The truth about Agha Waqar’s water car kit

Published: August 1, 2012

Japan had already invented water generators in 2008 and we're claiming to have invented them in 2012. PHOTO: REUTERS

Our social media and our mainstream media are known for publishing news irresponsibly and without verification. I was compelled to write this blog which is aimed at highlighting another instance of unverified reporting by the media.

Some days ago, my friends told me about a certain episode of Hamid Mir’s programme “Capital Talk” on Geo TV. This episode was about a man called Agha Waqar – a proud Pakistani who claimed to have invented something called a ‘water car kit’.

Obviously, the first thing that I said upon seeing this was “Bravo!”, as I personally have an interest in alternative energy systems and efficient energy. I was swiftly becoming a fan of Waqar, the inventor of this incredible device. However, soon I recalled that a few years ago I had watched a video about something similar; a video about Japan having successfully tested a car that runs on water. This was back in 2008. While it is true that in early 2009, Genepax announced they were closing their website, citing large development costs, the fact remains that Hamid Mir stated their venture as “na kaam”. This is not true as the Japanese did successfully invent a car that ran on water. Why Genepax closed down is a different story altogether which should have been looked in to by the media.

I thought there might be some difference between the device Waqar had invented because our media had been publicising it as if it were a miracle, and so I started searching the internet for car kits that run on water. It didn’t take me very long to find a similar device selling for $80 on online shopping sites, eBay and Ali Baba.

The Japanese have invented mini generators for generating electricity through water in homes to operate small electrical appliances like laptops, small chargers, videogame consoles and so on. They claim that these generators can produce electricity by making use of any kind of water. It doesn’t have to be distilled, even tap water or tea can be used for this!

I wondered if generating electricity at home was really that easy because if it were, the media would not be praising someone who claims to have introduced an obsolete notion. It was then that I found many DIY videos and tutorials on YouTube about conveniently building hydrogen water generators at home. In fact, I even came across articles that showed a step-by-step procedure for building this generator.

Although I have great respect for Agha Waqar for at least taking initiatives for introducing this technology in Pakistan, it saddens me that our media is claiming that something the world already saw decades ago has been invented by us in 2012. Yes, the previous ventures might have failed, but how can we state with certainty that this one will work or is any different? For all we know, this venture might bear stark similarities with the ones previously invented or might even be an exact replica, and all I am saying is that people should not be mislead to believe something that may not be true.

Only time will tell whether Agha Waqar’s water-kit is a feasible idea.

However, on a more positive note, I hope that we can make some improvements in this technology and introduce it to the public for commercial use.

Do you believe that Agha Waqar has made a breakthrough with his water car kit ?

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Faraz Ahmed

A tech blogger, Web Designer and Electronics engineer who loves to share his ideas. He works as a Technology Manager at XclueSIV Singapore and Tweets @imfaraz

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Mj

    This is what happens when a nation has no concept of skepticism. Recommend

  • Wadeira ka Beta

    @Agha Water:

    He isn’t criticizing the work he is criticizing the media!! Learn to read before telling others to appreciate. Recommend

  • khuram

    @Moazzam Salim:

    Exactly what I wanted to say. That saves me time and energy, that I can lend to Agha Waqar to create perpetual motion out of it. and yes by the way I found his “secret” that he would not tell anyone from stanley himself, also Stanley used very similar language as he does. I think it was stanley who travelled forth and back in time and stole Agha’s patents =P


  • Wadeira ka Beta

    I stopped believing him when he said that the car is capable of 200 Kmh, The transmission in the cultus is not built for that. An engineer should not say something so ignorant. 200 kmh with a transmission that doesn’t have a gear ratio wide enough for that? Great. Recommend

  • Amjad Iqbal

    Why are we so jealous of our fellow beings??? Had this been a “gora”, it would have been a big break through. Agha Waqar has made a kit, tested it sucessfully and has invited anyone to check it out then what and where is the problem? If, unfortunately, upon check up, it didn’t work, it will not be a big deal. But if it did work, then I wish I had the means to make people like you face the music for discouraging such people.Recommend

  • Mehmood

    World is running out of water anyway! War on water has been predicted already. Dont see a revolution coming through…!Recommend

  • Meh

    Attention All So-called engineers and PhD scholars:

    Mr. Agha waqar spent 3 years and also run the system for few months and than he came up to public, its not that he invented last night and showing the world in the next morning.

    All Engineers and PhDs, “So called Lakkeer ka faqeer” You guys we called “Ratta khore”, means just studied the old inventions and believing that like as written in the Holy Quran, can’t be change a single letter/word.

    Wake up peoples, the Science is changing every day/month. Recommend

  • Spike

    I wish you had seen the program on PTV news at 8 where Samar Mubarak Mand and a few other scientists were inspecting the car and this fraud kept changing his statements. His apparatus cannot handle the gas pressure that he claimed was being produced. They were in agreement with Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman. Anyways tomorrow there is an inspection of his “invention” at NUST. I request all the lovers and fans of “Engineer” Waqar clown to bash the hell out of this clown as passionately as they are supporting him when this thing is proven as fraud tomorrow. Do watch the program of PTV news where this clown was clearly out of answers. The program is called “Such tou yeh hai”.Recommend

  • Zahidkhan

    reas the history and see how many great scientists like Newton,Edison were phd from oxford university……(kitabi keerey tm kitab perho aur degree le ker job karo ….) inventions are not made but bestowed and blessings dont need any degree or higher qualifications…Recommend

  • tariq hassan

    i say just that if you are like this then why you sit in Singapore and you give this comment and i am Pakistani and i proud on Agha waqar .if some one do this invention in us are in uk then every one say its true and its is real he is wright media give him also good support but he is from Pakistan that why every one say like this for Agha waqar he have no media support in Pakistan only the Geo news show him and we proud on this man who did this for Pakistan if some one have any problem and they say this wrong call to all media in Pakistan and show every this true are lie don’t show this on wep page we proud on this man and i love Pakistan and we love this man he is real hero of Pakistan Recommend

  • sabi

    As said, PAKISTANI URDU MEDIA. Learn not to be surprised dude.Recommend

  • Asghar Saghar

    **The inventor claimed he ‘adds’ a chemical in the water which acts as a fuel. He BROUGHT
    premixed water & used it in the car for demonstration. OK , let him bring his ‘secret’ chemical,let plain water be taken,let it be openly mixed with the water & then ASK him to run the car ! For all we know he may be using spirit ( as is done in Brazil ) & claim it to be the ‘special’ water.
    Laws of Thermodynamics can NOT be defied…Period !Recommend

  • idrees

    @Science Lover:
    The thing is that aghast is not briefing about the process of his engine to anyone. He is not letting the engineers near his car. I am afraid that he will fail to get an international patent also. A person in sweat has already run electric generator by water (may be a year ago).geo broadcasted the news. I don,t know why Hamid Mir is supporting aghast and not the sweating guy. There is some thing fishy.Recommend

  • idrees

    I really wonder why we don,t praise the guy in sweat that ran electric generator by same method.oh he had no political links.
    Wake up bro it just a scoop for media on which Hamid Mir cannot earn his lavish living for couple of weeks. 8th class student knows that h2o is water not hydrogen. Agha running the car by running hydrogen but how he makes hydrogen can take more electricity than it produce.Recommend

  • Seema

    Sirs and Ma’ams,

    If the idea doesn’t cross ur highly qualified, million-dollar minds …..
    plz stop berrating on the fact that it cant be done by any1 but you and learn to swallow ur pride for once…..because i doubt it would be easier the next time u try.

    If a great mind of Karachi can do what ur ‘reflection of perfection’ Atta ur rehman cant then i see no reason to be huffed like a gaggle of bad-tempered geese.
    Oh and those of u talking about the law of conservation and whatnot …’s a good plan……….
    READ, ANALYZE and get a Phd …..shouldn’t be too hard eh?
    I support mr agha wholeheartedly and think that u should be envious to take his place as the hero of our country rather than feeling jealous….


  • Carlos

    Agha Saheb has proven his invention live on tv and same was witnessed by everyone on the capital talk. And any average person can make sense out of what he explained and in fact proved that he could run the car thru his water kit.

    But it is sad to hear that people of this country are not ready to accept what he has proved and nullify his inventions by basic laws of chemistry and physics. I suggest engineers should go first and examine what this guy is doing and then give us a feedback on his inventions rather simply sticking to the basics that electrolysis requires a greater amount of energy and output cant be greater than input.

    All engineers/scientist here are bragging and trying to sound very knowledgeable and some one above commented about Agha Saheb’s education that he does not know basics of chemistry. OK if you all are so highly educated and are so capable, can you just give few examples of what you have invented in past 50 years in pakistan excluding nuclear program?Recommend

  • Usman Shahid

    Overall cost analysis of working of water kit is necessary to check is it lower than the cost of oil saved in this method. Untill than it is not the cheapest method.Recommend

  • Tahir

    One simply can’t defy laws of thermodynamics.
    End of story.Recommend

  • Engr. Ahmed

    This inventionlooks great but the fact is that it violates the very first law of Thermodynamics unless the inventor has discovered some way to electrolyze the water with far less energy input ( by using some efficient technique ). without that it is impossible to generate the required power to separate hydrogen has from water and also run the engine. as Dr.Ata pointed out in the talk show that the efficiency will then be greater them 100% which is practically impossible. its like building a perpetual machine which keep running on its on without any energy input from external source.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    I didn’t watched the programme not heard about it. But dividing water into hydrogen and oxygen will destroy all water resources. In 1985 Australian mechanics invented water car but it was abandoned due to the green peace opposition. But it is possible also to convert water into steam with the help of solar energy and then the steam is used to move the shaft. Which can be used not only in car but can also generate Electricity called Solar steam energy. Israel is using this technology and generating 900 mw Electricity.Recommend

  • mr.

    U don’t know abt single thing what he did n posting something really sluggish n irresponsible writing I have ever seen..Recommend

  • Umer

    this writer had not given any technical proff..all he was taking non-sense..all the inventions mentioned above are some what related with agha but not 100% same ha agha…because previous werer not on 100%..but agha used 100% water to do tht..and u r jst jealous of himRecommend

  • Asim Sohail

    I am sure, if you ask Agha about law of energy he will not able to state it proper. Standard gasoline engines cant run on h2 without modification / special arrangement. Nature runs on universal laws not on fantasies. Most of people who support Agha fantasy are non technical and have no understanding of engineering principles. Just wait, this hoax will collapse and the dreams of many.Recommend

  • niaz hussain

    i completely deny what mr. faraz has said relating to our national hero, agha waqar.
    it looks as he bears knowledge more than Dr A.Q Khan and almost all reknowned scientists, who were present at the time of demostration. Dr A.Q appreciated waqar with the belief that it is possibe.Recommend

  • Zubair Nizami

    Dear Idiots of Pakistan:
    You cannot create energy out of nothing!! This is a scam. I am an engineer and a scientist. What he is doing (and all the other stupid ventures) are physically not possible. He is a fraud!! Id love to see what is his mechanism/theory/apparatus or anything he uses, to breakdown water.

    And please, everyone, have some common sense. Water is not a fuel! Recommend

  • Zubair Nizami

    You sir, are a complete idiot. Laws are not broken. Thoeries exist to explain the uncertain or undefinite. Creating energy out of water like this is like bringing the dead back to life. it cannot be doneRecommend

  • Wall Builder

    Wow. Everyone at Tribune is a physicist, chemist, engineer, and automobile engineer. Way to go Tribune.

    I think I should sell channa chat. Recommend

  • niaz hussain

    dear he certainly will tell the procedure. no one inventor tell before it is considered and awarded with certificate alongwith registering patent of discovery. if he tell then, surely, someone either in other country or here will copy and register patent of it b4 mr. agha. so kindly wait, u’ll receive new equations as well.dr a.q khan supported his idea, stating that once it was time when DR faced such type of arguments. Recommend

  • Saad

    After readings comments of many peoples here,now I thank God that most Pakistani population are aware that this guy is fooling mass of people and nothing else,but shame on the so called journalist like Hamid mir and Talat hussain who created hype in the media over this fake invention and also on most of the intellectuals of our society that are unable to tell us the reality of this fake invention….It is better that our media should focus on the inventions of our science and engineering universities students,there is lot of work that can be showed..Recommend

  • Wahid Khan

    Agha waqar’s water kit certified by Nust , lums, Toyota , Range rovers , Suzuki Experts ! No more negative approachsRecommend

  • Jawad dar

    @Mohsin Bashir: My friend plz come out of inferiority complex. Most of the brains in europe are either pakistani, indian or some other nation. Yes, if i put you right, i would say europeans are the best thugs and managers around, who know how to loot wealth and riches from other countries and shift it to your own country, then call their brains to work for you in return for some cash, which actually already belonged to them.Recommend

  • MaXes


    generating energy from water, chemically, is impossible. all the stories you see on the internet, are frauds… ask an engineer. these things dont work. had they been working, we wouldnt be importing oil.Recommend

  • AS

    Be nice and truthful and kind and loving BUT also question and analyze so that you know you are on the truth.

    This man Waqar should be honored. It does not matter if someone else has discovered the same thing – he is pushing for technology that can help us become better. Let us embrace this man and his team. The next big challenge is to mass produce our own water consuming vehicles and that should not be a problem because the purpose of mass production is to bring the costs down (through economies of scale). This can definitely work and this can definitely be good for us.Recommend

  • Nazir Ahmed

    Who in the hell is this Faraz Ahmed? Since yesterday I am watching this person restless.Recommend

  • Zach Khan

    The comments on this blog are too depressing. Let me clear this first – I care about Pakistan and I get very happy when the country makes progress. I was happy about our first Oscar winner and I am proud of Abdus Salam. But that does not mean I can accept complete rubbish claims of invention.

    YOU CANNOT VIOLATE LAWS OF PHYSICS. And that’s exactly what Agha Waqar is claiming to do. And worst of all – it’s not even a new claim. People have claimed it in America and other countries before.

    Read the Wikipedia article on it please:

  • Rashid Ahmed

    Dear friend japan invent a car which can not run in 100% pure water .. thay use mixture of water with many other components and thay also create a new engine for this car but AGHA WAQAR invent a water kitt which can run on 100% pure distilled watrer .. Recommend

  • Aamer

    There is so much negativity about anything Pakistani. We should be proud of our heros and celebrate their achievements!! If A Pakistani engineer has shown that he can run a car against the so-called laws of science which is dogma propounded by western scientists, we should encourage him and give him every support to bring him name and fame.

    The science and technology ministry and finance ministry should support him with money, publicity and patenting so every car in Pakistan can run on water one day.

    We should also initiate secret studies to show if this technology can be used to strengthen our defences. If water can run a car, why not tank, planes, rockets and ships?Recommend

  • hassan

    he is using a resonating mechanism to help break the bonds ….as he says …..he modulated the frequency of the electric waves to the natural frequency of the water molecules and which caused the water molecules to move quickly and then the bond to break in less energy then it would actually require to break with electrolysis ….and lets face it if he used only electrolysis the scientists, which checked the model would actually have picked that, infact a chemistry 9th grade student could pick that …..and to tell u much further water can not be electrolysed for only water alone in it (he used distilled water) there has to be some salt or an electrolytic substance ….so electrolysis cannot account for that …..he used some resonating method to gave the molecules more energy and then a cycle could continue …i dont know further …..if he was able to did it i don’t think he is alone in this discovery …a hidden mastermind …. IF THAT IS A HOAX ….he should be imprisoned for life for the humiliation of the country Recommend

  • npktun

    he is using a resonating mechanism to help break the bonds ….as he says …..he modulated the frequency of the electric waves to the natural frequency of the water molecules and which caused the water molecules to move quickly and then the bond to break in less energy then it would actually require to break with electrolysis ….and lets face it if he used only electrolysis the scientists, which checked the model would actually have picked that, infact a chemistry 9th grade student could pick that …..and to tell u much further water can not be electrolysed for only water alone in it (he used distilled water) there has to be some salt or an electrolytic substance ….so electrolysis cannot account for that …..he used some resonating method to gave the molecules more energy and then a cycle could continue …i dont know further …..if he was able to did it i don’t think he is alone in this discovery …a hidden mastermind …. IF THAT IS A HOAX ….he should be imprisoned for life for the humiliation of the country Recommend

  • Nauman Jokhio

    Mr. Agha Wapar has done great work. May Allah give him success and protect him from evil eyes. Government and our scientists should give him full cooperation for such a great idea. We should support him and not become jealous. We should learn to take care our herosin their life not after death.
    MR. AGHA WAQAR is our hero. Dear Agha sb keep it up, Pakirtani nation is with you. Recommend

  • Zain Ali

    I just want to say that the author dont have complete knowledge about this technology..Other inventions not run purely on water (60% fuel 40% water .and vice versa) while agha waqar kit runs car,generator etc purely on water ..we should all appreciate him for this gr8 invention…Recommend

  • Faraz Ahmed

    @ Misha:

    Now you will see every engineer will came with his own water kit
    Time will tell who is correct and who is wrong. And if they prove wrong it will ruin Pakistan’s name infront of world.

    @Vaqar Ahmed: Agreed

    Basically if the this water kit by Agha sahab fails it will ruin name of Pakistan all over the world, self proclaimed yongest microsoft professionals like Shafay Thobani already did so much damage for Pakistan.
    Iam not criticizing, instead of creating hype on media, instead of having debates on Media Agha sahab should present this to a team of engineers and explain them process and his research if his process really works then it should be present on media.
    Iam sorry to say but Agha sahab dont know about physics and dont know basic laws of energy.
    Now see whats happening now everyone is coming with his own water kit.

    The Japanese car has limitations it uses electrolyte for electrolysis and also uses electric to power the process of electrolysis.
    If you read original article at my blog I have mentioned that this technology can be utilized by two means, one is to use it with existing fuel like petrol or diesel it will make car efficient and can save upto 30% energy, other way is to fasten electrolysis process and run car directly on hydrogen but it will run directly for short time.

    @Adeel Syed:
    Not sure but as per my knowledge they have used PWM system to control the Hydrogen gas and make it usable for petrol engines.Recommend

  • Farrukh Malik

    @Vishnu Dutta:
    You please stay out of it and mind your own business, let us do what we are doing and dont get afraid that we will knock you out in inventions, century old electrolysis is not an invention of any one its a natural process and we are using it so learn science, watch FAQ on your POGO channel. Recommend

  • Farrukh Malik

    I think Mr. Faraz Ahmed wants fame and that’s why he comments on everything by searching internet, Mr. Faraz you are not a scientist neither an engineer nor a qualified person to even say something on this issue. I think you must keep your hands tied and just learn, this theory is not runing a car by water, this is on running a car like a normal car in low/high speeds on the roads of Paksitan which must be listened until a qualified engineer approve or rejects it. People liek you Mr. Faraz are the ones due to whom Pakistan never get fame because you are the ones who just criticise and does nothing, posting your picture with blog trying to get people applause and degrading your own country. Very sad to see……Recommend

  • Farrukh Malik

    @Hardliner: invent some thing, show your degree as an engineer prove it wrong or stay away, save your time and our time by not posting on what you dont knowRecommend

  • Farrukh Malik

    @Noureen: First fo read history and see how many u-turns physics have taken in the past when solid laws were reversed and re-written then declare anyone a fraud, you cant say anyone a fraud if you do not have prove its wrong and also not allowed in Islam, secondly Zardari is president because of us, we call him bad and say he does corruption but have you ever seen inside our own self??? we steal electricity, we bribe the policemen, we pay to get jobs, we use false means for almost everything and at the end of the day we blame Zardari, come on sister wake up and correct yourself and improve yourself then blame and criticise others, don’t be like the author Mr. Faraz. I am not declaring Engg. Waqar as to be 100% true but at least he has the guts to come on shows and on live tv to show what he has done, we are living in a country which is surrounded by jealous neighbours who don’t want to see us rising so we have to be careful in every invention, but I think with people like Faraz and you, who need enemies

    I hope you understand what I am saying, don’t waste your time in arguing with me, think about it or forget it and accept my apology if I hurt your feelings.Recommend

  • Abdul

    I am feeling proud as a Pakistani after this invention by Agha Waqar. Practically, he has discovered the formula to run the car on the water only, which is first of its kind in the world. I congratulate all Pakistanis for this great achievement by a Pakistani. This is verified physically by all Pakistani prominent scientists and I respect my Pakistani scientists. All the praises to Agha Waqar are less.

    Some persons with little knowledge of science say that this technology is not possible because it is against the “Law of Conservation of Energy”. They should know that Water has huge Potential Energy inside, which can be converted to Kinetic Energy to run the car and this is according to the “Law of Conservation of Energy”. This is similar to converting the potential energy of Petrol to run the car.Recommend

  • Mufazzil

    Being the student of Chartered Accountancy i dont understand the technicality of this project. But i wish its all true and may Agha Waqar wins. Pakistan Zindabad.Recommend

  • Mohsin

    This is a classic Sheikh chilli Story and Mr AGHA is that Shiekh chilli. Mr Agha Sahib is not even metric pass let alone him becoming an engineer. The water kit was reversed engineered by the two poor mechanics who were accompanying Mr Agha at the Hamid Mir Show. I am assuming Mr Agha khan probably made a deal with those poor mechanics that He will represent their technology in government sector and these poor mechanics don’t want to be in the lime light …. I challenge any anchor to ask Mr Agha the right questions… for example ask him to explain just a simple concept of how mechanics of an the engine works? the over all combustion process. to the exhaust that is delivered in the atmosphere and his ISLIYAT will come out right there and right then.

    As far as technology is concerned the by product of his water kit is HOO gas this technology has been around for quite some time however it hasn’t been commercialized for many reasons. Just Google it and you will see allot of home made water kits floating around.

    Even though this technology works there is few draw backs…..First the auto makers and the Oil lobby does not want this technology to be commercialized. Anyone who has worked on improving this technology has been jailed or poisoned. Second it is not entirely economical in longer run as it defines the law of thermo dynamics.

    Also the auto engines are designed to operate on gas. If you plan on delivering HOO gas then you rather have a ceramic engine because you will rust the damn engine within months.

    I would have much more respect if Mr. Agha came out and said that he took this concept form the internet and reversed engineered it to perfection (which I even doubt on his capability to even do that.) rather than lying that its a new invention.Recommend

  • pk

    The “invention” is simply utilizing electrolysis to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen, and burning the hydrogen later to create heat.

    Now, here’s the problematic part: breaking down water REQUIRES MORE ENERGY than can be obtained by burning the hydrogen later.

    All this “invention” is doing is giving an alternative form of stored energy: hydrogen instead of hydrocarbons. The difference is that you need to power the electrolysis yourself, whereas mother nature has already created the hydrocarbons through photosynthesis and hence “free” fuel (as free as locating, drilling/mining, and refining hydrocarbons can be).

    To put it simply: what most people are missing is that it will take electric power from the wall socket or batteries to create the hydrogen, and thus the net efficiency of the system will be low. It is NOT like you will fill up your car’s tank with water and that will be used instead of petrol :)

    It is a pity that we ignore our real scientists (Dr Abdus Salam anyone) while praising to high heavens somebody who seems to lack a basic grasp of engineering principles.Recommend

  • WSQ

    This explains much of the mysteries, Dr. Atta stance is much right. What ever is done piratically must first proofed by analysis and the governing laws, and if is deviating the basic physics laws, then it need more critical analysis indeed. That is how we do research, once we get good results, then we go and analyse them properly. Media is ust making it a super-fiction thing, and that is there job indeed. While Dr. Atta just explained how it is deviating from the basic physics law. With whomever technical person you ask and you say you deviating some basic science laws and invented a new thing, without having a valid proof, then you can expect the same reaction as Dr. Atta did.

    Dr. Atta if you can search his profile have over 800 publications, Much of them are journal publication, which shows their new inventions, Most of their scientific publications are in a very well reputed science journals such as ” Nature” and we can only get your publication in Nature Journal if you really had a break though in how nature governs science.

    So, the point is, what ever that person has done, instead of running demo and claims try to relate it with the existing science, laws and nature, and try to proof them why they are deviating.

    We must understand, that just claiming a false or fraud things to the world good bring us more bad image and repute. So before drumming the news, be sure if it is 101% correct in all aspects. Recommend

  • Mishrab

    He mentioned in his demonstration that he is breaking Distilled Water in its molecules (electrical conductivity of Distilled Water is of not more than 10 µS/cm) in few seconds Hydrogen is produced which is used as fuel. There is need to check such a fast electrolysis….. Recommend

  • Engr. Asif Shahzad

    Yes its true that this is not invented his invention. If you compare his kit with the readymade kits available on intenet then u can easily say that its a complete replica. same electrolizer, same bubbler ……. So this means that this is not his invention but we should appreciate him as he has worked on this technology and use it.Recommend

  • observer

    @Farrukh Mallik

    Mr. Faraz you are not a scientist neither an engineer nor a qualified person to even say something on this issue. I think you must keep your hands tied and just learn,

    And you Mr Mallik, must be the next Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

    Or, at least a qualified Automobile/ Chemical engineer.

    If not- Follow your advice. PLEASE.Recommend

  • sajjad ahmed


    hady i agreed with your opinion that according to modern sciences it is not possible, if this theory exists then it will be source of infinite power, after searching a lot and watching Agha Khan’s interviews i don’t know why i am going in the favor of hypothetical concept because Mr. Agha practically demonstrate this theory on car, motor bike, and electrical generator. The only thing on which we can terminat is ” May be there is some sort of defect in modern sciences”. Recommend

  • sajjad ahmed

    If atomic energy can exist then, there can a chance that this also exists because in nuclear energy we get a large amount of energy from some grams of radioactive elements. But this phenomena did not follow thermodynamics laws. Recommend

  • Seerat Amin

    I appreciate Mr. agha’s research work it is a very good thing
    However it has nothing to do with transportation problems of poor Pakistanis.
    His media projection is just a waste of time and change of attention form tackling real transportation problem.
    Pakistan is still producing a very small no. of vehicles as compared to even semi developed nations and prices are very huge.
    Motor cycle Rakshaw is a good improvement in transportation for poor people.
    Govt. supported research can improve motor cycle rakshaw for mileage, safety and price.
    Mass production of bicycles by govt support can improve public sufferings.
    Mr. Agha’s invention is a joke on suffering of poor people which is done by our media.
    I appeal people to think about suffering of poor people seriously.Recommend

  • Zaman

    I am amazed at so many responses! Wow! In so many ‘scientists’ who critique ‘scientific inventions’ how many of them are qualified chemists, physicists or automobile engineers? Lets look at it all more rationally!
    What is the criticism:
    1. Is it an invention? If someone makes a car today and calls it his invention, would you take it? Or a refrigerator? Or a gas over? If however it is an ‘originally’ different design (this means the design is different in its basics), then perhaps yes, else it is, at best, an innovation. I made Hydrogen and Oxygen with water, in 1985! I wasn’t the first one, because others did it a hundred years ago! It is well known, and the process is electrolysis in general (or hydrolysis, for water). No new here…
    2. Is it really innovative: May be it is! When you run a car on petrol or diesel, the carborator is the place where air (for oxygen) is mixed with a mist of the liquid fuels (petrol or diesel), to be taken to the combustion chambers (pistons) for a ignition to produce the expansive gasses…. which finally move the rotating parts of the engine, to run the car, and also a dynamo device to charge the battery. When you use CNG, Compressed Natural Gas (methane, what most people are used to calling as sui gas), it is a gas already, unlike the liquid petrol and diesel. An alteration is required in the mechanism, which is the CNG kit. Now, any gas can be used for the purpose of combustion, as long as it is chemically workable. LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas, is another example. In its case, the kit is not a CNG kit, but a LPG kit. It was introduced in Pakistan before CNG, if I recall right, but that is besides the point. Similarly, Hydrogen is just another gas that can be used. Fortunately, it does not require major alterations, and apparently it can be done with the CNG kit, but the cost of hydrogen production is not economical. A convenient argument would be, “Why so? Aga sahab is producing it with the car battery!” Yes, he is, but what is the cost of recharging this battery before it is completely consumed? Lets say, Rs. 75 for full recharging! What amount of hydrogen is produced in the meanwhile, how many miles the car runs, and how much money it saves, before the battery needs another recharge! I am not counting the cost of water in it, assuming it to be too little to consider. (It is with the hope that the prices of water will not go up in the meanwhile, and the government will not find it a taxable commodity with 80% tax, based on its thermal equivalence to petrol). I do not know the answer, (although I can guess it). In any case, assuming the average output of a Suzuki Mehran 800 cc car as 25 km per Kg of CNG, and assuming the CNG price as Rs. 75 per Kg (same as battery recharge cost), the calculation can be simple. If a dead battery (to marks its state of charge) is charged for Rs. 75, and the car is run, and the battery needs a recharge before the end of those 25 kilometers, it is uneconomical, if it runs more than 25 Kms, it is economical! Plain and simple. Did, or could Aga sahab do this, disclose this, or even talked remotely about it?
    3. What is media’s mistake: The mistake is, simple…. They pick on a sensational news item, and put it up without verification of its facts. That is what Mr. Faraz Ahmed is apparently pointing at!
    4. What is our mistake: We, are equally as emotional and irrational. Critics of the critique all burst into emotions and started commenting! Those who tried to be scientific or rational, were overthrown by the charged pro-pakistani’s. Dear ladies and gentlemen here, we are all proud of Pakistan, or at least the majority of us are! If we were not, we wouldn’t be here in Pakistan! I live here too, as much as you do. However this can not be a reason for us to be irrational, unfactual, or illogical! If Aga sahab said, he has designed a hydrogen kit, which is different from the CNG kit, I would be more proud of him!
    5. The last nail in the coffin! Have you ever heard of a CNG cylinder exploding. That happens when CNG cylinder leaks methane gas (or CNG), and mixes with air, to catch fire, in an explosion. Is it a terrible explosion? Does it hurt the people sitting in the car? Does it damage the car? You know the answers well! A combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen is more explosive! DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME OR SCHOOL WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION!
    Have a good day!Recommend

  • Amar

    Sain to sain… Sain ki invention bhi “SAIN”
    Pehle Jaali Peer
    Ab Jaali Inventors!!

  • Asim Sohail

    We are bunch of idiots, any person commenting in favor of of Agah is a scientist and i suggest them to do following (what Agha has done principally) to serve the mankind,
    1. Charge your laptop by taking supply from USB port and enjoy forever,
    2. Start a 1KV generator and drive a motor from it then couple 2kV generator with this motor and so on to multiply the power and then stop the initial 1kV generator and power it from motor which is being driven by 2kV and then enjoy free energy forever,
    3. Take the discharge of tube well and pass it through turbine, couple a generator with this turbine and again feed the energy to the motor which is driving tube well and have free irrigation forever.
    4. Have some megawatt generation from dams, couple some big pumps and again up lift water to the dam to sustain your water capacity and enjoy energy.
    5. Agha sb is also wasting water and some money (@10 Rs for distilled water) Distilled water is just condensed steam, he just need to add a filament container (Battery powered) Add simple water, boil it, condensate it to make distilled water, drive the engine, collect the condensate from exhaust and again feed it to kit to circulate it for work. Car will run without a single penny till dooms day.

    I am confident that many idiots will try this at home, will purchase kits from net fraudias (which are like local pirs who say Mehboob apkay qadmoom main, sirt aik tauweez).

    I am feeling paint not just because few ignorant people, ignorant media or ignorant goverment officials are supporting this. I felt a great pain when Dr Qadir supported this whithout arguing on fundamental science principles. I had a great respect for Dr Qadir which has been smashed. It also means that Qadir and summer dont have much contribution technically in nuclear boms, the real men are behind the scenes(un known engineers) who had clear concepts and who empowered our nation. and i am asking a question again and again, how we have made nuclear bomb.

    Go zara si baat par barson k yarane gae,
    Lakin itna to hoa kuch log pehchane gae.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    This article is totally based on the insularity of the writer. He doesn’t deserve to even post this article. Instead of appreciating agha waqar’s effort, he is like criticizing the effort. If we kept ignoring our heroes like this, we will never develop.Recommend


    I don’t know if we as a nation are delusional or always waiting for a miracle. This whole fiasco should be a PhD thesis for the mentality of this nation. People are actually discrediting PhD doctors of the caliber of Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman for a moron like this who claims to be a scientist when he is actually a diploma holder (even PEC should object the use of title Engineer).

    The fact is hydrolysis is an elementary process and this technology has been explored for last 50 years. Check all major automotive sites and you’ll see all of the companies are into this. Check you tube and you’ll find number of amatuer vedioes demonstrating this water/hydrogen driven cars.

    We are a nation in love with conspiracy theories. For Gods sake, come out of this scam. Honour the real scientists that we have. I wont comment on Dr. AQ Khan as he is emotionally connected to our nation, however his interview Kamran Khan was big disappointment. Recommend

  • usman butt

    what Mr waqar has claimed seems highly attractive and astonishing for general public. But i got extremely disappointed by the respond of pakistani scientists except Dr Atta in Hamid Mir’s programm. A new claim must be analysed and examined in a technical way. it is quite obvious that Mr Agha’s claim voilates the most fundamental principle of physics which is that energy remains conserved. it cannot be created but can only be transformed. so if mr agha has really invented something which voilates the current laws of physics he must explain his invention to the world so that the laws of physics could be restated. I wish a technical discussion is carried out in media.

    secondly Dr Qadeer’s response was also strange for me. He and Mr Agha quoted examples of some ordinary persons like wright brothers or .. who revolutionized the world through their inventions to validate Mr Agha’s claim. it is correct but please don’t misinterpret the history . All of these ordinary persons like wright brothers, faraday etc had first gained and mastered the till then available knowledge and techniques and had consulted the work of most prominent researchers of their times in a particular field before they could invent something new. Mr Agha does not seem to have the knowlwdge and advancements that have been made in the field of fuel cells or hydrogen powered generators. Recommend

  • Luqman Moosa

    Quite disappointed to see this article from a Pakistani.

    Agha Waqar has demonstrated a great invention. We should try to encourage his work.

    My prayers are with Agha Waqar.Recommend

  • Engr. Hassan

    Dear driving a car from water only is not possible in Engineering because it violates law of Thermodynamics and Engineering is based upon law of Thermodynamics. Recommend

  • TahirACreole

    1st law of thermodynamics is nothing more than a rubbish saying by some fools. it is totally disproved now. understanding your low capability of difference between theoratical and real world physics i quote here a lay man example: a bridge on a river needs much energy(say million of pounds) to be broken up. but some man running in resonance equal to the resonannt frequency of the bridge will break it will some pounds of weight. same principle is done in Agha Waqar experiment. hydrogen-oxygen bond of water needs high current to be broken up. when you use pulses of small current resonant with resonance frequency of capacitor created by distilled water as dielectric it breaks up up with milli volts. so 1st law of thermodynamics becomes a saying of past history. people advocating 1st law of thermodynamics and undermining a national hero will have no words to say after two months. @Hassan: Recommend

  • npktun

    when hydrocarbons burn they also produce water lets say methane CH4 + O2 —-> CO2 + 2H20

    He is using H2 as a fuel H2+ 1/2O2 —-> H20 ….. so both mechanism produce the water so how come one will rust and the other will not ????

    U know for to prevent rusting the engine has Oil ……so think before u write Recommend

  • TahirACreole

    @Another Engineer:
    dr Atta is a theratical person, paid millions of dollars by country and returned nothing other than zeros of book geeks who can add nothing to Pakistan. Dr Atta insists on 1st law of thermodynamics. 1st law of thermodynamics is nothing more than a rubbish saying by some fools. it is totally disproved now. understanding your low capability of difference between theoratical and real world physics i quote here a lay man example: a bridge on a river needs much energy(say million of pounds) to be broken up. but some man running in resonance equal to the resonannt frequency of the bridge will break it will some pounds of weight. same principle is done in Agha Waqar experiment. hydrogen-oxygen bond of water needs high current to be broken up. when you use pulses of small current resonant with resonance frequency of capacitor created by distilled water as dielectric it breaks up up with milli volts. so 1st law of thermodynamics becomes a saying of past history. people advocating 1st law of thermodynamics and undermining a national hero will have no words to say after two months. Invention means new thing not self dieng theories of past. People like Dr. Atta with thier empty hands wants to undermine ou national hero.Recommend

  • shahji

    I really appreciate Engr: Agha waqar for such a great work. he has done such a dynamic invention. and one thing to tell to those who is backbiting him if you cant appreciate him don’t wast your time in backbiting others.Recommend

  • faran

    @Moazzam Salim:
    spot on bro !Recommend

  • Naveed

    When something comes on media, it becomes public property and become open to critics and OR praise.

    Experiments are being occured all over the world for alternate energy source. We as Pakistan are very well behind of other nations.

    Lets take it as a start what Mr. Agha did and wait for the better options.

    May be to get famous some one invnet or discover which will benefit the world and specaill Paksitan.

    What Iqbal Said
    “Palat na , palat kar jhaptna , lahoo ko garam rakhne ka hai baahana”Recommend

  • Irfan

    If you said it was an old discovery, then why people are using petrol for their cars if it was already invented, by this blog you are earning cheapest publicity, this is ridiculous.Recommend

  • Zubair

    To dear all above scientists and engineers!!!!

    Can u please tell me what is the scientific way to reject something, even if it is wrong or against some principles?? It is the basic rule of science community to observe & experiment something before you establish some conclusion.

    How come can you reject something straight away without even seeing, observing and experimenting something..Isn’t this against the very basic foundations of science???

    For God Sake stop this insane… come up this some solid proofs for rejection after completely observing and going thru the invention of Agha Waqqar.Recommend

  • observer


    i quote here a lay man example: a bridge on a river needs much energy(say million of pounds) to be broken up. but some man running in resonance equal to the resonannt frequency of the bridge will break it will some pounds of weight.

    Do you know any such broken bridges? Or do you just ‘know’ the theory?

    And pray, did the bridges break into their elemental components such as Iron, Nickel, Calcium, Silica etc as is being claimed with the Water?

    Please, brush up on Physical and Chemical processes.Recommend

  • Asim Sohail

    @ Zaman, dear Zaman Sb, I am sure you are not an engineer. You seem an educated person and would have good concept what Agha sb has done. Can you please give me the energy balance equation of Agha Sb invention (Because Agha sb can’t give it, he is saying that he don’t know the theory behind, I am surprised a person is saying he has designed the kit and made calculations but don’t know theory, then what and how he has made calculations and he made design basis of what principles: TUKKAS).

    Although Agha sb has not told any thing in detail but I can formulate it basis on his claim.. A standard car generator can be 25w to 40 w. Let assume his car has 400W generator (Equal in capacity to the watt rating of standard car battery). I am ignoring all loses (Just to give favor to Agha Sb) and assuming that generator’s whole energy is feeding the battery and battery is utilizing it for electrolysis. A standard cultus engine would be round about 35KW. Now, let’s see mathematically 0.4KW=35KW (As input is water & output is water so water is utilizing just as energy carrier like steam). Means by putting 0.4KWH (Battery input power), Agha sb is getting 35KWH (engine power). In other means he is creating energy. So if you put ZERO(0) on left side of equation you can get 34.6KW on right. Means you can get energy without doing anything at all and you can have machine of more than 100% efficiency. If Agha sb has magic then why he is wasting energy on 35% IC engine, he can also make it 100%.

    In practical world you would need to invest 100KWH energy to produce hydrogen to get approx 25KWH of engine power. It is far better to install electric motor in a car and you can get 80KWH by investing 100KWH (Because motors are much efficient normally more than 90%). I don’t want to waste my words on electrolysis, it’s a decades old technology and in use in thousand of industries. We also have a hydrogen generation facility (Electrolysis) at our plant to produce hydrogen for generator cooling. Secondly please also clear your concept that standard engines can’t use hydrogen without modification, I can tell you why, but leave it now. Surprising is that Agha is using h2 without any engine modification.Recommend

  • Somwonelikedyourwords

    @Khanzada (new Sindhi):
    Well said!Recommend

  • Akhunzada

    Agha waqar khan ko salam pakistan ki taraf se(jalnay walay ka …….)Recommend

  • Akhunzada

    Waqar khan is the hero.Koi 2 rai nahi..jalo mat kalay ho jao gyRecommend

  • TahirACreole

    @observer: observer said
    Do you know any such broken bridges? Or do you just ‘know’ the theory?
    And pray, did the bridges break into their elemental components such as Iron, Nickel, Calcium, Silica etc as is being claimed with the Water?
    Please, brush up on Physical and Chemical processes

    response. That was a layman example. now scientifically.

    Do you know anything about resonance?
    Do you LC circuit and resonance in LC circuit?
    Do you know capacitance, dielectric and distilled water as dielectric?

    When you will know that you will know there is a difference between simple electrolysis and electrolysis done by using water as dielectric in capacitor of an LC circuit. It is what this man did. ?
    If you will goto stupid law of thermodynamics Dr Atta encircles around; How a little energy in atmic reactor leads to big energy chain reaction?
    Here in Agha’s method one thing resonance leads to break up of water molecule with 400 times less energy. Recommend

  • Jabran

    When a person who claims to have defied laws of Physics, it surprises me why he needed a Minister to bring him forward to limelight. To me, it seemed a fraud the very moment i found out that it was a minister of PPP(don’t remember his name but he was there in the hamid mir program) who brought him forward. If i had ever invented such a thing, i would call on the scientists and the educational institutes of my country. And if that did not work, i would write a letter to any professor around the world and i am sure i would get the desired recognition. I have been in contact with international professors and if they can listen to an average person like me, i am sure a person claiming to have changed the concept of energy would have been heard. And what does he do? He calls on a minister to help him get a 25 Million grant! Pathetic!Recommend

  • iqbal ramzan ghunio

    please don’t waste ur time on discussing about agha’ waqar’s water kit but clearly support him as a pakistani inventor as our govt dont ignore agha and his invention either we will loss this person and an opportunity of development the country and also we can solve our many problems which are facing our nation .Recommend

  • Muzzamil

    Electrolysis require 237.13KJ/mole * 500 = 118MJ/kg and heating value of hydrogen upon combustion is 141.86 MJ/kg; since brake thermal efficiency of engine is usually around 0.3 hence available energy is 141.86 MJ/kg*0.3 = 42.56MJ/kg while electrolysis requirement is 118MJ/kg. I’m an engineer you can trust and verify the stated informationRecommend

  • iqbal

    Hi waqar
    Do not worry around your some people that is jealous carry on your mind must be do which is your mind God help you Recommend

  • muhammad ali

    Dr Atta ur Rehman is right …….this is just a nonsense ….

    All those who are supporting aga waqar are totally dumb …… how many of you know law of conservation of energy, 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics ????

    Do u guys know what is a perpetual motion machine ?????

    How many of know what is electrolysis ?????

    You people just started supporting that nonsense …which clearly shows that how much you know about science ………… please read metric science book .. .. … and you will know why Dr atta ur rehman is saying this is nonsense …..Recommend

  • Fahad Ahmed Khan

    How come they’re calling a B-Tech an Engineer?

    I Dont believe this Mir Sadiq(Hamid Mir) And any of his campaigns. And this So called engineer knows nothing about his own invention and what theories it is based on.. he knows no calculations about the input and output of this energy conservation.

    We can make Water Pistols..but for Water Engines..LOL.. Recommend

  • Zahid Mehmood

    I have read the topic and searched the topic in detail. All those who have read basic sciences can easily understand that law of conservation of energy can not be disobeyed. But Mr. Waqar is saying totally against the Law. If he is right, he must be awarded with all the past Nobel Prizes.
    First of all this must be confirmed that is he really an engineer or not. I feel that he is not an engineer because he has no sense of talking with a great scientists like Dr. Atta ur Rehman.
    If he is true then he must explain his invention otherwise he is
    TOTALLY FRAUD…….Recommend

  • Danish Khan

    I am saying with authenticity that its a fraud. GEO New and Hamid Mir should even bother to investigate instead of just broadcasting it and treat it like a political discussion.
    the process clearly violate 1st and 2nd law of thermodynamics.
    for combustion three thing are required a combustable material, oxygen and ignition. methane CH4 combust and produce CO2 and H2O.
    In this case Water H2O would break into H2 and O2, would combust inside cylinder and produce water. this means it would take water in and water out and would drive the car. a nonsese. it means if he install a good ac that would produce distilled water and it would never have to refuel it and enjoy a good intercooler.

    Please instead of taking car to scientists, media should take the car to the mechianic who only tunes their car and he would tell you how its working. please please please media do not be a accomplice in fraud. you guys have some repute.
    i am sorry if I hurt some one but do not let people fool this nation.

  • TahirACreole


    I m an engineer you can trust and verify the stated information
    Answer: thanks God there are people who do not beleive book geek engineers so that world is inventing new things. otherwise, if people had stayed on old man ideas there could never be an invention. Baba-e-Science and invention(Father of 21st century Science) Mr. Waqar Agha had not used the simple electrolysis written in books. He had done electrolysis by using water as dielectric in capacitor of an LC resonant circuit. this kind of electrolysis requires 0.295 MJ/kg. Due to the resonance H2O mocule consumes 400 time less energy than ordinary process It is very hard to be digested by book geeks. Recommend

  • Mohsin Jamal

    First of all for all those so called educated engineers and scientists, harping on the Laws of Thermodynamics, their idiotic minds fail to accept the fact, that science is an emerging field, not an absolute field. first of all if they remember, Even Einstien was a patent clerk and not a MIT graduate when he worked on the biggest scientific ideas of 20th century. Second, nothing is absolute in science, years back we were told in school that noing travels faster than speed of light, today experiments have proved that certain subatomic particles travel faster than speed of light. Even the so called empty space is not so empty and things pop out of nothingness and then disappear at sub atomic level in the empty space. Dark energy, quantum entanglements, singularities and much more are there, that baffles science.
    This guy has claimed and demonstrated his invention in front of engineers from Toyota, Range Rover etc, and thou they were baffled as to how this was happening, they so far couldnt detect any fraud within his system, else it would have been detected by certain lobbies.
    This guy needs promotion by the government and other state and private sectors, so he further works on this concept and develops something which helps the masses.
    For those who are sticking to Laws of Thermodynamics and dont understand that science is not religion, which is based on absolute faith and statutes, they need to shove up the laws up their rears, as that would be certainly eco friendly. And keep it up Agha Waqar. Recommend

  • An Engineer

    @TahirACreole: ”If you will goto stupid law of thermodynamics Dr Atta encircles around; How a little energy in atmic reactor leads to big energy chain reaction?”
    Have you ever heard about Einstein’s special theory of relativity? Are you really unaware that E=mC2? Recommend

  • Abdul

    @Muzamil. What about finding and adding a catalyst with this electrolysis? What if the catalyst be so special that it creases the Hydrogen production 500% more with the same applied energy.
    If Agha Waqar has been thinking same like you and had taken these calculations in mind, he must not have been able to success in making this water fuel kit. Please think above the norms and be creative.
    I must give you one example of base of this discovery: If 1000 army jawans walk on the barrage, nothing will happen to the barrage. But if the same 1000 jawans parade on the barrage and put their step all at once, barrage may destroy, although the energy applied during 1 minute walk or 1 minute parade be the same.
    Also, I must mention here that this Agha sahib is very simple person that is why he is still here in Pakistan and is thinking about poverty and education condition of Pakistan, otherwise he be in America or some other developed country if he be any scientist or phd professor.Recommend

  • TahirACreole

    in response of
    Do you know any such broken bridges? Or do you just ‘know’ the theory?

    even my last answer was sufficient but i forgot to quote an event.
    answer of your question is

    yes i know many but i am quoting one below.

  • observer


    Do you know anything about resonance?
    Do you LC circuit and resonance in LC circuit?
    Do you know capacitance, dielectric and distilled water as dielectric?
    When you will know that you will know there is a difference between simple electrolysis and electrolysis done by using water as dielectric in capacitor of an LC circuit.

    NO, I do not. But since you do, please tell us. Then perhaps this can be tested and verified by others too. That is what science is all about. Isn’t it?Recommend

  • Asim Sohail

    You seems an electrical guy, so please tell me how capacitor can work on pure DC and create wave form to trigger resonance.
    You need to revisit your concepts of thermodynamics and physics. The example you gave (Nuclear reactor) is not a compound breaking process (water is compound), its an element breaking processin and in physics its called fission and fusion. But law of energy (First law of thermodynamics) still hold there, you give less energy in the form of heat but sacrifice small amount of matter too (E-mc2) to get all output energy in the form of heat. But energy equation remains balanced. Secondly if you say that Agha is doing fission then my dear in fission process a heavy nuclei breaks down in small nucleis and child elements are totally different from mother element. In Agha sb case he is breaking water and again getting water in exhaust so a lay man can understand its not fission. If you know the concept of Agha sb then please share the energy balance equation.Recommend

  • AS

    A friend of mine wrote about this discovery here :

    All these people who are quoting the first law of thermodynamics or conservation of energy etc. do not know what they are talking about. They have just learned “rattoo tota” (rote) what they were taught in class and have not thought out the process or the system properly.

    This works, it was always very obvious and it can be mass produced and when it is mass produced it will cost even less due to the economies of scale. Recommend

  • Muhammad Shahid

    Dear Friends! why dont you say that so-called engineer Agha Waqar has tried to convert a car engine into steam engine by producing steam through electrical energy. Recommend

  • Khalid Ahmed

    So it not impossible. i believed that from the very beginning. Engineer Aga Waqar Ahmed has done something that is feasible. Dr. A q Khan and Dr Samar Mubarak Mand endorsed the idea of our genius but some arrogant others called it outright nonsense. But an another Dr, Dr Ghulam Mustafa of Jehlum who also demonstrated a 60% water using car running on the roads predicted during his demonstration that hydrogen can be used exclusively to run cars. AND AGA WAQAR has proved this invention. And the car the Japanese company showed in 2008 was a hybrid car and used a mixture of water, not 100% water. Waqar’s invention is unique. Recommend

  • Luqman Khan

    All the credible and qualified scientists of Pakistan are approving The Invention
    and you by giving few examples and some ordinary logics are upto reject it
    After decades,a sceintist from this country has come with something genuine and worth talking and you are trying to prevent our media from covering it by calling it replica.He claims infront of bunch of scientists and media persons that such an invention has never been seen by earth and they don’t question his this claim.If all your questions and reservations were so mature why didn’t no scientist dare questioned them???Recommend

  • Ghassan Khan

    (If) Pakistani’s land a man on the moon one day they’ll say they did it first and claim it for themselves.Recommend

  • Asghar Ramzan

    Dear all it is a fraud and nothing else.Recommend