Run Katie, run!

Published: July 5, 2012

Since the divorce announcement, Tom has been hard at work filming, and Katie looks happier already. PHOTO: REUTERS

It hasn’t been a very happy birthday for A-list Hollywood actor Tom Cruise,

aka Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, as he turned half a century in his Beverly Hills mansion while the rest of his country prepared for Fourth of July festivities.

It’s not easy to maintain a straight face, even for an actor, when the world and it’s telephoto lenses are waiting to catch a glimpse of a wretched expression (after discovering one’s spouse has filed for divorce and sole legal custody of one’s beloved  and only biological child).

And then there’s Katie, who’s become a worn-down shell of her previous Dawson’s Creek-era good looks and playful spirit after marrying the Hollywood posterboy of Scientology. Can’t help feel sorry for both of them despite the $250 million they’re worth together.

Prenup terms

Instead of being entitled to half of everything, Katie will only receive $3 million per year of her marriage to Tom according to the terms of their prenuptial agreement (and it’s been nearly six). Her settlement would probably split up their joint homes between them plus provide her with child support.  Now, if she’d chosen to stay married to Tom for more than 11 yrs, Katie would’ve received half of their $250 mil.  No gold-digger alert here.

Sci-fi schooling

A Roman Catholic originally from the Midwest, Katie never converted to Scientology but attended classes and had a Scientology chaperone.  So it’s not like she hasn’t tried to understand what all the fuss is about. Tom himself was introduced to the faith by his first wife, Mimi Rogers. His adopted kids with second wife Nicole Kidman had been home-schooled and raised as Scientologists.

Cruise control

Tom is considerably older than Katie and seems to be a bit of a control freak, though his attempts to rename his wife ‘Kate Cruise’ flopped. He also seems to have an overwhelmingly romantic side. Although it was kind of cool when he named one of his planes “Kiss me, Kate,” his impassioned trampoline-ing on Oprah’s couch plummeted him to public ridicule and almost cost him his career.

33, the magic number

Tom has had an average of one wife per decade, and they’ve all seemed to have split up when they reached the age of 33: first Mimi, then Nicole and now, Katie. Although Scientologist couples seem to stick together despite shady massages ala Travolta, news reports suggest that Katie ultimately freaked out and filed for divorce and sole legal custody of Suri to prevent her impending enrollment at Sea Org, a lavish, orthodox Scientology boarding school.

However, a spokesperson for the institution said that children under eighteen are not permitted, and that the consent of both parents is needed for enrollment. Katie’s father, conveniently a lawyer, is a major source of support to her now, as her her newly appointed aides and bodyguards that have replaced the staff whom Tom appointed for her.

No Oscar buzz for Katie

At the time of TomKat’s initiation, it was said that Tom was on the lookout for a youngish actress to wed and that Keri Russell had been on the list too and refused. Now, while Nicole Kidman’s career had flourished as Mrs Cruise, Katie’s tanked. She seemed to be taking the wrong kind of advice—from Tom?—and made bad decisions like refusing what would have been her second Batman movie (the iconic Heath Ledger one), appearing in the ridiculous Mad Money, appeared in guest spots on TV and (as her wisest choice in the last few years), a Broadway show.

Katie became better known for her acting on the red carpet than on-screen, sometimes appearing robotic, other times morose; sometimes a fashionista, other times a gaunt marathon runner. But something was brewing, for sure, that led her to secretly rent an apartment in New York long enough to file for divorce from the state that prefers sole child custody to California, where joint custody is encouraged.

Sher Shah Suri

An adorable, six-year old, uber celeb Suri Cruise has a million dollar wardrobe and an enviable lifestyle which, according to tabloids, include her getting her own way and throwing tantrums. From high heels and kiddie Starbucks lattes (sans coffee, we hope) and late night dinners out to cupcakes galore, to clutching blankets along bare legs in chilly weather, Suri might be nearing her dad’s height but still gets carried around a lot, especially in Manhattan. She seems very devoted to both parents and, so far, has had no formal schooling other than dance classes with her mom, no bulky winter clothes, and no nanny in sight (at home is another matter).

Tall for her age, she has physical similarities to both parents as well as allegedly to the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, according to gossip writers who have claimed that she was his biological daughter via artificial insemination of his 80s-era sperm.  Her parents have completely different notions on how they’d like to raise her and it all centres on the controversial beliefs of Scientology, which Katie never completely adopted, besides bizarrely referring to her daughter as a “woman” in an interview (Scientologists believe in treating children like adults, hence Suri’s late nights out and…lipstick?).

What Katie Did Next

Reports indicated yesterday that Ms Holmes filed an emergency application in New York, which means a hearing in an open court, accessible to the media and scheduled for July 17. Usually, celebs prefer to settle out of court, in privacy. Move over, Dawson. Katie’s playing hardball. As of today, People magazine reports that her lawyer denies this.

Since the divorce announcement, ever-professional Tom has been hard at work filming without even changing his schedule, and Katie looks happier already. But the Battle over Suri has only just begun. And with the paps going nuts over their conspiracy theories, it seems like it could take World War proportions.

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  • hamza

    Known as sinister CULT , Scientology is in Pakistan for more then 25 years, its a thriving CULT of greed and crime.

    This is result of Western values impinge on our youth by MASONIC cults like Church of Scientology, which fervently support the idea of 2D (known as sexual freedom)

    World re-known media like, CNN, BBC,ABC,TIMES,NEWYORK TIMES,HINDUSTAN TIMES posted some horrifying facts about the CULT on web:

    Forced abortion of pregnant female staff members

    Slavery from minor children with out formal education and proper nutrition.

    Black mailing of staff and members on their secrets reveled in AUDITING (a hypnotic process).

    Story about the Evil Galactic Lord XENU: brought humans 76 million years ago on planet earth to collect income tax (Google XENU)

    Tawheen e Risalat by the founder of Scientology and Dianetics in his lecture , which is still in publication.

    Front (youth) groups of Church of Scientology in Pakistan.

    Tactics used to entice young and middle class youth into Scientology religion in Pakistan in the name of voluntary work.

    Stories about the so called SUPERHUMAN abilities promised by Church of Scientology from its followers and the fees charged for that.

    Illegal status of Church of Scientology :Dianetics Center in Pakistan, working with out approval of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Health.

    Google: Scientology KarachiRecommend

  • Naima Khan

    World re-known media like, CNN, BBC, ABC, TIMES, NEWYORK TIMES, HINDUSTAN TIMES and GEO posted some horrifying facts about the CULT on web:

    Forced abortion of pregnant female staff members- a New York Times cover story.
    Three ex staff members of the Church told about the forced abortion as they were unable to buy birth control pills from their income of $50 per week. Yes, it’s USA and not Bangladesh. The story does not end here, it reveal about the harsh living conditions, and life without proper food and basic amenities of life.

    A female client (member) of the Church found naked strolling on streets of Florida was bought into the Church head quarter and held captive for 13 days, without access to any medical facility, despite her repeated request. She died on 13th day after losing more than 100 pounds.

    Australian women, chef of the Head of the Church, when decided to leave the CULT, were sent to Scientology Cruise ship, where she was kept for 12 years, against her will.

    A 11 year old girl was raped by her Scientologist step father, the Church affiliated organisation CCHR (Citizen Commission of Human Rights) asked the girl to forget it and threaten her of consequences if she approached to Police about the crime.

    A 16 old girl was repeatedly raped by her senior for one year. Despite her complaint, the Church management denied (in writing) to take any action against the culprit for religious reason. According to Scientology religious text, a person with stellar performance (known as Power Condition) is absolved from any disciplinary and ethical obligations.

    Please do not fall into the trap of these Western (imported) organisations, to come and advise us on how to respect our women.

    CULT of Scientology is in Pakistan for more than 25 years, working without approval of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Ministry of Health.

    The Church has been labeled as a criminal organization by courts and the governments or Europe (including Russia), North America (excluding USA) and Asia (excluding Taiwan).Recommend

  • naheed sultana

    The Church has been labeled as a criminal organization by courts and the governments or Europe (including Russia), North America (excluding USA) and Asia (excluding Taiwan).

    The Dianetics Center Karachi, like its mother organization has accumulated a huge data base of Criminal history of those who has taken their service for last 25 years. The Church is sitting on confession of crimes which is by itself is a crime as per Pakistan Penal Code.The crimes included but not limited to:

    •Sexual assault(rape)
    •Physical assault
    •attempted murder
    •drugs use
    •drugs possession
    •anti-state activities
    You name it and it is there in black and white.

    A mind control game which let Scientologist believe to get rid of their GUILT by telling all with exact details.They are blackmailed through out their life. The black mailing technique varies from person to person is very creative.

    The members of Church belongs to all walks of life, but most of them are from middle and lower middle class with less education and no social standing.

    The Church of Scientology-Dianetics Center uses Confessions (written or orally recorded or video taped) to black mail and even pass this information to other parties (as a photocopy) for financial benefits.

    Unlike what ever you discuss with your lawyer, doctor, Mental Health Practitioners (psychiatrist or psychologist) are give protection under various federal laws governing these professions. Therefore, it is considered as CONFIDENTIAL and you information is protected by law.

    Organization like Church of Scientology (Dianetics Center Karachi) has not right to collect any personal information from you in Pakistan. Whatever they have collected is illegal and may be considered in-admissible by courts if you have taken following measures:

    Consult a lawyer and sent them following notices:

    Return of all personal information collected, including the Confessions taken from you.
    Reimbursement of all fees, collected in the name of counseling, courses and donations.
    You may even return the Books and get you money back.

    Consult the Mental Health Practitioner (Psychologist or Psychiatrist)
    Tell them in detail about you involvement with the CULT and services you have taken. They will do the psychological and mental health testing and helps you in your fight against the CULT.

    Once you sent notice, the matter shall be with the Court and you will be legally protected. You cannot be booked on any crimes you have mentioned on these CONFESSIONS, as it is taken illegally by an illegal organization on false claims of benefits. Above all you have duly notified the Court of this act and sought legal assistance.

    In court, your Mental Health Practitioner will disclose all Mind Control practices (which cannot understood by a common man including yourself) and show them how they mislead you.

    Take first step towards your freedom: contact your lawyer as soon as possibleRecommend

  • naheed sultana

    @Ayesha Pervez:

    Meet the local scientologists and you will notice that these youth from middle class families.sprecially young girls, are brain washed and planted ideas of hatred towards Universities, legal system, media and above all Mental Health professionals like Psychologist and Psychiatrist.

    In short they gradually get incarcerated from the society and let believed in the CULTs teaching of:

    Re-incarnation (promising abdunance of happiness in next life)
    Global conspiracy against them by News Media and Mental Health Professionals
    Blasphemy of Islam and Prophet Mohammad (may peace be upon him) -GEO has a special report on it Google: Geo Dost Scientology or Scientology Karachi.

    This so called “religious group” manages the world’s largest Private Secret Service, sounds unbelievable, but true? It is known as Office of Special Affairs- OSA. Source Wikipedia:

    The Church of Scientology is pushing their agenda of conversion of innocent Youth into Scientology CULT in absence of opposition from any Registered Mental Health Professionals; Religious Scholars and Social Workers.

    May be you may not see the relevency of what I want to say with the blog due to a MISSING LINK.
    The “senior staff members” of the Church in mid 40’s and late 60’s married to female staff members half of their age.So what are the circumstances let these girls to go to that extent ? Now if you read my comments again you will get the answer.

    For details about their activities in Karachi, please Google: Scientology KarachiRecommend

  • Aisha Khan

    In May 2012 a very important video got posted on You Tube about the Secrets of Dianetics, Scientology and L Ron Hubbard so far hidden from a common man and Scientologist.

    This information were received under Freedom of information Act of USA,which declassifies every file after a lapse of certain period of time.

    The first 14 minutes of the video is about how CIA got the MIND CONTROL techniques from German Secret Service GESSTAPO after Second World War and with the help of an American university get it refined and trained its agents.

    In 1952 when Church of Scientology was established with the help of CIA* , these techniques were forwarded to L Ron Hubbard and since then it became part of Scientology and Dianetics. Most of the drills of Communication Courses were also part of it and details are mentioned in the video.

    In the last 8 minutes it explains about Scientology as a CULT and the interest and expertise of L Ron Hubbard in Black Magic. Just to remind you that in Black Majic you seek help from Satan ,directly.

    The video also reveals the fact that the basic beliefs of Scientology and its identity is based upon the teachings and publications of Aliester Crowly , a very good friend of Mr Hubbard.

    So, who was Aliester Crowly ? he was a devotee of Devil/SATAN and an expert in the field of Black Magic. Out of his devotion to Devil , he nick name himself as THE BEAST 666, as mentioned in Bible for Devil.

    This video provides compelling evidence of deep and disturbing connections between the Church of Scientology; mind control experiments by intelligence agencies like CIA and Nazi SS; abuse of youth and women during (satanic) cult rituals ; and the failure of government to investigate the widespread reports of child and women abuse around the world.

    Following the economical and political unstablity , these cults are now flourishing in our homeland and Church of Scientology has taken a lead over others following completion of 25 years of ground work in Karachi.

    CIA agent , Miles Copland in his book “The Game Player: Confessions of the CIA’s Original Political Operative”, London: Aurum Press, 1989

    Google : Miles Copland Jr

  • Kawal

    Need more reviewssssssssssssssssssssRecommend

  • Saima Jabbar

    A female top executive,Debbie Cook, having 27 years of distinguished career, was sued by the Church of Scientology for speaking agaist human rights violation.

    Debbe Cook claimed in court (on-camera hearing) that she was held prisoner for 45 days in a crowded, ant-infested trailer in the California desert.

    The 50-year-old claims that she was forcibly taken by two large men to ‘the hole’ a pair of double wide trailers at Scientology International Base in the southern California desert.

    She was made to stand in a trash can while her captors poured water over her to elicit confessions, she claims,people screamed at her,sometimes slapping her and at times made to stand in a trash can and water is poured over her.

    At one ocassion, the cult leader,David Miscaviage, ordered his secretary to hit her hard that she fell to the ground.

    For details, watched the ABC NEWS special report.

  • Nasreen Shah

    Hollywood actor Jason Lee’s ex-wife has accused Church of Scientology officials of wrecking her marriage – because she refused to give them intimate details about her (married) sex life.

    She explains she struggled with the Church’s much talked-about ‘auditing’ process, which she claims was too invasive.

    Note: Auditing is a “confessional counseling” in which the subject is required to give details not only about the “act” but the ” transgressive thoughts” as well. That’s why Scientologists are very scared of any thought contrary to their beliefs as they have to “confess” in later in auditing session.

    All the act and thoughts confessed during auditing session are subject to disciplinary action known as “correction” and as a consequence of which the subject has to buy more and expensive services ,if not then he is threaten and then blackmailed to buy even more expensive services.Recommend

  • Zara Ahmed

    Scientology Leader David Miscavige’s Wife Has Been Missing Since 2006

    Scientology leader David Miscavige is often cited as Tom Cruise’s best friend. He was best man at Cruise’s ill-fated marriage to Katie Holmes. This was all made possible by his wife Shelley Miscavige, who has been missing since 2006.

    In February 2011 issue of New Yorker magazine ,Pulitzer prize winner journalist Lawrence Wright reported in his article that Shelley has been missing since 2006 and “her status is unknown.” Just before she went missing, she had supposedly filled several job vacancies out side (strong indication of leaving the church) without her husband’s permission.

  • Jerrad Davis

    Scientology: Don’t Let Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s Membership Fool You
    Dr. Stephen H Frye
    MD,George Washington University
    Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry

    GoogleSCIENTOLOGY RELATED SUICIDES and MURDERS” and you will find many articles on the dangers of this anti-psychiatry, anti-medication cult.

    Modern psychiatry has truly miraculous, remarkably safe, life-saving medications and therapies to assist patients with all kinds of mental disorders, especially depression and suicidal thinking. Yet Tom Cruise and John Travolta constantly shove their dangerous propaganda on us.
    Scientology’s own very stressful and toxic training further aggravates this by the “number of individuals [who] go crazy when exposed to the Hubbard’s “Technology
    I personally observed a number of other Scientologists go crazy and commit suicide as a result of the auditing processes…The results of Scientology’s hatred of medicine and psychiatry has lead to numerous deaths.
    So Scientology is a very dangerous cult that can have a devastating effect on our relationships, especially marriage and family, our health and even our lives.
    Citizen beware!

  • Laaleen

    My intention was not to judge Scientology in any way. Everyone’s free to practice whatever belief system they chose. Interesting turn the comments have taken though (!)Recommend

  • Dr Sumbul Jaffery

    Its not about the matter of “belief” but about the ”Mind Control”
    Out total 183 countries in the World only 5 of them has given legal cover, these are, USA, Sweden, Taiwan , Australia and Newzeland.

    In half of the world they are BANNED and rest half of them they are officially considered as CULT or SECTS and are under the surveillance of government authorities .
    The government of Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium considered them “dangerous cult” and police and intelligence agencies monitored them 24/7.
    In 2010 landmark decision of French High Court, urged French authorities to keep an eye on their activities in France and labeled them as Fraud and danger for the society. The details of the decision were also published in local English newspapers in Pakistan.
    In Pakistan, the Dianetics Center which is local Mission of Church of Scientology has no legal status; it is totally illegal from top to bottom. They are not authorized to deliver their counseling services nor so called self-improvement courses based on their religious teaching of re-incarnation, insult of Abrahamic religion including Islam and Satanic teachings of Aliester Crowley.
    None of the Federal or Provincial Ministries of Religious Affairs, Health, Education and law issued them any permission for their activity in Pakistan. THEY ARE ILLEGAL
    They are working under various names and through various front groups such as
    Dianetics Center for Self Improvement
    Dianetics Center for Personal Excellence
    Youth Together for Human rights education
    Way to Happiness Foundation
    International Dianetics Assist Team
    Now from this year they are working under the name of
    International Dianetics Disaster Assist Team (IDDAT)
    Pakistan volunteer Assist Team /Volunteer Pakistan
    Just imagine, they are so shrewd that they even use names which give no clue about their agenda and activities.
    Targeting youth of middle class and getting them brainwashed and gradually converting them to Satanic practices with pledge that they won’t look into internet, television, newspaper, magazine to check any news related to Scientology and Dianetics. Later they are asked to disassociate with those who are opposed to the CULT and in final stage these youth (especially female) brought in to their “circle of trust”.
    Enough details given earlier in the blog and I do not think one can explain them as elaborate as it is described already. Recommend

  • Naheed Sultana

    Why people in general and Karachities in particular DON’T speaks about the injustice and harm of Scientology?

    The answer is very obvious: numerous news reports on stalking of Katie Holmes and Suri by a Church’s secret service known as OSA ,mentioned briefly in previous comments.

    So lets get more information about this World’s largest private secret service owned and operated by a CULT.

    For conclusive details we are not referring to news reports or blogs but to the research conducted by the world largest top research university professors and researchers.

    And its none other then Carnegie Mellon University ( World’s top 10 research university) and it is all in black and white on its web site giving tons of information about the CULTs secret activities.

    OSA (Office of Special Affairs) — The Secret CIA of Scientology

    The another reliable source is WIKIPEDIA, according to which OSA is the world’s-largest-private-secret-service , comparable to government agencies like CIA,MI6,KGB,etc .

    The second issue is HARASSMENT,done- in day light- eyes wide open. I am sure now few of our local media reporter and editors have experienced that phenomenon.

    Recently NBC has aired an exclusive report on the surveillance and harassment techniques of OSA , through the ex-head of OSA Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun.
    In this interview they inform that they keep track of their members and staff on minute by minute basis and has access to every aspect of their lives.

  • Jerrad Davis

    @ Naheed Sultana
    Of all Hubbards written works, his instructionals on
    wrecking lives,
    extortion and
    general black-ops are by far the best.
    They show very well the time-frame in which they were written and the evidence is all around how dated and ineffectual those snide methods are today.

    That all got exposed in “Operation Snow White” – a conspiracy during the 1970s to purge unfavorable records about Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard.

    This project included a series of infiltrations and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology, carried out by Church of Scientology, in more than 30 countries;

    The single largest infiltration of the United States government in history with up to 5,000 covert agents.

    For details:

  • Jerrad Davis

    CORRECTION about the linke:
    you may also Google: operation snow whiteRecommend