Ramazan with Veena Malik: Lord forgive us all

Published: July 18, 2012

A heavy voice, amid fire raging on the screen (illustrating hell fire) alerts us that it’s that time of the year when we all have to seek forgiveness from God– and just when I was about to recite Astaghfar in my heart, Veena Malik appeared and disrupted my connection with the Divine.

I shook my head in disbelief and continued to watch Veena Malik address me in a cobalt-blue kameez shalwar.

“Main hoon Veena Malik, is Ramazan main keroongi aapke saath … apne aur aapke gunaaho’n ka astaghfar.”

(I am Veena Malik, and this Ramazan I, along with you, will be seeking forgiveness for the sins you and I have committed).

This was the promotional video of the upcoming Ramazan transmission on Hero TV, owned by Express Media Group.

As the video ended, the images of Veena Malik I had recently witnessed sprung to my mind. Wait a second; is this the same Veena who was seen parading in skimpy clothes in some Bollywood item number twirling and shaking her rear with multiple men surrounding her?

I chuckled in the newsroom because I could not absorb the radical transition of the scantily-dressed Veena to the shareef-pretending, dupatta-adorned, glycerine-teary-eyed Veena.

Peals of laughter escaped me because I could not digest the fact that Veena could host a Ramazan transmission on national TV.

Veena, who is otherwise known in the news for her boldness and everyday controversies, which she never gets tired of, is now going to ask God to spare us all from his wrath during the Holy month of Ramazan.


After learning about her Bigg Boss brouhaha and later how the limelight had struck her for all the wrong reasons in the neighbouring country we love to hate so much, we all, in a way, disowned Veena.

We called her names – beghayrat, behaya, besharam (dishonourable, immodest and shameless). We accused her of bringing shame to the country and of ripping Pakistan’s ghayrat (respect) to shreds with her frequent “vulgar” stunts.

Then came a day when she was summoned to confront the masses in the court of the public– the television. The entire country sat in front of their television screens, glued to their seats to watch Veena explain why she had committed such ‘shameless acts’ and brought disgrace and infamy to the country’s name.

Veena, dressed in a black silk evening gown, gave details of why and how she had ‘humiliated the country on a foreign channel’ in an interview with Kamran Shahid. The interview was aired on Express News in 2011 and instantaneously went viral on the social media.

Why is that?

The answer is simple. Veena, contrary to the mass expectation, had refused to apologise over her ‘shameless acts’ and was blatantly unapologetic. Combating against a mufti sahib (religious scholar), Veena explained that all she did was part of the tasks given to the residents in the house of Bigg Boss.

Mufti sahib, while complimenting Veena on the “husn o jamal” (beauty and charm) God blessed her with, hurled fiery allegations at her. The headstrong Veena braved it all out and explained how she had never worn a “two piece” and had “only worn shorts” during the reality TV show’s shoot.

Denying all his allegations, Veena defended herself by saying that she ‘does not have a heavy conscience’ because she had not done something cruder that what has already been done in the Pakistani media before.

In turn, Veena objected and asked the scholar,

Mufti sahib yeh kya baat hui?

If Veena really was that bold and unapologetic in her encounter with fellow Pakistanis, then my question is– what is the point in coming on a show that is solely meant for repentance and seeking pardon?

I, for once, have to say this:

“Veena, I don’t need you to pray for me. I can pray for myself”.

In Islam, there is a belief that a worshipper becomes the closest to Allah when he is prostrating before Him while offering namaz. So, if I really want to repent, I would not want Veena Malik or anyone else to pray for me. I  am fully capable of praying for myself, and of all people, I do not need Veena’s help!

Along with Veena trending in Pakistan, the local Twitterati also found the move distasteful and were openly critical about it. Some of the Tweets I found really interesting were:

Mansoor Ali Khan ‏@MansoorGeoNews

Malik Riaz after watching the #Veena Malik promo on Hero TV – Meray rozay to “SAKROO” ho gayee :P

Adeel Ahmed Ansari ‏@aaansari

#Veena Malik on #HeroTV for ramadan transmission, hope other channels’ll not approach #Mathira in competition.#NightWithMathiraTillSehri

Ali Raza ‏@Hawai_firing

Ramzan 2012: Jannat itni commercial pehlay kabhi na thi.….#Liaqat#Maya #Masood #Afridi #Veena….

Maheen ‏@MaheenAsif1

Ya ALLAH, is Defa Shetaan ko chor dey, #Veena ko Jakarr Lay :/

Praying and repentance is a personal affair; it’s solely between God and a worshipper.

However, TV channels seem to not understand this notion. As the rating war continues like it does every year, this year, too, the media storm has swept away celebrities and personalities that can garner the most eyeballs. They should not use such contemptible tactics to increase their channel’s ratings, at least not for Ramazan – it is appalling.

It should be understood that Ramazan – the most sacred month of the Islamic year – should not be capitalised and used for a means for minting money. This month is meant for begging pardon from God and staying away from ill-doings. Instead these channels go on to making a mockery out of this Holy month.

Also, in turn, the masses should also give up their hypocrisy, because we all know in our hearts that no matter how much Veena or Aamir Liaquat or Maya Khan are hated, people will tune into their shows, wasting the time that could otherwise be used for worshipping or doing something productive, at least.

Lastly, my message to Veena:

“Veena jee, yeh kya baat hui?”

Do you approve of Veena Malik hosting a Ramazan show?

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Sidrah Moiz Khan

The author is a sub-editor at The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Sane

    We have enough misdoings to make ALLAH angry enough. Hosting of Ramazan Show by Veena Malik shall just add a disrespect to holy month of Ramazan. Every Muslim must protest very very strongly against it.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    Excellent, great minds think alike :D
    Thanks for putting it together :)Recommend

  • Arif Khan

    Veena malik has done nothing wrong.She has done nothing for which she needs to do ‘astagfaar’.It’s high time our society stopped judging women for what they wear or do not wear.A woman’s character doesn’t lie in the length of her clothes.Recommend

  • Saira Habib

    Veena is a strong,self-confident independent woman.Her only crime was that she refused to bow down before the demands of the religious fanatics in our society.for that she had to face horrific abuse and ridicule from the people in the land of the pure.Our society can’t tolerate women who don’t bow down before the wishes of men,any woman standing up for herself faces character assasination from the misogynists and yes,in pakistan, misogyny comes from not just men but some women are highly aggressive misogynists.Recommend

  • Abdul Moiz

    Good to see Veena Malik on our tv channels.She didn’t incite anyone to murder,she didn’t propagate homophobia or misogyny on tv,then why shouldn’t she come on a ramzan show? the women ridiculing and attacking veena malik are furthering the interests of patriarchy in our society.Veena has lived her life according to how she wished to live,this is at the root of all the hate directed her way,we can’t tolerate any woman who doesn’t live her life according to the instructions of men.Recommend

  • Tania Aftab

    There is a shocking level of Self loathing present in pakistani girls.Don’t understand why a lot of us hate our gender so much that we can’t stand any woman who is not a slave to the commands of males.Vina did nothing that she should be ashamed of or guilty about.Our girls(especially the religious ones) should stop judging other girls according to the standards set by our society’s men.Judging vina to appease men is a pathetic way of seeking male approval.Vina malik is a victim of patriarchy in pakistan.Recommend

  • Sahar

    Congrats to a lame tv channel for getting this super idea for rating..
    I am definitely gonna ask my cable operator to set this channel fo me during this Ramzan

    What a colorful Ramzan it would be with Maya, Veena and Amir.
    Kudos !Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Sidhrah jee,
    Pray tell me, why can’t a woman who
    wears shorts,skimpy clothes or a two piece pray for herself,you or anyone else? And to expect veena to apologise for wearing the clothes she does is ridiculous.Her sense of dressing is her personal business, Please stop the moral policing and open up your mind.Just as you wouldn’t want people to judge you for wearing a head scarf,stop questioning veena’s dressing style as well.Since when did dancing,wearing a bikini or showing cleavage become a crime?And why does it surprise you that a woman could love her plunging necklines and salwar kamezees equally?
    I respect all religions a great deal.But religion is no excuse to rob a woman of her basic rights.She must be given the freedom to wear whatever she chooses without having people quote scriptures and ridicule her for the way she chooses to live.Recommend

  • Asad

    @Saira Habib being a woman its sad that you are using words like ‘strong,self-confident independent woman’ to describe Veena, this is a slap on the face of real strong,self-confident independent women doctors, engineers, lawyers, armed forces personnel, business women in Pakistan who don’t need to take off their clothes to earn respect.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Veena Malik is doing her job, and braving the ridicule of people like the writer who have nothing better to do than to judge their fellow human beings in their narrow view of what constitutes sin or being close to God.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/X3alous Sarah B. Haider

    I don’t even care what is aired on TV while I am in a state of Ibadat. Let the media generate revenue with whatever they want. Recommend

  • Maria zafar


    It is misogynistic men who value women according to the clothes they wear.Veena malik’s is as good as any teacher,doctor or engineer.This disgusting mindset of judging women according to what they wear belongs in the dark ages.Such ignorance and bigotry has no place in today’s world.Judging women for what they wear is a mechanism for men to control women and keep them like slaves to the wishes of men.Recommend

  • SaQiB

    “Veena, I don’t need you to pray for me. I can pray for myself”.

    Really, u stole the words out of my mouth!!!

    As for the TV, I’d rather name it “ZERO” tv than hero tv………….. tells alot about the extent to which our media is willing to go for higher ratings!Recommend

  • Faiza Khan

    This piece seems like something out of a discussion amongst Al-huda disciples.Sad to see such moral policing in today’s day and age. Recommend

  • Awans

    Interestingly we are all commenting on Veena Malik in a manner that it seems we are Angels and it seems only her Character is Questionable. My all friends who are Hypocrites are criticizing Veena Malik and someone must tell them that they aint difference to her. I think rather than commenting on Veena we must first peek at ourselves that who we are and do we deserve to comment on the Character of Veena Malik when we have certain problems with our ownself.
    *Judging the people, giving remarks how corrupt is someone and giving fatwas is a favourite hobby of most of Pakistanis and the above author is representing all of us. * Recommend

  • Anis

    Good one, I like the wittiness in communicating the message. As for those whe believe that Poor Veena Malik is being accused or ridiculed innocently, and is a victum of Extremism and Religious fanatics, well, I would just ask them to read Quran ATLEAST before making an Image of Islam and Women rights in their Mind, Specifically readmSurah Noor, and Surah Ahzab to understand the modesty of a women.

    And if we accept Nudity and promote vulgarity of these so Called Modest and Open Minded women. I would just ask tthose who promotes such actions, “Would you allow the women of your own household (sistehers, daughters etc) so follow the foot step of such Open Minded, Bold and Daring Women?”

    If No, than do not preach what you cant practice, If Yes, I just see how our society has been corroupted under the Startling cloak of so called Morderation or Modernization.Recommend

  • SaQiB

    n btw……… if dressing scantily was a sign of a strong, self-confident woman, than porn-stars are the bravest of the human kind…….. even braver than the likes of Salahuddin Ayyubi and Tipu Sultan…………Recommend

  • Maher

    this reminds me a quote ” So Coohay kha kay Bili Hajj ko chali” Recommend

  • Farooq

    @Author Well Written article.
    Regarding your question of When? Since the inception of Islam.We are following a religion and it has determined limits for us. We have to observe them. However, if somebody is not observing all or any of the teachings/limits of Islam it is between her/him and Allah and I am nobody to judge him/her personally. However, the dilemma emerges when she/he makes fun of my beliefs, he/she tries to impose her departure from those limits on me or my family. Like here, we dont give a damn what she does in Inia or not but coming on a channel and hosting a Sacred show during a Sacred month is not tolerable for me. It is simple mockery of my religious beleifs. When she rants day and night that Pakistani women must be given freedom to be nude, to sleep with nyone they like and it is their right and it is not forbiden in Islam she actually mocks my belfiefs. Imagine my sister/daughter of 7-12 watches her on TV and beleives that whatever she says is true.

    So my point is we do no judge anybody based on their appearnce, we do not object to any lady whatever she is doing in her personal life but when she starts to influence a society then we object. Hope you understand.Recommend

  • Modazul

    People keep your atheistic notions to yourself. In Islam a person is ordered to
    Cover his/her own body and stay away from vulgar expressions. This is Islam. Not some man made rule that all these women keep talking about. Men did not invent this rule. It’s also the same in other religions. In Islam if u see something wrong then you should correct it with your hand, if not, then with your speech, if not, then just accept it in the heart that it’s wrong but this is the weakest part of faith. Veena Malik is a Muslim and every Muslim sister/brother has the duty to tell her that she’s doing something wrong. No one lives in their own world. An action of a person affects society no matter how it’s done. This country isn’t America or Turkey which is secular. Pakistan is not a secular country so stop
    Trying to make it secular and respect our laws and beliefsRecommend

  • Nandita.

    @Saqib – Yeah,veena is brave. She has the strength to stand her ground and the courage of conviction which helps her face fatwas and death threats.It’s tough to maintain your sanity in the face of so much criticism and ridicule;she’s a tough cookie.And I hope the self proclaimed ‘thakedaars’ of religion never manage to bog her down and make her buckle under the pressure.Recommend

  • Hina Majeed


    Pakistan is also not an islamic fanatic state.It never was,never will be.Veena Malik has done nothing to be ashamed about.Your using of religion to slander and crticising veena is a reflection of the misogyny present in our society,misogyny which is justified by using religion to keep women as second class citizens.Veena did nothing wrong,she doesn’t need to seek apology from anyone.Recommend

  • ovais khan

    just love your message to veena…:DRecommend

  • http://think-islam.blogspot.com PostMan

    My Five cents:-
    1 – Veena has all the right to do, as witnessed by whatever she has been doing across the border, I am fine with that.
    2 – I am fine with that because she is NOT telling anyone else to wear whatever she has to wear. She chooses what she pleases and that is fine with me again. I am not responsible for her acts and neither she is of mine.
    3 – She has the right to do a religious program even though she wore skimpy clothes. No one on earth can deny her that right. No one should be judged on the type of dresses they wear.
    4 – Maya, Amir Liaqat and Veena. Am ok with them all. I will not be watching anyone of them and that is my right.
    5 – What bothers me is that they are cashing in on a religious occasion. That is the worse part for me. Using glycerin-tears for seeking forgiveness of her and my sins is plain hypocrite. Don’t mock the sanctity associated with these events just to earn money. Pathetic.Recommend

  • http://haseebkureshi.wordpress.com Haseeb Kureshi

    Good use of Glycerin..the fake promo shows how fake show would that be. Please God help people not to use religion for commercial purpose Recommend

  • Nandita.

    I respect your religion but if scriptures encroach on a person’s right to be,then there’s a problem which should not be overlooked.

    A society needs to change and adapt itself to the times; antiquated and regressive attitudes need to be shunned if your society wants to move along with the rest of the world into the 21st century.
    I’m talking about this compulsive need men have to control a woman;her mind and her body.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    I am no Veena fan but 1. every angel has a past and every devil has a future … 2. anyone who has never committed a sin please come up and do the show … if Amir Liaquat can do it then Veena can do it too !!!! or maybe call Maulana Fazal ur Rehman “the pious” to do all the shows ? Recommend

  • SR

    EXPRESS GROUP OWNS HERO TV AND EXPRESS TRIBUNE. They created the controversy, all of us start talking. Tribune makes money, Hero TV gets attention. Show gets watched regardless the content. Lakhani Saab (owner of the express group) Makes money any way! Id be surprised if my most does get through.Recommend

  • Zubair Ali

    Veena “taking the stage” during this auspicious month sums up the state of Pakistanis in the whole.

    We feed through our eyes.Recommend

  • Mj

    Amazing that few people have gripe with televangelists who openly or subtly call for the murder and persecution of Ahmedis, Shia, exmuslims, gays and other ‘heretics’ and yet they’re up in arms against someone, regardless of her level of piety and length of clothes, has never indulged in sectarianism, homophobia, and general bigotry. I’d rather take 100 Veena Maliks rather than hypocritical and violent maulvis.Recommend

  • Devils Advocate

    Although I don’t agree with the commercial aspect of the show, but in a way Veena is right, Pakistanis need to do ‘astagfaar’ for calling her so many things. It is her freedom of choice whatever she wants to do and it is perhaps right that Pakistanis in fact have sinned against her. She will make us do ‘astagfaar’ for the sins we have committed against her in our daily lives, calling her names, talking behind her back in our lounge talks, distributing her videos, horrendous. She is free to do whatever she likes. She isn’t the most sophisticated, but hats off to her gutts.Recommend

  • Farooq

    “Persons right”, this phrase is normally misused or used for ones benefit. Is there any limit to right or every person on this earth has complete freedom for whatever he does. For example if someobody’s daughter comes up and says I want to be a pornstar, what will one say. Yeah you can, you have freedom. or one should tell him there are limits for freedom. Evolution of society does not mean destroying the original social norms or cultures and adopting an foreign culture. We beleive that every right, every freedom has limits and we as Muslims are not completely free, we have to abide by the scriptures. Recommend

  • GhostRider

    She can ask forgiveness for herself…who gave her the right to seek repentence of our sins? I just cant digest the dialogue…”apne or aap k gunahoon ka astagfar karungi”…

    and please donot mix religion with your liberal ideals… Recommend

  • alina

    All the comments of girls commenting on freedom to wear whatever you want or about men’s mindset is not the point of this blog. This blog is just objecting veena malik’s appearance during the ramzan show and is totally irrelevant to what you girls are disscussing. Ramzan show is about sharing islamic knowledge and apologizing for your mistakes in life. Do you guys actually think veena malik is honest here? This is hypocrisy. Next month im pretty sure i’ll see her back to her normal self.
    I myself love veena maliks courage, confidence and her acting but seriously she just can’t appear on a ramzan show. Recommend

  • http://www.bukisa.com/join/140098 [email protected]

    Why do I feel there is a tinge of hypocrisy in the author’s post and the following comments?Recommend

  • Asad

    All the commenter here trying to portray Veena as a symbol of freedom and women’s right and a fighter against men’s misogyny, don’t you have better symbol to look up to? perhaps a not so trashy one? Why not sharmeen obaid, asma jehangir, late benazir?Recommend

  • SA

    “If Veena really was that bold and unapologetic in her encounter with fellow Pakistanis, then my question is– what is the point in coming on a show that is solely meant for repentance and seeking pardon?”

    Are you kidding?!?! Logic (or lack thereof) like this is the biggest problem that results from a lack of critical or independent thinking that our education system teaches sadly or the brainwashing that happens at home regardless of where we got our education. What is the sentence quoted above supposed to mean? That because she was unapologetic to the Pakistani nation who apparently “sat infront of their TVs, glued to their seats” (which, I mean, speak for yourself, I have never cared that deeply or had the time or energy to follow what Veena Malik does in country or abroad), that she shouldn’t have anything to do with a show apparently dedicated to “repetence and seeking pardon”? Let me walk you through some of the major flaws in your thinking as reflected through the article and summed, in my opinion, in the sentence that you wrote and I quoted above.

    1) Because someone doesn’t apologise to the “whole” nation, they should not talk about or be on a show about forgiveness from God?

    2) While we are on the subject, she owed the country no apology, neither was she *summoned’ by any authority to explain anything, nor shoukld she have been. She, like other idiots, is free to do whatever she wants, just as, for example, you are free to write the nonsense you wrote above in a rather self-righteous and hilariously indignant manner.

    3) She does not speak for the country, her actions do not represent me, most people with a functioning brain know that one person could not possibly be representing a nation of nearly 200 million people, and that is one of the many reasons I do not feel offended or threatened or embarrassed by what she does in country or abroad. Just as I do not feel embarrassed by the thought of other english speakers internationally reading the idiotic article above.

    4) Whatever she does, however morally or religiously wrong it may appear to your self-righteous brain or however wrong it may actually be, your God is quite specific in telling you that judging people’s actions is none of your business, that you should go ahead and leave that for Him to do, which by extension means that it is also not your miserable place to be indignant about other people repenting in public or in private. And yeah, hold on, none of your wretched business to figure out their intentions either.

    5) You wear a hijab and have not posed naked in a magasine and therefore you have more of a right to speak fo repentance in a public forum such as a newspaper or a website? nope, not true. If she shouldn’t be talking about repentence or opining on religion or religious matters or speaking for the rest of us, neither should you by your own logic and because who knows who is a better person more worthy of repentence, only God does. (For the record, in my opinion, like I said above, both you and Venna Malik should have the right to be idiots in anyway you wish including putting embarrasingly physical or thought aspects oute there in the public world).

    And finally, 5) You should feel free to not watch her show or any other show hosted by any other idiot (which very helpful by the way that you added that at the end, the general money minting issue, was that because you realised by the end of your brain dump that you were in fact sounding a little too hysterical about Veena and should instead make a larger point apparently? I would have gone and edited my article or burnt it really but hey, we are all different). I usually don’t watch these fools on TV and trust me, it helps greatly reduce your care factor for whatever is it that they are doing on air while your TV is nice and turned off or tuned to, say, national geographic for example.

    Good luck and Ramzan mubarak, may we all have a blessed month!Recommend

  • a moderate muslim

    Linking personal choices/liberal living to hosting a Ramadan show is plain stupid.

    Ramazan is a holy month for Muslims. Muslims are ordered by their religion to cover themselves up and Veena has done no where near that. If a person maintains even a little sense of decency – appearing in an item song where everyone’s eyes are glued to your privates is certainly not a good idea!

    Lastly, no one is asking Veena not to do what she is doing. It’s her life, she can do whatever she likes. but asking her to host a show that is purely antagonist to whatever SHE believes in is like asking a non-Muslim to host an Islamic show – pointless and stupid.

    It’s just another publicity stunt on her part as well as hero TV’s. It just intrigues the general public to see what antics she will come up with this time, so even if you criticize the show you’ve given them what they wanted: views.

    we’re just an immoral society.Recommend

  • Yousuf

    Interestingly…look at the length of comments and efforts all readers have put in this blog for Veena Malik… look at our priorities in life. We all are naive and escape from truth …. and the truth is that we cant see ourselves in mirror and people like Veena is reflection of our thoughts and topic of discussion. Recommend

  • http://India Feroz

    I like bold women like Veena who are self confident and not interested in being mere door mats. She must continue to do what she wants and not what others expect of her. She is a true champion in the unequal fight for gender equality.
    Hip Hip Hurray !Recommend

  • Sindhu

    Great job,SA. Pats on the back
    Sidrah Moiz,are you trying to tell us that Veena is a hypocrite,but all those bearded Mullahs and Amir Liaquat types are such pious,innocent Muslims that only they have the right to host Ramazan shows?Honestly,the whole thing about this Ramazan special dramas/programs is hypocritical,when suddenly all male hosts start wearing shalwar kamiz and women-you know nek parveens like you,not Veena Malik types-start donning dupattas on their heads.I know scores of Hijabis who wear Hijab/Burqa daily but come any function/parties,they are dressed in the most chamkeele dresses and heavy make-up.Hypocritical?Not at all.
    If you decide who’s a good Muslim and who’s not on the basis of their appearances,then you should pardon me for calling you a hypocrite for wearing make-up,as is visible from your photo,while wearing a Hijab.Lastly,I really hope your next blog is a sensible one,else you’ll be doing a ha-trick in writing idiotic,senseless blogs.Recommend

  • SA

    Extremely funny how people tend to say “she is free to do what she wants BUT…”. Use your brain power everyone, free to do whatever she wants really means what.ever.she.wants including hosting a damned show, there is not BUT to it. You are also free not to watch it. Just for the sake of human intelligence, please realise that when people are allowed to do what they want, some of it may be public, some of it may be private, either way it’s fine!

    Also it’s not about “liberal living”, it is just about living. Whether that living is liberal or conservative or somewhere in between is a choice that everyone makes, please live the way you want, vote accordingly, socialise accordingly and choose TV shows to watch accordingly. Just don’t try to make all other types of living disappear. I repeat, accepting differences in views does not mean you are liberal, it means you have a functioning, intelligent brain that respects the differences and respects that their are other points of view and ways of living whether they are liberal or conservative.

    Absolute agreement on people writing articles all fired about Veena’s show (and then trying to make a larger point as if it was about all idiotic shows in general, unless you write an article everytime an idiot hosts a useless show, in which case I stand corrected, your self-righteousness knows no bounds.

    I appreciate all the effort people have put not into this “blog for Veena malik” but on an article that is symptomatic of much deeper issues in our society. Recommend

  • Confused

    “Money, it’s a hit, don’t give me that do goody good bull-”
    Please, write more about her Ramadan show, be outraged, and review it when it comes out. She and Hero TV need more attention and viewership in the month of purity of course.Recommend

  • Haris Javed


    for all those who feel it was just a cheap stunt to raise eyeballs for HERO aka ZERO TV.. .
    kindly provide feedback to put some noise in ears of regulators!!!!!!Recommend

  • shah khalid

    Allah ki janib se Maafi ke darwazay har waqt khule hain to hum kon hote hain is darwazay ko band karne wale, might this time she get something out of this religious program.

    Hope for the best and let her give a chance.Recommend

  • Q

    She will be delivering good words about vice and virtue on the TV but people will be thinking of her ISI tattooed photos. So its gonna be great mix of Ramzan and Veena in our minds. And at that time, you would think it appropriate to switch the channel or TV off. Recommend

  • Raman

    @Author..BDW As an Indian I neither feel good the way she behaves on screen nor I feel bad for it. She is an actress and does whatever is assigned to her and takes money. JSuch a distasteful article.. Yeh kya baat hui dear Author !!!Recommend

  • http://na deep

    Seriously – I hope veena remains safe – the world without her would be so dull – like the preachers above who are offended by this – to all of them I say – watch aamir liaqat – with his benign smile he can declare that people are deserving of death – a much safer show to watch than a lady who is using religion (dare I say, as it should be) to increase her income. Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @Farooq- Your very definition of freedom is flawed.The condition of being free of all restraints is freedom.There are no conditions/limits and ifs and buts as far as freedom is concerned.
    Please feel free to switch off your television sets when her show is aired;there’s no compulsion for you to watch it, is there?
    If your ‘original social norms and culture ‘ advice you to control your women and moniter them so closely as to condemn a lady for wearing a skirt that was 2 inches too short or her neckline was 2 inches deeper than what your pious self deems acceptable,then maybe it is time to shun these ‘original social norms and culture’ altogether! This is because these ‘original norms’go against and are not in accordance with the concept of freedom acceptable to a free,modern and progressive society.
    I also see no problem in accepting ideas that originated in a different land if they are more in tune with life as is being lived or should be lived in the 21st century!Recommend


    Some airhead readers make illogical comments on this religious issue here, while they are not even Muslims. Why don’t they go and comment on their own Hindustan Times about the untouchables and women molestation in public and things?Recommend

  • afranhamid

    Finally i found a useful article on Express Tribune that does makes Sense! Great Work!Recommend

  • Aslam khan

    She will remain away for one month and then will be back to her old profession.Recommend

  • vow

    @Arif Khan:
    what would you do if your sister is seen wearing same skimpy clothes…would you put similar comments….????
    for god sake…..liberalism has some limits….!!!!!Recommend

  • Dan the man

    Aw my brother farooq did Veena Malik hurt you a little, that her being on tv and preaching (sort of) her view on her religion isn’t tolerable for you? Did you get your feelings hurt that you only want to see on tv what you approve of? Well, I don’t like seeing people like Zaid Hamid, etc. on tv and everything they preach and instigate and I don’t think they follow Islam like it should be, and to me it is not tolerable, does that mean their shows must be cancelled? NO absolutely not. Freedom of press means, you can get offended and if you don’t like it don’t watch it or read about it. Most religious extremist and maulwis don’t get that, that whenever someone hurts your feelings, you can’t just ban them or worse try to take their lives. We as a society and especially the strict islamisist need to grow up and learn to take criticism, if your Islam is so weak that it can’t sustain a little challenge and criticism without having the need to silence such criticism, then maybe you should reevaluate how much you really believe Islam.Recommend

  • Critical

    To all those who are commenting against the show.I have just one point to make
    “You have the remote in your hand,Just change the freaking channel”

    Noone ordered u to watch this channel,change to someother channel.I neither endorse Veena nor oppose her.But if I feel that I dont like the show,I will change it.
    Next you will complain that HBO,Star movies shouldnt telecast ‘A’ certificate movies during ramzan monthRecommend

  • Beowulf

    Stop trying to defend this attention deficit narcissistic woman. I really didn’t care what she has done before this Ramazan special. It’s her life and prerogative to pose nude and become Bollywoods item girl. she enjoyed the controversy. But now, this ridiculous woman has targeted our religion for her own saddistic need for attention and controversy again. she NEEDS to remain on top of the news every month, its like cocaine to her. This is all preplanned and if you think she’s genuinely guilty about her way of life then you’re a fool. Shes sitting back stage and laughing. Recommend

  • some sense

    I agree with @SR
    I wonder whether it was Veena who suggested the idea of this show or the ratings hungry Express group cajoled her to do it? All because of the ratings…
    so who is more to blame in such a case? Veena or Express group?
    Express is hungry for controversy that gets higher ratings, more clicks and more money.
    So “Express group, ye kya baat hui?”
    @Sidrah…although many people may have had similar feelings as you, our religion also teaches us not to issue fatwas on such people – yes we all were shocked and inwardly we would not have wanted such a person to host such a show, but the question is: is Veena really doing this out of sincerity for the sacred month of Ramazan or is she being used by Hero TV and Express Group to create controversy and greater ratings and in turn being motivated by money? I am not judging Veena…but I can see that no one benefits from this more than Express group…
    Sadly, Veena is being used by Express and so are you Sidrah…the owners don’t agree with ur views but they love the fact that someone could write such a fiercely passionate piece denouncing Veena for her actions and create more controversy to get more clicks. They want extremes on both sides and they are willing to use anyone who can provide that.
    Sadly, it is all commercialism and all of us become pawns in the process.
    I would be surprised if this is published.Recommend

  • Big Rizvi

    Atleast she has not killed hundreds/thousands of people and is then seeking forgiveness for her sins like the Islamic people of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Shadytr33

    A woman doesn’t need to take off her clothes and make soft porn flicks to gain recognition. She can gain recognition by GAINING EDUCATION and being a productive member of the society.
    On the other side people like Veena malik show that making soft porn flicks and taking off clothes is the only way women can gain respect. If this was the case then the prostitutes would have the most respect in the world.

    Note: Veena Malik did propagate homosexuality.Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    Call her whatever names you like, but the fact is that she is HOT.Recommend

  • A.S

    Just keep publicizing about Veena ..This is exactly what media wants.And sadly, we r pretty much up to their mark. Recommend

  • http://www.shafiqpenworks.blogspot.com Shafiq

    I dont get It!
    What do we “So called Muslims” {as we dont practice Islam (the Real One)} want from One another? Religion? and Ourselves?

    Are we clear? is Any one here clear?

    1 – Veena Can not appear on TV in the month of Ramazan for “Tauba Tilla” – But she can Walk backless and strapless in a Maxim’s Shoot. We have problems in both!
    2 – She cant commit tauba – or we are not willing to accept her Tauba? Its between Allah and Veena! isnts it? Who are we to judge?
    3 – Arent most of US acting and commenting like “MAYA KHAN”? When she raided on Couples doing nasty things in the parks, but 80% of the nation ran after her with unlimited Fatwas?
    4 – Dont we know its all about TRP, Revenue and Audience oriented? be it Aamir Liaquat, Saahir, Maya Khan’s come back or XYZ?
    5 – again? Why are we so Confused? Frustrated? and full of unbearable Anger?

    Are we still PBCM = Pakistan Born Confused Muslims?

    Some one wrote something like “Disrespect of Ramzan” if Vina will present the Show! Does he/she think to be a “Sane Muslim” or “Sane Being”?

    May God Make This Nation “MATURE / OBSERVANT” rather than confused and frustrated MUZLIM.Recommend

  • Assad

    Dear all

    I think TV itself is bad, we should avoid watching it. There are lots of other ways for learning teachings of Islam. We should spend time in reciting Quran and offering Salat. For me it doesnt matter who hosts any sort of program and I request all my Muslim brothers and sisters to ignore such personalities and do not heart your feelings or emotions.

    God bless all Muslims………


  • Shahed Ashraf

    Being a muslim living broad, i can totally see why Pakistan and muslims are perceived as backward and uneducated. Using religion to promote backwards views. People against Veena are probably the same ones who believe in honour killings, throwing acid in women’s faces and in non education of females. If you don’t like her fine, if she is evil she will burn in hell. Who are you to judge ?Recommend

  • SoCalledLiberalFascist


    So just because Veena wore skimpy clothes and danced with men, means she can’t do a religious programme? Who knows, maybe she truly is repentant now, or maybe she’s hosting this show out of respect for the holy month? Who are you to decide what her niyat is? Quit playing God, nauzubillah, for His very own sake! Recommend

  • awaam

    Commercial Ramadan. Way to go pakis. What next? Namaz with Veena or maybe azan by Veena? If Veena can preach me religion, everyone can. I will go to Taliban for Islamic lessons. Don’t you dare stop me.Recommend

  • awaam

    All you veena fan base, make sure you watch her show and her movies in Ramadan to support her. Can you do that? I will. Join me please.Recommend

  • awaam

    Big rizvi. She didn’t kill because she did not get a chance. And Muslims aren’t the only savages.we have heroshima and Nagasaki fame amreeeeka. How come people like u ignore them?Recommend

  • http://tribune.com.pk p r sharma

    the conclusion is that You have the right to put forward your views and Veen Malik too has the similar right . it has to be tolerated grudgingly or otherwise. But one thing is sure it the money game and money power is the biggest power and every body wants to grab it. Hard reality in the society. Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    Veena Malik is great man !!!! She jumps from one controversy to another with such ease. I request the ppp government to make her the third pm after the court kicks respected pm raja sahab out. I am sure she would make the best pm , Pakistan has had till now. The glamour quotient would be huge. Recommend

  • Adil

    It’s really not true that Veena Malik has done anything to improve Pakistan’s image. Kindly go and check comments on YouTube and Times of India and see how many Indians abuse our mothers and sisters,calling our women cheap prostitute and so on.They all glorify Veena in order to mock us and our society.Yes, there are other Indian names too such as Rakhi Sawant,Sunne Leone and Poonam Pandey but NO ONE attacks their religion,caste,race or nation….Veena Malik and fatwas issued against her are being singled out used by many elements who love to spread Islamophobia despite the fact that no actress in Pakistan’s history has ever been killed by a religious lunatic.
    I agree that Amir Liaquat Hussain and Maya Khan did things which could endanger many people’s lives,Amir already has accusations put against him by Amnesty International;but does it mean that we start abusing every man with a beard and every lady with a Hijab?What about women like Asma Jehangir,Fatima Bhutto,Fatima Jinnah and many other Pakistani women who made their mark in the field of humanitarian work,politics,science,law etc……?Do they all have/had to pose nude?
    For Veena,I would say that if she wants to do Astaghfar then go ahead,it’s a matter between her and her Lord,and neither me,Junaid Jamshed,Amir Liaquat,Tariq Jameel nor ANYONE else has got any right to comment over relationship between an individual and Allah SWT. Nobody should start acting like a ‘Thekedar’. Recommend

  • Ali

    I don’t agree with Veena hosting a show. And I also don’t agree to you trying to be the moral advocate here. You don’t know who will end up in heaven or hell.Recommend

  • T

    @Arif Khan:
    may God give you more knowledge, so you may have better understanding of everything that happens and exists here and After. Aameen. Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    For every Veena there would be a million self-righteous hypocrites who think they are better.Recommend

  • Farooq


    Ok. Tell me two things. Is Satti, the religious thing where you burn the wife if her husband dies, Human. You might say it is not human and it has subsided and clsose to be abolished. 2. Why you Burn a corpse. It is the most inhuman thing, not practiced in any part of the world, in any religion. Does it seem logical, human to you? If not then why you will do it to your father, mother, sisters and then ultimately yourself. Plz understand my question, I am not trying to say nything about your religious belief, I am only using this as an argument. My Question: Why will you do it, why will you burn everybody you love? I think because of religion! what would you sayRecommend

  • Human

    I seriously don’t understand the psychie of the people. At one end they blame people for their erroneous act while on the other they find it appealing. I am not a supporter of what meera or veena or any actresses does as i think it is against the norms set by our society but at the same time i bleive it is their personal discretion of what or how or where they wwant to do, and as the writer has pointed out it is between the God and the person who are we to criticise or blame or pose allegations on anyone. Let God deal with His people
    If you or anyone else has a problem or an issue with what these people are doing STOP watching them period!
    Hope this will knock some sense in you guys and you’ll stop earning ghuna by interdering between God and His people’s issues! And instead worry about own selves:)Recommend

  • Nandita.


    I think you dont have any sensible arguments to put forth.

    Nevertheless,I shall answer your questions. 1. The practice of Sati has been abolished. If I were asked to jump into any fire,trust me I wouldn’t do it! So you see, hindus have no issues with discarding inhuman,meaningless practices.
    2. No, I do not have a problem in corpses being cremated after death. I wouldn’t want to be buried-the very thought scares me.

    Most hindus live life on their terms;we’re religious and spiritual etc but not fanatical.If there are practices we don’t believe in,we discard them.
    For eg, Traditionally, brahmins were the ones who never ate meat.But today, a lot of brahmins eat meat. And they don’t just limit themselves to chicken or egg and fish but eat beef too ( cows are considered sacred)

    So,lets get back to our original discussion.Can you give me a L.O.G.I.C.A.L reason as to why women like veena are ridiculed just because they chose to live life on their terms? Recommend

  • Khan

    wooaaaahhh- Veena you have engaged us all…you sure have gutts! :) Recommend

  • Qasim

    For all those wannabe liberal people who think Veena has done nothing wrong and whatever she did previously is something very personal, I would like to ask them just one thing:


  • Khan

    Nandita….. you have made the whole thing a joke…I don’t have any issues with Veena and her bold moves…whetever she does is for herself….but this whole thing that you would not like to be buried as it scares you and putting you on fire won’t hurt you… :D like seriously…who is going to buy this…you are talking as you will be alive for experiencing all the things…..for your god’s sake…fight for Veena….but not for stupidity …don’t bring in your logical explanations for our religion! !!! Recommend

  • http://doomedlionsinstarlight.wordpress.com Doomed Lions

    @Maria zafar: Which modern times? Which dark ages? As far as I know, morality is not bound to any specific time periods. It keeps on evolving as your comment is one example of (I am sure when you were 15 years old, your morals were quite different from the feminist diarrhea you have released). Everything is and should be allowed. If someone wants to judge you by your clothes, so be it. If someone wants to judge you by your manners, so be it. Recommend

  • Nandita.


    I said I would not like to be buried because I dread to think about what happens to the bodies in the graves, they get eaten by ants/insects maybe ? I don’t know. I’d much rather get cremated. That is what I meant. Recommend

  • Raheel

    Awesomely written. Kudos to Sidrah :)Recommend

  • khalid

    i am really surprised to see the tears on veena malik face. If she really feel that she has done something wrong she must go to saudia or try to be sit at home and pray. This is only for to get the sympathy of the public and I am sure she will do the same things after Ramadan. TV channels should respect and take care these conspiracies.Recommend

  • Hameed H. Zuberi

    Dear All,

    Remember and beware of the very fact that our Ulema-e-Karam guide us: “Hate the Sin But Not the Sinner” !!

    Dis-respecting a sinner indirectly shows a proud inside one’s heart of being too pious and this is a “Takabbur”.

    Listen any sinner (except Mushrik) can ask Toba and become a Wali-ullah at any time in his or her life but hating, disrespecting and making fu of a sinner will certainly destroy your Aamal and your Aakhirat.

    So let’s pray may this prgram bring a real change to Veena’s life and May Allah give me and all of us Hadayat … after all we all are Nabi (saw) ki Ummat who really sacrificed a lot for His ummat.Recommend

  • manish


    Ok. Tell me two things. Is Satti, the religious thing where you burn the wife if her husband dies, Human. You might say it is not human and it has subsided and clsose to be abolished. 2. Why you Burn a corpse. It is the most inhuman thing, not practiced in any part of the world, in any religion.

    so, narrow minded, always thinking of the world in abhramanic terms……well, HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, JAINISM, AND SIKHISM do cremate their dead.

    also in dharmic faiths, fire is considered sacred, so with cremation, it is believed to rid you of your sins…..


    next time you make such ill-informed comments please do take a little bit of pain in researching other faiths….

    Also your, deeper than ocean and higher than mountain friend, china, leads the world in cremation terms….

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Listofcountriesbycremation_rate Recommend

  • Faraz

    @Nandita.: (Put aside this blog) Do you have a pattern of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ in your life? Or you always do what you want? Surely, there will be one. In fact, man would have to craft such pattern even in the absence of any divine pattern. It’s basic human need (biological, psychological, emotional and social) to have such a pattern.
    This pattern of dos and don’ts is what is religion. If you trust your creator has chosen and given you the right pattern, you would follow that. If you don’t, you will be in the process of making this pattern yourself the whole of your life and you will have nothing in the end.
    Also, in classical sense, stoping someone ridiculing someone isn’t against the freedom of the one who is ridiculing?
    Think again..Recommend

  • pointofview

    I am not a big fan of Veena Malik but having said that one needs to understand the we all will eventually die and will lie in their own graves. We will solely be answerable to our creator for the lives we chose to live. So please Pakistan, get off your high flying horse and live and let live.

    Whereas the author is concerned, have an ounce of decency. You may guffaw and detest all the Veena’s in the world but the fact remains that yourself might not be living the exemplary life as dictated by the book so please stop judging someone else’ character, morals and beliefs. By this blog you are also committing a sin by ill talking about another person.Recommend

  • stinkyloveserum

    whattayyyyy blaag! Recommend

  • Ali

    no one is forcing anyone to embrace veena malik’s ramzan show!
    if you dont want veena malik to repent for your sins, that you should no that she isnt repenting for your sins in the first place. she doesnt even know you exist, and she doesnt need to.

    just hosting a show doesnt make her a mufti or aalim that you start taking her so seriously.Recommend

  • yousaf

    Islam is a universal religion.What if a jungle tribe from Malaya’s or Indonesia’s or any other (of the Island arcs’) convert to Islam.People there wear no clothes at all.What if some Veena there decides to host some Islamic ritual.What then?.I am confused Pl.guide meRecommend

  • Ink

    If the difference between ACTUALLY strong and confident women and a door mat is whether they rip their clothes off and pose nude while calling them selves a national of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, then the world has reached a very sad era indeed. She would be worthy of all the praise you hand her if she we educated, respectable or was worth two cents of someones time. It isnt very hard to take your clothes off for money, its just people with respect/izzat, who dont.

    And yes, what a courageous and brave woman for doing ridiculous things as such, then having the nerve to start a Ramazan istaghfar program (I’ll give her that.). Why doesn’t she just focus on forgiveness for her own sins, she doesn’t need to worry about us. Lord knows, she should have enough of her own to worry about.Recommend

  • HM

    Irony author. So she’s going to come on Hero Tv. Honestly, I’d never even heard of this channel or program until someone forwarded a youtube link and now i see that the most-read-blog is about veena malik and ramadan.
    Are you so naive that you cannot notice the pattern? Somebody does something outrageous and unislamic and muslims are the one to market/peddle/sell/preach the story. I know you just had a good time putting the dirty laundry on display and earning cheap publicity as a writer, but do realize that you’re only defaming Islam by associating it with Veena Malik.Recommend

  • nAmeLeSS

    I’m surprised that most of the comments are actually defending her. I guess you just dont want to admit it or what. I’m no religious guy but even I know that her hosting the ramadan show is just absurd. Islam is a religion which doesn’t promote ANYTHING that she has done. So now she comes and hosts this show and you’re fine with it? I thought I was the one who deviated too much from Islam. There is a line between being completely religious and completely deviating from it. You guys just crossed it.Recommend

  • Talib

    @Farooq: I totally agreed with you, but you shouldn’t give example like this (burning bodies in fire)

    @Nandita: I totally respect your religion. I will not go to your religion because I do not know much about it. What I want to do is to concise my discussion on Freedom.

    Freedom has boundaries. Like consider this, I am a Pakistani & I am free, so can I enter any country without asking their permission (Visa etc). Can I just roam around India because I am free. Yes I am free, but there are boundaries to everything. Every religion has boundaries. Every religion forbids some actions. In Islam, there is boundaries which forbids to expose some parts of human body (both for man and woman). It is unfortunate that we apply this rule more to women than menRecommend

  • Faraz

    My request to all fellow muslims is “Please, Please for God’s sake, stay away from such TV shows, and pray to Allah, and ask him for forgiveness as much as you all can. Who knows, whether we will be here next Ramadan or not?”
    So please avail this month as much as you can.Recommend

  • Muhammad

    For what reason people are complaining against Veena Malik? Because she has hurt their feelings? LOL…………..Go get a life and start watching Aamir Liaqat then!!!!!!

    Veena rocks…she is cool, confident, bold and she has more balls than the porn watching Pakistani men combined. Go Veena…I will watch your show every time it appears.Recommend

  • The Truth

    People have started to cash Islam for their earnings… Seems to be the end of times.. Allah may help us All..Recommend

  • Farooq

    Her show has been Banned by PEMRA, so be happyRecommend

  • Dia

    @Arif Khan: Its not about the her length of cloth being criticised; for me, its her scenese in really show with Hashmit be criticised and really shameful. In reality show, this is not a right justification that it was the demand of the scene. It is what she did to show the foreign media that how ‘sexy’ she looks in these scenes so that she could get offers for films or items songs etc. She got what she wanted.Recommend