Nadal and Djokovic? Enough with the repetition!

Published: June 30, 2012

Wimbledon, since you have begun, just one request from an ardent tennis fan. Please, don’t let the final be between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

The pattern of the matches between Nadal and Djokovic has become all too familiar, with the latter’s evil victorious smile really getting to me. The last four grand slam finals have only been between these two players and, except the recent French Open, it was Djokovic who ended up winning all matches. While Djokovic beamed and flaunted his trophies and prize money in front of the camera, poor Nadal got photographed with only a shield.

While the matches are, no doubt, nail-biting ones, they all tend to start and end in the same manner with energetic Nadal and the sly Djokovic jumping around the court.

It begins with the Spaniard taking the lead and all is well for the moment. Suddenly, Djokovic catches up. First set, second set, third set and the Serb goes on a winning streak. Then there is tension and anxiety amongst Nadal fans as they pray for him to get back into the match.

Nadal sweats, eats a banana, pulls up his pants and utters ‘aaah’ with every stroke. Yes, he gets back in the game and wins a set. But wait, Djokovic seems to be coming back. And damn, that comeback is hard. Djokovic makes Nadal run around the court for the ball. Djokovic cleverly tires him and makes Nadal lose his stamina. Djokovic laughs under his nose watching Nadal panting for breath. Djokovic mentally pressurises Nadal. Nadal slips behind, loses points and messes up his serve.

In the end, Djokovic gets the championship point, leaving Nadal breathless after a long match. The match ends with the devil Djokovic clutching and kissing his trophy and sad Nadal congratulating the winner in his broken English.

So Wimbledon, since you spoiled my night last year, when the match lingered on and I kept waiting in anticipation for the Spaniard to win (unsuccessfully), don’t let it repeat this time. And, if Nadal has to lose in the end, don’t let it be against the arrogant Djokovic, who makes fun of players and mocks them.

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Rabia Ali

Rabia Ali

A reporter for the Karachi pages of The Express Tribune.

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