10 things Pakistanis hate to hear

Published: August 2, 2012

Hatred towards minorities and the notion of women not having the right to marry extend to the patriarchal minds of Pakistani family elders. DESIGN: IMAAN SHEIKH

One of the biggest disadvantages of living in a nation as homogeneous as ours is that it is very seldom that you get to hear alternative narratives on history, religion, culture and society in general. People who try and present narratives that are different from the main stream are labelled as agents, heretics or even worse, traitors.

Here I have made a list of ten things that average Pakistanis just don’t want to hear.

1. America and Israel cannot be blamed for all the miseries of the Muslim world in general and Pakistan in particular. For a country that was hand in gloves with the Americans just until the early nineties, our youth has an amazing tendency to blame all national problems on American polices. Right winged politicians are always busy in concocting this feel good account that we are perfect, peace loving people who are being pushed to the brink of collapse by Zionist and Kaffirs (infidels).

2. We live in an amazing country in which supposedly educated people like Aamir Liaquat preach in their honey laden voice that Islam is the most peaceful religion in the world and then go on making hate speeches against Ahmadis. If you really want people to respect Islam, remove discriminatory and archaic laws like the blasphemy and Hudood Ordinance. Learned scholars like Ghamidi have elaborated numerous times that blasphemy law has no relevance in true Islamic jurisprudence (of course now he is hiding in Malaysia, scared for his life ─ a fantastic indicator of how we deal with diverse opinions).

3. Minorities are persecuted in the bastion of Islam that our mullahs have created. Somehow, we as a nation are steadfast in the belief that the state of Pakistan is benevolent towards its minorities. Talk about the persecution that these minorities face starting from the constitution to the school textbooks and people will label you as anti Pakistan.

4. Women can date and marry according to their own will and this includes your female relatives (the last part infuriates them like anything). Somehow the 20-something on a date does not believe that his sister has the same rights as him. And this logic extends to family elders as well because in their patriarchal minds, killing their daughter would not shame the family name in the same way as if the same daughter went out on a date or married according to her choice.

5. The army is as much to blame, if not more, as the politicians for the ills of the country. Although recent years have seen a slight change in the national mindset with the army getting a bit of stick as well but still, for a common man, the army is all about national honour and so on and so forth.

6. Honour definitely comes after nutrition on the list of necessities. We are a nation so obsessed with national honour and pride that we are blinded to the simple fact that countries dependent on foreign aid for their economic survival cannot show much spine despite their nuclear arsenal and Zaid Hamids.

7. Hate Zardari all you want but we are a corrupt nation to our core. Somehow in the perfect world created by Ansar Abbasi and Shahid Masood, we are so happy to externalise all of our flaws onto a single person and party, that we never want to face up to the bitter reality. We were corrupt a long time before Zardari and we will be corrupt a long time after him.

8. Our culture and traditions have much more in common with India, especially the northern India, than to the puritanical strain of Islam that has influenced us deeply for the last three decades. For some strange reason people are much happier in telling how their ancestors were Arabs rather than admitting that their forefathers never left the subcontinent and converted to Islam from some local religion. The ‘Allah Hafizians’ take particular exception to this.

9. Every individual and institution that talks about plurality, regional peace, women rights and secularism is not funded by the United States and does not have an ulterior motive. People like Marvi Sirmed and Dr Hoodbhoy are a classic example of this: despite of their intellectual soundness and rational arguments they are conspicuous punching bags for the defenders of national honour who incessantly label them as foreign spies and agents.

10. Theocracy is nothing but a tyrannical rule of the clergy and the only system of governance for modern nation states is democracy, superiority of constitution and dichotomy of power amongst various pillars of the state. This again irritates the ‘Allah Hafizians’, Napoleon Guls and Ali Azmats who want to rid the world of democratic evils and establish an international caliphate.

P.S. You think I am kidding? Wait till you see the comments…

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Omer Kamal Bin Farooq

An economics student from Lahore with a keen interest in sports, theology, politics, and, anthropology.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Faisal

    The writer was on fasting today !! and without sehri I guess !! he had nothing to do all the day so as a result this blog came out !! Recommend

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    Time to link this article to my Pakistani cousin, oh he’s gonna so pissed off.Recommend

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  • Rehan

    Brilliant blog-post! 8 and 5, in particular, deserve to be highlighted.
    Best wishes,

  • entropy

    This infantile contrarianism on the ET blogs is beginning to get really boring. Recommend

  • Jibreel

    You said it bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can feel the long accumulated frustration in your article..

    You are about to be kafirized/zionized/hinduized by the zaid hamids/Mohd. bin Qasims of our country in a while. Recommend

  • http://www.kabacreations.com Vishnu Dutta

    oh boy. you have really dunnit this time. wait for all those hate messages now.

    PS. Excellent write up. keep up the faith.Recommend

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    Nailed it.Recommend

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  • Dr. Amyn Malik

    I hope you have found a perfect hiding place for no doubt there will be people swearing to kill you for writing this :P

    On a more serious note, a sound article indeed!Recommend

  • AS

    WOW WOW WOW! I love you man! Well done! Pakistan is changing for the better if you have people questioning so :) I love it ! I love you! Well done! keep it up!

    God loves those who love (even if they love their enemies and particularly when they love those who they view as their enemies).


  • Salman Arshad

    This is such a precise crash course for every “Liberal Fascist”.

    Lets hope some True Patriot, some follower of Imran Khan or Hafiz Saeed comes up with a counter crash course, which will be helpful for every true Pakistani.

    We will debunk each of these points, Inshallah.Recommend

  • Khalid Pathan

    Agree with you 100% on all ten points. However, you will be able to read my comment if it is acceptable to ET.Recommend

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    Pakistanis don’t want to hear you too…Recommend

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    Oh boy, this sounds just like a regurgitation of what we get to read on these blogs all the time. Kindly come up with something original..people are getting tired of reading this stuff over and over again. I do have respect for Dr Hoodbhoy, but plz stop painting Marvi Sarmad as an intellectual or human rights champion-of-sorts. It is pretty obvious what agenda she follows.Recommend

  • Max Tor

    Nice one! You pretty much hit the nail on the head! It’s interesting that we seem to have much more Sayeds (descendents of the Prophet) and Qureshis than in the entire Arab world.

    This article should get some interesting comments.Recommend

  • Mufazzil

    Are you kidding :p ??Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Nice one. You forgot the bit about Conspiracy Theories. Maybe Top 20 someday might include it.Recommend

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    P.S. You think I am kidding? Wait till you see the comments…

    ok, so the whole article was about comment….ok, i am not going to post any…Recommend

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    @ Mr author
    i just read the topic n stopped reading,
    it should have been ” 10 things “WE” pakistanis hate to hear ” Recommend

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    crisp and direct, I am waiting for comments nowRecommend

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    Rigth on the dot. Excellent analysis and very well presented.Recommend

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    11th thing that we hate to hear. Kabooom!!! A jihadi bomb going off in my neighborhood in Karachi.Recommend

  • Ibn-e-Maryam

    Right on th dot. Excellent analysis and very well presentedRecommend

  • Hardliner

    Boring article………. really!Recommend

  • Zeta

    Take my advice – Stop writing. Thank YouRecommend

  • Nida

    Amazing. Simply honest from the bottom of every Pakistani’s heart (deep down ofcourse since another thing Us Pakistanis are good at is Denial) Made me Smile and think “THAT is so true” on most points. I ‘ve encountered numerous “Patriotic” Pakistanis who claim to Love the country and yet are too busy with their A-Level Studies/ACCAs/Foreign Degrees etc.
    For me it just boils down to this: It is easier to “Hate to hear” these Things when you are either holding another passport or have the resources to avoid an average pakistani lifestyle.

    Also, lets just be honest to ourselves. There is nothing wrong in accepting your flaws.

    Bravo on the Blog!Recommend

  • AD

    Same old typicl liberal mindset ppl supporting Baighairat BrigadeRecommend

  • Dr Omar

    Good advice, thus no surprise that people are up against it! All points are valid but personal favorites are 7 & 8.

    We are indeed corrupt to the core & will remain so unless accountability at all levels is practiced. For us the major crimes are those which are committed by others only. And yes we have a inferiority complex as to why we were not all born Arabs and that why our culture has Indian roots.

    Surprisingly when other Muslim (non-Arab) countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran and Turkey can have their own language, culture, music and festivals and can still be good Muslims, why can’t we? And why shouldn’t we feel proud of the fact that our ancestors (from sub-continent) looked into Islam, found it enlightening and accepted it with all their hearts! I think this is indeed something to be proud of! Recommend

  • manoj

    Omer bhai,
    Greetings from India! Jitni baat aapne blog pe ek panne pe aadhe-ek ghante mein hansi-khel mein likh di hai, utni samajhne-qubool karne mein ek ek zamana lag sakta hai. Pakistan needs more realists like you. It needs them very badly.Recommend

  • AMP

    You should’ve included criticism or questioning of Islamic teachingsRecommend

  • hj

    Hahahahhaa this article is amazing and I totally agree! Number 8 is funny since tour name has “bin” in it :P what’s up with that?

    //For some strange reason people are much happier in telling how their ancestors were Arabs//Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    The title of the article should be: Ten things Pakistani liberals think Pakistanis are. Hence, we have a new term created by Pakistani Liberal like “Allah Hafizans”. Pakistani liberals have no problem drawing upon their “puritan” values from a foreign society like the West but when Pakistanis wanted to use the word “Allah” as the precise and apt vocabulary for God, they need to be insulted with the term “Allah Hafizans”. “Allah Hafizans” are Arab wannabees while “Khuda Hafizans” are not. The debate no longer view the role of Islam in creating this prayer in the first place.

    Pakistani liberals also view Pakistanis as shameless Arab wannabees who refused to blame their army for all the ills in the nation and who are dependent on foreign aid. While at that, democracy, secularism and westernization are the elixirs for Pakistan and “puritan Islam” is tainting the society.

    To bash Pakistanis as Arab wannabees by Western wannabees who view everything from the West as elixirs without any critical thinking is strange. This is made stranger by the fact that the names of many Pakistani liberals came from the Arab world and not from Northern India. It’s high time Marvi Sirmed, with her bindi and Saree, changes her name to sound more like Northern Indians. The Indians will cheer her as an example of a “Good Pakistani”.

    While Pakistani culture is viewed as “Northern Indian”, “Northern Indian” culture is not being viewed as influenced by Islam and Muslims. “Northern Indians” need not be reminded about the influence of Arab/Persian/Muslim culture in their own society. The role of Islam which has shaped much of Pakistani culture and which has diverged Pakistani culture from “Northern Indian” culture should also be ignored. (What is Northern Indian culture anyway?). While female foeticide is an epidemic among Northern Indian/Punjabi Sikhs and Hindus (which should be viewed also as a Northern Indian culture), I wonder whether many Punjabi Muslim women would have been dead today if not for Islam.

    While Pakistani army is the source for the ills in the world, Pakistani democrats were and are not. It’s much easier to place the blame on Pakistani army when one views “democracy” as a flawless system.

    The role of American imperialism next door and its constant bravado talk that “its influence” in Central Asia would not be tainted by “China” should also be ignored. America should not be hated even when it is occupying Afghanistan. On the other hand, Pakistanis should throw rose petals to them and cheer more of their occupation because we receive their “foreign aid”.

    Why don’t Pakistani liberals who tend to be wealthier and educated in the West set an example by start paying taxes. I am pretty sure if each of you sacrifices $5000 per year, it would allow us to accumulate sufficient tax to get rid of “foreign aid”. Put your money for your country.Recommend

  • Hina.A

    Lol Good One, Love-iT!!!Recommend

  • V ns

    What was your country before 1947′ was it part of middle east.Recommend

  • PrattleDetected

    When you talk about democracy, you should know the principle “majority is authority”. Talking about democracy and then bashing (in fact ridiculing) the values that the majority holds in high esteem, hypocritical much eh?Recommend

  • Omair

    100% accurate. Respect for the writer. Recommend

  • Rafe

    unfortunately true !! and believe me don’t ever try to translate this in urdu, other wise u also will hiding in some outskirts of karachi if u dont have that much money the Gamidi have !! lolz ….Recommend

  • 5 waqt namaze, but still a ‘liberal pakistani’

    EXCELLENT!!!! im sure a lot of mullahs and ‘Allah Hafizians’ are fuming hahahahha. Recommend

  • Omair


    Being humane, tolerant and progressive is not a western value. Recommend

  • V ns

    What was your country before 1947., was it part of middle east.Recommend

  • Kk

    I couldn’t agree more on point 7

    we are ourselves a corrupt nation and all we do is blame the other person for all the wrong around us. Take a small example and go stop at a Red traffic signal. You will see how much obedient we areRecommend

  • Pakistani

    If you want to make claims, why not provide supporting references and logical arguments.

    You have IMPOSED your opinions just like that. You sound like a modern, confused mullah in your very own direction.

    You think people have time to respond to this crap you have posted? Think again!!!Recommend

  • Parvez

    Spot on and nicely written, you’ve covered a lot of ground in this one.Recommend

  • derpton

    haha loved the last line :D
    so true!Recommend

  • Hamza

    Agree with all the points except for the final one. That is not to say that i support an international caliphate or the tyrannical rule of the clergy, but to consider democracy as the system that will alleviate our problems is just foolish. A few hundred people cannot be thought to represent a populace of around 20 crore. Question: In a country where almost 50% of people live below the poverty line, how come our assemblies are dominated by vaderas and generally well off people who do not know in the slightest, the hardships of the people the are representing? Recommend

  • Stop Crying Please!

    Ever since I have started reading blogs here on ET, I have just been reading the same stuff. Seriously I am now sick and tired! The message that you bloggers and to some extent the people who comment here give, is that you are really ashamed of what you are i.e ashamed of being Pakistanis.

    I don’t understand how you want to see this country basically! Yes there are some idiots but you cannot generalize the whole nation for them. And we do have some values, that west doesn’t. And you are pity on them?

    Why do people keep writing this stuff? Is it that such topics have more chances of finding a place here in this newspaper? Write something constructive, creative and helpful.Recommend

  • anerstwhilecheat

    ‘homogeneous’? ‘nation’? dude, are u even talking about this country?Recommend

  • Noor

    @Zeeshan Still trying to prove that you are not an Allah Hafizans !! lolzRecommend

  • Noor

    @Zeeshan !! female foeticide in northern India !!! Huh… Seems you are watching Satyameva Jayate day in and day out….No offense meant though..ALlah Hafiz.. :(Recommend

  • Sunny

    Excellant Article ,,!!! 100% Agreed on all your points . keep it up brother you are the true pakistani ..Recommend

  • asad

    brilliant brilliant brilliant.. u enumerated not one not two but the entire bucket list.. its the whole god damn deal.. the timing is perfect too with the ehteram-e-ramzan act in full force. non muslims, eldery, infirm and children are in for a long haul .

    keep postingRecommend

  • Nida Zafar

    Spot On!!!!!!! And u r right the majority comments above are mirror reflection of what u said..the haters will hate no doubt!!! Excellent read,,and God save Pakistan from Pakistanis!!Recommend

  • Ali Newaz Shah

    This article was a lot pessimistic, and where all hatred is being expressed, one should also concern the value of religion and the fact that we are after all “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” means we actually built this country to protect Islam above all else. Minorities are never ignored here, you should actually see the life style of a Qadiyani… if this is treating them without care then I would like see “care”…peace out.Recommend

  • Saad Qayyum

    Well I have read a lot of articles here and there for years .. but never commented on anyone of them .. but don’t know why ..I felt a need too today …
    All of what you said is correct to some extent .. but there is definitely another side to it, which you most probably because of your so called ‘broad-mindedness’ cant see …
    I hate saying this, but people like you think, saying all this and trying to show you are very ‘Liberal’, wont make you more of an like an European .. This is the ‘Islamic Republic Of Pakistan’, and things here go according to Islam, which in my opinion give the most possible Liberty that should be given ..

  • http://destinycrew.org Xs

    I totally agree dude … just wanted to add onto what you are saying…

    America is definitely to not blame, and everything it says should be taken as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. and yes, 9/11 was indeed not black-ops and it was the muslims, Saddam did have the weapons of mass destruction, Afghanistan is not the largest producer of narcotics in the world today and, Pakistan is not filled with people who are more agnostic/islamophobic than they realize and deny this by calling themselves as liberals.
    The ‘democratically’ elected politicians are free from all blame and it is a complete lie that each time PPP has come into power (post ZAB) Pakistan has gone bankrupt and asked for more money from the world.

    I also wanted to ask 2 questions from you.

    Why are so many of your statements in this post Islamophobic in nature? If you find yourself blaming Islam for the constant errors in the world, then maybe you do need to get some help for this prejudiced view point. This, of course, if you have any time from pointing fingers at others who may, or may not be prejudiced.
    You’ve done a wonderful job identifying the stereotypes applicable in the country, and generalized that as the opinion of the populous, while using terms like “Allah-Hafizians” and “Ali Azmats” and so on.

    So identifying the stereotypes, by applying a stereotype is liberal and correct, not hypocritical? Recommend

  • Ghassan Khan

    Everything dies out eventually. The days of short-sighted conservatives are coming to end .Recommend

  • Morbid Isolation


    Hahah are you saying that a fasting Muslim, who hasn’t had sehri, is very capable of producing an unworthy and nonsensical article seeking your pious yet intolerant contempt. Where do you come up with this boundless ignorance? Are you saying that they who fast aren’t capable of speaking sense? What kind of hypocrisy is this? I’m not a religious person but this is offensive on a human level mainly because you probably operate on a sub human one which makes you the subject of this article. You have proven the author right in your pursuit to disprove him, how Pakistani Muslim of you! Recommend

  • Ghassan Khan

    This piece should become the next ten commandments for Pakistani progress. You’ve amazingly summarized Pakistan’s immense problems into ten points. I hope someone could do a similar piece but focus on the economic aspects of our country too.

    Bravo! Recommend

  • Sara Umer Dar

    All comments are true other than the ones made on zardari and America. Corruption is always prevalent in developing nations. it was a pandemic disease in china too. But over the time they’re making progress and as industry kept growing the law and order also kept getting updated and renewed.

    If our govt starts paying WAPDA’s bill instead of spending it on its own security and hoard it in its Switzerland account, the industry will start flourishing again. All workers that today on the roads are, looking for work will be in industries and working. That lowers the street crimes and robberies. As industry starts flourishing and ppl wants to expand their business they sent their kids for higher education because they can afford it. The next generation is less corrupt , more educated and more competent . i don’t want to get into much details and start explaining the whole economic channel here. But it is all govt’s fault and also of UK and America. UK, when leaving Pakistan gave acres and acres of land to few ppl who formed their own govts within the country and are called wadiras. As over the time govt tried to balance it, india kept interfering. Now we more or less rid of the India’s continuous threats of war, america sapped our economy. So yes! it is govt and its america and UK’s doing that we’re still paying for. Recommend

  • Umar

    10 for Your 10. That`ll make us even.

    US War OF Terror is the reason we are facing security situation in our country & collapse in our economy & Israel is not only involved in NWFP but also in Balochistan & it has been proved. (So, yes! US & Israel are a huge problem for us, deal with it.)
    Its the media who made him a hero & then a zero & your newspaper is a part of thisfree media` as well. (Freedom, this media never deserved)
    Apart from some incidents more than half of which are sensationalised for ratings, there is no such thing as minority persecution. Have you ever heard of a Sikh being killed in Peshawar (& FYI there are a lot of them living there) or a Christian who are running successful schools/colleges there or in Multan? (Go & look for yourself instead of using Wikipedia for your information)
    The time in which we are living is very different, people are becoming sensible now but there are incidents no doubt & the only reason is lack of education. Constantly subjecting people to all the negative things like Maya Khan date-catcher or the other so called moral police on every channel is what discourages parents to let their daughters go out. (I guess you need to come out of your cave in Arabian Sea & go out more often to see that time`s have changed)
    Yes! Let us bash Army because the only progress Pakistan ever saw was when Army was in power, because they helped during the earthquake & during the floods, let us blame Army for every murder & fraud from Khyber to Karachi. (Fear the day when they`ll stop protecting you by sacrificing their lives everyday.)
    You are speaking as if honor is something to be ashamed of. You & others like you may be ashamed but We are not. And about the aid, tell me how much of that aid reached you? or me? or any other common citizen of this country? NONE. That aid was always for the people in power. (But, if you are really getting something out of it then let me know I am willing to take my words back for some $)
    You may be corrupt but I am not sorry to inform you that I am not. I never took or gave bribe, I never asked anyone big to make a call for me, I never voted for anyone corrupt & I suffered because of it but I am proud that I am not Corrupt.
    Yes! Lets make that aman with India because it invaded our lands, is blocking our waters, assisting insurgencies here, training terrorists to kill our people because WE ARE SO SIMILAR. (If you are so in love with India, WHY DONT YOU LEAVE THEN?)
    May be not every thing you mentioned is sponsored by US but what have these so called institutions really done here? Half of these things turn out to be some scam in the end. Dr. Hoodbhoy is a brilliant scientist no doubt about that but that doesnt mean he can be a a good politician or a bureaucrat. (Itll be good if everyone concentrated in their own fields of expertise rather than playing reformer, right Mr.Economist?)
    Democracy, the best revenge is of course the best thing for us. It made this country a paradise, there is no power shortage, no inflation, no unemployment & we are literally living in Utopia. (How about you look at the eras when Army used to rule this country & check how many differences can you find)

  • Dr. Owais Hashmat

    writer needs to have a complete medical check upRecommend

  • Murali Gopal

    @Faisal: Obviously you didn’t read the last lineRecommend

  • Zeeshan


    what’s up with this “lolz”? Are you still learning to text?Recommend

  • pakwatan

    but you did didn’t you? couldn’t resist, perhaps its something that you hate to hearRecommend

  • ALi

    another pseudo liberal there to bash Religion & Pakistan so that he can show how cool he is when indians will comment in favor of him.Recommend

  • Mubashir Silat

    Really well, written Kudos Chha gaye ho aap!Recommend

  • Noor

    @Zeeshan.. Yeah …you are right……But it seems the nail has hit hard already.. :( . Allah hafiz.. :)Recommend

  • Noor

    @Author…Apart from all those wise comments, congratulation to you for bringing up this stunner of an article…Kudos to your sense of observing people and public behavior. It was as irritating for Allah Hafizians and funny for the liberals. This is what I call a Buffoonish(with love of course) writing. BingO. Congrats again.Recommend

  • Aftab


  • http://www.laughinginpurgatory.com/ Andrew Hall

    “Theocracy is nothing but a tyrannical rule of the clergy and the only system of governance for modern nation states is democracy, superiority of constitution and dichotomy of power amongst various pillars of the state.” – This is Enlightenment thinking 101. Religion poisons everything.Recommend

  • sherry

    @Stop Crying Please!:
    very very well said sir,
    same is what i feel about most of the bloggers here on ET except few,
    sick liberal extremists who are equally disgusting as religious extremistsRecommend

  • Zeeshan


    Did that nail hit hard on your head that you have to repeat the prayer Allah Hafiz multiple times? Thanks anyway for that prayer though I doubt God will answer prayers from people like you.. God has always been my guidance.

    Secondly, I am not an Indian like you to watch Satyameva Jayate “day in and out”. I simply read the literature on female foeticide in India (please refer to Table 1 for state divisions): http://www.sascv.org/ijcjs/snehlata.pdfRecommend

  • L. Masum

    North Indians have never rejected the islamic influence or past. But they do not call their culture arabic. Nor do they wish to become bootlickers of arabs or turks. Furthermore islam has had not only good but also many bad effects and results everywhere. The word “pakistan” is persian and not panjabi or sindhi. The arabic script and arabic personal names makes Pakistan a colony and underdog of arab imperialism. Your ancestors were largely hindus. But under the imperialism-totalitarianism of islam they were made to hate or forget their hindu roots and become mental slaves of arabs and turks. The creation of Pakistan strengthened the tendency among muslims to hate or deny or ridicule the hindu roots and to exalt the arab and turk races and their maraudery. Hindu culture is not perfect but it is more open-minded, reformable, modernizable, relaxed and honest than the arabic-islamic, fanatic-religion ideology. Recommend

  • Saima

    You call someone narrow minded, extremist and corrupt and expect them to get up and give you a hug……Oh wait…..wait for their comments….And I can’t believe there are people here all praise for you….hello guys….he just called you and himself all of these things?????
    To start with Pakistanis are not evil and extreme, the reason they act this way is because they have a free ground to do so. If only they could be held accountable for their actions, 80% of the items on your list would not be there. Consider Pakistanis living abroad, they have pretty much the same DNA…how come they become model citizens? This is so because on stupid move and they would be held accountable. Leave a monk with no accountability and see what he does, or should I enlighten you on history of the Church?
    So my friend……I disagree….. there is a good and rational person in there, just put them in a regulated system!!!!!Recommend

  • Zeeshan


    “North Indians have never rejected the islamic influence or past.”

    factually incorrect.

    “But they do not call their culture arabic. Nor do they wish to become bootlickers of arabs or turks. ”

    “They” only which to become bootlickers of westerners.

    “Furthermore islam has had not only good but also many bad effects and results everywhere.”
    That’s your Indian POV.

    “The word “pakistan” is persian and not panjabi or sindhi. The arabic script and arabic personal names makes Pakistan a colony and underdog of arab imperialism.”

    You are Hindu because the Persians called you so. Like you as “colony and underdog” of Western imperialism?

    ” Your ancestors were largely hindus. But under the imperialism-totalitarianism of islam they were made to hate or forget their hindu roots and become mental slaves of arabs and turks.”

    Indian’s POV again.

    “The creation of Pakistan strengthened the tendency among muslims to hate or deny or ridicule the hindu roots and to exalt the arab and turk races and their maraudery. Hindu culture is not perfect but it is more open-minded, reformable, modernizable, relaxed and honest than the arabic-islamic, fanatic-religion ideology.”

    Indian’s POV again.Recommend

  • mrk

    Trying to pre-empt by labelling in a negative light? Perhaps Marvi Sermed and Hoodbhoy are the incarnations of reason and logic in your mind, in my mind they are exactly the opposite. Now you would label me as someone who subscribes to your ten points above – who’s got the myopic view, perhaps you? The logic from this brilliant line of thought goes something like this:
    Since we are corrupt, it is okay for Zardari to be corrupt. You know very well that it’s impossible to change the so-called corruption of the 200 million first, therefore we can continue to elect Zardari. But then, Maybe I am just ignorent as I have not had the opportunity to be enlightened by the reason and logic of Ms. Sermed and Mr. Hoodbhoy unlike yourself. I object to this discrimination!!Recommend

  • Jat

    Noor, you got a new fan, me !!Recommend

  • Jat

    Zeeshan, my dear brother you really couldn’t counter any point of L. Masum, could you ? :) But full marks to you for being civil. Sometimes acceptance of truth is not a defeat for one party but can be a victory for both. Think about it.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    append point number 11 please
    11. “Omer Kamal bin Farooqs”, the type of waelay authors who have nothing constructive to do but keep trying to tell us what we don’t want to hear (tired of hearing it day in day out 24/7) !!! Recommend

  • http://talalraza.wordpress.com Talal

    I really liked the post even though I siill find a couple of things controversial.
    When I come to know that there are 102 families who occupy most of the seats in National and provincial assemblies, how can I blame the 180 million for the decisions that we didn’t take
    1. Almost, every time people critiise blasphemy laws but we have to decide is blasphemy law the root cause of minorities persecution or the deterirorating law and order situation, it is because, before the case reaches court and blasphemy laws are implemented, the accused “blasphemer” is killed by the mob
    2. Does it really matter if someone claims that his ancestors were from Arabs or in reality, converted Muslims. At the end of the day, we all are Muslims
    3. Woman can marry” not date” Even men can’t date I think :)
    4. To a degree, I agree that we all are responsble for our present fate. Nobody tells the shopkeeper to measure less. Nobody forces you to steal electricity but we doRecommend

  • Silas

    You should first know the proper meaning of the word liberal. It is not some random label or adjective that you can throw around. Its a whole philosophy.
    In Western political philosophy, the word liberal has one meaning and in Pakistan, people who think they know a lot (keyboard revolutionaries), use this word giving this word entirely an opposite meaning. For Pakistanis, the word liberal means anyone not inclined towards religion, which is a totally wrong use of the word, but illiterates will keep on using the word liberal in this sense because they love mixing political philosophies with religion. Next time, please donot use this word. I’ve seen extremely religious liberals and marxists too.
    When you don’t know the meaning of some term, please don’t use it. The words liberal and conservative have become a fashion for you parha likha jahils.Recommend

  • Silas

    And yeah i forgot one thing. In Pakistan, the word liberal also means one who is from the elite and loves America.
    Listen mate. I’m a liberal to the core. I’m not rich. i’ve never been to America. I don’t study in a foreing university. I hate American foreign policy very much. Almost all the liberals i’ve met are like me.
    Your rant reeks of false stereotypes.

    For God’s sake stop this shallow usage of this term. Recommend

  • SImz

    @Stop Crying Please!:
    Then stop reading. Who is forcing you to be here? You are the one who is cryingRecommend

  • Alpha

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  • usman

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  • Zeeshan


    I think you have mistaken me for what you arrogantly referred to as your stereotypical “keyboard revolutionaries”. I am quite aware of your ideology. It is playing openly with the debates about circumcision in Germany. I thought of people like you as an individual who is trying to impose a Western idea on a non-Western society. The liberals in Pakistan, of course, came in a spectrum: from the elites to outright anti-Islam individual. Given what you are doing to Muslims in the West, most of you should not be treated lightly for the kind of Pakistan you are imagining if given more space. We have resisted communism before; now it’s you who are our enemy. Recommend

  • American

    First time I saw the term “Allah Hafizans”… That is the correct term. And its pretty messed up of you to make fun of that.

    Living in Pakistan is infuriating but try not to get hateful in response. Recommend

  • Riz

    Well, God bless such writers and the praising people, hope they can find some sense in life,,, A fool and his knowledge are same party…. its only due to lack of knowledge,, lack of on field analysis… nothing muchRecommend

  • ali muhammad

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  • Rizwan Liaqat

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  • Malik Suhayb

    @V ns: It was part of british india thats y we separated from Hindus because we had different identity, culture and faces. If we would have been part of any middle eastern country we wouldn’t have separated
    And in this article the writer can’t prove one of his point logically. Writer has just tried to impose his point of view on others. this article is truly rubbishRecommend

  • troll


    clearly you do. lolRecommend

  • http://shemrez.wordpress.com/ Shemrez Nauman Afzal

    After a loooong time, a blog article that is necessary, makes sense, and speaks the truth.
    Well done author, you have my support on all ten points :)Recommend

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