The apple orchard in Swat

Published: August 2, 2012


Oh, apple orchard of Swat!

Are your apples as sweet,

Your atmosphere as pungent,

As the aroma of apples soon to ripen?

Did military boots,

Honour your sanctity?

Or are you a picture of depravity,

As I am now?

Are the trees still standing,

Steadfast against the horror,

Imposed on them,

Have they had enough time to blend,

To the new environment,

Like we humans do?

I am sorry, oh, apple orchard,

Because I have behaved like I was,

Okay with what you have become.

But do you know,

That I am sane enough?

Or is it my insanity,

That I would give forever,

To roam amongst thy sleepy hollow?

And thy fairy tales?

Oh, apple orchard in Swat,

To me, you are pretty much alive,

And I have ever since embraced,

Your feeling,

Like you embraced me,

Though shortly.

Oh, apple orchard in Swat!

My apple orchard in Swat!

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Hassan Altaf

Hassan Altaf

Studying Bachelor's Of Arts at Punjab College, Faisalabad. He enjoys reading and writing poetry and idolises Hunter S. Thompson and George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair). He tweets @WattuSb

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