Amir Khan: He came, he fought, he lost

Published: April 16, 2012

Credit to Khan for getting back up and trying to fight, but Garcia is excellent at counter-punching and Khan did not recover. PHOTO: REUTERS

There was a lot of hype before the fight, and rightly so too, considering all that was riding on it. Two titles were on the line: the World Boxing Council (WBC) light welterweight title held by Danny ‘swift’ Garcia and the World Boxing Association (WBA) light welterweight throne that was restored to Amir ‘king’ Khan just last week.

Khan got the title back because the WBA overturned the loss to Lamont Peterson in December. Peterson had defeated him in controversial fashion and Khan had subsequently expressed his feelings about being cheated. Later Peterson was found guilty of using banned substances, which resulted in the WBA reverting the loss. However, officially, it will still be a loss on Khan’s record. Why this is so,is beyond me, but those decisions are made by the International Boxing Federation, and they decided not to follow the footsteps of the WBA in overturning the result.

In addition to the pressures of the titles and the fact that Khan had lost his previous bout, at the main pre-fight press conference there was a lot of trash talk, mainly between Khan and Danny’s father and trainer Angel Garcia. The father is known for being eccentric, and he did not disappoint this time either. He even made unsavoury comments about Khan’s Pakistani heritage ─ Khan was born in Britain, but both his parents were born in Pakistan.

“I promise you – I’ve never said this at a press conference – I will knock Danny Garcia out and win the title,” said infuriated Khan.

“That will shut his dad up. I cannot wait until after the fight, when I’ve knocked his son out and I’m standing here with the titles. It’s funny when he said he’s never seen a Pakistani fight. He’s going to see a Pakistani fight, and knock his son out. I can’t wait to get in there.”

Come July 14, both of them would have been pumped, regardless of whatever had been said and done in the build up to the fight. However, judging by the body language, Khan looked slightly more confident than Garcia and was the favourite, despite the Latino never having lost in his 23 previous fights. It was a fight that Khan had in his grasp from the start, winning the first two and a half rounds; his hand speed and combination punching made him seem a class apart from his American-born opponent.

Garcia, however, kept his cool and kept coming forward behind a tight defense. You could see that his punches were powerful and dangerous, but just didn’t find the target. And when Khan presented him with a chance, he took it with both hands (pun intended), landing a devastating left hook on Khan’s jaw. It might have been a blind shot, but Garcia knew any contact and Khan would be reeling. Although the bout officially lasted another round, it was effectively over as a contest right then and Khan never really recovered from that explosive blow.

Garcia is known for that left counter hook of his – the same one he used against Erik Morales. So credit to Khan for getting back up and trying to fight, but Garcia is excellent at counter-punching and Khan did not recover.

This loss – I refrain from calling it an annihilation due to my sympathies for Khan being one of ‘us’ –  coupled with his Lamont Peterson loss in December has set Khan back a long way. Before the fight, he was talking about moving up to the welterweight category and taking on Floyd Mayweather, but whereas previously it was a question of when he would make the jump now it is if he will.

Two losses in a row – with one of them a fourth round technical knockout – is not what you expect to see from the best. I sincerely hope that Amir Khan does recover from this setback but he will need to go back to Bolton, England and work really hard to get back up there to be able to challenge the best.

The victorious Garcia, on the other hand, has firmly established himself as one of the best in his weight division. He has extended his phenomenal unbeaten record to 24 wins and can now look forward to fighting with the best out there.

Exciting times lie ahead. Can Garcia go on and establish himself as one of the greats?

Will Khan be able to comeback better and stronger?

Only time will tell.

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Kabeer Dawani

An undergraduate at LUMS who is interning at The Express Tribune. Kabeer Tweets as @dkab91

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Lazarus

    He didn’t lost he got knocked hard twice, He don’t have got big chin like Garcia or Haye so whenever he gets jabbed on the chin he is down and out and the result comes out he loses control over his legs and gets k.o’d Recommend

  • Awans

    Well a long way to go but he has lost his charm among boxing fans. His defense in this match was pathetic. Let us see what is in store for us. I hope someone else from our community could take his position after a while as right now Aamir Khan is out and for a longer time. Also I think he was the bit cocky before the fight and that is not good at all. Recommend

  • http://Turkey Zalmai

    Its funny how the writer labels Danny Garcia as a Latino and American born. News flash to ET, Puerto Ricans are as American as apple pie even though Puerto Rico is not a state within the union it is a territory of the United States of America.

    Amir Khan maybe a skilled boxer but he has a weak chin and as such, he cannot mix it up with sluggers and expect to come out on top. Recommend

  • Awans

    @Zalmai: Actually after the fight Danny said in almost every Interview that he is A Latino so i think he was referring to that. If Danny is saying he is Latino then we cannot brand him a Pure American then. Recommend

  • Lavela

    I completely disagree with you Zalmai where you mention Amir has a weak chin,Garcia landed a classical knockout blind shot that would have sent ANY boxer straight to the canvas with a concussion.Amir fought the wrong kind of fight and suffered a humiliating defeat.I honestly thought his arrogance got in the way and that he underestimated his opponent and probably didnt plan what he would do if things didnt go his way….because of his arrogance.Recommend

  • Muneeb

    ^ Danny Garcia labels himself a Latino! Watch the press conference!Recommend

  • KillaCam

    Puerto Ricans dont say they’re Americans first, they say they’re Puerto Rican. Amir Khan has a weak chin? Really? thats why he got hit with maidanas best shot and didnt fall down. he got his in the back of the neck in this fight, thats why he fell down, that punch would rattle anyones nervous system. Danny Garcia has proved very little. Anyone he fights next is going to take those belts.Recommend

  • Viky ochani

    I was shocked khan talked so much trash and got smoked ! His career is over like mike Tyson! But what an article kyaaaa Baat hai yaaar! Maast article hai yaaarRecommend

  • http://Turkey Zalmai


    Latino just means Spanish speaking citizen of the US. He is not claiming to be a Latino from a Latin country of South or Central America. Recommend

  • http://Turkey Zalmai

    People living in denial mode about all things related to Pakistan. Amir Khan cannot be considered a contender after this latest setback. He should take his compatriot’s advice and retire from boxing. Recommend

  • salman b

    frankly amir khan deserves no credit he fought against a guy who wasnt at his level ..Amir khan should have won the match..but his over confidence let him down.amir says he wants to fight floyd mayweather how can he even expect to compete against floyd mayweather who is a master in counter punching and has the best defense in boxing..if floyd was in the place of danny garcia he would have knocked out amir khan in the first round…
    i am a fan of amir khan but if he continues like this he is going no where Recommend

  • Common Sense

    He is American, because he was born there and represents the country. He is of Puerto Rican descent which means that his parents were from there. Basically Garcia is both Latino and American the same way Amir Khan is both British and Pakistani.Recommend

  • Pollack

    @Awans: There is no such thing as “pure American”. Being Latino and American is. Or mutually exclusive. American is. To an ethnicity whil Latino is.Recommend

  • usmanx

    And Viky jumps on Khan… because you know Indians have an illustrious history of boxers….Recommend

  • antony

    “I promise you – I’ve never said this at a press conference – I will knock Danny Garcia out and win the title,He’s going to see a Pakistani fight, and knock his son out. I can’t wait to get in there.”
    Truely spoken like a pakistani ! Just keep the image of hitting the floor twice before opening your mouth in the next press conference ! .Recommend

  • moeen Faruqi

    Excellent piece, well done. Recommend

  • M.Aswad Mehatb

    Hence Proved !! Over confidence kills…Recommend

  • Viky

    @usmanx: I live in America boss and i was born in pakistan! No need to get personal and bring in your hatred here.
    Khan will lose in his next fight also because his weakness has been exposed. He wobbles around when hes hit on the chin. Step up your game when you talk to me about boxing. Recommend

  • Wazim Abs

    A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits.Recommend

  • Mohammad Ali Gaad

    I was certainly amazed after listening at Geo tv that Khan lost against Danny gracia. It was a painfull news to all of his Fans but we still love him and hope that he will win next time. Recommend

  • usmanx

    anthony – he said that about knocking him out because the latinos made some very racist comments. Recommend

  • Viky ochani

    @usmanx: And it’s a fact khans career is done. Hispanics are great boxers. Pakistan hyped khan because we don’t ever produce good athletes! He will get beat in his next fight alsoRecommend

  • ishtiaq_uk

    English, Pakistani, Latino etc…who cares….there is no shame in losing to Garcia! Its not as if AK lost to someone unknown…..he lost to a another boxing champion. Credit to Garcia and lets hope AK can come back as a stronger fighter.Recommend

  • Ramish

    Guys, you win some and you lose some. Doesn’t not mean his careers is to its end.Recommend

  • usmanx

    maybe viky can teach amir khan some lesson on how to box…Recommend

  • usmanx

    Pakistan does not produce good athletes? Are you comparing our humble country to USA?

    Ever heard of the reverse swing, doosra, teesra?

    Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan are considered legends of the sport and have won several World Squash Championship and other tournaments. Pakistani players have won the Squash World Open 17 times, and British Open 12 times, the highest by any nation

    Aaqib Javed, Ramiz Raja, Shoaib Akhtar, Wasim Akram, Zaheer Abbas, Javed Miandad, Saeed Anwar, Muhammad Yousaf, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Waqar Younis, Shahid Afridi, Muhammad Brothers, and Imran Khan

    Notable players include World-Record holder Waseem Ahmad, Mohammed Saqlain, and Sohail AbbasRecommend

  • Raw is War

    he came , he fought he got conquered.Recommend

  • Nothing

    The writers are not the ones who labeled Garcia a latino, he labels himself as one, as do many Puerto Ricans regardless of being a territory of the US. Cheers!Recommend

  • Sane

    AMIR KHAN is just a bigmouth. After every lost fight he cries and says ‘ab ke aaa tou’.Recommend

  • Nono

    Big mouth. Hope that KO shuts him up.Recommend

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