How can you possibly ignore Veena?

Published: June 29, 2012

I'm sure controversy queen Veena will not disappoint us in her film. You may love or hate her, but can't ignore her! PHOTO: PUBLICITY

What do you get when you put two Veenas in one place? Well, I would say daal mein zaroor kuch kaala hai! 

Not one, but two Veena Maliks are going to star in the upcoming film, “Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai”. Veena has been working on this film since her appearance in the “Big Boss” series on Sony TV. Playing a double role, Veena is to portray a sharp and witty woman that we’re all familiar with as well as a softer side to the ‘always-in-news-for-every-wrong-reason’ diva.

Spoiler alert: This comedy flick starts off when Dabu (Anand Balraj) – a middle-aged film director, madly in love with his upcoming film actress Veena Malik – hits a jackpot and becomes filthy rich.

Dabu, having only the starlet on his mind, goes to her to win her over with his new found wealth. The sly Veena, though, is not so easy to get hold of. Instead of reciprocating his love, she devises a plan with her boyfriend to rob Dabu and elope. This, however, is  not a piece of cake for the couple and what awaits them is lot of twists, turns and a bumpy ride.

Then, another Veena Malik makes her entrance as a beautiful angel, taking the movie to a whole new level of comedy and entertainment.

Being in a film with actors like Jackie Shroff and Shakti Kapoor, Veena is adamant not to be overshadowed by all the stardom that tails these actors.

According to her:

I have worked with big names; just look at the cast of “Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai” – but I am not someone who would stand in someone’s shadow.

With a number of catchy item songs like, “Mumbai Money hai” and “Madam Malai”, the movie is definitely worth a watch.

My list of expectations for this movie starts and ends with ‘controversy’. I am sure Veena – being the queen of controversy – will surely not disappoint on this front. Be it her nude photo shoot or her infamous debate with Mufti Sahib, there is no stopping the limelight from dogging her footsteps.

This Lollywood to Bollywood star is our very own pied piper; she marches on playing the tune that she likes and all the rest, willingly or unwillingly, follow her. Like her or not, it is undeniable that Veena hypnotises you and pulls you in her ever increasing list of followers with her grace, charm and masala-ridden stories.

How can you possibly ignore her?

This is one question that I am sure even Mufti Sahab would fail to answer. I am positive that with the increasing restrictions of PEMRA the movie is not likely to be showcased in any of our local cinema halls. Regardless, I am sure that many in Pakistan will watch her with ardent delight.

Releasing today, “Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai” has me rubbing my hands with excitement.

Sakina Nanabhai

Sakina Nanabhai

A Mass Communication student from Karachi University, aiming to become a journalist.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Shafiq

    @ Author!
    According to you

    With a number of catchy item songs
    like, “Mumbai Money hai” and “Madam
    Malai”, the movie is definitely worth
    a watch.

    Does it mean that if Kashmira Shah, Rakhi Sawant and other cheesy delights will do more movies with more “Masala Dhamaka” item numbers, you would definitely watch them too? Or is it only “Apni Paki – Doing Naa-Paaki thingi?”

    Come on! get a life! I don’t get why this article was penned for Tribune, where acceptance is CONSIDERED really tough!

    Shakti Kapoor and Jaggu Dada are no more “Overshadowing Stars” I strongly think that the author have no clue of which artistes she is talking about! They were gigantic back in 80’s and 90’s but their reign ended in fact shattered in millennium. The Director/Producer of the movie turned ton a B-Grade producer/actor and director after giving just one hit which was “Ram Lakhan” even in that movie he was, well find it out by yourself!Recommend

  • Riaz Khan

    Wishing Veena all the luck! We are praying for your success. Wishing you all the best. We all love you.Recommend

  • Owais Ayaz

    Very well written ! Thumbs up Sakina :)Recommend

  • Jay

    Surprise, surprise… ET’s obsession with Veena Malik continues! Recommend

  • Shirin Kavi

    Good blog. Makes me want to see the movie. But as you say it might not be aired in theatres so maybe on DVD. Recommend

  • mohammad udaipurwala

    good job sis very well done congratz :)Recommend

  • mohammad udaipurwala

    good job sis very well done and we r proud of you CONGRATZ :)Recommend

  • Saifu

    Hahahahhahah madam malaii lol i wonder how many more lame songs are btown ppl composing lolRecommend

  • Meera

    Haha lOve veena!!Recommend

  • Zubair Ashraf

    Uhuh… it glimpse as a B-grade Hindi movie (Mallu masala movies), will be showcased in underground theaters somewhere in Karachi.
    I must say; Sakina if you remove the videos from your blog every reader will go watch this movie, because of your excellent and opus writing about it.
    thumbs up to Sakina and down to Veena Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    I like Veena, but the movie looks super-lame.Recommend

  • Confused

    How can you ignore her? Watch me.
    (excluding the fact I just read a Veena article ofcourse….)Recommend

  • Tanzeel

    Wishing Veena Malik and her FAN Ms. Sakina Kavi good luck!Recommend

  • Zubair

    Great write up. I must admit Ive never been Veena Malik’s fan but i do admire her guts and she possess loads of them. I do like her attitude even though most of the time it lands her in quite a trouble but then again she’s an actor and she has to ‘fit’ in wherever she goes.Recommend

  • sakina moiz,

    brilliantly written even though i dnt like her:-P
    still after reading this it brings out excitement in me to watch the movie.Excellent work :-)
    thumps up for sakina :-)Recommend

  • Sheema Khan

    Way to go Sakina!!! :)Recommend

  • Sheema Khan

    Way to go Sakina! :))Recommend

  • Parvez

    Credit should be given to Bollywood for being enterprising and to Veena for being strong.Recommend

  • ahlat

    This day was to come ma’am. i can still the remember the day when ma’am used to head the poetry club of our school. hahaha :D awesome writer! keep it up!
    and yea controversial Veena. lets see what surprises are in the movie for us :-)Recommend

  • Ateek

    Now i’ll have to watch this movie. I hope it turns out to be good for Veena. :)Recommend

  • urooj taufiq

    Good job sakina :)Recommend

  • Mufaddal

    Excellent article Sakina :) Your writing impression is way impressive. Keep up the good work.Recommend

  • Rizwan

    Pakistan was never a muslim country and neve will be a muslim country, because Pakistanis know only two things. Either become extremist muslims or become extremely liberal. Haven’t seen a single Pakistani who walks a middle path with common-sense. Please don’t sell Islam for your political gains and please iremove the world Islamic republic from your country’s name.

    Because we muslims in India sick and tired of Pakistanis abusing Islam for personal gains. Learn where middle path lies. Learn what is common-sense.

    BTW. Veena or Shakina are not muslims by any means. Just because born in a muslim household and having muslim names don’t mean a thing.

    I am waiting for a day when Pakistani government honestly accepts that it made big mistake by associating itself with Islam.

    Leave Islam if you cannot be a good muslim.Recommend

  • Paki power

    First person who commented is a pshyco lol article is written very well with some interesting facts which some ppl cant digest it lol get a life Recommend

  • Yousuf Ali

    Good job Sakina, proud of you :) Keep it up. wish u all the best.Recommend

  • Ali Abbas

    i like your work Sakina..Recommend

  • Aaliya

    Secondly, I don’t hate veena but I do have to say her shameless behavior and publicity stunts are very cheap. This woman has no respect for herself. To me she is not confident she’s just selfish..she’d go as low as she can to get what she wants. Confidence is when you go after what u want and still maintain your dignity!
    Finally, the whole ‘Pakistani actress’ working in Bollywood thing is absurd. As far as I’m concerned Veena Malik only represents herself not Pakistan! She’s a disgrace to Pakistani women!!
    Having said all that, hope she finds success doing cheap Indian movies and showing off her body in Item numbers to get attention! Have a blast Veena! Recommend

  • Veena can do what she wants, but seeing the trailers, it doesn’t reflect very well on the author for her to say she’s rubbing her hands in excitement. Recommend

  • citizen

    Madam Malai ? seriously ? How much more disgusting songs Btown is gona make ? Recommend

  • Sane

    Better porno than Veena available. Fans of Veena must choose better.Recommend

  • Sane

    @urooj taufiq
    @Yousuf Ali
    @Ali Abbas
    Good work …… Proud of you……… good writing. What comments are these???????? Probably from friends and family.Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    I dont watch Indian movies much but Man! I really wanna see this one after reading the review!!! Recommend

  • Shafiq