Agha Waqar and his ‘science-less’ kit

Published: August 3, 2012

I asked about his views on the second law of thermodynamics; Entropy and he claimed that it too had become obsolete after his experiment. DESIGN: ERUM SHAIKH

In a telephonic interview with Agha Waqar Ahmed on July 29, 2012, for Sindh Express, most of my questions to him were about the physics, thermodynamics and chemistry behind his water kit. However, some questions regarding thermodynamics were not addressed as they should have been and I felt as though Waqar knew more about the ‘engineering’ behind his kit but not the ‘physics’ that went into it.

Though it is not mandatory for an inventor to be a PhD, this age of fraudulent and quack inventions calls for every aspect of an invention to be examined thoroughly. Allow me to refresh your memory and remind you that the water kit experiments are not new in the world today despite a section of our media reporting it as a ‘new’ invention.

A leading Sindhi newspaper in its editorial even claimed that Agha Waqar’s water kit is worthy of a Nobel Prize! This is because most journalists of our mass media do not possess the academic background relevant to science and/or they do not see the problems of science on a theoretical level. This is also a contributing factor to the hype that we have seen regarding Agha’s water kit.

As a student of science and technology, I know that water can easily be converted to produce energy, but only if the required energy is given as an input. So, as many of you might know, there are a number of websites that are selling DIY water kits, but the question remains; are they purely water powered kits? For me, this was definitely not a new experiment; in fact, you can also perform it at home with proper training guides. It is the simplest formula of thermodynamics.

So coming back to the interview, I raised questions about the first and second law of thermodynamics.

The first law simply states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it can change form. In a water kit such as Agha’s, one is required to supply energy from an external source, such as the vehicle’s battery, to split the water molecule (H2¬O), resulting in two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Then, by mixing both gases, now split, a compound can be created called oxy-hydrogen or HHO, resulting in the release of energy which can power up an engine.

But according to the first law of thermodynamics, hydrogen cannot give surplus energy; it must give back the same amount of energy which it took from the vehicle’s battery to split itself up from the water molecule.

You do remember that energy can neither be created nor can it be destroyed, right?

The process discussed above is called electrolysis.

I asked Agha Waqar to confirm it. He confirmed that his kit used electrolysis.

I then asked him, how many times he changed or recharged his battery? He said he didn’t change it or recharge it. The next question, naturally, was whether he used any catalysts to boost the chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen, such as potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. He denied any use of such a catalyst.

At this point, I interjected, stating that if that were the case then there was something wrong with his experiment, as it is not possible according to the law of conservation of energy. He defended this by stating that the first law of thermodynamics is wrong! Shocked to have heard such a remark, I gathered myself and proceeded further to ask about his views on the second law of thermodynamics; entropy. He claimed that it, too, had become obsolete after his experiment ─ I reported the same to the Sindh Express on July 30, 2012.

Now, if these laws of physics are wrong – as per Mr Agha Waqar’s claim – then theoretical physics, as a whole will have to be re-evaluated, the foundation of physics will have to be rebuilt from the scratch and the laws of thermodynamics will have to be rediscovered! Agha may not be aware, but his claim would also put the theory of general relativity and quantum mechanics in question.

I do not believe that Agha Waqar thought clearly about the gravity of such theoretical problems and complexities of physics when he made his claims in order to justify his kit.

I, thus, concluded that, Agha Waqar was not a scientist, but a mere mechanical engineer.

There have been hundreds of such claims before him, which unfortunately ended up as bogus – and rightfully so. Agha Waqar seems frightfully close to this list if experts are not permitted to examine his ‘magic’ kit.

The day after the interview, the only report, with scientific support on this issue was published in the Sindhi press. A section of the media, which had previously been promoting him, without proper scientific inquiry, as a ‘national hero’ of Sindh was thus silenced.

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Zafar Imam

Zafar Imam

A graduate in IT and an MBA holder, Zafar is a sub-editor at the op-ed desk at the Sindh Express. He is a regular columnist of the same daily as well and is interested in political economy, sci-tech and political satire. He tweets @zafarimam.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Junaid Atique

    Does this so called engineer Agha Waqar think that he is the only person in this world with knowledge of physics. According to him both First and Second Law are wrong. Wow. I really mean WOW… He should be the new Father of Physics…Recommend

  • Abhay Bora

    Very nice and thought out blog.. The tragedy with todays world and Pakistan in particular because of the circumstances they are in.. that people sacrifice logic on the altar of national honour.. The reaction of such sort, even from the government, is nothing but jingoism of a nation riddled with an inferiority complex.. The government itself is clutching at straws in the wind to reinforce Pakistans image in the world and more particularly among its people.

    In India too, such news got prominence pre 1990’s.. you will find headline stories announcing such miraculous discoveries.. But with the growth, liberalization and more particularly the respect for science, such stories occur on the 5 th page and mostly with a scornful tone.

    The solution lies therefore in soul searching.Recommend

  • Dee

    So which oil refinery paid you to write this blog?
    p.s. The link you’ve added clearly states that
    Waqar said Dr Rehman has rejected the experiment without personally examining it. “I challenge Dr Atta to physically examine the car as water is its sole source of fuel,” Recommend

  • Asif khokher

    This is new funda by the corrupt political rulers and politicians of this country. They would allocate funds for this project which will be misused in the coming elections and ultimately this project will disappear. Politicians and agha both will be happy. Agha will become a ticket holder the party and then new minister.Recommend

  • EA

    Laws of the physics is a matter of academicians. They should and must discuss them, and discuss them rigorously. Aga is an engineer not a physicist. His narrative on physics laws may lack the integrability of a scientist…BUT THE CAR IS RUNNING.
    If there is some fraud, it must come out on the surface. Merely saying Laws of the Physics discovered so far, failed to explain this so it isn’t true…would not be justice. After all we all condemn the trial of Socrates. Recommend

  • samibck

    Dear Zafar

    Nice article, but let me correct you.

    Agha waqar using some kind of catalyst that he confirmed on specific amount which he refused. that he called that’s the secret. 2ndly catalyst price included in Rs.10/KM. I mean very cheap catalyst.Recommend


    the only positive think is that Agha waqar is willing to present his water kit to engineers and scientist to thoroughly examine is not a idea presented by him .it is a real time thing.and any body having doubts can thorougly examine it.instead of making his own perceptions.Recommend

  • Raheel

    Haha funny. This man, Agha Waqar, is absolutely hilarious.
    No engineer or scientist can support his claim. But ‘science-less cum brainless’ day dreamers, who want their cars (and rail engines) running on water that too free of cost, love this Agha thingy.

    Agha Waqar is not even a qualified engineer.Recommend

  • Annie

    Briliant job , i have read so many articles, blog on waqar nd his majic kit. Bt i ws highly convinced by ur view point. Have u seen his interview on capital talk, the way he answered dr. Atta ur rehmans question showd that he has nthng to do with physics,Recommend

  • Jz

    You are right. Sindhi media started shouting without knowing about the facts and without discussing the matter with scientists.Recommend

  • Irtaza

    The fact that parliamentarians have gotten themselves involved in this , and some of the leading – and I use the word ‘leading’ with disgust and disappointment – scientists who endorse this bogus-science necessitates the exposition of this charlatan ASAP. The sooner his ‘magic gadget’ is subjected to the most basic tests , the better it is. Once it is officially ascertained that the gadget is a useless device , every sensible man should take upon himself/herself the responsibility to inculcate in people a sense of questioning. Moreover, a layman need not know jack about the laws of science, but he can be instilled with the sense of respect for these laws , as they have withstood the test of time. Recommend

  • http://yahoo Ishfaq Ali

    First of all Mr. Agha Waqar was not scientist but now he is greatest scientist of the world………..if anybody feel jelously than please keep it up……bt who like the effort of Agha Waqar they need to highly encourage him……as well as Govt. of Pakistan need to protect him as a great scientist of Pakistan in the world becoz its honor Muslim’s World and Pakistani Nation around the glob….i hope that he should be successfull in his efforts and Govt. of Pakistan will provide the assistance to prove his technology as an Great Assistance for Human’s life in cheaper rates than oil in the world………..wsh u gud luk waqar and you should get success in future.Inshallah………………Recommend

  • Dr Shankar Vankwani

    no doubt a great invention take it positively,wait and watch every thing will be clear on time. those who invented 1st and 2nd laws were also humanbeings.Recommend

  • http://yahoo Ishfaq Ali

    on the other hand difference between scientist or only engineer is simple bcoz matter is not that the scientist or engineer made some special or not, if any engineer made some better than a scientist than engineer have great significance than scientist otherwise many person know about the “SHAKSPEARE” international community accept his prescription regarding humanity but he was Illiterate person, now what u say about him that illiterate person did not able to well knowledge…..some time knowledgeful person not able do something well than illiterate person examples can b found in the world….if u need……………..Recommend

  • Saien

    Saien tau Saien, Saien ke ‘Science’ bhi Saien!!!!!Recommend

  • Fizza saleh

    I feel that being Pakistani we should promote our country instead of making fun out of it. at least one is utilizing his talents and efforts and trying to make out of knowledge which he gained during his studies. this is very bad in my opinion and should not be encouraged. i believe in loving our national brothers and sisters who are trying to make their country’s name in the world.Islam also preaches LOVE and forbids HATRED among the mankindRecommend

  • sindh

    Most of the urdu speaking specially Punjabis are jelous with our hero. But soon they will get frustated.Recommend

  • mustafa kamal khan

    Well the blog was a total unbiased stuff and cleared many things which, both urdu and sindhi media, were aimlessly claiming at.

    A couple of days back there was a verbal scuffle between Waqar and Dr. Atta.
    Dr. Atta was stating repeatedly that the water kit process is against the basic law of physics and if it is found correct then all research undertaken in the field of physics and the nobel prizes given will stand cancelled.Recommend

  • Hassaan Saad Tariq

    beautiful article … keep it upRecommend

  • Faraz

    He might not be a ‘qualified’ scientist, not a ‘qualified’ engineer.. but I wish from the core of my heart to have a car that could run on water.. Giving damn to any law of thermo…Recommend

  • mudassar nawaz

    we are not living in 18th century,if there is something fraudulent it cant be hidden from the watchful media,its the basic principle of research to rigorously trying to cross check the claims of any scientist on the grounds of experimentation .so, be patient and wait until some substantial result comes out.till then,as a rule of thumb,be neutral rather than scoffing Engineer’s idea !Recommend

  • Cameo

    It as come down to this now.
    Instead of listening to reason and logic, and working hard to achieve their place in the world, the whole nation is looking for shortcuts, some divine help that is going to solve all there problem.Recommend

  • Mohsin Bashir

    “Kit will not be allowed to be tested”, It is ridiculous & failure of Waqar. Though it is true that most of the inventions like this are done by the technicians, Engineers,Foreman & mechanical technicians, usually they are not Phds & MSCs, but they don’t hesitate to put them into trial for its future reliability. Media should verify the news before being put into broadcasting. Recommend

  • Delay

    Agha has always said that he is an engineer and openly stated his qualifications. This blog is redundant from that perspective. I would not expect him to be any more and inventions have been stumbled upon throughout history.

    However, I am shocked to read that he can claim that the laws are redundant.

    I am also confused that he told you that there was no catalyst. Maybe he meant that the two you mentioned were not being used. There was a show in which he responded to a question by Dr Samar by saying that there was indeed something (non liquid) that was being used to aid the conversion and he said that this was the essence of his invention.Recommend

  • Raw is War

    Can we call this Islamic science?Recommend

  • Asad

    First of for those people who are saying that he is an engineer not a physicist dah you can’t claim to be an engineer and not know the basics of physics. Secondly for those who are saying he is utilizing his talent dah again he is only making a fool of himself and of those who are supporting him. And no this not a sindhi punjabi thing ethnicity should be least of concerns when it comes to exposing bogus science. Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Salman

    Since this blogger is also a humble student of science, I would like to ask him how can you access someone’s work by just having a conversation with him. It’s extremely disgraceful to read article where instead of putting a solid criticism these people are just getting jealous of him. If he is a mechanical engineer it hardly makes any difference. If he claims that his technology is much sophisticated than the previous ones then he sure has the right to claim the prestige and honor. People who have been involved in this research do not defy the feasibility of such inventions. I wonder who these bloggers really are? A few jealous quack scientists? Recommend

  • Tahir Khan

    First it was Dr. Ghulam Serwer, then mechanical engineer Mohammad Qamar Khan, then Agha Waqar. Whats going on?

    It was shame to watch Agha Waqar in Hamid Mir’s show on Geo. Agha Waqar showed no respect towards Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman and stupid Hamid Mir did not even try to stop/ block Agha Waqar.

    He who claims to be an inventor, should be put behind bars for bringing bad name to Pakistan. BTW hats off to a young science student from Mandi Baha-ud-Din who brought good name for Pakistan.

    A Student of 2nd year, Taimour Iftikhar from Rangers Public School & College, Mandi Bahauddin has grabbed third position in the 43rd International Physics Olympiad.

    Around 81 countries all over the world had contributed in the competition. The student of Rangers School of Pakistan caught third position and distinguished the flag of the country worldwide.

    Hungry got first position and China secured second position. On his arrival at airport, Taimour Iftikhar was warmly welcomed by his parents, the principle, staff and students of Rangers Public School & College, Mandi Bahauddin and members of civil society.

    Since 1967 the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) competition has been arranged in different countries. The Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) competition organized in the year 2000. Contribution in the Olympiads gives chances to young bright students from all over the world to share experiences and face challenges in solving Physics problems.

    Estonia had the honour of being the host of the 43rd International Physics Olympiad (IPhO), which were held from July 15th to 24th, 2012. The Olympiad were held in two locations, the capital Tallinn (team leaders), and the oldest university town in Estonia, Tartu (students). Estonian people and the organizers of the Olympiad were looking forward to meeting young physicists and their supervisors from all over the world, and to familiarize them to the innovative country.

    International Physics Olympiads were aimed at broadcasting natural and exact sciences amongst school students, motivating young people’s interest in physics, and promoting science education throughout the world by means of international contacts. IPhO is one of the oldest and largest International Science Olympiads: the first Olympiad took place in 1967 (cf. Section “HISTORY”), and the teams of 88 countries have already registered for IPhO2012 in Estonia. Estonian National Olympiads also have a long and noble history; today Olympiads are organized in about 20 subjects.

    According to the IPhO statute, each national team was included of up to five students and two leaders. The contestants were students of general or technical secondary schools; students who had graduated from their school in the year of the competition were the members of the team as long as they had not begun their university studies. The governing body of the IPhO was the International Board that comprised of the delegation leaders of each country joining the IPhO.Recommend

  • Imran

    what most critiques are doing is challenging Agha on theory. Agha is not hifi scientist and I am sure he did not use scientific breakthrough research to invent what he did. But instead of dismissing his invention because he is no expert scientist with papers backing his invention, why dont the experts go and find the flaw in his kit. Obviously the kit exists and he claims it works. It would be nice if one of the critique finds the practical flaw in his work rather than citing theories. We all know the theories, but the guy is showing you result. So the critique should also show real result as to where is the practical problem, not just the problem in theory. I think most critiques just want to be the first one to dismiss and later claim we said so. And all they did is to sit on their butts and make comments on theories without even trying to disproof any thing in his kit practically and later claim the credit if the invention was flawed. This has been going on for so many days, and not a single critique went and check the invention for himself and gave us the right answers. I mean how hard it is to measure the current drawn from battery during the Agha’s unique electrolysis process. How hard could it be to measure the amount of gasses produced in this process. How hard would it be to keep running the process till the battery runs out of charge. These things are simple to answer and will give concrete results on feasibility of Agha’s kit.Recommend

  • Umair

    I am going to commit suicide after reading all the comments! Seriously guys?

    This water kit is nothing but a perpetual motion machine. All the people in favor of this stupid water kit just reflect the utter lack of scientific knowledge in our country where you must have memorized laws of thermodynamics to get marks in matric but since you had no understanding of it, you are arguing against something that is more obvious than God on this earth.Recommend

  • Ali

    “I, thus, concluded that, Agha Waqar was not a scientist, but a mere mechanical engineer”

    Aren’t you belittling the profession of mechanical engineering by your choice of words?Recommend

  • Zubair

    For Gods sake – stop throwing tantrums and prove him wrong if you are so smart and right!!!

    Personally – The article lost credibility when I read the following ‘I, thus, concluded that, Agha Waqar was not a scientist, but a mere mechanical engineer’.Recommend

  • Engr. Nasir Mehmood

    khapay khapay khapay

    Agha Waqar does not understand even the very basics of engineering, though he claims to be an engineer. The politicians, media anchors, people and the scientific/technological community of Pakistan lacks basic sense of scrutiny. Otherwise this non-sense would not have come into media. This non-sense will end up bringing shame to Pakistanis again. There is a small fraction of Pakistanis in scientific/technological community who talk sense, but rest of the Pakistanis will not pay any attention to them. Even the Pakistani national hero Adbul Qadir Khan makes a stupid endorsement of Agha Waqar’s SUPER invention. This raises a question on the technical knowledge of Mr. A.Q Khan too. It seems that Pakistanis are just waiting for a magic to happen without the input of real hard-work.Recommend

  • Asim Sohail

    Dear Zafar,
    I appreciate your work but please dont disrespect the word engineer I, thus, concluded that, Agha Waqar was not a scientist, but a mere mechanical engineer Engineers are those who make all the structure of planet (Industries, dams, communications systems, weapons, home appliances, aeroplanes, ships, engines, rockets and any thing you see today) and they know well the fundamental principles of engineering, science and most of all mathematics.

    Scientist discover a principle of action reaction, an engineer bridge this dream statement by incorporating natural resources and mathematics to make a reality of rockets. I am engineer, we play day and night with these fundamental priciples of science and we practice them so in physical world we even have better understanding than scientists.

    Don’t call Agha as engineer, he is not an engineer. A person don’t know anything thing about science, engineering and mathematics and he is using word engineer for himself. He don’t even deserve the E of Engineer. He should choose any word SAJA, MAGA, GAMA or CHAWAL but he cant allowed to disrespect the word engineer.

    He even don’t know the mathematics of third grade, a kid knows 2+2=4, but what Agha is saying 0+1=100, where is the balance (=) of mathematics.Did you ask mr Agha, to kindly share his energy balance equation.

    And see the biggest lie, he (Agha) is saying that he has designed the kit and make all calculations and at the same time he is saying i don’t know theory, then what calculations he made: “how many donkeys are required to make a rabbit”.

    And to all Agha supporters, Energy cannot be created. If you can create energy, you can create matter, if you can create matter then you can create universe. Creation is just GODs property. Recommend

  • Jawad

    …. he hasn’t discovered any theories……………he has run the car PRACTICALLY!…………..i think you haven’t seen his video’s while driving the car………his discovery is not hidden……….it’s infront of the whole world……if it was wrong it would have been declared in the start…… you are not the only SciEnTiSt in this worldRecommend

  • Cameo

    Excellent article, bit off topic but can you please do a piece on Dr Samar Mubarik and is fantastic electricity generation schemes. I remember similar tall claims at the time,
    There are hundreds of companies out there who are investing billions of dollars to build specialist expertise and he was planning to do it all by himself while sitting in his office. what a joke.Recommend

  • Ashi

    before saying anything wrong about Mr. Waqar…please examine his invention.Recommend

  • rahib ali

    I think it should be discuss as a investion of this centry .if a one show his experiment than why we not believe in paticle but we believe in theory .we should see that if a person who claimed that he invented a new think then he should do particaly proof .agha waqar did it.but now a theory we should discus now that how this happen Recommend

  • Stupid Kit Believer

    for all of you against this guy Agha Waqar, He is a rookie i know it, you know it judging by his appearance, this Magic Kit…..whatever the Science is behind, Can’t it be REAL?
    Newton was no Genius but we apply his Laws, Einstein was a fool but you call him the Greatest Scientist Ever. Just test the thing if it Works its an Achievement, if it doesn’t carry on with this stuff of yours because thats what our media is good in doing.
    You can’t through a Hypothesis without the Practical Evaluation of itRecommend

  • amir

    @Fizza saleh:
    he is utilizing his talent in making us fool dear… Recommend

  • Seema

    An article without creditability quit bias…… parroting scienctific theories doesnot make one scientist ……. putting it into reallity makes one edge above then others…….. by no mean they should be jealous,…. just dont talk, like our nation does… .. Plz.go and materialize your theories…… so I advise your Dr Atta ur Rehman…. a chemist trying to be a physist …

    who says he is great man may be for Punjab …. during his HEC period this man awarded scholarships….. out of 12000 scholarships only 1200 scholar given to sindh 400 to balochistan 1500 to KPK rest he has given to Punjab…… So how come he will appriciate a person from Sindh came up with an invention…….. And this blogger proclaimed Agha Waqar wrong just because he asked him some questions about some theories and he was not satisfied with his answers. This mare Engineer is lot better then those scientist who could not put there theories for the betterment of their country…… they are so proud of their theories, and lavish their life…. still Pakistan is unable to produce it’s own simple needle….. that also we import from Chaina. Agha Waqar atleast proved himself an Engineer, bringing his practical work to public. Recommend

  • elementary

    If someone claims to put in 100 Rs into his bank account and is able to take out 150, he is not a super economist or a brilliant Banker ——- He is a fraud.
    You can’t have an out put from a machine which is greater or even equal to the input it recieves. That’s what fist and second laws of thermodynamics are about. Recommend

  • canjopak

    Many Theoretical Scientists and Ph.D are Jahil Ignorant who attach this invention with the “Law of Conservation of Energy” These Ph.D’s are like a donkey loaded with Books. That biggest invention of millennium has no relation with law of conservation of energy. In Patrol car Fuel pump is run by Battery and in water Car instead of fuel pump, tiny current of continuously recharging battery will be used to crack water into OH and H gases with CONTROLLED VERY UNIQUE METHOD OF ELECTROLYSIS, In this invention neither Energy is being CREATED nor DESTROYED; therefore It in no way violates the Law of conservation of Energy. It is just transforming chemical energy of water into heat energy and then after burning in engine to Mechanical energy. So simply, nothing is changed except that black Petrol has been replaced by White-Petrol[Water}. Black Petrol carry Hydrogen also and White-Petrol Water carry Hydrogen gas also. So any Ph.D or a so called scientists who says, that this inventions violates Law of conservation of Energy is THE BIGGEST HIMAAR[Donkey} on this planetRecommend

  • samibck

    agreed, I guess new claim invention not breaking any law.Recommend

  • Azhar Ayaz

    The blog post says:

    …by mixing both gases, now split, a
    compound can be created called
    oxy-hydrogen or HHO, resulting in the
    release of energy which can power up
    an engine.

    Agha Waqar is not claiming this released energy will drive the car. He is claiming that “combustion” of HHO gas will drive the car.Recommend

  • NEDian

    Science have no limits if we go on Mars on ( 6th August 2012) can make a nail size 8 GB memory card than why dont you accept the car running oon fuel????

    This car is 100% truth and Agha Waqar is the inventor… if any doubts we will allow to open ateast 1 petrol pump for peoples like You.

    you are not the only one science student. We are also from NED and trust on his invention. lets buck up to have a good future of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Naresh

    It seems that NAYSAYERS and DOUBTING THOMAS Group will destroy Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmed’s pioneering invention of running an Engine – this time is that of a Car – which technology will be used for Propulsion on Land, Water, Under Water, Air and even Space.
    I hope that saner minds prevail and let Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmed’s invention be commercially brought into the Market.
    Just think of the Economic Benefits to the World’s People in General and those of the Indian Sub-Continent in Particular if the reliance on the Oil Sheikhs and Oil Companies is brought to an end and we will see a spur in the Industrial Development of the Indian Sub-Continent once “Huge Sums” are released for use in the Various Public Infrastructure Projects whish the People urgently need.


  • A.

    Why is this turning into a racial issue?

    @Raw is War
    No this is Sindhi science considering people from Sindh are so insistent on bringing up agha’s ethnicity as the reason some people are questioning him.Recommend

  • A.

    In other news
    According to an official handout, the minister categorically rejected the blames leveled by Dr Ataur Rahman as he was production of dictatorship”

    This is one of the biggest wth moment Pakistani politicians have given me.Recommend

  • Imran Kapadia

    Yet again- My only objection to this article of this great man is that “You may be right, I mean by backing your argument with simple laws of physics but you never realized that these laws are not words of God. The world was flat once, It was impossible to fly. We are so stupid that in the daily cores of life we have easily learnt to believe the believable only.Recommend

  • Baba

    The water car kit does not break any physics law. Agha Waqar’s invented system is very much aligned with theoritical physics. Hydrogen in Water is the source of fuel in this system. Electricity from battery is only being used as a catalyst to facilitate separation of hydrogen from water.

    Consider theses examples. An electrical spark from car’s spark plug facilitates ignition of gasoline that runs car. Further, the process used to Detonate a necleor bomb requires very little energy as compared to the energy released when the bomb explodes, similarly the energy used to release hydrogen from water does not need to be more then the one released from water in form of hydrogen.

    At the end , this is a working model. Rather then coming up with silly arguments( which could only be considered if this would have been theory) it is important to appreciate the work that has been practically demonstrated. Recommend

  • wizzies

    This is a wake up call! Turns out most of our literate population is extremely dumb. We are producing clerks, data processors and frauds. We really need to revisit our educational standard as this is a really alarming state.

    For god’s sake please get your heads out of these fictional conspiracies. Its just sad and stupid how our people think.

    Please note that by failing the laws of thermodynamic you are challenging everything from a simplest motor to the computer you are using even the sats lodged in the sky follow these laws. You guys have absolutely no idea what you’re trying to challenge. Recommend

  • Vishnu Dutta

    If what he claims is correct then he is too good for the nobel prize itself. Pak govt should start a new award in his name which would be greater than nobel prize.

    i mean come on, there has to be a limit to this madness. but then again its not his fault, he is doing day light robbery and pak media has decided to close their eyes on him. media persons who have been encouraging him should be asked to apologize to the entire world.Recommend

  • Seema

    @ A.: I think you haven’t read comments…. a n engineer who has come up with some kind of invention, and some racist mind instead encouraging him, started pouring with their own theories just to prove him fraud while Dr Qadeer a prominent scientist apparently did not find fault and other scientist are still looking in the matter…. how come some who, memorized few theories, parroting those, can pass judgement that Agha Waqar is fraud…. cant we think like a Pakistani and wish him good luck, so his invention become a pride of Pakistan. I some ppl’s ethnic pride hurt.Recommend

  • Tariq Raza

    Laws of physics are not Ahadees and Ayats Of Quran that can`t be changed.Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    @Junaid Atique:
    I don’t know Agha waqar is correct or wrong but science has no limits and the writer of this article is a confused person he is mixing between first law and second law and even described thermodynamics law incorrectly by saying there’s same amount of energy produced is he serious where is friction. The real law says even less energy is produced due to friction.Recommend


    just w8 and watch. all dear frnds. Pakistan k qualified engineers ne aj tak kon sa teer mary han. agha waqar ki invention bhly galat ho os me bhly 100% water use na ho magar wo exist kar rahi ha mena qualified engineers dakha han jo khud to kuch nahi karty onka kam dosro ki tang khanchna k ilawa kuch nahi.


  • Hasnain Rehman Memon

    Demonstration of Water kit is another thing and Posting Comment and making Post is a Different thing. People and Scientist and so Called Science ICONS of Pakistan Should reach Agha Waqar and test his Invention. The Only thing I really appreciate is he just proved this Water In very good Manners and Million dollar Quote is “Think out of a Box”Recommend

  • Saad

    @samibck: A catalyst merely speeds up the rate of the chemical reaction. It does NOT increase the amount of energy released during the reaction. Also, the catalyst itself is supposed to remain completely unchanged during the reaction. To state that the catalyst gets used up at a rate which would give the car a fuel economy of Rs10/km means that you are under the impression that the catalyst is a fuel source.

    Source: High school chemistry.Recommend

  • Hina

    To all those who believe academics and practical are always hand in hand, i would like to draw ur attention to Einstein’s theory of relativity which though taught everywhere have not been put into practical. The day this theory was postulated it threatened all the laws of physics known then. Secondly his theory of E=MC2 (square) has also clarified that energy and mass r inter-convertible. So those who cannot think beyound there known sphere of knowledge have not contributed anything new to the knowledge of world. i dont say he is 100 % correct or authentic nevertheless, bias in some quarters is evident. STOP demoralizing and discouraging hard working people simply because u dont want anyone else to more knowledgeable then you.Recommend

  • Rooh-e-Sarhad

    It is indeed a great invention and something we all should be proud of. As far as the laws of thermodynmics go, Agha’s invention does not negate but complements these. The main principle of the invention is producing hydrogen out of water and channeling it through the combustion cycle of the car’s engine. As hydrogen is highly combustible, it generates the required heat to operate the car’s engine- more efficiently than petrol. What a simple and effective idea.
    The main objection from scientists is how can so much hydrogen be produced by a simple process of electrolysis. This is a mystery which Agha has not yet answered and rightly so. If he divulges it, someone can easily steal his idea. The best thing for Agha to do would be to patent his invention and then divulge its mysteries for all to see.
    The invention promises untold riches in royalty to Agha and countless respect for Pakistan in the international community.
    We should be optimistic and should encourage Agha instead of deprecating him.
    Way to go, Agha Waqar. Recommend

  • Seema

    plz mr editor would u stop talking about examining it and examine it ….
    and what’s the word of dr atta ur rehman against the word of abdul qadeer khan?
    he’s not even a physicist!
    truth is u guys cant swallow the bitter truth that a sindhi did what u couldn’t….and that too with his own guts and hard work…
    learn to accept defeat or u’ll never be able to do so…;)Recommend

  • Jawad Haider


    “mechanical engineers” are the ones who study thermodynamics and entropy in fullest detail, kindly dont associate us with quacks like agha waqar Recommend

  • ammar

    @Asif khokher:
    Yes, we should make Agha our Science Minister Recommend

  • ali

    Bhai dnt have much knowledge of physics..
    I have one question in my mind…
    Its about nuclear energy…when u get large amount of energy
    from nuclear blast is it provided with tht much energy?
    If not thn y cant we get energy frm hydrogen?Recommend


    please read fission reaction (nuclear fission ).you all will know what happens in the water kit. you all know law of thermodynamic but did not know fission reaction. please see in wiki.Recommend

  • H4N1

    @Ishfaq Ali:
    Shakespeare, illiterate!?

    We are talking about the same Shakespeare, right?Recommend

  • MAQ

    Finally, someone from the news media has the basic science knowhow to tell apart a scam like this!

    Although, any engineer – mechanical or otherwise, knows the laws of thermodynamics cannot be violated as easily as our Pakistani laws!Recommend

  • BN.

    “I, thus, concluded that, Agha Waqar was not a scientist, but a mere mechanical engineer.”

    I do not find a lot of logic within this statement. I agree with most of what the author has said, however
    I doubt he himself knows how much knowledge of Physics and Thermodynamics is required to be a Mechanical Engineer. He claims to be a student of science so I am a bit surprised at the ignorant remark he has made.

    Anyways in my opinion Mr. Waqar is a mere technician, simply a mechanic (which is very different from an engineer), who has no real knowledge of how science works.Recommend

  • Shazib habib Memon

    @Asif khokher:
    Good bro you should be in planning commission of Pakistan due being forward thinker.Recommend

  • Salman

    …during his HEC period this man (Dr. Ata) awarded scholarships….. out of 12000 scholarships only 1200 scholar given to sindh 400 to balochistan 1500 to KPK rest he has given to Punjab……

    Considering the amount of mindless support Agha Waqar is getting from the Sindh quarter,can you really blame HEC for distributing scholarships like that?

    Seems pretty fair and on merit distribution to me.Recommend

  • H. A.

    Actually. It is doable. The question I have is about the efficiency of his “water” fuel compared to gasoline.Recommend

  • B.

    At least now the whole nation knows what the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics are! Recommend

  • Sane

    Most of the urdu speaking specially Punjabis are jelous with our hero. But soon they will get frustated.

    I have started making large water storage tanks. I will be selling water to Agha Waqar and to those who will run their vehicles on his-made kit. Take advice keep your water in bank lockers and start buying more and more water.Recommend

  • Sane

    @Raw is War:

    Can we call this Islamic science?

    No barking. This subject is not for hate mongers.Recommend

  • A.

    You guys are crazy. I give up. Yes what Agha Waqar made is absolutely ground breaking. All of us Mohairs and Punjabis are only questioning him not because we think that his invention is against the basic physics laws but because he is Sindhi. Who cares if he lied on tv made a fool of amazing scientists all that matters is that he is Sindhi and that’s that.

    Never have I been more disappointed in the educated class of my country.

    Nuclear fission reaction is something completely different how can you compare these things. Recommend

  • Sane

    Dr. Samar Mubarak is somewhat advanced version of Agha Waqar. let’s see when Thar coal becomes Bijli Cola.Recommend

  • observer

    Apparently the ‘Inventor’ does not want a scientific evaluation of his Wonder Invention.He failed to turn up at NUST.

    When Waqar was asked by The Express Tribune why he did not show up at NUST on Thursday, he said that the plan had changed. “The technical examination has now been deferred for an unidentified period of time and will not happen soon,” he said. When inquired to explain the reason for the deferral, Waqar simply hung up the phone.

  • Adnan

    While watching Capital talk i was continuosy feeling shame on our media personalities along with the politician, what a stupid they are.

    The guy Agha Waqar, by his facelook and his speaking, in no way anyone can say that he is that genious.. and they all before testing to any authentic place brought him directly in front of international media.

    I am living in dubai and in my office there are multi nationalities people, all came to me and start appreciating Pakistan’s invention..

    Alas it is proved fraud, all will come again to me for condolence, and can you imagine what will be my feeling ” getting insulted for doing nothing”Recommend

  • Raw is War

    @ Sane

    oh. you are in-sane.Recommend

  • ThinkOverItPls

    If it was that easy to make a car run on water then every tom, dick and harry engineer who has studied physics(and its so called LAWS) would have come up with this decades before. Guys maybe this invention was possible by going slightly against the law, as laws are made to be broken. These are just man-made invented and tested physics laws NOT some thing that are bound to stay there forever. Engineers who are constantly criticising Mr.Agha actually feel complexed and inferior to him as they have degrees with them and he is not certified. But i guess Education ruins you sometime and thats what i see here. Education is suppose to make you tolerant and cooperative and not only competitive. So i request lets not lable Mr.Agha’s invention a hoax. Let him prove his stance, he has got invitation from AbuDhabi to give a demo of his invention there and if proven right he’ll be the pride of Pakistan. And even if he fails to do so, there is nothing to get insulted or ashamed of as it was just an invention that did no harm to the humanity or environment. Atleast he is giving it a try so what if he is not certified, maybe de didnt had the resources to get educated like you all engineers, so we should support him for his effort as it will give boost to other Aghas in Pakistan to try if they think they can do something rather than just sit back and be afraid of what the world will label them.
    What if a certified engineer would have come up with this invention or something similar to it, and his invention would have failed for some reason would he be labeled FRAUD? Is that tthe definiton of FRAUD in your dictionary? He didnt steal or cheated anyone then why such an attitude towards him?. I belive this is why we are not one as a nation beacuse we dont know how and where to encourage others, we have only learned to do leg pulling.
    Com’on guys THINK OVER IT!!
    p.s sorry i didnt mean to attack engineers in general but had to say what i felt was right.Recommend

  • Asif Iqbal

    . . . . . . . . “BUT THE CAR IS RUNNING”Recommend

  • zakoota

    AOA, i would like everyone to watch this and then decide ,


  • khizar

    @Fizza saleh:
    well saidRecommend

  • Seema

    @Salaman: Why dont you check figures from HEC…. Your ignorance make you believe him great man.Recommend

  • OxyHydro

    Agha waqar’s magical water kit is producing hydrogen in defiance to the established laws of thermodynamics…why are people raising questions about the magical kit he invented??….are we requesting the rest of the modern world to buy it from us??……it is sindhi technology and must be used only in Sindh!!!! Pls dont try to hinder scientific advances we are making…lolsRecommend

  • Asad Naqi

    sir i am deeply saddened by ur comments it seems ur sight its merly smudged by hatered u have to consider science the basic fundamental behind this scheme.the current law of physics states chemical energy cannot be extracted by water alone and the process of oxy-hydron is rocket feul so it is not sensible to support his theories @sindh: Recommend

  • Mechanical Engineer

    Aga Waqar is a diploma holder and cannot be considered as an Engineer… Do’nt be biased to mechanical engieer, writer..!! See this is the problem with our nation, we call every ulta seedha mechanic as mechanical engineer…..!! Mechanical Engineer do know very well about all the laws in Physics..!Recommend

  • By

    @seema you should buy this technology from your Sindhi brother than.Recommend

  • Mohammad ali gaad

    Before this many of folks have claimed to invent water-kit but when tested. examiners got a little cylinder or else.Same if Mr. Agha waqar is not up to folk`s answers,he is not up to his experiment! Recommend

  • Seema

    @By: Well I am proud of him atleast practically he put some thing together to show, those parroting theories what they did for the country,…. only feeling proud on their lame degrees which are not worth any thing , if you dont produce the result. Sleep well with your memorized theories. Come on ask these copy paste scientist, and Engineers did they ever tried to find something like Agha Waqar… then stop criticizing him. I challenge you, with all these talking brains together cant put up one single toy car to claim. Hmmm scientists.Recommend

  • jawad

    dr samar mubarak mentioned something about carbide and he went fishy fishy , means he use calcium carbide plates as catalyst that will form c2h2 which will form ethylene.

    ok folks now we know whats the catalyst


    what was all the fuss about 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics……….

    agha in first place was carrying the slogan of “pure water” that made the whole fuss…. with catalyst exposed now we know that 1st and 2nd laws are out of dangerous waters…… thanks god…..

    but he said to dr samar mubarak that he did the electrolysis with “little” electricity, to produce large amount of hydrogen gases……
    now that might be his trick and it may change the verdict……….

    food for fertile brains…….?????

    he or his assistance at one point did mention something about using capacitors and pulse wave modulators…….Recommend

  • OxyHydro

    Thank God engineer waqar was not synthesizing hydrogen from atmospheric nitrogen and driving car on air..lolRecommend

  • Asim Sohail

    @Mechanical Engineer

    I totally agree, Agha is basically a donkey who is using Mercedes tag on his face and his supporters are just looking tag.

    As far as writer is concerned, this simple man doesn’t know Engineer = science + mathematics + technique. OR,

    E=S+M+T, and IF

    E-S-M=T, then as E-S-M is not equal to E so we denote E-S-M=F (Fraud)

    So if science & maths is missing from engineering and have only technique (as in Agha Sb case) then its just merely a Fraud.

    Its also a joke that a man who has voilated first & second law of thermodynamics, even not much aware with his own technique. He just done it.Recommend

  • OxyHydro

    Agha waqar dont you think there is a difference between a diploma holder and an engineer? Probably you dont find any difference that is why you call yourself an engineer. You must launch a “magic kit” fabrication firm in partnership with Mr. Khurshid shah, law minister of Sindh.and KTN owners…oh yeah..i forgot… please also give some position in your firm to Hamid mir as well!!!Recommend

  • Noor

    Instead of jumping to a conclusion that the guy is bogus, please give him a chance to tell what his kit is upto.. If you say a layman about 1st law of thermodynmics..He will say, what the heck he is going to do with the law ?? He has invented a equipment that cleans grains. So instead of undermining the guy, Pakistani govt should promote these kind of guys.. If the vehicle runs Rs 10/litre dats not at all a bad deal for a power hungry country. Suddenly adding politics to everything is going to kill this kind of experimentation. For govt its no big deal to verify the kit and tell if its worth/invention/future-technology
    -Love from IndiaRecommend

  • Salman


    I dont need to check HEC data when I fully agree with you on how they distribute the scholarships.You dont like Punjab for getting lion’s share of the scholarships,I get it.

    With the kind of intellect you have in Sindh, with people left right and center blowing basic physics and mathemtical laws to bits (proven by this fiasco), supported by the sindhi engineers, Phd doctors,politicians and sindhi media, I dont blame HEC for diverting much of the fund to the really deserving people who actually use their brains.Recommend

  • Ashvinn from India

    Yo guys one need not be a physics guru or somen scientist to understand 1st law of thermodynamics, this law of physics taught in school at standard six or seven, this guy is just brain farting, I am pretty sure he has never been to school or for that matter even to a library, you guys are trying to reason with a illiterate, adamant , child like stupidity.first respect your real scientists like dr abdus SalamRecommend

  • Fawad

    So far he has given only demonstration to a select few, most non-technical people. Let this kit be presented to a technical evaluation team of scientists and engineers for technical evaluation. Only then can one make claim.
    Ans if he claims to have private people interested interested for investment, then why does he want govt funding? Plus why is he waiting for govt decision before registering a patent? Recommend

  • Blind folded

    Hi, i normally agree with the point of views of the author on E.T. But you sir are nothing more then a whining baby. I’m no scientist or even a science student, but from what i could gather from your article was that you are one of those people who’d do nothing there entire lives…but if someone does make an effort for the betterment of the society, you’d be there to talk him down. Shame on you. Even if he’s a rookie, atleast he made an effort. You make me feel sick. Recommend