Social media is lying to you about Burma’s Muslim ‘cleansing’

Published: July 19, 2012

Don't you wonder sometimes, that the information we are being fed on daily basis can be untrue entirely or exaggerated to the point where it loses all its truth? PHOTO: REUTERS

Social networking sites are abuzz with news about Muslims being killed in Burma.You can see the sporadic posting of pictures by different people with captions like ‘Muslims killing in Burma’, ‘Muslims slaughtered by Buddhists in Burma’ and so on.

Thus, I took on the mission to sort the truth out for myself once and for all and researched some pictures that I felt were dubious. Below are a few pictures and their original copies. You can evidently see the gross difference between them and how they are thrown out of context.

This was a picture shared on Facebook.


I have found the original version which reads differently to the the one posted on the social networking site.

This picture was taken in 2010 after an earthquake in China and captures the efforts put in by the Tibetans to help rescue the victims. Now, Islamic political parties and some other elements are sharing this image as Muslim killing and their slaughter in Burma.

Another widely circulated  picture captioned “More then 1,000 people killed in Burma” is also fake.

575850 422729151098985 1400558517 n Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

The original, as you can see below, is taken in Thailand in the year 2004. This picture shows protesters that were tear-gassed outside the Tal Bai police station in Bangkok. This is roughly 1,409.9 km away from Burma! What is grossly negligent about these photos is the factual ignorance of the hate these misleading photos can culminate.

VOICE LIBERTY NATIONAL 093950 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

Below, please find another image which was posted online, this time with an imprint of Jamaat-e-Islami on the top left . It reads ‘Terrorists of Budhism of Burma kills 500 Muslims’.

As you can guess, this is also a fabricated picture.

Terrorists of Budhism of Burma Kills 500 Muslims at the Beach today 753438 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

In reality, this image belongs to a Human Rights violation incident by the Thai authorities against the Rohingya ethnic minority of Burma. These refugees were detained for a few weeks and then sent off drifting into the sea.

Here is another instance of such fallacy spreading across the social media sites regarding the massacre of Muslims in Burma.

fb image Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

This picture is extremely misleading considering that the original image was about the riots in Thailand that took place in 2003!

Now, take a look at the image below and observe how it is blown out of context.

fb image02 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

Now, view the original.

fb image02 origi 700x1024 Muslims Killing in Burma and our Social Media / Islamic Parties

The original picture is not even remotely close to what the picture above states. In fact, a Tibetan protester had set himself on fire in protest prior to the arrival of Chinese president Hu Jintao and that too in Delhi.

I do not deny the killings of Muslims in Burma – not even for a minute.

I think it is horrific and I am sympathetic towards the immense loss being suffered by my Muslim brothers and sisters abroad.

What I am against is being lied to.

Imagine the amount of lies we are being fed through these pictures. How can one trust any image online if such drastic manipulation and editing is being done to cater to someone’s political or personal agenda?

Social media and networking sites, if used properly, can be an impressive tool in spreading awareness amongst its users, but it can be an equally dangerous median as well if misused.

These images are false and are only igniting hatred and prejudice in our youth.

We need to become more vigilant and aware of the credibility and authenticity of  pictures we browse through. It only takes one wrong image to push us over the edge towards extremism.

Who do you think is more misleading?

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Faraz Ahmed

A tech blogger, Web Designer and Electronics engineer who loves to share his ideas. He works as a Technology Manager at XclueSIV Singapore and Tweets @imfaraz

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Abdul

    Great Research!!!! Great Work!Recommend

  • butter

    i was thinking the same and looked all over the internet to find any news regarding this issue, found nothing :) .. thanks for the post.Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    The jahil masses of our country so badly want to believe that Muslims are being persecutedRecommend

  • tahir

    this is man is trying to hide the killing of muslims….how one can believe on ur work….Recommend

  • Saad Siddiqui

    We believe in everything we say ! Recommend

  • AhmedMaqsood

    Finally someone points out the fraudulent pictures and claims being made by these “Islamic” activists. Have you people no shame? Your piety means nothing in the face of spreading falsehoods. May you all be punished by Allah for your sins.Recommend

  • M. Hammad

    Eye Opener..! Great Work Faraz Ahmed.Recommend

  • Alan

    I work for the red cross and I have witnessed the massacre and ethnic cleansing of the Muslims in Burma. It sickens me to see someone to come on here and based on some false photos mislead the people. Join the red crosss or other humanitarian missions and goto burma and see it for yourself .Recommend

  • SFK

    Good job!!!! Keep up the good work…Recommend

  • Ramsha Kanwal

    Excellent Research..
    Thanks for updating us.Recommend

  • Asad Habeeb

    @Noman Ansari:
    Brother some pictures are fake! it does not mean that Muslims are not brutally killed in Burma. They are being killed. Please open your eyes. Try to find truth! The whole world is not like shown on Geo news and dunya news etc.Recommend

  • Asad Habeeb

    @Saad Siddiqui:
    Electronic media lies too! but i would say hides facts!Recommend

  • maz3tt

    great work at least on these pictures .yes we should keep our eyes very open and not believe instantly in what ever we see on any media.Recommend

  • Jamal Hassan

    Corrects yourselves people… The picture mentioned to get your attention could be wrong but the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Burma is a reality… Don’t just close your eyes ppl.

    Go to these links and see by yourselves.

  • Lazarus

    I was searching wiki and found out nothing about it, However there have been sort of Muslim prosecution in Burma though stupid extremist claiming 30,000 people being killed always looked like a joke. Great work an eye opener well researched. Some people won’t believe you despite such clear evidence because some people are meant to remain same Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    This was direly needed!

    Thank you!Recommend

  • Lazarus

    @Asad Habeeb:

    So who do you think have been spreading these Images ? with the tags LANAT HAI tum par agar tum ne share nahi kari LOL?Recommend

  • Ahmad Usman
  • W Ali

    @Ahmad Usman:

    See what author has written, consider reading again

    I do not deny the killings of Muslims in Burma – not even for a minute. I think it is horrific and I am sympathetic towards the immense loss being suffered by my Muslim brothers and sisters abroad.


  • Amjad

    LOL at the research !!! Well your research is based on Internet as well.. thank you for putting the pictures here.. indeed the pictures are misleading but the fact that Muslims are slaughtered in Burma can’t be ignored as well. how about i share with you a video link ? yes they don’t show human pieces as our own media but you can clearly listen to what the reporter is saying in the video..

    how about you go to BURMA yourself for a research sir? it’s not that i’m playing down your efforts but a true research would have been going to Burma your self. here is the link by the way ( if ET allow posting the link and my comment ) :- ( western media report )Recommend

  • ehtesham

    Thanks a lot for presenting truth. I am a muslim but don’t want to preach untruth.Recommend

  • Pothikyar

    Congratulations Farez Ahmad. Your honesty highlight that some pictures that generates hatred and madness are in reality fake. People of all religion whether Muslim, Buddhist, or Christian want to see, want to hear what they like. They never pause to think.I feel very sad for what happened in Rankine. Whoever killed there either a Rohingy or a Rankine is a human being. I equally feel sad for all of them.. All should be brave enough to dispel the the delusion first and review the underlying cause with human attitude. I think this will reduce the hatred and death to more than halve.If you look through the colored glass of religion, race there will be unending hatred and death.Recommend

  • Liberal

    Good work authorRecommend

  • Farrukh Ansari

    Author said, He admit that Muslims are being killed in Burma…. but showing the other picture of Social Media. Pls dont blame Muslim Activists.Recommend

  • imkhalid
  • omar

    This is abs tremendous… love thisRecommend

  • faizaan

    What about that picture inwhich.infant childern are been roasted on somethingRecommend

  • imkhalid

    thr r some deliberate mistakes in terms of images posted on facebook/twitter/google+ but u shouldn’t be saying that its not even happening on a big scaleRecommend

  • khan

    Denying Massacre of Muslims in Burma is like saying Sun does not rise from east I recently read on book written 20 years ago by Ali Gilani in which he was giving world muslims plight and he mentioned Ethnic Cleansing is going on in Burma and now also same fate is there just check gulf news and others they are are not fake papersRecommend

  • faisal

    there are some fake news circulating around but it doesn’t make the issue fake too.

    There is a lot going on which many sectarian and social-class fascists in pakistani civil society and media can’t see.Recommend

  • Kamran Ali

    Making these pictures fake doesn’t mean that Muslims are not being killed in Burma. These pictures can be fake, but massacre of Muslims in Burma particularly Rohingya people is true. Here are some links from Wikipedia and Youtube that shows the truth and which also inform us that according to UN Muslims in Burma are considered as one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.

  • Umair

    We agree But we will really appreaciate if you find true pictures and vedios about Muslims Massacre in Burma which is not covering by media.Just by finding few wrong images you cannot mislead people that every thing is fine in Burma.You must get true picture and show to people then thats call real work.Recommend

  • Umair

    Nothing great…..If he get real picture of muslims massacre in Burma then it would be a great work…..Don’t mislead people that every thing fine in Burma.Recommend

  • Osama Ahmed Momin

    The author is trying to show that the pictures which are being shared these pictures are fake, not the killings, he hasn’t mention anything about the killings, he has just targeted the pictures, that pictures which are being used are fake for this current killings in burma.Recommend

  • Sheri

    Great Work, Faraz! Really its amazing truth.Recommend

  • Anoop

    On a related note, you don’t see Pakistani media talking about Uighur Muslims the same way, do you. Why? Because the oppressors are the sugar daddy of Pakistan- China.

    So, money trumps Religion?Recommend

  • Tipukhan

    Its funny to see how these liberal writers will always challenge information that makes Muslims look like the oppressed, but will always promote information that makes Muslims look like oppressors.
    There might be misleading pictures that you have exposed, but how do you explain the thousands of Burmese Muslims that fled to Bangladesh to save themselves? How do you explain the videos of live interviews of these Burmese Muslims in which they describe their terrible conditions?
    Go fool someone else, not us.Recommend

  • Mustafa

    Pictures might be fake but the real issue is the killing of Muslims… why u ignored that?? Even if we believe that all facebook pictures are fake and only express tribune is true even then you should tell us that the news about the killing of Muslims is true and buddhist are slaughtering Muslims in thousands of numbers.. Dont distort the fact….Recommend

  • Khurram

    Although, these images are misleading but still the fact is 20,000 Muslims have been murdered in Burma and many other thousands are injured and displaced…. none of the champion international organizations nor rich Muslim countries considering the matter important, even hiding the facts…. at-least these false images tried to show the world how serious this matter really isRecommend

  • Sanzana

    Great Work Author! Really its amazing… These images are false and are only igniting hatred and prejudice in our youth.Recommend

  • ME

    Great research and its good to know k reality kya hai … I wonder why does it always have to gain sympathy of being a MUSLIM ….. i mean being MUSLIM doesnt mean we start making such stupid situations….

    After seeing those links earlier i also tried to find what exactly was happening in BURMA but could nt find much … infact i did see an Article in the same Express blog which was on this entire issue but from the falsified angle….

    thanks alot for the research

    GOD BLESSRecommend

  • Umar Farooq

    hmmm well im amazed how foolish and Lazy we people really are… even i myself who is a geek by profession got confused and ignored… Indeed great efforts from you brother… Keep UP the GOOD work…Recommend

  • Munaeem

    May God you bless you. Great work. Recommend

  • Kamal

    how you can proof that they are killing innocent Muslim people? Recommend

  • Ashja Osama

    I dont know why all controversial, and far from truth blogs are published by Tribune only. IF you think you want to call a crow white and no one gonna believe it, tribune will publish it. :-pRecommend

  • Osama

    How did you say that there pics were manupulated by islamists, there is just a name printed on the image, please provide the link by which we can proved that you are reporting truthRecommend

  • Azhar

    media will never give u the whole truth, may it be electronic media or social media. It slowly and gradually changes public thinking according to its own objectives and this process is sooo slow that one never realizes it. Presently, it is working against Muslims throughout the world. You can only realize this change once u look back about 15 years time, e.g. in 1997, wat was your opinion about Muslims, Fundamentalism, Extremism, or any other concept of Islam like “Parda” etc. Keep on increasing the time span and find more and more change in your thinking.
    ISN’T IT THE ONE EYE OF “DAJJAL” ??Recommend

  • Noor


    Thanks Khalid, Recommend

  • Danish

    The religious fanatic are spreading hatred among people.It is not only this time,they are always misleading the people in the name of jahad,or religion.Recommend

  • Ata Ur Rehman

    Great and nice research.. thumbs up Faraz…!Recommend

  • Nehal

    Et can publish article to condemn spreading of fake pictures, but cannot to point out killing of massacre Muslims.Recommend

  • Ali S

    The pictures may be fakes – it’s common knowledge that social media isn’t a particularly reliable source of information – but the mainstream media’s silence (both in Pakistan and the West) on this issue altogether is deafening.Recommend

  • Yawar

    Author writes “I do not deny the killings of Muslims in Burma – not even for a minute.” but at the same time, successfully misleads the readers to believe that there is a fake hoax going around in social media about the muslim killings in Burma.

    I think the article should have put equal stress on both sides of the story or else this will only lead lazy readers in thinking its all hoax everything is hunky dory in Burma.Recommend

  • arif

    author only proved that some of pics shared on social media are fake. but he FAILED to prove that this issue of burma muslims killings is also fake. not a complete article in my opinion. just tricky one.Recommend

  • T

    So what are the evidences the taliban and al-qaida is terrorist? the fact is US is killing innocent muslims in Afghanistan on the name on the so called war on terror.Recommend

  • fidaali

    whats happen on the picture may its real or some things are keeped on back but why Its shyam to all of them who had advice to done some thing like these Recommend


    @faizaan: In Punjabi we say ‘kanaa nu hath launa’! If any one has spread such a morphed photo then Allah ka azaab us pe aur uski aani waali nasl pe!

    And if anyone has truly done the dispicable act then today I am ashamed to be a human being! Recommend

  • Shamy

    Amazing Research. Goes to show how terrible we muslims are in lying !Recommend

  • Siham

    I am so ashamed of the fact that I didn’t bother researching these photos even though I’m a media student. Can’t imagine how easily common people might find to believe this, if I can fall for it. Recommend

  • Taha Ali Adil

    Muslim Ummah have to care about what ever your sharing must be authentic, Because Fitna is Haram in Islam.

    Please show actual picture of the news, not to fuel it with wrong pictures.Recommend

  • Naz

    Great Digging…. I wish it is published in the mainstream urdu, punjabi and sindhi papers and media…Recommend

  • Ata Raza

    Great article stop people to misleading by false photos on social mediaRecommend

  • http://www.facebook.comn0m115 Noman Ibrahim

    Am just shocked.Recommend

  • Khurram Javed

    @tahir: Go do your own research then. Google allow you to search by image. Take some time to dig the truth yourself ! Muslims being killed in burma is very much possible and I totally consider it inhuman if it’s true, but that doesn’t mean we should use fake images to prove our point.Recommend

  • Handsome

    finally someone expose the truth, i was just tired to tell everyone about thetruth but no one was believing on me .. any ways here u can found some real picture related to Burma evils against Burmese Muslims

  • W Ali

    The Day is near when no one will trust Muslims.
    Be sensible. Our religion teach us to research first. Islam teach us not to trust unreliable sources. I am thinking what would happen if our Jihadis (Wanna be M Bin Qasim) Invaded Burma and then found nothing there.. Recommend

  • Danish

    i highly disagree pictures aside there are videos. rohingya genocide is a reality … on ground sources in bangladesh confirm it.. includng international journalists and white american journalists as well as well as thousands of registered rohinya refugees.. i suggest if u have decided to do research and care about it and now that it is a sensitive topic and u seem to be a caring human go on ground and see your self ,,, not on burma government tour but private ,,, then maybe u will have weight in your arguement .. tribune actually publishing this article raises questions as media has not done analysis on the allegations of genocide but ,,, now slowly turning attention away from it .. this is no research sorry Recommend

  • S M Asim Qadri

    The author admits that Muslims are being killed in Burma .. what is extent and details .. NO DETAILS … The intentions are all obvious .. SELECTIVE reporting .. Recommend

  • Mulla

    @ all Ya these pictures might be fake but there is an unrest in burma and muslims are target

  • Haseeb Jawed

    Stupid, stupid people. Burma killings are REAL. VERY REAL. screw the pictures, watch the damn videos for God’s sake. I agree that some pictures are false, especially the facebook ones. But the people who have posted these pictures are themselves misled about them. Now Mr. Faraz Ahmed, please research some more, you clearly haven’t done enough. If not that, then why don’t you try to visit Burma and see if you come back alive. Stop misleading people about the fact that Muslims are not being discriminated. THEY ARE. I don’t know what you modernists may be led to believe today’s world is about, but really nothing has changed. It’s the same old stories.The fight is still between the faithful and the faithless, just like the way it was between Firaun and Musa. Not much has changed since then, except technology and their ‘new ways’ of infiltration. They ruined the Torah, they ruined the Bible. Allah is protecting the Quran and they know they can’t ruin it. So now they are ruining your minds. Please wake up.Recommend

  • Concerned

    AOA. Bhai Jee … Instead of sounding that “Verdictive” u may have done with a qualified statetment though. Like … “It may not be all true”. When u become assertive without having a first hand knowledge, basically u are, inadvertantly, completing the other half of the circle of unilateral assessment. Recommend

  • Haseeb Jawed

    And if anyone here is misleading anyone, it’s you Mr. Faraz Ahmed.
    Please be sure about what you’re doing.
    Please delete this false article. The pictures are fake, i will give you that.
    But don’t think for a moment that nothing is happening in Burma.
    9/11 was a false attack, and has led to the killings ONLY of Muslims. Only a fool will disagree.
    Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan… and soon Iran.
    The world is STILL about GOOD v EVIL, GOD v DEVIL.
    Don’t think even for a moment that in modernity, these things have been eradicated or made worthless. The point of the world is still the same. Do not forget that.Recommend

  • Ibnul Islam Rozali

    You may read the following books to know more about the Rohingya Muslim problem from a Muslim perspective.

    A History of Arakan: Past and Present by Dr. Muhammad Yunus
    The Rohingyas of Arakan: Their Quest for Justice by A.F.K. Jillani
    The Rohingya Struggle by Al-Haj Muhammad Ali
    اراکانی مسلمانوں کی جدوجہد آزادی از محمد الیاس انصاری


    Institute for Research and Studies of Muslim Minorities (IRSMM)
    [email protected]Recommend

  • ali asad

    how can he lie when posting original pictures with proofs.
    why u ppl are so dumb?
    how can anyone hide killings on such great level?
    there are riots in burma ofcourse killing people on both sidesRecommend

  • Anton

    Okay, I am not a Muslim, but a Christian and have great respect for Muslim people as one of them is actually my best friend. We are all being lied to and constantly controlled by the media, it is terrible the way we are under someone’s constant twisting of reality. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!Recommend

  • AngelFace


    It will always be about the battle between good and evil… What makes you think you are the Good side?

    Good will always side with the Truth. If you want this article removed then you cannot claim to be part of the good.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    Nobody’s denying the Rohingya situation and the persecution of Muslims. But the social media clowns exaggerated the matter to the level of the genocide to get enough Facebook likes and shares.

    You know why? Because they know Pakistanis would blindly accept any story as long it shows how poor and oppressed Muslims are, as it feeds into their culture of victimhood. They wouldn’t even bother spending five minutes trying to figure out of those images they’re being spoonfed are real.Recommend

  • Anjum Kiani

    The Burma genocide is recognise by the UN & the UN says the Rohingya Muslims are one of he most oppressed in the world.
    This Blog is a reverse blog which is trying to Prove otherwise.Shamefula ct by the blogger who is doing what US is doing to to push their interests in Burma.

    see Guardians articles : Ethnic violence mars transition to democracy for Rohingya in Burma & Burma ‘creating humanitarian crisis’ with displacement camps in Arakan , even New York times, and many others have began to break the criminal silence!

    I condemn the blogger for what he/she has tried to do in this by riddiculing the death of 20000 Muslims in Burma & the displacement of 900000 Rohingya. Recommend

  • wendeth

    By being honest about the misleading it opens the door for the truth of the murders to be exposed. The killing of Muslims in Burma is nothing special to the Burmese govt. they have been acting out ethnic cleansing for generations against other people and it has gone pretty much ignored. If this article brings the conversation to the table about the atrocities happening in Burma then I say the point has been made. People shouldn’t get offended that someone is offended by lies being spread. It makes people look like they have to lie to get their story told (this happened with the Prophet Muhammad SWT drawings as well) The Muslim world is getting a bad rap from various angles, at least this article stands up and admits the lies and gets people talking about it.Recommend

  • Kanwal Cheema

    Let me tell you whats happening there – ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ is what they are doing, killing Muslims indiscriminately just because they are Muslims, burning people, throwing infants on swords and its all state sponsored. The president of Burma, Thein Sein has said that these people do not belong to Burma and the UN should take them as refugees – the UN has refused. Some tried to escape to Bangladesh to avert senseless killing but Bangladesh refused to take them in and sent them back. According to independent research, these people are the most persecuted on the planet and also the most destitute. They literally have nowhere to go.

    The reason nobody has pictures is because the media is not allowed in but the bodies are washing up on the shores of Bangladesh. If there were, they would also be of mass dead bodies and people burning and infants on swords e.t.c.I have posted some videos below from reputed news channels on the plight of these people.

    Why is it that the Muslim ummah has become so heartless? Wasn’t it said that Muslims are like one body, if the hand pains the whole body feels the pain. Why is it that we are more concerned if the pictures are fake or real than with the plight of these Muslims that no one wants to accept?
    I request you Mr. Faraz that instead of wasting your energies on finding if the photos are fake or real and undermining the plight of these people by posting about fake pictures, please raise your voice to the media, Muslim leaders, UN and super powers of the world which are all criminally quiet.
    The poor Pakistani professor kept saying that when the Pakistani public finds out about this there will be an outrage and they will create problems for the Myanmar government but alas! all we are concerned with is the validity of the stupid pictures

    Please join facebook group: Stop Myanmar Massacre:!/groups/441639162537045/446546698712958/?notift=groupactivity

    Lets not involve ourselves in the smaller matters instead of the MUCH bigger ones –
    Lets not undermine the bigger events by delving into much smaller discrepancies

    -> the above comment was posted on other websites of Mr. Faraz as well but its been awaiting moderation and has not been approved – Faraz sb, I seriously think you couldve made positive differenceRecommend

  • Shiraz Ahmed

    Great Work Author…. I Love to read and share thisRecommend

  • Samra Bano

    Great Work! IndeedRecommend

  • Jamal Hassan

    This doesn’t make sense… If our media can’t show the sufferings of our Muslims brothers in Burma please do not make mockery of them by showing some fake pictures associated with Killing of Burma Muslims. This isn’t the right way to prove these pictures wrong. If he is so wanted to show the truth to us he should have gone to Burma himself and got some pictures of the reality on ground and have shared with us all.Recommend

  • Sheri Bhai

    @Haseeb Jawed I think that u r not justifying with the truth. Author is not saying that killings are not happen, he is saying that the propaganda has raised through Pictorials are false and fake. And i think who is using this issue for politics may be Jamat e Islami or other forces who want to be alive in media or social media by spreading these kinds of images.
    9/11 was a false attack, done by Yahodis and then they kill innocent muslims of Iraq and Afghanistan, totally agree and just like that these pics are fake and false. Recommend

  • Kanwal Cheema

    @W Ali:

    Yes he has said that but the title is extremely misleading and what I dont understand is how is that we can be discussing if the pictures are real or fake instead of what should be done to stop this ruthless killing? When as a society did we become so heartless and involved in non-issues? For me this is like telling someone whose child just died that he lied about the age of his child – she was 6 and not 7 years old at the time of death. Recommend

  • Lofted Shot

    Salute, Very good research and I would like to THANK YOU for correcting us. Recommend

  • sidewinder

    Just like fake wikileaks,these fellows have made sure that now on- wards their claims are taken with a pinch of salt. Recommend

  • Jimmy

    Great Work! Great Research….. God bless youRecommend

  • Shehraz

    Agree with Author!… Great Work Faraz..Recommend

  • Komal

    Nice Work Faraz. Good and intresting research..Recommend

  • Rimsha

    Nice post by author and totally agree with Faraz.. Great WorkRecommend

  • Farheen

    Nice Post and well said Faraz. God bless uRecommend

  • Shargil

    Jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai…. Media Murdabad… Thanks for sharing an eye opener post Recommend

  • Shiraz Ahmed

    Nice Work Bro… Keep it upRecommend

  • Noureen

    Its Reality that they are fake pics. Thanks author, Such a nice workRecommend


    Researcher is given a task to again hide the facts……A friend of mine in Bangladesh has said that prosecution of rohingiya muslims of Burma is true….Recommend

  • Siyab

    To all those people bashing the author for “denying” the massacre in Burma: please read the article again.

    The writer clearly says “I do not deny the killings of Muslims in Burma – not even for a minute..”

    What he is against is the fact that some people are misusing the issue to further their own agendas. Recommend

  • arslion

    Pictures might be fake but the real issue is the killing of Muslims… why he ignored that?? Even if we believe that all social media pictures are fake and only express tribune is true even then he should tell us that the news about the killing of Muslims is true and buddhist are slaughtering Muslims in thousands of numbers.. Don’t distort the fact…Recommend

  • arslion

    why dont u see this videoRecommend

  • Safi A.

    JUST the pictures are incorrect.Recommend