Your wife or your life: Are we inspired by Shakespeare?

Published: August 8, 2012

Maybe the people of Pakistan are inspired by Shakespeare. They revel in deceit, treachery and murder.

Maybe the people of Pakistan are inspired by Shakespeare.

They revel in deceit, treachery and murder.

A land filled with misogynist men who lose their wives over games of chance and then sit in the itekaaf  to seek repentance for their sins.

A plague grows over fossilised tablets, slowly gnawing at every bit of cultural history known to mankind.

Perhaps, there is a Shylock whose fetish for blood and flesh navigates his own moral compass.

Perhaps, there lives a Puck, who vends fluorescent potions on the street that claim to cure every remedy including “mardaana quwwat”.

A Viola dances in her prayers, her veil twirling and lifting around her feet to reveal her chained ankles.

Nerissa murmurs in guilt and pain as she waits outside a nursing home, helping her friend undergo a secret abortion.

Her husband Bassanio spends his nights under a shady underpass in Lyari, peddling his dreams to pay his debts.

Prospero puts his last daughter on the market and commits suicide after he finds that she eloped a day before the wedding.

Iago and his wife make love to the chorus of a dying woman’s lament.

The stock exchange is livid with the power and anguish of the Rialto.

The people in Pakistan are macabre because they are content with the fabric of their blithe existence.

Even though they pray and fast and choose the most expensive packages for pilgrimage, they refuse to believe in God.

Maybe the people of Pakistan have not even heard of Shakespeare.

But then, what’s their excuse?

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Zuhair Abbas Merchant

Zuhair Abbas Merchant

A chronic workaholic currently interning at a renowned multinational, a filmmaker, a writer, an avid reader, a movie critic and a caffeine addict, Zuhair tweets as @zuhayrmerchant

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  • Syed Zain Najam

    Brilliant article! Hats off!Recommend

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    Loved it! They said Shakespeare speaks to you. Now I know how.Recommend

  • Hashmi

    Why are they thinking neagtively, potraying everything to the weakest and gloomiest..Recommend

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    Brilliant. I love how there’s someone who recognizes the evergreen nature of Shakespeare’s work.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Lovely, you just proved that Shakespeare is for all people, of all ages and all colours. Recommend

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    this is wonderful. Recommend

  • AQ

    History repeats itself through literature. Shakespear inspires theatre and movies which in turn are an inspiration for our daily lives.
    Parallels are great. Recommend

  • Hamida

    Wonderful. Shakespare is great.Recommend

  • Jamal Alvi

    Intelligently related to shakespeare’s work.

    Muslims in Pakistan have adopted a superficial version of Islam.Recommend

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    First article from ET that is worth reading!Recommend

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