Going to the bazaar in chains

Published: August 25, 2010

The Butt Brothers: Who now in our beloved city is still pure? Who now is worthy of the executioner's hand? - Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Picture this: I am walking down the street tomorrow, and someone accuses me of being a robber, murderer, blasphemer, Ahmadi (take your pick). Would you attempt to rescue me from the clutches of the frenzied mob encircling me, baying for blood and laughing in glee at my panic? Or would you rather just watch the gory spectacle, enthusiastically recording it for posterity, the screams of anguish, the blows of the sticks and stones, and the spurting of blood?

I can see the answer forming on your lips.

Yes, of course I would, you say. Are you sure? Would you have the courage to face down a menacing mob dotted with law enforcers? Wouldn’t it complicate your life to take on so many frenzied men, just to fight for the rights of one person? How many of you could be bothered to step out of your comfortable home and the embrace of your beloved laptop to demand justice for those two helpless brothers? Yes, you protested vehemently on all the blogs and social networking sites, and slammed the killers and said all that needed to be said. But are you really willing to march on the streets demanding justice for those unknown kids from Sialkot? Of course not. As long as it doesn’t affect you and your family, you don’t care one whit.

I couldn’t meet the bereaved mother’s eyes… could you?

Her life has been shattered into smithereens and her haunted eyes speak of her anguish. She is asking for justice for the battered, bloodied and mangled bodies of her sons. What kind of justice will she get in a land where the prime accused in the lynching, SHO Rana Ilyas, manages to escape from the office of the DSP Sialkot? Notwithstanding the claims of the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif that the culprits will be arrested within three days, the DPO Sialkot, Waqar Chauhan, who is seen approvingly patting the backs of the bloodthirsty killers in the video, has been made Officer on Special Duty (OSD) and is now enjoying a comfortable house arrest at the government rest house. Chauhan even has the audacity to claim that the video evidence is fabricated. What of the Rescue 1122 official who held down the legs of the boys while they were being tortured? Or those who rained the blows on those writhing and wailing kids and then strung up their bodies? Terming the assailants animals is an insult to the animal kingdom, because even animals are not so heartless.. they only hunt down their prey for food.

Ironically, it is the victims whose names are being sullied.

Although the administration and the community had earlier confirmed that the lynched youths had no criminal record, MNA Firdaus Ashiq Awan now says that the boys were robbers. She points to evidence of stolen items recovered from boys which has suddenly been made public. Even if they were miscreants, how does it justify their murder? It just so happens that this incident happened in her constituency, but instead of resigning or ensuring that justice is served, Ms Firdaus prefers to rub salt on the wounds of the shattered family. She has pointed out that the father of the two boys did not speak for three days after their deaths, and the uncle filed the FIR with the police station. So? “His silence for three days is also meaningful,” the Minister said, adding that the father was even reluctant to receive the dead bodies. How would any father feel when told that not one, but two of his sons had been cut down ruthlessly in their prime? The final bombshell that Ms Firdaus delivers is yet to come. “The DPO thanked the people who killed the boys saying that these youths had given tough time to the police.” Does this statement not bury the story the DPO is trying to sell? One can only hope that these glaring discrepancies in the statements will be taken into account by the learned CJ and the investigation team.

What happened in the recent JPMC nurse gang rape case?

The main culprit, Dr Jabbar Memon, has not been convicted yet, despite a positive forensic report, because he has powerful political connections to a political party. As for the other rapists and the senior nurse who led the victim to her fate, they are free to carry on abusing their positions of authority. Meanwhile, the poor nurse’s life has been ruined and her career is in tatters.

Do I hear you saying that it is lack of governance and accountability that has contributed to the mob playing judge, jury and executioner? But what about our tendency to be so holier than thou, sanctimonious, contemptuous, and unforgiving of anyone who does not meet our holy approval? Ever notice how we sneer at those who say “Khuda Hafiz” as opposed to the politically correct and Zia inspired “Allah Hafiz”? Anyone who doesn’t meet our preordained criteria is worthy of disdain and ridicule.

Surely, we were not always such insensitive morons. I remember my parents’ era as being one of open mindedness, tolerance, and respect for others. Was it Zia, the Kalashkonov-isation of our culture, the mind numbing drugs, the idiotic curriculum, the suicide bombers, the superiority complex or the sad leadership vacuum that has led us so far astray? All I know is that now we are very, very angry.

Pakistan is becoming more and more like a pressure cooker which is on the brink of boiling over. But the irony is that instead of channelising our anger, frustration, and impotence at the state of affairs by voting out the charlatansi, and mobilising ourselves at a community level, we are turning upon each other. Of course, the butchers of Sialkot were all “good” Muslims who were praying and fasting, but they were just in the mood to offer up two human sacrifices at the altar of Islam. I can tell you that if today it is Muneeb and Mughees who are bludgeoned to death, tomorrow it may be me who is set upon by a rabid crowd, but the day after it will be your turn.

Aaj Bazaar Mein Paa Bajaulaan Chalo

Haakim-e-Shah’r Bhee, Majmaa-e-Aam Bhee

Teer-e-Ilzaam Bhee, Sang-e-Dushnaam Bhee

In Ka Damsaaz Apnay Sivaa Kaun Hai? Shah’r-e-Jaanan Mein Ab Baa-Safaa Kaun Hai?

Dast-e-Qaatil Kay Shaayaan Rahaa Kaun Hai?

Phir Hameen Qatal Ho Aayein Yaaro, Chalo

Aaj Baazaar Mein Paa-Bajaulaan Chalo.”

-Faiz Ahmed Faiz

“Let us go to the bazaar today in chains

The city’s ruler, the general populace

The arrow of accusation, the stone of abuse

Who else beside us is their intimate friend

Who now in our beloved city is still pure? Who now is worthy of the executioner’s hand? We are the ones who have to be murdered, my friends

Let us go to the Bazaar today in chains…”

Maheen Usmani

Maheen Usmani

A freelance writer who has covered subjects ranging from socio-political issues to women's rights to counter terrorism, sports, travel, culture and music. Maheen tweets @MaheenUsmani (twitter.com/MaheenUsmani)

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  • http://meer-mehernewspappar.blogspot.com. Meher Zaidi
  • http://shirazhassan.blogspot.com Shiraz Hassan

    I visted Hajipura and Butters’ village couple of days ago. and met both parties.. the butters’ still insist that they are the victims and these two guys were dacoits. they also want justice..
    i cant understand how come these people are so brutal and insenstive. The city of Iqbal has sank in the silance and everyone there has feeling of guilt. God knows the truth.

    this is very well written article. political parties are just doin photoshoots and playing games.
    hope CJP will handle this case according to law and justiceRecommend

  • http://meer-mehernewspappar.blogspot.com. Meher Zaidi

    http://meer-mehernewspappar.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2010-07-13T00:51:00-07:00&max-results=7 Allah Wasai a 50 year old woman with her 12 year old daughter were paraded naked in Punjab. Where was the outrage? Where was the shame except for a few people who wrote about it.My poem here.Recommend

  • Ali Haider

    Just a look at these two brothers’ picture reminds me of the brutal beating. These images will never go away from our memory.

    CJP needs to make an example out of this punishment. The police needs to be fired. The whole police needs to be fired. Trust me there will be an end to the miseries of the poor man if we do not have a terrorizing police force paid out of public money. Recommend


    @ maheen,
    very well written, to the point.
    you are the one whose focus is just on issue, not much criticized base article.
    now the point is that who will take the notice .what our government is doing?
    ms firdous, still not believing,
    still blaming the victims,what should be done now?
    they can’t be come back.
    the thing is that no1 wants to get out of his/ her room to sort out this matter.
    because who cares.they are not related to us na.
    i guess we need another IQBAL……Recommend

  • Khadimhussainsubhpoto

    Kudos to you for writing such a moving and inspiring writing pience highlighting demonic attitude of lynch mob in sialkot. May sense and sanity prevail!Recommend

  • F. Alam

    Thanks for writing on these two beautiful young lives, brutally cut short! Recommend

  • R. Querieshi

    It is heart breaking. May their souls rest in eternal peace and May we stop any future brutality!Recommend

  • Ghausia

    And then they came for me-
    But by then, there was no one left to speak out for me.Recommend

  • http://ff zaheer

    I think in pakistan money talks I request to india nuke themRecommend

  • Sadia

    A very poignant and sensitively written piece on a heart breaking topic. I second every single word in this article. We need to collctively wake up to the realisation that it is those at the top, ruling us that need to be rooted out before our deeply ingrained ills and sins can be weeded out. We need to come together as a nation and not turn onto each other like a crazily possessed beast. Since the day I had the misfortune of seeing these two innoncent, young and pure lives bludgeoned to death, I have not been able to sleep properly or actually quite come to terms or with or get over this horror. No, I won’t be able to meet the mother’s gaze till justice is duly delivered. It has to be otherwise. like you said Maheen, tomorrow it will be you and me who could meet the same unbelievably horrifying fate.
    May these two innoncent souls forever rest in peace and may the Almighty grant them the highest of place in Heaven.Recommend

  • http://ff zaheer

    a nation that should have not bein made ,a nation that is corrupt from every government department ,a nation that has not made any thinkin since it got azadi from Britain,a nation a exist, a nation where good hard workin plp get killed, I think all pakistani should get together and ask india to take over if their want to live on and become good plp opinionRecommend

  • kk

    Maheen, bravo! Yet, another brilliant piece. To the point and effective. Agree with you a 100%. Yes, our parent’s era was peaceful. Our sense of values and morals has disintegrated.
    This whole Islamization process is taking us back to pre-historic times. Islam isn’t just about 5 times prayers, hajj and zakat. What about honesty, tolerance, moderation and modesty?
    Frankly this sad incident may not be connected to the fundamentalist awakening in Pakistan. I see this as more of a system break-down. Lacking a strong, honest leader/party, the general public is hurting. You are so right that there is anger. Channelizing this anger to better ourselves would be far more productive.
    The brain-drain is another factor. Those who can – have fled the country. The remaining educated ones are thinking of ways to get out. Leaving the country in the hands of the dakoos who will plunder and murder further. It’s the feudal and their minions who are ruling. Literacy levels have shrunk. Why would those abroad, come back, for what? The executive, legislative and judiciary systems are broken and thus a complete joke. Living conditions are unacceptable. The common man cannot survive. Yet, he must as he is lacking the visa or resources to go abroad. Of course he is frustrated and will resort to dishonesty. The government officials are shameless as they have gotten used to their lavish lifestyle from ill-gotten wealth.
    It is a dismal reality and unless we are willing to stick our heads out of the sand (or get our hands dirty) it will only get worse.
    This unfortunate incident and the sacrifice of two innocent lives should be our “wake-up call….it is NOW OR NEVER !!!!!Recommend

  • Saman

    Very well written Maheen! You speak the mind of so many who are trying to come to terms with the sheer brutality of this barbaric act. Something about this incident has really hit home. I can’t get the footage out of my mind. The determination with which these animals were hitting the poor boys is sickening. Blame anger, blame illiteracy, system breakdown, lawlessness or whatever else is wrong with Pakistan at this time, but NOTHING justifies what happened that day. I just hope for justice.Recommend

  • ss

    I must say, a very well written article, Maheen. A very poignant response, kk. I think it’s very unfortunate for a country whose motto has been “unity, faith & discipline” to be where it is today. Pakistan seems to be digressing day by day. When are we – the people, the governement – going to wake up? What happened to these two boys is so heart wrenching. What is happening to the country is worse – that is if there can be anything worse than senseless murder. What are we going to do about it, if anything at all? Recommend

  • http://sadaf-fayyaz.blogspot.com/ SadafFayyaz

    well written maheen…..what leaves me more annoying are the words of Firdaus awan………His wordsRecommend

  • Neeraj, India

    Look at those wonderful looking kids. Innocence is just oozing out of their faces. How on earth, the common people, not the professional criminals, can turn into beasts and inflict such a heart rending cruelty on those young innocent boys? I can understand a robber, a thief and a rapist’s crime , because all of them have something or other to gain from it. I can also understand the murders and massacres committed in the name of religion, ideology, patriotism or by simple personal enmity.
    But, in this case none of the above reasons can be cited as a cause for the frenzy and utter brutality displayed by the crowd. Those savages had nothing to gain from the torture and murder of the two teens and that horrifies me. What is more worrisome is the sheer insensitivity shown to the incident by the persons who really matter. They can ignore the Pakistan’s rapid march towards anarchy at their own peril. When and how such a mass brutalization of society has taken place, must be pondered over by every right thinking citizen of Pakistan.
    I can only wish that civil society in Pakistan wakes up in time to fight against forces of darkness.Recommend

  • atika,rehman

    Very moving without being dramatic. What an irrecoverable loss for their families. May Allah grant them peace.Recommend

  • hakeem

    Demand Justice but from whom…i will do my part i will vote for a better person next timeRecommend

  • shahid

    Well written, sad story awaiting justiceRecommend

  • Sharifa

    The angst was very well expressed. Thank you for permission to share itRecommend

  • SM

    At the altar of Islam? That’s a bit of a leap, isn’t it? That’s a carelessly worded sentence that doesn’t do anything to battle the unfortunate stereotypes associated with Pakistanis. The only thing on the mind of those “butchers”, as you rightly call them, was misanthropic revenge. Nobody threw religion in the mix and I urge the writer to not do so either. Recommend

  • http://www.thetrueperspective.com Hamza Malik


    This is my response to Miss Firdaus Ashiq Awan. All i can say is, we shall see how holy you are Miss Awan, when someday God forbid, it is your kids who are strung upside down from water tanks.Recommend

  • Khadim Shah

    We are not secure in our own country, then what the law enforcement agency doing here? They should permanently be eradicated, the whole of them.
    But the main concern over here is ‘ourselves’, We should be ashamed of ourselves, we are capturing the scene in our mobiles beside helping them. Let me ask them ‘what was in your mind when you people were making videos, while the two brothers were badly beaten to death?’ Answer me. . . .Recommend

  • samina peerzada

    if we dont wake up now we never will.
    i will find the courage to meet the parents
    because i am a mother too.i will never be able
    to sleep peacefully again or stop thinking about
    that someone who could have saved the boys.
    but then we are a spineless nation.we will never make
    this incident into a national movement to reclaim
    Pakistan .like all other lives that have been sacrificed
    these two will also be forgottenRecommend

  • Rehaana

    It is a wonderfully written piece and speaks for millions. I am not sure, however, that Islamization has anything to do with this. We have been Islamized, as you say, for over two-three decades now. The way things have gone since 9/11 is a different phenomenon altogether. But that’s a discussion for another day. For now, I wholeheartedly agree with you that if our nation does not stand up to bring these inhuman perpetrators to justice, we are indeed a failed nation and, worse, a failed civilization. We need to get rid of barking mad lunatics like this Firdaus Awan woman. I hope and pray that if God listens to anything this Ramadan, that it is the awakening of our human and national spirit and that Pakistan sees a better future than where it seems headed right now.Recommend

  • Dr. Sabahat

    Very tragic reality. Awaiting justice. Let’s see what happens like plain crash, thousands of those innocents who are beaten in police stations and at feudals places and whose voiceless cries were never heard by anywhere. Let’s see the justice???????????????????///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Recommend

  • kk

    Dear SM, kindly read the entire sentence again and it’ll make sense to you.
    “Of course, the butchers of Sialkot were all “good” Muslims who were praying and fasting, but they were just in the mood to offer up two human sacrifices at the altar of Islam.”
    During this holy month, whilst praying fervently, fasting and avoiding all sorts of “hera phaari” giving alms to the less fortunate, etc. During a ROZA, the “good” Muslims stood around and watched, and cheered and coaxed others to bludgeon these two innocent boys. Is this Islam? Where are the “good” Muslims hiding? Islam isn’t about rage killing. Last I checked it’s a religion of peace, love and brotherhood. Which leads us to an interesting question – where is this peace loving religion full of brotherhood being practiced? Were these two misfortunate boys surrounded by Yahodis or maybe it was the damn Indians again.
    Let’s all come to terms with the fact that the prevalent situation in Pakistan isn’t just about corruption and government. Islam isn’t about the length of the shalwar as dictated by the maulvi. It’s a way of life, intention (niyaat) ….sorry to inform you that our niyaat has gone to the dogs. We’ve handed our religion and our ill-fated country to the Jaahils of society, who incidentally are doing a damn good job of branding us around the world.Recommend

  • kk

    I forgot to add….don’t mix the two – state n religion. Let the govt rule and pratice the other at home any which way you like. Our majority is uneducated, our religion isn’t for the simple-minded. Literacy and exposure always helps one in understanding a complex message. Don’t thrust the religion on the masses where tomorrow “we will be offered at the altar of Islam”. Eye for an eye is NOT to be taken literally today. Its to discourage and warn. Let the judiciary decide a punishment which matches the crime. Recommend

  • Sania

    As your article ends with Faiz’s poem about Al Halaj who was executed by his own friend and stoned in the Bazar, for saying Anul Haq (I am the truth) as he felt one with God. The times, names and people may change but the injustice, primitive and barbaric psychotic psyche doesn’t and its scary to see how a whole crowd not just in this whole act of violence cheered on but are still justifying instead of taking responsibility, that symbolizes the denial that we have as a nation, it has become a sickness that everyone takes as we are good and pious nation Pakistanis (the pure ones).The west is not interested in human rights be it in the west or anywhere else as we have lost the leaders to the politicians who are just busy making their future generations financially secure not interested in moral or spiritual values for them, and enforcing human rights in countries like Pakistan is just not beneficial.Recommend

  • Dia

    Excellent thoughts and expression. Recommend

  • amna salman ahmed

    A heart rendering article. All these years we hear that so and so was looted or beaten up or put to shame one way or the other and it always made me wonder, that when it happened infront of so many people, why didnt anyone come forward to stop it. The sialkot tragedy made me realize that we are saddists and actually derive pleasure from another persons sufferings.

    You asked, if you we saw this happening will we come forward to stop; I can only reply for myself, I would rather die trying to stop a gruesome happening like that or any other incident, then live with a shame of being part of it.
    Its the apathy in us which has got us where we are, hated by the rest of the world.

    May the pressure cooker burst.Recommend

  • Sjay

    All i wanted to say was that you are a wonderful writer. You said what i have been thinking… what i have been ranting about for years now. But then again… i rant…. and that is all i do. Ironic. Ironic and sad.Recommend

  • Sjay

    i also think that for the 14th of August we should have gotten down on our knees as a nation and begged India to take us back. Although who am i kidding… who would want us? Recommend

  • Kamran Iqbal

    Thank you Maheen for writing this timely and most crucial of all the articles and doing your bit to give much needed ‘strong wake up call’ to the sleeping conscience of our nation. Your words are incisively piercing and exposes most horrible of the truths that is living within each of us, be it a rural dwellers or urban people, ‘the truth that our conscience is dying!’ ‘The truth that by not doing anything and sometimes by not doing enough, how deliberately we participate in crime? directly and indirectly?’ ‘The truth about how much we are slave of our fears than of our conscience.’ ‘The truth that confidence and trust on our institution have gone, disappeared and even shattered’. ‘The truth about virtual absence of any guarantee that this will not happen again’. ‘The truth that we not evolving as humans but devolving into something even worse than animals.’ With judiciary that is independent but non neutral, government which comprises of culprits of higher order, and mob with many heads but no brain, no conscience, no compassion, no kindness, ‘the worst of all the truth is….there’s no end in sight’. Recommend

  • http://www.jaal.org,www.karachiwali.blogspot.com Rumana Husain

    Maheen, I am breaking down in tears even now when i write this after reading your moving article. Yesterday, at the protest meeting held at the Arts Council Karachi, we were all charged up and we said things that we had to; we raised slogans; we signed the letter addressed to the CJ asking for justice; we put a line or two on the large banner kept there for the purpose, and we also mocked the Deputy Speaker when she took the mike to say she was also sorry about the incident but we should not forget the flood victims and that she has to go receive 200,000 flood refugees arriving in Karachi from Thatta in the next few minutes. We have the likes of her, the DPO and Firdaus Awan ‘governing’ us. You are so right in suggesting that we are still not waking up to these brutalities. Just imagine, we are forced to call yesterday’s protest ‘successful’ as it managed to gather about 3 or 4 hundred people instead of a handful that are normally present on such occasions. The rest of the 18 million in Karachi were caught up with their daily this or that or simply resting in their homes as after all they are all pious people and it is the month of Ramazan. Recommend

  • Haris Masood Zuberi


    A very articulate and well expressed piece.
    You’ve covered all aspects and the perpetuating hypocrisies in a very swift manner.
    Firdaus Awan’s version is blood-boiling.
    She sat in the boy’s drawing room last Sunday condemning and putting up a facade of remorse.

    There’s news of the boys’ quarrel over cricket with another team lead by the son of an ex UC Nazim of the PPP. The cornering, allegations, brutal ‘lesson’ and audacity followed by U-turns from PPP MNAs and silence by other MPAs/MNAs, all seems to fall in place.

    Chauhan even has the audacity to claim
    that the video evidence is fabricated.
    What of the Rescue 1122 official who
    held down the legs of the boys while
    they were being tortured? Or those who
    rained the blows on those writhing and
    wailing kids and then strung up their
    bodies? Terming the assailants animals
    is an insult to the animal kingdom,
    because even animals are not so
    heartless.. they only hunt down their
    prey for food.

    We can only marvel at these gems appointed at positions of authority to interact with and directly affect the public.

    Few days ago Dr Rizwan of 1122 blatantly denied video evidence of two men in green uniform of 1122 taking part in the atrocious killings by tying the boys up. Of course Rizwan during his live press conference at Iftar time, when asked about it, responded as if the reporter questioning him was retarded and had asked him an absurdity. Bravo men like Rizwan. As long as such people are in charge, cover-ups will perpetuate. And what to speak of his fairy-tale version of how 1122 had actually saved the boys from the crowd and kept them inside the station for 4 hours.
    According to law, Rizwan is willingly becoming accomplice to the heinous crime and should thereby be summoned by the esteemed SC as one of the assailants.

    You’re so right. One shouldn’t disrespect the animal kingdom with comparisons with these satanic degenerates.

    Speaking of “stolen goods recovered from the boys”, one wonders, what these beastly looking criminal boys who “gave the police a tough time” were doing robbing and killing ppl within an hour after sehri riding a bike registered in their father’s name!?

    Heck, they dint even have clothes on them in the end, how was Firdaus Ashiq able to recover stolen goods from them…!?

    Lies, Lies and Lies…it will stay this way…
    soon media will move on to more revenue-generating stories and abandon staling stories as well it’s self proclaimed responsibility.
    The JPMC nurse is still languishing while no talk-show wonders whatever happened to the doctor who had a vacation at AKU till the Air Blue crash took place.

    An anchor summed it up very well last night;
    “We behave like scum, have all the evil qualities, and then whine about floods and quakes…what do we expect? Petals to fall upon us from heaven…?”Recommend

  • Doc

    nicely done , exactly my thoughts.. and firdous ashik awan is a hypocrite .. i saw here giving interview to dr.shahid massod and at that time she was completely sympathizing with the family of these two boys and over night her thoughts changed i wonder how much she was paid :P or maybe she is what she said Kashmala Tariq.. such lawlessness in our society. my heart bleeds :(.. Recommend

  • ramsha khan

    even if we do accept that they were robbers, which they obviously were not! but still a question remains unanswered; who gave the heartlesss mob the right to brutally murder these two young brothers, to beat them untill they finally loose there grasp on life?Recommend

  • sabiha tarar

    a very well written article, you have portrayed the feelings of millions of pakistanis who do not believe in this madness and whose hearts ache over such callousness. may Allah endow us with some sanity, AmeenRecommend

  • intzar

    im really inspired by this article and pleased to know that there are real repoters with real hearts not somthing that can be bought with money.Recommend

  • Ash

    Heard from another DSP of another city that the DPO gave the boys to the mob and told them to finish them. DPO Sialkot believed on brutal killing and killing all and he has done many innocent killings.
    I think that DPO along with the police officers seen in the video and the mob should be treated the same way, they treated the boys.
    People who were standing and watching should be sentenced for a long time, that would be justice and a justice that people in the world to remember, so that it never happens again.
    The boys cannot be returned to the parents and my heart aches for the mother, I myself am a mother, I wish and pray that never happens to anyone’s child.
    Since Government officials were the involved in this, Govt should make sure that the true justice been served…along with a huge money compensation, which off course will not bring the lives of the bothers back or help reduce the grief of the family but it may help the family eventually down the road.

    Now Recommend

  • Lal Shahbaz

    And then “Parha Likha Punjab” has the audacity to call Baloch and Pushtoon people Barbarians… SadRecommend

  • http://www.google.com.pk Athar Channa

    ust a look at these two brothers’ picture reminds me of the brutal beating. These images will never go away from our memory.

    CJP needs to make an example out of this punishment. The police needs to be fired. The whole police needs to be fired. Trust me there will be an end to the miseries of the poor man if we do not have a terrorizing police force paid out of public money.Recommend

  • RealDeal

    So is the sad reality of pakistan. Thank you for such a thoughtful article. It felt raw but real! It hurt but its the truth. I know this stuff exists in pakistan because it has happened to a family member. She went to go get meat at a butcher in Pakistan. He and his friends decided that she is Ahmadi and wanted to punish her for her beliefs. So, they decided to hit her with the butcher knife, so much torture. She got injured and had her skull pretty much open (sorry for gruesome details). Her friend basically stayed in a coma for weeks before she got her life back. My aunt had to move to a western country because this is the height of violence. Today, she is thriving and living a peaceful happy life because nobody cares that she is Ahmadi. She is allowed to profess her love for Allah and everything else around her. There is NO tolerance in pakistan. If someone doesn’t like you because you are different or simply because they don’t like you, they try to hurt and kill you. The more this happens, the more we lose innocent lives and the love of Allah. Recommend

  • rabbi

    i m very sad about this inncident i have no words to explain my feelings about two brothers murder caseRecommend

  • Farooq

    Very precise and to the point asusual Maheen, you justifed with that burning issue, absolutely agreed with each n single world of you. can’t curse to poor Ms Firdos or whatever she is, you can’t expect any thing wise from these illiterate politicians. one more thing i just want to share with friends, that CJP is puppet, he can’t do much as his own, his string are in some “other” hands, he is highly overrated. any ways barbaric killing of Butt brothers can not be justify by any means, we have to condemned it strongly. thank you Maheen for your thought provoking article. Recommend

  • http://www.connectture.com suraiya kasim

    i am at a loss for words, it is simply beyond me how such a crime can occur and more so that nothing has been done about it as yet. Unbelivable!Recommend

  • Ambreen Butt

    Brilliant and very focused! Thank you for your insight.Recommend

  • Raza Raja

    It is a very well written article though needless connection with religion is established at the end. Gojra incident is a far better example than this of the religious bigotry.

    Our dicourse has to be objective otherwise we will go astry. Needlessly attributing everything to religion is misleading. Yes religious bigotry exists in our society but at least this incidence has different dynamics.Recommend

  • Muhammad Ali MD

    May Allah give Hidayah to our illiterate, uncivilized and intolerant nation, who proves time to time what foreign nations think about Islam and Muslims. As much as I was disgusted and disappointed to see that video ( with my heart filled with anger), I felt some relief that it was shown to the world, or atleast to our nation to take away some lesson from it that if we didn’t change our ways we will be among those nation mentioned in Quran, who were wiped out by Azab-e- Elahi. Is this we have come to, taking justice in our hands and killing anyone no matter if they are innocent or not. This may be worse than the time of Ignorance( before the arrival of Islam). I just feel so disappointed ………Recommend

  • http://thisisthethat.wordpress.com/ KKal

    I have not felt this kind of grief before in my life. Wake up call of all wake up calls. A line has been crossed cannot sit back anymore. The solution we have come up with is to support HRCP. Based on our research they are the most organized and dedicated body in Pakistan fighting for the rights of the weakest in our society, children, women and minorities. There track record is stellar. Action has to be organized for it to have an effect. This is the most immediately actionable idea we came up with.

  • http://bhagatsinghstudy.blogspot.com Chaman Lal

    Every word of Maheen comes straight from burning desire of justice.The societies in India and Pakistan and perhaps other South Asian countries as well are becoming increasingly brutal, violently aggressive which breeds fascism.Maheen is tolling the bell, if people in these countries don’t listen then surely the day is not far when they will meet the fate of these boys at the hands of state and non state thugsRecommend

  • saira a

    Maheen, I share your sentiments. Disturbing images of two innocent brothers brutally clubbed to death by a barbaric mob. Is this what the founders of our nation had envisioned. Its shameful. We as a nation have failed.I dont know if we have reached rock bottom, I hope to God we have… No one can help us anymore, WE have to help ourselves now. Recommend

  • sam

    very veeryy well written…Recommend

  • Waqas Bhatti

    Morally, its a DEATH of Pakistan. Thats all I know.Recommend

  • Fauzia Minallah

    Maheen it is a very sensitive article, very powerfuland beautifully expressedRecommend

  • Qasim

    now i hate my country i hate Pakistan Recommend

  • Muhammad Farooq Khan

    Maheen yet another brilliant piece, very precise and thought provoking. Blame game is now part of our culture so we can’t “blame” Ms Firdos for her irresponsible remarks, you can not expect any thing wise from our illiterate politicians. what i believe thar CJP is a puppet n its strings controls from some were else, his track reord suggests that he can only involve city counciler’s level matters. the debate is not that Butt brothers was guilty of robbery or not, but they way they killed is not justify by any means.. Recommend

  • Muhammad Ali MD

    I dont think HATING Pakistan, or just anyone will help, as hatred breads hatred. And its not PAKISTAN`s fault. its some of the inhabitants who are at fault or may be how they are brought up or what they have seen around them, which isn’t much helpful either. Ignorance, Hatred, Joblessness, Intolerance, Poverty, which has only provoked frustration. Some of us who have felt and seen the difference, know how it feels. what would help in my opinion is to do something as a Nation, to bring these factors to attention and eliminate them. Recommend

  • http://facebook Saman Ali

    Dear Maheen, your intro brought tears to my eyes. I am really scared as you said what if i am on the street? We all lack tolerance, patience and respect for each others. The only way out is by educating everyone. Can anyone in the govt plan to open free schools? Look what happened yesterday in Lahore. SamanRecommend

  • parvez

    Have just read your article – strong stuff.
    I lay the blame for such barbaric incidents on our justice system. If over the years had they done their jobs and provided justice without fear, equally for all, as they are supposed to do things today would be different.Recommend