Salman Butt, you don’t fool us

Published: July 2, 2012

Mr Butt, I regret to inform you, that your cricket career is now over, thanks to you. Here's the door. GRAPHIC: ERUM SHAIKH

I have thought and thought and have failed to understand what Salman Butt hoped to achieve through his interview on Express News on Thursday and his press conference on Friday.

 “I am innocent”

“It was Mazhar and Amir”

“I did not get justice”

“I want the Supreme Court to look into this.”

Phrases like these make me want to yell out in response,

“Save your breath, Butt!”


I can’t believe that he is still trying to fool his Pakistani fans and trying to meddle with their already bruised sentiments. Our seniors might have gotten away with screaming the same phrases, which they do so today as well, but lets face it – the evidence placed in front of the entire nation clearly paints Salman Butt as the main culprit of the entire scam; in fact, it goes on to indicate that he may have been the one to have concocted the ordeal to being with.

What I fail to understand is what makes him think he can change the perception of the public, the team management, the cricket board, and the ICC?

It’s impossible.

Zaka Ashraf has already stated that whatever Salman Butt said were his personal views and do not reflect the views of the PCB, nor does it take any responsibility for his statements.

A large majority of the media in Pakistan and even the public has refused to buy his claims of innocence, with 90% of his fans refusing to believe him in a poll conducted by The Express Tribune.

Who is he trying to fool anyway?

Does he really think we will forget his face – the face that hung with shame and guilt – during the first press conference held in England on the day the spot-fixing news was made public? This was the same day Yawar Saeed had to step in and answer for Butt as he could barely gather enough courage to speak.

Does he think that we will so easily forget him walking up to Amir just before the delivery to Trott and then looking on with intent at the line that Amir was supposed to overstep (and did) instead of concentrating on the batsman?

And what about those pictures of Butt and Majeed roaming around in the UK in a state-of-the-art convertible?

And of course, who can forget the money found in his room? The statement Butt made to defend himself – that it was money he had collected for his sister’s wedding – which he promptly changed to funds generated from an ice-cream parlor and the rest from work with Adidas is still etched in my memory.

No Salman Butt, we did not believe the changing statements then and will not believe them now.

We are not going to forget the lies and deceit Salman Butt. We are not.

Unfortunately, Butt has now blamed the entire ordeal on Mazhar Majeed and Mohammad Amir, stating that he has a document that shows text messages between Mazhar and Amir – but what about all those phone conversations and text messages between Majeed and Mr Butt?

Butt might have forgotten but the ICC tribunal, which banned the trio from the game, actually made their report and findings public. So claims about not exchanging calls or messages with Mazhar and not brokering a deal to bowl the no balls just aren’t going to fly.

At this point, what would have been the best thing for Butt to have done, post his return from the UK, would have been to keep a low profile, stay at home and refuse to speak to or meet anyone.

I believe he can and probably still should do just that. It may not repair what has already been done, but his statements have caused enough damage. Disappearing is not going to mend the broken hearts of his fans, but it will give them time to recuperate. Not forgive, but merely forget.

Although Amir might return to international cricket, with all the support he is getting from the ICC and the PCB and Asif might even end up playing some domestic/club cricket, once his ban is over. Having said as much, Butt really should not harbour any hopes of playing cricket again.

He will not be given that chance, nor should he expect it.

He has now become a lesson for any other overtly eager cricket player thinking about treading on the same path; a warning sign that clearly indicates there will be no forgiveness for those who cannot respect the boundaries of a game and cannot handle the fame that comes with it.

Mr Butt, I regret to inform you, that your cricket career is now over, thanks to you. Here’s the door.

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Umair Qazi

An investment advisor in Dubai who blogs at and tweets @WellPitched

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  • Sane

    Salman Butt no doubt trying to fool this cricket loving nation. He is a cheat and must be severely punished even under laws of Pakistan. He betrayed with the country and earned defamation for the country.Recommend

  • Nadeem

    In my opinion, the best course of action for him would have been to publicly regret what all wrong he has done and simply say that he is sorry. I am sure the nation will forgive him. What he is doing now will do no good to him or his career. Recommend

  • Ashraf

    It was high time somebody took Butt, The Cheat on. Thanks to the author for that. Salman thinks the Pakistani public is so naive that he can say anything and they would buy it. Wrong Mr.Butt ! The common man is a lot smarter than you give him credit for. The joke is on you now. You look more and more absurd with these barely credible lies. Just go away !Recommend

  • Asad

    I thought people would welcome him with eggs and tomatoes on the airport. Don’t buy, instead kick this “butt”Recommend

  • ConfusedCitizen

    The author thinks his most damning moment in his career is worth the Supreme Court’s time?
    Well you never know with things the way they are SC just might take SUO MOTO NOTICE.Recommend

  • Kanwal

    I guess the stupid man is doing this to make sure his children could be shown this stuff to save his face. He can never realistically believ he could come back? Recommend

  • Yaida M

    Chor machaye shor !!Recommend

  • Kamran

    Sorry Butt, you can arrange people at the airport and press conference to shower you with flowers but you cannot buy the whole nation, you lied then and you are lying now, big time. It’s evident from your face and the nation abhors you for this deceptive look. Your family seems very gentle, don’t bring more shame to them please. We very well understand that by trying to clear your name, you are actually after redeeming your career on media by being a sports expert or commentator but I really hope that does not happen. You were a selfish player for the last 2 years that you played and that ultimately translated into you being accepting bribes to do spot-fixing. And mind you, don’t think you helped Pakistan win a Test in years against Australia, it’s just that the team played well, so stop bragging about this everywhere, leave Pakistan Cricket alone now, please.Recommend

  • Ansar

    Cricket is over Mr Butt.
    But you have passed the entry requirements for a politician.Recommend

  • Javed Zia

    If he was a true patriot he should have rightly taken the blame for all, so that Aamir and Asif would have been left off with little punishment which would have been good for Pakistan cricket. I think the people of Pakistan would have forgiven him and he could have lived a better life.Recommend

  • Ahsan Aziz

    Am I the only one who thinks Salman is talking logical and he should be given more chances to explain? Recommend

  • JB

    If Butt comes back in to international cricket, I will never watch Pakistani cricket again. People deserve second chances but Salman Butt probably doesn’t. I, atleast, would have a very hard time trusting such a person again.Recommend

  • Hasnain Raza

    All those who are after Salman Butt and want curtains on his Cricket career must look into IPL first. What is IPL? Almost all matches in IPL are fixed including each and every ball that is bowled in the entire match. More than 80% of the matches in IPL prove to be nail biters which can certainly not be coincidence. I would like to inform all those who hate Salman Butt and want him out of Cricket that he is OUR ASSET. He might have made a mistake but it must not be forgotten that when someone does something wrong, he/she is to be forgiven once the punishment is served.Recommend

  • DrDoDo

    no remorse; that’s most disappointing aspect of this.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Salman Butt is a disgrace.Recommend

  • Glenn Ryall

    @Hasnain Raza: Dude giving a chance is no more an option for him. Like common the guy does not want to admit his mistake as well.

    This topic is about Butt and not the IPL so It’s better you leave the debate Wether there is fixing there or not for later.

    Also Butt is no more an asset but a liability even the idea of letting him play domestic level cricket stinks of corruption. Recommend

  • Raman

    @asnain Raza ha ha ha.. You know !! You just wrote like a troll. BDW What is it to do with IPL ? Remember..however you try to defame other country for your own wrong doings, “Ye Public hai bhai…Sab Jaanti hai..” People understand everything irrespective of countries like Pak n India. Coming to Salman butt, he is trying to save his face now. Just ignore him.Recommend

  • NoName

    @Ahsan Aziz:

  • Anoop

    @Hasnain Raza:

    It seems you have first hand information and concrete evidence of massive fixing in IPL. Why don’t you share it with ICC and Pakistani media?

    Also, Pakistan is coming for the Champions League tournament in India. They should stay out of it citing these massive evidence that you seem to have. It doesn’t matter if Pakistani Cricketers will lose a lot of money, Ghairat of Pakistan is more important, correct?Recommend

  • Shabbir

    @Hasnain Raza:

    Spoken like a true Pakistani. Whatever the issue , follow this formula:

    Blame something related to India.
    Declare the criminal in question to be Pakistani ‘Asset’.
    Anything Pakistani does not stink, so carry on with life.

  • Hasnain Raza

    @Anoop: Well if you personally ask me, I am not in favour of Pakistanis (Sialkot Stallions) going to India to participate in this Champions League T20 unless there are regular Cricket matches being played between the two teams. As far as showing any evidence to ICC about Spot Fixing in IPL is concerned, it will never be of any use unless ICC is governed by BCCI. I do believe that no one has any doubt about the BCCI’s influence on ICC. I have always admired Indian Cricket and Indian Cricketers. All what I want to say is treating SALMAN BUTT as the only culprit behind Spot Fixing is just a bit too harsh. If punishing him really goes onto put an end to Spot Fixing then I would always welcome the decision. But the truth is…………the Spot fixing is still there….Correct?Recommend

  • Hasnain Raza


    Lolz……I appreciate your comment for atleast calling me a TRUE PAKISTANI……However, perhaps the readers have not been able to understand my point. When it comes to match fixing related to India, this does not mean that every Indian is a part of it. Had it been the case of HATING INDIA then I would never have loved both my parents being both originally from this country. A good talented player, whosoever that is irrespective of the nationality is a VALUABLE ASSET. This was something proved when Micheal Holding’s eyes were tear filled upon knowing that Mohammad Amir has been banned. For a Sports lover, it is often the Sportsman that counts and not his her nationality.

    As far as blaming India for everything is concerned, I am sorry to say this was INITIATED BY INDIA….Back in December 2001 they blamed Pakistan for attack on their Parliament and December 2008 they blamed Pakistan for Mumbai Attacks. Purpose behind first one was to involve Pakistan in 9’11 Terrorist Attacks in U.S and the second one was not to let the World Cup 2011 matches played in Pakistan….So my friend everything is “Crystal Clear” it is just a matter of how you look upon things. Hope there is nothing personal that I have pointed out. Recommend

  • Hakeem

    If he says that he did not do it than believe him. Because I also thought the case is not very strong and never before a sportsman jailed. So i wish him best of luckRecommend

  • http://haider haider

    @Ahsan Aziz:
    Yes, you are the only oneRecommend

  • Zeeman

    Great Article! but why only Butt being shown the door. Aamir also deserve the similar punishment, he knew what he was doing, should have grown up after being in the international cricket for more than a year. Also, what about those corrupt people in the local offices of our country, we as a nation happily pay the bribes in order to get things done. This is no different to what Butt has done so we as nation should also be shown the door. Recommend

  • naeem

    If this disgracefull person wants a new a trial by the SC in Pakistan then they should let him have.
    Find him Guilty as we all know he is and then sentence for treason.Recommend

  • Mohammad ali Gaad

    This man should not be allowed to play cricket again after his cheat toward Pakistan, Shame on this person and still he is affirming to be innocent one Thumbs Up !! if u agree ..Recommend

  • Aly Arkaan

    @Hasnain Raza:

    Given the changing circumstances and politically influenced decisions we are facing in Pakistan Cricket for several years, Butt may return to cricket leaving everyone shocked. But good for him now is to applogise from the nation rather claiming innocence and making them fool. Recommend