Bollywood, please stop demonising Muslims

Published: August 21, 2012

Why do all the villains wear shalwar kameez and have Muslim names? PHOTO: SCREENSHOT

The relationship between Pakistan and India has always been a challenge because of the cultural and religious differences. 

However, both governments are trying to promote diplomacy and are trying to formulate resolutions regarding the Kashmir dispute. We must not disregard the ‘Aman ki Asha‘ initiative either, where decisions like releasing prisoners and making amends is being employed. What should be scrutinised and acknowledged is that the media has a great role amidst all of this.

This is especially so for films; film is a medium through which we can influence the general views of the public and tow it in the right direction. Regrettably, most Indian movies happen to depict Muslims and Pakistanis through a predominantly negative lens.

Let me explain how Bollywood films do so in the following points.

Using Muslims’ names for terrorists in Indian films:

On one hand, the Indian government pretends to be a true friend to Pakistan and wants to develop good trade relations with us, while on the other hand, Bollywood films have been continuously involved in deteriorating the image of Muslims and Pakistan in particular.

They portray terrorists or gang leaders by using Muslim names such as Ghani bhai, Moosa bhai, Yousuf bhai, etc, for the characters of villains in their films.

Take for instance a very popular movie Qayamat in which three terrorists, Ali, Abbas and a Muslim girl try to obtain money from the Indian government by threatening them. This, as a result, ends up sketching a negative image of Muslims to the whole world, subconsciously convincing people that Muslims are a mean breed.

Portraying Pakistanis as terrorists:

In many other films, Muslims are portrayed as terrorists. It was Kurban in which Saif Ali khan played a lead role and was involved in a terrorist group which planned to attack the US. Yet again, the ruthless terrorist is ‘Ehsaan khan’ who happens to have roots in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Then there was Sarfarosh where a famed Pakistani vocalist Gulfam Hassan (Naseeruddin Shah) perpetuates and encourages the spread of terrorism in India.

Likewise is the movie Fanaa, where Amir Khan plays a terrorist named Rehan.

Thus,there is an endless list of movies where Pakistanis, and recently, Afghans are implicated which further reinforces the stereotype of Muslims of these countries being terrorists.

Sadly, this fuels the hate and animosity amongst Indians against Islam

In a recent Bollywood film, Agent Vinod, the directors have tried to depict that the Pakistan Army is not loyal towards its duties; the film is pro-Indian in every essence and the villainous characters are shown as the members of the ISI which is completely preposterous. To me, this film is not made for entertainment but is a conspiracy against Pakistan.

Indian films and anti-islamisation:

Many Bollywood movies show Muslims as terrorists and even if this is not the case, they almost always show the mighty villains wearing shalwar kameez,  holding a tasbeeh in their hand with surma in their eyes and a taweez around their neck . This in turn reinforces the strongly negative sentiment against Muslims especially Pakistan – as shalwar kameez is a Pakistani national dress.

Distorting the Muslim culture and fundamentals:

Okay now this one I am sure many of us will relate to. I have seen countless movies where apparently, Muslims are shown drinking, harassing women, attending mujras; in short they are shown as hypocrites who preach but don’t follow what they preach.

Don’t you remember the goons who had beaten up the boy in the movie Tere Naam, were shown to be Muslims (wearing the traditional skullcaps and Arabian red-checked scarves) who abduct or lure Hindu Brahmin women into prostitution?

Sadly, this is not all, Muslim women are not spared either and apparently are suicide bombers as well. Recall Dil se and Dhoka?

Then there are some ridiculous cross-religion love stories where Muslims are the ones who always want to tear apart the two lovers because honour must be protected. Take Veer-Zaara for instance. Here Zaara’s fiancee, Raza, who is outraged by the shame Zaara has brought upon him, frames Veer and has him wrongly imprisoned on charges of being an Indian spy.

I assure you, us Muslims are not this farigh (idle) as to sit and conspire against the other religions or nationals; nor do we brew hate against them. Things may have been sour between the two nations in the past, but we have come a long way from it.

Also, don’t you think there is a reason for Gangs of Wasseypur to be banned in Kuwait and Qatar? This was done because it was said to be offensive to Muslims. Other countries are finally starting to take stern action and are noticing the disrespect some of these Bollywood movies can confer to the image of Islam and how they can aid Islamophobia.

Hence, it is shameful that our government is doing next to nothing against this open degradation of Muslims and Pakistanis. It is the matter These films are very damaging to Muslims all over the world and have far reacing impacts.

I  don’t remember Pakistanis publicising Muslims being massacred in India following 9/11 or the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat.

In times where the two countries are trying to resolve their past conflicts and promote peace, we should make it known that such controversial themes and movies can actually hinder the efforts made by our governments.

So please, India, stop demonising Muslims and Pakistanis; instead cleanse the populace of the hate and animosity that has been an age old problem which films seem to be endorsing all the time.

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Muhammad Mustaqeem Yousfani

The author is pursuing his BBA from SZABIST Karachi and blogs at Students of Pakistan. He recently joined Youth Parliament of Pakistan and is also a die hard cricket fan. He tweets @MustaqeemYousfa

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • truth before self

    Duse, don’t watch Bollywood films. They’re not meant for Pakistanis. Besides, Shahrukh, Aamir, Saif and Salmanwont be acting in these films if they denegrate Islam and Muslims. How you look at Islam or Muslims doesnt necessarily reflect what other Muslims in India/rest of the world think of that religion. Go get a life and chill -:)Recommend

  • Gratgy

    The actions of Pakistanis have already demonised the whole religion. Pakistan has shown the world how tolerant and peaceful Muslims are. Why are you blaming Bollywood?Recommend

  • Kinza

    Whats the big deal about Indian movies, there are many Pakistani films that have shown Indians and westerners in a bad light. Its just entertainment. At the end of the day peace between the two countries will be the result of what the governments decide and not what films portray. As for Image of muslims being damaged because of films, I would say their actions have led the world to believe that they are terrorists. Look at the case of the 11 year old girls accused of blasphemy.Please do not blame movies for your own shortcomings. Films are entertainment and should be taken as such, not anything else.Recommend

  • Sridhar

    Movies usually reflect what is happening in the society. Just look around the world. Most of the trouble seems to be involving the muslims. Underworld activities, terrorism, honour killings, underage sex groomimg (like the recent case in UK), ghettosim and the list is too long. They even kill themselves like in Pakistan, Syria, Eygypt etc for their religious/political agendas. I live in UK which is a liberal country but I can tell you that muslims and in particular Pakistanis are not welcome here.

    Bollywood is an industry which is independent. The governament of India has no direct control over its affairs. Unfortunately you have failed to mention that most of the superstars in Bollywood are muslims. It shows the tolerance and acceptance of multiple faiths by Indians. This is unique and does not happen anywhere in the world. Correct me if Iam wrong Recommend

  • Reader

    forgetting “My Name is Khan”?Recommend

  • Indian

    Please get it right. There are many Bollywood films in which Hindus are also shown as villians; the most famous being Gabbar Singh and Mugambo. There are bad people in every religion but most terrorists are muslims (this is a fact). If Hindus were against Muslims then Muslim population in India wouldn’t have grown from 5% during partition to 14% now.Hindus in Pakistan were 20% during partition and now they are less than 2%.This shows who is sprading hate, forced conversions, voilence.
    What happened in Gujrat was terrible and law will take its own course to punish the guilty but events in Gujarat were Hindu Muslim riots not GENOCIDE (254 Hindus were also killed in riots).

    Please do not mix religion with Films.Peace…Recommend

  • ss

    i’ve never seen any normal indian muslim in any indian movie, all muslim women wear burqa and all muslim men wear kurta shalwar and sport beard :S

    and most of the times either they are terrorists/dons or victims of terrorism, i guess ordindary indian muslims don’t exist anymore

    p.s. it’s just my observation otherwise I don’t really care about IMsRecommend

  • alapan

    If u r a Bollywood specialist, then i would really would want to complain to ET about its ‘experts’.
    You said Bollywood demonises muslim women and gave us example of Dil se. I presume you were pointing to Manisha Koirala’s character in the movie. Her character was ‘Meghna’. The movie was not about muslims or islamic terrorist group. Infact the region was North East India.
    And the event was influenced by Rajiv gandhi’s assasination by LTTE.

    You said Pakistan movies never make anti-hindu or anti-indian movie. Ever watched Moosa khan directed by Shaan. Go and see that movie. It is one of the disgusting movies u will ever see. But i think u have conveniently forgotten about it.

    You said You don’t remember Pakistanis publicising Muslims being massacred in India following 9/11 or the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat. May be you need to see Pakistani news channels and talk shows in youtube.

    My final question is to ET. Is there no editorial checks for blogs? Why is there no checks to root out blatant lies? Recommend

  • sid

    Gujrat!!!!!!!gujrat!!!!!!!!! you know nothing else…………….how many Muslims were killed in gujrat…………1000-1500 deaths…………(200-300 hindus)……………Who burnt the train carrying pilgrims 1st………..They were burnt alive…………….

    Also most of Dons in India are Muslims (this is a fact, honestly)………..

    where as in India we may use muslims names…………What about poki movie Musa Khan

    Gangs of Wasipur is a real story…………If truth bites so be it…………..Recommend

  • Saad Aziz

    Not all of them,but yes there are someRecommend

  • Rani

    @truth before self:
    I don’t watch bollywood , But why do you release your movies in Pak, if “They’re not meant for Pakistanis?” Even after Agent Vinod was banned in Pak, Saif Ali was upset. Hypocrites.Recommend

  • naveed

    why don’t they portray the israel’s brutal killing of palestinians, the gujjrat’s massacre, the unjust american intervention in afghanistan and iraq, the brutal killing of bosnian muslims by their neighbouring country, the unjust war by the russians in afghanistan, the destabilization of middle east by the western powers..and a long list.. why only and only muslims..if bollywood is so independent and provides entertainment.. it should be justified and equal for all the races and religions…why only muslims..they can make “the kabul express” and can show the pakistanis as anti-afghanistan but they don’t have the courage to show the american’s brutal killings and bombing..doesn’t it show the clear bias of indian film industry..Recommend

  • Truth and only truth

    Ram Gopal Verma is currently making a movie on 26/11 Mumbai attacks in which there’s a character named Ajmal Kasab. And guess what he’s a Pakistani Muslim and currently locked in an Indian gaol. He’s a real guy and there’s nothing artificial about it. I hope you won’t mind us showing the truth.Recommend

  • halfblooded

    What else do you expect from movies of a third world country bro?Recommend

  • manish

    they are not there to lecture public lesssons on uman rights.
    they show them what the public wants. and, people in india want to see pakistanis as terrorists.

    and, do you know why:
    it is because of this:
    1)kandhar hijack
    2)indian parliament attack
    3) akshardham carnage
    4)mumbai twin bombings
    5) delhi diwaali bombings.
    6)varanasi bombings
    7)jaipur bombings
    8)ahmadabad bombing.
    9) mumbai carnage
    10) indian embassy bombings.
    11) german bakery bombing
    12) mumbai bombing of 2011
    13) ayodhya janmbhoomi blast

    THE list is endless….you keep blasting, and you expect that we should not even show you the reflection…pathetic yousfani…..just pathetic…..also, curiously did you notice that the narrative was nearly absent before this slaughter of innocent lives began ie in pre-90 movies……but it was only when jihadis started blasting innocents, that the trend gained currency….Recommend

  • curious

    I assure you, us Muslims are not this farigh (idle) as to sit and conspire against the other religions or nationals; nor do we brew hate against them.

    Strong words.

    I guess, Al Qaeda, LeT,LeJ, SSP, ASWJ all must be located elsewhere. And of course, 9/11/ 7/7. 26/11 were all expressions of love for all.

    And Shias, Ahmadis and Christians including 11 year old girls are happy in the Land of the Pure.Recommend

  • Shafiq

    For your reference!
    Movies in Which Muslim were shown as heroes! or in strong positive characters!

    Amitabh as Iqbal in Coolie 1983
    Mazhar Khan as Abdul in Shaan 1980
    Govinda as Iqbal Ali, in Jeetay hain shaan Se 1988
    Salman Khan as Ali, in Tumko na Bhool Payengay 2002
    Uday Chopra as Ashraf in Charas 2004
    Shahrukh Khan as Rizwan Khan in My Name is Khan 2010
    SRK as Kabir Khan in ChakDe India 2007
    SRK as Amjad ALi Khan in Hey Ram 2000

    and Many others!
    Its the way you see movies and decode messages! Indians and Pakistanis can never be friends ever! Because of easily exploitation of massesRecommend

  • manish


    I don’t watch bollywood , But why do you release your movies in Pak, if “They’re not meant for Pakistanis?” Even after Agent Vinod was banned in Pak, Saif Ali was upset. Hypocrites.

    for earning some loose change….fine.Recommend

  • 3rdRockfromtheSun

    Smashing the mirror because you don’t like your reflection?Recommend

  • Anonymous Indian

    What the author is trying to depict here is entirely false. There is no such thing as demonizing the Muslims in Bollywood films, so chillax dude. India has a large share of Muslim population too, so it would be entirely foolish for Bollywood to do so as many of the Muslims in India are its patrons and might get offended, which would not be in Bollywood’s interests Please use some logic here before coming up with something gibberish.Recommend

  • manish


    oh, i forgot that your’s is a first world country.
    perhaps, that is the reason why you give a one or two movie in a year….and, that turns out dud…Recommend

  • Akhter

    I am a pakistani muslim and to honest bollywood is only depicting the truth. Its a fact that everyday so called muslims kill innocent pakistanis in droves everyday. Areas of muslim controlled wazirastan are no go areas. It is a fact that everyday target killings take place under the nose of our so called fantastic army. What have they
    ,rangers or police done to stop the extortion and murders committed by……..yup pakistani muslims. India may or not have a part in destabilising our country but until you have proof stop making accusations. I dont need bollywood to demonise muslims we do that ourselves just look at 9/11 or 26/11.
    Finally we need to change our behaviour if we dont like what people say, we need to be tolerant of different views be they religious or otherwise. We need to stop blaming others for the ills of our society. This goes for india too.Recommend

  • fiqqi

    tell me one good normal indian movie with a muslim character as a hero in it..for those who r saying bollywood is just showing the truth, just tell me one the thing corrupt people are a part of every community, so does good people…but in bollywood muslims r only shown as villains or hero’s friend…!Recommend

  • Shabbir

    Something to think about: More Indian Muslims watch Bollywood movies than folks in Pakistan. If a movie producer is thinking about the market, that is the segment he would be trying to keep in mind. I don’t think any movie producer has Pakistan in mind as a market. Most movies watched by the Pakistanis (if they do watch Bollywood movies) is on pirated DVDs or stuff downloaded from the internet.

    It is true that when your own community gets cast on the wrong side, even though the frequency is minor, the impact is big. Even Hollywood almost always shows the terrorist type of bad guys as Muslims or Islamic fundamentalists. Even though there are very few such movies, but you will hear the Muslims in USA complain a lot about this.Recommend

  • Ammad

    @manish: O wait. Lets see how many out of these ve been proven. NONE. You lot ve the habit of blaming everything on Pakistan instead of looking at yourself. It’s a shame. If you had such solid proofs won’t Interpol ve issued arrest warrants against Hafez Saeed etc. The fact remains that you don’t want to accept the fact that u ve problems within ur country. Grow up.Recommend

  • Sridhar

    Naveed, why are so concerned about Palestinians and Bosnians? In what way are they linked to you? OOH SORRY!!!! it is your religion. What about the persecution of hindus and christinians in your own land. They are more linked to you since they are your countrymen and therefore brothers and sisters.

    It is perfectly OK to kill non-muslims. That is what islam preaches. Right? Why don’t you admit this. It takes real guts to face the truth Recommend

  • Aatirah

    @truth before self:
    Aamir, shahrukh, Salman and saif are not Muslims. Only begotten by Muslim parents doesn’t make one Muslim. Except Salman (who is not married as yet), both Shahrukh and Aamir have married Hindu women;Saif’s GF is also Hindu who has refused to accept Islam only for the sake of getting married to Saif. In Islam, there is no such provision that a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim-pagan-woman. At the outset, these so called relationships throw these guys out of the circle of Islam. Islam is not a joke as people from other religions take it. And so-called Muslims like Aamir and Shahrukh are not our role models as Muslims. And the reality is that they are not Muslims at all. Bowing or courtesying to the idols makes one MUSHRIK which is an unforgivable sin. All the non-Muslims, please DO NOT interfere in a religion you don’t know about.
    Secondly, regarding the current discussion, there is no doubt that the biggest secular state and the biggest democracy in the world-India- has no tolerance towards Muslims and Islam and both are presented in the worst possible way. We can only laugh at their claim of being a secular state… Recommend

  • Paki


    I can also give u more counts of attacks in Pakistan ,about 40 times more than India , Pakistan is suffering more & our whole economy came down just because of terrorism ,but the fact is that most of the indians consider Pak for the attacks ,BECAUSE INDIA PORTRAYS THAT PAKISTAN IS THE MAIN CAUSE IN MOST MOVIES go and just have a look on Paki news bulletin over internet or tv ,then u will come to know about how much we r suffering … Recommend

  • BlackJack

    These films are very damaging to Muslims all over the world and have far reaching impacts. I agree, Hindi cinema is what is giving Pakistan a bad name.
    But let me be fair. Hindi cinema has a number of stereotypes – the good muslim, the bad muslim, the bad cop, the good cop, the south indian, the pathan, the bumbling and loud sardar, the christian aunty who keeps saying man, the nurse who is always a goan christian, the courtesan/ prostitute with the heart of gold, the drunkard, the ever-suffering virtuous mother, the evil sauteli maa, the villain’s demented brother, the well-groomed doctor, the friend who dies, and the one-dimensional protagonist and his lady love. Since childhood I have always noticed that if movies had muslims as their villains, there would be another muslim who would be inserted to set the balance right; in recent times, some of these old formulae have been jettisoned, Kurbaan is a good example – but you can also see that this does not often work in the box office; you cannot sell tickets on anti-muslim sentiment in India (anti-Pak is not anti-muslim – pls note). When India was making Amar Akbar Anthony, you guys were making Moosa Khan. It is true that not many movies are made with muslim characters as heroes (but in recent times – My Name is Khan, Ishqiya, and soon to be released Teri Meri Kahaani come to mind) but then neither do you see Hindi movies with South Indians or Bengali characters in the lead – this is more a limitation of script writers than anything to do with an in-built bias (I honestly don’t care if you believe me). If you look at say Kerala which produces high-quality cinema – where muslim society chooses to be less segregated (despite increasing wahabbism in recent times as I understand) you will find enough movies with muslim protagonists – India’s 2011 Oscar entry was Adaminte Makan Abu about a muslim family. Yep, I have just wasted my time.Recommend

  • Ahmed Barzilai

    Sorry to say… But film makers have an important goal. To make the movie as believable as possiblle. They don’t care much about who is offended and who is not. The reality is that most religious fanatics, suicide bombers, terrorists of all sorts all have one thing in common – they are Muslim. It is just a overwhelming statistical fact.

    Forget Bollywood or Indians. Ask anyone in the world what they think of us (Pakistanis) and Muslims. You will get the same answer. Casting a new zealander as a terrorist bomber will never be as effective or believable as a bearded Pakistani Muslim who converses in Fatwas. Period.Recommend

  • zee

    The writer is absolultely right. But he forgot to mention a very important factor. In all the movies wherein the love-story between the persons of two religions is shown, the girl is always Muslim, whether indian or pakistani. That is humiliating. They show that every hindu secret agent or guy is so attractive that a Muslim girl leaves her religion or at least forget her religous teachings according to which a marriage between hindu and muslim is not valid. Moreover directors and writers of such movies innocently says that they are trying to create harmony between Hindus and Muslims or India and Pakistan. I want to tell them this is not their effort to harmonize the people of both the religions but only to degrade the Muslims and exploit their love and passion for Indian Movies.Recommend

  • Bhaskar

    the problem i guess is that muslims( not a monolyth but in this whole thread i guess it broadly refers them to the muslims of South Asia) are not ready to accept the truth the way it is. kaduva sach chubtaa hai ji!!
    My name is khan is an indian movie (not a paki one) where i guess the community that was sympathized for is ur muslim community dear. what about new york movie does that movie potray muslims in a bad light or the american establishment. Bollywood is not biased against muslims. It is just coincidental that a huge section in fact majority of underworld in india( antagonist charcters are created drawing inspiration from them indeed) is muslim. So there isnt any mistake in depicting the villian in that manner. indians are much much better in treating or respecting others sentiments otherwise 200 million of ur brethen wouldnt have been existing in indian land. eid mubarak and allah aapko wisdom dein..Recommend

  • Indi-Pop

    Have you seen Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara (Farhan’s character) and Chak De India (SRK’s character) ? Guess, not.Recommend

  • Kabir

    It’s not so much about demonizing Muslims, but certainly about demonizing Pakistanis. There was a post about it in the New York Times just recently:

  • tahir

    bollywood’s recent movie agneepath described the hate in india towards muslims that was the last day when i watched a bollywood movieRecommend

  • Moon

    Yousfani, Well done. You are 100% Right. Every Pakistani feels this shameful act of indian movie makers. Now they are crying over this blog and giving logics. But one thing I assure to all that such things are identifying their own sick mentality. There is no big terrorist than Hindu in the whole world. They are killing Muslims in Kashmir. They are in Afghanistan as loyal dogs of America and creating unrest in Balochistan. This is the era of communications. Now every body can understand the conspiracies of hindu in which they are very much expert. We hate shameful and almost nude movies of india. most of them are copies of hollywood movies. Shame Shame.

    Now start at me. I will enjoy.Recommend

  • Noor

    “Using Muslims’ names for terrorists in Indian films”

    Come on..Movies shows picture of real world. In a logical sense, When 80% terrorists are muslims by not choosing a muslim name how it is possible to make a movie realistic ? I think when the bomb blasts, cross border terrorism will stop, automatically people will not find any muslims in the list and other names will be adopted. Recommend

  • Noor

    I have never come across such a bad article in ET. Complete sub-standard and immature writing. Recommend

  • Nishant

    how typical can one be

    what about “Bol” and “Khuda ke Liye” what do they show about muslims.
    hating indians without knowing one personally

    the problem with you mr writer is that you don’t have the wisdom, you don’t have the knowledge
    all you have is an internet connection

    opinion without information is next to nothing.Recommend

  • Vikram

    I don’t remember Pakistanis publicising Muslims being massacred in India following 9/11 or the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat.

    Pakistan even did not talk about slaughter of 3 million people in Bangladesh plus destruction of Afghanistan because of Paki playing talibans there.

    Bollywood should make movies on how Hindu girls are kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam. What about a movie on 26/11 where 10 Pakis played Hindus and killed 40 Indian Muslims and 132 people from 12 different countries?Recommend

  • Rejin

    Flaws and wrong assumptions in your article:

    Contradicting your inference, Bollywood is not run by the Government of India.
    Believe it or not, majority of the terrorist organizations in the world consider themselves to be fighting for the cause of Islam.
    You may not believe this but many of the worlds intelligence agencies consider ISI as a
    rough organization. (you may verify)
    Sadly, the fundamental islamic society has created a reputation of being hypocrites. They say that there is no compulsion in religion but go around killing people who leave islam or belong to other islamic sect. They say islam prohibits killing but the world sees all terrorists as muslims.They say that islam prohibits drinking but are addicted to alcohol and drugs. Consider themselves noble people but are addicted to pornography etc etc.
    Muslims are not considered the people who respect other religion. They are looked at as a community who want to impose their religion and islamic law on others.
    Where were muslims massacred in India after 9/11? You are spreading lies and India phobia. What you are doing now is exactly what you are trying to oppose in your article.
    Come over to India and check whether Indians hate pakistanis as much as pakistani hate for India. We dont hate pakistan any more because we dont care anymore and we have moved on.

    I am sure you will deny every point I made because being a pakistani, you have to keep your reputation of being in deniel and loving conspiracy theories.

    Enjoy. CheersRecommend

  • Noman Bin Abid

    What writer have wrote is a bit emotional but not false. Its not only about Indian media at present all international media is following an organized protocol and fighting a media war against Islam. Its no doubt islamophobia. If you say that whats going on in society is depicted in media like movies. Then sir for last five decades western media is picturizing on extra terrestrial E.T , UFO and aliens. Did you ever seen any thing like that in your life. Media is best weapon to be used in modren world to mold the world with out even shedding blood. Soon after second world war west started making movies against Germany and its allies in which Germans were shown as most ruthless nation, then after end of cold war the focus was Russia even maniac done to world in movies was done by Russia, Now the focus are Muslims, sorry to say but I think Pakistan Iran Afghanistan are the countries where Islam is in a bit pure form yet. Thats why main emphasis is on this region. In a movie
    “Thor” when he got arrested by agents while an attempt to get his hammer back, The Chief said :”where you got training , Pakistan , Afghanistan or Palestine”. This is hilarious and what a non sense approach you so called god got training from these countries.
    I dont talk about india because they dont have creative mind from very start of there industry they are just stealing music , poetry , theme from other counties. Majority of the movies are just hindi version of Hollywood movies. What there originality is just gangster movies and to use this tool to depict Muslims as evil is a easy make idea. Both Pakistani and Indian are emotional nations any thing against other country is purchased like hot cakes.
    I had seen a list of the movies where muslims are shown as heros. So far what my memory told me before 80’s Gulf was media hub and biggest market of indian movies so gave Muslims some credit was necessary. Now one positive role in twenty movies is only because Bollywood now that Pakistan is also a big market of there media products so they dont have to spoil the sale.
    I am not disappointed but India Pakistan relation can never be friendly untill they face a common enemy. Recommend

  • Raj Kafir

    @ Author, In Hollywood, why do all the villains wear Western suits and have Christian names?Recommend

  • Amused Pakistani

    What I find funny is the way they show Pakistanis talking in these movies.

    “Janab” – who the hell uses this word janab these days? really?
    “Bibi” – This word is used in very sarcastic way in Pakistan not to address females like BIBI yeh apnay kiya kiya? PS: Refer to latest Salman Khan movie – Ek tha Tiger. People take names of females in Pakistan. They dont call them BIBI! Atleast not when they are colleagues
    “Adaab” – what??? we say Asalam’u’Alaikum NOT adaab! If I say Adaab to any of my friends, i am sure they will passout laughing!

    Seriously Indian directors need to visit Pakistan to do a vocabolary check before they make the next anti-Pakistan movie!Recommend

  • Raw is War

    How much fear would a “Hindu Terrorist” will create among the audience? None.Recommend

  • salman

    My name is Khan anyone?Recommend

  • Reddy

    Author: I think this guy suffering from acute amnesia,which might have scarred his head forever probably playing tricks on him to come up with the inane comments like below
    “I don’t remember Pakistanis publicising Muslims being massacred in India following 9/11 or the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat.”
    while you are at aesthetic best to prove your imprudence, i took it up on me to spare 20 sec of my time test the degree of absurdity in your claims…i got around 400 articles in 0.18 sec against the crude search tag like “Gujarat Riots” on this very own ET ..and the gr8 porkistan’s laughter challenge doesn’t end there, as he saved his best for the last with a
    rib tickling comedy “Muslims being massacred in India following 9/11”, now try that search term on Google, i gauratee you that ,you gonna laugh at least for 15 mins with the kind of results that you get….and finally to the author,you can try your hand at script writing as your imaginative brain cells are still alive and kicking. Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    New York had a Muslim guy married to a Hindu GirlRecommend


    Films are being produced for the entertainment of the peoples but unfortunately indian bollywood is trying to produce the image of pakistan and islam to the peoples as terrorist, whereas the actuallay hindu terrorists in india like baal thakari / shavo sina are present there, but bollywood did not prepare/produce any role on these terrorists, the India is basically try to destablize the pakistan since its independence, but by the grace of AL MIGHTY ALLAH we are still alive.Recommend

  • Vijay Dixit

    Bollywood movies are for Indians.No need for Pakistanis to watch them.Keep on watching your silly,miserable & idiotic movies with teeth grating music, ugly actors & still uglier actress.While hating everything Indian you cannot survive without Hindi movies.So stop complaining & stopwatching.Recommend

  • zahra.mohammed

    @Nandita Please write us a counter post to this blog. You didn’t leave an email address so I can’t email you. Let me know if you are interested.


  • manish

    yeah, we did offer evidence, but you rejected them.
    perhaps, they were not sharia-compliant….

    also, all the guys who are complaining that even pakistan has lost 40,000, please see the irony in your statements.
    because, all the killers there were muslims too.
    so, by your logic, you should have the greatest degree of islomophobia around in this world.Recommend

  • manish

    @F for india:

    you have to be civil here. because it is ET.
    ALSO, EVEN IF YOU GET DOWN TO downright uncivility, we do not have any problem.

    MOST of us here have previous experience of dealing with uncivil pakistanis, in uncivil manners..
    so no problems.

    I’m not sure why the 4 khans would act in such movies, but most of the movies are racist against moslems.__

    since, all of these four khans trace their routes to present day afghanistan, and given the antagonism of afghanis against pakistanis, i don’t see any reason why they would not act in these movies. also, mark my word, anti-pakistani doesn’t mean anti-muslim.Recommend

  • Mustafa Arain

    First article on express tribune that actually makes sense. Recommend

  • Sridhar

    F for India

    In the begining, people in UK used to refer Indians and Pakistanis as “Asians” Although the word “Paki” came into existence because of their hatred of Pakistanis, people used the word loosely to refer to all people from South Asia. But that has changed in recent times. Most people make the distinction between the various groups from South Asia

    Pakistanis in UK are at the bottom when it comes to employment and education. They have a very high crime rate (disproportionate to their population) and a lot of them live in council houses with social benefits.

    If you don’t trust me, just google or speak to anyone from UK. Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    This article is pure rubbish. Muslims are not portrayed as terrorists or bad guys. It is pakistani muslims who are portrayed as such. To be honest, this is not far from the truth. 100% confident that the rest of the world will agree to this. I have never seen a bengali muslim or saudi muslim portrayed as a terrorist nor a kerala muslim nor a srilankan muslim. So pakistanis, who see violent killings in their country day in and day out because of monstrous talibans and religious bigots, why dont u fix the reality first. The image can take care of itself.Recommend

  • Sidewinder

    @Amused Pakistani
    i will convey your observation to Kabir Khan,the director of Ek tha Tiger.
    what a rubbish blog.he accuses Bollywood of typecasting Muslims, in turn committing the same offence of typecasting all Bollywood movies.along with being factually wrong(as one in Dil se) he seems to confuse Indian films as Indian govts stance on mutual relations.
    since the beginning of Hindi film Industry,there has a been a dedicated genre of Muslim social movies in it Pukar,Qaidi,Najma and Elaan of pre -partition era or later Chaudhvin Ka Chand,Mere Mehboob,Bahu Begum, Mehboob Ki Mehndi,Pakizah,Nikaah ,Fiza and as late as last years Well done Abba,a comical satire on corruption.Indian movies have been epitome of moderation and sanity,thats why they are being loved in such distant regions as central Asia(all Muslim countries),African Countries,south Asia,South east Asia,middle east,Russia and by South Asian diaspora in almost every country of the world.People who do not know our language and unknown to our culture also love our movies and yes Pakistan is a little blip on Bollywood’s must have seen no body looses her sleep over Pakistan banning Indian movies,because financial losses are negligible. Recommend

  • Zeta

    Name me those movies or keep quiet. ThanksRecommend

  • Zeta

    Indians always attack Pakistan on case religious discrimantion of minorities but somehow ignore and forget their doings.

    I hope you still recall Babri Masjid, Golden Temple, Orissa, Gujarat, Mumbai where muslims are not allowed to own homes, Assam and last but not least Kashmir. Recommend

  • Sidewinder

    for those who wonder why mostly Muslims are shown as evil characters.look at Osama,Zawahari,Mulla Omar,Aimal Kasi,Faisal shahjaad ,Ajmal Kasab,Aafia Siddiqui,Mohammad Atta,Betullah Masud and an endless list of Muslim terrorist Organisations present in almost half of the world,Causing devastation on the name of ”religion of peace”.
    friends, all these people and numerous suicide bombers(it is interesting to know how many non -Muslims have attained this ultimate degree of terrorism)wrecking havoc all around in world including Pakistan are not imaginary characters of Bollywood.what is portrayed in movies pales into comparison with the actual destruction and violence caused by these great personalities.The bloodbath in most of the Islamic countries where Muslims are slaughtering their coreligionists is a living testimony of the peaceful nature of Muslims.I certainly agree with the fact that every Muslim is not a terrorist as I have had the honor of being in the company of some wonderful Muslims,but the likelihood of a suicide bomber being a Muslim is many times more than that of a Hindu or say a Christian,Zaid Hamids versions notwithstanding.if the people Hijacking Aircraft,Attacking Parliaments,Hotels,Temples,and blowing-up literally everything are not eligible for being portrayed as villains, pray who else is?Recommend

  • Narendra

    What is your say about this in Assam and other borders of India

    Ek Tha Tiger pampering Pakistanis to please everyone on eid

    if underworld sponsored bollywood shows something bad about pak, it will always show bad about India along with it. The balance remains equal. Whereas Pak films will always show bad about India. Sallu tried showing both countries are equally good and bad. India is already a secular country and whatever stupid messege Sallu was trying to shout should have been in the ears of Pak not India, unfortunately Pak put a ban on his movie but India didn’t.

    The movie is full of crap. Secret undercover RAW agents are supposed to remain underground and never reveal their identities, where as in the movie they go in a International convention and have a drink with each other in a party. In the movie salman lied and cheated his country and should have been hanged for treason, he put India’s national security in jeapordy. Recommend

  • mr. righty rightist

    I am laughing at this extraordinarily silly article and inane comments of both the Indians and Pakistanis.

    Bollywood is a cesspool of talentless stupidity. Only retards take these films seriously.

    Taking Bollywood seriously shows that the author hasn’t come of age (He is still a bachcha). Discussing Bollywood is like discussing water-car.Recommend

  • sam

    What to do… this is the Hindu zehniyat! Pakistanis have a large heart and should ignore these mean spirited bollywood movies. They should make movies with Tibetan Buddhist monks as terrorists as it would be more believable. (Aren’t Tibetans fighting our all-weather friend Cheen)? Muslims never kill muslims.

    Organizations like Al-Qaida, JuD, HuJI, HuM, SSP, TTP etc. are charitable religious organizations that help common people and spread Islam in a peaceful manner to those wishing to embrace Islam – the religion of peace. All the killings and bombings in Pakistan are carried out by RAW/CIA/ Mossad, while the ISI and the Army are fighting to keep Pakistan safe.Recommend

  • Shafi

    I will tell you, muslims in india are varying culturally and bollywood usually hold what is common in bombay and surrounding regions where muslims are most common bullies especially a group called pathans are infamous for their hafta and supaari and brutuality even in earlier times(50s,60s) and the stigma still continues and bollywood shows what they see.

    bollywood however are representing various muslim groups positively as well. also, atleast 30-40% of bollywood is run by underworld piping money from karachi and dubai from you know whom(and many others)..Recommend

  • Syed Nofil Bin Arif

    I agree 100 % with the author, all those who are trying to prove the author wrong are making fool out of themselves, lets come to ground reality, don’t delude yourself in the name of modernization and enlightenment.Recommend

  • ram das khan

    sir (though this title does not suit you)..little knowledge is a dangerous thing. dont write blogs just to see your face on the monitor screen. yes, there have been Muslim names ( just a few) used as terrorists, but then even those who kill them have had Muslim names. next..the 3 biggest villain roles..gabbar, mogambo, shakaal..none of them was a Muslim name. please make some study before posting things.Recommend

  • Kabir

    It’s not about demonizing Muslims as such, but certainly about demonizing Pakistanis.

    Even a movie like “Veer Zaara” which supposedly is a movie about peace and is a love story between a Pakistani girl and a Indian boy (and in which SRK makes a huge plea for tolerance and peaceful relations at the end) has a Pakistani Muslim male villain (Zara’s fiance) who gets Veer falsely imprisoned on charges of espionage.

    Media, especially film, is a very powerful tool for changing people’s perceptions. Rather than making jingoistic films, India and Pakistan should try to create stories of greater harmony. Recommend

  • Raw is War

    you are what you do.Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Much-needed and timely article. Down with Indian religious bigotry. They should show the real situation – Muslims living in peace. Recommend

  • gp65

    @fiqqi: “tell me one good normal indian movie with a muslim character as a hero in it.”

    Chak De India where Shah Rukh Khan is Kabir Khan
    My Name is Khan again with Shah Rukh
    Garm Hawa which has Balraj Sahni in the lead
    Coolie where AMitabh Bacchan is Iqbal Khan
    Amar Akbar Anthony where Rishi Kapoor is Akbar
    Chaudhvin Ka Chaand where Guru Dutt is Aslam
    Raj Babbar as Haider in NikaahRecommend

  • gp65

    @zee: “The writer is absolultely right. But he forgot to mention a very important factor. In all the movies wherein the love-story between the persons of two religions is shown, the girl is always Muslim, whether indian or pakistani. That is humiliating”

    Why is that humiliating? In India while arranged marriages are usually within the same community, interfaith marriages are not so rare either. In fact there are many celebrities where Muslim men have married Hindu women – we Hindus do not feel humiliated by this e.g. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi with Sharmila Tagore, Amir Khan, Imran Khan and Shah Rukh have Hindu wives. Azharuddin who married Sangeeta Bijlani, Salman Khan’s mom was a Hindu who converted due to mariage. course the reverse also has been seen – Hrithik Roshan married to Sanjay Khan’s daughter Suzanne Khan, Sunil Dutt who married Nargis. Both Imran Khan and Shahid Kapur have Muslim mothers and Hindu fathers. Farah Khan the director is married to a Hindu man. Salman Khan’s sister (Alvira Khan) is married to a Muslim.

    In none of these cases did the religious leaders get involved on either side or pass fatwas.Recommend

  • gp65

    @zee: Two movies which show Hindu girl marrying a Muslim man : New York, QurbaanRecommend

  • what’s so humiliating?

    “@zee: “The writer is absolultely right. But he forgot to mention a very important factor. In all the movies wherein the love-story between the persons of two religions is shown, the girl is always Muslim, whether indian or pakistani. That is humiliating””
    The character of Kareena in Qurbaan, Katrina in New York and Kajol in My Name is Khan were Hindu girls who were married to Muslim men. We do not feel humiliated by this. In fact we do not even feel humiliated that so many Hindu women in real life are married o Muslim men. It also does not look like Indian Muslim leaders have ever objected to Hindu men marrying Muslim women – for there is a long list of very public celebrities where this is the case.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Guess it was a typo – Alvira Khan is married to Atul Agnihotri. Other examples include:
    Kishore Kumar and Madhubala
    Madhvani and Mumtaz
    Mohsin Khan and Reena Roy
    Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak (this should shake them a bit!)
    Sohail Khan and Seema Sachdev

    I liked your spirited replies, but they are truly wasted on this crowd. After losing 40k people and every vestige of international goodwill, they will search for excuses as bizarre as Hindi cinema maligning their reputation as the cause for their current image. Nothing that you or I or even most intelligent Pakistanis say will change their position an inch.Recommend

  • Sabeen

    I would agree with the statement that Muslims are not as they have been propagated with the phrase of “terrorist”, watching Indian movies or not is not the subject, the main important thing is to change our mentality towards Islam and Muslims.. whenever there is an attack or any bombing they straight forwardly announce that Muslims are behind these attacks….which is very harsh, pathetic and cheap..Recommend

  • Angry

    First of all, the attacks and killings in which Muslims are involved are NOT-TRUE-MUSLIMS and secondly, the picture that movies and people depict nowadays about Islam is NOT-ISLAM. The teachings of Islam are not what Muslims are doing nowadays. I think everybody should first search what real Islam is and who the true Muslims are, and then comment and debate about Muslims and Islam.Recommend

  • Angry

    and yeah one more thing. No RELIGION teaches violence or terrorism, then why blame religion for this kind of acts? it depends on the people, they spread violence and terrorism, not religion. kindly have your own thinking rather than blindly adopting others opinions and make them your own opinions after that.Recommend

  • p r sharma

    Pakistan has create the image of Muslims as intolerant, extremist/ terrorist. and it is observed by the entire world. Had not been this image ( for which Pakistani Muslims are mainly responsible) and there is need to reform at your end.. Instead of correcting yourselves, blaming the Bollywood is the mindset where you feel comfortable thinking that we are innocent and the monster is someone else . this thinking also stops you to introspect and the status quo is maintained.
    ( Also you have deliberately omitted the good Muslim characters portrayed in the Bollywood films. . (Just search and you will find many) Bollywood does not discriminates the religion and Islam is treated well respectfully .
    One more thing please understand that in India govt do not interfere in the business activities including Bollywood so long at works within the frame work of law..
    Govt. initiative to normalize the relation is the policy towards the neighbor.
    please go through the feedback without bias and ponder over the matter.Recommend

  • Sane

    Gujrat!!!!!!!gujrat!!!!!!!!! you know nothing else………
    Whole world knows musch more than Gujarat, Moodi, Bal Thakeray. Recent massacre of Muslims in Assam & Kashmir. If you look at the history since 1946, millions of Muslims were slaughtered in India. While Indian government and leaders always played a Hippocratic role. Recommend

  • kaalchakra


    That is precisely the issue. The height of Hindu bigotry is that they see some people claiming to be Muslims commit some wrong things and blame Islam. Islam has nothing to do with Muslims’ actions. Hindus should first study true Islam, and if they find anything wrong – which I am sure they cannot find if they are honest and good, then they are free to criticize Islam, but not because of actions of some Muslims.

    In the spirit of being helpful, I suggest Hindus study how Muslims approach Hinduism or any other religion. As Sane hinted, the Hippocratic role has to be abandoned immediately.Recommend

  • Khanum

    Sridar your point about the fact that bollywood has many actors/actresses that are muslim, has nothing to do with showing how fair that industry is towards muslims. Everyone knows bollywood is biased against dark, ordinary looking Indians. Their concept about beauty is concerned with western/afghan/punjabi looks, hence this explains why so many of the actors are originally punjabi/khatri and it also happens most of the muslims in this industry hail either from the north-west of India or present day Pakistan in terms of ancestory.

    Sorry to go off-topic: if bollywoo d is so nice to muslims, why do they never show a muslim lead character?? afterall if one is to go by their percentage either in society (16-20%) or as in actual numbers in bollywood, you would think that a certain percentage of the roles would have muslim characters, playing normal, boring roles etc??? instead you see muslim actors playing hindu roles who get to romance or marry muslim girls, be they indian or Pak!! is it too much for indian viewers masculine ego to see a bollyood muslim character role who is romancing a Hindu or Sikh girl, after all you mentioned bollywood mirrors life (so not true!) and from my expereince living in the UK i see many many more couples where the boy is muslim and the girl is hindu/sikh, maybe in india it is the other way around?? Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    Kaalchakra : Great. As usual u are not only off the mark by miles but are on diff world. Who is blaming Islam. All the blame is for Pak muslims. I have already mentioned there is no bengali muslim or srilanka muslim or saudi muslim in any movie. Why do u assume what is not there and write rubbish. but your comments are hilarious though, Are u another Zaid hammed in the making ?Recommend

  • M.

    Crap !! Sorry Mustaqeem but its a reality you aren’t facing. Its not a very big issue to be very honest. Why should Our (pakistan) government do something about it!!?? they should first do something about the law and order situation in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Khanum

    Please be honest why muslims and in particular Pakistanis are hated in the UK, I too am from the UK, I come from a small northern town in the UK. The real reason why muslims are hated, is more to do with the rise of right-wing politics in the past 2 decades, many working class Whites fear various visible and invisible minorities becuase they fear that they are taking jobs and houses, it just happens that most of the British-Pakistani community is spread out in terms of population in small towns and cities within the UK, and most of these towns are in the poorer northen parts. While the Brit-Indian community is concentrated in rich southern cities such as London and Leicester to give an example. Even the ex-head of BNP party admitted why they are aiming at muslims, this is due to the fact we have race laws in the UK, where one cannot discriminate based on race, but currently the law does not cover discrimination based on religion, therefore most of these right-wing parties/organisations use anti-muslim agenda to whip up hatred against visibile minorities; such as British-Pak people as well as asylum seekers from Iraq, polish immigrants, roma people etc. Since amongst these visible minorities Brit-Pak people are the largest in terms of population, hence it is naturel they will go after them first.

    Sridhar, I would not get too excited if I were you, once these right-wing people have “sorted out” Brit-Pak or Muslims, they will come after your community whether it is Brit-Indian or immigrant Indians….

    Also I found it really desperate on your part to really scrape the barrel with regards to showing casing various crimes that have been done by muslims, either in the UK or outside, most of the crimes that you mentioned can also be done by people of other religions or no religion!Recommend

  • BlackJack

    As Sane hinted, the Hippocratic role has to be abandoned immediately. Having fun, aren’t you?Recommend

  • Devendra V. Katuke


    Indian liberal (call them rich) Muslims are half Hindus. The staunch muslims in India are the poorer ones. This is not a rule, but mostly true.

    I have seen many such incidences. One I want to share with you. I worked in a small firm, where I had a Muslim colleague. We shifted to a new Building, so according to Hindu rituals, we had to offer a Prayer to Lord Ganesha. I asked my Muslim friends to enjoy his time outside the room, since I thought he will not take part in prayers. But to our surprise, he attended the prayer, chanted prayer rhymes, and accepted sweetmeats offered by God.

    This is the type of incidence, you will encounter in nearly all small business setups. You may see many Muslims worshipping Hindu Gods, frequenting to Temples, in Maharashtra. Only this time, they don’t wear their skull caps, and sherwanis etc.Recommend

  • Khanum

    Sridhar, it seems you really have an issue with Brit-Pak people, why so much hatred?? in most of your comments you keep bringing them up. Also please stop writing falsehoods in this forum, even if the Brit-Pak community is lowly in your eyes in terms of money or education?? this is not a crime, maybe some hindus can enlighten me, is it a crime to have low education and be poor in your religion?? (I am sure the answer is NO!) actually the Brit-Pak community is improving in terms of education, on a yearly basis. if you look at the stats it is the Black community that is doing the worst in terms of education, and they happen to be mostly christian or agnostic, not muslim. Also amongst the white working class (especially boys) who also happen to be from christian/agnostic background the level of achievement is also not going up, infact if I am not mistaken it’s worse than Brit-Pak children at 16 years old, I think if you want to compare Brit-Pak community in terms of education and earning power it is pointless to compare with say Brit-Indians or Brit-Chinese, who mostly live in the richer and bigger cities in the south of England. It would be more fair to compare with the white working class children, since they live in the same geography and most of Brit-Pak people especially in the north is also from a working class background. Also the Brit-Pak communities education achievement is actually quite close to the national average, and maybe might even go above this average in the next 5-10 years. Comparing race/religion with various issues is actually quite dangerous and also leads to false conclusions. @Sridhar: Recommend

  • ss

    Zindagi na mile gi dubara — didn’t see it

    Chak de — again a victimized muslim trying hard to prove his loyalty to indiaRecommend

  • Truth Serum

    Shalwar Kameez recently became the national dress of Pakistan, as a matter of fact it was Zia that made it the national dress. Shalwar Kameez is the national dress of Afghanistan and specifically Pashtuns but now it has been coopted by all Pakistanis. Old photographs that were recently showcased by Nadeem Paracha in Dawn show that people in Pakistan wore dhotis and lungis not too long ago.Recommend

  • Shafi

    muslims living among hindus and christians are more secular and mellower as well as strive to give education more importance. also, muslim community slowly uplifts from orthodoxy. usually, muslims with all reservation and support lags just like in rest of worlds due to being too religious. while, in India muslims realized and are embracing education and liberal culture which is a great thing.

    in India for eg, I can party and drink alcohol mingle with girls and we are encouraged to grow as secular people and also preserve our identity. I believe, muslims from islamic countries does not have this source, thats why they ran away given a chance to englistan and europe,americas so that they can have freedom. in India, muslims are there who are extremists as well as apostates who are free to roam except in some extremist places. bollywood shows mumbai culture where muslims and madrassi are the goonda people. it is depicted correct(in a historic sense).Recommend

  • jigeri

    Bollywood, please stop demonising Muslims
    we(tribune walay) are there to do this much better then you… Recommend

  • Utterly Amused

    @Author- Get your facts right before ranting! The women suicide bombers in ‘Dil Se’ were not Muslims. They were from north-east India. Yes, they were terrorists, but NOT Muslims.

    I assure you, us Muslims are not this farigh (idle) as to sit and conspire against the other religions or nationals; nor do we brew hate against them.

    So says the guy whose nation houses Taliban, LeT and countless other groups that send terrorists to India; in whose country, Muslims are killing and converting Hindus, Christians and Sikhs.

    So also says the guy who writes an article pointing fingers at another country and inciting hatred against Indians among readers of the article. Recommend

  • M.Abbas

    @Blogger What do you say about Pakistani Film Bol is it potraingRecommend

  • Sane

    Do you think Bollywood portrays Muslims in a negative light?
    Yes (76%, 519 Votes)
    No (24%, 168 Votes)
    Total Voters: 687

    Above is enough to stop discussion.Recommend

  • Sane

    @Truth Serum:
    Shalwar Kameez recently became the national dress of Pakistan, as a matter of fact it was Zia that made it the national dress.

    Correct you knowledge before you write at such forums. It was Z.A. Bhutto in whose era shalwar kameez was termed as awami dress (not national dress). National dress of Pakistan is Sherwani (Achkan), Shalwar (or pajama) and Jinnah cap. This was never changed.

  • Sane

    @Raw is War
    How much fear would a “Hindu Terrorist” will create among the audience? None.

    Correct you are. No one is such a non sense to be terrorized by a Hindu, who are globally renowned cowards. So the audience (mostly Hindus) shall not be terrorized. You win the point. Have some milk and now sleep for a long time, not to come on this forum.Recommend

  • rahul sinha


    who is a coward and who is not is amply proved by the fact that you are a muslim today defending a faith which has nothing to do with the land of pakistan, and everything to do with desert culture.
    pakistan seems to be the best prototype for STOLKHOME SYNDROME.Recommend

  • rahul sinha

    and yes jews not long ago were too world renowned for their cowardice, guess who is cowering in fear of them now…..Recommend

  • Obaid

    Well written article.Good Job :)Recommend

  • Sridhar

    @ Sane (or should I say Insane)

    What happened to your brave soldiers when 90,000 of them surrendered to Hindu India in 1971.? They were happy raping the hapless Bengali women but when they had to confront real men, they bowed their heads in shame.

    Now what are the brave Pakistanis doing while Uncle Sam is FIXING your country?Recommend