Of patriarchy and virginity tests

Published: July 4, 2012

A man should be held equally responsible for indulging in activities regarded as socially, morally and religiously corrupt. PHOTO: REUTERS

Marriage is one issue that just never loses its appeal as a topic for family discussions, social forums, religious seminars and even news stories. This is one decision in life which is heavily loaded with expectations – mostly on the woman’s side.

A few days ago, I came across a news story about Iraqi women facing court ordered virginity tests and thought to myself; what else will these misogynistic societies come up with next?

Muslim countries appear to be overly obsessed with relations pertaining to the opposite sex and we regularly come across horror stories where naive youth gets killed in the name of ‘honour’. Instead of providing alternative, religiously legitimate routes for the younger generation, our society prefers to put up more and more barriers in the way.

Unfortunately, these barriers are completely ineffective against the hormones gushing in the bloodstream of the young members of society; hence time and again we find boys and girls indulging in activities that they should not be involved in. Wrong as they might be, punishment here is not the answer here – education is.

In almost every instance of youthful misconduct, one finds the blame being placed upon the female counterpart. Not only men, but even women in our society are found saying things like,

‘Behkane wali toh humesha larki hi hoti hai. Jab tak larki agey na bare larka kuch nahi kar sakta.’

(The girl is always the one to entice the boy. Unless and until the girl doesn’t take the first step, no boy can do anything.)

Can you even imagine such hypocrisy?

How many of you remember the case where a boy in Kinnaird college killed himself and an innocent girl just because she refused his advances? Claims that the girl is always at fault is a ridiculous lie.

Coming back to the court order demanding virginity tests for Iraqi women, one wonders why are these tests reserved only for women. Why are unmarried men exempt from this order? Maybe this is because there is no test to ascertain a man’s virginity, but this is not sufficient justification for this blatant nepotism. What this law is trying to establish is that it is perfectly normal and acceptable for men to indulge in pre-marital sex.

The Women’s Rights Division at the Human Rights Watch, stated that,

The Iraqi government should urgently put measures in place to ensure that women and girls are not forced to undergo physical examinations that are degrading, painful and frightening.

They further stated that,

The use of these tests in court should be banned.

Islam being a code of conduct of life very clearly condemns fornication and adultery for both men and women. So not holding men to the same expectation of virginity as a woman is, in effect, a direct breach of what our religion preaches.

Islam also states that a person’s sins should not be spoken about publicly, as you are neither the forgiver nor the forgiven. I ask the Iraqi authorities, are these tests not humiliating for women?

Why is it that religion is used merely as a convenience to satisfy the male agenda?

I would beseech the Iraqi’s so first properly study their religion before making laws that incorrectly interpret it.

A man should be held equally responsible for indulging in activities regarded as socially, morally and religiously corrupt. If the woman is wrong, the man is equally guilty because it takes two to tango.

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Narjis Fatema

A student of Mass Communication at Karachi University who Tweets @Narjis_Fatema (twitter.com/Narjis_Fatema)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Noor

    I’m sorry but you haven’t been able to make a valid point here. Recommend

  • Fahad Zia

    Even though the topic relates to Muslim countries. The women in the picture who is an Indian, seems to be protesting about the same thing. What i think is that, these kind of activities are more related to illiteracy than they are related to religion.Recommend

  • M Ali Khan

    When society, religious authority, and government decide to interfere and meddle and enforce restrictions on an individual’s own sexuality and private consensual sex life, SOMETHING IS VERY WRONGRecommend

  • Ayesha Ahmad

    Narjis, thanks a world for raising this taboo issue. It’s time our society learnt how to treat women and grant them the rights they deserve! Spot on!Recommend

  • Asad Shairani

    Taking a cue from your last paragraph, you’re not really mad at women being tested for virginity – but more at men not being tested. Weird. Recommend

  • SaQiB

    @Fahad Zia:

    u r so right bro…… this is a biased article, aimed particularly to link the issue with islam………Recommend

  • Ayesha Saqib

    Islam also states that a person’s sins should not be spoken about publicly,

    thank you for letting us know about the sins of that woman… they hypocrisy Recommend

  • Khalid Munir

    Ayesha Ahmad: Narjis, thanks a world for raising this taboo issue. It’s time our society learnt how to treat women and grant them the rights they deserve! Spot on!

    be thankful young lady, you have a computer in the kitchen ;)Recommend

  • Ayesha Saqib

    ‘Behkane wali toh humesha larki hi hoti hai. Jab tak larki agey na bare larka kuch nahi kar sakta.’

    **(The girl is always the one to entice the boy. Unless and until the girl doesn’t take the first step, no boy can do anything.)**

    I agree with the statement :)Recommend

  • Hanif Shah

    I agree and second the idea that men should also be dealt in the same mannerRecommend

  • AD

    Agreed with Asad author seems to be more concern with the men virginity test & article look like a pure gender biased one though theme of protecting rights of women is fine but it can be presented in far more better way nevertheless Nice try keep it up Recommend

  • Raza

    @Asad Shairani and Fahad Zia

    The point she is trying to make is that women are targets of sexual repression in patriarchal societies. Virginity tests sanctioned by the State is just one glaring example. Also, it is high time Muslims accept that there is something terribly twisted in our traditions and values and stop blaming it on poverty and lack of education. People who make laws such as the Hudood Ordnance – and virginity testing in this case – and those who implement them are neither poor nor illiterate. They are just incredibly reactionary people who refuse to do away with their foolish heritage because it serves them by preserving the current order of society. They rule and thrive in such a society.Recommend

  • Ayesha Saqib

    Islam also states that a person’s sins should not be spoken about publicly,

    thank you for letting us know about the sins of that woman… the hypocrisy of the authorRecommend

  • Imran Con

    @Fahad Zia:
    Such things as literacy only take you so far. That’s basically like saying everyone is a useless horrible person from birth with no hope of development and ignoring all life before formal education was introduced.
    Some of the dumbest things that happen are the product of some of the smartest people and in no way is it a rarity.
    It’s a very small influence of a person’s character. Pick a controversial topic and ask a room full of highly intelligent people to comment on it. If answered honestly it would range from depraved to selfless sacrifice in the spirit of good will. You can teach someone something but it will always be entirely up to that person to use it or toss it in the trash after they answered the test question.Recommend

  • Egoistic

    we live in a Patriarchal word.What else we can expect? Shameless ppl using religion for their own sake.Recommend

  • Mubashir Sabir

    What if a girl is involved in pre-marital sex with her full consent.Her parents and society is unaware about this crime. And other boy/man (who was not involved in adultery with her) ask her to marry with him and she doesn’t discloses the truth.Than He has the right to ask for virginity test…. Than who is guilty,,, He/she?

    The entire article is biased! Recommend

  • Parvez

    When you say that religion is used to satisfy the male agenda, I fell it should be ‘ religion is misused to satisfy the male agenda’. The difference may appear small but in fact is very big.
    This misuse of religion by men for their vested interests, started very early in the history of the religion and it’s only now that women are fighting back to try and correct this wrong.Recommend

  • Atif

    who buys a product with broken seal, even manufacturers write it on their products “don’t buy if seal is broken” so if a women claims she is virgin, then there is no problem taking a virginity test, and so do if a boy claim so. and practically this issue is not confined to muslim countries, where there is illiteracy, there is injustice of all sortsRecommend

  • alicia

    Can someone for a minute just stop and think about how bogus the virginity tests are?

    A hymen is a membrane which can be ruptured by anything. This includes heavy menstruation, swimming, riding a bike, even stretching your legs, injury or anything at all can break it. SO many girls are just born without one.

    What should all these girls do?

    A man who starts a marriage looking for a piece of membrane is not fit to be a husband. Recommend

  • Raza

    Thank you Mubashir Sabir and Atif for proving to us that education does not necessarily equate to enlightenment. Both of these gents seem educated enough, judging by the fact that they know how to construct a proper sentence and present their opinions. Yet, just look at what they’ve written. Just look at it!!Recommend

  • Hala

    a woman is not a product
    she is a human being
    she does not have a seal
    she is not broken, if she is not a virginRecommend

  • alicia

    @Atif and Mubashir Sabir

    The thing is that virginity tests are not fool-proof. An innocent girl who was born without a hymen or got injured during sport can get into a lot of trouble with these tests.
    They do not work properly.

    Also just like muslim women trust their husbands and except them to be virgins before marriage;maybe muslim men should trust their wives too.Recommend

  • Sameer

    Totally agree with the writer and the test should be banned. The valid point made is the emphasis on education. There is also an underlying emphasis perhaps on the way we value Islamic beliefs. The Quran states that one shall get other halves that are of similar character as oneself. Our society is full of many examples.

    Word should be enough, provided that one has the courage to accept the word of The Holy Book instead of just preaching and being part of the great moral hypocrisy. Recommend

  • Hala

    @Ayesha Saqib:
    “The girl is always the one to entice the boy. Unless and until the girl doesn’t take the first step, no boy can do anything.”

    what are you talking about?
    how in the world can that be true?
    you are saying no one has been raped ever
    a boy can claim any innocent action of any girl “entices” him
    how can a girl be responsible for a boy’s actions
    personal accountability isn’t important?
    we are each responsible for our own actionsRecommend

  • Ali Syed

    You have made some very valid points here, especially the fact that Islam encourages hiding the sins of people rather than publicising them.Recommend

  • http://www.yahoo.com Asif

    @ Atif

    There is an ethics of everything; we should not forget our limits. Why would anyone demand for virginity test? Marriage is nothing but a social contract based on trust of two human beings and by the way neither women nor men are products. Recommend

  • Atif

    There is a hell of difference between theory and practice, try to understand it, making the claims of enlightenment are very easy, what happens if one fine day Mr. A /Mrs. A, finds out that his/her spouse have had sexual affairs with abc number of people. Ding Dong

    no women, regardless of her religion, trust her husband :)

    and i never said that virginity test be conducted forcefully, i should be conducted only if the women claims she is virgin and if a boy claims so, you know equal treatment. Recommend

  • http://www.yahoo.com Asif

    @ Atif

    I quite agree with the facts mentioned by you “that no no women, regardless of her religion, trust her husband :).

    Further, muslim societies have their own customs, traditions and limited openess and the example set by you is rarely found. However, human lust has nothing to do with any society, culture and religion, it finds its own way anywhere everywhere.Recommend

  • donku

    funny incidents happen all around the world, it doesn’t mean if it happened in Iraq, happen everywhere else. Never ever heard it happening here. And you wrote blog on that. Recommend

  • Faria

    A person is pure not because they have been able to avoid lecherous men and child molesters. They are pore because they are kind generous and loving.
    if your sole basis for purity is a piece of skin, i feel sorry for your wifeRecommend

  • elementary

    So you think woman is a product? Shame on you.Recommend

  • elementary

    Virginity test whatever that entails ,if it means presence or absence of hymen,then it has a very high rate of false poitives and false negatives,with disastrous consequences.very idea is ridculous.Recommend

  • Vikram

    All in the name of religion I guess
    Cairo, Egypt – Samira Ibrahim, then a relatively unknown 24-year-old woman from Upper Egypt, didn’t know she would be facing one of the hardest experiences she would ever face when she decided to participate in the sit-in in Tahrir Square on March 9, 2011.
    After the military police evacuated the square, violently dispersing protesters, Samira, along with a number of other women who had been at the demonstration, were beaten, given electric shocks, strip-searched and said they were forced into receiving a “virginity test“, while being humiliated, video-taped and exposed by the military’s soldiers and officers.Recommend

  • Vikram

    What should all these girls do?

    I don’t think virginty test is right thing to do.
    But if some one is concerned and it is matter of life and death. plastic surgery is availble to restore virginity. Also there are virginity capsules (blood capsules) a girl can use on the first time.Recommend

  • Vikram

    I can’t believe this. Virginity tests being done in public. Some nudity involved, so think before you go to the web site. UN should ban these virginty tests.


  • Narjis Fatema

    @Fahad Zia @Saqib @Asad Shairani- definitely its a biased write up because its based on opinion and yes the main focus of the blog is Why Not Virginity Test For Men? The reason is that its the husbands who demand virginity test of their wives and hence why dont they undergo the same? Where is the guarantee that the accuser is a virgin himself?… moreover the purpose of bringing Islam into the talk was that the news hails from Iraq (a muslim majority country) and coming from Pakistan i know in my society the mentality is no different and the best way to counter it is through reminding people about what our religion has to say on the topic…. Marriage is a personal matter and any discomfort or issue arising between the couple should be sorted out internally rather than taking up the issue to the whole wide world and embarrassing your wife. These is simple ethics that our society needs to be reminded of….Recommend

  • Abid P Khan

    @Ayesha Ahmad:
    “Narjis, thanks a world for raising this taboo issue. It’s time our society learnt how to treat women and grant them the rights they deserve! Spot on!”
    I object to the usage of the word grant. It is a woman’s right to sleep with whosoever she wants. She should take her rights for granted. Recommend

  • Atif

    Whatever you say, but modesty & pureness is a quality of pious human beings

    @elementary: did i say that ? to quote an example, you have to use a reference and that was it, if it is in your subconsciousness, i can’t help.

    and what i feel that all those claiming to be champions of women rights on this blog are in fact half cooked products, sitting in their chilled rooms and commenting here, Man, come out, practical life is very different and difficult, stop watching POGO try NatGeoRecommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    @Ayesha Saquib: A woman entices a man? Its always her fault? I seriously doubt you are a woman (as in you’re man commenting with a womans name) but if you are, then shame on you!!!! Recommend

  • iffat almas

    @Ayesha Ahmad:
    i think the test should be there coz:

    it give more confidence to the people around a person about the private life of so called lady
    it also enhances the respect and dignity of a women who have established virginity
    it also clear doubts in the minds of people around the girl about her piousness and loyality
    the test is made for such purpose based on scientific research so what harm is there and where the question of religion comes in?

    because of the above points, i am in the strong favor of this testRecommend

  • sajid

    @iffat ilmas
    All these tests are not scientific. There is a very high chance of error. Read @alicia’s post

    Also why are muslims so obsessed with the piousness and loyalty of women. I have never seen any muslim care so much about the private lives and dignity of menRecommend

  • Ali

    But if one knows about her past realtions ? then what should that men do ? should he tell her to stop this hipocracy of loyality or should he just silently refuse n say i can’t marry you ? but she needs the reason afterall ? hmm

    the problem is, you girls want equal rights but always try to cover n defend things emotionally !!!!Recommend

  • Citizen

    I cannot belive what you just said . It is a private matter of every woman and no woman should be forced to have it . We are free beings and free to act / live . Why every so called GHARIRAT MAND so obsessed about it? Please get a life. Repect your partner, not RAPE her dignity.Learn to trust your wife . These tests cannot judge loyalty/ dignity of wife . Relationship is much more than this .Recommend

  • Vikram

    Ali: comments: But if one knows about her past realtions ? then what should that men do ? should he tell her to stop this hipocracy of loyality or should he just silently refuse n say i can’t marry you ? but she needs the reason afterall ? hmm

    Why not do a virginity test on men? Just give them a lire detector test to begin with. Other kind of testing is also possible.

    I am a man. I htink virginity test is totally wrong.

    I happen to know many Muslim families in USA. Some of these families don’t let women work and others providechildcare services at home. About 30% of the men enjoy telling me about their temporary affairs with other women.

    Ali, equal rights means, virginity test for both (time being just use lie detector test). Force men to wear Chastity belts and give keys to their wives.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Narjis Fatema:
    Religion can not control lust. Just search Imams (or Quran teacher) and rape.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @iffat alma “i think the test should be there coz:”

    I don’t agree with you

    Well a girl can do lot of sexual things and still pass the virginity test if she avoids actual sexual intercourse. Actually this happens a lot now a days, especially in Western countries where most girls have their own cars and find ways to date boys.

    A girl can get surgery plastic and get her virginity restored.

    I have a better idea. Give lie detector tests both to men and women. Ask question like if you have been involved sexual with any one. This will catch people who have tried gay or lesbian sex.

    Personallly I think “virginity test” is a very stupid idea. People can have affairs after marriage too.Recommend

  • ahmed talha

    i think that @Narjis Fatema is right…..but before marriage parents have to tell all the things about girls to boy……islam also teaches us this……but virginity test is a wrong way…ladies also have self respect…..iam agree with @Narjis Fatema…..Recommend

  • http://tribune.com.pk p r sharma

    “who buys a product with broken seal”
    This indicates the mindset that girl/women is perceived as a commodity by you and commodity can be treated as per the will of buyer.
    So there is fair possibility of similar law be enacted in Pakistan too.!!! Recommend

  • Vikram

    @ahmed talha:”i think that @Narjis Fatema is right…..but before marriage parents have to tell all the things about girls to boy……islam also teaches us this……but virginity test is a wrong way”

    Why not tell all things about boy to girl and her family? Is that against Islam? A whole lot of Muslim men cheat on their wives after marriage? Maulvis top the list of sexual abusers.Recommend

  • a girl

    Yes I am a woman and I will get emotional about this. I do not want some stranger to look at my private parts and rob me of my dignity so my husband can make sure I don’t have a “broken seal”.

    How do I know my husband did not have affairs? or that he is a virgin? Why is every Muslim so concerned about women and their virginity. Why the hypocrisy? When it comes to men everyone goes “Janay do larka hai” and with women you want to investigate every moment of their life; embarrass them in front of strangers and want their parents to lock them up so they don’t meet up with any guys.

    Why are muslim men so hypo critical and abusiveRecommend

  • yousaf

    when someone gets whimsical about anything then sky is the limit.I do not know much about legal matters or medicine but this virginity thing looks a bit of a farce.Someone in the comments section has rightly pointed out that hymen or no-hymen is no proof of virginity,he/she is perhaps from medical profession and is supposed to know better.My question here is about what the Iraqi authorities have decided to do with someone who is found to be not a virgin and—-oh my God—- not married too?.So-far-as I know this is an irreversible phenomenon.What punishment will be meted to the CRIMINAL?.When Louise Pasteure discovered the vaccine for rabies his first reaction was to give injections to all the dogs in France.He realised later that if infected dogs from other lands came to France then what?.So he decided to only treat the effected victims,he was not whimsical,thank heavens. Recommend

  • Ezazi

    UTTER respect for alias Alicia. I tip my hat to you, lady.Recommend

  • Cynical

    @a girl

    You ask, ‘why are muslim men so hypo and critical and abusive?’

    Because the pride and honour of these men lies not in their conscience but, in between the legs of their women folk.
    In their misogynist world men are eternally virgin.Recommend

  • Dante

    No use cry out to us Pakistanis here.

    Go to Iraq instead.Recommend

  • Blind folded

    Great article, i agree with the author. Those people who’re in favour of the test….just think what if someday your own sister is asked to have one of those tests? I’m truely so worried about us muslims, we’re all so messedup with our overly weird mindset. I agree, education can play a very vital role. Recommend

  • AA

    really shows where you come from- equating products and women!Recommend

  • Abid P Khan


    really shows where you come from- equating products and women!”

    My hats off to @Atif, he spoke his mind. There are millions more like him.
    Perhaps, may be a brilliant idea if each of the political leaders is asked to express his/her opinion on this. Recommend

  • yousaf

    @Atif ::Your idea of ‘seal(oh God)’.No product should be ‘purchased’ if the ‘seal'(Oh) is broken,but you ask people to come out and be practical and to work hard.While doing all the hard-work don’t you think that there is no guarantee that the ‘seal'(my God) will remain intact,or is it that no hard-work whatsoever will not harm the hymen.Do you have any divine guarantee?If so please let the others know,so that they learn some lesson.And this product thing?Have you given any thought about who is the producer and whose ‘product’ we are if we ever can be called a ‘product’………..Can’t write any more,its so disgusting…sorryRecommend

  • Aaliya

    @iffat almas:
    Lady you’ve lost your mind! These test are not scientific at all. Girl’s hymen can be broken in many other ways besides sexual intercourse, plus not every girl bleeds that much when the hymen is broken. I can assure you of that, I am a doctor. The idea that these men want their wives to do a virginity test just cuz she didn’t ‘bleed after he slept with her’ is absolutely ridiculous. What’s more absurd is that the tests are court ordered..an illiterate man might not know the facts but the court should do some research before subjecting a woman to such humiliation.
    It’s a shame to see a woman be ‘strongly in favor’ of these grossly offensive tests. Have you thought about what would happen to the poor girl if she gets a false positive? Please read up on the subject and look at everything before writing such strong comments.
    If the hymen is so important he should ask her, no court order, to do a virginity test before the wedding to see if the hymen is intact; again it won’t be a 100% accurate but better than this outrageous behavior. If she agrees then you get your answer; if not then don’t marry her! Recommend

  • Jugni

    In india And Pakistan women gets white sheet on the first day of there shaadi Raath,. to make sure that she was virgin so what about menRecommend

  • Nobody

    @Mubashir Sabir:
    If someone is marrying you based on your virginity then you’re getting married for all the wrong reasons. He would only have the right to ask if she has the same right afforded to her. Regardless, this is an archaic and ridiculous practice with no room in the modern world. Stop valuing people on such absurd and superficial grounds. Recommend

  • mk90

    What was the point of this? It is scientifically and medically impossible to “prove” if a woman is a virgin or not. Recommend

  • Totbatot

    Nobody wants to buy used q-tip (cotton bird) either. How can we test the larka?Recommend

  • Vigilant

    I enjoyed comments lot more than article…..cannot stop my laughter at some……but article is more relevant to Arab world than Pakistan. In Pakistan People trust their spouses but here with Arab people i have heard about really insane traditions regarding women virginity proof. Most common-one which is also topic of heated debate with my colleague is if man suspects absence of Hymen during their first night he will inform his mother and she will seek an explanation from brides family. Recommend

  • Vigilant

    I have one question for u……

    What if product is used from back-door??? u will find the seal but product was still used by other consumer. Someone’s chastity cannot be proved by tests so try to learn and trust people so u can get similar in return. Recommend

  • Atif

    After an overwhelming response from the commentators on this blog, i want to explain a few points; leaving the religion apart

    No religion in this world tolerates adultery (either men or women)
    Dignity, respect, values, love, affection. these are all qualitative things, one cannot measure them
    I am indifferent to virginity tests, it does not matter whether virginity tests are taken or not, but the virginity of both men & women is most important.
    for those, who have shown strong reservations over calling a women a product, please read my first comment, i did not say that, neither did i try to equate a women with a product, i just tried to give an example though it was in a bizarre way, but i wanted to convey what i think.
    women are as much human beings as men do but they are biologically different.
    i repeatedly stated that if a women wants to confirm the virginity of a man, she can also order a virginity test for his proposed man.
    for those indians who come here with a biased mind against pakistan; Pakistan is, in so many ways, much better than india, muslims never practiced satti, people here are more enlightened than indians, i would just say, get a life

    And my closing remarks,
    Quran Says, and i try to explain here

    Adulterers for adulteresses , and adulteresses for adulterers- its very simple system of justiceRecommend

  • Assam

    @Nargis i would request you to read the link again. Please note that this is not done in our society(i live in dubai and i have never heard such thing) but from your blog it seems that all Muslim societies does this.
    Why do you have to generalize this evil act to every Muslim society?
    In your blog you did copy few points that suited you, what do you have to say about the following para.

    “It’s not uncommon, we are seeing a lot,” he added.
    The tests include examination of the woman’s hymen, but the man involved may also come under scrutiny.
    The man may be tested for impotency, Al Rezali said, noting that in some cases, a man with erectile dysfunction may pretend the woman was not a virgin to hide his shame.

    PS: I strongly condemn this so called “TEST”. Its absolute shameful thing.Recommend

  • Akhgar Jalwanvi

    All the things are written true…. first we should not do the sins, whether we are men or women……. then… these thing are not for the news that i found my wife that she is not a virgin…. things should be in the personal… and in the end i would like to thankx nergis for her writings…. she gave a good view of all the things… good work… Recommend

  • Narjis Fatema

    @Assam.. I agree to ur point tht the particular issue in question doesn’t exist in every Mulsim society… I am talking abt all Muslim societies in terms of the discrimination between girls and boys when it comes to the matter of honor of family and especially when it is related to intimate relationships… and all I meant to say was this virginity test issue in Iraq is a step ahead in tht direction… I had no intention of in any way saying tht Islam promotes such attitude or tht Muslims r all bad.. its just tht Muslim societies have these issues much more prevalent coz we still believe in moral values.. its just tht we need to strike a balance when it comes to gender treatment…Recommend

  • Assam

    @Narjis in principle i do agree with you that there should be no discrimination between the genders in terms of rights and i don’t doubt your sincerity for the issue. But have a look at the following link.
    What would you say on this now? Its quite clear that its a act of a certain society and should be taken in isolation. I think our society is changing(in general islamic) you writing this article and me commenting and discussing openly is a very clear example of it.
    Educating people is the key thing. Kindly look at the following link. Female writer has broken down all the barriers of the society just to educate.
    PS: Agree to disagree :DRecommend