The truth about Agha Waqar’s water car kit

Published: August 1, 2012

Japan had already invented water generators in 2008 and we're claiming to have invented them in 2012. PHOTO: REUTERS

Our social media and our mainstream media are known for publishing news irresponsibly and without verification. I was compelled to write this blog which is aimed at highlighting another instance of unverified reporting by the media.

Some days ago, my friends told me about a certain episode of Hamid Mir’s programme “Capital Talk” on Geo TV. This episode was about a man called Agha Waqar – a proud Pakistani who claimed to have invented something called a ‘water car kit’.

Obviously, the first thing that I said upon seeing this was “Bravo!”, as I personally have an interest in alternative energy systems and efficient energy. I was swiftly becoming a fan of Waqar, the inventor of this incredible device. However, soon I recalled that a few years ago I had watched a video about something similar; a video about Japan having successfully tested a car that runs on water. This was back in 2008. While it is true that in early 2009, Genepax announced they were closing their website, citing large development costs, the fact remains that Hamid Mir stated their venture as “na kaam”. This is not true as the Japanese did successfully invent a car that ran on water. Why Genepax closed down is a different story altogether which should have been looked in to by the media.

I thought there might be some difference between the device Waqar had invented because our media had been publicising it as if it were a miracle, and so I started searching the internet for car kits that run on water. It didn’t take me very long to find a similar device selling for $80 on online shopping sites, eBay and Ali Baba.

The Japanese have invented mini generators for generating electricity through water in homes to operate small electrical appliances like laptops, small chargers, videogame consoles and so on. They claim that these generators can produce electricity by making use of any kind of water. It doesn’t have to be distilled, even tap water or tea can be used for this!

I wondered if generating electricity at home was really that easy because if it were, the media would not be praising someone who claims to have introduced an obsolete notion. It was then that I found many DIY videos and tutorials on YouTube about conveniently building hydrogen water generators at home. In fact, I even came across articles that showed a step-by-step procedure for building this generator.

Although I have great respect for Agha Waqar for at least taking initiatives for introducing this technology in Pakistan, it saddens me that our media is claiming that something the world already saw decades ago has been invented by us in 2012. Yes, the previous ventures might have failed, but how can we state with certainty that this one will work or is any different? For all we know, this venture might bear stark similarities with the ones previously invented or might even be an exact replica, and all I am saying is that people should not be mislead to believe something that may not be true.

Only time will tell whether Agha Waqar’s water-kit is a feasible idea.

However, on a more positive note, I hope that we can make some improvements in this technology and introduce it to the public for commercial use.

Do you believe that Agha Waqar has made a breakthrough with his water car kit ?

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Faraz Ahmed

A tech blogger, Web Designer and Electronics engineer who loves to share his ideas. He works as a Technology Manager at XclueSIV Singapore and Tweets @imfaraz

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Science Lover

    I appreciate the fact that you did write your opinion about media’s irresponsibility and unscrutinized reporting. But being an Electronics and Computer Science Engineer lays a responsibility on you to rather present a critical analysis as to what extent is Mr. Agha theoretically valid and true in his claims to have invented a vehicle that runs on distilled water alone? Or is he just duping the whole nation for mere fame?
    -Curious to hear from you.Recommend

  • Agha Water

    A confused messed up writing i must say.. you fail to tell how he fooled people to believe in his idea? Dude he drove a car without FUEL!! We dont care who invented this idea or whether its a replica of some invention before… Why there has to be criticism in everything…learn to APPRECIATE!! Recommend

  • Junaid Zaman Malik

    Well Mr. Faraz let me break it down for you. The reason why Pakistani Media Is blowing it out of proportions is because it actually is a new invention ! … All the examples u mentioned have known to exist but they all use alternate fuels not PURE WATER .. When I say pure water I dont mean distilled .. I am implying water as being the only source ! …otherwise the water kits that you have mentioned have even been available in Pakistan for sometime ..This website has been supplying them for a while now ! I have been to their workshop as well … you compared apples with oranges in your article my friend ! Only time will tell … If Mr. Agha has achieved what he claims he has .. he has defied the first law of thermodynamics / Law of conservation of energy and has changed the face of physics fundamentals forever ! which is precisely there was no hue and cry over the other japanese car and the generator you mentioned as they use water and alternate source of energy and not the ONLY source of energy as supposedly Mr. Agha claims !Recommend

  • Vishnu Dutta

    This is third “water car” invention i have seen from pakistan this year. All three of them use century old electrolysis and call it a big discovery.
    Stop wasting you time and instead invent a car with higher milage. that will server better than a water car.Recommend

  • Raheem Khan

    So simple Pakistani have guts he made a Car have any one other tried this ever in Pakistan, Obviously No!
    But Agha waqar Invented did few tweaks on the old model and finally he was having the one of the best Car Invention. Why the haters don’t let Pakistan to be a developed country Love Pakistan.
    Agha Waqar I’m with you keep it up. Even I’m 14 If he will need donations I am ready to give me Eidee to him To help him to have a change in Pakistan.

    It will have no effect on the oldies scientists of Pakistan they will die with in a year or two.
    We The youngsters have to live a long life in Pakistan, It would be difficult for us to live in a Country which have no resources.

    My final words are please support him instead of Making such articles full of hate and SHAME!
    Hope you understand my Point!
    Raheemullah KhanRecommend

  • Khanzada (new Sindhi)

    @author? Have you invented any thing lately? Have you stepped up to solve a problem for you country?

    Stop typing words if you cannot even appreciate the work of others. This guy is trying to help his country and has come up with something which can work!!!


  • Uzair

    Here are the facts:
    The “invention” is simply utilizing electrolysis to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen, and burning the hydrogen later to create heat.

    Now, here’s the problematic part: breaking down water REQUIRES MORE ENERGY than can be obtained by burning the hydrogen later.

    All this “invention” is doing is giving an alternative form of stored energy: hydrogen instead of hydrocarbons. The difference is that you need to power the electrolysis yourself, whereas mother nature has already created the hydrocarbons through photosynthesis and hence “free” fuel (as free as locating, drilling/mining, and refining hydrocarbons can be).

    To put it simply: what most people are missing is that it will take electric power from the wall socket or batteries to create the hydrogen, and thus the net efficiency of the system will be low. It is NOT like you will fill up your car’s tank with water and that will be used instead of petrol :)

    It is a pity that we ignore our real scientists (Dr Abdus Salam anyone) while praising to high heavens somebody who seems to lack a basic grasp of engineering principles.Recommend

  • Shozab Rehman

    mr.agha is a fraud.i think he is not high school pass even. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed how he is creating the energy to drive the engine. he needs a high amount of h2 if he wants to drive 1300 cc engine. if he is driving an engine he needs to change the fuel injectors i.e from liquid to gas fuel injectors and he will have to change the spark plug and then he will be required a high voltage to ignite the spark plug because in case of h2 low voltage is not enough. he will have to change engine’s gasket, and crank shaf damper this is not that easyand if he will be required a high voltage then from where he will give high voltage the engine’s generator only generates 12 v dc and if he changes the generator then the new generator will require more rpm and torque. it means more energy do u think a jug of water have enough h2 that can perform all this operations.Recommend

  • Hardliner

    @Agha Water:

    I agree…… there should be more appreciation than criticism……. but i presume being a couch potato is just too easy……………Recommend

  • Sikander Shaikh

    I dont understand why we Pakistanis have the more criticism capabilities than any other country in this world.. What Agha Waqar has produced is tottaly diffrent from the past inventions.. specially diffrent from few of the inventions Mr. Faraz has tried to mention, its my humble request to the all writers and bloggers before criticising others please see your own points of agenda.. Are they valid or not…?? What ever media has shown on Tv abt Agha Waqar also include some information which has been kept hidden.. That is so far what i personaly know abt.. The reason to type this is “Baseless Criticism is not Appreciated.Recommend

  • Noureen

    According to Physics Mr.Agha is a complete fraud. But when Asif Ali Zardari become President of Pakistan every thing is happen in Pakistan. ;-)Recommend

  • pk

    The man is not an engineer. if you look at the claim it isn’t scientifically possible, it defies logic and if you have read first and second law of thermodynamics you may understand what i’m saying while read this also:

    All the claims by people around the world have been found out to be untrue. Its theoretically impossible to derive energy from a 12v battery to separate a hydrogen and oxygen bond.Recommend

  • Hassaan

    sad to see that everyone is missing the basic point that Uzair has pointed out. it needs external source. it’s running cost is much more than petrol! please google hydrogen cell cars. this guy is a sham, this technology is not at all cheap, an external energy source to overcome the energy required for electrolysis is required which btw is one of the most inefficient processes.

    I wish we remembered our tenth grade physics lessons rather than being emotional. sad state of affairs.

    btw honda has already mass produced it. 12000 of it :) Recommend

  • Imran K

    It Runs on Hydrogen acquired from Water….Its a Bomb waiting to explode.Recommend

  • Hady

    Have some sense guys,
    For the electrolysis of water you require enormous energy. So called inventor didn’t tell from where he took that energy to break water to atomic form
    H2O(molecule)———electrolysis——-> 2H(atom)+O(atom)
    1 if he (Assumption) provided 500 kilojoules energy for electrolysis of water then he can’t get even more get only 70 or 80% of input, because no reaction in this world is ideal.
    2 When combustion of hydrogen of oxygen (produced by electrolysis) takes place that will produce heat energy which can’t be greater than Input (500 kj), keeping in mind Law of Conservation of Energy and Losses due to transformation of energy type
    3 Finally this heat energy (combustion of hydrogen and oxygen) is converted into mechanical energy which moves the car, again here will be loss of energy due to conversion from one form to other,
    Keeping in mind above reality it is obvious that he is taking out 300 kj Mechanical energy while providing 500 kj.
    But on media Agha Waqar is trying to say
    2+2=6 and 90% of Pakistani think that he is saying right because he is Pakistani and has done a miracle, while west or India will not let him get its fruit. Simply I will say

  • Nostalgic Impressionist

    Author has some pathological denial syndrome, he wants to deny whatever shown on media. He has already published an article in which he trashed media on coverage on Burma Killings and with his research he found out that those images were fake etc.
    With due respect, you are new with this problem, when anyone do anything good in pakistan so-called critics start turning their guns toward them and criticise with things other than their invention or works. Same happened with Dr Abdus Salam, Sharmeen Obaid and many examples can be quoted, worst one was, we jailed a student of B’istan who made a Helicopter in 90’s.
    Have courage to appreciate works of your peoplesRecommend

  • Talha

    It was better to play guli danda instead of reading this useless post!..Our media can only demoralize the nation and never potray a good image of the country !Recommend

  • Parvez

    Mr Agha’s attempt (it is certainly no discovery, Hamid Meer was just getting carried away) should be encouraged so that he could refine it further and make it commercially viable.
    He needs private support because the giant petroleum lobby including our government will certainly not support this.Recommend

  • Paksource

    My question to the writer -Faraz Ahmed

    AssalamuAlaikum Sir, yaar aap se kabhi kuch hazam hua hai -aaj ek banday ne agar koi cheez samnay lai hai tu aap kehtay ho k yeh pehlay se thiii then aap ne yeh cheez samnay kyun nahii layii -agar media aaj yeh dikhaa raha hai tu aap media k peechay par gaye -oo bha agar aaj hamaray aghaa g samnay na aatay tu aap k yeh article bhi nahi hota aur na hi koi invention samnay laata ,plz appreciate it ,thanks ,hop u will reply -btw it is now too easy to write a article on tribune rather than appreciating somehting ,thanksRecommend

  • Talha

    Dont talk about laws of physics … After every year new laws are made and the world is told what u used to beleive was crap… here is the real truth and this tends to continue!Recommend

  • Fazal

    The water kits Mr. Faraz Ahmed have mentioned they are not water kits, they are hybrid water kits. They use water and other energy source (e.g petrol, diesel,etc)both . whereas Mr. Agha claims that he have invented a machine that run your car only on water without any other energy source. the only reason of hybrid water kits is that those kits cannot produce enough hydrogen to power your car and that amount of hydrogen is enough to power a very small generators which are already mentioned. Now the only invention is that how the cell of water kit of Mr. Agha produces such amount of hydrogen which is enough to power a car.Recommend

  • Maha

    I Think Mr Agha is not lies in Ramadan.Recommend

  • saeed

    I hope and wish that whatever shown on tv i.e. running the car with water alone is true, it will certainly change the destiny of our nation, but as an engineer i cannot understand it, it is not logical and plausible to me. If there is some missing link that no one except agha waqar has discovered then it is the biggest invention of 21st century. But i have serious doubts. I fully agree with the explaination given by Hady above, as this is one of the basic laws of physics. If this thing really works then we need to relook at our understanding of the universe.Recommend

  • Maira

    Dear Sir Paksource!
    This Agha Waqar has never mentioned how is carrying out electrolysis process. This guy has never mentioned by which law of thermodynamics, this is working. If he is an engineer, he can prove it scientifically. But there is no mentioning of it. All you have seen is on TV. Please wait until some authentic body validates it.
    All discoveries are accompanied by research and equations and laws. Why he has never told whole procedure from A to Z? Where water is being poured down, in which chamber electrolysis is happening, where it is being converted to mechanical engineering? All he has shown is connecting one hose pipe to enginer and diconnecting CNG cylinder.Recommend

  • Maha

    Our countries bodies like PEC, NUST etc should examine this kitRecommend

  • bahadur

    Assalam o Alaikum, Ager kabhi allah keray keh yeh technology pakistan main introduce ho,Tu dr Atta ur rehman Aur Faraz kay is artical ka kia hoga mujhay is baat ki Fiker hay,Is leyie ager khud kuch nahien ker saktay tu kum az kum dosroon per keechur uchalna band keroo.Recommend

  • http://Facebook Malik azam

    I don’t now people like u why try to dishart other . We know Japan are Invente of this tech but this man it lest able to invent this tech in Pakistan for very fist time. If I ask u why u don’t ???? U can only do is criticism on other this man done a great Job with out any help. Japans invent this tech but they failed . But I hope this man will be successful in his achievement even I want to salut this man for his handwork.Recommend

  • Green

    This invention if proven scientifically accurate would be the end of the fossil fuel world as we know it. But the skeptics should raise questions and thoroughly investigate the vehicle to verify its accuracy and not immediately cry fraud. Inshallah I hope this project is authentic and commercially available in the next few years.Recommend

  • Shiraz

    Its very simple Pakistanis have guts he made a Water Kit. And why you people are criticizing Mr Waqar. He is claiming that he has receiving calls from Singapore, Dubai and UK but he lives here. Soo What else??? Recommend

  • arshad

    everyone wrote according to his information and knowledge.. I would like to request all the pakisani brothers and sisters to please be a nation.. Every thing will be ok once we come out of these negative approchesRecommend

  • Moazzam Salim

    I have to say that Engineer Waqar Ahmed has definitely achieved fame partly due to the absurdly ambiguous replies given by our elite scientists. Simply put electrolysis requires more energy to break up Hydrogen and Oxygen than it ultimately produces by burning the Hydrogen produced through this process. I am not sure in what cadre has Mr. Waqar studied for his engineering degree but I am assuming that it has nothing to do with chemicals and chemical reactions. The poor guy asked Dr. Atta ur Rehman at the end of ‘Capital Talk’, “do you know what is Hydrogen?” and then went on to reply that “it is the water; H2O”. For all intents and purposes he does not even know the basics of chemistry. He kept on referring to his alleged ‘invention’ as a formula and forgot that he has supposedly found a new ‘process’ and not a formula. He was particularly annoyed with the allegations raised by Dr. Atta that the process was a fraud and nonsense and claimed that he had not taken money from anyone so no fraud has been committed. In reality fraud does not have to be of financial nature; an intellectual fraud is as much damaging. Certain media quarters have raised the nation’s hopes on the basis of a fairy tale. They should be careful as this fairy tale is bound to end in disaster. Recommend

  • Mohsin Bashir

    Its totally fake & unbelievable. Europeans have far better minds/research than us. if it were possible then they were pioneer. its easy way to be a famous. Recommend

  • Atif Yousufzai

    i know there are lot of step by step and blah blahs available on internet, the point is can you deliver the same except writing a blog post criticizing somebody’s work ?Recommend

  • Unified Physicist

    This is not a thing to appreciate!Novel scientific inventions whenever come into existence,they must have to face the criticism and the behavior towards it, is to prove scientifically that how the “invention” deals with it. I am really sorry to say that the giants of Pakistan engineering have failed to figure out the crap of this “Invention” of so-called “engineer” who doesn’t know the basic law of physics. Theories can be changed but the law is always the law. If Mr Agha claims to change the law of physics then the whole foundation of physics collapses. I don’t believe that a PhD holder from Cambridge(Dr Ata-ur-Rehman) failed to give him the true evidences to shut his mouth, though he tried hard. I appreciate Dr Ata to put initiative in this regard. If Agha claims to produce high energy from low energy then he should be a goddess which is impossible!!!
    If someone somewhere claims that Newton law of gravitation doesn’t exist then would we believe him? Definitely No! because it would say that everything is vacuum which is impossible.
    Please engineers of our country put initiative and educate people wisely and scientifically.Recommend

  • Adeel Shah

    Is the battery which is providing electrical current for the elctrolysis process is rechargable? I think Dr. Atta was right that the power consumption through electricity from the battery is higher than the output of driving the car. If the battery is rechargable through the mechanical energy produced by the car and is also cost effective like you do not need to replace it for further 2-3 years then this is indeed an innovation. Otherwise it is merely an electric car with additional storage of water tank.Recommend

  • An Engineer

    It is very disturbing to see the events happening now a days in Pakistan where these pseudo scientists / engineers are being applauded at the highest levels in the government as well as in the media. The level of understanding of basic sciences among our people in general and our so called scientists / engineers, in most polite form, can be regarded as ‘pathetic’.

    As for “Engineer” Agha Waqar who claims to develop a kit which could power the IC engine of a car by extracting hydrogen from water, it is to be pointed out that, besides other absurdities associated with this idea, the idea is in total violation of law of conservation of energy / 1st law of thermodynamics. It is pertinent to mention that law of conservation of energy is the basic law of science.

    In science, no claim can be as extra ordinary as claiming to develop a process which violates this law. If anybody can device a mechanism to violate the law of conservation of energy, it would render all progress which science has achieved todate invalid.

    For better understanding of everyone, this claim is tantamount to say that I pour 1 kg water in an empty bottle and extracts 2 kg of water from the bottle. I hope everyone can see the absurdity of such a claim.Recommend

  • Hassan

    Aghar saab is breaking water into HHO using electricity and then either recombining hydrogen and water in a fuel cell or using hydrogen itself to run the car. The energy required for doing all this comes from battery, which would be charged from the grid, so why not buy an electric vehicle instead, why go through so many losses??

    The economics does not add up, its just a fancy & inefficient way to use electricity to run your vehicle.. in other words ‘Agha saab toup say makhi maar rahay hain’ aur toup bhe kisi aur nay bana li hai pehlay!

    He definitely cant voilate law of thermodynamics & law of conservation of energy, so the energy on which ur car would run would be taken eventually from power grid, and power grid generates electricity mostly through fuel, so why not run ur car on fuel in the first place ??Recommend

  • atif

    Bravo!! A guy is telling us not to believe every news on the internet by providing us references from the internet of other similar devices.Can anyone else see the irony?Recommend

  • nasiro

    bro u have truely highlighted the irresponsible role of media but at the end u have done the same. Have u seen this water kit driven car personaly? Definitely no…u hav gone thru some searches on the internet and then came up wih conclusions. Go and see whats he doing,if in doubt take an ordinary mechanic with you even he will tell you what is making the car to run. Then publish your truth.Recommend

  • umair

    some people are so jealous here that they can even believe in truth.
    dr. abdul qadir quoted last night that in early days there were no believe that nuclear energy can produce electricity but great people did it. now coming to the water car people just take a breathe, my agha(water kit inventor) rehearsed by running his car in front of nust, uet, professors and suzuki, toyota’s company’s worker. and still u think that its a rubbish?Recommend

  • Raheel

    Faraz sahab,
    why don’t you put a link to $80 dollar water kit for cars,
    what ever done before for cars is not water conversion kit, but complete generation of car run on water but this person Agha waqar done is the conversion car water kit, as fuel for normal/conventional cars, so its different, anyway, you should be a critic not analyzer.Recommend

  • Spike

    I don’t know if we as a nation are delusional or always waiting for a miracle. This whole fiasco should be a PhD thesis for the mentality of this nation. People are actually discrediting PhD doctors of the caliber of Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman for this man. A reality check for people! laws are proven mathematically and practically, they are not theories which can be proved wrong. Law of conservation of energy is an absolute truth and cannot be proven wrong or else so many inventions and medicine produced solely due to that law will be the biggest lie ever. Maybe an illusion for centuries. For people who do not understand law of conservation of energy let me explain it in simple terms. The claim made by Waqar means that frying pan frying an egg can be hotter than the fire burning beneath it. According to the LAW of conservation of energy the frying pan can be as hot as the fire in IDEAL conditions where all of the energy of fire is converted into heating the frying pan. Normally that’s not the case the fire also heats up the air around it and so on. I sincerely hope that this guy made this effort genuinely and didn’t intend to get funding and run away.

    Please respect people like Dr. Atta as they are teachers of so many people in this country and have so many services for this country. It’s unfair to discredit such an esteemed Doctor for this clown.Recommend

  • faheem

    asalm alikm brothers and sisters hope vl be fine

    I must say before murmuring abt the agha waqar u ppl must believe that agha waqar has done it honestly ,endeavrng for the nation of pakistan.
    If u cant appriciate him atleast dnt criticize this hero.

    Specially mrs noureeen can u tell me wht type of ffraud agha waqar has done wth yu u dnt talk in such a way

    All ppl from nust,atomic enrgy ,suzuki vere fooll who accepted it even dr abdul qadeer khan and dr shoukt ali

    So sad ppl must feel pity on themselves who themselves cant help the nation but who works for it is being criticized by lay men.Recommend

  • zubairullah khan

    he iS our hero . but our political ledder due to some personal intrest they did not give him a plateform to show his abbility.Recommend

  • Spike

    @Moazzam Salim:
    Agree to most of your comments but I don’t agree to the comment that the scientists didn’t respond well. Dr. Atta’s response was elaborate and would have been clear to a person with elementary knowledge of physics. To be fair this is something that cannot be discussed in a talk show where most of the audience are not aware of fundamentals of physics. If Waqar had made a presentation with the calculations of energy used for water electrolysis and The energy gained after electrolysis he(Waqar) would’ve been shut up then and there. It’s just sad how majority of people including Hamid mir are discrediting Dr. Atta for this clown. This is a new low for educated people of this country.Recommend

  • Usman

    Faraz join ata-ur-rehman club. share your inventions with us not critics on Pakistan.Recommend

  • Qasim Ali

    you fail to tell how he fooled people to believe in his idea. i think agha waqar has done some workRecommend

  • Salim Ali

    I think instead of water, Engineer Waqar should have used the powere of djinns.Recommend

  • Jawad

    showing videos in your blogs doesnt make you right and the other person right, prove it technically, Recommend

  • S

    @ Faraz

    You have correctly highlighted the irresponsible attitude of media and also somewhat hinted at the redoing of technology by Mr. Agha but you failed to address the core.

    Running a car at over 100km/h with only distilled water now that is kind of astonishing in itself. This water kit may be more efficient then the water kits referred to in your article. Mr. Agha then deserves all the praise. Media is at err when they promote Mr. Agha’s invention without doing a more expert inspection of the invention and airing it by doing just a superficial demo. There are bigger questions on the viability of this much efficient machine from physics point of view. Recommend

  • Awans

    Well he is a Muslim and also belongs from Karachi and that makes him a Perfect Person. A scientist born in Jhang Punjab is of No match of an Enginner born in Civilized Karachi. I think Newton and Einstein were absolutely wrong and Agha Sahib have broke all Scientific theories and 1st law of thermodynamics in just one Go and we must be proud of that.Recommend

  • Muhammad Rizwan Malik

    Cant u simply appreciate a person doing something better than YOU! Seriously, i know its not that he has invented the technology! But that technology is worth a LOT! And its a big deal when a Pakistani comes up with it without much help! u guys r simply jealous coz u didnt come up with that idea… writing a blog is easy, but it doesn’t help any1. Recommend

  • D

    This is’nt the matter who introduced , copied or launched the technology in Pakistan , main thing is the implementation of this technology , there’s a mafia working all over Pakistan having huge business of fuel pumps and cng stations if water running automobiles start running in Pakistan who will handle these people or mafia ?? or secure the technology introducers !!! unfortunately we avoid talking on these things and start criticizing , hybrid cars from japan costs little bit higher then our local made cars if government start waving or offer lower percentage in duty then we can easily overcome the energy and fuel crisis and will also be able to controll mehngai. Recommend

  • Another Engineer

    Those criticizing the opinion of Dr. Ata for this fake engineer are actually what is wrong with this country, read a science book or something!

    This man is discrediting rest of the engineers in this country and showing what happens when u have an engineering institute on every street corner!Recommend

  • An Engineer

    Guys this invention is total fake!!

    It defies the law of CONSERVATION OF ENERGY.!!
    A law that has been there for centuries and is the basis of almost everything scientific process.

    Are you telling me that you believe some guy who says he has invented something that nullifies this fundamental law without saying ONE TECHNICAL WORD(I doubt he knows any) about how this works ?? !!

    Be sensible!

    Atleast people who have studied F.Sc/A level physics and still have even 1% doubt that this car is actually running on PURE WATER deserve to get their degrees revoked!Recommend

  • danish

    Absolutely rubbish blog… makes no sense and seem to me just a shot in dark to demoralize agha waqar… atleast show some gratitude to your own people buddy jealousy gets u nowhere… make sure when u criticize sum1 u do ur homewrk b4…Recommend

  • Rafay

    I was expecting a lot more from this article and talking about Japanese car which worked on water was the worst example ever as this car was working partially on fuel too. Agha Waqar has taken a nice initiative but people try to make fool out of them which is not a good bit. Recommend

  • Big Rizvi

    U mad Saudi Arabia, ditch your BMWs, Audis and Mercs and return to your camels, habibis.Recommend

  • Ozymandias

    @Nostalgic Impressionist:
    Ummm…he did a GOOD thing by debunking the Burma story. Are you saying we were better off with believing the lies?Recommend

  • NO JOY

    most of the commentators criticizing the blog either don’t have even the rudimentary knowledge of science in general,and concept of energy and thermodynamics in particular or they have been blinded by desperation to see some achievement even fake,made by a Pakistani.but dear friends law of conservation of energy which is taught in junior high school and laws of thermodynamics are not like laws of Pakistan which can be violated on a daily bases.cheersRecommend

  • Tanu

    Hamid Mir, being a journalist, can be deficient in understanding of the laws of physics. But what is totally astounding is that AQ khan, so called father of the islamic bomb, approving the “invention” and proclaiming that had been still at kahuta he would have produced the water kit and marketed it!

    What a shame that your real scientists are debunked in media and frauds are proclaimed heros in pakistan. No wonder the only nobel laurate produced by the land chose to leave his motherland.
    No rational discourse is possible in pakistan. Sane people like hasan nisar can keep breast beating.

    Your writeup is a brave attempt to show the mirror to the deluded. Keep it up. Though your words too will be crying in the wilderness. Hopefully more people will follow your effort so that rational discourse returns to pakistan. I salute your effort.Recommend

  • Vishnu Dutta

    For those who has studied science would know that the “real source of energy” is the battery , not the water. water is just being used as a medium to transfer the power from battery to the engine. a more efficient system would be to run the car entirely on battery.

    BTW if the device he claims to be working is the one shown on the show then why would it cost you 50000 rupees? looks like it can be home made in few hundred rupees. and did i see an inflated tube in the car? what is that.Recommend

  • Sahar

    Useless blog. The point is not that the water kit idea is plagiarized, the point is that it is not scientifically and economically viable in the first place.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ahmad Malik

    The claim made by Mr Agh Waqar needs to evaluated scientifically by experts. Until we have hard scientific evidence that this invention is not viable and upto no good use should we criticize it. I think the author has no done his homework properly and he is merely speculating. Recommend

  • Dr.Hamid

    Leave alone agha who…. Just getting annoyed with these “trying to b” engineers on this post trying to teach us what is physics n what are the laws of thermodynamics. Its not the place for u guys to prove u knw physics n thermodynamics better than all others. Wish i had u guys infront of me n i wud’v seen ur level of understanding of science. Just go n check wat da hell has agha waqar come up with ( be it a piece of trash). We all knw he cannot voilate the law of conservation of energyRecommend

  • Fahad

    i think if Agha Waqar has done it we should appreciate it and this appreciation will spread through our media.If its proven wrong Agha Waqar will be the one in shame but for now we have to support him.Recommend

  • Ejaz perhar

    if u made it it will be very good for all humanity.Recommend

  • zahoor

    Mr please don’t waste time of readers by writing all such bull*** against the top talented guy Enginerr Waqar. This alternative fuel will tend to change the fortune of country and will dismiss many petrol mafias. However, your writeup has no substantial value and you have failed to provide any proof that supports your argument. Please think out of box and appreciate efforts of our young scientist.Recommend

  • Zaheer Ahmed Khan

    Hi Faraz!
    You r doing some great work here. i read all the posts and realize that those who oppose u, they are unfimiliar with basic science. So Bhains (Cow) k agay jitna marzi been bajao ho ga kuch nahi. agar koee mujh say pochay k “Aqal bari k Bhains” tou may kehta hoon “science”. But some peoples believe “Akal nai tay mojan hi mojan”. i request all pakistanis to watch hamid mir program, when this show about to finish Mr. Waqar asks a question to Dr. Atta-ur-rehman “Does He (Dr. Atta-ur-rehman) knows how Hydrogen gas produced?” Dr Sahib said that hydrogen is produced from Methane (CH4) at commercial scale. hearing this answer mr. waqar smiles n pose likes Dr Atta Sahib knows nothing. He trymphly said “hydrogen is produced from water and mentioned water’s formula H2O. OMG this is happen to Dr Sahib. Jo zara b is baat ko samajhtay hain un ko koee shuk nai reh jata k Mr, Waqar science say kitnay nabuld hain. This is the climax of the drama that Geo is Producing and promoting. I also add here my apology to Dr. Atta Sahib, how a neem khawanda person insults him. May janab aap say maafi maangta hoon. Hum loog Ap k kabil nai hain. Ap ka hosla aur zarf daikhnay ki chees tha. Allah Ap ko Salamat rakhay. Ameen. is k ilawa mr. waqar nay jo badtameezi ki hay us ko bhi strongly condemn kerta hoon. Mr. Waqar u done nothing r prove rite now, but What Dr. Sahib done n prove, we need generations to thank that.
    To b continued………..Recommend

  • Waleed

    Seriously, did anyone of you take Chemistry 101 in schools? The energy required for electrolysis is far greater than the energy produced -.- BASIC LAW OF CHEMISTRY FFS.Recommend

  • Nick

    simple some one should take there 1000cc car to him and ask this inventor to put this water kit on that and let’s see if this new car is running and run constantly for 2 hrs ,if he can prove this then award him with Noble!!!! or otherwise hang him..LOLRecommend

  • Asim

    Pakistan Engineering Council should sue this person for wrongfully using title as an Engineer. After all he is just a B-tech. The whole lollapalooza episode that media is running, gives an impression that the idea may be based on deceiving people of Pakistan that their energy crisis is going to be solved by Zordari and company. How did this person (who is more of pseudo-scientist to me) get a loan for 1.5crore when HEC is being deprived of funds for scholarships? This hoax should be debunked by the media and intellectuals. The people who understand Science know that this technique already exists and here is the link for those who do not believe.

  • Lazarus

    Okay so every lad commenting on this post is an engineer amazing.Recommend

  • Furqan Umer

    Remember that Mr. Agha has not invented a car (engine) he has developed a fuel kit. Previously, water fuelled engines have been proposed. I think we should encourage him for this.
    Atleast there is something different in it. It doesnt seem to be a fraud.
    Bravo Mr. Agha!Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Salman

    @Agha Water:

    Exactly people need to stop making their own speculations on this topic. If there is a slightest advancement in his innovation then it will be deemed to be a new invention. First I was reading articles written by engeineer students which claimed that it’s completely impossible then there is another view; that this technology already exists.

    I would say let’s see what he has to offer rather than bashing him by writing such articles.
    Einstein was a run away kid from school, Honda already successfully constructed a car which works on these principles but only increases the fuel efficieny. Think about it.

    By the way after reading such articles I can imagine that what phases an innovator had to go through during 18th and 19th century,when he had to face the criticism of masses,who laughed at him just llike how we are doing. Recommend

  • Danish

    @ author: You were the people who could not appreciate Dr Abdul Salam and kept on criticizing him, Now doing the same with this guy (agha waqar).
    For God sake let Pakistan move forward.Recommend

  • muddi

    hey faraz if really it’s Japenese invntionthen why the hell cars on road r still on petroleum instead of water? Can u xplain it?Recommend

  • A

    Absolutely Bogus. You can not use water as Fuel. It is against law of conservation of energy.Recommend

  • Enzar Gul

    Agha did his work as he says in three years, He was not alone doing it, on top of that he demonstrated the same in front of media and was telecast ed widely !
    These are we the Pakistanis and our Media (who every one know how mature is it) who substantiate irresponsibly very much !!!

    Let it undergoes via some experiments and the idea/invention see the real challenges with time.Recommend

  • Abdul Samad

    Shame on u guys, U should appreciate instead of critisizing him, “IT HAS BEEN PROVED THAT WHAT HE SAID IS TRUE” Go read this on wikipedia u faggots…. He has generated a perpetual motion machine, As stated by wikipedia…

    Here is the entire process…

    His kit extracts Hydrogen from the distilled water (creating HHO)
    He disconnects the petrol and gas fuel connection of the car.
    Installs his own water kit and puts distilled water into it
    Uses the battery to initially ignite the engine/process. Then the battery connection is left alone…not used. Enough gas is produced to keep the engine running for good time. Once that gas is near full consumption, the battery connection is reused to repeat the process. It all works seem-less. The driver don’t feel anything.
    He claims that the engine remains fully safe with no chances of getting overheated. Tests an old car/engine to prove his point.
    One liter – at least 40 km yeah
    He has made all efforts to stop the gas leakage which was one of the concern scientists showed.
    The car drives as powerfully as with petrol – claims that this water fuel is even more powerful than petrol/diesel/octane.
    He is testing his technology for more than a year now. All people from his locality witness that.
    He thinks the technology has now perfected and is ready for commercial use.
    He also explains in detail about the previous attempts made worldwide and why those techniques failed. He claims that his approach is way too different. He also emphasized that mixing of fuels is not an option.
    He gives some details about his approach but stops short of sharing the formula. Patent is under way.

    The live display proved that what he said was correct and the car ran like a dream for about 40 kms with only a liter of distilled WATER.Recommend

  • Abdul Samad

    If simple electrolysis worked to make hydrogen from clean H2O, then we would have water powered cars already. Most Engineers, Mechanics are taught, it takes more energy to produce enough energy to propel a car, therefore it will never work. You cannot break the laws of physics. They say you will not get enough BTU’s from hydrogen or egas to push an ICE motor. They are right, Gasoline gets too hot, and 78% of the energy produced goes right out the exhaust pipe. A complete waste of energy is applied everyday we drive our present vehicles and also the heat contributes to the Global warming. With “On Board Electrolysis” with egas or supplied by hydrogen tanks, you don’t need all this heat. What you need is strong combustion to push the piston down. Hydrogen is 2-1/2 times more combustion power than gasoline, with less heat! The inventors below manage to propel a car on hydrogen, Many of the inventors lives were threatened. Yull Brown had shots fired into his kitchen, Stanley Meyers was threatened and eventually poisoned, a few months later, Yull Brown dies of old age. Andrija Puharich mysteriously fell down a flight of stairs. Carl Cella died in prison… here is the list of people who have try to invent water fuelled vehicles.

    This is what WIKIPEDIA says… Recommend

  • Misha

    i respect your opinion and research that you did in this regard sir, and yes i agree that pakistani media should not say that this is THE first invention ever but when it comes to pakistan, yes it is. our nation is left with no big inventions to boast about, no good news, no well wishers and sincere people. atleast mr. agha took initiative in pakistan, opened our eyes that yet the engineers of pakistan are no where less than any of those in any part of the world. and out there, in other parts of the world, they have their government supporting them, thats why they enjoy the first mover advantage. but i would support this new invention

  • ali


    you people are just pathetic ……. no brain in your heads ….Recommend

  • Vaqar Ahmed

    The number of posts above praising the “new invention” clearly indicates the poor level of education in our country. These are supposed to be educated people but they have no idea of the basics of science. The water driven car simply uses electricity from the battery to break down water into Hydrogen and Oxygen (a well know process known as electrolysis). Hydrogen is then used as fuel. However, much more energy is required to produce Hydrogen from water than what the produced hydrogen provides as energy thus this process is useless as it uses more energy than it produces. Of course if the heat from sun is used to do electrolysis than it is a real breakthrough. However that is still far and definitely not a practical way to produce hydrogen inside the engine for use in a car. Currently, the only practical way to use hydrogen as fuel is what is known as “fuel cells”. Please read about it.

    I would suggest that people should spend 5 minutes on google to find out about water as fuel before wasting their time writing nonsensical comments. And for god’s sake spare us the lecture on how we criticize every Pakistani “breakthrough” in science. Pakistanis did not invent even the “Muslim Shower” and the lotas made in Pakistan are so badly designed that water comes from the top before it arrives from the spout!Recommend

  • SR

    when you yourself aren’t do much on your own, why r u criticizing someone who is making an effort to make the lives of general public easier. that is what is preventing pakistan from progressing, “khud agay barhna nahi hai, koi or kuch karay to criticize them and bring them down in every possible manner”..
    this is disgusting, the display proved that what he said was absolutely true, he did what he said, unlike u people who use the power of the pen to talk and do nothing practically, rather when u guys see a fellow citizen doing something good, you would get to work to find it whats wrong rather than whats right Recommend

  • Adeel Syed

    Although I appreciate his effort.. But I think his kit is fundamentally wrong. Being a mechanical engineer I tend to think I have sufficient knowledge of thermo-dynamics. Any fuel has different rate of burn and energy disipation, the piston in our cars engine are tuned to that rate of combustion. For example when the piston is on the upward end of its cycle, fuel air mixture is sprayed into the cylinder and that mixture is ignited by a spark plug.. all this is timed perfectly so that the ignition pushes the piston downwards thus completing its cycle. This is the very reason we cannot use diesel, jet fuel or canola cooking oil in a petrol car.
    Hydrogen cannot be used in a normal petrol engine.Recommend

  • daniyal

    The example u showed of Japanese, the made a new car which runs on water.
    Agha has invented a water kit which can be installed in an ordinary petrol vehicle.
    their is a difference between a water fueled special car and a water kit which can be installed on any ordinary petrol car. Recommend

  • Reddy

    there goes first law of thermodynamics ,this guy just squeezed the life out of it…what emotional chest thumping heart pumping Pakistanis don’t under stand is,it will cost you more than petrol with an extra hydrogen bomb under your bum,in laymen terms it’s a rich man’s(billionaire) battery car.Recommend

  • Sadaqat Qureshi

    Mr.Faraz u took this much time to prove your fellow Pakistani wrong!!!!!
    so, honestly tell us about the team behind you?:pRecommend

  • Faizan Gul

    dude a little appreciation wont hurt you…. we dont care who the hell invented this technology, Agha sb showed that he can make our cars run on water, we should back him up…… as far as my car runs on water and gives me 40 KM in Rs 10… i dont care if this is a obsolete technology or a replica. or who the hell invented it.

    on the other hand, if this tech is already invented and japanese are using it then why is it not in the market yet…… why do we still facing energy crisis why why whyyyyyyyyyyy??? kch kar nai saktay bhai to jo kr rha ha us ko appreciate to kar do, vo b nai kar saktay to mun band kr k bethoRecommend

  • FS

    For the people appreciating “ENGINEER” Waqar for his efforts have very bad physics teacher…Recommend

  • zahid


    Mr. Baby faraz, you seems to be a bloody tout of western people & oil mafia. Journalism is responsible opportunity, if one understand. If i start writing concocted story like you, then there will be no difference between you & me. what should i say is, lakh di lanaat bhenchoodiyaaa. doob k maro salay zalil. frangiyo k tukro pe bhonktay ho. Recommend

  • Danish Shah

    I’m not a scientist, nor an engineer, and not sure how Agha Waqar is making the car run, his secrecy and dodging questions is making me extremely skeptical of this whole thing. That said, I don’t understand how and why the people of Pakistan have already termed him a ‘hero’ without any investigation of his invention/claims? Just because a tv show host, who has no scientific credentials by the way, endorsed it? As I said before, I don’t know whether this is a legit invention or a fraud, but i’ll hold my judgment until this ‘invention’ is critically analyzed by a third party, be it local or foreign. His claim (on hamid meer show) that “how can NUST certify this invention when they dont have this technology?” made me even more queasy. Sir jee, that’s how science works, if a new technology is introduced, it has to go through a rigorous analysis before its approved. Welcome to the science of 19th century (pun intended).Recommend

  • Xee


    Well, every problem comes with many opportunities so its mean Asif zardari problem comes with great Agha Waqar invention opportunity :-*Recommend

  • imran

    dear friends,
    the question is if japan had invented a water kit and used it on a car then why Japnies r still dependent on petrol driven cars and import billions of dollars of fuel.
    thanks, regards.

  • Xee


    Technology is not stop by books if you are giving the man write books/feature reference. If you have the knowledge and capability then please prove and invent a small thing rather than to criticize.

    My Office UPS is not working can you please help me for repairing to read the books or search from google…… (Oh sorry, you are not an Engineer then how you will solve it)

    I love my country Pakistan.. Muaaaaaah.Recommend

  • Xee

    @Shozab Rehman:

    Well, by the way what was the education of Einstein?. People was saying made to Newton and Einstein in their duration but now the generation of foolish people are using their ideas, based inventions and so on. So, be a positive and encourage the people rather than criticize or try to prove genius via this foolish comment. If you have the capability then proof with your own theory rather than with little knowledge.Recommend

  • Vishnu Dutta

    BTW he said he spent 1.5 crores in this invention. i wonder if 5 ft pipe, a plastic container and two bottles of mineral water is so expensive in pakistan?
    its all a scam, hamid mir should be ashamed of itself and after reading most of the comments here science should be ashamed.

    For non science people: if he really was correct then he would have been rich by now by selling those kits to people. Recommend

  • Saad Ali Khan

    Why is Agha Waqar being attacked by certain parts of the media as being fraud? Of course, you would expect skepticism in all new inventions, but that’s why we tests and do experiments. Until these reports are released, nobody can prove if the Water Fueled Car as viable or not. Until then we can discuss and take his word for it. The water fueling system is a simple technology in which ‘hydrogen bonding’ with distilled water produces hydrogen gas to run a car engine. The technology will be considerably cheaper than CNG and petrol.

    The media has been very skeptical, in fact too skeptical and it’s not a surprise that the (s)Express Tribune is at the forefront of denying this man any credibility or acknowledgement. Instead, they decided to attack him via this horribly written blogRecommend

  • Jamal Shah

    I think we should check it technically then make a statement. Anything can happen in science.Recommend