Nadal and Djokovic? Enough with the repetition!

Published: June 30, 2012

If Nadal has to lose in the end, don’t let it be against the arrogant Djokovic, who makes fun of players and mocks them. PHOTO: AFP

Wimbledon, since you have begun, just one request from an ardent tennis fan. Please, don’t let the final be between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

The pattern of the matches between Nadal and Djokovic has become all too familiar, with the latter’s evil victorious smile really getting to me. The last four grand slam finals have only been between these two players and, except the recent French Open, it was Djokovic who ended up winning all matches. While Djokovic beamed and flaunted his trophies and prize money in front of the camera, poor Nadal got photographed with only a shield.

While the matches are, no doubt, nail-biting ones, they all tend to start and end in the same manner with energetic Nadal and the sly Djokovic jumping around the court.

It begins with the Spaniard taking the lead and all is well for the moment. Suddenly, Djokovic catches up. First set, second set, third set and the Serb goes on a winning streak. Then there is tension and anxiety amongst Nadal fans as they pray for him to get back into the match.

Nadal sweats, eats a banana, pulls up his pants and utters ‘aaah’ with every stroke. Yes, he gets back in the game and wins a set. But wait, Djokovic seems to be coming back. And damn, that comeback is hard. Djokovic makes Nadal run around the court for the ball. Djokovic cleverly tires him and makes Nadal lose his stamina. Djokovic laughs under his nose watching Nadal panting for breath. Djokovic mentally pressurises Nadal. Nadal slips behind, loses points and messes up his serve.

In the end, Djokovic gets the championship point, leaving Nadal breathless after a long match. The match ends with the devil Djokovic clutching and kissing his trophy and sad Nadal congratulating the winner in his broken English.

So Wimbledon, since you spoiled my night last year, when the match lingered on and I kept waiting in anticipation for the Spaniard to win (unsuccessfully), don’t let it repeat this time. And, if Nadal has to lose in the end, don’t let it be against the arrogant Djokovic, who makes fun of players and mocks them.

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Rabia Ali

Rabia Ali

A reporter for the Karachi pages of The Express Tribune.

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  • Faiz

    its sad news for all nadal fans. nadal is out :(Recommend

  • Faiz

    Sad news for nadal fans. he is out from the tournamentRecommend

  • n

    cool blog rabs!!!!!Recommend

  • Ajay Dawani

    Nadal out!! Djokovic is not arrogant.!! He makes others run so he can win!! That is tennis. He is world’s best tennis player so that is why he wins.! Nadal is the best on clay that is why he won the Roland Garros!! Djokovic is best in all so he wins in all!!!!Recommend

  • Scott

    Lol i love this, it’s kinda pointless really, surely as an ‘ardent’ tennis fan, you want to see the best matches possible, and surely a Nadal/Djokovic final is the best match possible…? Just saying… Recommend

  • feddylover

    Match should be between roger federer and nadalRecommend

  • Ajay Dawani

    Now Nadal is out so the best match possible is Federer vs Djokovic!! Hate Nadal!! When he plays on clay in Rolang Garros then he always slides and tries to dive to the ball that defends.him. In hard court and on grass he cannot dive that is why he sucks at that.Recommend

  • Asfand

    Huh?? Nadal is already out… Can someone please check the timing of this article?Recommend

  • Noman Ansari

    In other news Rafa is sending hitmen after Rabia Ali.Recommend

  • ad

    Nadal is already out to days agoo yaarr come on & yesterday almost Fed was following him !!! Recommend

  • RAJA

    @Ajay Dawani:
    read what you wrote! If Nadal is best on clay then the joker cant be the best in ALL! Joker hasnt won a French open. Who cares that you hate Nadal! i can tell you the joker is the least popular tennis player compared to Nadal and Federer.. Recommend

  • Ajay Dawani

    Yes, Asfand Nadal is out in the Wimbledon Championship now!! He lost to a non ranking person!! Recommend

  • Confused

    I hope Murray wins. lol.Recommend

  • Maria Tameez

    Unless you acknowledge defeat respectfully, You’ll never enjoy victory… Great Character Rafa…U win HEARTS….Recommend

  • djo lover

    ha ha poor nadal. What a loser nadal is to lose by an unknown playerRecommend

  • NadalDie

    What a shameless news! Nadal funs really make me sick! So disgusting!Recommend

  • Christina

    Oh, woman, I think you have bigger issues than not being able to “enjoy” tennis matches anymore (whatever that means in the world of a tennis “fan”). Have you asked yourself why you actually hate Djokovic? Come on, admit it, we’re all friends here…Recommend

  • Basim Ali Ja`fari

    Djokovic does the mimicry in all good jest. If none of the players mind it, who are you really?
    It’s a difficult fact to accept for many Madridistas but Nadal’s glory days are long gone. :-) Recommend

  • Aasim Mukhtar

    Dear Author.. Your prayers have been heard.. Now your night in the final wont be spoiled. Because Nadal’s dreams this year have been shattered to pieces by someone other in the second round. I hope you too just like me are counting on Federer, Murray or Tsonga to pull out a Miracle and snatch the devil smile from Djokovic. If Federer Survives the Djokovic Onslought (They are expected to meet in the Semi) the final would be without either of Nadal and Djokovic. So Cheers for all those bored by the monotony. I have my fingers crossed for such an outcome..Recommend



    On Thursday, June 28, 2012, when the twilight faded over Wimbledon’s center court Rafael Nadal’s dreams were shattered by an obscure twenty six year old six-foot-five Czech with receding unruly brown hair. Upon precluding the match with a 129 mph ace, his 22nd in the five-setter, Lukas Rasol dropped to his knees and his head graced the very same velvety grass over which Nadal too had kneeled as the champion two years ago.

    All through the three hours eighteen minutes duration of play Rasol moved like a practiced salsa dancer over the baseline. While he waited for his antagonist to strike the ball at the other end his eyes held within them a deceptive hunger. His relentless and ruthless ground strokes were reminiscent of those of the big hitting Robin Soderling in the 2009 French Open where Nadal had lost in the fourth round, his only loss till date at Roland Garros.
    Slava Dosedel a former touring Czech pro and now Rasol’s coach appeared to have done his homework watching videos of Nadal’s most recent triumphs. Over the years the behavior pattern of the grass at Wimbledon has undergone a metamorphosis. The conditions have tend to become slower with a higher bounce in favour of the baseliner which was not the case a couple of decades ago when players like John McEnroe, Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker ruled the roost. Dosedel advised Rasol to strike the ball hard and flat generating a higher velocity that would deprive Nadal a split second or two during the execution of his lethal topspin forehand, the single most feared weapon on the tour and not to be lured into the cobweb of baseline rallies that would allow Nadal the leverage over his opponents. (May be Marián Vajda and Paul Annacone would consider the underlying arithmetic logic behind the facile dynamics in the days ahead.)

    The upstart Rasol stuck to Dosedel’s game plan and this time it appeared that Nadal had met his match. The eleven time grand slam title holder was made to look like one of his numerous foes during his 583-121 career record at the other end of the net, on the back foot and agitated to the extent that he bumped into his adversary on a change over during the third set. Rasol later said that it was a tactic intended to unsettle his ongoing momentum. The high drama of the match had only one parallel in the modern history of the game when a 19 year old Mary Pierce, the stylish blonde with a peacock strut in her strides from within the ‘T’ to the baseline thrashed Golden Girl (all four Grand Slams plus Olympic Gold) Steffi Graaf 6-2, 6-2 at Roland Garros in 1994. Graaf after the match had conceded, “it is healthy for the game and exciting for the spectators.” Nadal, however, was less gracious in defeat: “It is not a tragedy. It is only a tennis match”, an unbecoming affirmation from a player whose life at this point doesn’t mean much without tennis.

    Hardly three weeks ago in the final at Roland Garros when Djokovic had grabbed eight games out of nine in a row that included a breathtaking 44-stroke rally, a rain break had dropped out of heavens for Nadal’s rescue. It took much less than an hour for him the next day to close out the match and hold the trophy high over his head for a seventh time, surpassing Bjon Borg’s record. Thursday evening at the end of the fourth set that Nadal had won, bad light disrupted play. When the match resumed after forty minutes Rasol played “unbelievable” and sent Nadal packing early to Mallorca.

    Poetic justice, perhaps.Recommend

  • alicia

    Nadal and Djokovic matched are awsome. Recommend

  • Wadeira ka Beta

    You shortened your analysis to the last 4 grand slams. Where as these two have played each other in 10 finals of GS’s and Master tournaments in a row. There was no analysis on the players ability or tactics, what Novak does well what Nadal does wrong. Just a little story where Novak is portrayed as an evil character who keeps defying his opponent. On the other hand I don’t understand why no one remembers when Nadal had a 5 match winning streak against Novak in finals and semis? Nadal and Novak are absolutely great for tennis. This rivalry is far from over and watch how it will become the greatest and longest rivalry in the history of tennis. I believe with 5 more matches these two will set a new record for most matches played between two players in the open era. Recommend

  • Wadeira ka Beta

    @Ajay Dawani:

    Did you gift Nadal the 2 Wimbledons and the Aus 09 and US 10? Or did he win those because no one showed up to play. Yeah thought so. Keep on drinking the haterade! Recommend