Is there a ray of hope for Pakistan?

Published: October 12, 2012

Despite all the things that are going wrong in Pakistan, there are still some things that we can be proud of. PHOTO: AFP

There are two ways of interpreting a glass half-filled with water. You can either call it half-full or half-empty. Even though referring to it as half-full may give you hope, I do not intend to excite the readers by projecting fake optimism while so much is going terribly wrong in Pakistan.

I still believe that despite all the unpleasant happenings, not all is lost yet.

Terrorism, failed state of affairs, discredited army, incompetent leadership, hopelessness; there is enough going on in Pakistan that is a cause of despair and is indicative of a bleak future, but there exist some promising prospects in our country as well.

I have come up with an arbitrary list of four.

To some, they may sound trivial, but for me, they are important. In each one of them, I see a silver lining in the pitch dark clouds hovering above our nation and its people.

1. Potent drama industry

The zeal and aura of Pakistani dramas seems to be back once again. The same enthusiasm that prevailed during the 1980s and 1990s can be seen once again. The reason why I feel the drama industry is a source of hope for Pakistan’s future is because it continues to thrive amidst all repressions.

It is true that the quality of our dramas has reduced on an overall scale, and if I am honest, then majority dramas are just another walk in the Indian footsteps. However, that, in no way, can be generalised for our drama industry.

The best thing about Pakistani dramas ─ be it few if not a lot ─ is the way they project issues from a social and satirical perspective.

The emphasis in these dramas upon the complex class gap and women-related dilemmas of our country have certainly left a tremendous impact on the viewers and projected a different strata of Pakistani society ─ a society that is seeped in conservative dogmas envisioning women merely as vulnerable, weak models of sacrifice and objects of sex.

Such contributions towards recreating a positive image of women and above all the surprising revival of Urdu dramas with the brilliant producers and directors of our small screen industry, are gifts worth celebrating.

2. Unshackled media

There is certainly a lot more that needs to be persecuted as far as Pakistani media is concerned. What makes me list the media as something that is going right in Pakistan is the voice that a free liberalised mass media has allowed the citizens of this country to have.

Five years ago, a rape victim or an acid assault somewhere could have remained unheard of, but today these evils aren’t left unexposed.

This voice and leverage that mainstream media has brought for a lay man is of paramount importance for Pakistan, and not only from the point of view of imbibing democracy. It also pushes us to self-interrogate, so we contemplate, question our purpose, our actions, so that we can get past the criticisms of Pakistan winning its first ever Oscar for a documentary that could put any nation to shame.

Our news channels and judiciary  have become so active together and for once we can see a positive collaboration between the two as well. Both being the crucial pillars of the state have now become partners in the dispensation of justice. The media is playing an instrumental role in uncovering many of the white-collar crimes that have remained unexposed historically and have direct bearings on country’s political and economic life such as Arsalan-gate, Memo-gate. These attempts to hold the powerful to account are the manifestation that justice is no more a commodity to be dispensed of by the nobility. What we have now is ‘freedom of speech’ that will not be shunned anymore.

We as a nation have a voice that cannot be silenced anymore. The power lies with us, too, now. Isn’t this a cause for celebration?

3.   The awakened youth

The real strength of Pakistan is its youth. The Pakistani youth has firmly taken up the future of this country in their hands. The youth of today is active, ambitious, determined and well-equipped with the right skills that help redefine the future of this country.

The youth today is far more aware of its rights and duties than it was a decade before.

Today, the Pakistani youth can be seen in every stream of life. Be it education, health, civil society; they are enthusiastically working and volunteering to create a better future for this country.

I know many of the students from my university, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), who run small non-governmental organisations (NGOs), that center around providing education within their communities. These young students are passionate to volunteer, be it at the cost of lucrative job prospects, for the betterment of our country. This may not be much but we all know that every little helping hand can make a cumulative difference to our country and its people.

I feel it is important to mention StepUP Pakistan founder Ali Moeen Nawazish, who is Pakistan’s world record holder and a Cambridge graduate. Graduating from one of the world’s top universities, he could have landed a job that offered him all the comforts and privileges of life. Instead, he traded all the potential luxury for a philanthropic path with utmost dedication towards running an NGO that works to promote education in some of the obscure towns where people are rarely able to educate themselves.

What stands out from these instances is that there is more to Pakistan than terrorism, domestic violence, corrupt leaders and a failing infrastructure.

For me, these stories are not only fascinating, but an indication that when there prevails commitment to social change, then change itself becomes a possibility.

4.   Flame of hope

This by far is the most vital of all things in a life of a Pakistani: Hope.

Pakistani people have undergone enormous challenges in the last sixty years, and still continue to face them daily; these troubles are neither their fault nor anything they deserve. What is unique about a Pakistani citizens is the way they’ve become stronger with each passing day and every new challenge that they’ve had to face.

The ordinary people have always managed to stand up in the face of every tragedy that has been afflicted at our country with daring audacity. Whether it be the earthquake in 2005 that killed 74000 people and left 3.5m homeless, or the devastating floods and the psychological wounds, courtesy of our tainted leaders, the common people have always been expressive of what this country needs in contrast to what has been lorded over them by the callus, corrupt and narcissistic ruling elites.

The political state in this country is undoubtedly depressing, however, the collective conscience of its citizens without whose efforts, hard work, altruism and commitment, the future would look irredeemable; makes hope in Pakistan rekindle.

The above mentioned list may simply be considered irrelevant in the face of all the daunting problems that Pakistan has been encountering, but if one looks at it under a positive light, it is also a manifestation that there is still a lot to be proud and hopeful about.

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Kashif Ali

Kashif Ali

The writer holds Masters in governance and public policy from Germany and works in the development sector. He tweets as @s_kashif8 (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Jaahil

    God sends lots of rays of hope to Pakistani people but unfortunatelly they are blocked by overwhelmingly thick beards of too many mullahs. Reduce the number of mullahs and then hopefully some rays of hope will reach people of Pakistan.Recommend

  • fahad

    awesome article ,just wish that by next year we see a new pakistan which means after elections .after every dark night there is a dawn and we cant get worse than this now we are bound to see a new dawn ,Recommend

  • Turbo Lover

    Oh, please, our dramas only highlight the ills of our society and bring out misogynistic themes
    The media abuses its freedom by only giving spicy and bad news about the country. Nobody knew about the late Arfa Karim until her death. Not many people knew about the tandoor worker who topped the matric exam… And what about the guy who broke the world record of IT examination in America, he too was a Pakistani.
    Ha! Our youth is full of wanna be gangster mailas, cigarette smokers and drug addicts. There are only a few good men and the rest are mummy-daddy burger bachas who specialize in spending away their parent’s money
    Maybe, let’s hope that there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel and not a train headed our way to crush us. Oh, wait! Due to load shedding and cost cutting measures, the light at the end of the tunnel has been switch off!

  • Anoop

    In countries which actually believe in themselves, you don’t see articles like these. Say India or Bangladesh or US. They are know they have a good thing going and can get better. The fact that someone is writing such articles is an indicator of the country’s downward trajectory.

    Let me see what reasons you have listed: Dramas, Youth, Free Media and Hope.

    If I were to say, or say an American were to say, about this topic, I would like quite a few other things like a great Constitution which guarantees Equality and Freedom, a working Democracy in a multi-cultural society, Pluralistic ethos of the majority of Indians and hunger for success.

    I am like my own points, but still I think if I were to look at it from a neutral perspective, I would go ahead and claim my list makes sense.

    Come on – Drama? Drama is the part of Pakistan which gives you hope? Seriously?

    You derive hope from hope itself? Is that even possible? You say Pakistanis are hopeful.

    If you say so.

    Yes, youth is a great asset, even in India they are. Not when they are radicalized and uneducated. India and Pakistan used to be the same country, yet Obama scares Americans that if you don’t work hard you will be ‘Bangalored’, a term which refers to the smart kids in India who will take away American jobs. Obama uses Pakistan is a completely different context. Youth bulge means nothing is you have a measly 3.5% year on year growth. In fact its dangerous! This is what is called perspective.

    What I see is desperation for hope, a terrific, laudable Human trait, but nevertheless not useful when you living in a country like Pakistan. You have to be a realist. Pakistanis are overly optimistic that sometimes cloud the real issues. Your issues even have a spillover effect onto India. That is why I am here.

    Seeing glass half full or empty doesn’t mean anything in the real world. Both phrases are equally true. Optimism should come after all the hard work, when the foundations have been laid. Where are Pakistan’s foundations?Recommend

  • Hope

    There is always hope. Pakistan was born nearly bankrupt, but persevered and got though 1948. We got through 1971. As long as we love and are dedicated to our country, there is always a ray of hope.

    Anoop, you’re here for lack of any other hobby than bashing Pakistan. The Times of India or the RSS website should be your online home. Not the website of a country that wants nothing (on the most part) to do with your nation.Recommend

  • riza ali

    i totally agree with you though not with your name:-)Recommend

  • Shafiq

    Wake Up @ Author!
    All the mentioned pointers are baseless and can simply be rejected by any MATURE Mind….

    I just liked one statement from your write-up

    “I still believe that despite all the
    unpleasant happenings, not all is lost

    completing it … “Yes We are waiting for all to lose”

    Calling it a Potent Drama Industry is insane. Budget, Revenue or Lifestyle wise it can be true but not Content and Substance wise. Its hard to stop laughing on your comparison of today’s Dramas with 80’s gems.

    You think Discussing Rape and other stuff where a child’s sex education is missing til he enters the age of 30 is something commendable? And the fact behind is that is TRPs – Every news “The ruthless, sex centered and brutal” is/are feeding the channels these days. Its just filthy business and nothing much.

    Youth is totally lost! LUMS or other 2 – 3 institutes do not constitute Pakistan’s youth (just 0.5 % of the total youth)! right? Its branding age, people need platforms to get noticed and Free Charity in a third world like Pakistan is pretty easy track!

    Only hoping does not take you anywhere! Unless you strive or make the change!

    Need to hear more? and with references? Just lemme know!

    No harsh feelings bro! ( just can’t stand something that is baseless – I think I love my country thats why I can’t ignore the cruelty already prevailed… we can never become a better nation until we start to accept the FACTS)Recommend

  • Parvez

    That was pretty amateurish and deserved to be kicked about as most commentators have done. The nice thing is that your heart is in the right place and that’s important.Recommend

  • Bilal

    What nonsense

    1) Drama industry – are you serious? every drama and i mean every one of them revolves around the same saas/bahu/rishta/magni/shaadi/talaq storyline. none of them have anything original and the constant bias of showing women being abused and men being violent jealous beings. yeah very proud of it

    2) Media – really? the same media that shamelesslythrusts a mic and flashes its camera light on to a grieving relative of someone who died a bloody death hardly 30mins ago and asking them how they feel. showing zoom in shots of dead and mutilated bodies and blood without any regard for children or sensitive viewers who might be watching. yeah very proud of it.

    3) Youth – yeah the same youth that goes out harassing girls and burning tyres, smashing windscreens for no reason. youth that cheats to pass exams and couldnt care less about anyone else but themselves. yeah very proud

    4) Flame – only flames i see are from burning buses and tyres on the road which happends every fortnight.Recommend

  • Anoop


    Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is the truth.

    If I were you, I’d probably call me names and discredit me, rather than actually trying to answer me.

    Well, for example, lets take a topic of the Youth of Pakistan. The famous Youth Bulge in developing countries.

    Huh! I just typed Pakistan Youth Bulge and here is what Express Tribune tell us.

    I quote:”Even though there is rising demand for quality education in Pakistan, related job expectations would be difficult to meet by the economy. ”

    This is just one example of the oversimplification and hyper-optimism of ordinary Pakistanis.

    Optimism is good when you have done all the hard work and laid out the foundations. Not when the Youth are readily turning towards radicalisation and the Govt is busy keeping the Military and the Judiciary away and is in survival mode.

    Is there anything wrong with what I am saying. For once read what I said and forget my name.

    If it helps you can consider my name to be Aftab or someone. Maybe this will make more sense to your clouded mind.Recommend

  • Bhooooo

    @ Anoop..I’m SURE in India you would have better hobbies than bashing another country.SERIOUSLY!
    get a life PLEASE?Recommend

  • Ismail

    @Anoop: Get a life. Leave the bloggers here alone. You do not have to comment every time especially if it is negative. I understand we want to defend anything that is said about India, but some of the articles including this one have nothing on India … so keep away.

    Dear Pakistanis … please ignore this guys comment …. sometimes you can’t do much about barking dogs.Recommend

  • Paki Existentialist

    Come want to tell us that India is a heaven on earth.ok.but now let me laugh.

  • Cheeta

    @anoop : hating other country doesn’t make u a good or patriotic ur eyes!
    @ismail ; exactly , just ignore . It’s more like time pass for him.Recommend

  • Zalim Singh
  • Salman

    @Anoop – you are talking about being delusional. Are you kidding me? Sure, Pakistan does have a lot of problems but India is anything but heaven on Earth. And if you read up recent reports, there is a perception change (or return) happening in the West about India due to their eyes opening up to the reality of the situation there in regards to human rights abuse, the poverty, women and religious atrocities, the economy etc. So while I welcome constructive criticism and admit the truth, it is perhaps the Indians who really need to stop pretending all is hunky dory. Recommend

  • Anoop


    Read my second comment. I quote myself:

    “Is there anything wrong with what I am saying. For once read what I said and forget my name.
    If it helps you can consider my name to be Aftab or someone. Maybe this will make more sense to your clouded mind.”

    So, lets hear if I’ve produced any falsehood or said something which is incorrectly opinionated.

    I don’t blame you really. If I have absolutely nothing to say and just wanted the other guy to shut up, I’d attack him rather than what he said. That is why so many people use Pseudonyms.

    Jawarharlal Nehru used it once to gauge public opinion and to check if he is connected to reality. I guess its time I start using that don’t you think?

    But, what does that say about you?Recommend

  • Anoop


    So, India is poor and having problems so that justifies it?

    When did I ever say India doesn’t have problems? If my name was a Muslim one would you have said that?

    Its hard to argue with intelligence which is not at your level because there is always scope for misinterpretation or just plain missing the point.

    I want Pakistanis to look at reality, because each time they don’t extremism increases and has a spill over effect on India.

    Was it not us which warned you all that Islamic extremism will ultimately harm Pakistan, when it was used against Indians in Kashmir?

    The worse thing Pakistan needs right now is underserved optimism. Not when the Economy is growing at 3%, when the population itself is growing at 2%! Not when with each passing day Pakistan gets a little closer to International Isolation.

    You talk of India, but do not have any point apart from an economic one(That too which I can talk about). Politically, Sociologically and Structurally its superior to any South Asian country.

    Like I said above, its not my comments but my name which is causing all the problem. Recommend

  • Hope

    Yes, Anoop, your name is VERY relevant to our comments towards you. Because were you a Pakistani, you’d understand that we do need hope from time to time to keep us going. You’re an Indian – why are you on this site to begin with? Ignore my lack of answers to your questions and for once, let us know why you Indians take such petty joy in trolling each and every post this website makes? What’s the fascination? Well, out with it?

    If Pakistan has no foundations, leave us be. If we are doomed to fail, leave us be. If you think we are a terrible failure, leave us be. Your commenting on any of these posts is absolutely mind bogglingly hypocritical and goes against your supposed apathy towards Pakistan. I wish Pakistan were a nation like Iran with no annoying clingy neigbours like India that can’t let bygones by bygones and let us prosper/suffer/write articles in peace.Recommend

  • I.

    Just one word : IGNORE!Recommend

  • Arsalan

    wonderful read. It’s important that we highlight positive things going on in Pakistan, especially the potential our youth has and the firmness with which they have stood up for this country in more recent times. I am positive that if we continue working with such determination we will get out of the mess we are currently in. Recommend

  • gp65

    I am not Anoop but I think most Indians started visitng Pakistani sites after 26/11. We wanted to understand what drives people to get on boats and kill ordinary civilians going about their day to day businss. Then when we came here, we found a plethora of lis on the beasis of which this foundation of hatred was being sustained. So we stayed, so that we could correct the lies when we found them.

    You can have what you want very easily if Pakistani stops initiating war of choice with India and stops sending ijhadis to Indian cities to kill us. Once that happens and a few years go by without Pakistani origin terror affecting Indians, you will find a lot of us will have no interest in visiting these sites.

    Thank you.Recommend

  • Anoop


    *”You’re an Indian – why are you on this site to begin with?.. “*

    Why do you ask questions which only shows misplaced arrogance and denial? As I mentioned above, is it because you could not face my bouncers? Why are you attacking the messenger, completely ignoring the message?

    Besides, me coming on Pakistani site is better than 10 of us landing up on Karachi’s coast and mass murdering people, isn’t it.

    Afraid of opinion, are we? A little authoritarian streak painfully evident in your remarks.

    I am here to voice my opinion. As simple as that. I am, will not, shirk from answering any question thrown at me. I will not be you. I am not afraid of opinion.

    You talk of hope and all that, yet you resemble the Taliban, who mercilessly tried to killed a 14 year old girl because she raised her opinion, which was against them. See the similarities?

    **”If Pakistan has no foundations, leave us be.”**

    I would love to! I am just voicing my opinion as I said. You call it interference, growing up in a free, Democratic country, I feel differently.

    **”Your commenting on any of these posts is absolutely mind bogglingly hypocritical and goes against your supposed apathy towards Pakistan.”**

    Do you even know the meaning of Apathy(Apathy means lack of interest, FYI. Do I seem disinterested to you?) ? Why use words so carelessly? (But using fancy words makes one sound intelligent, don’t it! But, not a good idea if you use it incorrectly. Egg on face?) I am terribly interested in Pakistan, make no mistake. Because if you fail, we will have to bear the consequences. If you fail, nukes will sold on the markets of Pakistan. If you fail, we’ll have the Taliban at our doorstep. Geography is a little you-know-what. It doesn’t change.

    Pakistan took on a part of a country, which had problems of poverty, communalism and disorganisation and gave it a whole new twist, a meaning and added more stuff to the list.

    **”I wish Pakistan were a nation like Iran with no annoying clingy neigbours like India that can’t let bygones by bygones and let us prosper/suffer/write articles in peace.”**

    Classic victim mentality. Lets forget that all the 4 wars were initiated by Pakistan, but India is to blame somehow. Starting a war, subjecting thousands to needless death on both sides is not interference, but commenting on a blog on a Pakistani newspaper is.

    All I can say is: Dude..Recommend

  • Anoop


    You are right. 26/11 drove me to Dawn, now ET is added to the list. Absolutely right. Recommend

  • Anoop


    Hope, (Your Pseudonym perplexes me. How can you have such a name and have the intolerance of the Taliban? A beautiful beast?), I was reading this article on ET and I instantly thought of you and everyone here who reacted similar to you.

  • Chris

    All the problems Pakistan is faced with today are its own creation. The worst tragedy of this country is that you don’t put yourself in a state of self-interrogation and live in a state of self-denial. After all it’s very convenient for you people to just put everything on Americans; no wonders that anti-Americanism in this country has become the official rhetoric of populist politics and the fact that many of your leaders including Imran Khan who use it have earned a good support, shows that an average Pakistani is equally responsible for the nearly failed state of affairs in this country.
    How can things get better in Pakistan, when you have people like Imran Khan openly sympathizing with TTP, declaring war in Afghanistan a ‘Jihad’ are aspiring to be the next leaders of this country. only God can safe this country. Recommend

  • Noorain

    Another positive development is that people have started speaking up for democracy which is very important for a country that is struggling with democracy for the last 65 years. Recommend

  • Zoha

    The emergence of freedom of expression, to speak up what you believe especially criticizing politicians or military establishment which was not evident in the past. This power to speak up especially from journalistic point of view is certainly a big development in Pakistan. and I think the credit for it goes to Musharraf, because it was he who introduced this freedom. Recommend

  • Saima

    LOL if the drama industry is the highest hope for Pakistan then I’m afraid to say we’ve really got no hope at all. Recommend

  • Nabeel

    The only thing I think going right in Pakistan I think is nothing. It’s good to be a pessimist than being a fake-optimist.Recommend

  • Nadia

    Thanks for writing it up, inspiring read. As you rightly mentioned that

    “The emphasis in these dramas upon the complex class gap and women-related dilemmas of our country have certainly left a tremendous impact on the viewers and projected a different strata of Pakistani society ─ a society that is seeped in conservative dogmas envisioning women merely as vulnerable, weak models of sacrifice and objects of sex”.

    I also particularly think that this is something very good that has emerged in more recent times in Pakistani dramas and the positive impact of it is that our conception of women in this patriarchal society is beginning to change.Recommend

  • Salman

    I agree with almost everything that you said. It’s sad to see the above comments by Pakistanis depicting how much intolerant we have become that we can’t even withstand the criticism. Recommend

  • amjad

    each nation has passed through tough periods….v shall also progress beyond intellectually, morally, ethically, religiuosly corrupt like generation of altaf bhai, zardaris,gilanis, makhdooms, dastis,khars,sharifs,mengals,bugtis,rajas, molanas,ANP,BLA,Jiye Sind, Sunni tehreek,lashkars,TTP,saraiks etc etc etc..seems difficult i guess…BUT THEN V HAVE ONLY ONE TASK…TO CONTINUE BELIEVING IN PAKISTAN….if v loose hope that is where v loose the game so lets win together

    remeber ,,,molana shabbir usmani led funeral prayers of quaid e azam after being his critique throughout…when inquired replied that last nite prophet SAW came in to his dream with his hand of jinnahs shoulder ,,,and said,,,he is my soldier…so i was left with no choice….plz take a clue….a nation born on 27th ramzan has to survive for glory….if v deny pakistan..v deny our belief in holy ramzan and islamRecommend

  • Zoha

    You seems like a big fan of Zaid Hamid. Recommend

  • Haris

    Growing intolerance in Pakistani society is the biggest issue at the moment and has destroyed the entire fabric of Pakistani society, resolve it everything would be on the path towards progress. Recommend

  • Pakistan Zindabad

    A timely post to remind people that depression is not a solution.Recommend

  • Anonymous Indian

    Some of the comments by Pakistanis regarding Indian comments are amazing, and I wish all the people of Pakistan share their ideology. Would be great for India!!!!!!Recommend

  • Hopeful

    highly apt post.Recommend

  • Zafar

    This nation has a huge potential, only thing we need is a leader and we would be par none.Recommend

  • abc

    The growing moulvi soch is a cancer for this country, it needs to be curtailed otherwise it will destroy pakistan.Recommend

  • sdg

    Ecellent article.Competition must be replaced by cooperation . India , Pakistan and Bangladesh must remember their common history , work towards cooperation in all spheres -economic , educational , cultural , and make this zone the brightest spot on the planet within the next 30 years . Never forget the geographical location of the Indus Valley Civilization .Instead of blaming extremists , their core issues and grievances must be addressed and some of the issues on morality which they refer to can be imbibed irrespective of religion as a best practise. The road ahead is difficult but all three countries have the potential to go places if each us execute our duty instead of indulging in fault finding and negative thinking . May our Gods bless the region.Recommend

  • thesavior

    Jewish conspiracy to increase GDP of the UK (not Pakistan). I know this for a fact. Zaid Hamid came in my dream and told me so!Recommend

  • Saad


    You need to shut-up and comment onlu on on blogs of your country, i.e IndiaRecommend

  • Anoop


    I quote myself from the above comment:”Besides, me coming on Pakistani site is better than 10 of us landing up on Karachi’s coast and mass murdering people, isn’t it.”

    Its like you don’t even remember what you read.

    Only if people like Kasab and Saeed promise to keep out of my country, I’ll promise what you are asking. I don’t go and comment on North Korean sites, do I? Why? Because they mind their own business.. Recommend

  • Hope

    Anoop, you’re still confused. Yes, I said apathy because time and again you insist Partition was good for India. If it was, then move on, and let go. It’s bye bye from our side (I’m talking about the 90% of Pakistanis who couldn’t care less about India, not the establishment). Say bye bye too.

    If your interest is our collapse somehow affecting India, then doesn’t seem like it. You’re more keen to point out our inadequacies than give any solutions whatsoever. You take petty joy in deriding Pakistan but you also realise that Pakistan is better than whatever hellhole will follow if it truly does crumble. That is why I believe you’re insincere.

    ”26/11” was 4 years ago. How much longer will this vendetta against Pakistan last? Did you lose an arm in the Oberoi? No? Many Pakistanis had their families killed by Hindus/Sikhs at Partition, people I know, but their universal chant is ”Jo hogaya so hogaya, ab unko chor do – What’s done is done. I apologise for 26/11. But living on Pakistani websites doesn’t seem like much of a life to begin with.

    P.S I hope you realise Pakistan is essentially ruled by a small military-buearacratic-feudal clique, and that issues of identity/communalism which affect the masses don’t matter a bit to these privileged few. Your analysis of Pakistan has been flawed from the outset.Recommend

  • amjad

    Mr Anoop,,,i dont care less about ur thoughts….the fact is that hindu mind is CUNNING…and yes hindus are doing good, no doubt about that but u r afraid and pscychlogically impacted not to loose ur home land again.( which ur ruling for 1st time in history)..for that u keep on conspiring again and again…y do u forget the fact that india has troubles with each of her neighbours,,pakistan, nepal, china, bangladesh,,,and all countries immediately ahead of them are ur friends..iran, afghanistan, burma, russia…does it leaves a clue….its ur time so enjoy….few years back it was our time to haunt u….time is not constant…lets waitRecommend

  • amjad

    The so called leader of non alignment movement..India,,sends her cricket chief to visit sri lanks trying to persuade them not to visit pakistan…what a way to be friends….to be honest,,this AMN KI ASHA is bullshit…my view is ” I dont want to be friends with india,,i just want both of us to respect each others independence ,,thats all” to be a good neighbour not necessarily one needs to be friends…..Pakistan’s badluck is its GEOGRAPHY…Recommend

  • Virkaul

    Don’t just HOPE. Do something. Getting irritated by comments from Anoop will not get you anywhere. You are like kids sitting under the toddy tree in Bengal waiting for the fruit to fall down.Recommend

  • Virkaul

    @Pakistan Zindabad:
    Definitely not. Act. Act against Militancy, Mullah and Military and you will succeed.Recommend

  • Virkaul

    You are right. But it also brought in the fear of speaking against the Talibans.Recommend

  • sdg

    @amjad – why do say that pakistan’s bad luck is its geography ? am just trying to understand your thoughts . i do respect your grievances and empathise with your grief , but am reasonably confident that you will finally see good times ahead in pakistan . Recommend