Islamophobia and Huma Abedin

Published: August 1, 2012

Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, left, Representative Michele Bachmann, centre, and Senator John McCain, right. PHOTO: REUTERS

Islamophobia is mounting in the developed world, with a big contributing factor being ignorance. Without understanding the true religion, the West has wrongly formed an ignorant opinion of Islam, associated with terrorists who have no right to be called Muslims.

Recently, Huma Abedin, a Muslim woman, who is deputy chief of staff to Hilary Clinton was accused of having ties with radical Islam. Five prominent members of the Republican Party and congress sent a letter to the Deputy Inspector General of the State Department, accusing Hilary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin of ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

From the members of the Republican Party who signed this letter, the most prominent is Michele Bachmann, who was being considered by the Republicans as a presidential candidate. The Muslim Brotherhood is a political Islamic organisation which was founded in 1928, particularly very active in the Arab world and has been accused of an ‘international plot to overthrow governments of Arab countries’ by many, including the Dubai police.

According to the letter sent, Abedin’s three family members specifically her late father, mother and brother were directly connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The inclination given is that Abedin has influenced the softening of policy in the White House towards the Muslim Brotherhood which can produce hazardous results for the US since the Muslim Brotherhood intends to destroy western civilisation from within.

However, the US government states that it does not view the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation, given that it had not carried out a violent activity for the past fifty years. That said, the US government is very thorough when conducting research on potential employees of the White House, so obviously Abedin was not viewed as a threat. In fact, on being asked about Huma Abedin, the Muslim Brotherhood responded with a confused ‘Who?’

Not all Republicans have attacked Abedin’s reputation, with Senator John McCain amongst others rising to her defence.

“These attacks on Huma have no logic, no basis and no merit. And they need to stop now,” McCain had said.

I have new-found respect for Senator McCain and what Hilary Clinton stated really hit home for me:

“Leadership is incredibly important. Leaders have to be active in stepping in and sending messages about protecting the diversity within their countries. And frankly, I don’t see enough of that, and I want to see more of it. I want to see more of it, and we did see some of that in our own country. We saw Republicans stepping up and standing up against the kind of assaults that really have no place in our politics,” Clinton said.

Killing of innocents by so-called Muslims does not reflect what Islam teaches. Although jihad is a part of Islam, it has nothing to do with killing innocent people. Besides, what about the good that we’ve done? Why must the true spirit of Islam be overshadowed by those killers, terrorists and intolerant fanatics who have no right to be called Muslims?

It does seem a bit preposterous that Abedin would be connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, or have an extremist Islamic agenda. The woman’s dress sense, to begin with, isn’t very modest according to Islamic standards as seen by her photo shoot in Vogue Magazine in 2007, where she wore a daring low cut red dress. She is also married to a Jewish man and has a baby with him!

That said, the issue is deeper than just one person. The letter actually accused quite a few people indirectly, and the reason why Abedin was brought to the limelight is that her name was specifically mentioned.

There is an underlying fear that Islam poses a threat to the western style of life – a fear which refuses to rationalise the fact that Muslims have been living peacefully in the west for hundreds of years. This is due to ignorance and it is this ignorance about the true meaning of Islam which is in dire need of being addressed in order to avoid such fear and misunderstandings in the future.

Read more by Amna here.


Amna Khalid

Amna Khalid

An economics major from LUMS, with a MSc in financial economics from Cardiff University. Khalid currently works in London. She blogs at

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  • Sane

    The fear will drive west and US to its own death. Islam is to prevail…Muslims to remain….Fear is to go.Recommend

  • Parvez

    For me this came across as an apologetic defence of an issue that is staring at the ‘west’ in their face and merely trying to convince them by words will not work it must be done through deeds as well. Another thing to understand and counter is that the ‘west’ themselves are not completely innocent in creating this tension in the first place. Recommend

  • Sinclair

    The religion of peace transforms into something else when population of muslims crosses the significance threshold. Then the calls for separatism, secession start. Also, then is when people will see how ‘west’ reacts to such nonsense – not like the Indian way.Recommend

  • Hardliner

    What a co-incidence, a similar propaganda is being carried out by Pakistan’s liberal mafia……………………. co-incidence or co-operation???Recommend

  • VivaLaRevolution

    Dear writer, to tell you the truth it does not matter what you think. So what if you say that the “Muslims” who commit terrorist activities and suicide bombings are not really “Muslims” but trying to defame Islam. They say that they are Muslims and that is all that matters. You can go around telling people that they are not but at the end of the day it wont matter a bit.
    They are also Muslims just like Ahmedis are Muslims. all you have to do to be a Muslim is call yourself one there is no prerequisite.Recommend

  • Toba Alu

    Islamo(‘phobia’) is indeed mounting in the developed world. Mounting means it was less before. It was indeed a lot less before. Actually nobody even noticed the handful of Muslims and they could practice their religion in freedom. At least in those countries were they were a tiny minority. So you have to look for reasons why it is mounting. My assessment is that there are lots of reasons for it. First of all since the 1960 the number of Muslim immigrants has risen to the extent that the original population feels threatened, rightly or wrongly. Threatened in economic and social terms and some even feel that their own religious freedoms are threatened as fanatics are even asking for Sharia laws. They are demanding separate hours for women to swim in public swimming pools. They want special prayer rooms in offices. They have their own butchers. Their dress code is quite different to say it mildly. And so on and so forth. Then a large group is on the dole because many of them (especially recent arrivals) have often neither had a proper education nor any useful skill for a modern society. Then they bring their illiterate grandmothers and grandfathers and the men go back to find an “unspoiled bride” bringing more backwardness to their host country. These developed countries are not eager to accommodate Maulvis living in the stone age to create a stone age cohort that is breeding faster, that does not adjust to modern times and that is creating backward communities. Backward communities in a modern society leads to poverty and crime. This is the general picture that ordinary people in the developed countries have. Especially the lower educated original population experiences that their neighborhoods are changing and they often become a minority in their own city quarter. The more affluent citizens don’t care about this growing maladjusted group of Muslim immigrants because they are living in different parts of the cities. Add to this 9/11, the arrest of bomb making fanatic Muslims, the London and Spain bombings (and a lot more). Ordinary people indeed believe that there is something wrong with that religion, because that is the only common denominator. That does not mean that the more educated and more liberal citizens of developed countries are equally demonizing Muslims. Their friends if they are Muslims are educated keep their religion between them and their God, behave decently and are adjusted to the society they live and work in. There is mutual respect. But their fight for the freedom of religion is getting tougher and tougher, even though many are secular and non-believers. Let us say that bad apples are making it difficult for the good apples. But the latter are not very visible, neither vocal. If Islam is so peaceful it does not appear to be so in the newspapers. The news is bad. Did not I hear you say that Pakistan suffered 40,000 deaths in the last ten years. These were not traffic accidents. So let us not call it a phobia (as the connotation is that a phobia is irrational). This scare is real and has many grounds. So up to the Muslims to prove that all above is just a misunderstanding of peaceful Islam. Recommend

  • Muslim

    @Toba Alu

    Long rhetoric…little substance. The term islamophobia should actually be renamed as ‘enmity against Islam’. This is nothing was the same when the message of Islam came in Makkah..the early muslims had to migrate to Madinah due to the hostile unbelievers…the hostility did not stop even after the migration and hence the early Jihads by the muslims to protect their deen from the unbelievers. After that the crusades against Saladin were again hostility towards Islam. The recent leaked course taught by US army on total war on Islam is the same hostility that has continued for over 1400 years…You say that the news always portrays a bad view of Islam. That is becasue the media is in the hands of the enemies of Islam and is always biased against Islam and muslims who follow Islam. Today every presidential candidate of the US has to go to Israel first, get interviewed and if passed by Israel, then succeeds to be the party candidate chosen for the US presidential elections. That in itself speaks tonnes…Recommend

  • Ali

    Islam poses a threat to the western style of life

    The kind of Islam we see on TV, the Muslim brotherhood, The Taliban, Women in veils etc. In Muslim countries homosexuals are killed, women are subjugated and there is a lot of barbaric behavior which Islam was actually supposed to change.

    This Islam IS a threat to the western style of life. Why is it that Muslim countries require immigrants to conform to their ways, but when they go abroad they want special privileges?

    There is a lot wrong in the Muslim community. We have to accept that and change that, once that happens peoples perceptions will change automatically about Islam.

    PS. Every religion thinks is is the only true faith and they are the only peaceful ones. Recommend

  • AnisAqeel

    “the West has wrongly formed an ignorant opinion of Islam, associated with terrorists who have no right to be called Muslims.”
    Right, but who has given this feelings of being terrorist religion, our fanatic Mullahs and general public endorsed it. Don’t blame the West, blame ourselves.Recommend

  • Toba Alu


    I am flattered by qualifying my comments as rhetoric, but then in the meaning of how the ancient Greeks were using it. I just present some possible reasons why “enmity against Islam” as you call it is mounting in some developed countries. You may not agree with the reasons I gave, but just saying that this happening for 1400 years everywhere all the time is just historically incorrect to say it politely. Don’t play the victim. I am talking about a relatively recent phenomenon namely in countries where Muslims were a tiny minority and are now a growing mostly backward community amounting to millions (still counting). Ordinary and educated people alike are developing their opinion about these Muslims (they see and hear about) and the banner under which they act and participate (or not) in their communities, i.e. Islam. Your answer is not contributing to any solution. What we need is respecting each other, just demanding that developed countries should adapt themselves to their new backward Muslim communities is going a bridge to far. This demand will only lead to greater tensions.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK


    I agree, but Huma Abedin needn’t be defined by the acts of extremists who may share the same religion as her. Stereotyping, and hating somebody on the basis of his/her religious faith is, and shall always remain, unacceptable.


    I concur with whatever you’ve said, although the no-true-scotsman fallacy is getting way to common and needs to stop. You can’t call somebody a “so-called Muslim” or “having no right to be called Muslim”, just because they don’t fulfil your expectations of what a Muslim is supposed to be like.

    Different people have their own version of what “true” Islam really is, and what it implies.Recommend

  • Muslim

    @Toba Alu

    As I said in my earlier post, the solution to the problem lies not with the muslims living in the so called developed countries, but with their hosts. For example there is resentment against Hijab wearing women from the hosts, there is resentment to building new mosques from the hosts, there is resentment to muslims not drinking alcohol in official parties by the hosts. there is resentment to halal slaughter (no issues with kosher slaughter) by the Hosts

    The solution is simple, either the muslims stop following God’s command and copy their hosts lifestyle and please their hosts in these countries or else face the backlash they are facing. The other solution is that the hosts (local population) stop their resentment towards practicing muslims which is definitely not possible as history tells us.

    The problem comes from the unbelievers hating Islam. This has been the same right from the start (1400 years ago) and nothing has changed till today. Simply explain to me- why is the western media going wild over the election of muslim brotherhood, despite the fact that the brotherhood has not been involved in any terrorist activity??Recommend

  • Musthaq Ahmed

    I heard of practicing lawyers and doctors. Archers and musicians do practice. My grandfather and father were good muslims and never this word was used in those days. It sounds western .Recommend

  • FU

    I stopped reading when the author referred Islam as a true religion.So according to her other religions are false.Because thats what the law of contradiction says if two things contradict each other one has to be wrong.How do you define a true religion? Whats the truth that islam has and other peaceful religions doesn’t have.Muslims say no compulsion in religion but still apostates have to be put to death.This article is a pure hypocrisy.I expected better from ET.Recommend

  • 3rdRockfromtheSun

    @Toba Alu
    A most comprehensive and accurate post – couldn’t have said it better. The problem is replicated in practically all countries with a sizeable Muslim immigrant population. Have seen this first hand in my neighbourhood in Canada. There are equal or larger immigrant groups belonging to other religions, and such issues are very rare among them. Why?

    Your attitude is precisely why ‘Islamophobia’ as you call it, is on the rise. There are many non-Muslim teetotallers (abstaining from alcohol) here but they are never looked down upon. On the other hand, why should a local univ/office have a special prayer room, why should a school cafeteria be required to serve halal meals when less than 10% of the kids are Muslims, why should a 10 yr old Muslim kid be exempt from a school’s music / swimming class because ‘music/swimming attire is against their religion’? These examples are not pulled out of a hat but those I know of firsthand – and there are many more. Recently another blogger on this site wrote about how she was surprised at reactions from people when all of a sudden she went to work in a full burqa – really, what was she expecting?
    If you choose to make a ‘Western’ country your home, it is upon you to adjust to their lifestyle – not the other way around. Recommend

  • Kafir


    “Without understanding the true religion…. blah blah…”

    I am sick with this phrase. Recommend

  • Talia

    If someone came to your house and insisted that you allow them to cook and eat pork (assuming you are muslim and dont consume pork yourself), would you let them? You are the host, you have a moral issue with your guest’s activity, it’s not your guest’s problem right? According to your logic, you should welcome this with open arms and let your guest do what they want. Would you?Recommend

  • Imran Con

    If Muslims didn’t claim persecution they wouldn’t be Muslims.Recommend

  • AnisAqeel

    @Loneliberal PK:
    It is an absolute reality what Amna mentioned, there is underlying fear that Muslims are attacking western lifestyle and trying to bring fifteenth century Islam right at their door steps. The initial response is coming in the form of legally banning ‘burka or hijab’ and wrinkled foreheads or cold shoulders or recent spying on Muslims in New Jersey or New York. If we do not change ourselves others aught to react the same way in the end.
    Representative Michele Bachmann is just playing politics as any desperate politician will to gain some lost popularity otherwise majority knows how moderate intelligent and a decent American Muslim Huma Abedin is!
    ‘Different people have their own version of Islam’ but problem arises when a whole society becomes so fanatic that even the Governments will interfere and classify who is a Muslim and who should face death penalty if they do not practice under their version of Islam and that makes a huge number of Muslims a terrorist crop.Recommend

  • Vikram

    Some one mentioned Hijab. No one forced Huma Abedin (shown in the picture) not to wear Hijab? No one forced her to marry a Christain Anthony Weiner.

    It is not important what Islam means, it is important how Muslims live.and interact with non-Muslims

    Pakistanis and Afghanis know the meaning of true Islam. World can see what Islam is by watching how its followers live their lives in Islamic countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan.


  • Ahmedullah

    The west does not have misconception about Islam. Given the circumstances, they have the right conception. Ultimately, it comes to this. Actions speak louder than words. Ultimately, a religion is judged by who practices it, and how it is practiced. By that measure, Islam is disadvantaged by its proponents through out the world. It is the same reason I give for those who argue that Jinnah is secular, based on a few speeches he gave. Someone who created a state and national identity based on religion cannot be secular, no matter the words. Human being are more practical in their judgements than we Pakistanis think. After all, calling a spade a spade is how we have survived as a species.Recommend

  • Chughtai

    Hmm…let me say this without mincing words. Amma says jihad and fighting to convert the world to Islam is not part of Islam. We then have countless Imams, Mullahs, Ayatollahs, and respected religious scholars who have dedicated their entire life to studying the Koran, know Arabic, study the religion since they were 5 years old, etc. And they all concur that we need to wage jihad to convert the world to Islam, since it is the true path.

    So, do you believe the experts or just an amateur (sorry Amna)? Seriously, how could all these learned people who study all the scriptures be simultaneously wrong? Very unlikely, I would say. It is like saying that all the physicists in the world, including the Nobel prize winners, are wrong about gravity. And that I should really believe an amateur fifth grader who says just the opposite. It is hard sell for me, honestly. I would rather trust the religious leaders on what they say about my religion. Thet have actually researched the topic and studied the scriptures. Thank you.Recommend

  • Critical

    As I said in my earlier post, the solution to the problem lies not with the muslims living in the so called developed countries, but with their hosts.
    Could you please tell me if you had been to a European or US yourself or are you telling us what you hear from others..
    First of all,Its burkha not hijab which was banned by France..not to offend your religion,but to protect others from misusing it and not get caught in CCTV…
    Secondly,noone forced a muslim to drink alcohol and they are almost a million Pakistanis in US who are feeling safe and secured from any religious prejudice…Only the persons having links with terrorists are caught,not everyone as you say…If thats the case,most of the expats would have returned back

    The problem comes from the unbelievers hating Islam.
    Isnt the truth the vice-versa of it…If unbelievers really hated Islam,why is that the percentage of muslims are growing in non-muslim countries while decreasing in Islamic countries???
    Its the muslims who dont want to believe in the plurality of religion.Who want to enforce your 7th century sharia in every country they want to live in and refuse to blend in with the society…
    Also,it has been noted that Muslims dont believe in restricting their family size and thereby providing more trouble to the govt…
    According to a Dawn article,most of the Canadian muslims are below poverty line and in another article I read that 5% of Netherlands muslims take up around 40% of social security benefits…In Britain,12% of jail inmates are muslims in a 2% population….
    If you’re refusing to help your country and clamour for sharia laws,not many of them would find you welcome…
    Remember,that everyone is the same…Just like every muslim feels that he should fight for injustice,all other non-muslims have the same feeling…But,we all want peace on earth and we expect the same from muslims tooRecommend

  • Nobody

    Your assessment of how the “host” country reacts towards Muslims is off base. I’ve grown up in America and I have many many Muslim friends, and am familiar with many Muslims who practice varying degrees of Islam (some conservative, some moderate, some liberal) and I don’t know of many who are judged the way you seem to think. I know MANY MANY non-Muslims here who respect a Muslims right to do all of what you mentioned. When some conservatives were fighting the decision to build a mosque too close to ground zero, many non-Muslims banded together with Muslims to fight for their right to build a mosque. Would you ever see the average Pakistani fighting for a minorities’ right to build/do/practice anything in Pakistan? Say what you want about the west, but despite it’s (many) flaws, they’re generally a tolerant people and are not as Islamophobic as some Muslims want to believe. I’m a Muslim and even I get sick of Muslims painting themselves as victims in EVERYTHING. We are partly to blame for our own image and current position in the world. Recommend

  • Anoop

    Whatever you say, the empirical evidence is too strong to counter this perception.

    Take the top 5 Economic powers in the world – India, China, UK, US and Russia.

    They ALL have been affected by Islamic Terror.

    India in Kashmir and state sponsored Terror from Pakistan, China in Xinjiang where Terrorists get training in Pakistan. US with 9/11, UK with 7/7 bombings, Russia in Afghanistan.

    So, tell me, what is the common strain between all of the 5 powers?

    Maybe you are wrong about the topic you talk about and the rest of the World is right. Maybe you are biased in your opinion and the Taliban are right. Have you ever thought about it?

    Its hard to accept something as untrue that you have believed in all your life, something your parents and peers have contributed in embedding the idea deep in your psyche. But, the empirical evidence is too strong.

    I hope the Mods allow this comment as I just offering a different line of thinking.Recommend

  • Noor

    emphasized textAlthough jihad is a part of Islam, it has nothing to do with killing innocent people.emphasized text
    Here lies the problem !! WHat do you mean by innocent citizens !! if somebody is guilty who gave you the right to kill him ? Here is the real problem in Islam. You portray it in such a manner that it sounds as if it promotes hate.Recommend

  • Omair

    We dont understand our own religion and vomit out extremist intolerant values wherever we go, so whats the point why blame others when they are only showing us a reflection of ourselves.Recommend

  • Hashmi

    What about Obama;s advisors Rahm Emanuel.. known for his dads Irguns connections, an extremist militant outfit

    And Obama’s Indian advisor linked to Shiv SenaRecommend

  • Vikram

    Islam is how Muslims live their lives and interact with non-Muslims. You can search Internet and varify Abdullah el-Faisal returned to the UK in 1991, became the imam at the Brixton Mosque in … El- Faisal said “Those who want to go to Jannah [paradise], it’s easy, just kill a … He told audiences to kill Hindus, Jews, and other non-Muslims like “cockroaches.” …Recommend

  • Robert


    Yes. And when westerners go to the Dar al Islam they wouldn’t dream of defying their hosts.
    Cuz they’d go to prison or be expelled. I have a wonderful idea. If the Dar al Harb is so oppressive, then why don’t you stay in the countries that aren’t hostile to the muslim behaviors that you mention. Believe me, your HOSTS wouldn’t resent that. Can’t wait to hear your Da’wa answer.Recommend

  • x

    So he was wrong. Killing someone is a crime. Islam says “he who kills one person kills the whole of humanity”. So his false promise of Jannah was just a tool to use Islam for his own sick reasons and personal prejudices. For those who followed him, should have studied the Quran themselves before blindly following someones words. Islam doesn’t advocate that you should blindly mutely listen to self styled ulema or Islamic experts, you should seek knowledge, question, think and then decide. it is a hadith that “seek knowledge even if you have to go to china for it”. China standing for someplace distant and not easily reachable. Point being Allah has given you a mind and heart, you should use it to seek knowledge, learn, understand and then do something. Recommend

  • tariq

    I totally agree with the statement that Islam is threat to most of the western countries. Islam is the most powerful religion, and nobody with their stupid and wrong blames can affect its image Recommend

  • Muslim


    Its the same rotten argument you come up with…us versus them. Remember that the laws of the Islamic countries are based on Divine laws (even though you do not consder them to be divine the muslims consider them to be divine). The islamic countries very clearly state that their laws are based on divine rules. By contrast the hypocricy of the so called western countries is on the one hand they clearly state that they are secular and their rules are man made and then they resent the lifestyle of the practicing muslims who claim that they are following divine rules. So the comparision is not even correct. you cannot compare laws which are claimed to be man made to laws which are claimed to be divine. Finally the western countries always mention on paper that they support people practicing all faiths, but in reality their people resent muslims when they practice Islam. Its this hypocricy which is deplorable. Recommend

  • sherry

    stop spreading hatred, you yourself know very wel what you are talking about n still you are asking questions to confuse people further and to show your hatred towards Islam, people here are trying to convince you with logic but seriously ,you dont deserve it ,

    Abdullah el-Faisal returned to the UK in 1991, became the imam at the Brixton Mosque in … El- Faisal said “Those who want to go to Jannah [paradise], it’s easy, just kill a … He told audiences to kill Hindus, Jews, and other non-Muslims like “cockroaches.” …

    what do you want to say or prove ?? nobody here is supporting Abdullah el-Faisal or his negative preaching,

    “World can see what Islam is by watching how its followers live their lives in Islamic countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan”

    this clearly depicts the reason of your presence here ,
    i have seen some of your comments earlier, you are not here for some positive / constructive argument , u hav nothin to offer but “nafrat” . you are that typical indian who starts abusing islam in comments corner after watching a pak -india cricket match video on you tube ,Recommend

  • Muslim

    @Robert & Others

    Just to let you know that when it comes to man made laws of the Islamic countries like employment laws, etc, the westerners are given preferential treatment and huge tax free salaries. A westerner with the same qualification, skills and experience doing a job is paid 3 to 4 times the salary of someone else with the same skills doing the same job. Despite that the western people hate and despise their Islamic host countries….Moreover the oil supplied by the middle east to the west forms the basis of the west’s economic growth and the funding given to their banks…Some middle eastern countries have bailed out and invested in some large western organisations to help them in recessionary times…but the western people seem to hate their patrons and business partners just because they are muslims….Recommend

  • Critical

    Bhai…I had a good laugh reading the last comment at your gullibility and narcissm… You’re talking as if the Arab countries are producing oil out of raw materials and providing to others like iphones,cars etc…whereas in truth,they are just lucky that they’ve a huge deposit of oil under their feet..
    Also,they had it for thousands of yrs and were still driving camel,until two Europeans called Karl Benz and Rudoplh Diesel found the use of oil in transport..
    They pay higher salary because they cannot even extract the oil under their feet without the technology of Western countries and manpower of Asian countries and consequentially they had to pay higher salary to attract people there…They had to bail the western countries because if they collapse,the universal demand for oil will collapse and your sheikhs would return back to riding camels
    Besides,you talk about divine laws..How many of their sheikhs follow the divine laws???The money generated by exporting oil could have easily helped poor muslim countries like your pakistan all around the world..Instead,they buy gold plated ferraris,build island hotels,build skyscrapers just to show off…
    One more fact,I need to ask..Muslims are banned from liqour and women in all Arab countries..But its relaxed in Dubai alone..Could you explain which verse of your divine law made Dubai exempt from drinking liquor and women??? Why Allah wont mind the haraam they do in dubai,but punish if they do in another country???Recommend

  • Muslim


    Mate, your comment shows a gullible and slave to the west mentality. In today’s competitive environment, the middle east does not need the west to extract oil. China can do it better and cheaper…among muslim countries Malaysia has the Oil & Gas extraction technology…So its the western economies that benefit from middle east and not vice versa.
    About the latter part of the comment I agree that its the morally corrupt sheikhs that partner with the west and prop up their economies. The day the oil rich GCC experiences an egypt style revolution and a muslim brotherhood style govt, that day the west will be ruined…hence they will try their best plan to ensure that this does not happen…but Allah is the best of all planners…. Recommend

  • Muhammad Omair

    Well the first thing before arguing someone on religion is to ask him/her that, do you believe in a Creator? Now as far as this topic is concerned, Islamophobia is something which is produced by the Media to misguide the western world. In no way Muslims are backward, obeying the divine laws doesn’t pull you back but rather sets you free. If people in here believe that by wearing fashionable clothes and driving luxurious cars make you somewhat modern then they are highly mistaken. Disobeying God will never bring you peace. Look at all the Muslim countries around the word, the Arab uprising is a mere example of the trouble the muslims are now going through to estabilish their lost faith.
    Islam will prevail, its written. Obeying to God and submitting your will to the Final Creator doesn’t make you inferior by any means. Don’t listen to athiests/agnostics as they do nothing but throw arrows in the air without having a target. Obey God and you shall find peace.Recommend

  • bigsaf

    Michelle Bachmann, Lou Gohmert, and the other tea partiers are far right-wing conservative bigoted lunatics, more so than the usual prejudiced ignorant right-wing mainstream Republicans. You won’t get very far in trying to make them understand anything.

    Regardless, there is no denying the rise of right-wing religio-political Salafi/Sunni Islamist extremist ideologues worldwide. They have their own bigoted, paranoid and extreme dogmatic ideas and they speak loudest and unashamed in their hypocrisy on what the vague terms ‘true Islam’, ‘true meaning of Islam’ is as advertised in their hateful twisted rhetoric, threats and violence.

    They are not just a few, and one is just one too many for a minority’s reputation. There is
    always news of them popping up somewhere, like in the last week in the US, Spain and Germany, etc, which sabotages good and positive news the Muslim communities would otherwise have recently made. Yes, we should engage against irrational Islamophobia and false stereotyping, but there is a crisis where the misunderstandings start from us which needs addressing. Recommend

  • Toba Alu

    @sherry and @Muslim.

    “what do you want to say or prove ?? nobody here is supporting Abdullah el-Faisal or his negative preaching,“World can see what Islam is by watching how its followers live their lives in Islamic countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan”””

    People in most non-Muslim Western countries assess what Muslims do, not do, think and what they preach and say. Here are some figures what Muslims in the UK think.

    (UK data 2009). 81% of Muslims in Britain think of themselves as Muslim first. 40% of British Muslims want Sharia in the UK, and 28% of British Muslims want Britain to be an Islamic state. 36% of 16-24 year olds believe if a Muslim converts to another religion they should be punished by death, compared to 19% of 55+ year old Muslims, 13% of 16-24 year olds admire organizations like Al-Qaeda. 61% agree that homosexuality should be illegal, and 31 % agree that Muslim conversion should be forbidden and punishable by death. 68% of British Muslims support the arrest and prosecution of anyone who insults Islam.

    No one in the UK wants Sharia in the UK except 40% of the Muslims living there. Real thread No 1.

    No one in the UK wants Britain to become an Islamic State except 28% of the Muslims living there. Real thread No 2.

    No one in the UK wants the introduction of the death penalty for converts, but 36% of 16-24 year olds believe if a Muslim converts to another religion they should be punished by death, compared to 19% of 55+ year old Muslims (elder a lit bit wiser). Real thread No 3.

    No one in the UK admires Al- Qaeda, yet 13% of 16-24 year olds admire organizations like Al-Qaeda. Real thread No. 4.

    In the UK discrimination on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity is illegal in housing, employment and the provision of goods and services and the Armed Forces allows LGBT (Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) individuals to serve openly, yet 61% of the Muslims agree that homosexuality should be illegal and punishable by death. Real thread No. 5.

    So it is not in the first place about Mosques, hijab, alcohol, halal food, it is about Sharia, Islamic State, Al-Quada, homosexuality, death penalty. These figures are frightening and the younger these Muslims are the worse their opinions are.

    Most countries and most people don’t want this to happen in their countries.


  • Toba Alu

    Sorry thread = threat (automatic wrong correction :-) )Recommend

  • Muslim

    @Toba Alu

    All the figures you give are hyped up figures presented by the biased media….we do not even know which sub section of the muslim population in the UK, these figures represent. Lets get one thing clear, the west is at no risk of becoming an Islamic state….rather this propaganda is used to create an environment of hatred against the muslims and Islam. On the contrary its the west that does not want the Islamic countries to have a proper islamic government…the recent election of MB in Egypt and the western media’s wild reaction to it proves what I am saying…Interestingly as I explained in my earlier posts, all the resources of the oil rich middle east are syphoned into the west through the gulf sheikh leaders. So technically the prosperity of the west is a contribution of middle east wealth. and the hatred of the westerners towards the muslims is a classic example of biting the hand that feeds… believe me if the muslim world and the west were to go into complete economic isolation with all trade ties severed, there is no way the western prosperity can continue…Recommend

  • Toba Alu


    Your big problem is, as with so many Muslims (fortunately not with all) is that you don’t understand logic, you don’t accept any logic, worse you just deny any logic. This is not anymore a serious debate. May be you are hyped up. The rest of the world is just stupid, ignorant and only you, without any argument claims to understand the veritable truth. Good luck and I wish you a happy life together with the other “inspired Muslims”. The next time you are asked a question such as these Muslims were asked in the UK talk the truth, it may help you in your PR. In any case for me the debate is closed. Without proper reasoning there can’t be a serious debate. Let all the cars and generators run on water in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Cynical

    @Toba Alu

    Thanks for the information (UK data 2009). It’s frightening to say the least.


    If west is so bad why Muslims go and live there? Why can’t they stay in their home country and enjoy their ‘pure’ way of life as much as they like?Recommend

  • hassan zaman

    Islamophobia is not only an issue in west but its a harsh reality in a country like pakistan. There are not only few fundamentalists but generations of our youth (boys & girls) are prey to the fundamentalist islam (selected sects only). Its becoming a hell for liberal and secular people and for the next next generation. Please understand the ground realities and you can only understand them when you will be with common people. Just do one thing, go without fasting to any of your lower middle class friends house. They won’t take it as your personal matter but in short, you will learn how much islamophobic they are ! Recommend

  • Muslim

    @Toba Alu

    When you could not find any logical answer to my points, you closed the debate…shows that the hyped propaganda against the muslims and islam cannot stand against facts and logic.


    Well I would want to ask you, if Muslims and Islam are so bad, why doesnt the west and non muslim countries sever all trade links with the oil rich gulf and decide that they will not use any middle eastern oil? The answer remains that the west is propped up by the muslims resources and then they show us all their hatred…as I said, biting the hand that feeds. I challenge you that all muslims will leave the west, the day the west stops using even one drop of middle east oil and severs all links with the islamic world.Recommend

  • Reddy

    that phobia grounded on facts rather than mere rhetoric ,from banning jelly beans from campus to blowing yourself shows the traits of Muslims and their view towards western life or utter disdain towards their cultural beliefs,it’s pretty much inherent in Islam , then calling it a religion of peace is just mocking at your intelligence to grasp or stare at 1000 pound gorilla staring right into your face Recommend

  • Critical

    Once again,you are under the assumption that the entire world is under Muslim countries’ feet because of the dependence on oil…However,the truth is that its not…and what u said is vice versa,the non-muslims will leave the muslim countries the moment oil dries up and your brethren will go back to driving camels

    If muslims wanted,they could have used oil to dominate the world.Instead of dollars and pounds,the worldwide currency would have been dinars and Riyals…But the arabs know the fact that they’re totally toothless inspite of having oil as they seriously lack in science and development,so they decided to be a slave of US and Europe by restricting the sale of oil in dollars and pounds. and whenever a country tries to free from it,they are brought back to slavery like that of Iraq,Libya etc…They’re just a parrot in a golden cage and even if they get freed,they dont have the skill to survive in the wild.

    Please note that there are also oil deposits in Russia,Canada,Venenzula and Alaska..They just are not keen to extract oil as they want to dry the Arab states before selling theirs…and please note that the day when a commercially viable alternative fuel is developed( I hope I could witness that happen),your beloved Arab countries will be brought back to the feet.Recommend

  • Kay


    You have atypical slave mentality. You are trying to defend Arabs in your comments and in fact Arabs are the best friends of West. Arabs call westerners as “Rafeeq meaning Friends” and they call Pakistanis as ” Maskeens meaning poor and beggars”

    For your info Arabs ( Saudis and Gulf) have no problems doing business with the West because arabs want the best technology. For praising China I would like to ask you ” have you ever flown in an aero plane made in china to go to Mecca “Recommend

  • Muslim

    @Critcal & Kay

    I already answered your rants in my previous posts, but just to summarize, the day an Egypt/Libya style revolution reaches the GCC, the west is in for trouble. About your satisfaction on Russian oil, that will not benefit any non russian. For Alaska and Canada, they have oil sands and to refine it into fine oil is a very expensive process…bottom line remains that whether its getting oil or getting their banks bailed out, the west always depends on the gulf sheikhs and then the western citizens bark that muslims are coming to their countries….they want a situation where they only benefit from the muslims and dont give anything in return…This politics of manipulation may not continue forever and thats when the western citizens will see stars in daylight! Recommend

  • Kay


    You are pathetic sorry to say. I am sure you were rejected western visa many times and now you have become hopeless.

    You know very well the long ques of Muslims outside western embassies dying to go and live in kaffir countries. Why? Because westerners have made paradise on earth which attract everyone specially Muslims.

    ” they want a situation where they only benefit from the muslims and don’t give anything in return”

    Please tell your Ummah brothers and sisters to immediately leave kaffir countries and return to their loved homelands where there is no education, water, electricity etc.

    ” west always depend on gulf sheikhs ”

    30 years back sheikhs had no oil and west was already developed. Also gulf sheikhs depend on west once they got oil.

    For you I have one word ” loser”Recommend

  • Muslim


    I can see the frustration in your comment is spilling when you do not have any arguments to counter the facts I have presented! As I said before, hatred and propaganda against Islam and muslims cannot stand the test of factual information! It remains a fact that western prosperity is achieved by manipulating a few ignorant sheikhs which is how they are sustaining their current falling economies…the technological development of the west you mentioned was done long ago.. but in the last twenty years or so, there has been no increase in western technology…they are rather struggling to keep their receding economies in tact with the help of their sheikh patrons!! even the technological products are being exported to the west by China..the western economies are dependant on credit and financial services which is gradually crumbling…As the political climate of the middle east changes and as Malaysia and China increase in technology, the future may start re shaping…its the same rise and fall chart of empires from the Roman Empire to the western empire, all empires gradually fade away..but Islam always remains…Recommend

  • Sane

    Islam is how Muslims live their lives and interact with non-Muslims. You can search Internet and varify Abdullah el-Faisal returned to the UK in 1991, became the imam at the Brixton Mosque in … El- Faisal said “Those who want to go to Jannah [paradise], it’s easy, just kill a … He told audiences to kill Hindus, Jews, and other non-Muslims like “cockroaches.” …

    Untrue and baseless comments should be edited. Rather Narindra Modi, Bal Thakeay as organizations like Shiv Sina, Rashtria Sevak Singh etc. has very clear and declared agenda against Muslims.Recommend

  • another cynic


    Because their economies run on oil. and for god’s sake, arabs did not know difference between camel piss and oil until it was dug by the western companies.

    and as much as you say, arabs prefer whites over asians because their industry will collapse without the machinary from west. so stop making the shrill noise about something you dont understand.Recommend