Egging: Future leaders or cruel monsters?

Published: June 29, 2012

One passerby after another became bait to a cruel game. DESIGN: JAHANZAIB HAQUE

Youth and change seem to be unsettling buzzwords in Pakistan’s political vocabulary amidst the pre-election rhetoric this year. With 63 per cent of its population under 25 years of age, the youth of Pakistan is undeniably the harbinger of this country’s future. But have we prepared our children to bring the change we constantly seek from our leaders?

Last night, on a routine drive home from work, I spotted a car with a group of teenage boys perched on the panes of rolled-down car windows, slowly cruising at a busy junction near a bustling market in Islamabad. For a split second, I was reminded of windy car rides tiptoeing between my parents to reach the open sunroof on long drives up north.

My thoughts, however, were interrupted almost immediately at the sight of a man on a bicycle pedalling home in a blue shalwar kameez, crisp and clean except for the fresh stain of egg yolk dripping down his back. I couldn’t see his face as he kept pedalling, perhaps because stopping to look around would have stripped him of his remaining shreds of dignity.

And then, I noticed the eggs in the hands of the teenage boys, as one passerby after another became bait to a cruel game for a cheap laugh.  I felt hurt and angry and even surprised, wanting to roll down my window and yell. I honked loudly, only to be egged in return.

These privileged young men seemed completely unaware of their lack of humanity and utter disregard for the times they live in.

Over 45 million Pakistanis lack food security and inflation has made even basic commodities such as eggs and milk unaffordable for those living below the poverty line. Are we sheltering our children so much that they cannot relate to the ordinary man? Or, is there a loophole in the private education system that allows such ignorance to be fostered? Parents need to examine the lessons and values they teach their children and advise them how to be responsible citizens. If this is the kind of investment we are making for our future, then we might as well stop dreaming now.

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Myra Iqbal

Myra Iqbal

The author is a photojournalist at The Express Tribune.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://NewYork Falcon

    I am shocked to say the least…thanks for taking out the time to write about it…this is the dilemma of our country where children of the elite are over-protected and those of the poor are over-exposed to the rough contours of life.Recommend

  • Ordinary Villager

    The definition of education in our country is associated with a degree. I spent most of my life in village and my grand mother was only primary pass and she was the best mentor in my view and she always used to tell me that Son sometimes education of schools and universities impart you more ignorance than education as you become proud enough and then despise the poor and ordinary people around and then dont listen and learn. Good character and moral education is the responsibility of the parents and elders at home and then comes the society as the second educator and most of all definition of education have to be revisited.Recommend

  • Confused

    Lack of humanity? seriously? They’re freaking teenagers, causing trouble is what many teenagers do, it’s a learning process….this blog reads like a South Park episode.Recommend

  • http://NewYork Falcon

    You must be kidding me. Tell me in what part of the world are teenagers supposed to throw eggs on a poor guy on the bicycle in pursuit of fun??? If the guy had fallen and gotten injured or God Forbid incurred a bigger loss, who would be responsible for it??? Fortunately enough, there are many more avenues of fun available in the world other than throwing eggs at the bicyclers and pedestrians.Recommend

  • Sane

    Such teenagers are the flesh bred on ‘Haram Kamai’ of government officials. Or born as a result off illicit relationship. Recommend

  • Mo/CA


    being teenagers and naughty, and having fun is one thing, but to waste food in a nation where the food security index is one of the lowest in the world is another thing.
    This man on the bicycle on whose expense the teenagers were having fun: got egged, and suffered not only that this man probably had kids, and a wife, adn people that dependent on him, right. This egg that was thrown on them could probably have been used to feed these people. Instead not only did these insolent teenagers hurt him physically, but also robbed him of food that he could have given to his family.

    I am a in my early 20s, and teenager years was just 4 years ago or so, but I think proper education, so that the youth can understand the problems of its fellow citizens is necessary for these actions to not take place. Recommend

  • sars

    Excellent point. Today they care so little about a poor man who could fall off his bicycle and hurt himself, tomorrow they will easily cheat him out of his Hajj savings , or illegally import materials that make his son a drug addict and go on to swindle him and others like him out of crores of rupees.(We have many examples in front of us)

    The main problem is that mummy and daddy have mostly taght them that the driver cook and maasi arent people , only be nice to people who will either give you a job or whose family you may marry into.Recommend

  • Sane

    Really amazed to read that you support filth of the society.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Great article. Bad parenting results in not only despicable behaviour but the child returns to bite the parent as well. It’s a natural law that ‘ as you sow, so shall you reap’.Recommend

  • Ali S

    Why didn’t several people gather up and give them a taste of their own medicine, assuming this was taking place near a “bustling market”. No amount of education or money can buy a good character, and it seems like these kids needed some tough love – lots of it.Recommend

  • Imran Con

    There’s only one fix for that. Getting the crap kicked out of them by bigger guys. That’s the universal way to shut all cocky teenagers up. They’ve learned all but just the right amount of social cues. The one that usually comes the hard way is: peer pressure can make you be a jerk to make your silly little lap-dog friends laugh but it can also get you hurt because the people you’re abusing may also be under similar influence to retaliate.Recommend

  • vigilant

    Black money at it’s work.Recommend

  • alicia

    I don’t think its just rich kids. I have observed that in one way or the other the Pakistani “youth” is extremely immature, selfish and ignorant (not everyone but the vast majority). They have no respect for common ordinary men and women on the street. A lot of them are involved in illegal activities e.g. cheating in exams and find excuses to justify them. They have really no idea of what’s going on in the world and are confined to a bubble.

    If this is the youth that will bring Pakistan out of its misery then Pakistan ka allah hi hafiz hai. Recommend

  • Waqar

    While I agree it ws wrong for the teenagers to do so….. I believe it to be a lack of empthy and the stupidity of youth. Being the product of an illicit relationship, being bred on haram ki kamai, being rich has nothing to do with it. It’s only a failure of the parents. And this act of theirs will not led them to becoming the curd option leaders of tomorrowRecommend

  • Saeed

    These kids should try throwing eggs at a VIPs car. Now that would be rebellion, that would be something I’d commend. This, throwing eggs at a poor man is detestable.Recommend

  • Hasan S

    I was just thinking about this. Being a student myself, a member of the ‘youth’, I find it quite odd when politicians and TV anchors speak about how the youth is going to bring about change. There are a plethora of talk shows on TV where they bring a bunch of young adults and clap at the nonsense that these kids speak. It goes something like this:

    Young Adult: We should help poor people.
    TV Anchor: Wow, such wise words.
    Everyone claps.
    Young Adult: There should be electricity.
    TV Anchor: Absolutely absolutely, our youth is so smart
    More clapping and so on.

    Quite ridiculous. Thank You Myra for bringing this issue to light.Recommend

  • xyzabc

    I really love you for bringing this matter into everyone’s attention. Whether on birthday parties or on random get-togethers, someone does become a victim of egging. The problem, however, is with the torturous mentality of people. I was in the seventh grade when I enjoyed throwing water on people’s cars on the way back to home from school on a school van. That being my childhood, I strongly condemn such activities now. But what initially made me enjoy doing that was, I believe, not something within me, but external influence. Believe it or not, when we are around many like us, we tend to participate in activities which annoy others. Shouting and screaming like retards, staring at girls, and now this egging issue.

    After reading this article, what further disturbs me is the fact that the person or the people who were being egged did not react at all. They must be the poor and helpless people, whereas the teenagers must have been sons/daughters of influential people. Whoever was egged, must have thought that reacting would eventually lead to his loss. This is a problem in itself. I personally feel that even if one of the people egged reacted a little bit by even passing a few remarks, if not thrashing them, those retarded teenagers would have stopped.
    I was egged by my so-called friends around three years ago on a random get-together. Totally helpless, I left the party and had to walk two kilometers before finding a taxi. When I did find one, I told the taxi driver the whole story, and he was infuriated with the idea of throwing away food like stones. I decided not to keep any kind of contact with those so-called friends for the rest of my life. This being the least I could do, I really feel that these small steps can change the way we think, and the way we live. If we truly condemn something, we need to act against it. That’s all. This article might be a first step towards it. Recommend

  • Burhan

    Shame on this nation.! All those revolutionaries!! ESP IK Insaaf Khan…first train the youth..first bring revolution in them..thentalk about PsunamiiiRecommend


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