A plea from a young doctor

Published: July 2, 2012

The intransigence shown by the Punjab government in this aspect is shameful, to say the least. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Dear people,

I do not receive any pay, perks or privileges for my job. I have to work 28 days a month with only two Sundays off. Every week, I have to perform emergency duties at least once for 12 continuous hours, apart from ward duties that extend up to 30 consecutive hours.

Who am I?

You guessed it – I am a young doctor working in a public sector hospital in Pakistan.

This hospital is in Punjab and I’ve been working here for some time now. There are three main departments in any hospital namely the emergency department, the indoor department and the outdoor department. The emergency department (ER) is open 24 hours a day and caters to patients who are acutely ill. The outdoor department functions eight hours a day for patients who are ill but their basic functional capacity is not massively impaired. Patients who need monitoring and further treatment are admitted in the indoor department.

My colleagues and I are in the eye of the storm because of our demand to formulate a service structure for doctors. The same demand was made by doctors at the time when my father graduated form medical school back in 1980.

The attitude of successive governments has not changed in the slightest in the last 33 years. After last year’s protests, the government had promised to act upon grievances of doctors and that included the demand for a service structure. After countless committees and deliberations held amongst doctors and representatives of the government, a proposed plan was presented. However, it was rejected by the health department of the Government of Punjab in the end.

The deadline given by the government expired on June 7, 2012. Following that, seminars were conducted throughout the province by the Young Doctors Association (YDA) to enlighten the medical community about what the service structure is and why it is important.

In the third week of June, it was decided that until our demands are met, Outdoor Patient Departments (OPDs) will remain closed. This was meant to be a token gesture and not a full fledged protest because patients from OPDs could go to the ER – which they do a lot of times to get the required treatment.

Like last year, the electronic media went in an overdrive in their propaganda against young doctors and their ‘brutality’.

Despite getting bruised multiple times by the bitter truth espoused by representatives of young doctors, TV anchors and reporters went on defaming my profession and my fellow professionals. I must admit that in the last few years there have been isolated incidences in which some members of the YDA behaved rudely with people and there were instances of physical fights but that has been an exception, not a rule. It should not be forgotten that the same doctors closed OPDs last year and worked in tents outside their hospitals in return for no fee from patients.

The intransigence shown by the Punjab government in this aspect is shameful, to say the least. It has disgraced itself and its employees. Let me recount the tactics used by the state machinery in this whole scenario.

First came the threats; a notification was immediately issued which cancelled leave for all employees and emphasised that no one should abstain from their duty. In case of absence, arrest by the police was stated as a threat to doctors.

Then came the news that army doctors have been called in to fill in for us in the government hospitals. There was a deliberate misinformation campaign started by the Punjab government against doctors, portraying them as mercenaries. As proven by a representative of YDA, the figures given in those ads are totally wrong.

On Sunday night, a meeting involving the leaders of YDA was disrupted by the police and doctors were arrested. It was accompanied by vandalism in the doctors’ hostel in Services Hospital, Lahore. Some medical students were even arrested and various wards, including the ER, were thrashed.

After such appalling actions against us, doctors are thinking of shutting down the indoor departments as well.

The major questions being raised these days are:

1. Why are doctors protesting?

2. Should doctors go on strikes?

3. Why are people dying while doctors are not providing them stipulated services?

I have answered question number one in detail above. Regarding the third question, I will reiterate that closure of OPDs does not lead to any deaths because patients in a critical condition are attended to in the emergency departments of major hospitals. Isolated incidents in smaller cities should not mean doctors are simply not working at other places. The most important question is question number two.

Doctors, like other professionals, are also human beings. Doctors, like other human beings, also have needs and demands. If a whole year of protests and committees could not procure a change in the stances of the opposing party, what are we supposed to do next? Are we to start immolating petrol pumps and blocking roads?

I believe the smear campaign, started by Khadim-e-Ala’s government, should be countered by doctors- and they are doing so, as much as they can, by participating in talk shows. Unfortunately, we do not enjoy endless state resources to get ads printed in national newspapers nor do we have the ears of media personnel close to our pockets. What we can do is plea, and that is what I am doing.

My fellow countrymen, we are not the aggressors or brutes. We never wished harm for any of our patients. The only option left for us─ if the government does not accede─  is to either leave the profession or leave the country.

If you cannot help us with this, please do not start believing in the state’s propaganda without finding out for yourselves. That is the least you can do for all the services we have provided you in the past.

Yours truly,

A young doctor

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Abdul Majeed

A final year medical student with interests in history, political economy and literature. He blogs at abdulmajeedabid.blogspot.com/ and tweets as @abdulmajeedabid

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • yasir

    I am sure if Khadima Ala wants a treatment, he will be treated. Only poor people who can only afford nothing come to you for help.

    Secondly, if all you wanted is money then should have tried your luck in business. By oath, you are bound to help a patient. If oath doesn’t mean anything to you then you would be asking money again next year.

    Again, want more money? go for business? Recommend

  • adeel qadri

    Very well written, ppl can not understand the problems faced by the doctors until and unless you don’t have a young doctor working for government in your family. i had three doctors in my family and i saw them tough going with their jobs..The money Punjab government given for advertisement against doctors, should have been utilized to fulfill their fair demands.. its shameful how one person has made true demands his ego problem… yes shehbaz sharif…and still ppl think they have vision? these doctors abroad are paid heavily by insurance companies as they respect their skills and devotions… but boy… this is Pakistan… they get arrested to ask for their rights…..Recommend

  • sashayub

    i’ve read your rant above, for someone who comes from a family of doctors, it is difficult for me to understand any of your arguments…first, i’m sure you knew about the salary structure before you even started your studies, secondly, i know for sure, there is a requirement for all doctors to work in rural out-reach areas before coming back to cities, did you any of your colleagues do that? i guess not, otherwise patients would not be coming to cities for health checks, thirdly, closure of various indoor departments of hospitals, will just culminate in the fast increasing number of patient deaths due to doctor negligence….come up with a better method of protest, not at the expense of patients’ lives, but at the expense of the system, if your own senior doctors are not supporting you, thats the place to strengthen your turf before you move to the streets!Recommend

  • Basharat

    Mr. Abdul Majeed from where u passed ur MBBS? If u don’t mind to tell? U belong to a rich family or a middle class? I’ve witnessed patients dying while Young Doctors playing play cards in the Air Conditioned rooms. When asked they replied its a routine matter. Patients are bring to Hospital only when they are near to death so we can’t do much. Most of the YDA leadership belongs to Rich Families. They know that they have the backing of the family in case of any litigation. They know that they can go abroad or run the family hospitals and business in case they will be sacked. But for God sake don’t play with the careers of Young Doctors of middle class and poor families. The Pay scale of doctors are already far better than engineers and rest of Government Servants. Recommend

  • jonny

    Sorry dude – I call BS on this – you want a service structure, you want to work less, anything – it DOES NOT mean you can neglect patients

    And please don’t tell me you are naive enough not to know that OPD patients start coming to ER and therefore put tremendous load there

    I am not fan of Khadam-e-Ala but he called your bluff – grow up and do your duties or get disqualified and blacklisted

    Keep on talking and negotiating and leading a campaign to get your rights but do it legally and without putting poor patients at riskRecommend

  • Basharat

    2ndly If YDA want to do politics then they should resign and make a political party and contest the elections or if they like any other main stream political party they can become their activists. No where in the World Doctors ever went on strike like in Pakistan. Recommend

  • salman


    My brother is a doctor too but it does not mean you have the license to go on strike as and when you want.

    There are many other professions with lower salaries. and many other with higher salaries. If you want money, go to those professions but please stop killing your patients…. Recommend

  • Usman

    wow…..ala majeed bhai….very well writtenRecommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    Doctors aren’t humans. Did you not know that?

    We don’t need salaries or civil rights. We are bound by the hippocratic oath to keep running around the hospital wards treating patients until we drop dead of exhaustion.

    A lawyer may come out on the street over the most frivolous of complaints against the government. So can a man of any other profession. Not a doctor though. By accepting his MBBS degree, a doctor has relinquished his right to protest. To continue to work ungrudgingly regardless of the injustices done to him by the government.

    While the factory workers may shut down a factory in protest, the government knows that the doctors wouldn’t dare shut down hospital units. So why on earth would the government listen to our grievances, if we continue to work at maximum efficiency regardless of whatever they do to us?

    Maybe it’s time for doctors to remind the country that they too are human beings with families to feed, and personal needs to look after.Recommend

  • Basharat

    Mr. Qadri how much is the education cost of a medical student abroad? Do u have any idea of the medical student fee? U can’t compare doctors working in Pakistan with doctors working in UK not coz of the difference of education but coz if they are getting in Pak Rs. then they also spending in Pakistan not UK or USA. Recommend

  • adeel qadri

    @yasir.. doctors are professionals… and they have full rights to make life easier for themselves and their families.. why they can not ask for money? how much hard work and devotion is involved to be a doctor? we dont even pay 5% back to them..if we dont respect the talent, and give them the return, brain will continue to drain from Pakistan.Recommend

  • Waqar Rana

    Dear Writer, Young Doctors are just showing the one side of the picture. But non of them considering those expensive which the government have to take on there shoulders for there 5 years degree. Private Medical Institutes costs 5 to 10 lac per year. What Gov institutes costs near 60,000 till 1, lac 20 thousand Plus Scholarships. If you people don’t want to be the part of the medical family of this Country. Its OK, There is no problem, Because Doctors are already emotionless and even senseless peoples. This Country will give you best what it have, But we will never ask you to pay back what you took from us..!Recommend

  • Shehzad

    This is sad and an unfortunate state of affair, once again the Sharif Brothers have proved that along with other politicians they to are only prone to destroy things and not structure them for a prosperous Pakistan. Sad but true.Recommend


    very well written. people who talk about protesting but not closing outdoors, and emergencies, they should know our silent protests for last several months fell on deaf ears.
    money? no. our sacrifice today will finaaly bring a change in healthcare . patient suffering is sad, but inevitable.
    long live YDARecommend

  • Aslam

    Dear Sir, can i ask one question….

    WHY WE R SUPPORTING IMRAN KHAN… bcoz we want to bring change in this country…
    and its the same wat doctors r doing … they r asking ONLY for a TRANSPARENT SYSTEM for doctors in pakistan….
    i think IMRAN KHAN should support doctors….Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK


    If all you wanted is money then should have tried your luck in business

    What a breathtakingly ignorant thing to say. Like any other profession in the world, these doctors are providing a service and they expect to get paid for it. Why don’t you try doing double the work and half the salary? See if enjoy being the saint you expect me to be.

    Just because doctors have taken their oath doesn’t mean they’ve thrown their civil rights out of the window.Recommend

  • adeel qadri

    @Basharat, Now the grocery prices are the same in Pakistan and UK or US. If Educations costs in UK and US, then they are able to pay back loans by their earning… and earn good life for themselves… does that mean, if your education doesn’t cost much, you should not be paid appropriately, even if you are hard working and intelligent? Recommend

  • Anonymous

    What a lame blog by a greedy young doctor. Poor people work 8-16hrs six days a week to earn Rs 7,000-10,000, they never protest! Stupid doctors crying about their hectic schedule? Get a life, we all work countless hours to make our lives better.

    If you aint happy, Quit, dont bother writing a blog.Recommend

  • http://islamabad abc

    For God’s sake have some respect for people’s lives.
    and can u please put a light on why only doctors in punjab are protesting while no one from the other provinces….?????
    your demands were fulfilled last time around and this cannot just happen everytime…
    if u want to work less, you dont want to do emergencies etc WHY on earth u opted for medicine…

    your license should be cancelled…

    and ET please stop promoting this drama…!!! Recommend

  • Ali T.

    Dear Doctor Sb,

    I am an Engineer. I studied my a** off and graduated after which I found no job. After struggling for 3 years professionally I finally got a well paying job. I studied on self-finance basis and the tax payers did not have to pay my fees. In comparison my cousin studied from a public college in Lahore and right after passing out got a job of 45,000 at Lahore. Yet she and many young doctors feel that they are not being paid enough. Why do doctors seem to feel that they are special people? Why can’t you be happy with what you are getting having earned more money in 6 months than what you had to pay for 5 years of study? Why do you feel you should be hired directly into grade 18 when even CSS officers get hired in grade 17 and are paid much less than your 45,000. (http://pakobserver.net/detailnews.asp?id=162883). Where did your Hippocratic oath go and what made you turn into hypocrites? If you don’t like what you are getting simply resign from your posts and let those who want to work, perform their duties so that poor, innocent people may not die. Be very afraid from the curse (bad dua) of poor people. You would not want your dear ones to die this way would you? Have some fear of Allah. There is a lot in life besides money which you people can make easily by doing private practice. Please stop hurting the poor people .

    Thank you.Recommend

  • Maqsood

    Well it’s really shame full for young doctor because they are young and have the passion to help poor people and they are playing politics for what??? just money. yet they are geeting more pay as compared to the same grade officials. Yasir has raised a very good point just go for business if you want only money.

    Why you are destroying the hopes of poor people who can’t offord private clinics. I am sure there will be a settlement between Govt. and doctors both will be happy and the damage will only be done to the poor people. I believe that both Govt. and doctor will have to pay back their attitude in some form at some stage of life. Govt. politician are supposed to do such stupid things but one of the most elite educated young doctor is striking against the poors. What damage is done to the Govt.?????/Nothing.Recommend

  • amjad

    i don’t know why are people talking of poverty and public sector hospitals at a time, if govt is so much caring about the health, they should have state of the art facilities, with trust in them and not going out of the country for their management, we have got ICUs with no body to run them with proper required qualification, how many emergency medicine specialists are their in the whole punjab, we have got infectious diseases with no body having proper qualification to deal them, dengue is an example where are these docs they left your country, doctors do duty for long hours with no benefit which their counterparts are receiving in the other countries, Govt is establishing a forensic lab with sweepers doing autopsies in hospitals , if they donot have a proper service structure , we will be having hospital departments with no doctors , can any one tell me how many neonatologists are in punjab public sector , sole reason for all this is that if some body is having a good respectable life with pay as per qualification will opt for the job or will leave for places where they get all this .
    i am not in favour of strikes but i am not in favour of insult too, if some body dont like doctors due to the negative propaganda i cant help them , ask the army docs how much pay they are getting, why this disparityRecommend

  • ibtisaam

    Does any moral code or society allow such brutal act as these Young so called doctors doing? i have many dr. friends and none of them is getting less than 50 k. their demand for service structure is also absurd as why not engineers and others directly inducted in 18th grade? they are not drs they are butchers.Recommend

  • Realist

    Get treated by Army doctors or abroad or in private hospitals. This nation doesn’t need doctors. It needs soldiers.
    this is for the poor. Unless the doctors protest do you think the dying patient will come out on street and protest for raise in health expenditures.Recommend

  • Sehrish

    People in Pakistan are so much unaware of the facts they only follow and believe what they are shown..Paid Adds are used for character assassination of YDA. I really feel so bad about all that is happening around..Nd media is so much puppet of the political parties like PML-N that if you post a comment (without abusive language) in favour of YDA it is not published.Believe me i have tried so much.No body hera this..They are just posting pictrz abusing YDa members..I am so dihearted by all of this stuff i can also comment ant tell that whats the truth but all is in vain..But I SALUTE you ppl for fighting against a system which upholds Merit.. I am so proud of you.. My father is also a doctor he z a senior 1 but he keep on sayng that he z also so proud of u guyz… Pakistan is actually going to thank you in Future .Believe me your efforts are not gonna waste in vain… Keep UNITED.. =) With All the very best for the Warriors of YDA :)Recommend

  • http://pakistani-edu.blogspot.com Usman Shahid

    @author you said:

    Dear people,

    I do not receive any pay, perks or privileges for my job. I have to work 28 days a month with only two Sundays off. Every week, I have to perform emergency duties at least once for 12 continuous hours, apart from ward duties that extend up to 30 consecutive hours.

    Who am I?

    I can’t understand that how you have create the illusion that only you work and study in the whole world and rest of the world only enjoy. Come out of this illusion. Recommend

  • adeel qadri

    @Ali T. I am also an engineer, and i also struggled for my first 3 years. Only difference is, these doctors start their professional training from 3rd year of their medical, and become well trained during their house jobs…. An engineer takes 4 years to be a professional, while a doctor takes 7 years, how can you compare their salaries? so a doctor enters the medical college at 18-19 year of age, @ 26 when he graduates, he still on the basic salary? Like i said, its tough to understand for those, who doesn’t have doctors in their family.Recommend

  • Realist

    @Faraz Talat:

    People forget that this movement is more about patients than doctors. the better they are respected and paid the better they treat the patients. This nation has been fed to revere the soldier who have literally effed this. We spend Rs.900billions on defense last year why cant we spent a few bucks on our health.

    Let them die if they do. Get out of hospitals and let them be treated by soldiers and politicians and judges and media men. If studying Medicine was as easy as criticizing doctors, every tom and dick would have been curing himself.

    By the way people will not die due to negligence of doctor but due to failing life standards which ultimately we owe to our military incest with the country. People needs to know or chose suicide.

    God will not change our circustance as long as don’t let the good people do us the job we need to do for ourselves. This movement is a ray of hope. We did in lawyers movement and we can do it again. They failed us but we learnt the art of protesting.

    Unless the sibling cry, she/he is hardly fed. Unless you protest, the state will hardly concede.

    Those not happy with YDA shouldn’t complain. They should treat themselves in Agha Khan and SK.Recommend

  • Fawad

    Shame on all the Young doctors Those went on strike and does not care for poor people. Sack and ban them for whole life those on striker and appoint new doctors. Shame on YOU. You are suppose to be life saver not life TAKER………………..Recommend

  • Hardy

    we understand that doctors make long working hours and that it is a tough job. we have all respect for doctors.
    But when you chose for this profession, you knew it would be tough and not a bed of roses. Nobody forced you to become a doctor. When you took that oath, you declared that patients would come first, no matter what. So I don’t understand this whining about doctors make long hours while their relatives are sleeping peacefully. You should have thought about that before getting into this field. Unless you chose this profession just as a status symbol.
    Now you can strike as much as you want (for higher salaries and what not) but patients should not be suffering due to this.Recommend

  • Abubakar

    The only option left for us─ if the government does not accede─ is to either leave the profession or leave the country.

    In the words of Gilani:


    If all you want is better pay for your work then the dollars and sterlings of the world await you. If you have an inch of ethics left in you, I implore you to do your job and work for the betterment of Pakistan. Yes, the economic conditions are not well but its not like you’re dying of poverty.
    Millions of Pakistanis are dying of poverty. Those who can’t arrange a single meal for their children.
    Those who come to YOU for treatment. Those who think YOU are their messiah. Those who can’t comprehend the complexities things such as ‘service structures’.
    YOU be the judge!Recommend

  • Realist


    If all go for business who will treat you? And when has a doctor been given free mutton by the butcher or his billed paid by you or Wapda? Who will pay for his years of round the clock study. Why didn’t you become one despite urges everytime you visit hospital.Recommend

  • Realist


    How many have died so far? Come with facts and figures?Recommend

  • Realist


    What does MBBS stand for?Recommend

  • To anonymous

    Do these “poor” people have 26years of just education. How many of these “poor” people always come in the top 500 students in all the province?

    Stop your BS and realize the facts! This country is doomed because of people like you who don’t realize what the truth is and impose their wrong (vote) upon all of the nation.Recommend

  • Khurram

    Doctors who were involved in protest have been blacklisted by Government and who those have been arrested are charged with criminal offense. If any of those apply for foreign employment will need to go through background screening process and their applications would be rejected by foreign governments. So only option they have is to leave this profession because they have no mercy for patients.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    The media makes it appear as if there are dead bodies piling up outside the hospitals because doctors are refusing to see them.

    The emergency departments are still functional. It is only the OPD’s that are being affected. That means that if you have a dry mouth, a tummy-ache or a funny-looking mole on the back of your hand, it’ll have to wait. Nobody’s ignoring patients with life-threatening conditions.

    While, quite regrettably, there have been a few cases where patients have died, the author correctly points out that these are exceptions, not the rule.Recommend

  • Muhammad Salman

    @yasir: Every body needs money my friend, even the doctors! Recommend

  • Aatif

    Great Job Young Doctors, you know how to eradicate poverty in Pakistan, Stay on strike and kill all the poor people, Bravo!!!! one more thing, do you know the reason why CM dont trust you????? if you use your brain you will know that, last time he trusted you and gave you all the pay rise, and you promised that you will stop the strike, but here we are, one year after and you are on strike again. now you want more money. keep up the good work.Recommend

  • Basit

    People (Doctors) with such mentality better Leave or do what ever, but such demands should never be accepted. Their inhuman strike resulted in death of recorded 19 people, these doctors should be punished under 302 nothing less. Full stop.Recommend

  • Farhan

    Why don’t you leave Pakistan. You are not here to serve the poor. You are here because you could not pass AMC/USMLE/PLAB. Don’t blame poor people for your failure to pass and go abroadRecommend

  • Murad

    These so called Young Doctors, ought to be dealt with even more strictness.
    This so called plea written by some young DOCTOR( only if he knew wut it truly means to be a doctor) is nothing but emotional rhetoric.
    What kind of demands were these YDA emmebers proposing, huh, has anyone just given a look at the demands, direct entry into 18th grade, petrol, car, easy car-financing, notwithstanding the fact that their salaries were already increased.
    This is a shameful and disgraceful, act shown by these so called doctors, and for once i agree with Shahbaz Sharif or Khadmaeala whichever name he prefers.

    These doctors not only be sacked with immediate effect and black listed but their ring leaders sbhould also be charged with criminal cases.

    its a disgusting and oathetic sight to look at these people.
    Weep Pakistan Weep. for, a country where lawyers shower petals on a cold blooded murderer in broad day light, where life savers, turn away from their duties of saving life for petro and cars , and easy finances, that shows what rock bottom of doom a society has reached. Weep my beloved Pakistan, weep.Recommend

  • yasir

    Nobody forced anyone to be a doctor. Don’t ask others to repay for your education. Secondly, no ones civil rights are abused here so don’t bring it in here.

    All the doctors who joined the public hospitals knew very well what they will get when they applied for the job so it wasn’t a surprise.

    Secondly, there should be a limit to the type of protest you sign up for. You can’t have people dying because you are not getting soft loans for cars. Recommend

  • Farhan

    We all work more than 12 hours a day and countless nights. And we all are paid peanuts. We all suffer joblessness after our degrees. Who told docs that they are special. Respect is earned and not granted. If u are not happy, than go abroad. After all whosoever could pass international exams has already left and only the leftovers are blackmailing government because they could not pass and are frustrated. Shame on docsRecommend

  • yasir

    @Realist: So you want money like a businessman but want to remain a doctor? and if you don’t get it you will have your patients die?

    I know we are told doctors make good money that is why most become doctors in this country but that is wrong in the core. You will also need patience to earn that money. Young doctors around the world don’t make much money. Its the specialist/surgeons and senior doctors.

    Have patience my friend. The money will come but dont let us die on the road for it.Recommend

  • ALI

    @Abubakar: exactly. people are poor and cant afford treatment thats fault of bloody politicians or doctors???????????????????????????????????????? Recommend

  • RiMi

    these so called doctors are fighting to get increase in salaries OK fair enough to some extent
    let me ask a question from all YDA members
    what’s the fault of poor people?
    what is the fault of those people who travelled across cities in search of treatment. those people spend days and nights in front of hospitals.
    Is there any one in Pakistan who forced you to become doctors?

    Seriously shame on youRecommend

  • Kanwal

    And compare these troubles of civilian doctors with the perks given to the armed forces’ doctors. Trust me, this country is going to dogs. And we are not doing anything about it. Recommend

  • Lord J

    @Adeel Qadri & @Faraz Talat

    Its simple. When factory workers or lawyers or whoever else go on strikes, its not like people dont die in front of their families in hospital corridors and on roads, untreated while their families can do nothing about it
    its obvious you have never gone through the experience of watching someone close enough to die in front of you while you could do nothing but scream and tear your hair. only the poorest of people go to govt hospitals. they sell their cattle, jewelry and other possessions to buy tickets to come to cities and live on the roads in front of hospitals and starve so that their family could be treated
    and if some one points out the instances of violence and professional negligence, you can always take cover of ‘Isolated Incidents’
    you are not citizens, you are just another bunch of morally corrupt thugs who want to make more money and you dont give a S* if it costs other’s lives
    no need to leave the profession, get the hell out of Pakistan and make money wherever you wantRecommend

  • questioner

    Stop comparing apples to oranges. Labourers ea4n on their skill level they do not have graduate education thus they cant protest to say that they should be given compensation equal to graduatesRecommend

  • tariq

    @adeel qadri:
    U r riteRecommend

  • Anwar

    YDA = Murderers

    Simple fact. Recommend

  • Hamid Umair

    Doctors are really butchers who donot have any respect of humanity dying infront of thems, shame on YDA. I started my career as Engineer and was not paid more than 110 USD in start (Yes you are right around 10000 PKR). We donot protested but made our worth in our industry. Your salary structure is far much better from other Govt servants. You had studied in subsidised medical colleges otherwise how much among you can aford to pay 15000 USD on thier own for medical education.
    Rather than serving this nation you made our heads down due to brutal acts. Very sad to see that most educated and literate segment of society is doing which in other case nobody can do.
    Get a lifeRecommend

  • Farhan

    Phir doctor banay kiyon thay. Koi Naie (Barber) to nahin bheja tha government naiRecommend

  • Waqar Sulehri

    “I understand that doctors make long working hours and that it is a tough job. I have all respect for doctors.
    But when you chose for this profession, you knew it would be tough and not a bed of roses. Nobody forced you to become a doctor. When you took that oath, you declared that patients would come first, no matter what. So I don’t understand this whining about doctors make long hours while their relatives are sleeping peacefully. You should have thought about that before getting into this field. Unless you chose this profession just as a status symbol.
    Now you can strike as much as you want (for higher salaries and what not) but patients should not be suffering due to this.”Recommend

  • Mudassar

    I have few questions for the person, who has written this article
    although it seems that it has been written by some NGO

    -Why you choose this profession once your father has already suffered?
    -Why you waisted so much amount of Govt money (if you have studied in PMCs)? Mostly have studies on expenses of Govt.
    -Why you didnt read the pay structure and benefits while joining the govt services?
    -Why you think, you are superior to all the other profession?
    -Why you have strikes after every three months with new demands?
    -Your father make a mistake while not going out of this country, i hope you will not, you are a kind of slap on this poor nation.
    -Are you living in a country where living cost is too high, as all the time you are comparing your salaries with USA and EU?
    -With this mental level, do you think, you are able to work in a services industry?
    -Dont you think, Govt of Punjab is doing the right thing with you, or you think, it is less?
    -Look at your commitment in your services and you will come to know that you are not even deserve what you are getting
    -You have already made the hopsital as your play ground, you go there only to learn and pass your time—-
    -Check with police departments, what is their duty time and how much they are payed
    -Check with army protecting you from the border and think about the people at siacheen
    -Think about the people who is teach you in your school time, how much they are earning Recommend

  • Usman Siddique

    If a doctor’s father, mother, spouse, brother or sister needs a treatment for flu/fever/sever pain, would you suggest him/her to visit emergency as you are not available??

    If your answer is yes, then you are right. If you answer to “50/50”, then you have given shame to this honorable profession.Recommend

  • Abdullah Mirza

    ,, Whats the fault of a patient… ???? go and burn the CM House, why stopping treatment Recommend

  • Aniq Khursheed

    This is not about the pay or something. All this is a political propaganda by the set by PPP in order to destabilize the government of Punjab. Though, I am not a supporter of Punjab Government as they (PPP) are both the same. The most disappointing thing is, a profession like this has turned up to be a part of politics. Recommend

  • I keel you doctors

    dear YDA,
    I work 16 hours in these hot days out in the sun when it reaches upto 48 degree Celsius and I only get Rs 7500 per month but you dont see me comfreakingplain so kindly shut the frog upRecommend

  • Maria

    @Farhan: Do you think doctors are the only ones who work hard? You should have thought about this before becoming a doctor and getting a government subsidized education. Have you ever thought of repaying your government for your very inexpensive quality education? If you want to leave the profession, please do so after you repay the government. If you want to join the masses of unemployed Pakistani doctors who work as labourers in the West, please do so too. Only a fraction of Pakistani doctors who go abroad are able to get into the medical profession there anyway since it’s tough to get a training residency spot.Recommend

  • http://pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    i had huge respect for doctors , now its all lost. what a joke you guys have become … i am an engineer who spent 16 lac on my education and yet still i get 35k per month at a pvt place .. so imagine what the govt pays … can u please look at others.. i even spent 4 effing years on my degree Recommend

  • marium

    To the Young Doctors
    Lets not get emotional

    Yes like all humans you have a right to protest but lets consider things in perspective.

    Most of you studied in public medical hospitals, How much did you spend on your education and how much did the government contribute? Please compare that with private universities to understand the relative investment that this very state has made in you.


    A PakistaniRecommend

  • jia

    but i heard you get more than 10 or 20k IN INTERNSHIP .so can u plz let us know where we all gone.you get huge amount in your internship why are you hypnotize masses of you are get nothing . actually doc paying scale are higher than the average person gov employee. crap doc mistreating ppl. how i belive ur lame story? can anyone ask to hime why punjab gov giving 20 k or above on internship? we all want same rights…….i am not with young doc nor with gov . iam with poor ppl who give tax and still unable to get health facilities why? Recommend

  • M Hassan

    It’s a bit funny to read all above. It directly says We really don’t care about people living or dying or suffering or anything. We just need a mere raise….LOLZzz and you call urself docs. Come on…
    Oh and about working 12hrs… =/ please don’t act like u accidently dropped from heavens. It’s your job. I should rather bold it..IT’S YOUR JOB…irrespective of money or timings. For God’s sake; you are in such a blessed profession. You can directly help out poor n needy. You don’t exactly understand what is your value.
    And now you stated:
    My fellow countrymen, we are not the aggressors or brutes. We never wished harm for any of our patients. The only option left for us─ if the government does not accede─ is to either leave the profession or leave the country.
    Well on the contrary you ARE harming your patients. I know doctors very very well…my family is doctors…dude and I have seen them taking not even a penny from people who couldn’t pay. I myself opened my own home doors for patients at 3:00 AM….

    Oh and have you bothered to see how is it going on with rest of the country? what are others getting? and whats going on here?
    At the end I will forcefully suggest and request you to please LEAVE the Profession. We are better without such mean doctors who also thrselves lifesavers….
    please leaveRecommend

  • Sohail

    Just last night a close relative’s 18 year old daughter passed away in a public hospital in Lahore at 8:00 pm due to non-availability of the doctors and immediate help because they were finalizing their final verdict for 10.00 pm

    Now dont tell me that all the YDAs get their own families admitted and sent to the Public Hospitals!Recommend

  • mazen

    We have to realize that, in Pakistan, we chose a career not because of our natural propensity or without any luxury attached with that profession. So, in this context, morality and ethics is a distant dream. Doctors in Pakistan are doctors because of the perks and privileges attached to this profession and not because other reasons- don’t want to use harsh language so thats why said other reasons. We have to give benefit of the doubt to YDA for its audacious and more importantly reckless and inane agitative behavior. Doctors are also human, so they also need to have a salary of beyond six figures because they couldn’t make their living out of what they are getting now. If I’m not mistaken that they are the very same doctors who have been subsidized by the poor people of Pakistan in having MBBS degrees. What else they want? If they want to suck the blood of these same very people by not extending them their services then what this farce about. If someone here is hinting that these doctors will leave this already fractured and extremist country then first they have to return the money which was spent on them. This is not very simple in fact entirely leftist or rightest approach will do more harm than good. These doctors have to understand that they are under the most inapt of politicians around and have to act accordingly. I’m not asking them to kowtow in front of this brutal government but just urging them softly that you are here, in this case, more rationale and have to act accordingly. If you cannot do the same then what to say on this unfortunate situation. Show some ethics and get to your work at earliest.Recommend

  • Professor Mohammad Ilyas

    Air is free,Water from filter plants doctors can easly fetch
    doctors family should fasten,it is quiet easy and Liked by AllahRecommend

  • Yousuf Raza Gillani

    “The only option left for us……. or leave the country”

    Who is stopping you?Recommend

  • Basit

    My dear doctors,

    Will you also explain your demands for service structure for doctors????

    Because if you want a pay increase, then I do not support you. Because the majority of professionals are not even getting the salary as you do.
    & please do not give me a reference that indian doctor is getting paid 80k per month, Otherwise I can say that my profession person is getting a million dollar per month in USA. Trust me.

    Be sensible and logical in your demands.

  • yasir

    @Muhammad Salman: I know. I need it too but I am not going to risk your life for it :)Recommend

  • yasir

    @adeel qadri: By this argument you mean everyone should be on road all the time demanding more money from the govt coz everyone needs it all the time. Help yourself, find a better paying job.Recommend

  • Hafeez

    “I must admit that in the last few years there have been isolated incidences in which some members of the YDA behaved rudely with people and there were instances of physical fights but that has been an exception, not a rule.” I understand there must be some flesh to the reason for resorting to strikes. However, Has ever any Doctors’ association taken note of the doctors’ bad attitude with patients in government hospitals? has ever a doctor’s license been cancelled for their negligence of which numerous reports have surfaced in the past? I am saying this from my own experience in services Hospital when my dad was given a wrong injection pushing him to almost death, and when i pointed that out, the doctor started shouting at me. I talked to a few more doctors but my complaint was brushed aside. Until and unless you do not take care of the black sheep amongst you, please do not expect sympathy from the same people whose taxes pay for your education. I would suggest this article to everyone http://www.bbc.co.uk/urdu/interactivity/2012/07/120701baatsebaatzs.shtmlRecommend

  • Khalid

    I just wish That this time Government don’t accept even a single demand of doctors and kick them out. It will help the doctor community to make some reasonable decisions.

    Which could be:

    a) Go for private clinics / Hospitals and earn atleast 5 – 6 times from their current salaries.

    b) The more they work the more they earn.

    c) The more patients improve the more name they get

    d) People / patients will call you “Sir” “Janab” “Doctor Sahib” etc just for having a dose of steroids, anti allergics and/or a drip full of sugar / salt / multivitamins. . . . rather than working with no security, prescribing low potency and in-effective hospital/government medicine, and earn or called with bad names.

    f) If want any post graduation then simply study lesser but more logical and manage lesser patients but with effective medicine and working machinery and in good environment … I mean go to any foreign country. also paid a lot well … why to go for FCPS / MCPS / DCH / DGO etc there are a lot better options which will make you much better doctor and human being.

    g) Patient rotio during their workings hours will be a lot less. I mean I single doctor who currently in ICU if manages 10 – 15 patients (esp in paediatrics) will have to see a lot less patients. more over similar ratio is in emegency where a CMO or a doctor in OPD sees 150 – 200 patientsin his single shift duty (8 hrs morning).

    OOps I forgot to mention….

    Without trying to know what service structure is !!! we are labelled as “killer” by this nation.

    Goverenment forgot to mention that there is a limit of patient that a doctor is allowed to see during his duty hours. Just for example in Sheikh Zaid hospital in OPD a doctor is not allowed to see more than 35 patients …. I have already mention the number of patients seen by Other Government Hospitals

    This nation only deserves steroids / anti-allergics / mutivitamins.

    This nation only desrves current rulers and current standards of living.Recommend

  • amm

    In democracy, if just demands are not met, Professional bodies do go on Strike. So how can you deny this right to doctors and that only for Out Door Patient sections. Doctors like most of us have needs and they do all the hard work for a better future. I can’t understand the argument that why shouldn’t one protest against injustice even if he was knowing well before that it is happening. No one living in an unjust system would have raised voice if you apply this logic. You knew it , now don’t protest is a false argument.

    Media has been bought by advertisement to malign the protesting doctors by political mafia. All professionals in Pakistan should join in protest against the brutality,high handed tactics and defamation campaign on media by Punjab Government and stand with YDA.

    An engineer who has no doctor in family or as a friend but have observed them.Recommend

  • Farhan

    My wife worked in BHU for a year with all her honesty. She was on duty everyday from 8 to 2 and when she left it, whole village held a ceremony in her honour. She gained enormous respect and gratitude of people. The doc before her was there for four years and only entered the foot in BHU not more than 4 times. He used to say that he works in a night shift (at a private clinic) and therefore cannot see patients in BHU. But he still kept on getting 28k salary per month while the dispenser treated patients. Now he is a consultant in Lahore. Respect is earned and not demanded, the way these hooligans are doing. Despite being a direct beneficiary of these demands, my wife says that these demands are unfair and these docs have forgotten what humility is. They would call everyone else jahil and brag all the time about their knowledge and degree. These young docs have lost their moral and ethical compassRecommend

  • ConfusedCitizen

    I’ll refrain from voting, but I will say there is no winner in this case. The doctors are justified in their demands for better wages (as it is LONG overdue) but unjustified in the complete lack of any contingency to deal with the patients piling up in hospitals.

    The govt in general has always been in the wrong in having such a dismal budget for healthcare, and this is the reason we have such a massive brain drain in the country in the first place. But as the govt it is their duty to take care of their people and hence they are justified in taking the measures they have to treat the patients.

    I think this is a battle that will never have winners in any case. It will just need to work itself out, and both sides need to come to a compromise.

    Maybe this will be a catalyst for change in the country.

    Right now its just bitter on both sides.Recommend

  • Imran Ahmed

    Well. I think it is an attempt that has gone wrong. The Government has started arresting docs now. So the docs are the reason for every ailment of this country

    Why does this Shahbaz Sharif not arrest all the corrupt politicians of this country?

    Why does he not bring all the robbers and criminals to task?

    NOW ALL THOSE WHO ARE SO MUCH AGAINST THE DOCS, tell me are the doctors the ones who destroyed this country

    Thumbs up for the Doctors Movement. They are the voice of those people who want to progress on merit, not on power. And all those who are opening up their mouths against the docs should just SHUT UP and build up the courage to raise their own voices against discrimination.

    We should admit that our country is a playground for vultures, who have no respect for MERIT or QUALIFICATION. Their treatment of the docs has just shown how much respect they have shown for the highly educated.

    It is a very nice proverb………Ghussa barra samajhdaar hota hai, hamesha kamzor par hi aata haiRecommend

  • salman

    Posted by Dr Saad: My friends have debated on this very serious issue quite well. A good debate is essential in a democracy . i however will simply state facts of a personal nature .
    my name is dr saad khan , im 26 and im a govt officier BPS 17 working in the largest hospital of asia in lahore . i was number 2 out of 40000 people in the medical college enterance test . i studied in the best medical college of lahore king edward medical college . i graduated in 2010 . i have 16 gold medals in 12 subjects , u can confirm frm my alma mater with my roll number 166 class of 2010. my grandfather and my father after him are both graduates of king edward medical . the day i graduated my father who is a respectable medical consultant sat me down , he looked me in the eye and said son , there is no future for u here , i asked u to go to lums , u didnt . u wanted to become a doctor , ab leave this country , yahan doctors ka koi haal nai . i wasnt naive . i knew he was right . par along with almost all of my friends i decided to stay . i didnt want to leave my parents . i enroled in a post graduate traing program of surgery and started working . 12 months i worked . my duty hours were 110 hours perweek with and increase to 150 hours every 3rd week ( there are a total of 168 hours in one week . some weeks i barely even saw my mother of whoom im very fond . but no matter . i belive in my leadrs vision , i belived in imran khans pakistan , not the pakistan i was faced with every day but the one i wanted to create . i have worked deligently all my life , when i was green i used to count how many lives i had directly saved . i reached 211 after which it became futile to even count. directly i have saved the lives of more people than most of u know . til last year i was paid an exact ammount of 22340 rs per month . tht is exactally 50 rs for every hour of duty . but it was alright my dad is rich , i dnt want for anything . my pocket money is 4 times my pay . par taking money from your father is humiliating . especially after all the work i put in . i cant marry as i cnt support a wife , i cant even affort my cars petrol going and comming frm my hospital if my father doesent giv me pocket money . last year v striked for better pays . it was something tht v were forced to do . every one does not have a consultalnt for a father . some doctors workled 2 jobs . can u imagine working 2 jobs when one of them is 440 hrs a week . u cant . its inhuman . khair . after the govts reaction last year (they fired me along with 4400 other doctors) i had a change of heart . frankly this is wht i thought . to hell with pakistan and its people . i was bitter and i was wrong but the govt wasnt blame less . in the end the pay was incrased by 15000 . as of last month my exact pay after taxes is 41240. around 100 rs per hour . its not enough but its ok . v can live on itv still have no defined duty hours , would u belive that more than 50 percent doctors work for free ? it is called honorary job . v have to complete training years and v work for free v have no promoton system , out of total of 34k doctors of pnjb only 200 can hope to go grm grade 17 to 20 . most never get a promotion . this is called a service structure. this year v have striked again v wore black bands demonstrated peacefully all year , 4 meeting were held and on all 4 govt rep made promises they subsequently broke, after the last and 5th broken promis v striked . according to p.m.dc rules sub section 2 a and b v are not slaves . u dnt have to work if v dnt want to . how can anyone fiorce a human to work , thts only possible in slavery . the govt can go ahead and hire doctors who are willing to work in such conditions , good luck finding em . . but my heart is broken . i applied for training in america . after looking at my achedemic record .nd passing 3 international exams with 99 percentlile i applied for a visa . in 3 days i got my h1b work visa frm the american embassy in isb as i was a doctor . 2 weeks ago i was offered a job at the kingsbrook medical centre newyork. my initaial pay is more than most industrialists make in a month. my flight is in 17 days . i dnt plan to come back . i love pakistan . par pakistan , shehbaz sharifs pakistan doesent deserve me . out of my class of 310 , 159 were ladies and married and did not practaice medicine . 23 lady doctors are working , 90 percent of the male ones have all immigrated , i was there at minar e pakistan with 20 plus friends . 19 including me are never coming back . shehbaz shareef bhai tu jeet gayaRecommend

  • Farhan

    @Professor Mohammad Ilyas: Professor sahab. Sharam Karien. You earn millions every months and still you are hungry? I have yet to see a doc whose family goes hungry. Recommend

  • Farhan

    @ConfusedCitizen: Docs are getting more than they deserve. I would suggest to cut their salaries and bring them at par with other professionals. They are leeches sucking blood of nation without doing their dutyRecommend

  • Confused

    So glad I didn’t go in medical.Recommend

  • bilal khan

    Putting patients’ lives at risk does not suit YDA. poor is the ultimate casualty in this rumble between YDA and Khadim e ala. i condemn both.Recommend

  • http://umairashraf.me Umair

    @yasir: I am sorry you think this way. What you want is doctors to work for you for nothing. They got a life too and we all know how they are paid here. They spent their years learning how to fix humans. I believe they deserve a lot more than what is given to them.Recommend

  • Fakhruddin Usmani

    I stand side by side with young doctors……Khadim e Ala is a dictator.Recommend

  • Asim Jilani

    No profession in this world promises to make you rich unless you grind youself and earn it. Trying to make more money at the expense of dying patients is immoral, unethical and outwright wrong. First these doctors go to any length to.enter into govt. sector and then blackmail govt. on the cost of poor patients to get more benefits while we all know what kind of treatment they give to the patients at govt. hospitals. There are people earning much less than these doctors and they shut their services, why, because they are not acting like a mafia. In Pakistan it has become a habit to blackmail to get your demands met. Every one is after easy money and no one wants to earn it. Before doctors get service structure they should implement the code of ethics they are bound to.Recommend

  • Ahsan Ali

    @yasir: He is saying they’re working without pay.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    whatever, to leave some dead is not the way. just think of someone so close to you and he will not be able to get medicine? for making one doctor or engineer whole country pays. these professional degrees are being offered to students on subsides rate. Just check it out the price of the degree in neighbor or other countries. How if tomorrow, I stop to signal/electricity/telephone/communication/ or something else as I am engineer and I am not getting right pay. Not fair, not fair.Recommend

  • http://lurkinginambush.blogspot.com/ karachi feminist

    Dear Author,

    Thanks you for writing this. i am embarrassed at the level of propaganda against young doctors. Can you please enlighten us in detail about your demands for service structure and how these will be fairer and more equitable? this would really enable those of us who are on your side to better argue your case against vehement opponents.


  • Majid khan

    All my support love and respect with patients. but i dont have any clash with young doctors , I am from khyber pakhtonkhwa and living in islambad. I am really got hurt when i listen the govt issued order to arrest doctors :( its unethical act , they should’nt arrest them, the one thing stick in my head is the young doctor associaton president said the pay which panjab govt giving them is different then ads??????????????? what is this? If it is not like this this is aggressor act of panjab govt. This country is full of Gangster , professional political BADMASH! My Allah give us strength to bear all this bad time. But I must say doctors are our valuable and respectful people, thy should’nt arrest and treat like this!!!!Recommend

  • Mansoor

    YDA’s protest at the expense of the lives of poor patients, totally barbaric. Recommend

  • s.w.a

    Why should doctors be any different from the rest of us. I am currently doing my m.phil that makes 6 years of higher education. After which if i apply for a govt job it will be a 17 grade post.Only PhDs are getting 18th grade jobs these days in educational institutes. PhD is a total of 9 or more years of higher education. Why the special privilege for doctors??????? Recommend

  • Truth Hurts

    I think the issue is simply being over complicated…

    Its basically a trade off that you have made while entering into this profession. My basic questions would be:

    1) Did you not know while entering into medical profession that you will be paid half of what you are paid now (Keep in mind that when you started medical college, house jobs were to be done free, and now you are paid around 20k for that).

    2) Did you not know that you have to put in long hours and work day and night when you enter into this profession?

    3) Since your father is also a doctor, you should have known the ills of the profession ? Why on earth did you still join this profession ?

    4) Do you not know that you can earn almost 10 times more than a doctor while setting up a karyana store at the corner of your street and that too without getting much education ?

    The answer to above questions is “YES” , you knew all of that… You still chose the profession because it comes with benefits that are not measure monetarily… You cannot measure the respect that you get when you are tagged as being a doctor… You cannot trade the amount of Duas you get, when you treat the sick and needy patients..

    Hence, a strike to renegotiate the contract which you entered into when you swore in as a doctor is uncalled for or unjustified…

    Now you are calling for a service structure and comparing yourself to Beureaucrats.. Bear in mind that Beureaucrats cannot do private practice, so if you call for the service structure you would have to trim your wings, and stay loyal to the profession as well, which has not happened in the recent past..
    You would have to prescribe medicine on merit, and not because somebody had sent you on a foreign tour..
    You would have to prescribe medical tests on merit, and not because a certain lab has gifted you a Toyota Corolla..
    You would have to prescribe operation when it is required, and not because it helps you make more money…
    You would have to spend more time in public hospital rather than serving as a freelance medical practitioner….


    HOWEVER, this does not mean that you should not strive for the service structure. By all means, but their are better ways to do that… Donot let the poor people suffer, because as some of your spokespeople have already said, that Khadim-e-Ala gets his medical from abroad… Which essentially means that you are taking the revenge from poor awam…

    For Gods sake, do not make medical profession a shop … Thats not what it is…(At least not what it was….)Recommend

  • Ahsan

    If doctors are too much complaining about their pays than whats the point of joining this profession which is considered to be life saver as we all know the problems might face in this profession???
    Secondly what about world most cheapest medical education you get from government medical colleges with world’s most finest professors, for same education private universities charge hell of money (around 25-30 lakhs)??? If they want easy life than pay for the full cost and than demand these kind of cruel things….Recommend

  • Maria Tameez

    I CONDEMN the young doctors association in the strongest possible words. Cannot imagine A DOCTOR refusing to attend to AN AILING PERSON until he gets a better service structure. It is the worst example of a nation’s inhumanity,greediness and cruelty. If you do not feel for your own people why should the world care for us? Disgusting!!! Shame on YDA! Recommend

  • Hassan S Hakeem

    Who forced you to join?Recommend

  • Anum

    Oh! So they have millions to spend on free laptops to those who don’t even need it, rebuild roads that they built just a couple of years back, build bridges that collapse and lets not forget those awesome cars accompanied by elite force on their relatives but they don’t have money for doctors working till they fall dead. Because doctors are saints and don’t have families to look after right? They don’t deserve to have an infrastructure and can rot in the same grade for years and years while much lesser qualified person can enjoy more benefits with lesser working hours. That is so humane! And fair! Serves them right for serving Pakistan!Recommend

  • http://yasirimran.wordpress.com/ Yasir Imran

    Young Doctors, If you guys are right, I am with you, even the whole Pakistan stands against you.

    Shame on Punjab Govt and their tactics and way of handling issues. Recommend

  • The young doctors at government-run hospitals are forgetting that they spent only a few thousand rupees a year on their medical education, while their peers in private medical schools spent anywhere from 500,000-1,000,000 rupees a year in tuition to become doctors. This is because the same poor countrymen they are now turning away without treatment subsidized the medical education of these doctors with their hard-earned tax rupees. Such bitter irony for poor Pakistanis!Recommend

  • Aurangzeb

    We do understand that. But this is not the way they adopted.Recommend