Social media is lying to you about Burma’s Muslim ‘cleansing’

Published: July 19, 2012

Don't you wonder sometimes, that the information we are being fed on daily basis can be untrue entirely or exaggerated to the point where it loses all its truth? PHOTO: REUTERS

Social networking sites are abuzz with news about Muslims being killed in Burma.You can see the sporadic posting of pictures by different people with captions like ‘Muslims killing in Burma’, ‘Muslims slaughtered by Buddhists in Burma’ and so on.

Thus, I took on the mission to sort the truth out for myself once and for all and researched some pictures that I felt were dubious. Below are a few pictures and their original copies. You can evidently see the gross difference between them and how they are thrown out of context.

This was a picture shared on Facebook.


I have found the original version which reads differently to the the one posted on the social networking site.

This picture was taken in 2010 after an earthquake in China and captures the efforts put in by the Tibetans to help rescue the victims. Now, Islamic political parties and some other elements are sharing this image as Muslim killing and their slaughter in Burma.

Another widely circulated  picture captioned “More then 1,000 people killed in Burma” is also fake.

575850 422729151098985 1400558517 n Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

The original, as you can see below, is taken in Thailand in the year 2004. This picture shows protesters that were tear-gassed outside the Tal Bai police station in Bangkok. This is roughly 1,409.9 km away from Burma! What is grossly negligent about these photos is the factual ignorance of the hate these misleading photos can culminate.

VOICE LIBERTY NATIONAL 093950 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

Below, please find another image which was posted online, this time with an imprint of Jamaat-e-Islami on the top left . It reads ‘Terrorists of Budhism of Burma kills 500 Muslims’.

As you can guess, this is also a fabricated picture.

Terrorists of Budhism of Burma Kills 500 Muslims at the Beach today 753438 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

In reality, this image belongs to a Human Rights violation incident by the Thai authorities against the Rohingya ethnic minority of Burma. These refugees were detained for a few weeks and then sent off drifting into the sea.

Here is another instance of such fallacy spreading across the social media sites regarding the massacre of Muslims in Burma.

fb image Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

This picture is extremely misleading considering that the original image was about the riots in Thailand that took place in 2003!

Now, take a look at the image below and observe how it is blown out of context.

fb image02 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

Now, view the original.

fb image02 origi 700x1024 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

The original picture is not even remotely close to what the picture above states. In fact, a Tibetan protester had set himself on fire in protest prior to the arrival of Chinese president Hu Jintao and that too in Delhi.

I do not deny the killings of Muslims in Burma – not even for a minute.

I think it is horrific and I am sympathetic towards the immense loss being suffered by my Muslim brothers and sisters abroad.

What I am against is being lied to.

Imagine the amount of lies we are being fed through these pictures. How can one trust any image online if such drastic manipulation and editing is being done to cater to someone’s political or personal agenda?

Social media and networking sites, if used properly, can be an impressive tool in spreading awareness amongst its users, but it can be an equally dangerous median as well if misused.

These images are false and are only igniting hatred and prejudice in our youth.

We need to become more vigilant and aware of the credibility and authenticity of  pictures we browse through. It only takes one wrong image to push us over the edge towards extremism.

Who do you think is more misleading?

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Faraz Ahmed

A tech blogger, Web Designer and Electronics engineer who loves to share his ideas. He works as a Technology Manager at XclueSIV Singapore and Tweets @imfaraz

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Amir

    Dear Faraz, I total agree with you the way you have exposed the truth of being lied.. but I would have been glad if you would have been mentioned the fact about the massacre of Muslims in Burma. You are good in showing the right side of the mirror but what about the another side which you tried not to expose.. Shame Shame being a Journalist to youRecommend

  • Typical Pakistani

    Social media is exaggerating and lying since long, why did you find only this particular issue massacre of Muslims in Burma ? Isn’t this secular fundamentalism and illogical anti-Islam.
    Muslim genocide in Burma is a unshakable truth, some exaggeration on this part is natural. Recommend

  • Shehzad

    This is quite unfortunate that some people misusing social media for their own purpose. However every thing is not that calm for the muslims in mayamar.
    Faraz ahmad has done a good job but he should also mention some true pictures of which
    BBC is talking. Watch folowing video on presstv

    When we come across such fake photos, we think every thing as propaganda photos.Recommend

  • Ali

    may be some of the pictures you compiled from an unknown source are not true but the news itself is not false at all….

    and get a life from following BBC or Reuters….if you have any sympathy towards Muslims then update the list of your sources as well. These western channels are bound to hide this news or even if they do publish it they make sure it’s hard to find.

    GET A LIFE!!!!
    Thanks for your shameful sympathies. Recommend

  • kumar

    My question is why always Muslims are targeted in all over the world US,UK,Burma,India all over . why why why.

    please give me ans any one Recommend

  • Azeem


    if u wanna see the latest true news … please find on .. thanks..Recommend

  • mrsaleem9861

    conform news =there are 28000 rohangia muslim killed by budhist & burmi armis
    these pictur are bettet then real condishan =in the arakan not any news chanal =if you tru alowd the news chanel -you will see real pictur =but you can not alowd news chenal becous you are afride with tru =Recommend

  • Chan Makhna

    Great Work by AuthorRecommend

  • Tayyab Nihal

    Mr Faraz, Very well researched. Recommend

  • vint

    Hii All, i dnt know about authenticity of all the picture but i can prove last pic is not a muslim geting burnt…1st thing all the people who claim that they are well informed and intelligent notice that the flags in pic are flag of “Tibet” now the other thing to observe behind photographers between 2 tree there is green board of “Janta Dal” indian political party and its written in devanagri script which happens to be script of hindi and sanskrit.

    Now 1st pic which have buddisht monk with dead bodies (blurred) observe the terrain its rocky and brown high mountains.Any one with lil brain can tell its not Burma -where mountains are green. So i request to all so called netizens either stop calling your self highly evolved mammals or do some research before commenting. And someone said that he worked for red cross in there …aren’t u alive?? you are muslim right…y dont they killed you. And other guy says how can you say muslim being massacred is false ..u ll be punished by allah…then let me tell you..truth is my god.Recommend

  • faisalnaeem

    No doubt, the social media should not misreport things. However, could anyone deny the fact that muslims are massacred in Burma? Extremism and terrorism prevail in the whole world which are to be fought objectively. The tragedy is that the matter of conflicts and voilence is neither reflected nor dealt with unequivocally and unanimously. Recommend

  • VB

    @Jamal Hassan:
    Both videos you mentioned are ‘Unavailable” on youtube.Recommend

  • Jack

    Oh,, Thank thank you so much for this!Recommend

  • Nazir Ahmad

    There should be a way to file police reports against such elements. Recommend

  • Dr.Salman Mohammad Yousuf
  • Rizwan

    This blog is being used to show the world as no one is killed in Burma. Many fake pictures of Zardari out there as well this does not mean Zardari is saint.Recommend

  • Jamal Hassan

    Some people are facing difficulties in accessing the videos I mentioned on youtube so I am sharing their link once again with their titles as well so if you can’t open them using the links try searching on youtube with their titles.

    Title: Ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Burma by Buddhists, Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel prize winner Silent

    Title: Muslims in Burma Are Killed…..Whole Media is Silent…..


  • ABC

    Great job man. I have argued with countless idiots on facebook about this but there is nothing worse in this world than talking to a jaahil.Recommend

  • Asim Ghaffar

    All those who are bashing the author must read the article again.. he is not saying that there is no issue in Burma.. all he is saying that fake pictures are used.. WHICH IS WRONG HOW GOOD THE INTENTION MAY BE..

    now coming to Burma issue, can anyone post at least one picture that can suggest 1000s are killed. some guy above (IAMHASSAN) pasted a few links I checked two of them which seemed credible (guardian, nytime) and they have absolutely nothing that suggests 1000s are killed..

    I checked another one (thenewstribe) again posted by the same gentleman (IAMHASSAN) that was quoting some Darsgah-e-Jihad-O-Shahadat (DJS) president Mohammed Majid that thousands are killed .. how convenient that DJS head is accusing non muslims.. i checked one youttube link that IMHASSAN pased. apparently link is not working..
    Before that someone (Jamal Khalid) posted youttube link.. i tried them and they are not working either. So if anyone has a valid link then please paste..

    in the end I must say those who say it is a FACT that thousands have been killed in Burma in 2012 violence, must provide an evidence.. otherwise if you are a Muslim then please do not spread info without tasdeeq.. else you will read/believe what you want to read/believeRecommend

  • Maaz

    Lets us not confuse the problem of social media lies with the real issue. The reality is that state atrocities are being committed against Ronhingyas for a very long time. it has been reported by other so called credible sources like NY times and Spiegel as well.

  • Ozair Khan

    Great Effort, eye opening!Recommend

  • dr.amjad khan

    person is trying to hide the killing of muslims in burma.. I have alot of patients thy told me that yes its true,BUddha peoles killing us very badly…Recommend

  • Anum Athar
  • owais
  • Wadeira ka Beta

    the headline is misleading, you make it sound like there is nothing going on in Burma. I understand the content of the article states otherwise, but a lot of people will not read the entire thing and will only glance at the headline. Recommend

  • Amjad Iqbal
  • Dawood

    llisten, it wud have been better if only the headline or a statement was used instead of false photos.. but now when it is obvious that burmese are being killed, we should focus on the KILLINGS rather than finding out if the pics are actually from burma or not.. OK THE PICS ARE FALSE..BUT THE NEWS IS TRUE.. NOW WHAT? SHOULD WE CONDEMN BURMESE KILLINGS or THE FALSE PICS? whats more important? THATS MY POINTRecommend

  • talha

    to the author and other people who believe in this article,the pics may be false but it is also reported by foreign media
    plz watch this video, if u want to know the truthRecommend

  • talha

    to hell with the author and his “research”. he just need to search youtube and he will find out all the videos reported by foreign media (to whom these “liberals” people so believe in) about muslims killed in burmaRecommend

  • Bilal

    Pictures might be fake but its truth that thousand of Muslims killed. Explore web thoroughly.
    see this video.

  • Khuram Shahzad Jutt

    Great work. we are on mistake.Recommend

  • Khalid Siddiqui

    May be some pictures wrong, but what you say about the video’s on UTUBE.
    And watch the reports of Gaurgian News paper. Recommend

  • mohammad

    shame to themRecommend

  • waqar

    why dont you search all the only search for truth which favour non-muslims.Recommend

  • Ejaz

    The title of this article is so misleading.Recommend

  • WKAZ


  • Atif Bashir

    @faraz if that this true then what are doing above to 5 millions Burma Muslims in Bangladesh ? Recommend

  • Nouman Younas

    What About videos regarding this topic? these are also fake or taken from any other location?Recommend

  • Ghalib Zafar

    Nice work. I do agree to the fact ppl share any thing without any idea of the issue.
    But i would like to question the first picture. I can agree these might not be muslims or anything else. But how do u justify the nudity of the bodies ? Theres one body at about 10 o clock position whos pants have been pulled down. Having studied forensic medicine i think its a delibrate nudity n does not look like a rescue mission.Recommend

  • aLi

    This research is utter lie, this so-called sex tribune is just trying to wash out our minds by showing us false stories. And why not they’ve to praise their bosses. Here is a proof of Burma massacre which was covered by foreign media, because our media is so busy in reporting Rajesh Khanna’s death and other off topic issues.


  • http:[email protected] imad sulehria

    great work…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to ask something if all these stories are not truth then what is the reson behind these stories??????????????? why some people misleading the nation the muslim nation?????Recommend

  • arman

    the people says muslim is terrior now why world is slient who is terrorRecommend

  • roadkashehzada

    just shared the blog on my facebook.
    and btw…. we pakistanis are done with helping other muslim brothers around the world after helping afghans, iraqis, palestinians, other arabs, and other US camp countries. Recommend

  • zoey

    Thanks for enlightening the world about this. Indeed, social media is such a powerful tool, to either inform or mislead people. Your efforts are worth emulating. Your example is what responsible information dissemination is all about. There should be more like you. It is then everybody’s responsibility to think before reacting, specially on sensitive issues. Again, Thank you.Recommend

  • afreen

    @Jamal Hassan:

    None of the links are opening,, :/Recommend

  • Asad Habeeb

    Brother there is reality beyond wikipedia. Wiki is not every thing neither it is a news agency. If it is all well then why media is not allowed in myanmar to report. Killing any innocent being is crime. Its not about Shiite or something specific. This post is about Burma so thats why Burma killing here matters and is condemned. And does killing if Shiite in Pakistan justifies killing of Muslims in Burma? By the way this post is not about killing of Shiites. Please open your eyes. Search facts beyond Wiki and your television channels.Recommend

  • Bright

    I do accept that the pictures you have provided are misused or purposely used to spread the wrong information. But being a Muslim from Myanmar (Burma), i cannot say that u all were being misinformed. it is impossible for them to provide you pictures about how they r being treated while they are struggling to survive. you cannot imagine what really is happening now. your proof cannot ignore the horrible situation of those people. it will be very childish if someone simply believe what he saw on social media like fb and so on. So my suggestion to u all would be please find something authentic. Once again IT IS TRUE THAT MUSLIMS ARE BEING KILLED DESPITE PICTURES YOU SAW ARE INCORRECT.Recommend

  • Asad Habeeb


    Tell me what was their crime? Why were not they trialed?Recommend

  • Shafqat

    Mr.Faraz Ahmed,

    You need to check Guardian Newpaper following article published today.

    Communal violence is continuing in western Burma six weeks after the government declared a state of emergency, with much of it directed at minority Muslim Rohingyas who have been beaten, raped and killed, Amnesty International has claimed.

    The rights group accused both security forces and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists of carrying out fresh attacks against Rohingyas, who are regarded as foreigners by the ethnic majority and denied citizenship by the government because it considers them illegal settlers from neighbouring Bangladesh.

    After a series of isolated killings starting in late May, bloody skirmishes spread quickly across much of Burma’s coastal Rakhine state.

    The government declared a state of emergency on 10 June, deploying troops to quell the unrest and protect both mosques and monasteries. Authorities said at least 78 people had been killed and thousands of homes of both Buddhists and Muslims either burned down or destroyed.

    Since then, communal violence has continued, albeit at reduced intensity. Amnesty said attacks were now being directed mostly at the Rohingya population.

    Violence in the past six weeks has been “primarily one-sided, with Muslims generally and Rohingyas specifically the targets and victims”, Benjamin Zawacki, a Bangkok-based researcher for Amnesty, told the Associated Press. “Some of this is by the security forces’ own hands, some by Rakhine Buddhists, with the security forces turning a blind eye in some cases.”

    Officials from Burma’s government could not immediately be reached for comment.

    Amnesty also said security forces, including the police and the army, had detained hundreds of Rohingyas.

    “While the restoration of order, security, and the protection of human rights is necessary, most arrests appear to have been arbitrary and discriminatory, violating the rights to liberty and to freedom from discrimination on grounds of religion,” Amnesty said in a statement.

    The violence, which reached its bloodiest point in June, constituted some of the country’s deadliest sectarian bloodshed in years and raised international concerns about the fate of the Rohingyas inside Burma.

    The Burmese president, Thein Sein, said earlier this month the solution to ethnic enmity in Rakhine state was to either send the Rohingyas to a third country or have the United Nations refugee agency look after them. The UNHCR chief, Antonio Guterres, said, however, it was not his agency’s job to resettle the Rohingyas.

    Many people in Burma do not recognise Rohingyas as legitimate settlers – even those of Bengali heritage who came in the 19th century when the country was under British rule. The exodus of Rohingyas to Bangladesh in the 1980s and 1990s because of persecution, and their subsequent return, has added to the confusion over who among them are illegal immigrants.

    Bangladesh also denies the Rohingyas citizenship, arguing that they have been living in Burma for centuries and should be recognised as citizens there instead.

    The UN estimates that 800,000 Rohingyas live in Burma. Thousands attempt to flee every year to Bangladesh, Malaysia and elsewhere, trying to escape a life of abuse that rights groups say includes forced labour, violence against women and restrictions on movement, marriage and reproduction that breed anger and resentment.

    Amnesty called on Burma to accept Rohingyas as citizens, something the government has staunchly opposed because it does not consider them an ethnic group native to Burma.

    “Under international human rights law and standards, no one may be left or rendered stateless,” Zawacki said. “For too long Myanmar’s [Burma’s] human rights record has been marred by the continued denial of citizenship for Rohingyas and a host of discriminatory practices against them.”Recommend

  • Shafqat

    @Chan Makhna:

    You need to check this news from other more reliable TV sources. for example Al-Jazeera / Guardian newpaper in England.Recommend

  • Hassan

    Please Mr.Faraz Ahmed don’t try to create misconceptions, i agree may be what you are saying is true but have a look on this video
    don’t only follow to proof something wrong also have a look on youtube videos.
    I think you are hired by somebody to make this issue contradictory.Recommend

  • Asim Ghaffar

    This is the link from where that 6 min long youttube video was copied that was shared by at least 6-8 people in the comments above.


    I was originally trying to search the videos to see if indeed 1000s of Rohingya are killed.. What i have concluded is that it doesn’t matter.. Read through. In May 2012 violence, deaths were probably in 100s.. But (as shown in the video by channel 4) since conditions are really tough for Rohingya so there is an acute chance that deaths have increased greatly since May and may very well have reached a couple of thousands. And if what is shown continues then the numbers could indeed go to several thousands..


    Now, since Rohingya are apparently exclusively Muslims, I think it’s time OIC countries take responsibility. They should pressurize Burma to come clean on this and get guarantees that discrimination should stop. Rich Muslim countries should not shy away from doing welfare work in Burma to ensure Rohingya get respite.

    If OIC foresee that life will be hard for Muslims in Burma then they should seriously relocate them to Muslim countries. We cannot all except Bangladesh to take in all the refugees. Other countries (Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey etc) should help these fellow human beings – if not for the humanity sake then for the fact that they share the same religious belief. Those who have money (Saudia, Kuwait, Qatar) should actively sponsor refugee camps so these people can lead a normal life in their new homes..Recommend

  • umar

    Please visit this Link, You will see some thing on Media. That’s about killing of Innocent peoples.

  • Win Naing Oo

    I am a Burmese from Myanmar.Do you know exactly how many races in my country?mainly,we have 8 majors races,They are Kachin,Kayar,Kayin,Chin,Mon,Burma,Rakhine,Shan.It’s not include Rohingya.They are coming from Bangladesh since world war 2.In my country,the peoples who are Buddhism,Islam,Christian,Hindu,Spritual that we stay together in peace.We didn’t kill each other religion people because of their believe.So the case of Rohingya isn’t the case of religion and muslim.Don’t mix two of that.Yes, they are muslim that there have muslim countries around the World that countries they can accept them.I want to ask about that.Can you????I think No,Because they are not your Races,they are not your Origin.And Also,The UNHCR they can’t accept them also.PLease accept the true condition.That is a racial problem.Our government and our people(Arakan) who include in main races are allowed to stay in that place to Rohingya.It’s mention about that we have kind heart and we want to help to other.Thank you All.Recommend

  • Intelektual

    Ya just coz they used different Photos forget about the actual massacre
    Credibility of Social media when no one is actually claiming it is the actual issue and Humans being brutully Massacred is just irrelevent when some FB piks were taken from some other articles as there were no actual Photos available on the whole wide media !!
    Who cares if all the supporting text wid those piks was true if the photos were borrowed !
    The not so important question would be why is there not a single Photo available when 1000’s have been killed brutuly just question the intentions of ppl who tried to report it on social media with some effect !! Recommend

  • umar

    Pictures might be fake but its truth that thousand of Muslims killed.
    just need to search youtube and he will find out all the videos reported by foreign media (to whom these “liberals” people so believe in) about muslims killed in burmaRecommend

  • M.M.Raziq

    The photos may be fake, but the ethic cleansing is actually happening, and has been for over decades.Your article is skewed – don’t mislead people.Recommend

  • http://Dubai Hammad

    Dear All,

    Please see the latest report from Amnesty International:

    The writer of this blog should delete his report or apologise from the readers for misleading them through improper and insufficient research.


  • Real Burmese

    There are over 100 races living in Myanmar. But Rohingya is not one of them. Besides, there has never been such word as Rohingya in Myanmar history. So, who are Rohingyas? They are simply Bengalis. They are from Bangladesh. If someone doubts it, I would like to welcome him for a DNA test.

    The history of Rohingyas is worse than the Palestinians because they were abandoned by their own mother land, Bangladesh. No other race in the world will be as pitiful as Rohingyas, the abandoned Begalis. They have been living around the border area between Bangladesh and Rakhine, a western state of Myanmar. Moving from places to places where more favorable working conditions were present, they have been sitting on the fence between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Thanks to loose immigration control at the border area for several decades, they managed to acquire both citizenships for Bangladesh and Myanmar. When Bangladesh became more and more crowded due to population explosion, and less and less fortunate enough to find a suitable living, Rohingyas came to choose the Rakhine State as their permanent dwelling place. Add to this, their ambition did not stop there. The homeless people is now finding a new step-mother, Myanmar.

    Rohingyas are shouting at the top of their voice, ” We are Myanmars.” ” We are Myanmars.” I would like to reply to their shouts in the same degree of noise. “NO WAY, ROHINGYAS!” You are not Myanmars. We will never accept that you are Myanmars. Blood is blood. Race is race. You can never change it. Rohingya issue was caused by the presence of a bad neighbor which is Bangladesh. It has been a burden for Myanmar as she herself has to deal with her own internal problems. Rohingyas are homeless; and they are orphans. Myanmar is like an orphanage house to those Rohingyas. I would like to repeat the main reason for their misfortune is that their mother country has abandoned them. So, why do the international community want to point their fingers at Myanmar? It is very very ridiculous. They should even thank Myanmar for allowing Rohingyas to stay inside Myanmar although they are not Myanmar citizens. We are nothing to do with Rohingyas.

    Myanmar is just a scapegoat to be blamed upon. From humanity point of view, we absolutely feel sympathized with Rohingyas because they are Bengalis and human-beings. But from national point of view, we cannot bear the presence of Rohingyas and various troubles made by them in the Rakhine state. Racial issue is one example. The natives of Rakhine State, Rakhines, are leaving for inner Myanmar and abroad for more prospects of living conditions. At the same time, eac Rohingya is taking a maximum of 4 wives and having a dozen of children without any control. While native Rakhine population growth is stable, Rohingya population is growing very, very fast at an unacceptable rate.

    Now, Rohingyas are swallowing the Rakhine State! Maybe someday they might even swallow the whole Myanmar, too. We understand that this issue cannot be solved very easily. All willing international organizations should consider how to help the situations; for example, is it possible to migrate Rohingyas to other places in the world? Is it possible to persuade Bangladesh to accept her own citizens? But there may not be a reasonable and realistic solution to it, I think. Amidst those critical situations, Rohingyas are now showing themselves to the world as they are terrorists by destroying the villages and killing native Rakhine people. Under such circumstances, what can you expect Myanmar Government to do? Rohingyas’ plan is like a time-bomb which is aimed to explode at the targeted time. This is a transition period for Myanmar from long military rule to democratic government.

    The Government may not wish to respond very aggressively. Similarly, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the nobel laureate, is planning to visit Europe and receive the award. She may not wish a bloody conflict inside Myanmar at this auspicious time, too. Rohingyas are now pushing Myanmar Government and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi into very very tight situation at the stake of their lives. The mouth of International media is eagerly watering to exploit this resulting incident.

    We have millions of Myanmar Muslims living together peacefully with the rest of nation. However, we cannot treat Rohingyas equally as our brothers, Myanmar Muslims. Simply because Myannmar Muslims are Myanmars while Rohingyas are just foreigners. Now we can say, Rohingyas are invaders: they are terrorists who are attacking our own people.

    And, Burma is not declaring a war against any race or religion . It’s true Rohingyas are muslims. But, the concept of the respond act is not fighting against the Islamic community and Muslims. Burmese government (in that case) is just protecting our ethnics groups from Rohingya’s violent attacks. But, some of the medias don’t see this concept as exciting enough.

    Starting from BBC, VOA, RFA, DVB, even Reuters and New York Times, whenever I read the news, the headlines about this incident is titled as “Buddhists Vs Muslims” or “Burmese Vs Muslims”. Some medias even stated initially that “ Rohingya’s abuse as Burma’s attack”. People in Burma already stated publicly that this is not the case against religion. Even the Musilm Associations in Burma announced that they agree Rohingya’s actions as violent attacks. We have statements ready to prove.

    But, are our voices not loud enough or just plainly neglected?

    Foreign medias keep spreading propaganda about Burma having religious conflicts within the region and making statements against the truth that can worsen the country’s situation right now. It’s like all the major medias are trying to shift the attention of the Islamic community around the world to Burma and pushing a major religion war to happen inside the country.

    Is it intentional or ignorance?

    A Burmese’s (Myanmar’s) request to all Medias : “Stop Pushing a Religion War to my Country”

  • kakar

    i am absolutely agree with writer views that our Social media is lying to you about Burma’s Muslim ‘cleansing’ because in our country religious without proper manifesto and agenda then all these parties especially Jemait-e-Islami to exaggerate the violence with Muslimsin every in the world to maintain the sympathy of common illiterate people.all these activities is supported by the our extreme youth and social media.thanks for highlighting the immense issue. Recommend

  • Shah Arkani

    First of all, I would like to inform all of you that there are a lot of mischeif done by the Rakhine extremists. Most of the fake pictures are posted by them using pseudonym as Muslims, and I assume the author is one them. Nonetheless, some pictures might be fake and that doens’t mean killing of Rohingya is fake. It is a State sponsored ethnic cleansing and a fact. Recommend

  • ahmed umer

    i know the pictures are fake but…..along with publishing this fact u should must have to emphasize on the massacre of muslims……the pictures may be fake but the bloodshed of the muslims in burma is not started now……it is from years…..

  • asdf

    where is HUMAN RIGHTS people, and where is media, why not published about Burma massacare.Recommend

  • Rock Solid

    Great research, I feel it’s good case study how agenda-driven people can twist and turn incidents for their own selfish motives, however what is happening in Burma right now is ‘genocide’ nothing more nothing less, it’s been going on for years but it seems the Myanmar military junta has taken it upon themselves this time to wipe out the Rohingya Muslims, who are part and parcel of that society for hundred of years. My view is that Muslim organisations are desperately trying to awaken the Muslim masses about the situation in Myanmar and in the process using horrific pics to drive home the point for shock value as we call it in journalistic lingo.Recommend

  • Jeans
  • JUNI

    today amnesty international herself admitted of the massive slaughter of the muslims in burma………………. the writer so called”liberal” lives in fools paradise…………..Recommend

  • Masood Bukhari

    My friends, the tactics of war have been changed. Today one type of war is propaganda war. If west/Non Muslims can use this weapon against Muslims why not Muslims can use the same weapon against them. Secondly in the article author tried to neutralize the reaction of Muslim killing in Burma. If he did research to find the fake photos., why he did not make a research on real killing of Muslims in Burma.

  • Habib ur Rehman

    Shame BududistRecommend

  • Unknown


    How did you say that there pics were
    manupulated by islamists, there is
    just a name printed on the image,
    please provide the link by which we
    can proved that you are reporting

    well said let see the response of the same

    Furthur i my OPINION pic was manipulated but it doesnt mean that same could not happen at there.Recommend

  • afzal
  • haseeb Ahsan
  • haseeb Ahsan

    Okie Social media may be wrong here but what about BBC

  • herve courtois alias D’un Renard

    In Philippines, I spent quite some time with a few Burmese refugees, and they all reported me abuses, forced labor slavery and ethnic cleansing by the Burmese army, especially among the Rakhine (Arakan). the muslim minority from Indian descent.Recommend

  • Reddy

    it’s pretty much evident from the majority of the comments ,people still believe the crap put on by the extremists …cuz of their victimhood mentality embedded in them for centuries, there are no surprises here pakistan is the way it is today, in fact pakistanis aren’t in position to talk about human rights let alone minority rights. even if the magnitude of massacre is as big as you wanted it to be ,still people are going to condemn it exactly the way the muslim world condemned 26/11,9/11,and many other terrorist acts elsewhere.Recommend

  • Reddy

    @Adnan Bin Aslam: you took the pains to search for authentic videos on Burmese killing muslims,some how you failed to recognize or even acknowledge the massacre happening everyday .24/7,365 days in the land of pure….how conniving.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Saying that these pictures are false doesn’t mean that Muslims in Burma are not being killed! There is something going on in Burma related to Muslims!Recommend

  • Abdullah

    Very well said!Recommend

  • Abdullah

    @Win Naing Oo:
    Please confrim about the killings? Recommend

  • GhulamQasim Khan
  • Nyi Nyi Lwin

    How can you prove it you work for the red cross and witness the killing it has ever taken places in Burma? Let me say this a chit in your beef soup spoil all your family dinner. Creditability and sincerity is count. Lie and over lie is insincere and your claim is death. Period. Recommend

  • Muhammad Bilal Ramzan

    The images that you have captioned above may have been forged on the social networking sites. But consider reading the following news:

    Amnesty International has come up with the statistics and facts as provided for in the above link.Recommend

  • Muhammad Furqan

    @Saad Siddiqui:
    I could believe that some pics regarding the Muslims genocides are fake or photo shoped………but I cant believe that nothing is happening in Arakan-Burma….. to find the Ground reality U have to be on Ground….Recommend

  • Sree Krishna Raja

    I’ve shocked to see Picture Shares in Facebook and really felt angry on Myanmar for killing Muslim Brothers (actually i am not a Muslim),

    those Myanmar people are good, thanks Faraz ahmed for your research,

    the name of Islam has spoiled by terrorists who use the name of the relegion to cover their filthy jobs.

    i have many Muslim friends who are very kind and generous, but some people spoil the name of the whole relegion :(

    Thanks again Faraz, and you are one of the persons who proves Muslims are good :-)Recommend

  • Abdullah

    But Don’t you think Mr. Writer that the media (specially the so-called free Western Media) is in historic silence over the ongoing Muslim Massacre in Myanmar.
    This link may help

  • Ahmed

    Dear Writer,
    You have written a very good comparative article on Burma’s truth and lies. But in all your explanation you didn’t mentioned any link to original source. Then how any body could believe that your post is true or the social media? despite of social media there are many other sources which depicts Muslim’s killing in Burma. If a dog is hit by a non Muslim’s car and dies..they call it accident. But if a dog hit by Muslim’s car and dies.. They call it terrorist attack!!Recommend

  • Sabri

    Mr Faraz,
    I would like to thank you for the the work you’ve done but in the same time I do have a question for you.
    Are you saying that there is no a genocide in Burm ?Recommend

  • Manzoor ahmad

    Salam..i have read ur article. it (pictures) may be true or false i dnt knw but the fact is that why muslim countries are nt taking action why nt n talking n united nation tht whts hapening n Burma nt evn n burma but also in other muslim countries…if a muslim do ths its terorism and if non muslim like raymnd davies kil 3 inocnt they are free …why the whole world is silnt on ths isue..Recommend

  • Mariam Tawfiq

    WRONG IMAGES will not cover up the truth that there are Muslims being killed in Rohingya for their religion. You spend time researching on the images yet you DID NOT FIND TIME to check if the genocide is true.

    Check REUTERS and other credible news agencies. There you will see that the truth is glaring but you refuse to see to divert people’s attention, by sabotaging the efforts of the people in the social media.

    You have a narrow mind. You expose the truth about the wrong images but you did not bother to dig deeper into the Rohingya tragedy.Recommend

  • adeel khan

    nice effort bro but i have heard this on pakistan national TV that more than 20000 burmese muslims have been killed and 10s of 1000s of other are being expelled frm land and into sea…. and no one in the world is owning them and helping them…. so all of this stuff is true….!!! and this link u posted is telling a false story…!! maybe that blog is made by those same people who are not letting the masses know the truth through private media channels…..!!!Recommend

  • Fraz Advocate

    Pictures may be fake, but the issue is real.

  • heinrich cheng ho

    I`m sharing this in my facebook page. :DRecommend

  • fafooden

    for ur kind information this killing is happening in burma. Its been confirmed by a Burmeese collegue. They have been massacred and the killing is going on. the images might not be real but its not that the news is fakeRecommend

  • Win Naing Oo

    So It’s is true,Did Rohingya Killed the burma People?Don’t watch only one side.Recommend

  • MRK


  • Ghulam Murtaza

    You should have visited Burma instead of looking at pictures closely. You are trying to mislead us.Recommend

  • Saad


    I too have been trying to find out the truth and my research shows that all minorities in Burma have been systematically been persecuted for over a decade. The most vulnerable of these have been Muslims but also include Christians and other minorities. All this needs to be brought to the attention of the world. Genocide Watch has been very helpful but untruths only hurt the cause, not propagate action for the betterRecommend

  • Hassan Jawad

    A sensible man can easily distinguish these images that are being shared these days by many people but the issue is 100% real. Kindly check the following link for a glimpse of the oppression going on in Burma.

    It’s extremely sad to see the silence of UN, Muslim World and Human Rights Organizations over this issue. Recommend

  • Mohamad Ali

    @Amjad: That is also a fake movie. The media are really a lier, not the government fire the muslims houses, the muslims fired their house by them self and tell that the government or the other religious are firing their house, they are lier, they are threating to the world peace.Recommend

  • khurram

    5 percent ir true…not lie :) plz chk below email