PTF’s lax attitude is Aisam’s Olympic loss

Published: July 23, 2012

PTF is stuck with having to explain themselves, and issuing a statement saying they’ll lodge a protest with the ITF regarding Aisam being passed over. DESIGN: EMA ANIS/ERUM SHAIKH

“It’s great Pakistani sprinters and swimmers are going to the Olympics. I wish Aisam could have made it too,” a friend had lamented about Aisamul Haq Qureshi’s miss on the tennis wild card entry.

It’s true; while sprinters, swimmers, shooters and our glory-faded hockey team still get a chance to perform at the Olympics, for Aisam, probably the most successful Pakistani athlete in individual sport this year, maybe the saying “hard work always pays” doesn’t hold true.

I’ve spoken to Aisam regularly regarding different tournaments in his quest to book a place in London. Having seen firsthand the effort he put in, to make it to the prestigious top 10 Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) doubles rankings, I can say I was one of the people who was most disappointed when I got to know that both Aisam’s current partner Jean-Julian Rojer and former Indian partner Rohan Bopanna made it to the Olympics on wild cards, but Pakistan’s own tennis star didn’t.

He was up for it since December, when he told me that after playing the London Masters as the world’s fifth best team along with Bopanna, his aim was to become the first Pakistani to play at the Olympics tennis event.

It was Pakistan’s only chance. Aisam is running out of time because he’s likely to lose his form in a year or two, and there’s no Pakistani player to replace him in the international circuit. Since Bopanna parted ways with him in January, Aisam teamed up with Rojer – but his rankings slumped due to a string of defeats.

“I just wish now that the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) could play a crucial role for me. I have done everything I could,”

Aisam told me the last time I spoke to him about the wild card entry.

I never had the nerve to call him back after this, because the decision that came from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) was a painful one.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Olympics Association couldn’t really help Aisam either, because tennis is run by a separate body internationally and the Olympic association cannot influence their decision. PTF, on the other hand, turned out to be too slow with pursuing ITF.

Now, PTF is stuck with having to explain themselves, and issuing a statement saying they’ll lodge a protest with the ITF regarding Aisam being passed over.

It is a perfect example of how incompetent federations can bring hard working athletes down.

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Natasha Raheel

A Karachi-based sports reporter for The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • salim

    misleading article…….wild card in doubles are given on combined rankings………..pakistan doesnot have any one to partner him…………….Recommend

  • Faraz

    Very true especially the last line “mpetent federations can bring hard working athletes down.”Recommend

  • siddra

    Olympics is an event which should be played in the light of honesty and discipline there is no doubt on having an athlete who is deserving and capable of dealing with the crisis situation. i still remember 2008 Beijing Olympics it was great.Recommend

  • Sane

    Aisam ul haq is now Model and ‘Showher’ (Husband). No more tennis player. Let’s find someone else.Recommend

  • Ali

    FAIL. How could he play the Olympics when he’s only eligible for doubles and there’s no one from Pakistan to partner him?Recommend

  • Imran K

    Dear @Salim : are you sure about your combined rankings comment?
    because i thought the qualified individual gets to chose a partner ……Recommend

  • nasir

    @salim and Ali
    if an individual qualifies for the olympics doubles he does get to choose his partner for the event. if you guys had been following the pakistan tennis scene closely, you would’ve known that aisam had earmarked aqeel khan as his potential partner if he did qualify for the olympics. the partner — even if he isn’t eligible for an olympics spot on his own — only needs to have enough ITF ranking points to partner the qualified individual in the olympics, and aqeel khan had just about gathered enough points to have partnered aisam.
    aisam did lose quite a bit initially when he first started partnering jeal-julien roger, but i thought he had done well more recently, winning the estoril open and the gerry weber open. the ptf clearly didnt push his case hard enough with the ITF, which is extremely disappointing Recommend

  • aereopagitica

    well, for Imran and Salim, the eligibility for wild card in doubles for a country is to have one players in top ten rankings and his partner from the same country must have at least one point. for better understanding, read the rules about it on the ITF web.Recommend

  • Sabahat Naseem

    poor soul. :(Recommend

  • Ash

    You are wrong – read the [email protected]: Recommend

  • Ehsen

    Isn’t that, what is expected of any federation; whose name starts with ‘P’?Recommend