Kill me, for I have sinned

Published: July 6, 2012

Maybe I am illiterate or don’t belong to their religion but I know no book of God preaches such bigotry and brutality. PHOTO: FILE

A few men came forth grabbed me by my collar, dragged me across the floor and took me outside. I tried resisting and digging my fingers in to the concrete ground, but I was helpless. They started beating me, crushing my hands underneath their shoes.

I had no idea why they were so angry with me.

While I was hauled through corridors, an angry mob was gathering in front of the station, they were furious and were destroying everything in their way. I could see some policemen trying to scatter the mob but they couldn’t protect me. The crowd terrified me but nothing could stop this fear that had me shaking like a leaf. They wanted to avenge me for what I had done; they said I had committed blasphemy.

I didn’t even know what blasphemy meant.

I begged for forgiveness and cried for help but their eyes showed no signs of mercy – they were red with the thirst for blood, my blood. They kicked me in my stomach and hit me in my ribs towing me along the streets. Thousands of them stood there watching the horrific scene of my body mercilessly beaten up as if it were a rag doll.

I couldn’t understand what exactly I had done to upset so many people.

The mob was going wild and it seemed as though they couldn’t even hear my screams. I gasped for air as the beating got severe but my lungs were sore and I couldn’t breathe. Bit by bit, they crushed every single bone in my body, rejoicing at my anguish. Blood started to ooze from my wounds and I got dizzy, after a while my heart stopped pounding but my eyes remained wide open in confusion.

I just didn’t understand why I was being beaten.

I died in the street, murdered ruthlessly by thousands as they brought justice to me for my misconduct. Some of them knew me, some even lived as my neighbours for several years, but alas no friend or foe came forth to rescue me.

I still don’t know why my friends left me to die.

Even though I was dead, the madness didn’t stop; they wanted to reduce me to ashes. They drenched my lifeless body in kerosene, later banishing me forever in a raging inferno. The fire pierced through my skin, evaporating the blood in my veins and burning every atom of my body. My face melted in the blazing flames as my soul drifted further away from this cruel world. My cremation must be a pleasing sight for the blood thirsty spectators as they played the role of God castigating me for my sins.

I still don’t know what I had done to deserve this fate.

I am often confused by things. Many times, people and places don’t make sense to me.

I guess I will never know why I was murdered.


The incident that took place in Chanighot, on July 4, 2012, where a supposed ‘blasphemer’ was forcefully taken away from police custody by an enraged mob of extremists and later killed and burnt ruthlessly, represents not just a dire loss of sanity but the helpless nature of law in our country. We have become puppets in the hands of those who entice and infuriate religious sentiments, causing great harm to the well-being of our country.

For God’s sake though. When are we going to stop?

The murdered man was deranged and mentally unstable, and everybody was aware of his condition.

Did he really deserve the brutal death he was put to?

Today the champions of religion say that he had committed a sin of the highest accord, hence death upon him. No one tried him in a court or asked him for clarification; they held him in their clutches and trampled him with fiery zest. What irony when they declare themselves to be followers of the last Prophet (PBUH).

Did no one tell them that he was sent as a mercy to all mankind, he who pardoned the persecutors of Ta’if and Makkah?

Did no one teach them to read the Holy book which they hold high above their heads in respect?

Maybe I am illiterate or don’t belong to their religion but I know no book of God that preaches such bigotry and brutality.

The people of Chanighot depict cohorts of our society who can easily be brainwashed into gruesome acts of violence over a loudspeaker in a matter of minutes.

In recent years, there has been a constant rise in extremism and sectarian divide in Pakistan; countless innocent lives have been lost in the name of religion, the latest case being the bombing of a bus in Hazar Ganji.

Rather than bringing justice to people like Mumtaz Qadri, we shower them with rose petals and label them heroes. It’s high time we resolve our religious difference with rhetoric and work towards the formation of laws that protect the basic human rights of every citizen of Pakistan. For those ‘religious scholars’, who seem very prompt at instigating anti-Islamic sentiments against blasphemy, why don’t they show the same vigour and come forth in unison to condemn such acts of aggression?

They should bring their banners and placards outside Chanighot and protest against the ‘killers of humanity’ or at least teach them the basic Islamic values of love and tolerance.

But alas, these so called ‘ulemas’ will not raise any hue and cry as they cannot point fingers at America or a supposed Jewish or Indian involvement, thus they see no need to sell this to their loyal followers.

As for law and order, there seems to be no punishment to the prevent people from taking up law in their own hands; be it the burning of robbers in Karachi or the vigilantes of Lal Masjid – apparently it’s a piece of cake to provide justice on the streets.

In this regard, the police should be empowered to prevent any kind of vandalism. The government and civil society should take measures to educate the masses. Media can also play a very vital role in promoting awareness on such issues.

Lastly a few words from the deceased:

Dear readers, I was bound to die one day but as my last wish, smear my ashes on the face of the society – the same society that breeds hatred and intolerance as a constant reminder of my plight. Wake up before another nameless man lies dead in Chanighot.

Read more by Wajiha here


Wajiha Noor

An MBA graduate from Lahore School of Economics who currently resides in US

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • asad

    The Blasphemy laws are an affront to anyone with a functioning brain.Sadly,our people have taken their obsession with religious dogma to the extent that they are not willing to tolerate any contradictory opinion.
    What kind of religion has been served by burning a man alive? Is this Islam? We must keep in mind that this was not just 4 or 5 people,this was done by a crowd of Thousands.This act reflected the mentality of the majority of our very ‘vocal majority’.The ‘silent minority’ keeps on remaining silent in the face of such religious zealotry.Recommend

  • Zeeshan Khan

    Such barbarity done by men mad with religious fervour should be an eyeopener for everyone on the state of our people’s mindset.Killing people because of something you consider blasphemy is a reflection of your values and beliefs.This religious intolerance and hate that was exhibited by these people is sickening.This is what one gets when the rulers decide that religion should be allowed to interfere in the affairs of the state.Allowing religious leaders to dictate what laws are to be formed has led to the current disastrous state of affairs.
    Religion and the matters of the state should be kept separate.Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    This happens when a nation mixes politics and religion. The difference between western way of life and we south Asians is that they consider the right of life of individual sacrosanct. It comes before all else, be it anything and they also consider religion as a private matter of an individual. This sadly is lacking in south asian societies.Recommend

  • Muhammad Bilal

    The blasphemy laws were enacted by a dictator who was bent on serving religion’s cause instead of his country’s cause.It’s beyond understanding why the current democratic government doesn’t repeal these laws made by a dictator.These ‘laws’ were made to appease the religious lobby at that time to get their support.It’s high time these laws were repealed.The blasphemy laws are holding this country hostage,no other piece of legislation has ever done this much harm to any society.They aim to police people’s thoughts,they aim to barbarically crush any freedom of thought.Burning people alive to appease religion is something that should have been left in the dark ages,instead our population seems determined to take our country back to the dark ages.Recommend

  • Ali Ahsan

    If someone else’s words and actions are enough to offend your views and you assume that they automatically put your faith in danger, and that you need to retaliate with violence to save it, then something is very wrong with YOU!Recommend

  • Sarfraz Majeed

    It always was a ‘silent minority’. The liberals and religious apologists tried to fool themselves and the world by claiming again and again that the ‘silent majority’ was liberal.Ample events have proven clearly that in pakistani society,the ‘vocal majority’ supports the Blasphemy laws,while the ‘silent minority’ keeps living happily in their bubble of denial and religious apologia.
    It’s the religious apologists making excuses/justifications for such laws that are causing the most damage to this country.Recommend

  • inappropriate

    How can the writer claim to Imagine what the deceased felt. This should have in the fiction section.Recommend

  • Zara Mazhar

    I have only got one thing to say – their God is going to burn each and every one of these in the same way.

    Let’s not forget He said those who even bear witness to a murder and didn’t come forward to help, will enter hell together with the murderer. Recommend

  • Gul

    I agree with the fact that when laws are in place to deal with blasphemers, the public should not be allowed to pass their own version of justice.

    However, The so-called vigilantes of Lal Masjid that the Army Operation took out included young children, boys and girls, there to study at the Madrassah. Their dead bodies were thrown in gutters. Please don’t drag Lal Masjid into your argument to lend it support. Just like this so-called blasphemer they had a right to a fair trial. Get your facts straight and please, have some respect. Recommend

  • A.

    Do you remember the Sialkot incident? look around you this nation is animalistic. They deserve what they get from the world.
    So many people will support the mobs actions. No one will get punished and the criminals will go peacefully to sleep thinking that they have earned their ticket to jannat by killing a mentally ill man.Recommend

  • salman

    I have one question to ask of these self proclaimed beholders of islam… did our prophet (pbuh) teach this to us?

    people of the past ages have been punished by Allah (swt) for much less than this… I wonder what’s stopping God to punish us all now.Recommend

  • Mo/CA

    People who taught forgiveness examples like Prophet Mohammad, taught to stand up for the weak (eg prophet Mohammad), taught bravery (hazrat Umar), taught to lead life with the truth (hazrat Ali) etc., are lost to us.
    We castigated people like Salman Taseer who stood up for the weak Asia Bibi, and yet we honored cowards like Mumtaz Qadri that shot Taseer in the back. We honor the Taliban that dont even have the guts to show their faces, and instead use suicide bombings killing innocent people. I guess these Taliban would have even castigated Prophet Mohammad for he declared a general amnesty before teh Makkah conquest, and let people live with their old faiths.

    There is a general decay in the society, I hear no one speak of this- it probably might be because of the fear of these barabarics, or probably we are just so used to things being as it is. Its time that we atleast try to convince 2 other people of the faults in society, to seek a general trend upwards in the society.

    Note: I apologize if I offended anyone, I did have no intentions of doing so. Recommend

  • neo

    The most outrageous thing in this whole episode is that the man was deranged / mentally unstable. What savage law allowed the mob to burn someone who may not even be aware of what he was doing?? Truly disgusting.Recommend

  • Ali

    This is not what islam teaches they are truly mislead by satan an will surely join him in hellRecommend

  • Asim

    Nobody can stop a mob.
    It is like a bad and sudden storm which such swoops in destroys everything … there is no thinking.
    Just takes a little spark of religiosity and one can set it upon any situation.
    These mobs used to go after minorities. No they go after our own Muslim brothers.Recommend

  • Pakistani Fan

    This is the art of telling the “truth” a real incident through writer’s imagination to awake our insensitivity over such barbarity happening every other day , hence it is not fictional! Recommend

  • AIN

    Pakistan is no more humaneRecommend

  • Rational

    May God rest the soul of the writer with all the BlasphemersRecommend

  • Karachiwala

    Thats why I left Pakistan. You guys should get visas and leave too. The mullahs have taken over.Recommend

  • Zeeshan Sheikh

    Haters gonna Hate and I am happy at liberal’s miseries.Recommend

  •!/iQuoteWhateverr toobahatif

    I am a muslim too but I wouldnt kill any one like this.. i was shocked to know they burned him alive.. how could they.. Its Allah’s book he has promised to protect it..He’ll do it.. why cant we just leave it on him.. we are no one to kill any one.. specially not when the person wasn’t even proven guilty.. we have seriously messed up our selves and have started to manipulate Islamic laws as we wantRecommend

  • Baba Ji

    very sad … Recommend

  • Musaddiq Farooq

    Misinformed, brainwashed, ignorant and brutal herd of people burnt the allegedly insane man in a locality of Bahawalpur. When we know that even Allah Almighty will not inquire from such persons about anything they have done and said-because they do not do anything at will or in their right mind-why should people take this “responsibility” of castigating an overtly undeserved person? To me, the brutal mob committed an unholy act of blasphemy as it practically pointed finger over Allah’s forgiveness for insane persons. Moreover, How many of them were devoted followers of Holy Quran and Holy Sunnah in true spirit? How many of them took care of not doing anything against the injunctions of Islam in their everyday dealings? How many of them can justify the barbarity they displayed? How many of them can now answer the allegations leveled against Pakistani and Islamic society by world community? Then we complain against our spoiled image the world has formed for us! pity!Recommend

  • ThisMeansWar

    Coward? Mumtaz Qardi emptied his AK 47 clip in Salman Taseer’s chest, infront of his security guards, in the middle of the road…. So he knew there was no getting of this.. What he did didn’t show cowardice. Call me an extremist or what evr u like. But what Mumtaz Qadri did was surely “mumtaz”… And we salute him for it!Recommend

  • Hindu Indian

    @Now there will be a hundred Pakistanis cursing Zia Ul Haq for starting Islamisation Of Pakistan. The point i dont agree with is, yes, he started it, but you guys allowed it to flourish, and now that things are going out of hand, you are still cursing Zia rather than taking corrective action. There is no point cursing the dead dictator, he is long gone, you guys wanna save your future generations, action is needed, not cursesRecommend

  • wirate

    Who was he and what did he do? Where is the proof that he was mentally ill? He was tried in court. Why are you trying to say he was innocent?Recommend

  • yousaf

    @Inappropriate ::You are right how could the reader know the feelings of a dying man.I saw him he was laughing and enjoying the treatment that was being meted to him YOU ARE RIGHT Recommend

  • NuDge

    Nobody said a word when two brothers were killed in broad daylight, nothing could have been done to bring justice to them, one of our very own (infamous) politicians said they deserved what they got.
    Mukhtaran Mai and her brother got raped, the accused were set free.
    We have people calling the opposition names on national television and no bad ever happens to them.
    If we talk about this man and term it being wrong, a fatwa will be given against us asking for our killing publicly as done with Salman Taseer. We live in a nation which above all is illiterate, and where illiteracy prevails, no good will ever happen.
    Wait till a few days, the outcry will soon die and people will forget anything happened to this retarded guy anywhere in Pakistan like we’ve all forgotten about Mukhatarn, her brother, Muneeb, Mugheez and hundreds moreRecommend

  • Parvez

    Hard hitting, well written and I agree with your views.
    On this incident our worthy President ………has taken notice. I am beyond words with disgust. Recommend

  • Noor

    This is a century old custom where people are burnt on stakes for being different but the fact that such a thing can happen in this day and age is somewhat surprising and shakes your belief in humanity. And its upsetting how such things are done in the name of religion which literary means “peace”. Recommend

  • kakar

    i think it was not the justice done with that fragile and helpless person. the writer said that the murderer was insane or metally disturbed but in my view even if the person was normal in that case I would have not the supporter of such brutal act. Our masses can easily be misguided by chauvinistic Mulla minded illiterate people.Recommend

  • Nasir

    This incident proves that Pakistan’s society has become barbaric with humans do not exists rather wild ferocious animals are breeding in Pakistan and the lots of which we can see in this incident. Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies and establishment, such as civil bureaucracy, armed forces, politicians, judges, lawyers and business men etc. thus you name it, everyone, there are to be blamed for transforming a civilized society into a barbaric wild society where only wild beasts exist.

    This transformation from civilized society to a barbaric wild society took place in 1974 when then elected democratic government declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims for the purpose of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s constitution. In 1984, military dictator General Zia completely pushed Pakistan’s society to barbarism by first issuing Ordinance XX in which Ahmadis were persecuted constitutionally. State sponsored religious terrorism started when first the doors were opened against Ahmadis and by enacting laws such as “blasphemy law” and “Anti-Ahmadiyya” law this seed sown in 1974 by Bhutto government and later grew to become a tree in Zia’s government and subsequently patronizing by military and so called democratic government resulted in what today is barbaric Pakistan.

    It’s still a little time for the people of this country to avoid God’s wrath by allowing tolerance in society for everyone, and removing such heinous laws that do not fit in a civilized society nor in the teachings of Islam such as blasphemy law and Anti-Ahmadiyya laws.Recommend

  • Doomed Lions

    You vividly remember that Prophet Muhammad forgave the people of Taif but you do not remember he ordered the slaying of the Jewish tribe for treason. Recommend

  • Bilal

    Great piece Wajiha Noor.

    I am truly ashamed of being called a Pakistani today but the funny part this is not the first time in recent history that I can recall. First the qadri guy, second was the sialkot boys and now a special guy. WOW. Which begs the questions: What have we been doing all this time?

    This calls for a long term policy on education, make education budget 10% of GDP by 2020 – cut all these defense spending.Recommend

  • Bilal


    Do you honestly believe God would listen to such a request? It could be you two or me that matter, you just don’t know it.Recommend

  • Bilal


    clearly you need to go back to middle school. LOLRecommend

  • Bilal

    After everything the point that DEFINES OUR SOCIETY is, no one ever will be held accountable for this, just like thousands and thousands of other cases.Recommend

  • Vishnu Dutta

    the concept of blasphemy is a product of insecure and unsure mind. if you think god is so small that it can be ridiculed by a human then it is your own fault mister. The blasphemy laws are zahil laws in the constitution. they should be abolished before every country follows the suitRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    The piece could’ve done without the hideously graphic account of the murder.

    You have absolutely no idea what it’s like to be inside the mind of mentally unstable man as he is tortured and burned to death, and it would’ve been nice if you’d quit pretending that you do.

    It would’ve have been even nicer if you hadn’t filled in the missing or hazy details of the incident with your own imagination, just to give it a more sensational, eye-catching touch.Recommend

  • Mo/CA

    are you out of your mind sir. Killing inncoent defenseless people in the street is not bravery, but cowardice. Killing people in the name of religion is not piousness but munafqat. Did the prophet kill the woman for throwing trash on him, no, he went to her house when she was ill. It is with kindness you attract people to your religion, not through going a-wall.

    Every one has a right to their religion and believes, and if you dont believe in them then have the guts to defend your religion in a debate. Tell the other why you are right, and he’s wrong, and why he should come to your side. Prophet Mohammad did not raise a sword and go into Kaabah killing every one that didnt convert. Jesus, didn’t pray for his enemies to bes destroyed. Mosses didnt kill his opposers simply because they were opposing him.

    I humbly request you to read the Quran in Urdu, english, sindhi, punjabi or whatever language that you can understand, and then debate the legality of Mumtaz Qadri’s actions, TTP’s actions and the action of this mob. Reading the quran in Arabic is not something that would make you a better person, reading it in a language that you understand so that you may change your lives accordingly would do so. and the whole aim of islam, atleast to me is to make you a better and a more tolerant person. Recommend

  • Mo/CA

    @Doomed Lions:
    the slaying of the tribes was according to jewish laws. WHen they broke the treaty, they were brought forward, and a jewish law expert was called up to recommend the punishment. Dont present just half facts, and most IMPORTANTLY Dont mix this in with this issue, since debating on this issue would give some maniacs reason enough to burn someone else tomorrow. Recommend

  • Atheist

    The argument that such behavior is against the true teachings of Islam doesn’t sell anymore… When majority is behaving in such barbaric manner and when there are too many of such incidents of religious extremism, only valid conclusion that can be drawn is that it’s the religion which is the primary cause behind all this…Recommend

  • Kulamarva Balakrishna

    Vienna,July 7,2012
    It is great Wajiha to enter into the status of intermediate life.
    In this case the victim was cured of his mental illness by
    MPBUH. I have read a great poet who sang ” death is NATURE.
    The distortion of nature is Life”.Killing mobs of thousands are
    also set to die together as they did twice at Hiroshima and
    Nagasaki in August 1945. It is better not to take birth and
    live with the Uperwala, Mumtaz Qadri knows it.So he chose
    to forget his wife and child! Yes he got once rose petals.
    Who brings him now rose petals every day in the protective
    prison cell?
    Taravadu Taranga Trust for Media Monitoring TTTMM India
    –Kulamarva BalakrishnaRecommend

  • Anonymous

    @Atheist. Your argument is sound. There is enough evidence in history and scholarly literature to prove that our religion is the stimulus for such acts. This is the price that our society must pay for accepting hatred and ignorance of religion over common sense. As for blasphemy: any religion which protects itself from criticism and skeptical inquiry is either terrifyingly dogmatic or glaringly false. The later being more probable.Recommend

  • Mo/CA

    I completely agree, the religion that is propageted now in the name of Islam has major problems. People, especially in the subcontinent (Pakistan mainly) have no comprehension of what Islam is. They dont know what their religion teaches, and are completely dependent upon the mullahs, who themselves dont know what is written. The mullahs purported hate, to sell themselves as the modern day salauddin ayubi, or babur, or aurangzeb, and in the process have completely destroyed the image of islam.

    Also the problem is not the incidence of such cases (2-5) every year in a nation of 180 million +, but rather the quiteness of the large majority. We need to understand that there are many people including me that profess islam as their religion, but are vehemently against what has been going on in the name of islam. And you dont have any right to claim that my version of islam is wrong, whilst the version that best suits your hate is right.
    As I always say, take people at what they are saying, if someone is saying that he is a muslim, and is a fanatic, then take aim at his version, but If I AM saying that I am a muslim, and my religion teaches peace, respect for others, and equality amongst other virtues then take me at my face value. I dont know about others, but I try to find the answers in religion from my own learning, and depend upon very few mullahs. Recommend

  • Timmy

    “Maybe I am illiterate or don’t belong to their religion but I know no book of God preaches such bigotry and brutality”
    You are illiterate my friend! After such acts 90% of the people act as if they were drunk or mentally ill..and belive me even if he was not mentally ill, every “So called open-minded” out here would feel more sympathic toward him..Reason? We respect every individual act in society more compared to anything that is linked to religion, cuz our religion makes us feel bad when we proclaim ourselves Muslims in Amsterdam rite? Prolly we should have been Christians where you could feature Jesus doing funny dances and foul language in Family Guy, and have the time of our lives..! “hey hey, no need to be soo emotional on that!, its just animated!! and Jesus never said dont make cartoons of me with half clothes on?” Yes we are illiterate and the argument ends here…! You cant speak and write an artilce over anything when youve bearly read and understood Quran and Hadith and studied history to its depth to understand the whole picture..and ur not even near understanding even if you dont practise religion cuz its mention in dozens of places in Quran that(Mafoom) “Hidayat is only for pious people”. Yes, the Prophet(SAW) forgave everything, but that is limited to things that were on due him. Forgiven acts where people did bad to him, for everything else he couldnt and stood up for it! If someone came to complaint for theft or murder, the criminal was charged to cut hands, here being just was prioritized over cant forgive every act on the notion that Islam is a peaceful religion. For the love of God, study your religious history and have some respect for your values and have the strength to stand against the wrongdoings that defame our religion, and if you dont, then dont act so emotional on political issues that are further down the line Period*Recommend

  • Fahim

    Well-done Blogger. U spoke my heart. Those who critique, pl read
    U will get ur answers.Recommend

  • Eman

    I have heard this argument from alot of people if something good happens in the name of religion it is never given credit, if we give charity or if we do small acts of goodness you will still argue that religion is wrong I do agree with you that sometimes it is misused for personal benefits hence Islam gets the blame
    Come on you cant blame a car if its misused b a driverRecommend

  • Eman


    Our religion doesnt teach us to ridicule other prophets sorry to say its a baseless assumption that we support anything of that sort, Family guy or south park are written by their media who want to project their open mindedness by belittling noble people, and we do object to that

    As for islamic history and its values are concerned its not biased towards one segment of the society if cutting someones hand can make them stop committing crime than its justified why is there concept of punishment in all the so called civil society why dont you let criminals on the loose and let them plunder and kill innocent people.

    I might suggest that Islam needs to evolve with time through ijthehad and it should update its laws a bit but i see no fault in giving capital punishment Recommend

  • Sentimental

    @Kulamarva Balakrishna:

    Why this kolaveri di ?Recommend

  • Timmy

    My point! Ijtehad, Ijarah and Qiyas are there with regard to new problems faced, the only problem is, they are bearly followed cuz everyone considers they logical deductions enough to decide whether and how to act upon something or not.
    Secondly, it is our ignorance and failure to react which on issues that we consider pity which breed indifference later on things which are in no way tolerable. I am not encouraging the acts of going out in the streets, closing traffic and destroying street lights, that just another crime, but one should always have sentiments if any part of our religion is made fun of, frankly speaking i dint get a truly bad feeling when danish cartoons were there.., because there was no connection between me and my religion, but i know that i should have and thats the only thing i am standing up for like Barton quotes;
    “Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things, I am tempted to think there are no little things”Recommend

  • p r sharma

    Barbaric incident of burning alive a person alleging him as blasphemer ( after forcibly taking him out of the custody of police) took place in presence of a very big crowd.
    Can any body tell me why the Islam and Islamist in the rest of the world NOT be treated as a religion of extremism and be hated.
    Rest of the world will look to Islam through these incidents which have been more frequent, loud and common in Pakistan. ( either fear has crept in the minds of Majority of Pakistani that prevents them to oppose such incidents even at a later stage.or fear of being un Islamic behavior to oppose or the fear of life. ) Then you get what you deserve. Recommend

  • hariharmani

    @Mo/CA: You write with some degree of sanity,and say’ take my belief on face value because I say so,and also I try to find answer in my religion from my learning.’I have no problem with that.The same logic apply to all followers of all religion.So far so good.Atheist containsion,that is his main point’mainly,the religion is judged by what followers do,not what book says Vast. majority do violent act,they will be judged that way,simply parroting Islam is peaceful religion no longer tenable or wash anymore in the world opinion.Also what Prophet did or not did,also makes no impact on ordinary people at large in the opinion of the world,yes,it reinforces the belief of the the Believer but it does not change any mind in the world who think Islam is violent and they need blasphemy,any religion which needs this fearful law of death by mob justice,to protect itself,from criticism and skeptical inquiry,by fear of murder is either false and flawed.No other religion goes to this extent to protect itself,such as blasphemy,apostophy ,control, of flocks by fear,pl,kindly answer this to yourself honestly.I think Islam scholars are not able to do that well,as most opinion in world has turned negetive.I’m honest here.Good day.Recommend

  • salman

    There are some people defending this action? Holy crap Pakistan, you are in trouble!!!Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    @Rational: What kind of a comment is that? God rest the soul of the “writer” with the blasphemers? ET Editors, why did you let such an indecent comment pass through?
    @Faraz Talat: Your comments are always hilarious… this was an interesting blog but the writer did fill in missing details by her own imagination which shouldnt be done with a news item. ANyway, thanks for raising the topic Wajiha…!!Recommend

  • Eman

    Ok lets assume religion is flawed , radical measures which you are trying to propose will only cause greater harm as it wont be a natural mature way to deal with the situation you expect that constitutional changes are made and blasphemy laws are undone in the country as a result no such incident will spring up in the future i think that is wishful thinking we know our people are not ready for radical things, unless by some spell all the extremist mullahs vanish in thin air its not a possibility. More so the kids in sailkot did no blasphemy why were the y murdered by mob , or for that matter those robbers in karachi they had a right to court trial come we live in a country where we need to first educate people about basic human rights and religion can help in this by giving a more modern interpretation to it with the help of mullahs so they dont interfere later with their fatwas

    By the way I would really like to know some of the radical measures you have in your mind please enlighten us Recommend

  • Eman

    @p r sharma:

    I think people are missing the point here Islam is used as a means to propagate extremism, it was islam that gave the concept of welfare state ,human equality ( no arbi is above ajami) it talked about human rights , rights of women children , it specified rights of prisoners of wars , back in the 7th century it was the most modern religion and people were drawn to it in flocks . But unfortunately like most followers of religion we got stuck with superficial things such as should we fold our arms during prayers or should we have them on the sides and forgot the message the essence of our religion , hence now more and more people from other religion like christians , hindus etc are questioning our religion and we are responsible for the negativity we generate as a result of such events like burning people alive . I believe all religions are good and they teach moral values , and a way to connect with GOD . Religion should be a personal matter in any case , but it will take some time before we change this in our country as education is vveryimportant and necessary for change Recommend

  • someone

    Clearly we as a nation need to think where we are going! The lack of tolerance in society is an alarming issue and sadly not much is being done about it. Recommend

  • R.I.P

    its the fall of the republic something quite strange I read on BBC Urdu web site.

    تھانے کے محرر محمد عارف نے کہا کہ مشتعل مظاہرین نے تھانے سے ملحقہ ایک پولیس ملازم کے گھر کو بھی آگ لگائی تھی جس میں پولیس ملازم کی بیٹی کا جہیز کا سامان اور قرآن کے دو نسخے جل گئے۔

    it reads as : according to some police official, ignited mob torched a house, belonging to some policeman in which dowry of his daughter along with two Qur’an burnt as-well.

    now who will punish those who knowingly burned Recommend

  • Annie

    Its so sad that we call ourselves Muslims and know so little about Islam. We completely depend on ulemas for religious matters and we follow them blindly. This is the reason we are so easily mislead. Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    “Though shall not kill” is God’s commandment. Instead of using grosse Klappe(big mouth),Go out on the street and demand th elimination of DEATH SENTENCE in the country. If the christian majority Europe is able to live with it why ca’nt Pakistan? Do not follow what is practiced in the streets of America!
    The cases of blasphemy can then be settled in community councils. Problem solved. Do not blame anyone for the shortcomings in Pakistan, learn to take the responsibility and just do it. The power of people is immense.

    Rex Minor Recommend

  • Salam

    How else would you dense brain understood what happened that day.Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Kanza Leghari

    I respect all the religions….and all the good in all the relegions!!….killling should not be an option, not in law not in our minds! I am happy atleast poeple are angry about others dieing without reason….and Wajeeha noor, you write great stuff!!Recommend

  • Danali

    One thing, that nobody, not even the media and the ‘independent’ judiciary speaks against is NRO murder/criminal cases; Everybody and everyone just minds the NRO corruption cases, when PPP is the only second biggest beneficiary, whereas MQM being the first biggest beneficiary, is paid no heed to and ignored.

    Record of over thousands NRO murder/criminal cases went missing from Sindh High Court, DAWN reported in 2009. And now it is 2012! (Source:

    You can still put a price on corruption and even recover the looted money -BUT YOU CANNOT PUT A PRICE ON A LIFE-TAKEN AND NEITHER CAN YOU EVER RECOVER A LIFE LOST!Recommend

  • billy bee

    this article is short but yet comprehensive and thought provoking….we are getting an inhuman nation…using religion as our revenge even when our Beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) emphasized on forgiving when a lady threw garbage on him and when people of that time said many things on Him. Prophet Mohammad was a Human being as well and that’s why what ever He did was example for us (human).why on earth we just don’t follow His foot step for once. The Biggest Gesture of Eman is to forgive why don’t we do for it for once…think people thinkRecommend

  • Mirsub Ali Fazlani

    Oh when will the cycle of tyranny ever end? The man was CLEARLY Insane and he committed blasphemy, the only meaningful thing to do was to mercilessly beat him and burn him alive. DUH!Recommend

  • Optimistic

    i have come to know about this incident after reading this extremely breath taking incident and it has taken heart out of me, i can just say that that is why pakistan is blessed with lots of Allah’s wraths Alas! these people have no humanity, animals might have some respect for their community members but these… these people are the such worst creatures on earth.. i just wana crush these so called ulema for doing all that with that innocent person :@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Recommend

  • Maryam

    How about we talk about the atrocities committed all the time against shias in Pakistan? no one seems to care about that! Men have had their heads and limbs severed, buses containing women and children have been blown up, men have been shot in an execution line up, hospitals containing shias that have already been attacked by these terrorists have then been blown up, causing further carnage. Juloos and visitors to shrines, those commemorating Muharram, have all been attacked and blown up. I have seen articles by secular Pakistanis justifying this by saying that it is the shias fault, because we dare to be open with our beliefs and practices regarding some of the sahaba, and how we show devotion to the representatives of Allah(swt) on earth, the beloved Prophet Muhammad(sawas) and his holy progeny(as). If this is how a non religious, secular, sunni feels about the violence and discrimination against shias, then what about the wahabi/salaf/deobandi extremeists? They have openly declared that they wish to ‘purify’ Pakistan, by eradicating the shia, either by killing them, or making them leave and to go and live in Iran. This is an open declaration of intent to commit genocide against the shia community, and the government couldn’t care less! Recommend

  • q Cheap backlinks u

    I haven’t checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it friend :)Recommend