punjab which is now in Pakistan – all went to waste because there has been no Partition and I still have to suffer because of the actions of Muslims in my own country, nearly 7 decades later with no end or respite in sight…….Recommend