Dr Abdus Salam: Pride Pakistan does not deserve

Published: July 7, 2012

Why take pride in his achievements now when he is gone? What suddenly makes him eligible to be a pride for Pakistan? GRAPHIC: SUNARA NIZAMI

Professor John Womersley, Chief Executive of the Science and technology Facilities Council, told reporters at a briefing in London that they have discovered a particle consistent with the Higgs boson

I’m sure that strikes a nerve with many knowing Pakistani’s. The Higgs’ boson, in Pakistan, is synonymous for Dr Abdus Salam; a scientist who was at the fore of this frontier of discovery in the 1970s. But rather than appreciation for his magnificent achievement, he was shunned and sidelined.


Dr Abdus Salam, Pakistan’s first and only theoretical physicist and Nobel Laureate, was also an Ahmadi.

His grand unification theory of strong, weak and electromagnetic fields opened the gateway for the discovery of bosons and laid down the basis for this quantum electrodynamics project.

Dr Salam would be a very happy man, had he been alive today, as Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam were the first to apply the Higgs mechanism to the breaking of the electroweak symmetry. This showed how a Higgs mechanism could be incorporated into Sheldon Glashow’s electroweak theory, in what became the Standard Model of particle physics.

Dr Salam along with Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for this discovery.

So most of you by now are wondering why so much commotion and celebration over the discovery?  What Is this Higgs Boson?

If you go back to the beginning, even before the Big Bang, particles didn’t have any masses, according to our understanding. There was just one very large force that all these particles interacted with. As the universe cooled down, particles gained mass by interacting with the Higgs boson.

So the reason you can’t push a car is because of the mass of the particles in the car interacting with a Higgs field.

The Higgs boson is the final piece of the Standard Model of Particle Physics, a theoretical model which describes the fundamental particles and forces that control our Universe. Finding the Higgs plugs a gaping hole in the Standard Model, the theory that describes all the particles, forces and interactions that make up the universe.

Scientists say it is a five sigma result which means they are 99.999% sure they have found a new particle which unfold many more mysteries about the universe we are all habitants of. This discovery holds colossal value; had the particle was shown not to exist, it would have meant tearing up the Standard Model and going back to the drawing boards for all those physicists who probably gave up more than just time in their lives towards the research.

Upon this discovery, Scientists at CERN are very interestingly terming it as the finding of “God Particle”.

Boy, won’t that name be attracting the attention of a lot of people out there who already believe science to be in some direct confrontation with god? So for all those who will probably fly off the handle and let their imaginations take over, the fact is, ‘God Particle’ isn’t what the scientists call it, it’s what the media calls it, and Atheism has nothing to do with it.

The name comes from a book which describes the search for the Higgs Boson. This book was originally going to be called ‘God-Damn Particle’– hinting at how elusive it is- but was changed to ‘The God Particle’ by the publishers.

An ironic fact that is worth a mention here is that, most physicists are staunch atheists or at least that is the general consensus, but Salam was one of the few firm believers of God.

Abdus Salam was known to be a devout Muslim, whose religion did not occupy a separate compartment of his life; it was inseparable from his work and family life. He once wrote:

“The Holy Quran enjoins us to reflect on the verities of Allah’s created laws of nature; however, that our generation has been privileged to glimpse a part of His design is a bounty and a grace for which I render thanks with a humble heart.”

For him, there was no such thing as Islamic science, Hindu science, Buddhist science, Christian, Jewish or Atheist science. It was the study of the Laws of Nature and the laws of nature were the laws of God. So he would emphasise not to put science in a box for if you did, then he thought you would not find progress.

Yet, Pakistan didn’t seem to accept him for his grandeur. Even when religion was a fundamental part of his research and the respect he held for it could not be challenged. Likewise was his love for Pakistan.

In 1974, the Pakistani parliament made a constitutional amendment that declared Ahmadis as ‘non-Muslims’.
In protest, Salam left Pakistan for London. Even after his departure, Salam did not completely terminate his connection to Pakistan, and kept close association with the Theoretical Physics Group as well as academic scientists from the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC). Leaving Pakistan in protest was something he greatly regretted because he loved his country. Unfortunately his country failed to reciprocate.

Dr Ishfaq Ahmad, former chairman of the PAEC and a lifelong friend of Salam recalls:

“Dr Abdus Salam was responsible for sending about 500 physicists, mathematicians and scientists from Pakistan, for doctorate’s to the best institutions in UK and US”.

How did the nation honour him then? By ostracising him and his faith.

Even the epitaph on his tomb which initially read “First Muslim Nobel Laureate”, because of Salam’s adherence to the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect, the word “Muslim” was erased on the orders of a local magistrate, leaving the nonsensical “First Nobel Laureate”.

Despite the immense services he had done for Pakistan and the government, he has been discriminated against because of his affiliation with the Ahmadiyya sect, which the Pakistan Government has formally denounced.

Yet, today, after so many years of controversy, this scientific achievement, set to go down in history, cannot be separated from the name Abdus Salam. That is exactly how Pakistani’s will remember it – as the day a scientific breakthrough made way and a Pakistani physicist had so much to do with it. A denounced Pakistani.

To Pakistan, he was an Ahmadi, deserving of scorn and ridicule. To the world and to me, at least, he was a legendary physicist.

Brilliance with no religion, no creed, no race, no caste and unfortunately, no country. Why call him Pakistani when we drew him away? Why take pride in his achievements now when he is gone? Why claim to have contributed to a discovery by a man you shunned? What suddenly makes him eligible to be a pride for Pakistan?

If only Pakistan had looked upon his achievements and awards without the lens of religious skepticism and discrimination on, we will see that personalities like him that exist amongst us even today, are a matter of pride. They deserve to be recognised, valued and appreciated- not shunned or denounced.

Anam K

Anam K

LLB graduate from the University of London.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Donku

    Hes was great man indeed. i think he wouldn’t have been discussed that much if he wasn’t an Ahmadi. can you please move to the next topic.Recommend

  • wewewwwew

    he was never side lined. he left the country as a protest in accordance to his religious affiliations.Recommend

  • Kamal Mohsin

    Dr Abdus Salam was a product of the British India. Pakistan could not, cannot, and will not make a scientific mind. Why? because of the structural & historical dysfunctionalities of the Pakistani sate and society. Remember, this was and is a tribal/feudal strip of the Indian subcontinent. Can this situation be repaired? Not in the short or medium term. Certainly not by the “democratic dispensation.” Without any doubt Pakistan does not deserve the greatness of Abdus Salam. It was by random accident that he found himself in Pakistan after August 14, 1947. Recommend

  • Hafeez

    This is an interesting blog. A mix of science, Abdus Salam’s achievements and our society as a whole. Thanks a lot for writing this up.Recommend

  • Humanity

    Thank you! A heart warming validation of human ingenuity granted to the blessed! May Dr. Salam’s love for his motherland espouse yearning for knowledge and respect for humanity among his country men and women.Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/sohaib_alam/ Sohaib Alam

    I sympathise with some of the sentiments in this article. However, there are a lot of physics, and otherwise factual, errors here. Firstly, Salam is not the first and last Pakistani theoretical physicist. There are and have been others, though Salam’s contribution shines through. It is true that Weinberg and Salam were the first to apply the Higgs mechanism to Sheldon Glashow’s SU(2) x U(1) model, and showed how you could generate masses for the W and Z bosons, but keep the photon (the particle of the electromagnetic field, or “light”) massless. This did not in any way lay the foundation for “quantum electrodynamics” (QED for short), which was a theory worked out earlier by Feynman, Schwinger and others. Furthermore, bosons were known to exist earlier as well. The word itself is derived from the Indian physicist’s name, Satyendra Nath Bose. What the Weinberg-Salam theory did (in some sense) complete was the electroweak model — a unified picture of the electromagnetic and weak nuclear interactions. There is also no such thing as “before the Big Bang”, as much as there is any point North of the North Pole — there exist certain models on how to generate a beginning in space-time (which is what the “Big Bang” really is), using String Theory (for example), but these models are not currently amenable to experimental scrutiny. Lastly, there are still quite a lot of people in Pakistan who deeply honor Salam’s contribution to the understanding of our universe. For such people, I say it’s quite alright to take some pride in knowing that one of their countrymen did very important work leading to this important discovery. Cheers.Recommend

  • Rahman

    From time to time I think about the real causes of our present mindset – the root cause of our prejudice, bigotry and radicalism. After reading “The Coffee House of Lahore By K K Aziz”, I feel ashamed as to what has gone on with him in Pakistan.
    “The Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, invited him to her residence, made coffee for him with her own hands, and sat on the carpet throughout the meeting near Salam’s feet, saying that was her way of honouring a great guest. Later in his tour of several Latin American countries, including Brazil, he was received everywhere at the airport by the head of the State.”Recommend

  • Mehboob Ahmed

    No Pakistanis take pride on Ajmal Qasab, Malik Ishaq, Hafiz Saeed and people like them.As a scientist if you have to take pride from Pakistanis you must sell Nuclear secrets to Iran,Libya Saudi Arabia etc before becoming a real hero. If bin Laden would have had been a Pakistani, his Legendary Jihad stories would become part of our social studies books. ( even now you can expect that after Imran Khan becoming PM)
    Very well written. Big hand of applause for you.Recommend

  • http://google NASSER J

    WHAT on earth has gone wrong with the ummah?

    WHY do we not honor an individual and leave the spiritual adjudication to the ultimate adjudicator? They have already taken the wrath and peeled away… just HOW much longer must we continue beating a dead horse? SHAME on those who incite such perverse divisions and violence. Some of our most honoured citizens are Ahmedis. For shame, for shame…Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK

    It’s intriguing how the country disowned the man, but claimed his work to be flaunted as a “Pakistani achievement”. You can’t have it both ways, you know…Recommend

  • apj

    This entire issue of Prof salam and the ahmadiyya community should come into focus in mainstream media so that their achievements can be appreciated and something be done about the persecution. But thankfully some sense is prevailing here at leastRecommend

  • Syed

    Totally biased article, Dr abdus salam is a great scientist ,This article is supposed to be scientific in nature, but you showed your biasdness, Abdus Salam e is a Ahmedi and a non muslim according to Pakistani Law and sharia, Thats it. Yes he is a minority Pakistani origin scientist. I think people living in EU/USA forget about touching sensitive issues. Dont advocate Abdus Salam religious belief’s. you are here to describe scientific achievements, dont cross the red line,Recommend

  • Imran Ahsan Mirza

    Salam was a genius and larger than life personality forgotten by some of his own mean countrymen. Due to the Higgs Boson’s discovery Dr Salam would be a very happy man if alive today, in 1967, Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam were the first to apply the Higgs mechanism to the breaking of the electroweak symmetry, and showed how a Higgs mechanism could be incorporated into Sheldon Glashow’s electroweak theory, in what became the Standard Model of particle physics. These gentlemen won Nobel Prize in 1979.

    Gravity is the hidden secret force of the universe and I think we are getting closer to unravel its true roots by establishing a link with other forces, Salam and others have their contribution to it. Mankind is one step closer to find true nature of gravity by knowing about Higgs Boson’s existence. Alas, Pakistan currently has no great scientist to contribute or become part of such profound research. Salam we miss you.Recommend

  • http://i.imgur.com/wPohA.jpg trollol

    thanks for writing this..kudos to Abdus Salam of the highest kind..trust me it is very easy to have a popular science account of these theories but very few people actually understand the underlying mathematics and know what is exactly going on….to rise out of Jhang like he did and contribute to theoretical physics like he did is not only amazing but very inspirational too…and it is very sad that he was shunned that way….they made him a football coach at GC Lahore.. for the sake of Higgs boson that is absolutely ridiculous..too bad he was born on this wretched land..:(..makes ones blood boil..
    look at the man explaining the standard model here..what a nice man…he was above everything, above every religion, above nationality, ethnicity, caste, creed, colour…he was a human that strived to understand and explain the world around him and to unravel the mysteries of nature! may he rest in peace!

    p.s: thanks for pointing out that the Higgs boson was originally to be dubbed as the ‘god-damn particle’ ..was going to write a blog about that but thanks now I can do some of the work I am supposed to do :)Recommend

  • http://doomedlionsinstarlight.wordpress.com Doomed Lions

    Abdu Salam carried out his Nobel prize winning work outside of Pakistan. I do not see how Pakistanis can lay claim to having a Nobel Prize winner from amongst them. Abdu Salam was as Pakistani as Veena Malik is. Just because he was born in Pakistan and grew up there, you link his work to his country of origin? Mind boggling! Recommend

  • sean

    Great Article Anam..Recommend

  • 1984

    Nice article to remind Pakistanis about the contributions of Abdus Salam

    You did mention about “Higgs Boson”.I think you should also have highlighted S.N.Bose’s contributions.He literally opened a can of worms by his supposed “mistake” in experiment which lead to Bose-Einstein statistics.Though,he never received any Nobel prize,he was honored by scientists by naming the subatomic as “boson” from his surname…Getting a scientific term named after someone is no small feat especially in 20th century when most of the names were takenRecommend

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/PakistaniHindus?feature=guide Pakistani Hindu

    I came to know about Dr Abdus Salam through my Indian friends. Never knew there was someone from Pakistan who’d won a noble laureate.. :(
    I am sorry Sir.. :(Recommend

  • Ahmadullah

    The story of the Higgs Boson revolves around many great physicists. And Salam and Weinberg one among many. Higgs of course and satyendranath Bose after whom bosons are named. That is a Hindu, ahmedi, Christian and Jew who made the science work, showing that science has little to do with religion.Recommend

  • Tej

    Truly a shame that this genius had to leave the country. In India, Satyendranath Bose, from whose name ‘boson’ is derived suffered a similar fate. He is largely forgotten today and even the extant government failed to accord him proper respect. Let’s hope desis learn to respect intellectuals instead of driving them away.Recommend

  • Julian

    An Interesting read, well researched, compiled and written, particularly enjoyed the decoupling of the ‘Atheist agenda’ associated with this very important international research project.

    Well done Editor and Tribune.Recommend

  • Lone Star

    Love you Anam for writing such a brilliant piece.Recommend

  • MastMaula

    Indeed!! Pakistan doesn’t deserve the Pride of Dr Abdus Salam. I, as an Indian take pride in his achievements but his home countrymen can not. He was a jewl from Indian subcontinent. Paksitan didn’t spare even his grave and maligned it by removing word ‘muslim’ on his grave. A country which couldn’t hounour her own son while living and after death, shouldn’t be allowed to even write/pronounce his name.
    Rest In Peace Dr. Salam.Recommend

  • Rational

    we are proud of the achievements by all pakistanis, muslim or non-muslim Recommend

  • http://Donothave Munir Masood

    I agree with written of this blog. One does not need to have a certificate fom fellow human beings to be or not to be a Muslim or a Christian or ahindu or a Buddhist or even an atheist. He was a believer in La ellah illah and in Kalma. Let people give any name to a believer in these words whether in line with Allah’s commandment or holy Prophet’s (PEace be upon him) or against but fact is world take him to be a Muslim and recognise his achievements in theoretical physics , development and promotion of research of physics and his services to his mother land, the nationality of which he never gave up till his death. Her proffered to be hurried in his mother no matter what foolish an stupid behaviour was meted out to his grave. Long live Dr Abdus Salam.Recommend

  • littlegiant

    Abdus Salam was one of the better physicists of the latter 20th century. It’s unfortunate that the labelling of Ahmedis as non-muslims by the Bhutto led regime had to coincide with his ascent to fame within and outside the nation. Having said that, he is well-liked by the pakistani educated and is very frequently mentioned in the national newspapers and media – perhaps more than any american nobel winning scientist is highlighted in their media. We should not be too hard on ourselves – education excellence does get great praise among the middle-class of Pakistan – all the nobel prize winners in America of the last decade get less than ten percent of recognition than someone like Kobe Bryant alone in the USA – this is a fact – not an opinion.Recommend

  • http://myspace.com/taravadu Kulamarva Balakrishna

    Vienna,July 7,2012
    Dr.Abdus Salam, I recall him as addressed the Ismaili Agha Khan
    sponsored Humanitarian endeavors in Pakistan.He was addressing
    the gathering here at the grand conference hall of Hofburg glorifying
    what he described Islamic Science.He said Islam was a religion of
    science.He will be remembered outside Pakistan and especially by
    intellectuals.For the young ones, he built the Theoretical Research
    Institute at Trieste, Italy.Beneficiaries were from the developing
    countries including Pakistan.Peter Higgs is alive Salam is no more
    when the boson confirmation was announced in Meyrin on the French
    border near Geneva. I know many Pakistani friends who are proud
    of him even though Mullahs shun him because they believe faith
    is the real science.
    Taravadu Taranga Trust for Media Monitoring India
    –Kulamarva Balakrishna Recommend

  • http://Noweb A ul Jahanzeb

    I had the honour to attend the first death anniversary of great poet Prof Faiz Ahmad Faiz held in Hotel then Intercontinental at Lahore, Pakistan. The great physist was the chief guest at this occasion. He started his key note speech(in my words) that when invited by the organisors of the anniversy of this poet to chair it’d proceedings I was surprised and could not make out what was common amongst us, he was a great poet and a writer and I was a humble sciencetist. After pondering over for quite some time I succeeded to find out a common character amongst ourselves and it was that both of us were belittled in the eyes of people of our beloved country. So, readers donot be worried of the views held by them about Prof Abus Salam, he was a great scientist in the eyes of scientific world.Recommend

  • Tch tch

    No doubt he was a great scientist and he did alot for his country and developing world at ICTP. But to be honest he had very little to contribute to the Weinburg model. The Noble prize was not deserved. Its disappointing but we should be honest of his contributions.
    Abdus Salam: A Reappraisal,How to Win the Nobel Prize Norman Dombey. Arivx.org*
    Aside from his own choice of leaving Pakistan mainly because of the non existance of any scope of his theoratical Physics work. He was never “Denounced”. He was offered the highest position available to scientist in the country, even in Zia regime. By his own admission he was opposed to the Nuclear program and chose not to be part of it. His later position on Ahmedi persecution was after the fact. (Cosmic Anger, Jaswant Sinsh Bio of Abdus salam).
    Seriously we should stop making things up.Recommend

  • Tch tch

    No doubt he was a great scientist and he did alot for his country and developing world at ICTP. But to be honest he had very little to contribute to the Weinburg model. The Noble prize was not deserved. Its disappointing but we should be honest of his contributions.
    Abdus Salam: A Reappraisal,How to Win the Nobel Prize Norman Dombey. Arivx.org*
    Aside from his own choice of leaving Pakistan mainly because of the non existance of any scope of his theoratical Physics work. He was never “Denounced”. He was offered the highest position available to scientist in the country, even in Zia regime. By his own admission he was opposed to the Nuclear program and chose not to be part of it. His later position on Ahmedi persecution was after the fact.(Cosmic Anger, Jaswant Sinsh Bio of Abdus salam).
    He received multiple Civilian Honor, Commemorative postage stamp (That I own btw), and the name of a chair at Lums.
    Seriously we should stop making things up. Recommend

  • Abul Jahanzeb

    This great sciencetist was invited by the organisers of first death anniversary of great poet Prof Faiz Ahmad Faiz. They were also colleagues in Government College,Lahore, he chaired and delivered his key note address to the audience,. His opening sentence was some what like this. I was astonished when He received the invitation from the organisors of the anniversary. He(Salam) started pondering upon the commonality between him and the great poet. After some time he found the one and that was both of them were hated/disliked by a minority of people of their beloved country. They cared a fig for this and marched on to attain height in their respective fields a lesson for all of usRecommend

  • maj

    A great muslim Scientist which a 20th Century have ever produced. Muslim’s Einstein of the age.
    May Allah rest his soul in piece. May the grandeur of Muslims return back, for which he worked for his whole life? Pakistanis will definitely, one day recognise his achievements. Inshallah. We are very proud of you, Salam. Salam to you. .Recommend

  • JSM

    What is a boson? Recommend

  • Abdus Salam

    .This article is supposed to be scientific in nature, but you showed your biasedness, Abdus Salam is an Ahmedi and a non muslim according to Pakistani Law and sharia, thats it.Don’t advocate Abdus Salam religious belief’s. you are here to describe scientific achievements, dont cross the red line.He was great man indeed. I think he wouldn’t have been discussed that much if he wasn’t an Ahmadi. can you please move to the next topic.
    To my Indian comrades,pls spare at least this type of forum from your genetic hatred towards Pakistan.We are a separate state, get over it.
    You could have been a “nice elderly brother” and helped us stand on our feet independently but rather you spare no chance of dragging the soil under our feet.Does’nt matter, we will learn to stand up after falling down.We have to learn to stand-up and we will, by the grace of God.Peace unto you!Recommend

  • Parvez

    Dr.Salam lay claim to being a Muslim and a Pakistani – that was his greatness.
    Pakistan ostracized and cast him out – that is our eternal shame.
    The Italians deserve credit for recognising this man and allowing him to flourish in their land.Recommend

  • Komal S

    @Abdus Salam:

    Of course people are going to talk about it, what red line are you talking about? The Pakistani law mentioned here got passed by narrow minded folks. The point is 40-50 years after that Pakistan has gone from bad to worse, because too many people in Pakistan have been keeping quiet. Sane people all over the world including pakistan have understood the cost of keeping quiet. People like Salman Tasseer get killed for speaking up for minorities. The hatredness does not stop at Ahmedi’s, Hindus and Christians. It is also going after Shia, Sufi, Baloch etc… Recommend

  • Irene Bhajat

    I like how the article is very balanced yet has strong emotions without over powering the science. well done author. also some comments here are very prejudiced, sad really. Recommend

  • Ahsan Iqbal

    finally somebody has highlighted the discrimination in our society which hinders many great men like dr salam to be recognized. Applaud ET and the writer. and for all of you attacking the writer as being biased, for god sake, stating facts ain’t being biased!! as for my indian fellows, this article is about ABDUS SALAM, why the hell would the writer talk about anyone else? Recommend

  • faraz

    @Abdus Salam: You said it so rightly brother, couldn’t have been better!Recommend

  • sohail

    thanks for that elusive insight anamRecommend


    EXCELLENT ! Keep it up !Recommend

  • Ali tanoli

    I got one word for u guys and its Iqbal the great eastren poet who said ”
    Ki Muhammad se wafa tu ne to hum terey hai
    Ye Jahan cheez hai kya loh o qalam tere hai..Recommend

  • Bashir

    Good article, Dr Salam is a real hero of Pakistan but it is unfortunate that he not recognised as one in Pakistan because of his faith. His name is systematically removed from the text books and self created heroes are glorified hence distorting the history. This narrow minded approach partly sponsored by the state in collaboration with zealous mullas has created a mindset in Pakistan where people like Qadri, Ajmal Kasab are symbolised as heroes. It is such shame that even the world most notorious terrorist OBL is considered as a hero by certain segment within Pakistan. Where is this nation heading? Pakistan needs to get out of this mindset and shun religious and ethenic intolerance to avoid the self distruction path it has embarked upon. Recommend

  • http://facebook.com/wiikimalik Waqas Malik

    Life’s so cruel around this neighbour hood. Religion has pushed our cognitive abilities to the edge of darkness. Dr. Abdus Salam was a great scientist, and he was a Muslim, died as proud Muslim. But his pride was not his religion, it was his humanity and the love for it.

    British government apologized to Alan Turing decades after his death for his achievements. His error was being a homosexual according to laws of that time. The words of regrets were acknowledged anyway.

    I’d be very much happy to say to him today being a Pakistani… “I’m Sorry.”
    I hope someday Government of Pakistan will also follow.Recommend

  • Confused

    Abdus Salam’s achievement was his own, not Pakistans. Please don’t belittle his feat by adding all of us and our ineptitude in it. Only he had the right to call his research his nation’s if he wanted to, not us.Recommend

  • Waqar

    @Tch tch:
    Pity on u and ur silly comments my Friend… I’ve read ur comments on every other News relating to the Ahmadiyya Community which are totally biased and against the Community…

    Can u just stop lying for once…? Just Once…?

    U say ” The Noble prize was not deserved. ”
    I mean are u kidding me or something…? Do u thing the people giving away the Noble Awards do it for fun or just like that…? …My advice to u… Think a BILLION times before u type something man….for ur own sake…!!!
    Also…the link u provided has flaws….its a biased article from a person who got hurt from not using the full word “Weinberg-Salam” in his writings…. another fact that proves its flaws is the following statement…”He was a member of the Ahmaddiya sect of Shia Islam ” Shia Islam…really?

    then u say…”He was never “Denounced”
    Seriously…!!! U mean being a Professor of Mathematics and given to manage the Football team…. is this not ridiculing a Man of his stature….
    Then the Fact that Not a single Govt Official was present at his funeral procession show’s who Denounced who…. on the other hand He was offered Nationality from many countries which he “Denounced” because of his deep love for his homeland…The Institute in Trieste was built after he was not allowed to build it in his homeland…

    The first time that a Verse from the Holy Quran was read out in the Noble Awards was by Dr.Abdus Salam… and then the Fact that he was the First Person to be allowed to wear his Native Pakistani Shalwar-Kameez and Shirwani Dress speaks volume’s about his affiliation and Love for Pakistan…

    Such was his great Stature and ppl like u will continue to defame Pakistan’s true heroes…

    In ur own words…i also say…”Seriously we should stop making things up.”Recommend

  • Ray Allen

    First of all excellent article i must say,for countless reasons to be honest.First and foremost it shed light on great achievement by a PAKISTANI man ,a scientist who discovered something most people wont be able to or simply don’t have the capabilities to and shedding light on his achievements is a very good piece of work Ms Anam.secondly this article showed another side totally of the topic and that side was how our people are, the level of discrimination within them and there short failings in recognizing something which is amazing.Also reading through the comments shows how people are narrow minded the fact they cannot accept certain religions,people,causes,ideas, achievements based on hate or dislike.
    I hope you write more of these Ms Anam it was a nice read. Recommend

  • Waqar

    “In 1974, the Pakistani parliament made a constitutional amendment that declared Ahmadis as ‘non-Muslims’.
    In protest, Salam left Pakistan.”

    There are certain basis on which a person is called Muslim. Of course, If a model, in physics is put forward by some, but experts in the physics find that it is violating the basic laws of physics, that model can’t be accepted. If a person comes along with odd beliefs and claims to be a muslim, experts in Islam (Islamic jurists) find his beliefs not compatible with Islam, that person should not call himself Muslim. In Pakistan, if a ahmedi is calling himself ahmedi, we muslims don’t have problem. But if he calls himelf muslim, of course, it is not accepted! I think every one knows, in the name of Islam, ahmedis are broadcasting their channels in many european and other countries. They even have websites, in the name of islam most renown with the name http://www.alislam.org/. Of course, these channels and websites creat the impression that ahmedis are following islam and they are muslims, which is not true. To summarize, if ahmedis don’t claim themselves muslims, we have no problem with them.
    Regarding Salam as a physicist, there is no doubt that he is revered everywhere even in Pakistan, and was revered here even before his death. Few days back, I happened to to be part of a program where Dr Ishfaq (Dr Ishfaq Ahmad, former chairman of the PAEC and a lifelong friend of Salam; as the writer of this article rightly claimed) was invited. He recalled that when Salam was awarded noble prize and he planned to visit Pakistan, the then President of Pakistan, Zia-ul-Haq (remember the so called icon of islam!!!) oredered that Salam should be given tha protocol of president when he would arrive here. The president gave him a lot of respect. (How many people know about it, a presidential well come to scientist!!! what else can one expect, I think only this gesture was enough. How many noble laureates have received such a welcom???) Even the chairman of the PAEC was asked to arrange his (Salam’s ) visit to various factions of PAEC where he held meetings with several heads. he was then invited in many universities for the lecture. He was made honorary Chancellor of Quaid i Azam University Islamabad! Dr Ishfaq concluded that he was given as much honour as we (pakistanis including president) could give him.
    There is his group photo with proud students and teachers of Department of Physics, University of Karachi which is still there in department staff room. Giving weight to his suggestions, various institutions and departments were constructed and so on. In short, his role has been immense as far as dissimination of physics in Pakistan is concerned. He is role model of many muslims even mine!!!.
    Becuse of few people, we can’t say he has not been given due respect. This is a pity with this nation, that heros are rarely given the due respect. What happened to Quaid i Azam, Liaquat Ali Khan. Even recently almost every one knows, how Dr Abul Kalam in India was awarded and how Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan of Pakistan was degraded!!! In honoring the heros, our record is very bad as a whole so Salam was not as much honored as he should have been he is a pride Pakistan deserve!!!
    I think leaving Pakistan as a protest made him controversial. He himself was the cause of controversy!!!
    If Salam had nothing to do with religion, why then he left Pakistan in protest on a verdict which was the voice of most muslims?Recommend

  • Pakistani

    Lets not mix science and religion. NO doubt Dr Salam was a great physicist however he was an Ahmedi.

    Though his achievements are not diminished by his religious orientations however, simply by Sharia he was a non muslim as he inspite of is immense intelligence choose to adhere to tred a path which by basic Islamic beliefs made him a non muslim. That is is as per Sharia as well as a parliamentary decree passed by majority of Pakistanis; hence a law of the land

    Rest his protest to leave the country was his choice. Hence owning him or honouring him became a difficult issue.

    Lets leave it that way Recommend

  • nemomil

    @Tch tch:
    “the Noble (sic) prize was not deserved”; first of all it’s “Nobel” you prize twit. Next, your conceit amazes me, perhaps the committee that nominates Nobel prize winners in Physics should consult with you; given the level of erudition in your post I am sure it will provide them some comic relief.Recommend

  • sadhaf

    I am realy confused here if he was a non muslim why every now and then you find quotes from Quran in his speaches and writings. This is quite a contradictionRecommend

  • Hassan

    @Kamal Mohsin:
    Pakistan does not deserve the greatness of Abdus Salam ? why is pakistan still a 3rd world country why is the government begs money from 1st World Countries they are Even not Muslims but still appreciated and are followed by Pakistanis…. Recommend

  • Hassan

    @Sohaib Alam:
    But Still Salam is the Only Noble Prize winner for Pakistan…How Many Pakistan has in 62 years ?now if you think Noble Prize is not a High Prize then it is your thinking….Recommend

  • Muhammad Shoaib Akif

    Reason and religion resist each other. Most of humans know this fact, so must you, Anam. It was not without the reason that Europeans, inventors and discoverers of almost everything but ‘God’, separated the church from state-governing system- hundreds of years ago. Best, Shoaib Akif-Recommend

  • Abul Jahanzeb

    What a pity to compare a nueck formula seller to literary persons of repute. In animosity one or gets facts to make such persons hero..Recommend

  • http://Followqurantoruletheworld,aclearmsgfromdrabdulsalamwork MAJamali

    Follow quran to rule the world, a clear msg from dr abdul salam workRecommend

  • Waqar

    He made himself controversial by leaving Pakistan on a verdict which was voice of most of Muslims. It is the magnanimity of then President Zia ul Haq that Salam was given presidential protocol in Pakistan on his arrival here after receiving Nobel Prize. Besides he was conferred “Nishan e Imtiaz”; the highest honor given to any civilian in Pakistan. moreover, he was also awarded ‘sitara-e-imtiaz”. He was made honorary chancellor of Quaid i Azam university. I mean how else could he been honored. What more you expect?
    If religion was not an issue, why did he left on a verdict that was purely religion related. I think some of us should look into it. I do hope many interesting facts would come out.
    Let’s face it. He was a great Pakistani, Ahmadi Physicist! Every one here has no doubt in his brilliance and most including the writer is trying to drag religion here.
    I ask, how else how he be honored?Recommend

  • Mehboob Ahmed

    By reading the the comments most people can understand what’s the level of Intellectuality in Pakistan religious and scientific, One guy wrote Salam didn’t deserve Nobel prize. he is not a single jerk in Pakistan, its voice of religious idiot ism in it , who if get to decide about the Nobel prize winners, would give 20 Nobel prizes(honorary) to Dr Abdulqadeer, up to 10 to Usama bin laden, and at least 1 Nobel prize to Nawaz sharif for Great achievement in the field of Nuclear Physics by demonstrating to world that Pakistan has Nuclear weapon.
    Hats off to all the jerks
    and those who are deciding, about who’s Muslim and who’s not. Ridiculous comments these are, If its so than All the current Muslims had been called Kafirs by most of their opponents. Oh and Pakistan’s Parliaments declaration of Ahmadis as Non Muslims is a general Muslim Ummah decision, than why don’t other Muslim Countries have not declared them Non muslim, Even Saudi Arabia has not declared them non Muslim. The best is to pray ” Oh my Lord , Save Islam from Pakistanis and Pakistan”Recommend

  • Mehboob Ahmed

    So an Ahmadi leaves Pakistan , stays in Saudi Arabia, U A E, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria ,India ,Iran ,Iraq and rest of the Muslim World he is a Muslim but Not in Pakistan. Masha Allah Masha Allah. I am awaiting when will Pakistan Parliament gonna declare the other minority sects as Non Muslims
    Cheers for all mullahsRecommend

  • Waqar

    I think every one should impartially read the following article:

  • sherry

    @Ali tanoli:
    brilliant , u summed it up, Recommend

  • BM

    Way back in 1980, I made a speech in class four of my school in Lahore ‘why I want to be a scientist.’ One of the lines I remember is that Dr. Addus Salam is my ideal, and I want to follow in his footsteps. How things have changed since then.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is a statue of Dr. Salam in a park in Dhaka. We have not honored this great man in Pakistan, typical of how we treat our heroes. For me, he remains one of the greatest, if not the greatest, sons of the soil.Recommend

  • Umer


    Do you think he knows what he is talking about?

    He [Salma] was a member of the Ahmaddiya sect of Shia Islam which was viewed
    by Pakistan’s orthodox Sunni population as heretical
    [Page: 4]

    Sounds like a case of professional jealousy to me. He did not get Nobel Prize and Salam did.Recommend

  • Tch tch

    Follow the Link I posted in the end and read it. Its from a close colleague of his who has done a very detailed analysis of Salams work.
    Salam has almost nothing to do with the Weinburg model. Its simply stating the facts. Nothing to go crazy about.The Nobel committee is made of Humans and is prone to over sight and errors. Just of top of my how Watson and Crick excluded Rosalind Franklins contribution to elucidating the structure of DNA.
    Even outside the discussion of Nobel prize its not unusual of Scientist campaigning for Self promotion and excluding others . There entire legacy hangs on the balance and they can be ruthless.e.g notoriously the censoring of Robert Hooke and Liebwontz in the royal Academy by Newton. A much less egregious case was Eisntein excluding the contributions of his first wife Milvena Maric in his Anuus Mirablis papers.

    I was sceptical at first but if you go through the article I posted and then fact check you will come to the same conclusion. Salam did not contribute sufficiently enough to the unification model to have deserved the Nobel Prize. The historical evidence is pretty damning actually. http://arxiv.org/abs/1109.1972Recommend

  • Umer

    @Ali tanoli:

    I got one word for u guys and its Iqbal the great eastren poet who said ”

    Two things;

    Everyone can see how Iqbal’s Pakistan has turned out,
    The whole world has progressed and they did not even need Iqbal for that. Ask anyone in the east, outside of Pakistan, and they have not even heard of Iqbal let alone consider him a “great” “eastern” poet.

    Time to forget about Iqbal. Did not help one bit.Recommend

  • Salman

    Who are we to judge anybody’ religion, are we sure Sunnis, Shias, barelvis etc, etc and etc are Muslims considering their deeds. We in the name of Islam behead people, loot even our brothers and nation, elect corrupt politicians. We are a society of bigots and hypocrites and liers. Should we not get our own selves in order before we point fingers at other people ,societies and religions. Shame on us. Even Egyptians, Yemenis are a more morally correct societies who could rise up to the need of hour and against corruption and oppressions. We are a sleepy and ignorant lot with 12percent only middle class, ultra rich class who are ruling the country in the name of democracy, religion and personal vested interests, oblivious to the decay of our society. The rest are poor and weakened majority who would rather die of hunger than come on the street and die for a revolution. A nation which does not recognize and honor its true heroes is certainly doomed to fail.
    My salute to our true but forgotten heroes which also includes Dr Salam. May a time comes when his greatness will be recognized.Recommend

  • Sheraz

    Quite liked your article and was the question I asked myself many times about the different views of people about dr. Adbul Islam and Dr. AQ Khan. I would agree with you that if another Dr with a mainstream sect would have done such thing – may have been highlighted more. however, it may have been completely opposite too. I think Pakistani’s are known for not respecting their heroes anyway.

    I see too big flaws in your tribute…
    1. you have linked religion and profession in one place. The basic ahmadi concept makes it completely different from Islamic teaching so declaring ahmadhi’s as non-muslim does not in anyway make them non-Pakistani’s.
    2. Dr. AQ Khan has been humiliated in such a way that probably someone will not try to be a hero of this nation.

    in short, do not please try to highlight someone’s achievements and hinder them with society’s religious or cultural values. Heroes are heros, no doubt, Abdul salam’s work will be remembered and model for the future generations.Recommend

  • Umer

    In what is perhaps a sign of the growing Islamic extremism in the country, Pakistan’s only Nobel laureate, who helped develop the theoretical framework that led to the apparent discovery of the subatomic “God particle” last week, is being largely scorned in his homeland because of his religious affiliation.

    Higgs boson physicist shunned in PakistanRecommend

  • xxyz

    I don’t understand why did we disown, Dr.Abdus Salam, being an Ahmedi, while we ‘hogged’ on to Brogen Das, remember who he was, a Pakistani from then East Pakistan, and Hindu by religion who crossed the English Channel !!!!!!
    In the Golden Age of Islamic discoveries in Spain, Jews or Christians were not shunned because of the religion, rather they were given full honor and privileges as a citizen of the state.
    Our great Prophet (SAW), encouraged to gain knowledge by going to China, which certainly was not Muslim country then or nowRecommend

  • Salam

    Pakistan is currently living in stone age thanks to the bearded and uneducated monkeys who are threatening any one who shows some intelligence. It will soon look like Afghanistan which will make these monkeys happy since they are against any progress.Recommend

  • http://x Prof.M.S.Khalid,

    @Sohaib Alam:
    Thanks for deeply involved critical/explanatory comments. But I think that no body ever said like this that Dr. Salam is the first and last Pakistani theoretical physicist. No sir, no. How it could be or said so. What was factually referred to/ or said, is like this that he was the first muslim physicist and the first Nobel prized Pakistani. And he will remain as the last one till the time some other Pakistani genius scientist wins such a coveted prize. And one shares your comments that ‘there are and have been others( theoretical physicists) in pakistan’, no doubt and surely you are one of them. I wish even greater glories for the talented ones. But the position, place and the unprecedented world-wide recognition and appreciation of this son of the soil of Jhang, continues to be a source of national pride and honor for his motherland Pakistan. And let me inform you that had Dr. Salam lived one or two more years of life, he would have won two more Nobel prizes. The Higgsboson experiments have proved the truthfulness of Dr. Salam’s theoretical research writings/ forebodings, 16 years after his death. Had he been alive, this would have surely make him entitled to another Nobel Award. But the departed, dead ones are not given Nobel prize. Anyhow, the soul of Dr. Salam must have been very relieved and happy at this particular moments when another theory he propounded has proved to be true. Alhamdolillah. All praise to God Almighty.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Dr Salam was a physicist and remains a physicist, a successfu scientist. These categories of people do not beong to a country but to the whoe word. It is petty to box him in for one or other country. Remember like others he was only able to use on average ony 18% of his brain potential, the remaining 82% unused.

    Follow his footsteps there is more than 80% unexplored mystries in the field of knowledge still left.

    Rex Minor Recommend

  • usman

    A Pakistani should be a Pakistani.. Religion should come after that.
    In war.. Everyone regardless of their religion would be fighting to defend this country.

    If we treat minorities like this.. then why do we complain if other countries treat us Muslims in a bad way?
    Makes no sense, why complain when we are worse than them.Recommend

  • HUM

    @Abdus Salam:
    Who the hell died and made you in-charge, “do not cross red line”
    are you serious?Recommend

  • elementary

    @Tch tch: Do you have a degree in Physics ? Do you even know what unification theory is and what Dr Abul Salam’s contribution was to it?
    Nobel Prize committee consists of humans true ,but they are accomplished and renowned Physicists themselves who know what they are looking at.Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    Ahmadis or qadiani are treated as Muslims in India by law and constitution. Secondly, when you have murderer of a governor, qadari as your hero , salam cannot be your hero at all. It’s called collective herd psychology. We do not become modern by using computer and typing in English. It’s a ” state of mind ” and not mind in a state. Cheerio Recommend

  • AdnanKiani

    Totally biased article, Dr abdus salam is a great scientist and his scientific work is admired and accepted in Pakistan also, every student in Pakistan knows about him,This article propagates scientific work work of Dr.Abdusslaam to criticise the beliefs of the majority community of Pakistan and Pakistan’s Law, Abdus Salam e is a Ahmedi and a non muslim according to Pakistani Law and sharia, Thats it. Yes he is a minority Pakistani origin scientist. Abdusslaam was a great scientist and a true Pakistani so he and all who are tru Pakistanis must abid by thelawe of Pakistan which is according to will of the majority community(Muslims defined by Constitution of Pakistan) of Pakistan. Otherwise it is against the wishes of People of Pakistan. Please Do not advocate Abdus Salam religious belief’s in the cover of his scientific beliefs. you are humiliating his scientific achievements and his belonging to Pakistan.Recommend

  • Tehniyat Bukhari

    Let’s not mix religion with science. No one is disagreeing that he was a great scientist but the fact that he left his country because a law was passed declaring his sect as non-Muslim should not have hampered his loyalties. Religion and state are two different entities. If Pakistan has indeed not given him due credit(this is debatable, though) then it is not because he was an AHMEDI. Dr. A.Q.Khan was not one, and see what has been done to him. Kindly refrain from spreading information which may eventually lead to sectarian violence. The dire straits we are in, as of now, I don’t really think we can afford any more fuel in the fire. By religion, we do agree that Ahmedis are not Muslims, a fact that cannot be challenged. But I doubt if THAT was the cause of the not-so-appreciable-lack-of-recognition of Dr. Salam. If he chose to leave the country because he was declared a non-Muslim, then he preferred sectarian affiliation over national interest. Although I severely doubt this was predominantly his reason for migrating, a contributing factor maybe. We are not all historians and hence we cannot retain the right of absolute judgment. If the magistrate chose to remove the word Muslim, SORRY TO SAY he was honoring the law, something Islam also preaches. Lets not condemn the Bhutto regime for clarifying something that could have had the potential of being a great source of turmoil/disruption/dispute in the Muslim Ummah. Give credit where deserved and kindly limit bias to personal opinions not in scientific works.Recommend

  • afranhamid

    Well to be very honest, it seems that this article was not written about Abdus Salam but it is written to denounce Pakistan. Can’t you people see how much this article puts a negative light on Pakistan. Miss Anam Khalid Alvi (The writer of this Article) you should focus on other things more rather than try to defame Pakistan. Express Tribune and this writer be ashamed of theirselves that they are defaming Pakistan. This article is not about Abdus Salam, it is more towards representing Pakistan as a country with Negative impact.

    I am a Pakistani and i am a Proud of it, and according to Islam anyone who does not believe in the Finality of Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad Salalhu Alahe Waalahe Wasalam along with other core principles is not a Muslim in anyway! We appreciate Professor Abdus Salam as a great Physics Professor who served Pakistan and this thing has nothing to do with his religion or beliefs. If any Hindu Or Christian have done something good for Pakistan than he would also be appreciated. So please just don’t try to show the negative side of the Pakistan by writing such biased articles that shows the negative side of the story. Recommend

  • BM

    If Dr. Abdus Salam was not sidelined then why don’t we teach our kids that he made us proud by earning a Nobel Prize. By the way let me tell you, even after leaving Pakistan he kept working for betterment of Pakistanis. After earning Nobel Prize (i.e. 1979, 5 years after been declared Non-Muslim) he wanted to establish a research institute in Pakistan but our Government didn’t approve his plans. Then he established this institute in Italy, where most of the beneficiaries are students from developing world @wewewwwew: Recommend

  • a

    @Kamal Mohsin:
    You are also born in the same area by accident – what is your contribution to science.Recommend

  • Randi

    Reading some of the comments above I am given the distinct impression (sadly) that people are so obsessed with religion that they will use it to rationalize and justify any person or country they believes something different. My understanding of the Muslim faith is that it preaches tolerance, however he we see all the hateful comments about, England, US, India and other countries/religions.

    Why is it not possible for people to simply let people have an alternative opinion and simply state that you disagree.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    Do not try to mix the issues … he was a great scientist no doubt … any non muslim can be a good scientist … so was he … whats the big deal ? how many muslim scientists/achievers have we honored in Pakistan ? Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    Education is a must there. But more than that, a curriculum which teaches about humanity. I am from gujranwala by ancestry and it pains my heart to see and read what is happening there. I live in west Bengal. Please handle my ancestral lands for humanity sake. Thank you Recommend

  • ProudPak

    @Doomed Lions:

    It’s neither fair nor funny to compare his situation with Veena Malik. He was not only raised in Pakistan, but even after getting higher education and research opportunities abroad he worked for betterment of Pakistan. Please note that in 1960s he played a leading role in creation of Space and Nuclear technology programs/institutions in Pakistan.

    Hence, we can be proud of him being a Pakistani.Recommend

  • http://apnamirpurkhas-wafaqkhan.blogspot.com/ wafaq Khan

    Yes indeed he was a great Scientist.Recommend

  • Umer

    @Baba Ji:

    any non muslim can be a good scientist

    Question is, can any muslim be a good scientist? Out of 1.5 billion how many examples do you have?Recommend

  • Laurie

    Dont cross the red line you say? So we should be happy if minorities are persecuted in Pakistan? Maybe we should also be happy that native americans, africans, japanese etc were persecuted in America. Maybe we shouldn’t have worried about Jews and Gypsies being persecuted in Germany. And of course there was nothing wrong with educated people being persecuted in Cambodia. And of course those Hutu’s in rwanda, well, they were just looking after their own business! Yes, we shouldnt worry at all, after all, there is no chance that a little persecution can lead to any harm!

    I am sorry, did I cross a line?Recommend

  • http://myspace.com/taravadu Kulamarva Balakrishna

    Vienna,July 10,2012
    I have read some of the comments confuse faith and dedicated
    attention.The words in subcontinental classic language Sanskrit
    have wider range to be understood according to the context.For
    example “dharma” means,religion,law,quality etc.Similarly “faith”
    described by word “shraddha” meaning devoted attention. So it
    is better to realize not all time Muslim can be a scientist since
    Muslim demands absolute faith in whatever is understood to be
    the core of Islamic religion.In that sense Dr.Abdus Salam was only
    five times a day prayer time Muslim and rest of the time scientist.
    That does not make him lesser scientist because his ability to
    focus his intelligence on a chosen theme.That way Dr.Salam had
    greater intellectual focusing ability.Science is beyond the general
    “faith fools”! That is the tragedy of Islamist ideology followers. I
    must not forget to add similar fate overcomes the Hindu hooligan
    Taravadu Taranga Trust for Media Monitoring TTTMM India
    –Kulamarva Balakrishna Recommend

  • usman

    @Prabhjyot Singh Madan
    Thankyou for your kind words.
    I pray everyday that this country settles down.
    As you can see.. There are two types of Muslims here.. One who are extremists and other who believe in humanity first then religion.
    Everyone should be given equal rights.. But sadly Pakistan is only for Muslims..
    If a non muslim is to be executed for blasphemy then a Muslim too should be executed for making fun of someone else’e religion.
    Even the literate people here talk like.. Qadianio ke shakal per lanat hoti hai?
    Christians say boo ati hai?

    This is what we have become!

    Soon these extremist types will be one with the taliban because they think like them.
    Honestly i dont see any future of Pakistan other than these extremists taking over and making this country Talibanistan. (the mindset is there).

    I can only Pray that instead of getting brainwashed by Mullahs, People revive the true Islam.. Which teaches humanity and tolerance,Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    In order to learn English , you need to learn the alphabets first. Abdus salam started the atomic programme in Pakistan first.he was the pioneer from whom onwards, aq khan, your messiah carried on onwards. Even your great dictator zia ul haq awarded him a civilian award on winning the Nobel prize in 1979. The ahmadis of India hate Pakistan from their heart on hearing news about what atrocities, Pakistan is throwing at them. My qadiani friend says I am happy in India because India accepts us as Muslim under Muslim personal law. Please don’t make the land of my ancestors a living hell. Thank youRecommend

  • Natarajan Ganesan

    The most odd irony is the Pati-Salam model (with an Indian scientist Dr. Jogesh Pati) for the Grand-unification theory. Its so good to such joint works with scientists working across borders. Wish more of such things happened.Recommend

  • Optimistic

    @Abdus Salam:
    i just wana say that the people who have hatred and jealousy in their words and thoughts always fall and fall again and can never stand up and God do not bless them with his grace.. thats why pakistan is at such condition and because of people like these it deserve to be like this Alas!Recommend

  • Optimistic

    very well said Recommend

  • Optimistic

    ur words really reflects so called pakistanis that why pakistan is in this condition… Recommend

  • Oskar

    “So the reason you can’t push a car is because of the mass of the particles in the car interacting with a Higgs field.”

    Maybe you just left your handbrake on?Recommend

  • Oskar


    “If Salam had nothing to do with religion, why then he left Pakistan in protest on a verdict which was the voice of most muslims?”

    Because he believed in the freedom, which his native country was unable to provide him. He went to a country where he could say openly more things.Recommend

  • Waqar

    @Mehboob Ahmed:
    @Prabhjyot Singh Madan:

    If Ahmadis are treated as muslims, why are they not allowed to perform Hajj.
    If you don’t believe follow the link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr0LwbKgpZ4
    i think you know only muslims can enter the the Makkah and Madinah.
    Indian government does not have right to declare them muslims. You must ask the scholars of Islam in India to confirm whether ahmadis are muslims. Here is Dr Zakir Naik version that i found easily:
    The most famous school of islamic learning has also declared ahmadis as non muslims.

  • Waqar

    I think the discussion was about whether Salam has been appropriately honored. I think to some extend he was but every one here agrees that he should have been more. Our society is not scientific society. people are not literate enough which can be judged by the no of publication of newspapers, books etc. I believe even if any x muslim wins a noble prize in physics, people won’t be most bothered.
    the pity is, the discussion has twisted and now some people here are trying to discuss already discussed issue. I think every one should be clear in mind that Ahmadis have nothing to do with Islam. The only problem we Muslims have with them is that, they call themselves Muslims and call their religion islam.
    All and sundry can’t make comment about physics, for example. only experts can and should do. If an interested layman, make comments about any theory, we can’t give weight to his views because he is after all not trained. Same goes with Islam. The pity is, every person tries to become smart enough to comment on issues which can cost any person his iman. I mean, can a person holding MBA degree can comment of law affiars? or will a sick person ask prescription from a person having law degree. So the the point is, if a person does not have adequate knowledge of Islam, he can’t just dictate his views. i think many commentars here are ignorants as far as Islam is concerned yet they feel they have right from their births to comment so easily on such delicate issues! Please for God sake, if you don’t have much training in Islam, don’t comment. Do some research to appease you.
    There may be some incidents where minorities are tortured. But look how many Muslims are tortured every day. How many are killed? So even Muslims safety is not ensured! One incident can’t be generalized!
    Salam was great Pakistani physicist, but not Muslim. and i think this is all! Why don’t people discuss his decision of leaving pakistan after Ahmadis were declared nonMuslims?Recommend

  • Muzaffar

    Syed, enjoy the article for what it is…Who is anyone to Judge another? I believe you don’t even understand Islam, or what does it mean. I think Pakistani law is stupid law, I got nothing better to do (Pakistani’s), yeah…let’s create a law of Hatred. Also recently didn’t the Pakistani PM harbor a Terrorist? Hummm…..Thank you…A Terrorist is a NON-Muslim….Non-Islamic…wake up Syed….Join me…lets denounce all Pakistani’s who are racist….since I have shunned them…can anyone deliver the message….I have yet to see any brains come from Pakistan…India should just take it back…Recommend